Ideas for starting

My wife and I tried doing things years ago but there were some difficulties so we quit. Well we’ve decided to start again. She’s already visited a friend of hers and fucked him twice. Excitement is not the right word, exhilarating is probably more accurate for how I felt. The idea of my beautiful wife becoming a total slut just turns me on more than anything else in the world. My cock gets instantly hard just talking about it with her. It’s a guarantee she’ll be seeing him again and I can post more details in the future. We’re planning on going out this weekend to find her someone else and she said until then, no pussy or ass for me. That made me so horny so I asked her to face fuck me. Damn that was good and when she was finished I dived back in and ate her pussy more. She’s recently developed a love for anal so you can see how big of a deal this is.

So this weekend we’re going out to find someone to fuck her while I watch. Probably going to try a strip club or bar. If anyone has any advice/fun suggestions on picking up people let me know.

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When you know a new bull means business

This guy was on his second visit, but knew there were no limits to how far he could go with my wife. He had her on all fours on the bed within minutes of walking into our bedroom, touched her from behind to see how wet she was for him, and slipped a c hoke chain around her throat to control her before entering her from behind. He fucked three loads into her that day.

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