Warning to you cuckolds wannabes

I think you “cucks wannabes” here should think about the risk and possibility that if your wife got to date really good and well endowed bull, you expose to a very big risk that you never get to have sex with your wife anymore again after that.

The result of such a first date might be very drastic for you, but nobody will feel pity for you if you take such a decision.

That happened to my husband.


I get all wet and raging horny knowing my boyfriend is helpless as I get screwed by another guy

I have my boyfriend caged. I’ve been in control of his orgasms since the start of this year. With his tiny cock I don’t got much to work with. It help me soooo bored. So, now that I own him and that pathetic cock I decided it was time to get me a real man.

I found some local bulls (big black guys lol compared to his tiny asian cock it was worth it) and made him watch me not only get fucked – but also get ready for the date. I put his collar on him (I am his dommy mommy) then brought him into my closet in my bathroom. He watched me shower, shave my pussy, and even edge myself. All the while I had his little cock caged.
I only had planned to fuck one guy that night, I’ll call him Malcom, but he brought a homie over. It had been a while since I was fucked by a real man so I was excited! Malcom started on me first, didn’t waste any time just grabbing my fat tits.

He threw me on the bed and lifted my skirt up so he could lick my pussy. He made me cum in only a minute. I was so wet from the edging and now having the second guy there. Malcom then pulled my top down to suck on my tits while he fingered me to get my pussy ready for his big dick.

I still wasn’t ready even after him fingering me lol

His dick was huge. I swear it was the size of a red bull and longer. His friend (who I cant remember the name of) joined in and started fucking my mouth. He gagged me with his dick a few times. He slapped my titties and by then I had came again but so did Malcom. So I was dripping with his cum.

Malcom let his friend fucked me and he finally asked where my boyfriend was. When I said look in the closet, Malcom let him out. He thought it was funny my boyfriend was naked and watching me get laid. Once he seen the cock he didn’t second guess why I needed it.
After his friend came they made my boyfriend lick the cum off of my tits (his friend blasted his load on my chest) then lick them up. Malcom fucked me AGAIN then they left. I sat on my boyfriends face for the rest of the night so he can clean me. 🙂 I played Mario Karts while he did it and unlocked a few characters.

Guess you can say it was an eventful night!