Another “Valentines Day” and still no PUSSY!!

It’s another Valentines Day and another year has passed without me getting my rights as a husband. Lots of couples enjoy a romantic night and maybe some special sex. But not for me. I took my wife out to a very nice restaurant tonight. It was a terrific night and I hinted ( very heavily) that it had been so very long since we made love. She just smiled, shook her head in agreement and that was that. We came home, she changed in front of me (i see her naked every day but I’m not allowed too touch her at all) and she went to bed. No sex this Valentines Day. No sex last VDay.. Or the one before that. WHEN WILL I GET PUSSY???? It has been YEARS!!! Finally she said when we go away on a mini- vacation this weekend I’ll get some. But I’ve heard that story before though. I hope it will happen this weekend. Wish me good luck everybody!