Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 4)

Jake is my man

The next morning long before day light I woke thinking of Jake and his big cock and what time he might be coming over. I felt Tim roll over and I faked sleep hoping he would not mess with me. In a matter of minutes Tim was quietly played with my pussy while I pretended I was asleep, being me it was not long before I was wet and try as I did I still let out a small moan. Tim climbed over on me and started to mount me. As usual he needed help guiding his 4 inch penis into me. I faked sleep…to hell with it…let him put it in. Strangely I felt almost repulsed by his naked body. Somehow it seemed deficient in some masculine way. I realize I was again comparing his manhood to Jake…that old man who was making me have an orgasm…just thinking about him.

Tim began to hump into me and then slipped out. “God, he’s so little,” I caught myself thinking. He put it back in and he began again. Tim in the morning is just a little over 3 minutes from the time he mounts me to the time he is rolling off. No foreplay, no nothing. He would just stick his dick in my pussy and pump for a minute or two. After a minute he began grunting and going through the usual gyration of his orgasm, he goes off then pulled out. That was it; it was over. I acted as if I never woke up.

As soon as Tim drove off I was up and in the shower…I shaved my legs and made sure I had my pussy as bald and smooth as a baby’s ass. God I was ready for a real morning fuck. I put on a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a t-shirt. I made a special effort to do my make up and put on some of my better perfume. I didn’t mess with panties or a bra looking in my full length mirror I saw I needed to slip on my 6″ plastic whore looking heels…I looked like a street walker in this outfit. I went to the kitchen to fix coffee. Just as the coffee was ready the patio door open and Jake stood in the doorway…”Ms. Marca you need old Jake for anything today…?”

I stood facing him with a big smile and my whore looking body on display for him and the way he looked me over one could see this old guy wanted my goodies. I smiled at him and told him to have a seat and got him a cup of coffee. I sat the cup down on the table in front of him and he slipped his big hands around me and pulled me down on his lap and telling me he had been thinking of me all last night.

“I got a little carried away yesterday…Mr. Jake…!” I giggled as I lowered my head but looking at him to see him smile. “I don’t know what got into me, I’m not that way, but I just kind of lost it when I saw you, will you know!”

I was coming to the realization that he was having an effect on me, sitting on his lap with my breasts pressing into his chest. If he bent his head down just a little he could have kissed them, and Jesus…all of a sudden I wanted him to kiss them…! My ass felt so good pressing down on his groin. I had one arm around his shoulder, and he was holding my side, and his other hand was on my tight, flat belly.

I gave him that sexy smile and than said. “Tim would kill me if he…Mr. Jake I just can’t let him know about yesterday or this. What is it you expect from me Mr. Jake?”

“Oh Ms. Marca I know you need more than you been getting here at home…Mr. Tim can’t please a woman like you…! You need a big man to do that…don’t you sweet lady…?”

His eyes were looking for my approval and for a moment I was speechless. My heart was beating fast. He moved his hand up under my t-shirt. I looked at him as my nipples went rock hard…knowing I had taken this teasing too far. “Oh Mr. Jake you’re bad….!” I giggled as I put my hand on his arm to stop his rubbing of my nipple. I felt like I had come alive…alive almost too quick again after being not alive for the last few weeks…will until yesterday.

My head spun as he continued the movement he had initiated. He pushed his hand up higher and cupped my breast. I knew as soon as he had it in his hand that I was lost, and the nipple was standing out in excitement. My breathing became quick…I felt as if I were going to faint.

“You’re acting like a starved woman Ms. Marca. Your husband’s…he can’t get it up honey…or is he one of them small white boys…a little cock…Mr. Tim little pecker hasn’t been enough for you, has it,” he laughed. My head fell back as my eyes closed.

“Oh…no…Mr. Jake…you…we can’t…oh you can’t say that…oh my god…!”

Suddenly we both knew it would happen and we both wanted it to. “Mr. Jake my husband…he keeps an eye on me…oh please I can’t get in trouble…oh…!”

“Marca sweet baby…he keeps an eye on you only when he is home…he is not home today…!”

Damn had I fallen this far, had I sunk this low! I was ready to fuck this old handy man…god I had already sucked him off the day before. Less than 2 years ago I had men paying me $600 to fuck me on a one time pop, up to $1500 to try and do me all night long. Two years ago I had any cock I wanted…a big cock anytime I needed one. Today…I have to beg for a good fuck. Here I was with this ugly old black man almost begging to have him do me with a cock my husband could only dream of having… I closed my eyes and I squirmed on his lap, as though I was trying to find his hardness beneath me. I did find it and started slowly rocking back and forth on it as it got harder still. I opened my legs and reached down between them to fondle him. I stroked his shaft through his pants and cupped his balls and moaned into his ear.

“Oh me…wow Mr. Jake… god you’ve got a big dick…, I was thinking about it all night long…! My poor pussy was throbbing all night.” I blurted out.

“Wow…oh me…sweetheart you squirming on it like that make me really hard… Wanna see it again sweet lady?” Without saying a thing I stood up and stepped back to see him stand and drop his pants right there in the middle of the kitchen. He pulled out that beautiful cock. I thought, ‘Why not? My husband can’t take care of me, and it seemed like I had gone without it forever. In one violent twisting move, I unbutton my cut-offs and dropped them where I stood in just my 6 inch fuck me heels and than pulled my t-shirt up over my head.

I looked the old man in the eye and gave him that sexy…fuck me smile…I could see he was a little surprised as I looked down at it. I don’t know what it is about black men, big cock black men…but damn do they have some long cocks! I’ve once seen one or two with a full 12 inches. They’re rare, I know, but they are out there.

“Oh…Mmmmm can I …my god Mr. Jake… I got to touch it again…!”

“Please do… It’s yours baby…fuck enjoy… Yes…yes stroke it for me baby… Rub my cock with those soft hands of yours.”

“Mmmm… I got to kiss this big purple head…Mmmm I love to suck cock…I guess you figured that out from yesterday. God Mr. Jake my husband can’t even get anywhere near your size…damn…and he can’t know about this…!”

“Oh sweet one…you treat old Jake real nice and he will never know…unless you tell him! Yes lick it… Oh yea run your tongue around my shaft… Oh honey suck it… suck your old handy man’s cock. Now make a cunt out of your mouth and fuck me with your face… That’s it… oh shit yes…yes… That’s it.”

Oh shit his old cock was thick and hung like a horse cock between his skinny old legs. Damn I could get use to this slab of dark meat once a month. Now I had to have that load of cream that filled that old golf ball size…nuts of his. I looked up at him and our eyes locked on each other as I sucked and jerked on that black log…I wanted to smile…but I was to busy licking, kissing, sucking and tonguing that happy stick.

When ever I closed my eyes I would see Tim, my husband in my minds eye. There…just over there was my husband standing at the door watching. As his little cock was sticking through the front opening of his briefs; his cock looked like a little boy’s cock compared to the one that I had in my mouth.

Jake pulls my head up from his lap and lifts me onto the counter. Glasses and cups go flying, but we do not give them a single thought. In fact, it gets me hotter knowing that we are causing trouble in my kitchen. He took my hand and placed it on his throbbing shaft… My fingers didn’t even reach around its girth! I could feel it twitch and grow as I began slowly pumping the shaft. I rubbed that big black head on my clit and I was wracked with what was soon to be many orgasms.

My breathing was coming fast and I had trouble trying to get my head straight. He slowly pushed forward and I felt myself stretch to accept the monster. Slowly he pushed forward, and pulled almost out. Then forward again, putting a little more in each time. By the time he hit bottom I was in almost constant orgasm.

I looked down between my lewdly spread legs and saw this HUGE black shaft obscenely spreading open my pussy. It was all the way in me, deeper than poor Tim ever had been in me before, and still almost a full two third of it was still out side of me. I wanted him to start fucking me!

“God damn …..! Girl your so tight,” moan Jake, watching his own dark meat slip between my cunt lips which were stretching out trying to fill up with his cock. “Oh. You’re so big. Ahhhh!”

I cried out, holding my legs up and watching Jake get at least 7 inches deep inside my pussy. I started humping my ass up to his cock, feeling it hit bottom every time and he slowly began thrusting in me. Faster and faster he went, and I was having orgasm after orgasm. I had forgotten the many times I came that morning. I was soaking the counter top!

I am rocked out of my thoughts by the exit of my handy man’s old thick cock. I feel like I am coming apart, but am still in heaven. I sit up some so that I can get near the edge of the counter top and watch every inch of him disappear back inside me. I put my arms around his broad shoulders and pull myself closer to him. We are rocking together as one body, and every thrust seems to take me to a new level.

I have let go of all modesty and am screaming and moaning like I have never done before. I slid effortlessly up and down Jake’s black pole. Looking between my legs I stared in wonder as my pussy swallowed the massive shaft.

“Ms. Marca…you sure know how to do it…you one fine lady. Girl, you really like this don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, it feels so good, you fill me up so good.”

“You know I think you had a few big peckers up you before…You sure are going to spoil me, I’m going to try like hell to spoil you…!”

“Yes.” I looked down on Jake’s black body. My hands were pressing up against his chest for support. Then I thought of Tim, but only momentarily and not in a flattering way. The last time I tried this position with Tim he had repeatedly slipped out of me and then he softened. With Jake, I knew that wasn’t a possibility. His beautiful cock fit so deep and tight in my hot hungry pussy.

This is one old cock hound that I plan to have more of…he is going to do a lot more repairs around the house. With my arms around his neck, I looked into his face. His breathing is short and shallow and I can read the ecstasy in every grimace on his face. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and gasped with delight as I felt his cock plunge deep inside my pussy. I moaned loudly as he began to thrust, and I looked at him.

“Old man, I hope your heart is in good shape, because I’m going to fuck your brains out the rest of today, and we’ll keep at it until we both collapse!” With that, I started riding Jake’s cock like a cowgirl at a rodeo. Within a minute I was screaming at the top of my lungs, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER! OH GOD, LIKE THAT, JUST LIKE THAT!” Mr. Jake tried to quiet me down, but I became louder until I went off for the unknown time.

“Oh God, Mr. Jake! That feels so good!”

“You like that Ms. Marca? You like my old black cock deep inside your wet pussy?”

“I do! I do! Mmmm….fuck! It’s wonderful!”

I am a very eager woman, where sex is concerned. Depending on your point of view, I am one of those fortunate women who come very quickly and frequently. Turning me on is like turning on a faucet for water. He grabbed my waist, making my body come down more, and making his cock go deeper. He thrust hard, causing loud screams of passion of me. I moved Jake back and I came off the counter and push him into one of the kitchen chairs and I moved over him facing that old black man with his pants down to his shoes and setting in the chair with that old black dong still up ready for me.

I slowly lowered my tight cunt onto the big staff. I gasped as it stretched me. He rocked against me, taking one of his hands and moved the big head of his black snake to my wide open love tunnel. The old fart was working it inside me. When the tip was buried deep inside my pussy, I slid his cock up and down and wiggled around on it.

After a few minutes my juices lubricated him enough that he was able to slide in and out of me very easily. I took over at that point. “Let me do the fucking Mr. Jake…I got to do this…!” I put my hands on his shoulders, rested my feet on the chair rail and used my legs to pump on him. I began to glide up and down his pole very fast. Each time I slammed back down, he grunted in pleasure. And to think I went to the gym to do this same exercise with two dumb bells.

“Don’t go off Mr. Jake…just let me ride it…let me ride you…oh shit I could pump on it all day…oh shit yes…!”

I rode him harder and harder, going deeper with each stroke. I tightened my muscles around his girth, milking him with the utmost pleasure. I bounced wildly on his stick, enjoying the sensation each time the tip of his rod hit my cervix.

“Oh my god Jake this is so good…damn I needed this…oh yes so good…!” My tits jiggled wildly against his face when I rose back up. “Suck my nipples Jake…suck them off me…!” Sweat poured off his face as I increased my pace. My cries of joy echoed through the kitchen. He panted and said “I’m going too cum.” I moaned and moved faster, taking him all the way in just as his shaft erupted. He shot wave after wave of hot cum deep inside me, as my cunt rippled around me. “Oh Yes!” I squealed like a banshee. My juices trickled out of me, covering his balls as I shook with a powerful orgasm.

“Are you going to cum Jake?”


“Do it! Fill me up! Cum in my pussy, Jake!”

“Here it comes, honey! I’m going to… fill this… fucking cunt!”

“Oh shit! Yes, just like that, Mr. Jake! Oh God, I’m going to cum again! I’m going to cum all over your fucking cock! Ooooo…..yes! Fuck me! Harder! C’mon use that fucking cock!”

He thrust harder, and through my screams I could hear him grunting. He is going to cum. I grab onto his biceps and pull him into me as far as I can. He picks me up off of the chair; he bounces me onto his cock as he starts to groan…!

“Oh baby I’m coming… here…oh god… Oh…yes. Make your pussy milk it baby…make it swallow it sweetie…feel my cream flow down your hole.”

After he unloads his juice in to my sweet love box; I got up off the old man causing my legs to stiff up…what with all the squats I was doing on him for over 20 minutes. We went into the den, just off the kitchen with his cock still on the stiff side. He sets me down and steps back. I feel another wave of ecstasy, and I cum again. We are now sitting next to each other on my leather couch, in a puddle of love juice, and I know I am in deep dodo if I can’t get it cleaned up. We look at each other and start to laugh. The longer we laugh the more ridiculous the whole scene becomes. I got up and went for a wash cloth to clean up my mess and wipe his old limp cock off.

“Marca you needed this don’t you girl…more than just from time to time…?”

“I just can’t help it Mr. Jake…I get going I just can’t stop…I seem to want more…the more I get…!”

“Marca is you one of them…how you say…a nymph…a nymph-o something…?”

“It is called a Nymphomaniac…Mr. Jake…sometimes I think I might be…I just like sex…any sex…as you can see I have a hard time saying no…!”

“Oh me girl…I may need to bring reinforcements…next time…I think you can take on anything anyone gives you girl…!”

After that afternoon Mr. Jake made it a point to come by twice a month. He was doing our yard work before the month was over and always checking to see if I needed any repairs on the place once a month and I always made sure he had something to take care of. Jake had become my alpha male when it came to getting a steady fuck from a big cock and my husband didn’t get any pressure to perform when he got home from a long day at the office. With Jake’s monthly visit and sometimes more, I accepted this man as the one who would control my pussy and satisfied my needs.

To be continued…

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 3)

The Old Handyman:

The next few weeks after my one night stand at the night club with the young hung hunk, and doing the AAA bug guy, I was beset by conflicting emotions. I needed time to think. I valued my marriage and my commitment to my husband, but the experiences of the two young hunks rekindled memories of my wild whore years. I yearned for that young stud’s cock or one just like it. I wanted it like a child wants a toy at Christmas.

I knew I could not take anymore chances doing that night club thing again, god if someone saw me it would all be over but for the visit to the courthouse. I had made a phone call to the AAA Bug Company asking for Steve and found out he had been fired. I managed well with Tim and my infrequent naked sex sessions for a few more weeks. I intentionally wore Tim out in the bedroom and myself out at the gym, at least three times a week, did some fast walking…with boobs like these you don’t go jogging, and I played tennis with only women partners and women opponents when we had time. I was staying away from men, I had to try and kick this Sexual Addiction I had.

I was proud of my youthful figure, my tight ass, and firm 40DD breasts. Almost constantly in need of sexual release, I would masturbate before the bedroom mirror, occasionally making use of my battery-powered 10″ dildo. I was damned if I was going to risk losing everything just to get a much needed real cock fuck. Tim’s eating of my much needed cock hungry snatch… and his little cock would have to do. The poor thing he put in long hours and when we got in bed late at night I was on his face with my long tan leg spread and having him lick and eat me out until I came over his mouth.

I am cursed, or blessed, depending on who you ask…at my age of 29 almost 30 and with a set of double-D tits. I found a big set of tits were terrific when I wanted to get noticed or have a conversation with the most gorgeous stud in the room. They seem to always work wonders, but as I found out…they sometimes got in the way. Often, I found my tits caught me the wrong kind of man. And then there is all that weight on my chest, plus the way the bra straps chaff my shoulders.

Tim had an old black handy man working for him doing ode jobs around out place long before I came into Tim’s life. Mr. Jake was in his 60’s tall skinny old guy who was the typical old black gentleman who called Tim … Mr. Tim and me Ms. Marca. The year before I married Tim, Jake started doing the yard and keeping up the flower beds. Jake would do his work and come to the backdoor and ring the bell and I would let him in and get him a glass of something cold to drink while he filled out the bill. About two months after I had done the bug guy in my kitchen, I found myself in the kitchen one afternoon looking at the old man in a different way this time. In fact I had started looking at all men different after that night with the big cock kid in the parking lot.

I was standing across the room from him by the kitchen sink, wearing sandals, white shorts that covered almost nothing and a pink t-shirt that was pulled way too tight across my 40DD and the low cut neckline left a lot of cleavage to be seen. With my golden tan and long black hair I was a walking wet dream, so I had been told since I was 14. The old man looked at me and he seems to have that look of lust…sex…horny old fart look on his face. I smile a sexy sly smile at him when our eyes met. He gave me a wide smile.

“Wow Ms. Marca if you were not married and I was 20 years young…oh me…!

“Oh Mr. Jake you make a girl feel special…just what would you do…?” As if I didn’t know…I just had to tease the old guy…what I was good at…god I love it when men look at me.

“Oh pretty lady I would…!” I smiled at him and bent over the counter to rest on my elbow…knowing my boobs were about to pop out of my top. Shaking my head, I noticed he was looking down my open neckline as his mouth seem to stop open wide and he licked his lips with that long old reddish tongue. Glancing to the side I saw the bulge in his pants enlarge as he shifted it with his right hand.

“I would…oh; Ms. Marca I better get back to work…still got a lot to do today…!”

With that the old man thanked me for the cold drink and went back outside to work. I went about cleaning up the kitchen and after a minute or two I found a screwdriver that Jake had dropped on the floor by the chair he was setting in. I went out the patio door and toward the old tool shed to find Jake…I rounded the corner of the old building and saw him standing facing the building holding his cock in one hand and jerking it with the other.

“OH MY GOD! Oh sweet Jesus, oh me!” I cried out. Shit what a cock, I thought to myself. Part of me wanted to run from the shed, but then, another part of me wanted to pull that big black cock into the shed and fuck his brains out. My mouth fell open and I moved a hand down to my crouch, just as old Jake looked toward my direction. My nipples went rock hard and I knew he saw them poke though the thin top. As I backed away to take leave I noticed the big black thing fall from his hands and it ran down the left leg of his pants. I froze in place.

My eye first glanced and then had to take a full look to see if what I thought I saw was what I really saw. It was! Jake’s cock ran more than half way down to his knee obscenely. He saw me looking but just smiled and continued looking straight into my eyes. I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? I said the first stupid thing that came out of my mouth.

“Oh Mr. Jake you’re…so big…oh my god…so big…!”

“It is big enough for you darling…?”

All I could do was nod yes. “Show me what you got in those little shorts of yours, you big tit hoe…!”

He went back to stroking that monster and grinned at me as he pointed his black snake at me. I looked him in the eye, the old mother fucker had my heart pumping and my pussy was dripping, the old shit is old and ugly, but look at that long black hose he has.

“You don’t get any cock like this here at home do you big tits?”

I just look at him as if in a trance and mumble no. than I got my head to come back to the real world.

“Jake, if Mr. Tim found out about this we both would be looking for work.”

Reaching down, I pulled the crotch of my shorts and panties aside allowing my fingers access to my pussy. I was so wet, my fingers slipped inside me easily as I let out a weak gasp. The old guy stopped stroking and unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the ground and than pulled down his boxers to his knees…my god it was even bigger than I had thought.

“Girl you ever have a black cock before?”

Do I tell him I been fucking black guy since I was in high school, or do I act like he will be my first? Was I actually sexually excited by this pathetic old maintenance man? Did he have me this hot just by him exposing himself to me? My question was soon answered as I found myself leaning back on the shed wall, my knees falling wide open, my fingers reaching unconsciously for my clit and I started to work the stiff standing bud!

My eyes closed, I could only see Jake’s huge dick hanging down his leg! Oh! So hot! My fingers worked furiously. I started making high squeaking sounds as I neared a major orgasm. Then it broke and I had to stifle a scream. My fingers were flooded with my juice

“Come over here girl…you can touch it…I know what type of hoe you are walking around here in them tiny string bikinis, showing off your fine tan ass. I saw you last week at the gas station off the freeway pumping gas with that shirt dress on bent over letting that ass exposed to the young hard dicks down there. You pretend to be all prim and proper, but deep down you’re just a big boob slut hoe!”

I looked around to see if anyone was watching…the backyard had a high fence and from our location on our4 acre place, just behind the shed we were protected from anyone near the house. Oh god what am I doing.

“Come on Marca… tell me you want it! Show me what kind of slut you are you horny cunt!”

Leaning on one arm I leisurely reached out and grasped the base of his love club and positioned the nozzle to my lips. I looked up at Jake and gave the large, hunk of meat a big kiss. He smiled and said, “You my girl now.” What could I say? In response, I just began kissing his weapon all down along its thick, vein barrel. It was my way of giving silent agreement to his pronouncement. As I kissed down along the barrel of his dick, I soon found my face buried in his thick, brill-o like pubic hair. I inhaled and drank in the strong musky scent of him…the sweat of the old man…and I loved it.

I reached down and palmed his large, meaty balls. I lifted them and began kissing and licking them. These were the size of large hen eggs, vessels that would produce a load of cream. I licked and loved them fully. “Here. Let me help you out of that t-shirt, honey…!”He grabs the middle of my t-shirt and pulls it up over my head, releasing my mountainous boobs.

This caused me to fall back and rested on my hands to my back making my big tits stick out even more. They bounced and jiggled on my chest. After they wobbled a bit, they settle on my chest and stood out perfect and form perfect melons on my chest. “Oh my god Ms. Marca, just look at those big boobs of yours,” moaned Jake with excitement, as his hands moved down and knead my enormous breasts.

Squeezing them like bread dough and mashing them against my own chest. He trapped my nipples between his fingers and started pulling them from my breasts. Then he started swing my breasts by the large nipples. He separated my massive breast and stretched them out to my sides and jiggled them. He spread his legs and stepped up and over me to where his cock was at my face. I started moaning from the tit play while his heavy cock slides in and out of my mouth.

“Shit girl you got some fine tits, them boys down at the Exxon station, all they talk about what fine tits you got. That brother who drives the UPS truck wants to fuck you so bad, fuck they all want some of your ass.”

I looked at him in a trance and then I turned my attention back to the thick knob of his immense dick. I opened my lips and engulfed it…with some difficulty. I found myself beginning to milk his cock with both my wet lips and my tugging right hand as my free hand help prop me up. Soon he was growing in my mouth; so much so, that I was soon straining my jaws to still contain him. My nostrils flared to allow me to breathe with his ever swelling muscle of manhood half way down my throat.

At this point I was now sitting up on my knees to get my head high enough to continue to contain his now stiff standing shaft in my mouth. Jake then stepped back from me, pulling me along by his dick, lips first, till I fell on my hands and knees in front of him; still desperately working at his fleshy organ. Then he casually placed his hand behind my head guiding it as it bobbed back and forth on the end of his thick, rock-hard tool. I pull off to get a gulp of air and look up at the old fart.

“Jake, I can’t believe how big you are, oh I never had any idea you were …. Oh me, oh sweet Jesus I love it so!”

I took air into my lung and went back to giving the best head I could remember. Soon I could feel the old man’s dick really stiffen, like steel. He began grunting as the meaty muscle in my mouth expanded frighteningly and then spewed a thick load of molasses-like cream down my throat. I began gagging, but Jake now held me tightly by the hair not letting me slide off his ballooning, ebony pole. The thick cream filled my mouth and began seeping out around my lips which were still stretched lewdly around the immense circumference of his cock. I heard him begin to moan between his lustful grunts.

“Suck it you big boob hoe, suck all my nigger seed you married hoe, suck it!”

He let out a wild groan and let me pull my mouth off him and finally breathing. I fell back against the shed, just sitting there on the ground looking up at him. Still dumbfounded at all that had happened, all this man had gotten me to do, in the last few minutes. My lips were coated with the thick gloss of his cum. Some had sprayed onto my cheeks and into my hair. I sat there, licking the thick salty goop from my lips; I could feel a rope of cum drool hanging, swinging, from my chin. He looked down at me.

“Ms. Marca…you a fucking mess when you eat, girl…! Clean it up your mess!”

He stepped up to me grabbed his dick and. I opened wide and took him in and sucked the baby making nectar from his meaty, black limp snake. Black men taste so good, I thought. I cleaned his dick off thoroughly and then started kissing it all over again when he pulled away and started to pull up his boxers and pants. He handed me a rag he carried in his back pocket and told me to clean up. Oh no I wanted to fuck…the old fart had just got me hot and I needed cock.

“Ms. Marca I got you all setup for that husband of yours. However if he can’t do the job when he gets home tonight I will be here at 9 in the morning…I will do the job for the boy if you need me to…!”

Before I could say a thing he was gone and I sat on the ground still in a daze. I looked down and saw sperm on my tits and I wiped it up with my fingers and licked them until I had cleaned myself. I sat there for the longest thinking about what had just happen to me and what the old bastard had said. “I will do the job for the boy if you need me to…!”

Fuck yes you can do me, my little dick hubby can’t and has never got the job done, you old man is getting some white pussy in the morning! That evening when Tim got home and asked me how my day had gone and why I seemed so quiet. I couldn’t say much, still confused and bewildered over the day’s happenings. That night as I lay in bed waiting on him, he came into the bedroom naked. Looking confidently at me and smiling, he strode toward the bed.

But all I could think of was how ridiculous he looked with his man-sized body and, seemingly, child sized penis and testicles. After he climbed into bed he started to mount me. As usual I had to help guide his 4 inch penis into me. Strangely I felt almost repulsed by his naked body. Somehow it seemed deficient in some masculine way. Only later did I realize I was subconsciously comparing his manhood to Jake. He began to hump into me and then slipped out. God, he’s so little, I caught myself thinking. I put him back in and he began again.

By the third or fourth try of keeping it in, he was humping and began grunting and going through the usual gyration of his orgasm. I found myself annoyed. I played the game and I slapped his ass cheek as he bounced on me sucking my tit and I encouraged him on.

“Oh give it to me Tim, go deep baby, give me all you got sweetie, make me cum baby!”

“Oh Marca I feel it, oh yes!”

I slip a finger to his ass and put it in as far as the first knuckle and he cried out “OH FUCK YES!”

All this grunting and bluster about what I knew was a drip of semen. When I had given him oral sex in the past, I found I often didn’t even know when he came—except for all the grunting and writhing round, because his cum was so minimal. After he stopped, he rolled over and held me close.

“Marca was that good for you baby?”

“Oh yes honey it was the best, I love it so, you were good to night!” in just a matter of minutes he was snoring.

Shit I got more pleasure form that old black cock this afternoon, just sucking it than I did from the man I love while he was fucking me. It was then I realized how pathetic our sex life was. As he snored away I closed my eyes and found myself seeing Jake bulge down the in-seam of his trousers, its length and thickness, its power, nearly ripping through his pants… for me. All of that size and urgency because of his desire, his lust, for me. Soon my hands were beneath the covers working furiously again at my clit. I needed relief from my growing excitement.

As Tim snored my hand worked away and my legs spread ever wider. I was building toward a fantastic explosion. I could hear the sticky squishing of my fingers as they worked away at my flooding channel. Then it broke!!! Wave after wave of pure passion!!!

“Oh!” I half moaned, half screamed, again and again, as I rode multiples of my lusty, mind numbing orgasms. When I was done I lay there in a sweat panting heavily trying to regain myself. Tim continued snoring and I fell off into a deep sleep.

To be continued…..

I want to say a special thank you to all you gentlemen who have sent me e-mail telling me how much you enjoy my adventures…love Marca

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (part 2)

The Bug Man:

A few weeks after my one night stand with the college hunk, I was getting that itch once again. It had been a busy morning; I had gone to the gym and had a hard work out. I was trying to work off some of this built up tension I had, I was horny and Tim was out of town for the week. Even if he were in town he would not give me any satisfaction, maybe some with his tongue. Seeing that big hunk of a trainer this morning didn’t help my itch, god I was so naughty flirting with him and I knew he saw me looking at his bulge, oh that makes my pussy twitch when I think of what he might look like standing naked in from of me.

I was setting at the kitchen bar in my work out shorts, tennis shoes and a sleeveless low cut t-shirt with no bra. I was on my second glass of apple juice when the door bell rang. I had just talked myself into going up stairs and taking a long shower and might even use one of my sex toys to help get me over the hump, the doorbell rang again and I was hesitant to answer. It was probably one of those Church groups wanting to spread the good word. However it might be a neighbor or, oh will get up girl and answer it.

I reluctantly got up and when I past the big long full length mirror in the hall I stopped to check on my looks. Yes you still got it girl even at 29, 5′ 10″, 135# and a figure of 40DD x 23 x38. My long black hair was still damp from my sweat; I had that just fuck look with the wet hair. . I was pleasantly surprised when I looked through the peep hole and saw a good-looking man.

I opened the door. It was one hot young black hunk maybe 25 or 28 year old who stood about 6’5″, with a body builder’s body, god was he built! Well built arms and a tight ass that he showed off to its best advantage. It was hot outside and he wore walking boots, a pair of form fitting shorts and a skin tight t-shirt that said ‘Bug Man’ on it. I couldn’t help but look him over and fantasized about him, god what I could do with this hunk, than I let my eyes fall to his crouch and shit what a bulge! It had to be as big if not bigger than the guy I saw this morning. I knew my eyes almost bugged out and I took in a deep gasp of much needed air.

“Hi, I am Steve from AAA Bug Company I am here to do your 6 month extermination for the house?”

Damn Tim didn’t tell me we had a exterminate service. Since I had only been married and in the house a couple of months I guess he had for got to tell me about the service.

“Oh, sure come in!”

“If you don’t mind Ms. I’ll do the outside first, just wanted you to know I was here!”

With that he turned and headed back to his truck and I closed the front door, but not before I got to see that ass of his walk away from me. His smile accentuated by his almond-shaped eyes. Those dark eyes did check me out, I noticed and I looked in the hall mirror and saw that my nipples were rock hard and poking out of my t-shirt. Just thinking about his body and what I wanted to do to it made me begin to get wet between my thighs. I wondered if the Bug Man could tell what was happening to me, I guess so with my high beams on and I knew he saw them coming though my top. I wondered if he could smell my sexual odor as I became aroused.

Shit, what a hunk! I ran up stairs and checked on my make up and put a little perfume on to over ride that sweaty body odor I had from my work out. After about 20 minutes I fixed a glass of ice tea and walked outside to see him spraying the foundation behind the bushes with some kind of bug spray.

“Hey, it is hot out here, want some ice tea?” He looked up smiled at me and nodded yes and I walked toward him watching his eyes as they looked me over. My nipples were rock hard and he had fixed on them. When he looked up at my face to see my eyes I gave him a big smile, my face was telling him it was ok to look and just like a horny wife I stuck out my chest to give him a better view of my big boobs.

“Ms. Do you work out?”

“Yes, I go 4 days a week in the morning; in fact I just walked in when you rang the doorbell!”

Just then his beeper went off and he took the thing and checked on the number that came up. “Excuse me Ms. I got to radio the dispatch office!” With that said, he handed me the glass, thanked me and went to his truck. I went back into the house. Fuck I saw an opening and that fucking beeper had to go off.

Marca cut this out I told myself; you got to stop trying to fuck every big cock hunk you see, you are a married woman. I went about doing stuff in the kitchen and about 15 minutes later he knocked on the backdoor. I open and he smiled at me as he came into the kitchen.

“Is it ok I do the inside?”

“Oh yes, please I sure don’t need any little things crawling around here late at night!”

As he started to spray he said to me. “Will late at night wouldn’t your husband protect you from something crawling around here?”

“He would if he were here, but he has to travel a few days out of the month, just little old me here late at night!”

He looked up at me and smiled and looked up and down once again. It took him about 15 minutes to do the first floor and the basement. I was up in our bedroom when he came up and walked in and right away said he was sorry, didn’t know I was here. “That’s no problem please do what you got to do, I’m fine!”

He did my closet where I had left out a sexy pair of lacy thong panties and a matching bra, I know he saw it. Then he did the bathroom and Tim’s closet and than he said. “Thank you for the drink and just wanted to let you know I am done and you’re in good shape, ah…I mean your house is!” I laugh and said.

“Will I hope I am in good shape? By the way you look like you work out; you do the real heavy pumping I see!”

“I worked at a gym before I started doing this…this is my first week on the job and yes I pump iron everyday after work…today I work on my upper body and stomach!”

“You got that wash board stomach?”

“Oh yes I do, want to see?” Before I could answer he pulled up his t-shirt to his nipples and I looked at a hard trunk that had ripple after ripple on it. His stomach rippled with a six-pack of abdominal muscle. He looked like he had no body fat at all.

“Oh yes, very nice…real nice! Mum you’re just what the girls like to see, I bet you got a hot looking wife!”

He smiled and pulled the t-shirt all the way off and flipped it on the bed. “No wife, no girl friend at the moment! Go ahead Ms. you can touch my wash board!”

He didn’t have to say it a second time I ran my right hand over his hard firm stomach and up to his nipples and back down again. My eyes were on his body and the look on my face had to tell him I liked what I saw and the way I was gulping air had to tell him I was turned on. Then I looked down lower and saw that his bulge had turned into a long tube that was running down the right side of his shorts and it had to be a good 8 inches long. My eyes bugged out and my mouth fell open when I saw that monster twitch in his shorts.

“Ms. I would hate for your husband to come home and see us like this, I might get fired!”

“MY HUSBAND, oh him, ah…he is out of town and not due home until…ah…don’t need to worry about him walking in on us…! In fact no one will walk in on us!”

I gave out a giggle as I looked back down at his monster about to burst out of those tight shorts. Than I felt him step toward me and his hands went up to my shoulder and my hand went down to his bulge, my breast were about to bust out of my t-shirt. “Your breasts are beautiful…Ms….god they are big!” He had a slightly heavy look to his eyes as he stared at them. “Jesus …. Oh damn they are fu…. Ah perfect! Oh me! “

“Aren’t you going to be late for your next appointment?” I said trying to change the subject and move back, but only to find myself backed into our king size bed.

“That beeper message I got said my next appointment is running late, can’t meet them until 3.

“Oh that’s to bad, I mean you got some free time to, ah oh…oh me….!” My voice trailed off as he felt both nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezed them gently, pulling down and away. I moaned as he continued to pinch and pull. My nipples have always been extremely sensitive and being a week from my time of month, they were heightened from that sensitivity tremendously. The first brush of his hand had really lit me up. Now I was lost. “Ms aren’t you worried that one of your neighbors might walk in?”

“Oh god I hope not!”

There was a quavering in my voice that made him smile. Than without a word, I felt him pull my t-shirt up over my head and my 40DD stood out for him and the world to see. His denim covered cock seems to grown more as I looked down at his crouch. Its’ outline showed it to be getting longer, my god could he be 10 or 11 inches.

I put my hand on his bulge and looked at him. “Take them off, please!” He opened his shorts top button and pulled the zipper down. His white briefs showed through. For the first time in my memory my hands trembled as they moved to the top of his shorts. Spreading the shorts wide, I put my fingers inside the upper band and slowly pulled them down until they fell around his feet. His cock strained his underwear. They should have ripped or burst, but they didn’t. My hands moved to his cock. I dropped to my knees and moved closer and kissed it through the cloth, licking along the length with my tongue and lips.

He quickly pushed his shorts down and his cock burst out before me. It was enormous. I had seen a few penises that were this big, and just like him most of them were back. His was real dark in color, like his skin and the head was a darker purple. It was curved and hung down in an arc, probably from the sheer weight. It filled my hands and was heavy. The monster had finally gotten hard and the size was too much to even estimate. I stroked with one hand slowly along the length. My other hand held his testicles as I stroked faster with the other. It appeared as if his cock was looking at me with one eye. I bent forward and kissed the tip. A bit of pre-cum touched my lips and hung in a small trail as I moved back. Bending forward again I kissed the head and then opened my lips, taking him inside my mouth.

My lips barely encircled his cock head as I pulled and pulled. I reached back and played with his sac for a bit. He was stuffing my face full of his huge battering ram. I swallowed him, taking him deep into my throat while breathing through my nose like a bitch dog in heat. My teeth lightly grazed the base; causing him to shudder and he watch me carefully. I wanted to smile, but couldn’t. I winked at him. Guys love to watch me suck their penises. Playfully, I batted my eyelashes at him.

I licked his balls, first one at a time, then the entire scrotum then took each testicle carefully in my mouth happily gumming it. He kept his hands off me, content to watch and enjoy my oral manipulations. I turned my attention to his cock head digging my tongue into his open hole. As pre-cum began to ooze out I cheerfully rubbed it across my lips. I licked the head, over and under and around, then reversed and did the same before moving to the V at the underside of the head where I broadly and forcefully applied my tongue to his great delight. I loved sucking his cock! I moved down and nibbled the shaft and then came back to the head this time sucking it gently while staring at his lustful eyes. I then closed mine and enveloped my lips around his shaft taking his full measure down my throat.

I held him there feeling his passion, heat and pulse inside my wet mouth; I enjoyed him before I relinquished my grasp and slid back to his head which remained in my mouth. I sucked, licked and nibbled his entire cock for a few more minutes before he eased me away and stood in front of me, his great cock fully erect and dripping saliva. I eased my mouth over him again placing my arms on his thighs. He allowed me to sink down on him before gently instructing me to not touch him with my hands.

I moved one hand gratefully to my clit and pussy and began rubbing myself as I sucked his shaft, turning my head at different angles but never removing him from my mouth. After a bit, he burrowed his hands into my hair grasping my head firmly. He now assumed total control and pulled my head back and forth on his great tool. He pulled me ¾’s of the way and held me there before pushing me back for air. At other times he pulled my head all the way down so that my nose was buried in his pubic hair. Still another time his hand moved to the back of my head so that my nose was crushed against him. Then he pushed his cock further in my mouth while pushing my head harder against his pubic area. He held me there until my breath was gone. At that his pace began to pick up and he began running my head up and down his shaft with little regard for me. He began to call me names, something I dearly love.

“You little fucking cheating slut, you like to suck my cock don’t you? You’re a little cock sucking whore; nothing but a cheap cum slut.”

He was close. His face was getting screwed up as he tried to hold back. I pressed my finger into his ass and felt a powerful spurt slam the back of my throat. I swallowed and swallowed as fast as I possibly could. It went down quickly but a bunch of his cum came off my chin, rolled down across my tits and landed on the rug. I wanted him inside my pussy.

“Fuck me, big guy, fuck me! Fuck me, now. Fuck me hard and fast. Just fuck me.”

I screamed. I stood and pulled my shorts and thong down my legs stepping out of them as I turned and spread my leg. I bent over the bed and supported my body with one hand on the bed as I reached between my legs to open up my fold for his monster cock. Holding me by my hips he slowly moved his cock to my pussy fold and let it rest between the cheeks of my ass. He began to press the head against my puckered pussy lips. His monster cock was well lubricated from the licking I gave it and I was flowing with juices. I could feel I was starting to open up. He pushed harder and suddenly I felt the head of his cock pop into me. I moaned out in a cry! I went up on my tip toes and bounced on them as he slipped his happy stick in my love nest.

”Oh shit…oh Jesus…your big…!”

I screamed as the long hard cock slipped deep into my body. He went deeper. My pussy was on fire. His hot cock was burning into me. The little pain I had was now gone and I pushed to meet his advances. My legs spread further apart to give him more access. He applied more pressure and as my lips spread; his cock seems to go deeper. Almost all his cock penetrated me. The sheer pleasure of this enormous cock inside of me masked the pain of being penetrated deeper than any man I could remember before or ever will. Hell all big cock black men make me feel that way the first time I get 8 or more inches up my tunnel.

He filled me and I came immediately now we were fucking like animals. I was his bitch and he was fucking me harder and faster than a junk yard dog. Again I started to cum continually and shake violently.

I rested on my arms on the bed, looking back as he caressed my ass cheeks, I found myself gazing at him with awe and wonder, and wondered would Tim ever make me feel this way. To me this hunk’s cock seemed to contain super natural sexual powers that made me feel like I was a slave to its overwhelming presence! The big cock was now again completely engorged and ready to go, even though only a few minutes earlier it had emptied a huge load into me!

“I wonder if your old man can make you get off this way?”

“Never mind about him,” I snapped testily. “Put it back in. I was just getting used to the feel of it.”

He gently stroked it, and then said, “Okay baby, climb on, take it for a test ride!”

He sat down in the chair I had in the corner of the bedroom and with shaky legs, I straddled him and let him guide his meat into my waiting cunt, and once the head was in, I slowly rocked back and forth, driving the thick pink snake deep into my stretched pussy. When all of it was buried to the hilt, I sat up and wiggled my ass, making the big penis go in even deeper. I was totally filled up again, it felt wonderful to be filled up, but what I wanted now was to be jammed, and jammed hard, so I leaned forward and whispered in his ear!

“Give it to me hard, please fuck me hard!”

Without saying a word, his hips began moving up and down, driving his penis in and out of my helpless used pussy. “Oh my god … fuck me harder…!” I begged, experiencing the first real fucking I had in weeks! His cock was now ripping in and out of me with abandoned viciousness, as I guided my breast to his mouth.

“Suck on them…damn it suck my boobs…!”

For almost the next hour and a half we continued to fuck, changing positions several times. On the bed out of the bed, on the floor, we did it standing; we did it lying; if I had wings we would have done it flying. We kissed and chatting away about how great the fuck session was. When he got up to dress, I grabbed him and asked him if he would like to call me when I could let him stay the night. It was obvious I wanted more. .

“Baby there’s nothing I’d like better.”

“So when do you come back to service me again…I mean the house!”

“Six months it said on the work order…unless you can talk hubby into having it done every month!”

“Damn give me your business card…I can talk him into anything…I will call you when he gets back in town!”

Later that night after I had soaked in the tub for an hour and applied lotion and cream to my sore over worked pussy, the phone rang just as I got in bed.


“Hi baby…how is the most beautiful wife in the world?”

“Oh she is in bed…just thinking about the most wonderful… (Almost said cock) husband in the world…!”

“Did you have a nice day honey…did you go work out…shop?”

“Oh it was a very nice day…by the way…the man from AAA Bug Company was here and did the house today…Tim he said it might be best that I have him here every month…ah… just to make sure we keep roaches and silver fish away…!”

“Marca who was there…?”

“The man from AAA Bug Company…you know the pest control guy!”

“Marca honey…the Hanks across the street uses a service like that…I think he must have made a mistake, we don’t have any service like that…!”

To be continued….