Willing Cuckold, the Memoirs

I spent three years being married, and I am now very much aware that my amazing wife has grown into a very sensual woman. She is a striking redhead whose beauty caught the attention of all straight men she ever met. When we married, we were both virgins and totally innocent.

I realized completely that some day I would have to explain to Liza that my cock is really not big at all. I was comfortable with the idea that she might feel a need to explore her sexuality with other men.

Once, we were in bed and I embraced her head bringing it to my chest saying I loved her very much and I think it was good for us both for her to have a lover. I tried to explain that my cock, not more than 3 inches big, could not satisfy her the right way. It totally excited me to dream of her having sex with a well-hung lover. I also said that it would be great pleasure for me to think about her having pleasure without any guilt involved. She could be safe knowing she has support from a very understanding husband. She was far from being impressed. She did not believe I was actually offering her to cheat on me. I begged for her understanding explaining I would not have any jealousy, knowing she had pure fun and being happy with her having extra-marital sex with my consent. Still, she remained unconvinced and said it did not matter to her whether my cock was big or small. It was all she could need or want.

We did not continue discussing this subject, and whenever I tried to resume the conversation, she would stop it.

A month later, Liza made a casual remark about being at a reception with Frances, her friend, and that she met someone she thought would be acceptable for me as her potential date.

I could never realize it would come as such a shock to me, the reality of her actually doing what I yearned for this much.

‘When are you meeting the guy? I asked
If it’s OK with you, tonight, she replied

I was dumbfounded. I was totally shocked and speechless.

But anyway, this is what I’ve been waiting for months. I had no option other than saying how happy I was she finally made up her mind to do it.

This guy was not local and she told me she would be meeting him for cocktails at his hotel in the city. She met him at a reception for visiting businessmen where she went with Frances, her friend.

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How it started and developed

Me and my wife started dating when we were sixteen. We married 2 years later. We had our silver anniversary not long ago, and our friends and relatives would tell us we were created for each other. They were not wrong. We were really made for one another, but the reasons for that are not all obvious. There’s another thing here, and if they had known, it would be a massive surprise to all of them. Fact is my wife is a dick whore. She just loves having cock inside of her, and, which is not common for women, sees a difference between sex and love. Me, I’m her more than willing cuckold.

This wasn’t like that forever, of course. When I first met Jackie, I could not think such a scenario was possible. Now, looking on it all from today, I see there were quite a number of indicators back in the young days. There was no doubt about her having more experience with sex than me. She loves wearing stockings, daring underwear, even with her jeans on. She always responds positively when I initiate sex and she sometimes initiates it herself. It was pretty obvious that once we have half an hour together, we end up having sex. True, she was a sexy girl, and I wasn’t the first one, not at all.

I guess she had it off with a couple of previous boyfriends, maybe more. The one who stuck in my mind more than all others is this Jim. He was around 4 years her senior and he was far more experienced than her. Discretion, however, was not among his virtues. When they were dating, he used to make it a public thing that he was doing her. I did not know her too well back then but I can totally remember thinking he was a lucky bastard for having sex with such a hot chick.

It was quite a long story. They broke up and a few months later we started dating. I was feeling really proud whenever we would go out and she was by my side. Still I had no exclusive rights to her company. She goes out with her best friend a lot, and she is dating one of Jim’s friends. One night, the girls were out, and they bumped into this boyfriend and Jim. I guess I will never find out whether this was planned or not. The fact is that they had some drinks and then the four of them went to her friend’s place. Her parents were away on vacation so the house was all theirs. I never found out what actually took place, but the fact is that I somehow chanced to pass by this friend’s house the following morning. I saw Jim’s car parked outside! So I’m totally positive Jim and his friend slept in this house. With my knowledge of Jackie, I would be surprised to know that she hadn’t shared beds with Jim. It was quite a disgusting thing to find out, but I made up my mind not to bother her about it, fearing she might leave me. The really weird thing to all this is that I was sort of fascinated of them doing it that night. Sure, my main fear was losing her to her ex, but as it became obvious it was unlikely to happen, my obsession with it all started to grow.

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