Replaced By Her Ex


I was nervous as I watched her sitting across from me. I hadn’t even taken off my jacket when she told me to “sit down .. we need to talk.” My suitcase and backpack were still in the entryway to our house and I was weary from the flight home after several days on the road. My weariness was replaced by a sudden surge of adrenaline as the dread crept through my body while I waited for her to begin speaking.

My wife, Sue, was rarely quiet. As a matter of fact, she was more like the stereotypical brash waitress in a diner, or the loud aunt that liked telling about the times she changed your diapers when you were a kid, or the scary schoolteacher that didn’t need a whistle to get everyone to shut-up. Some would describe her as aggressive, demanding or … kind of a bitch. She was my wife, so I didn’t usually see her that way. Instead, I saw her good qualities. She knew what she wanted and she usually got it.

That’s why the silence as I sat there was making me feel very concerned. She didn’t look like she had bad news to tell me, like somebody died or something like that. No, there was a definite simmering anger that was hidden just below the surface. Like an old pressure cooker that was on the verge of boiling and you could see the pot starting to rumble slightly before the steam started whistling through the relief valve on top of the pot.

Her eyes were boring through me as I glanced nervously from her face to her tits. Those tits that I loved so much. My wife wasn’t a beautiful woman but she was attractive. Now that we were getting older, her body was beginning to show it. She had put on some extra padding in all the places a woman of her age tends to add it. However, her breasts were still magnificent!

She always knew they were her greatest asset and she used them to her advantage. She described them as ‘plushy’ and that was a perfect description. When she wore a tight t-shirt, and she almost always wore tight shirts, her cleavage would bulge out of the top like two soft pillows. The swell of her tits under the shirt left little to the imagination. When she didn’t wear a bra, like she was right now, her dollar-size nipples would poke against the stretched fabric with the little nub in the center that always seemed to be erect.

“So, how long has this little affair been going on?” she finally spoke.

I looked at her with a bewildered look on my face.

“Mistress Kat!” she seethed in response to my ignorance.

The b1ood drained from my face. How could she know about that? I swallowed hard before answering timidly, “It … it’s really nothing … Certainly not an affair.”

Mistress Kat was a femdom I had met in a chatroom online. We had never met in person and had only communicated through the online messaging system. During my many nights on the road alone, I found it exciting to chat with her after drin_king alone at the hotel bar. I felt like I could tell her anything and had masturbated on many occasions while imagining her doing the things to me that we had chatted about that night. She would always end our chats with “now it’s time to go play with your pathetic little dicklet and cum while thinking about me.” So, I guess in some way, my wife was right that it was more than an innocent relationship, but I still didn’t see it as an ‘affair’.

“So, talking to another woman about how you’d like to grovel at her feet while wearing a chastity device for her and eating her pussy is okay?” she nearly shrieked.

I glanced at the floor and could tell this was going to get worse. I looked back at her with pleading, apologetic eyes and said softly, “I’m so sorry honey. It was really all innocent online stuff and meant nothing to me. I was just bored and … and … I guess I just wanted to have some fun.”

“Well, she sure seems to know all about your ‘pathetic little dicklet’,” Sue said sarcastically with air quotes. “I guess your ‘fun’,” more air quotes, “is having some woman tell you what a little-dicked loser you are and how you are good for nothing but eating pussy. Is that it?” she shrieked once again.

My head was swimming in anxiety as I tried to process how this seemingly flirtatious online fun was becoming a major blowup with my wife. How did she find out? I really didn’t want to hurt her and started feeling a mixture of defensiveness and being very sorry for hurting her. I shook my head and said, “I’m really sorry babe. I really, really don’t want to hurt you and this really is nothing more than some online banter with someone I totally don’t know, and will never, ever know.”

Sue looked away from me for a moment as her eyes flashed in anger. She took a deep breath to control herself and looked back at me with her arms crossed tightly in front of her. “I just don’t understand why you would tell a perfect stranger all these things that get you excited but not tell me. Are you bored with our sex life?”

“No, no,” I replied emphatically. “I absolutely love our sex life,” I pleaded honestly. We didn’t have sex as often as I’d like but when we did have sex it was always good. She loved my face between her legs and allowed me to fondle and suck on her magnificent tits to my heart’s desire. On special occasions, she would even allow me a titty-fuck but usually she would just tell me to fuck her after I licked her to orgasm. Since her clitoris was still very sensitive after hir first orgasm, she could usually get another orgasm before I quickly shot my load inside of her.

“Is it because of Jack?” she asked defensively.

Jack was her ex-husband. They were high-school sweethearts and married young. The marriage only lasted three years and Sue always said, “It was only because of the sex that we didn’t divorce in the first year.” Jack and his three brothers were all well-known among the ladies in town. They were known to be well-hung and quite good in bed. It wasn’t just the girls in school that were pursuing them. The women in town had also heard about the well-endowed Clark boys. As a result, the temptation was always around the brothers and being their girlfriend or spouse was never an easy task. Especially, since the brothers had a wild streak that was as legendary as their god-given talents.

Sue always said Jack was the most loving and caring of the boys, but everything is relative when it comes to a wild bunch like that. It was no surprise when she finally had enough and told him to get out. However, after the split, they kept a relatively friendly relationship and, even after she met me, it wasn’t uncommon for them to get together for a bootycall – especially after enough alco_hol. We didn’t really talk about it when she would be gone for a few hours, or for the night, but she knew that I knew where she’d gone, and we always had great sex the next day. 

As a matter of fact, she shared his bed the night before our wedding. When he walked down the reception line after the service, he kissed her on the lips before stepping to me next and saying, “You’ve got one wonderful woman and I can’t believe I let her get away. But, I really do hope you both are truly happy.” It wasn’t until later that night when she got naked for me that I saw the hickies he had left on her breasts and ass. She laughed and said, “I guess some men just have to mark their territory.” Then, we didn’t talk about it anymore and consummated our marriage.

Although I knew they continued to occasionally get together after we were married, it was something we rarely talked about. She could tell it turned me on when I knew she’d been with him, and she made sure the sex with me the next day was especially good. I even got a blowjob occasionally! So, since I wasn’t a jealous man anyway, I found their private trysts to be a win-win for all of us.

I reached for Sue’s hand and said earnestly, “Honey, it’s not Jack or anything else. I fucked up and let some silly online chatter turn into something I shouldn’t. It shouldn’t have happened, and it won’t happen anymore. I love you and only want to have sex with you. I don’t need or want anyone else.” I gazed lovingly into her eyes and hoped she would believe me. 

Finally, she stood up and turned her back to me as she walked away. I couldn’t help but notice her big, round ass swaying in the tight yoga pants. I didn’t see any panty lines so I assumed she wasn’t wearing any. I wondered if make-up sex was in my future. If so, I’d do everything I could to please her.

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I got an interesting answer from my GF about cuckolding

So my GF and I exchange dirty talk about her cuckolding me and keeping me denied from sex. I told her I really want to see her get fucked by another man, and her response was “I think you would enjoy it until you saw my response”….do you think that means she would like having sex with another man would be better?

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