Small change

Dinner was great, one of those Turkish/Greek restaurants in the town, plenty of wine and fizz and a taxi home.
I made all the right moves to get a fuck that night with Sally but my equipment failed me as it usually did. Sally got very bored with my efforts and told me to lick her to orgasm instead. I dutifully slid down the bed until I was kneeling on the floor and squashed my face into her pussy. She always kept it neatly trimmed and in the 8 years we’d been married, it had been my pleasure to fuck. Tonight, she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer in until I was almost gagging. Sally has a great body for a 39 yr old, 36c breasts and short blonde hair.
You’re going to stay there until I cum, Understand?
I nodded as I couldn’t speak.
Sally threw her head back and enjoyed me tonguing her for several minutes.
Come on, get that tongue all the way in, I think it’s about the same size as your dick, she laughed. She’d never said things like that before. She propped herself up and stared into my eyes as I continued my work, Well it’s true, isn’t it ? You have a small dick Tim, very small…
I said nothing, just lapped at her pussy in an effort to please. She lifted my head off her pussy with one hand, Well ? Say it ?
I didn’t want to say anything…….. Tell me you have a small dick……And because I paused again, she slapped me with her other hand. SAY IT ! she yelled..
I mumbled down into the duvet that I had a small dick, but that wasn’t good enough. 
Louder, she yelled.
I have a small dick,
Again !
I have a small dick.
You have a small dick what ?
Sally ?
Nope try again, small dick, you call me Miss….
I have a small dick Miss, I stuttered.
Good, finally you are learning. And what do small dicked men do ?
I guessed, Lick pussy Miss ?
Yep, that’s right, and anything else I say, Got it ??
I mumbled Yes Miss, but it wasn’t loud enough, Pardon ???? Yes Miss, I said louder.
Now, back on my pussy and as I said, make me cum, since your dick can’t do it. I felt my little cock shrinking away at her comments. She grabbed my hair again and pulled me in and I resumed my duties with more enthusiasm than normal to please her. I’d always known I had a small dick, from school days in the shower, in the military and comparisons on the internet, I guess I’d just got away with it and that Sally was ok with it. Well, up until now anyway.
She lent over at some stage and grabbed her phone, happily snapping shots of me working on her pussy. Come on pussy licker, make me come, make that pussy happy, She was obviously making a short video. After ten or so minutes I had made her cum, she was still taking photos, but said, OK little dick stand up and tell me what you do……
I struggled up off the floor, my knees were killing me from kneeling for 30 minutes, but stood up and said, I suck pussy Miss, Sally said, and why is that ? Because I have a small dick Miss, I mumbled. Louder !!!. She was videoing the whole thing, Because I have a small dick Miss. I hung my head in shame.
Well done pussy licker, she said, and stopped filming.
Now you can ***** in the spare room tonight, since you couldn’t fuck me, yet again…..
I couldn’t argue with that, so I shuffled off to the spare room and its single bed….
The morning came and last night nights activities had been a blur, so I presumed she had been a bit tipsy and it all got out of hand. How wrong I was.
Sally met me in the kitchen with an offish glance, How was the spare room Tim ? she chuckled.
I sad nothing and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea.
I’ve decided she started. My heart sank, What now ?
I’ve decided that since you can’t please me with you little dick, that you shouldn’t have the privileges of the man of the house, I meant what I said that you will do anything else I want, you even agreed last night. I couldn’t disagree.
So, today marks the first day of you being a house husband, no chores for me, so I can keep you busy and me happy. Also, you need to understand that you won’t be *****ing with me in future, the spare room is now your room, you can only come in my room when I want you to. Got it ??
I nodded in disbelief. 
So, my little wifey, it’s time to start…. First, since I don’t consider you to be a red ******* man who can fuck properly, you need to dress accordingly, so fetch some scissors and follow me.
I got the scissors and followed he up to what was now her room. Open the drawer she said pointing at my underwear drawer. Take out all of your boxers and cut them up. I started to protest about a waste of money, but she was having none of it. She made me stand there and cut the m all in two until none were useable. Take the ones off you are wearing now small dick, she commanded, so soon I was naked from the waist down with out any boxers to put on. She smirked at my small dick, and said it was disgusting to her now, but she had plans for my dick which I wouldn’t like. You need some appropriate underwear Tim don’t you think? What would you expect me to wear around the house ??

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Becky’s awakening

Like some feedback on this, love it or hate it. Never tried writing before but had this in my head for a long time so figured what the hell…

Charlie rolled over early in the morning and snuggled up to the backside of his still ******** wife. His morning wood aching for some long over due attention. He ran his hand along her bare hip as he worked his hard but short cock against her butt. Slowly moving his hand up he grasps one of her breasts as he kisses her shoulder, as she says, “Better not start something you can’t finish.” And with that his short term morning erection faded. The story of his life it would seem. In Becky’s mind, unless she could get a decent fucking out of it, whats the point? She could get a better orgasm from her vibrator and lets face it, their sex life was never all that great but as Charlie aged his ability to maintain a decent erection was but a distant memory. Love between them was never an issue but physically, the 15 years that separated them was and it showed. Doctors were consulted about his E.D. but the “Little Blue Pill” was apparently a non starter as there were too many risks of the unwanted side effects that came with it with his health issues. In other words, learn to live with it.

Becky got up and started getting ready for work. Her husband had awoken a craving this morning that there simply wasn’t time to take care of. “Guess I’ll have to remember to pick up some batteries after work today.” It would be just her luck, she thought to herself that her vibrator would be as dead as Charlie’s dick when she got home later.

Becky got to the factory at her usual time and went about her normal pre-shift activities. Chatting with some co workers and just killing time in general. She was studying an ad on the post-it board in the break room when a man’s voice from behind her startled her. 

“There is lots of stuff to get rid of, most has never been used.” He said. “This is your ad?” Becky asked. “Yup, the ex-wife was into crafting, and when she left she didn’t take anything.” “My name is Chuck Thompson, by the way” he said as he extended his hand to her. “I’m Becky Anderson.” She responded, taking his out stretched hand. Becky was surprised at the size of his hand and also somewhat surprised at the clash of color between his dark chocolate brown skin against her very light, almost white skin. Chuck said, “Well I have to get back to my line but if you have any questions just ask.” “Will do”, she responded. As Chuck was walking away Becky asked, “Hey Chuck, you on Facebook?” “I am, yeah”, he said. “Great I’ll send you a friend request later”.

As Chuck was walking away, he smiled to himself. “Oh yeah, this will get interesting” he thought to himself. This was hardly the first time he had noticed Becky. He had admired her from afar for quite some time. He knew she was married but he didn’t care. In fact he found sport in trying to seduce married white women. He wasn’t always successful but he did love the chase. 

Later that afternoon after Becky got home, she stripped out of her clothes and took a long, hot and relaxing shower. After drying off she laid down on the bed and looked at the clock. An hour and a half before Charlie would get home from work. She smirked a little, rolled over and pulled her vibrator from the night stand drawer, turned it on and began to massage her nether region. It wasn’t long until her mind was racing towards the encounter in the break room this morning. “Now where did that come from?” She thought to herself. As her mind went back to the image of her hand in his. His hands were so big, “Could it be true what they say?” “Big hands = big cock?” “Wait, he’s also black so…” Becky was imagining Chuck pulling down his pants and exposing a monster cock. At that point a small orgasm hit her causing her squeeze her thighs together and lift her hips off the bed. Becky turned off her vibrator, and lie there catching her breath. She thought to herself, “Did you seriously just get off fantasizing about a co-worker? A black one at that??” “My God where did that come from?” She found it really odd and out of character for her, but hey it got her off and quickly at that.

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My fantasy

Let me start out by tell you about my wife, and me. Peggy, my wife, is very conservative. I know from talking to friends, (after we started dating), when she was still in high school, that she gave many blowjobs. However, she would not let any of the guys she dated fuck her. Yes, she was still a virgin. The only cock Peggy has ever had in her pussy is mine and that happened after I proposed and she was 18 years old. She really is a hot little fuck, with a sweet tasting pussy that is still very tight. She is about 5’2″ tall with 38-B cup boobs, weights about 115lbs, and a beautiful ass and long, shapely legs. Peggy has reddish blonde hair and green eyes. Yes, she is very petite. It worked out well because I am not a big person; I am 5′ 10″ tall and only about 140 lbs. We could not have kids much to her and mine disappointment, because I am infertile. I think that is why she still looks as good as she does for a woman over 50. I am about 5 years older than she is and we have been married for over 34 years. We are more in love today than ever, but I still had this fantasy about seeing my wife Peggy in action being fucked by some stranger.

I knew she would **** me if I ever brought up the idea of sharing her. I think it was because of her strict Catholic upbringing that she is so conservative. She loves to suck my cock, (my cock is approx. 7.5″), and have me eat her pussy. However, she is too damn conservative to consider fucking another man. Hell, I bought her a vibrator once and she was pissed, I am lucky if she lets me leave the lights on when we make love. That is why I came up with this plan.

I decided the perfect time would be when we were on vacation in Las Vegas in the fall. We had already planned a trip to Vegas for our anniversary, so I put my plan in action. First, I found some ads in online newspaper for straight male escorts. I sent several of the better-looking men, the ones I knew she would be attracted to physically, emails about seducing my wife. Of course, I sent them a few pictures of her and made sure they had larger cocks than me. I wanted to have some handsome man with a really big cock seduce my shy conservative wife, not just any swinging dick. I made my final selection for my wife’s breeding, Jim, a lean, muscular dark-haired 28 year old man 6’3″ around 190lbs. I did not tell Jim about the little pill I was going to slip into Peggy’s soft ***** the night I had arraigned with him. Just a little something I found that would lower Peggy’s inhibitions. I also sent Jim an e-mail asking him if he thought he could find a couple more studs to fuck my wife. I asked for at least one of them to be black.

Jim replied a few days later that he did not think that was going to be a problem. He responded that he had a few guys in mind that were safe. He said they would be tested before the big night and bring the results with them.

We arrived in Vegas and checked into our suite hotel, we have stayed at this location before; it has a large bedroom and separate kitchen and living room area. It is really a condominium, but the economy ****ed the condominium market and they rent them out now. It is real close to all the action on the strip and it would be easy to get her back to the room from there. The first night was uneventful; I had planned everything for later in the week. I was hard constantly just thinking about what was going to happen and fucked her every chance I got, thinking about what I set up for her.

Seeing her let loose and let her hair down would be the answer to my fantasy. The night of the planned meeting with the Jim was finally here. We went out for a show and dinner; afterwards we went back to our room to get some *****s. We do not ***** so I got an iced tea for me, and diet Mt. Dew for Peggy, (her favorite), as she went to us the restroom I dropped the little pill I ground up early into her *****. We then headed back into the Flamingo Casino to play the slots. I had called Jim earlier to make sure we were still on for tonight. I think from the sound of his voice he was looking forward to this as much as me, and who could blame him Peggy is hot, she just does not know it. I think that is what makes her even more appealing. Jim and I had decided to start slow and introduce the other men later after we had her good and worked up.

As we entered the slot area I spotted Jim, I told him earlier what machines she liked. I told the wife I had to go to the restroom and would be back in a few minutes. I meet up with Jim and he gave me the test results. They were test results for five guys including Jim. That would mean there was going to be five men fucking my prim and proper wife pussy for the first time. With me included that meant she was going to have to take on seven men. One of them I learned was a young guy about 18 years old and still a virgin.

Jim found a machine close to Peggy to play and waited for a little while before he started seducing Peggy. After about an hour, I could tell the pill was starting to take effect. I could tell my shy conservative wife was openly flirting back. It was hot to see him get her all hot and bothered. Jim was getting Peggy to the point where she could not resist his advances, I went over and introduced myself to Jim as Peggy’s husband, and Peggy looked like she had been caught with her hands in his pants. Peggy started to apologize for acting so strange, I stopped her with a kiss and just told her to have fun, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It was about 15 minutes after that Jim started caressing and rubbing her legs and thigh.

I could tell that from the look in Peggy’s green eyes he had her. I went over by them Jim and my wife and asked if there was anything, she might want. Peggy looked up at me with those big green eyes and sheepishly asked me if she could fuck him. Of course, I said yes as long as I get to watch. Jim grabbed her hand and helped her up from her chair; the pills were doing their job by this point. Jim and I started to take her back to our hotel room, (me following next to her, holding one of her hands reassuring her along the way); Jim was holding Peggy tight next to him.

After we got inside the hotel room Jim carried Peggy to bed and slowly start to unwrap his present. Once he had Peggy completely naked, he stripped off his shirt displaying his well-toned chest and 6-pack abs. Then he took off his pants and underwear displaying a growing erection of an 8 plus inch cock. It soon grew to its full size, (10+ inches), seeing her naked on the bed. Peggy was blushing and looking nervous and a little scarred. Seeing the size of his cock, I cannot blame her for being a little scared. However, she is squirming around on the bed now in anticipation of what is about to happen. I was sitting quietly in a chair close by for now. Peggy patted the bed next to her asking him to join her. They start to kiss as if they were a young couple in love.

Jim started to play with her pussy with one hand and Peggy put one of her hands on his dick, (her wedding ring seems to be shining brighter than normal to me). She could not get her little hand around his enormous cock. Jim moved down in the bed kissing her body as he moved down. Then Jim took hold of her legs, spreading them apart a little. Then he started licking her pussy, soon Jim was really going to town on her pussy. After about 15 minutes of a good pussy licking, he took ahold of Peggy’s thighs and spread her legs farther apart. He was really enjoying her pussy and Peggy was visibly enjoying what Jim was doing, her head was thrashing from side to side and she was moaning loudly. Then she starts asking him to turn around. I know what is going to happen because this is what she does to me. Jim turned around and she slowly start to go to work on his cock, licking it at first then sucking on the head. (She has a small mouth but has learned to deep throat me.) Swirling her tongue around the large head and up and down his shaft, she is was really making love to his cock.

Slowly Peggy starts to take his cock into her mouth, sucking him deep as she can with that monster. Jim is being gentle with her I can tell, and is not ******* it. Still she is trying to get it all into her mouth, and soon I can see she has somehow managed to get that monster all the way down her throat. By then Peggy is sucking his cock like a starved puppy dog. By this time I have not taken off my pants, I am afraid to touch my cock; I am about to cum just from watching him fuck Peggy’s sweet mouth. After Peggy cums the first time he stops and she is still going to town on his cock, he pries his cock from her mouth. He gets up from the bed for a second and asks her if he needs to wear a condom, informing us that he does not have any with him. Peggy looks at me for the first time in a long time looking for an answer or reassurance. I went back to the bed, take her into my arms, and tell her it is her decision. However, as I am talking I move up behind her and have her lying between my legs, (I am naked by this time and think my cock may go off without me touching It.) with her head on my chest face him. I then reached down and took ahold of her legs pulling them up and apart as far as possible. Peggy and Jim both know this is my way of answering them. Jim took over holding her legs, I reached down, and spread open the lips of her pussy, grabbed hold of his cock and rubbed up and down on her cunt getting them both wet. I put the tip of his cock at the opening of her little pussy, inviting this handsome stranger to fuck my wife.

I do not believe I have ever seen her pussy lips this red and splaying open before. It is driving Peggy crazy with desire watching this handsome stud getting ready to breed her. She was bucking her hip up to him trying to get him to put it more into her pussy. Jim was being very gentle with Peggy putting the head in and letting her grow get accustom to the size. Slowly he started to push adding more of his cock into her tight pussy. It was so hot to watch the first cock other than mine to going into her pussy. Jim looked up at me holding Peggy in my arms and commented that he could not believe how tight her pussy is. She was so wet I thought I heard a ‘splash’ when Jim’s cock entered her. Peggy was moaning with pleasure as Jim finally got all 10+ inches all in and starts to piston his cock in and out of her. It was hard to believe she got that large cock all the way in her little pussy. I did not believe she would be able to take it all, but her pussy spread open wider than I thought possible. She came two or three times almost as soon as his cock hit her cervix. I moved off the bed at this point so they could enjoy themselves completely, moving back to the chair to watch them.

I want Peggy to enjoy this and completely give herself to this handsome stranger. Jim is a real pro, is no hurry to finish, and starts to take long slow strokes; she is going wild underneath him, raising her ass off the bed to meet his thrusting cock. Jim has spread Peggy’s legs by this point to further that I would have thought possible and she is helping hold them apart. Peggy was arching her back, raising her butt way off the bed so she could grind her pelvic bone into his. This went on for a long time with her Cumming all over his mammoth cock repeatedly. Then suddenly Jim flipped Peggy over so she was on all fours, and takes her from the back doggy style holding on to her hips as he really goes to work on her pussy again. It was so hot to watch her little boobs flopping around as he fucked her.

Knowing Jim was getting close Peggy asked him to take the top again; (missionary is her favorite position). He climbed on top of her, with her guiding his cock back to her hot and very wet pussy. Jim wasted no time now and was really starting to fuck her hard. Jim kissed her deeply, and then looked into her eyes and asked Peggy where she wanted him to cum. Peggy looked over at me for the first time in a long time. I know she enjoys it when I cum in her pussy so I just wink at her, and she looked back at Jim and said “Please cum inside me, fill me up with you cum.” Peggy wrapped her legs around Jim’s ass and pulled him in as deep as she could. Jim was pounding her pussy like it was the last pussy he was ever going to get. I think Peggy was having one long continuous orgasm at point. Jim took a couple more strokes and then I see his balls constricting and pulsating, knowing he was filling up her pussy with cum, it was oozing from around his cock. Breeding her married pussy, the pussy up until that time had only had my cock in it. He held his cock inside her until he started to go soft and she still was holding him deep inside her with her legs. I know I have never seen her cum that many times or as passionately. When he was done, Jim left to use the bathroom, Peggy was upset and started to cry a little, and I asked what was wrong. She looked like a hot mess, her legs still spread and cum flowing out of her pussy. Her pussy was even redder and it looked like he had put a gallon of cum in her. She said something like; you hate me now don’t you, I don’t know what came over me. I cannot believe I did that. The pill is wearing off a little by now. I told Peggy that I never loved her more than right then, and that it had been a fantasy come true for me and she never look more beautiful. At that point I decided to do something I had not considered before. I climbed between her legs and started to suck her pussy dry.

I decided this was a good time to let the other men into the room, so I slipped out of the bedroom and opened the door to our room for the other men waiting outside the room as planned. The black guy was a mountain of a man, he stood 6’8 and weight about 245lbs and it was all muscle. I had the guys strip naked in the living room, and them had them follow me into the bedroom. Every one of the men had a good size cock; the black guy was sporting what had to be 12 inches and as big around as the size of a soda can.

I ushered the naked men into the bedroom as Jim started get a little tired and rolled onto his back and Peggy climbed on top of him, sank down on his large cock, and rode him to another orgasm. She saw the other men enter the room looked anxiously at me, her eyes signaling her fear. We circled around her and I pushed her on her back and stuck my cock into her mouth before she could say anything. Two of the other men seized her feet and spread her legs apart. Two more grabbed her arms and held them down until she stopped struggling. I got off her and told her she might as well enjoy this it was going to happen. She smiled very big and said ok but please make them be gentle. She had not seen how big the black cock was that going to fucking her soon. It was a good thing otherwise, she would have run away. One of the smaller guys, (not that you could call any of them small, the smallest one had 8.5 inches), got between her legs and started to push the head of his cock into her wet pussy. I decided I would get my camera and take a seat nearby. I did not want to miss any of the action and knew this was a once in life time opportunity. As he was easing his cock into her, the one of the other guys started to put his cock up to her mouth. She moaned and when she opened her mouth to complain he rammed his cock down her throat. Two of the other guys put their cocks into her little hands. As if on autopilot, she started to jerk them. The black guy started to play with her little boobs. Soon they had Peggy screaming in pleasure. After the first man was done filling up her pussy with his cum the black man moved into position between her legs, her green eyes got as big around as saucers. The look in her eyes was terror or lust I am not sure which at this point, my shy conservative wife was getting used like slut. She started to complain that he was too big and that it would not fit. He told someone to fill her mouth up with cock so the little slut would be quite. The virgin got up onto the bed and put his cock into her mouth, I knew he would not last long, knowing how good she was at sucking cock. The man-getting ready to fuck her told her not to worry baby it will stretch, you know it is made for baby to come out of, and plan to put one in your oven. He started to push, (I had to get up and watch this), and her pussy lips were overextended around his head of his cock. That monster was stretching her pussy. The lips of her pussy were wrapped around his monster cock it looked like they were holding on to his cock. It took him a while, but he got it all in, and then he put her sexy legs over his shoulder and went to town like a jackhammer fucking her pussy. He fucked like that for about 20 minutes before a filled her pussy up with a large load of his cum. Cum was pouring out of her pussy. The virgin had blown his load down my wife’s throat; however being young, he stayed hard and was ready to go. Then the guys decided it was time to really step it up. Two of the men picked her up off the bed and as another lay down on his back on the bed. The two men pulled Peggy’s legs apart and held her over the man. Another man got on the bed in front of her and started to feed her his cock. I saw the man on the bed smear some lube on his cock and they started to lower Peggy’s virgin ass down onto his cock, (reverse cowgirl style). She had never let me fuck her ass, and Peggy was not too crazy about their plans, so someone put a cock in her mouth before she could complain too much. Then they slowly started to lower her down on the cock slowly, and then as it started to enter her virgin ass they dropped her down on it. She would have screamed I think if not for the cock down her throat. The man she was on top of held her still against his chest fondling her little titties. Then one of the men she had been jerking off earlier put his cock into her pussy. My god she looked hot, with three cocks in her all at the same time going to town on her pussy, ass, and mouth. Peggy was Cuming as had never seen her before and will probably never see her cum again, she was trashing her head from side to side screaming around the cock in her mouth. After about 15 minutes of this, they decided to switch thing up. They picked her up and turned to face the guy and her put his cock into her pussy while the guy that had been in her pussy put his cock back into her ass. Of course, one of the men put his cock back into her sweet mouth. Peggy is small, kind of what some guys call a spinner, so they even tried a little of that on her, she was fucked more ways than I can count. They got her on her hands and knees and fucked her; they had her pussy being fucked while her head hanged over the end of the bed so they could get their cocks all the way down her throat. She was submissive and they used her mercilessly repeatedly, everyone one of them fucked her pussy, and most of them went twice blowing one load down her throat. None of them wasted a load in her ass that had been a condition before we started. When every one of the men could go no more I had them leave all except Jim and the black guy, (Steve was his name I found out by now). Jim and the black guy went to clean up and take a piss.

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