Cuckold Stories: Forced Bisexuality

My wife and I have had some amazingly hot times with other people involved.  At first, it began simply enough.  I had invited a friend over who I knew she liked and who had always commented on how hot she had become.  (She truly blossomed after college, going from an attractive and thin girl to a full-breasted, luscious woman. It had caught me almost off-guard as I watched her bloom into the sort of sexy creature men always did a double take on walking down grocery aisles.). Frank had known us both in college.  I admit, I had set it up in hopes that I would see her having it off with two guys.  We both have this wanton quality that we have since explored deeply, as you will see later.
So we had later orgies together, among groups, a small swinger group we tired of later, owing to all the personality conflicts that developed. The fact is, I always enjoyed seeing her being used or pleasing other men.  It made me crazy lusty. The best was when we hooked her up on our own, at some club, where she would invite a guy over and I would watch from the closet, or tape them in action. It fucking tripped me out – I would watch them and masturbate later, in private, always looking forward to the next time.

Things took what I guess was a natural turn when she got more assertive about our sexual ways.  She had caught me jacking off to her fucking other guys.  She had, in fact, stated she thought that was my favorite.  When she mentioned she had always held back telling me certain things about our sex life, I knew then she was referring to not only my small cock, but also my tendency to cum so quickly. She then told me the way it would be when we wanted sex.  She was cutting me out, but she wanted me nearby, watching. She had said it was my turn to be humiliated. Man, was she ever right.

She told me we were going out one night and I watched as she put on her sexiest outfit.  I knew she had decided she was going to prowl and bring some stud home to fuck in front of me. The thought of it made me as hard as usual. She looked down and saw my hard on and laughed. “Tonight I want something special”, she said. “And if I don’t get it, I’ll make you pay.”

“What?” I asked. But she stayed silent. I had this very ominous feeling I would sure find out. It made me nervous but excited at the same time.

Well, things went swimmingly at the club and she found herself a visiting professional soccer player, an English guy who was very taken by her gorgeous body, rubbed all over him. On the way out, I could see her talking to him, whispering in his ear and he smiled back, nodding. Her hand was on his dick as they walked.

I drove on the way home and they began making out in the back seat.  I watched in the rear view mirror as his hands went all under her dress top and as she bent her head down, out of the picture.  I could see the top of her head going up and down and not much more.

We arrived at the house and her head rose out of his lap, her lipstick smeared and her hair somewhat disheveled.  It was times like this I thought she was a goddess. My cock was about to burst.

Ordered into the kitchen to make drinks, I took my time.  By the time I came back, they were both stripped naked with her on her knees in front of this extremely well-built Brit, sucking away on his huge cock. As I placed the drinks down on the end table, she paused and looked up at me.  “Come here, Honey,” she purred, her breasts heaving and looking stunningly gorgeous.  Her hand was at her pussy, toying slowly as I knelt down with her, grabbing a tit like I thought she wanted. It felt terrific.

But she grabbed my hand at her breast, stopping me in my tracks and looked directly at me. “I want you to suck his cock with me, dear. I want to see him in your mouth.”

Wow, I was almost knocked over by this.  I had never done that.  I prided myself on at least enough virility to consider myself straight. The thought of it was suddenly stunning and I faced a huge dilemma.  She really DID want this.  In fact, there were repercussions if I did not.

She put her hand on the back of my head before I could say anything and forced me down on this huge dick now at my face. I had no choice but to open my mouth and take it in.  My mouth widened and I experienced what it felt like to suck a cock – and this time a huge one.  It was all I could do to take it in, it was so wide.  It felt like some blunt fist in there but I opened wider, allowing more of him inside. She was talking to me, encouraging me to “Suck like a good whore.” She pressed harder now, forcing his cock deeper down my throat. I was gagging now, but she pushed as hard as she could, forcing it down me.

His cock was incredibly warm – no, hot – as it filled my entire mouth and throat.  I found it hard to breathe and I panicked a bit as my bile rose and this gargantuan prick settled into fucking my face. She was getting wild, fingering her pussy rapidly and having fun moving my head around this huge dick. Suddenly, she pulled me off and held my face looking at her. “Jesus, you suck as good as I do. Admit it, you like it as much as I do, don’t you, you fucking whore?”

I nodded my head, unable to speak. The truth was, it wasn’t that bad. She immediately went down on him again herself, wildly sucking away as he grunted like some happy animal, making. guttural sounds of lust, happy for the attention.  She pulled back again, pushing me back on it, making me suck for a bit more until she had had enough and was ready for her fucking.

She told me to go sit and watch now as he began fucking her.  Her face was a totally contorted mess of hot lust, her eyes looking to the ceiling with her man fucking her from behind and pulling her hair back, her face now to the ceiling. As he came deep inside her, she looked at me, having cum herself, her bedroom eyes half-closed in ecstasy as her Brit emptied his dick in her hot pussy.

“This is what I want, baby, from now on. I need to see you suck my men for me.  Next time, I might have someone fuck your ass.  It’s the only real sexy part of you, anyway. Lick my pussy now and give me a mouthfull of his cum.”

I did.


Cuckold Stories: Hot Wife Surprise

What began innocently enough has now taken on a life of its own.  I role played with my wife often back when we first got together.  We did everything, from masks and blindfolds, to ropes and a few little chains. As time went on, we had the standard problems with boredom, I guess you could say, and we went a bit farther – this time with other people.  Where we began with one of her friends joining us in some gloriously sexy times, it moved to a man joining us as well – tit for tat, as it were. That was pretty fucking hot too, I admit.

Now we arrive entirely out of the envelope with sometimes more than one man taking her on – whether I am here or not. In fact, to show how out of control it really has gotten, she demands now that I watch her fuck other guys. This has led to some seriously humiliating stuff for me.  To be honest, there is something incredibly satisfying about getting ordered around and having to bear with watching her get ravished by many other men, and sometimes NOT one at a time.

That night, I had no ideas she had another of these scenarios in kind.  I came home from work, took a shower, went into the bedroom of what I thought was an empty house and there she was, on her knees at the foot of the bed, sucking some guy off right in our bedroom (The guy turned out to be her colleague). Now, for sheer job security, she may be a genius.  He sure did not seem to mind. In fact, he looked over at me as I strolled in and smiled away. She was making him feel pretty good, this much was obvious as hell.

Well, she sees me too and looks up at me, his dick in her hand moving slowly back and forth.

“Hi, Honey.” she says. “Listen, I’m going to fuck Charles for a while.  His cock tastes so good, we may have him spend the night if I can persuade him to”  With that, she smiled up at him, got a grunt, and got back onto his cock, sucking the entire shaft deep into her throat and holding it there. Charles moaned in pleasure. She then pulled herself off his dick with an audible “pop”.  She said “Sit over there, dear.  I want you to see how a real man fucks your wife.  Charles has been doing me at work for a while now. I know all his hot buttons by now, so this will be a good fuck to watch. Go on, sit right there,” and she sucked some more, this time removing her top while she worked.

I moved to the chair indicated and sat, watching this bizarre but fascinating scene unfold. Yes, I felt totally humiliated and yet I enjoyed every second of it. Watching her be a total slut has become regular enough that I have coped with the worst already.  Of course, they let me jack off, so I have some say in my own juices.  Once, the guys let me cum in her mouth with them, just to get her well-covered in cum. That was fucking hot.

So I’ve got my hard little dick in my hand while my wife stands up and takes everything off.  Charles undoes his own clothes and I watch as these two naked people – one of whom is my wife – crawl onto the bed.  My wife is begging to be fucked now, saying naughty things to her lover, imploring him to “fuck the shit out of me like a real man does”. Charles seems up to the challenge as she gets on all fours and he climbs up behind her. He rubs his dick along her snatch then slide his tool inside in a big push.  She gasps audibly.  Charles has a huge cock. He rips into her with some serious abandon now, obviously very charged up by her blow job earlier and made even hornier by her words of lust. He looks at me wanking myself and smiles at me.

“Don’t you wish she wanted you like this?” he smirks.  He really starts laying it to her now and she is a writhing mess, taking all that cock and backing up into him for more. Charles fucks her very hard like this for a while.  I sit and listen to them grunting like pigs rutting in a corral, then find myself cumming early, once again, spurting it all over myself and making my hand glisten from the juice. “Jesus, man,” says Charles, “Not only your little pecker is waaay too small, but you can’t even it.” I nod back in shame, knowing he is totally correct.

Charles turns her around now, on her side, facing me. He fucks her from behind still but now she is looking right at me. Watching her face, I see her total lust and her hunger.  It’s palpable, she wants this so bad it is so obvious. Her eyes linger on me as she takes his pounding.  It seems to make her even hornier, if that’s possible. “Oh, Charles, that feels soooooooo good, Honey,” she purrs. “I’ll fuck your friend on Monday like you wanted, I promise.  Just keep that big dick inside me, baby.”

Suddenly, they both clinch and he erupts inside her.  They cum simultaneously, both grabbing for the other in a display of absolute heat. Her legs shake, she is cumming so hard.  His grunts say the same about him, as he presses inward, jamming himself to the hilt and emptying his load in her pussy. They cum and then relax in time.  They stay clinched closely like that as my wife looks up at me with her big, sated eyes.

“Honey, he is so good. I want him to stay the night. You can sleep on the sofa tonight. Charles is a wonderful fuck. Charles, baby, are you hungry?” – she asks him. He nods. “Honey, why don’t you go to the kitchen and make me and Charles dinner as a thank you for properly fucking your wife”.

With these words I put my pants on and went to the kitchen.

My Wife Loves Black Cock

My wife let me know a “friend” was coming by this evening just about the time the guy literally arrived.  Any more, she definitely runs the timing for these affairs, often presenting me with her naked body doing some dude as soon as I walk in the dam door. Tonight was no different.  I had taken a shower and came downstairs and there was a sitting across from her, who just came out and asked her to take her clothes off, right then and there.

She brazenly took her top off, exposing her gorgeous tits, playing with them in front of us both and swaying from side to side. “Bart,” she said to her new black friend, “he wants to watch us fuck, I just know it. Can I please suck your dick right now?”

With that she slid down to her knees, her boobs bouncing, and scooted between his legs.  She hungrily opened up his package, pulling out a fucking huge big cock and began munching on it.My wife, the church-going professional, was now sucking off a black man in front of her husband.  I slid my own pants off and got totally naked.

As she sucked him off, Bart told me to stay where I was, that I would be watching but not fucking. I think she wants all black tonight, Bro’.  You just watch how a real man fucks a bitch like her. She loves this big cock, don’t you, bitch?”

“Oh God, yes, I love your big black cock, Bart.” she said. She looked at me, holding that huge black cock in her hand and smiling. “Look at this.  Isn’t it pretty?  It feels so soft and warm, honey.  It tastes just fabulous, like some yummy lollipop.” She laughed and looked over at me, licking it up and down.

“You going to suck it” Bart asked her. “And make me happy?”

“Yes, Bart, I want to make you happy.  I’ll do anything you want.”she purred.  She jumped on it then, sucking away, looking up, her mouth engorged.

Bart looked over at me and my little erection and he snorted.  “Fuck, no wonder she wantin’ big black dick, bro’.  You ain’t packin’ shit. Jack off for us while I turn this bitch around and fuck her asshole. You just stay put and whank that little thing.  Later, I’ll let you cum on her.”

I sat and watched as they apparently forgot about me for some time.  She sucked his cock for a hell of a long time, then they fucked.  Bart turned her around a few times and I watched as they wrestled in the Missionary Position as well, writhing in sexual ecstasy in ways I have never seen her act before nor ever taken part in personally.  She was so hungry it was truly amazing, just begging for the fucking. Needless to say, she had never been like that with me. She attacked him as much as he attacked her as I sat, watching it all take place like a spectator, As they fucked she would look over at me and sometimes smile – the only attention I got.

He turned my wife around and slid his huge cock bit by bit inside her small ass.  We had never tried this so I realized it was her first time as well.  She gasped as it began. “It’s too big, Bart!” she whined, as the pain of entry was taking her breath. I had to admit, watching him force that big unit inside her was pretty fucking hot.

But he kept at it, pouring some oil down between them from the table and, before I knew it, Bart said “Look here, bro’.  My cock is all the way in.  This whore loves some ass fucking.”

Sure enough, he was buried inside her, jammed totally inside.  She had been utterly silent during this.  Not a peep as her nervous acceptance of his huge cock inside her ass had taken 100% of her concentration.  Suddenly, Bart pulled his cock out a bit and she moaned, “Oh God, fuck me.”

Bart rammed his cock back inside her ass, causing her to shriek. He pummeled her ass repeatedly, fucking her, and it was amazing seeing her ass moving backwards to catch more cock.  She was on fucking fire now. They kept at it like this for a short while and I could see he was getting ready to cum. He looked over at me, laughing suddenly, and I could see that he was about to erupt inside her ass.

It was fucking stunning watching all that cum – and it was huge – he exploded inside her and then pulled it out, still spurting, straddled her chest and held his cumming cock over her face. smacking her in the face and lips. . Bart pushed away and told me to sit and watch him “finish”. He then grabbed her head in both hands and stuck his huge cock all the way inside her throat and began fucking like that, still filling her with cum. It was the hottest thing I ever saw. She was apparently beside herself in lust..

After all that, Bart relaxed and sat back, his huge dick beginning to throb less and, finally, to droop, glistening with cum and her saliva. She had some sort of amazingly satisfied look on her face, but she had me in mind for one last chore.

“Dear, you have been a very good boy this time and I want to reward you for this. You can come closer now and suck Bart’s cum from my ass.”  She moaned.

I bent down as instructed, stuck my tongue in her creamy ass, then began harvesting cum for her. She enjoyed it thoroughly, I could tell, as her hands went around my head and forced me harder into her behind.

Needless to say, Bart has become a regular over at our place.  I heard he brought his friends by a few times recently and I can’t wait to see what she does with them. All I know is, I get great breakfasts in the morning any more and she lets me watch her masturbate wildly, talking all kinds of shit. She is a purring woman, nowadays.