When Nina turned into a ho

When Nina turned into a ho

I’ve always loved every inch of my wife and worshipped her like a goddess–she’s tall, thin beautiful and although her breasts are a bit on the small side, I still loved them. Nina though was always self-conscious about her size and was very insecure—she noticed that anytime we talked about celebrities we thought were hot, mine always had pretty sizeable boobs. She also didn’t like that the porn star/hooker look always turned me on—she just thought it was very misogynistic and didn’t reflect well on my values. I was always trying to get her to dress more sexy—more revealing clothes, heels instead of flats, French lingerie instead of granny panties but she was always resistant. Finally, after she was mistaken by a young mom as a grandma, she began to research plastic surgery and agreed to come shopping with me to Victoria’s Secret to get some cute lingerie sets. Nina started dressing sexier but it as such an adjustment for her, and it simply wasn’t natural. Finally, her mom, who had a face lift, recommended a plastic surgeon to give her an augmentation since she became obsessed with her boob inferiority complex. I told her I wanted her to be happy and would love her body either way.

The day came around for our Nina’s initial consult with Dr. Rapaport. She asked me to come along. He charged $2000 for the consult which we could put towards the cost of the surgery. If we didn’t go with him, we’d be out $2000. We talked with Dr. Rapaport about risks and costs of the surgery. Then Dr. Rapaport laid out 4 implants on the desk and asked which size Nina wanted. She opted for the 2 largest–Dr. Rapaport smiled and said “that’s the most common first choice of women who come in here, but it would look way too large on your thin, narrow frame, unless that’s the look you’re going for.” After playing around with different sizes and checking the doctor’s computer program to show size, shape and angles, Nina was leaning towards adding 525 cc smooth saline implants to D-cup breasts.

Dr. Rapaport asked, “Do you mind removing your top? I’ll show you what that size will look like.” Nina pulled her sweater off and removed her bra very hesitantly. Dr. Rapaport asked her to stand. He said “I’m going to touch you now–if at any point you feel uncomfortable just tell me and I’ll stop.”

“No, no, it’s OK, I really want this and want to do it right,” Nina said.

Dr. Rapaport squeezed both breasts and cupped them in the bottom of his hands. As he was holding them in his hands, he told Nina that she had lovely breasts and that he thinks she’ll be really happy with the smaller size, and he put a pair on her breasts and told her to put on her bra to see how she looked.

Nina clasped her bra closed and looked in the mirror, front, side, and other side. She smiled at the Doc “you’re right Dr. Rapaport, I love it”. How much will the procedure cost?

“It will be $12,000 including the $2,000 you already paid for this consult. It includes two follow-ups after the surgery”

I interjected, “that’s a ton of money, doc. I thought augmentations were like $5,000?”

“Some will do it for $5,000, but then they leak or get infections and they come to me to fix them up.” The doctor said. “Trust me; if you want this surgery, you’re best off paying the $12,000. But, if you have major money issues, I might be able to make it a bit cheaper.”

“Really?” Nina excitedly asked. “How?”

“Well, another surgery that’s very common for moms who are done having babies is vaginal tightening–many women feel if they’re done with having kids that they want to be tighter so they and their husbands can enjoy sex more–if you did that surgery, I could give you a package deal that will lower the cost of the augmentation and maybe work out some sort of payment plan, after a credit check”

Nina laughed. “I delivered 2 babies, 9 and 10 pounds and I’m telling you, my vagina is very tight.”

“Honestly, that’s what all women who come in here say and then they can’t pass the kegel test. The ones who end up having the surgery keep coming back to thank me for making their sex lives so much better. Why don’t you let me check your elasticity?”

“Sure!” Nina exclaimed and pulled down her skirt and removed her panties. She sat back on the examining table, lied back and lifted her legs back to her sides, huge hairy mound up in the air for her surgeon to check her. He stuck his forefinger in there, slowly at first, then pulled out and then in a couple times and said “my goodness! You ARE incredibly tight! I’m going to try two fingers” and he added his middle finger and pushed through a few times.

He pulled his fingers out, cleaned off on a tissue and said “you must be the kegel queen, because most women don’t have vaginas like that, even women who haven’t had vaginal births!”

Nina smiled “I hate doing keels”

“Well then, there’s only two possible answers–your don’t have much sex or David is very small”, Dr Rapaport said, completely ignoring my presence in the room.

“Wow, how did you guess? I really never enjoyed sex much because David is pretty small, so we just don’t do it much. But when we do, David cums so quickly because it’s so tight that it’s not even worth it for me; I just do it so that he doesn’t look elsewhere.”

“I think we’re getting a little off topic, here?!” I said.

“You’re right” Nina answered as she started to get herself dressed. “Clearly I don’t need the vaginal tightening, so thanks but no thanks; just the augmentation. David and I will go home to discuss and get back to you” and once she was dressed, we left.

When we left I asked her what got into her that she jumped and spread her legs for the doctor when asked. She replied that she knew something was wrong “downtown” but she wasn’t sure what–now she knows it’s my size, not her vagina, which was a big relief to her and she could feel better about herself; besides, he was a doctor who sees these things every day. I told her I felt very uncomfortable with spending $12,000 but she begged me so much I told her we’d try to find a way to make things work. Perhaps I’d eBay some of my sports collectibles or liquidate some stocks that I was hoping would bounce back.

I went back to work the next day, focused on finding a way to make more money. A few days later, I got home and checked the mail–there was a signed contract with the Dr.’s office, obligating us to pay $12,000. I was irate! I didn’t give the go ahead–how do you agree to spend so much money on something so elective before you have the cash.

I ran upstairs to the bedroom and Nina was there, dressed in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen and suddenly I forgot why I was so angry. She smiled when she saw the anger dissipate. She said she bought the lingerie set at an expensive place on Madison because I, her hardworking hubby, deserved it. We embraced and kissed and I went down on her for a long, long time–she was so wet and came so many times that night. I asked if I could fuck her and she said yes! I pushed in all the way and she asked “tell me when you’re in!” I was disappointed because I realized she didn’t even feel me but she was so hot I started pumping her hard. Just as my orgasm was building up, she put her hands on my shoulders and told me to stop. She said “promise me we’ll find a way to get this boob job done?” I promised and tried to pump her some more but she stopped me again.

“I don’t want you cumming inside me, it seeps out all night and feels gross” she said.

I told her it wasn’t fair–I was her husband and I’d do anything to cum inside her. She asked “anything?” I said, “of course honey”.

“Will you go down on me after, and you know….clean me up?” she asked.

I answered, “No way! I’m not gay–cum is for women–it’s flavored for women to enjoy, the same way that pussies are flavored for men to enjoy–I read that somewhere.”

“OK, genius, have it your way” and she pushed me away from her, and my cock slid out.

“No, no, Nina, it’s OK, I’ll do it, I just NEED to cum inside you!”

“Really?” she asked coyly. “How badly do you want it?”

“Please Nina, I’m so close to cumming, please let me cum inside you–I’ll lick you up all nice and clean, I promise.”

“Really? You swear?”

“Absolutely, I swear I’ll lick your pussy clean after I cum inside you”

“So what are you waiting for, hun? Fuck away!” and I plunged back in and 5 seconds later was cumming inside her–it felt amazing until it all oozed out and my penis slipped out again.

“Ok, babe–you know what you need to do!” she smiled, spread her legs and pointed to her sloppy pussy.

“But, I really don’t want to do that–is there something else I can do?” I begged.

“You just swore to me you’d do it! How dare you lie to me just to get me to haves sex with you! You better lick me by the count of three or you WILL regret it. One…two…” and I dove in. The taste wasn’t horrible but it took some getting used to. Nina talked dirty while I licked, slurped and swallowed what came out of her heavenly hole. “Lick me clean pussy boy–swallow that cum just like a $10whore, baby”

She really got off on it and came unusually fast for her 5th or 6th cunilingus of the night. I ran to the bathroom to wash out my mouth when it was over and we spooned till the morning.

The next day, I accompanied Nina to the doctor’s office for her health check (to be sure she was healthy enough for surgery) and payment. The doctor told Nina that a payment plan was fine but as they had agreed earlier, it had to be on his terms. We turned then to the details of the surgery recovery and the rest.

I paid an additional $4k that I got from selling my baseball card collection and some autographed balls. I came back into the doctor’s office to tell him payment was made in cash and we would see him the next week for the surgery. When I came in, I saw Nina on her knees giving the doctor a blowjob, with the doc’s eyes closed, looking up at the ceiling. I was so angry I didn’t know what to say! I tried to scream but nothing would come out, I just watched my prude of a wife bob up and down on the doctor’s cock. After a few minutes, the doctor tensed up, grabbed Nina’s head and plunged deep into her mouth and throat and groaned as he emptied his load into my wife’s mouth. My wife turned to me as she licked the last vestiges from the corners of her mouth and smiled. I was ashen and shaking. She continued to smile–I finally asked her why are you smiling–“don’t you realize this is grounds for divorce?” She smiled again, that’s not what the tent in your crotch is telling me–“you found watching me with another man a turn on, didn’t you?”

I swallowed hard and didn’t know what to say. My cock WAS throbbing hard against my zipper and there was a wet spot on the front of my pants. Seeing my wife turn slutty like that, in her expensive lingerie, blowing another man, any man, gave me very conflicting feelings. I felt betrayed but excited, nauseated but turned on—I couldn’t say anything.

“I thought so, Dave. I knew it! I knew you’d pimp out your wife just so I could the boobs you always wanted me to have, so I can look the porn stars and models you always leer at. You’re not man enough to make a pathetic $12,000 so your wife can feel like she can compete with your ideal woman so you let her debase herself by blowing the doctor who will transform her into your Stepford wife” NIna said hatefully as she got dressed again.

I didn’t know what to say.

You’re the legal and finance guy…you read my contract. It said “the remaining $6000 would be paid off in the manner of the doctor’s choosing”. You knew this was a possibility and you pimped me out! You say you love me, but you don’t give a damn about me–you’re SO the opposite of my knight in shining armor defending my honor–you’re forcing me to do despicable things to strange men so you can benefit!”

“Why don’t you SAY anything!” she screamed.

“I’m, I’m uh, um, I’m sorry Nina. You know I love you. You know I love you with or without these implants. We can lose the $6,000 and forget all about this, if you want and never talk about plastic surgery again–I love you just the way you are!” is what I mumbled as we left the office and got into our car.

“Are you crazy? This is something I feel I HAVE to do so you’ll still care about me over your computer porn and Baywatch reruns. Plus, I already did that disgusting thing you’re always asking me to do that grosses me out–I’m not letting that go for nothing. I’m getting this surgery.

I didn’t know what to say–I was a loser either way, so I figured the answer was to let her do what she wanted. I’d always remember and to some extent savor what she looked like sucking that cock and licking her cum covered lips.

The week passed and Nina was getting ready to look like a sexy mama. She bought more expensive lingerie, high heels, high-end hose, got her hair and makeup professionally done and was looking very not-soccer-mom ish. She was hot! Her attitude had completely changed knowing she’d have boob power. The week went quickly and her sexual appetite increased with tons of oral at night and during the day. The few times she let me have sex with her, I’d lick her clean and she was feeling more and more sexual.

The next Monday, Nina and I went to the surgeon for the procedure. It went well and a few hours later, my bandaged, woosy wife came home with me. I dutifully changed her bandages and catered to her every whim as she recovered. After the 10 day recovery period, Nina went back to the doctor for her first follow-up. She lifted her shirt and the Dr. removed the bandages.
“So, what do you think, Mrs. ___, worth the $12,000 and the pain?”

When Nina saw her girls unwrapped, she literally jumped for joy. She was sooo happy, she shrieked and grabbed Dr. Rapaport and gave him a big hug, turning from side to side. She looked at me and gave me a big smile—I couldn’t believe how amazing m wife looked—like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model! I went over to hug her as well. As soon as she let go, she thanked Dr. Rapaport and said “you were totally right, these are the perfect size!”

“You want to show me how much you like them?” he asked, with a wry smile on his face.
“Definitely!” Nina licked her lips, grabbed her boobs, held them up and asked “where?”
Dr. Rapaport sat down in the patient seat. “Grab a pillow for me Dave?”
I grabbed a pillow off the couch and offered it to him.
“No, dude—it’s for Nina” and he tossed it on the ground, as Nina lowered herself onto her knees.
“Wait a second! We did this once; that was enough! How can you have such gall to do this, especially in front of me! Nina has no interest in doing that again—we’re going Ni!”
Dr. Rapaport unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock—it was huge, and still soft! “Nina, you know how you owe me $6,000 for the surgery? This is how you’re going to repay me and I know you enjoy it, don’t for a second deny it!”
“No, no, it’s incredible—I didn’t know penises could be that big. Sucking it last time was actually really fun!”
Then Dr. Rapaport pulled Nina’s head down to his crotch “and Dave, she’s a natural! Most women can’t take a cock my size into their throat and even though she had no experience, she took it expertly—you should be very proud of your woman!” and closed his eyes to enjoy.
I was utterly, completely shocked! My goody-two-shoes wife, who refused to blow her husband under any circumstances, completely naked, on her knees, expertly sucking a near-stranger’s huge cock, and clearly enjoying it! She was moaning as she sucked on the way down, and looking up at Dr. Rapaport’s face to see if she was pleasing him, on the way up. When she needed to take a breath and swallow her saliva, she licked his knob and looked at me, with a wry smile on her sexy, wet face.
I didn’t know what to do—I was really hurt that she’d do this willingly, that she clearly craved another man’s cock, that she’d blow someone else when she wouldn’t give me that satisfaction…But, the woman on her knees in front of me wasn’t my wife, at least not the woman I knew. She was a sexual goddess—gorgeous beyond belief, extremely confident and absolutely enthralled with her huge cock toy. It was almost like she wasn’t my wife—like I was watching a porno with the hottest porn star known to man and I was getting very turned on. I opened my zipper and with difficulty, pulled out my erection, almost without thinking. I started squeezing and stroking it as I watched his real-life porn flick. I spit in my hand and started stroking as I watched in a trance. Nina stroked Dr. Rapaport only a few times while I quickly jerked off and I had an incredibly intense orgasm, and shot my cum all over the doctor’s suede couch. He didn’t see as he was enjoying my wife’s mouth too much and was clearly getting close, beginning to hump up into her mouth and beginning to hold her head. Nina stopped the teasing and licking and let the doctor pump in and out of her lips. He lunged deep into her throat as he moaned loudly and opened his eyes—Nina was choking on his cock but he kept pumping his load into her mouth. She gagged and coughed and some of his load leaked out of her mouth. I was hard as a rock again seeing this man’s cum dribbling out of Nina’s mouth as her cheeks sucked in as she tried to milk what was left. They both calmed down and Dr. Rapaport b began to come back to himself with a huge smile on his face. Nina looked straight in his eyes and licked her lips, getting all of his cum back in her mouth and made a show of swallowing it.
“Now that, Nina, that was a blowjob. Women with your looks don’t normally have to give them but I don’t think your tight little pussy is ready for my dick yet—I want you to hunger for it and get used to the idea of being my bitch. You’ve only just started paying off your debt to me and I expect payment in full, when I want it, how I want it. For today, this blowjob was perfect! Oh, and David? If I can’t clean that couch we’re adding $4,000 to your debt—don’t ever cum in another man’s office, understood?”
“Yes, yes, of course, Dr. Rapaport, I’m sorry” I meekly said. Imagine that, I thought—this man made my gorgeous wife suck his huge cock, swallow his load, talk dirty to her and he’s telling me where I can and can’t cum!”
Nina lovingly put Dr. Rapaport’s Rapaport back into his pants and zipper him up. She then began to get dressed as he focused on his paperwork. We left without any further conversation.
Nina in her high heels, sundress and her new confidence thanks to her magnificent breasts caught the eye and turned the head of every man in the doctor’s office and the hallway outside. It was very tense between us and although I was clearly with Nina, the guy who got into the elevator couldn’t keep his eyes off her. We rode down, nervously and walked to the car. Once the doors were closed we turned to each other “I can’t believe you just watched Dr. Rapaport take advantage of me like that and not say anything to prevent it; in fact you jerked off like some pervert, as I was taken advantage of! I’m really hurt and disappointed in you, David. What do you have to say for yourself?”
“Huh?!” is all I could say; I was shocked. “Um, this was MY fault? I’m the bad one here? You don’t so much as touch my dick, let alone suck it throughout all 15 years of our marriage and you’re dropping to your knees to slobber all over this stranger’s dick!? You were clearly enjoying giving him a blowjob something you’d never do for me. And I’m the bad guy here?”
“Let’s face it, Dave—you enjoyed watching me being intimate with another man. You were turned on and had to jerk yourself off, you were enjoying the show so much. If we get jumped by a gang and they beat and gang rape me, are you just going to offer them drinks maybe? I can’t believe you’re not the type of husband who would defend his woman’s honor! You wanted me to get plastic surgery and dress sexy and because you’re not man enough to earn enough money to keep your wife happy and pay for her surgery, you pimp her out to some doctor just so you can get the boobs you want to play with every night? Well, it doesn’t work that way—you can’t turn me into a prostitute and expect me not to be upset. You can’t expect me to not to be excited about a thick, 9” cock, the size of my forearm, that can last 30 minutes between my lips and then cum like a super soaker; especially with your pathetic little 4” baby penis that cums in four strokes. You wanted me to be this sexpot but you know very well that you can’t handle me. You are going to watch me make love to Dr. Rapaport and you’re going to like it—you’re going to thank him for giving me the treatment you never could. You’re not going to touch your dick until I give you permission—I’ll fuck who I want, when I want and you have no say in the matter, since that’s what you want anyway. If you say another word about this, or nag me, you will never touch my body again—is that understood?”
I swallowed hard and answered very meekly, “yes”.
Nina grabbed my face and said “look at me when you talk to me! Is it understood?”
I looked right into her eyes and painfully said, “Yes, Nina, I understand”.
“Great, Dave, now let’s go home—I got worked up over that blowjob, I really need some quality oral” and we drove home and she rode my face for the longest time and she verbally abused me and my constant erection.
It was a tough week, with Nina dressing super sexy, always in fancy lingerie, high heels and short skirts. She kept wearing more and more makeup and although she looked trampy, was exactly the type of woman I hoped I’d marry. Except there was no sex for me—lots and lots of oral and massages for her, nothing for me. One morning, I was in shower, jerking off and she came in to use the toilet. She saw that I was stroking my hard on and looked horrified. “Stop stroking it, your bastard!” she screamed at me. Now get out of that shower so I can have some privacy! And I stepped out of the shower, dripping wet, a bit sudsy and freezing cold. I waited outside the bathroom for 2 minutes when she called to me. “Dave—come back in, I need you!” I opened the bathroom door—she was still on the toilet, playing with her clit. “Dave—eat my pussy, lick it nice and clean before you go back into that shower!” I licked her pussy and could taste the acrid taste, and smell the odor of her puddle of urine below as I quickly licked her to orgasm. She pushed me away and left the bathroom, allowing me to resume my shower.
When I finished my shower, I entered the bedroom in my towel to get dressed. “Drop your towel” Nina ordered me. At this point, after all that freezing, I no longer had my erection, in fact, in Seinfeld fashion, I had some serious shrinkage. In fact, I was probably only about an inch long. Nina laughed—“not much of a comparison versus Dr. Rapaport’s cock, is it?” I couldn’t argue, was just too ashamed to even look at Nina. I reached for my pile of clothes and she said “not so fast!”
I looked at her—I needed to get to work—I was already running 5 minutes behind because of the bathroom incident. Nina told me to lie down in bed. I was thinking, well I guess I can be late if it’s a good facesitting she wants…
Nina pulled out a black velvet back from her nightstand’s top drawer. “I really don’t like that you jerk off all the time—I feel like it’s a little bit of cheating—I never know who you’re thinking about when you jerk off and I feel like I don’t have control, especially since our relationship has changed and I’m being intimate with others, I don’t want you to think you have the same right! That’s why I’m going to lock this chastity cage on—my research shows that it won’t hurt and it will give me real peace of mind that you’re not cheating on me. I figure you know you don’t have much of a chance having sex with me, so you’ll try others, but you need to understand that if you want to see my new body naked, if you want to enjoy worshipping it, if you want to spend time with me, that you’ll show your dedication to me that you will only use your cock in my service—that doesn’t sound too demanding, now, does it?” Nina asked as she put the ring around my scrotum.
I didn’t know what to say. Just a “but” came out. :”But, you can blow another man and I can’t even have sex with myself? “ I asked pathetically.
“That’s right, Dave. You put me in a position where I have to suck this man’s huge cock and I’ve realized that I enjoy it, and I’m beginning to think that although his cock will probably tear me apart (as she put the front of the cage on and aligned the holes” I think I’m going to love it and I never would have realized that your cock was too small for me to enjoy (reached for the lock and put it through the loops) and that a man like you really doesn’t DESERVE a woman like me. I tolerate you and as long as you do what I demand, I’ll keep you around, otherwise, I’ll go find me some gorgeous 6 foot 3 stud with a body like an Adonis and a cock to match, who knows how to treat me and has money in the bank to give me everything I need. Do you understand that you don’t have much choice here, and that in making me a sexpot you’ve given me all the power in our relationship? Do you get that?”
“I do, Nina” I said, once again, very pathetically and reluctantly.
“So, tell me Dave—do you give me your cock as a symbol of your love and devotion to me?”
“I do” (as Nina closed the lock and held it in her hands.
“Do you understand that in our marriage, I’m queen and I get to do what I want?” she asked, looking me deep in the eye.
“Yes” as I swallowed hard.
“Do you realize that when I lock up your cock, I will control your sexuality and you will have no say whatsoever in your own pleasure—your sole purpose in life will be to please me and maybe, if you’re obedient and dedicated enough, you will enjoy the most incredible sex and orgasms of your own. Do you understand that?”
“Wonderful” as she licked her sexy lips, still looking me straight in the eye. “I want you to beg me to lock your cock and hold the key to your manhood, your sexuality, your pleasure. Remember, if you’re good, you’ll be happier than ever and I’ll never leave you. If you disappoint me, well, I have all the leverage. I want to hear you beg me, David!” Nina said oh so seductively.
“Please Nina, lock my cock up, hold the key and use me to your heart’s content. I dedicated myself to pleasing you and I’d love it if you control me with this cage.”
With that, Nina turned the key, pulled it out of the lock and kissed me on the lips tenderly.
“Go ahead, sweetie, get dressed and go to work. You know me well—surprise me in new and wonderful ways—show me that my pleasure is all you care about, honey!”
“Yes, ma’am” I said, as I began to dress. I left the bedroom feeling like I was the luckiest man in the world, so happy that Nina agreed to lock my cock up.
By the time I got into my car, reality hit me. “That manipulative bitch!” She totally tricked me into that—I can’t believe I let this whore lock my cock up as she promised she’d fool around with, oh my god—she said “others” not just Dr. Rapaport! I had a big client presentation that day and couldn’t get myself worked up. I just had to get through the day and then have a real heart to heart with Nina—not just let her lead me through the conversation to say what she wanted.
I managed to get through the day, nervous all day that people were looking at my crotch; that they knew I was wearing this plastic cage, but no one said anything and everything was fine. It was annoying going to the bathroom—instead of a 30 second, manly shaking of my cock, I had to sit and blow 3-4 minutes each time I had to piss. When I’d see a hot woman in the office, my dick would dry to harden but the plastic stopped it, and it throbbed painfully.
When I got home, Nina was just getting out of the bath—she had me towel her off. She grabbed my crotch and kissed me deeply, using her tongue, which she’s never done before. “How is my chaste little hubby? Miss your cock yet?”
I was too shocked to know what to say, still reeling from her hard, deep tongue kiss. I finally was composed enough to say “about that chastity thing, Nina…”
Nina sat down to put on her stockings—thigh highs—very, very sexy. “Dave—I need you to clean out that garage, babe. I’ve been asking you literally for years….I need it organized and clean, can you do that for me sweety? Then we’ll talk about your cage, OK baby?”
By now, Nina was attaching her garters and was looking so fucking hot, I was tongue-tied. I started changing my clothes into my shorts and t-shirt when Nina put on her sundress and started working on her makeup.
“Dave, I’d like you to do your chores in the nude—seeing that cage on your cock is so sexy to me—it reminds me how dedicated you are to me—get naked babe and start cleaning.
“Are you going out?”
“Am I joining you?”
Nina chuckled, “no babe. I’ll see you later” and Nina strapped on her ridiculous heels and left. I went down to the garage and started organizing. Cleaning the floors in the garage was hard with all the grease and oil and it took a couple hours. It was cold being nude in the garage but I wanted to keep Nina happy. I heard a car pull up and Nina and a man laughing as they walked to the front door.
I ran inside from the garage to see what was happening. Nina and Dr. Rapaport were on the couch, kissing. Doc pushed Nina off him and in one movement, pulled Nina’s sundress over her head and then grabbed her hips as Nina reached behind her back to undo her bra. It fell off and her incredible orbs popped out, with her nipples looking big, round, hard and rubbery. Doc cupped them and admired his handiwork then started to lick them, alternating nipples as he squeezed her boobs. Nina exhaled and gasped in pleasure. When she’d had enough, she unbuckled is pants and pulled them down with his boxers. His magnificent cock bounced up—it was gigantic—just seeing it made my much smaller cock begin to harden. I reached to garb it and masturbate and then remembered the plastic covering my cock would prevent that. I’d only gone 3 days since my last orgasm and I thought I’d do anything to get at my cock. I HAD to. I NEEDED to more than ever. Nina dropped to her knees and took that monster cock into her mouth, licking, sucking and slurping and that ecstatic to see the monster dick get even bigger. It was so hard and throbbing, I could see she had trouble holding it down to suck comfortably, as it kept trying to touch his navel.
Doc then cupped Nina’s pussy and started rubbing. She was really getting hot and bothered now—neither could see me standing there, naked, panting, dying of horniness but unable to do anything about it. I just couldn’t believe that Nina was sucking this man’s gigantic cock and enjoying it like this—she’d done it twice before but it was still a shock that her mouth cold get it in and that she’d enjoy it.
Doc then whispered something in her ear and then pushed her down on the couch.
“Please be gentle, Doc?” Nina pleaded.
“Oh shit” I just realized “this wasn’t another blowjob—Doc was going to fuck her! There’s no way her incredibly tight pussy could take that monster—she’d slit in two!
Doc lined up his cock between her thighs. She was still wearing her thigh highs and garters but obviously wore no panties and he stuck his head in. She gasped again and he pulled the head out and spread her wetness around her pussy and then stroked himself a few times to get himself well lubricated. He then stuck his head in again and I could see her pussy stretching to accommodate its girth. Nina looked pained, her eyes were closed very tight and she was holding each ankle as wide as she could.
Doc pulled out again, spread the natural lubrication around once again then e3easily slipped his head inside on his third try and smiled. He then pushed forward just an inch or so and Nina started a low guttural moan. Doc pulled out and then back in ,this time much further, and very roughly. Nina let go of her ankles and screamed—really scream, bloody murder. Doc pulled out and then pushed forward again, roughly, and got the same reaction as Nina pounded her fists on his back. He pulled out once again and then pushed forward, this time his cock disappeared, all 9 inches of it into my wife and she screamed, moaned and gasped all at once. He then started to stroke in and out, all the way, very slowly, and Nina stopped pounding his back and grabbed it, digging her nails deep into his skin.
Doc started to tease Nina, pulling back all the way to his head and making her wait. She started bucking, trying to get him to fill her again and then they broke into a rhythm, faster and faster. Nina must have cum a dozen times, thrashing around on the couch, with Doc no missing a beat, ignoring her pleasure, just enjoying his own. I walked over, close to the couch. Nina seemed like a limp doll completely at Doc’s mercy, purely for his enjoyment. I came out from behind the couch to watch it closer—that’s when Doc saw me and smiled at me but continued to fuck my wife, hard.
My heart was beating so fast but this was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe that my wife was enjoying sex like this and that she wasnt running the show. I couldn’t believe how big Dr. Rapaport’s cock was and how he was able to get it inside my wife’s very, very tight pussy. I couldn’t believe that 40 minutes of furious fucking had passed and they were still going strong. I couldn’t believe how much I needed to cum.
That’s when Doc started getting a bit less rhythmic and started to buck. His eyes rolled up in his head and he let loose into my wife. That’s when I realized—shit!!! I didn’t see him put on a condom—he must be cumming inside my wife’s pussy and Nina doesn’t use birth control pills! This really made me sick to my stomach as our doctor finished unloading into my wife. Both were covered in sweat, panting like animals.
“Nina, I haven’t had such a tight pussy since high school—that was incredible. I’m heading home now, but I’ll see you again soon—I know you’re going to crave this thing (whipped around his huge, softening cock, only to see some remaining cum fly off onto her thighs) now that I’ve ruined your pussy for this loser here.”
Nina was so wasted, she couldn’t say anything or even sit up. Cum was leaking out of her pussy. She was a completely wanton woman, with her legs spread wide, clothes everywhere, her head back, trying to catch her breath. Doc put on his clothes and left, a huge smile on his face. I turned to Nina who was starting to get back to herself.
“Dave, lick my pussy clean for me then carry me upstairs to our bedroom”
I was revolted at the idea of licking her used pussy and getting this strange mans cum in my mouth but I was powerless to say no. The same way that Nina was entranced to drop to her feet and serve Dr. Rapaport, I fell to my knees and licked around her pussy—it tasted different than usual—I licked her thighs, where her legs meet her crotch and the outside of her pussy. She then pushed my head lower with her hands and I dipped my tongue into her gaping hole—I’d never seen her pussy this big. But, I didn’t have time to really contemplate what her stretched out pussy meant for me, because I had to eat her cum-filled pussy—she held my head down with her hands and when I started to gag and tried to escape, she closed her muscular thighs over my head and I was trapped. I licked her really well and she came with my mouth locked over her hole, all of the cum poured out of her huge hole into my mouth. She kept me locked in position so I continued to eat her pussy and was forced to swallow this creamy load. I felt nauseous like never before—I really thought I’d throw up into her pussy but kept pleasuring her through 2 or 3 more orgasms until she pushed me away, exhausted. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her nearly vegetative body to our bed. She fell asleep immediately and I had to overcome my horniness to be able to fall asleep.
We slept late the next morning. When Nin awoke she was still too weak to speak properly. She spread her legs and pointed and I knew what to do. Her pussy was caked and nasty, but I pretended to enjoy and brought her off until she pushed me away. She told me to bring her breakfast to bed and rolled over to sleep some more. I returned 20 minutes later with her eggs Benedict and her coffee the way she likes it but she was in a deep sleep and I didn’t want to wake her.
I jumped into the shower and tried to get at my cock but to no avail. I tried rubbing the sides of my scrotum but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Finally, frustrated as all hell, I stuck a finger on my asshole and pushed in. It took a while to get my finger in but I needed some sort of sexual stimulation! That’s when Nina walked into the bathroom and began to laugh hysterically—“it hasn’t taken very long to turn you into a little anal bitch, did it, Dave? You’re so desperate for release, you’ll take it up the butt—good to know—you can go back to trying to please yourself—you won’t get anywhere with your own finger, though!” and she left, chuckling.
I felt so incredibly pathetic and demoralized. I was so embarrassed to look Nina in the eye but she wasn’t home. She left a note of chores for me to finish in the house—laundry and some tidying. Shortly after, Nina returned home, dressed ridiculously sexy for a trip the market. She told me to come upstairs to the bedroom, that she had a treat for me. I had no idea what was in store, but from where I was, a treat was looking pretty welcome. Nina told me to lean over the bed, which I promptly did. I felt her sexy gentle hand rub something cold and wet on my ass. It felt so good to have another person touching a sensitive part of my anatomy—immediately my cock tried to get hard, which just further frustrated me.
She then said “I’m going to give my anal virgin is treat, sweetie. I don’t want you to be so desperate that you’ll fuck your own finger with your ass—I’m going to do it properly for you!’
And with that, I could feel a large mass pushing on my sphincter—I knew what was coming and although a week prior to this I’d have begged for her to stop and spare me, by now, I was so excited to get fucked, albeit in my virgin hole.
Nina pushed forward but it just wouldn’t budge. She then pulled away and rubbed her finger in which felt amazing! She punished in and out a few times and then stuck in another finger. This felt just right and I really enjoyed feeling her long thin fingers inside me. She then pulled out her fingers and put the large mass at my very wet opening. She punished in slowly but surely. I felt incredible pressure. Nina told me to relax my breathing and my butt and welcome her cock. I did so and she pushed through the resistance. I had one second of incredible pain and then it just felt right. Nina pushed all the way in, until she was “balls deep” and kept it there, wiggling it around. I enjoyed the sensation in a very different way than regular vaginal sex but I really needed it.
Nina pulled out almost all the way and then rammed in hard and started pumping in and out fast and furious. I was loving it and begging for more—she laughed and said I had 8 inches inside my virgin ass and that I was such a cock slut for begging for more on my first time. I didn’t care, I NEEDED it deeper and she couldn’t fuck me fast enough—after 10 minutes of fierce fucking, Nina came from the friction on her clit and I nearly passed out from the experience. She pulled out and I suddenly felt very empty in more ways than one.
She then climbed up on the bed, faced me and spread her legs—she said I just fucked you the way you needed, now give me what I need and I went to town on her wet pussy like never before. Although the strap on experience was much needed, it only made me more horny because I didn’t orgasm. I felt myself getting deeper and deeper under her rule, incredibly content just from tasting her pussy and feeling her enjoy my efforts. But, I wanted more and she knew it.

It was only after the fifth conversation with my husband Colin

It was only after the fifth conversation with my husband Colin about me getting pregnant that we asked Mark to join us at this country pub for lunch. I had been cuckolding Colin with the same man for nearly five years, and i desperately wanted Mark’s child. I was thirty so the clock was ticking, but it seemed timely too given that i had achieved complete compliance in my husband. Each year I holidayed with Mark for a fortnight and always spent New Year’s Eve with him. My immediate girlfriends knew that Mark was the man of the house. It was time for Colin to ask Mark to put me in the club, to assure him that he would raise the little one, and to confirm that there would be no financial entanglements.

I decided to wear a very tight pair of denim jeans with Italian high heeled leather boots over the top- it was very vamp. As we drove out into the country, I made Colin rehearse the reasons that he would give. First off Mark was a superior physical specimen, and so why wouldn’t i want him to sire any offspring. Second, Mark was exceptionally bright and intelligent, again it was better that he and i shared the genes. Third, he felt that he just wasn’t equipped to do the job! By then I had been training him for a little while on cunnilingus and I’d tested to see whether he produced thick and gloopy spunk. He didn’t- it was practically water. As I comment elsewhere, the addiction to fanny licking seemed to have a suppresant effect-he was probably spermless by now.

At first Mark was cautious- there are some possible traps associated with this sort of thing. Colin though produced his letter confirming his request and the offer of complete free hand terms. Mark wanted an independent witness to see Colin sign that and as it happened a friend of mine called Gina was drinking there too. She giggled and said hot hot this all was, and Colin signed the paper, passing it to Gina to sign as a witness. After Mark had put the paper in his jacket, I suggested that we walk down to the river at the bottom of the pub garden. Mark followed with me, his hand on my bottom and Colin walked behind. I took out my contraceptive pills from my handbag and handed them to Colin in front of my boyfriend. Mark sat on a bench and I then on his lap and we watched as one by one my husband discarded the pills into the water. It was quiet and discrete down there, so Mark pushed his fingers inside the zip fly of my jeans. He fingered my sex and i snogged with him whilst Colin did his duties. Mark was very eager, very randy about it all and I had to warn that it might take a month or two because of my monthly cycle needing to establish. But he was so generous with the sticky hot stuff I knew that I would easily conceive.

Colin was sent to buy another round of drinks and Mark and i talked practicalities. I knew this broad minded midwife who would sort out the home birth. I suggested that throughtout our little one should know who his or her propper daddy was and that Colin would be treated as the Mrs Doubtfire. Mark was pleased by that and Colin confirmed that he accepted the same after he handed over the lagers. Colin can look a bit of a gooseberry sometimes, so then I sent him to play ‘pooh sticks’ on the bridge, I would call for him when it was time to drive us home. Mark said when he’d gone, ‘you really are the hottest little bitch…I love the way you control him.’ I kissed him eagerly, ‘good’ I said with a smile.

It was perhaps symbolic, but I asked Mark immediately back to our house and ordered Colin to drive us there. His car could be brought back by Gina. ‘Why don’t I film the horny event!’ she suggested, guessing what we were about to do. Mark liked the idea, so I said yes,she could follow us back to the cottage. Colin was a bit embarrassed, but I slapped his face smartly for him and reminded him that Gina had known for months that Mark was fucking me. He had to stop being a prude!

Cottages don’t have big windows, but the master bedroom is south facing and well lit, so there was enough light for Gina to use the camcorder to good effect. She was really enjoying the thing as well. ‘Get your weeny dick out Colin and show it to the camera!’ she chirped. I gave my husband this look that said do as my girlfriend says and he produced his modest little tool. It wasn’t caged today, but even so it wasn’t very impressive. Gina wanted words as well as images so she asked Colin, ‘so is it right that you’re going to put Mark’s dick into Annette’s sex, even though she’s now off the pill?’ Colin nodded. Gina responded, ‘ I didn’t hear you!’ and he acknowledged, ‘yes…I am’. My friend could have been a film director- she was VERY good at this! Mark and I started to pet, his hand running over my bottom, my breasts and then my cunt just as soon as I had discarded the jeans and boots.

‘So talk me through it,’ Gina said, once Colin had been brought over to press nice little kisses on my pubes, ‘just how ashamed are you that you need to ask another man to get your wife up the duff?’ Colin’s answer was ‘very’. ‘Is it that you can’t manage it or something, is this medical- that would be a lame excuse’ Gina pursued- it was a relentless assault on Colin’s manhood. ‘No…no, not exactly…’ and then after a moment as he swallowed his honour, ‘its just that Mark fucks her best, she’s too good for me.’ It was at that point that Gina zoomed in on Mark’s handsome erection. The girl had been to film school, I’m sure of it.

‘Hold it nicely’ Gina ordered as I lay back on the bed, my legs ready to hook up over Mark’s burly shoulders. Colin took hold of Mark’s prick, reverently. It was circumcised and looked massive in his hand. ‘I want this done very slowly’ Gina insisted. Colin was ordered to pull open my sex lips, to lick them one more time, and then to address the thick crown of my lover into the caress of them. You could actually see Mark’s cock trembling with excitement. The close up shots were very revealing. ‘In it goes then…’ Gina said, glancing toward Mark as a suggestion that it was time to thrust. Gina added, ‘you’re right Colin, why wouldn’t she want a seed spreader like that rather than your micro model.’

As well established lovers Mark and I usually fuck slowly, casually. This time though the idea of what was happening overtook him and his thrusts were urgent. I couldn’t resist either and started to beg him to empty his balls inside me! It was a rough and gasping fuck- the way he drove into me, making my tits shake like blancmonge. ‘You’ve done it now haven’t you Colin’ said Gina, filming my husband with his head bowed, ‘Annette is taking spunk and will take lots more until she gets what she wants. Its inevitable and the world will know that you were no good to her.’ Commentary like that has an electric effect! I orgasmed loud and hard and Mark just grunted gruffly with each thrust of his cock. I could feel it delivering its load, and feel my cunny lips tensing so that not a drop would be lost after he withdrew. ‘You bitch…you bitch’ he groaned as he serviced me and i opened my mouth to him. ‘I just need your cum….I’ve always craved your cum and that wretch knows it’ I said, gesturing towards Colin.

When Mark withdrew my sex was awash with spunk- its an abiding image on the film. Colin looked devastated. part of him wanted to lick me out as usual and the rest of him knew that this wasn’t allowed any more. Every last wriggling sperm needed to be competing inside me, swimming eagerly up to find the first egg that i let free. ‘How was it for you?’ Gina asked, panning back and forth between my cream pie cunt and Colin’s face. My husband managed, ‘beautiful- Annette is always so beautiful with him.’


Guys become a cuckold via different routes

Guys become a cuckold via different routes and I think that this matters when you learn your new role. If you want this lifestyle then you might have spent months or more on persuading your wife to get on with it and enjoy herself. If you fall into the position, because your wife has been fucking around, then that’s different. It’s often a rescue operation and you salvage whatever you can have. In the second case, my case, she has all the power from the outset and you’re scrabbling around for crumbs. The key question is then, what do you bring to the situation that makes it worth her while keeping you on, perhaps when she has already decided that you’re a loser?
Marie is what people these days call a cougar. She’s forty, has her own business and is financially independent of me, and retains the sort of looks that a 30 year woman would die for. I have never been able to keep up with her, the drive and the motivation, the self assurance and poise. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn last autumn that a younger and very successful man was fucking her. Ben is taller than me; a gym fit specimen. I learned my fate one weekend when I was up in the loft reading some old papers and my wife must have thought I’d gone out. It was a quiet reverie moment, until through the crack in the loft hatch I saw Marie come into the bedroom with her bloke. His shoulders looked huge from up there and soon my wife’s pretty arms were draped over them. He pushed his hand inside the crotch of her jeans, and said huskily to her, ‘I’m going to fuck you bloody hard’ to which she mewed, ‘you always take what you want don’t you.’ It was strange to hear Marie talking so kittenish and even stranger then to see Ben direct her down onto his cock which was sticking hard and statuesque out from his chinos. She worshipped his manhood, licking and sucking it like a little whore, and to my horror, he casually ejaculated into her mouth and she swallowed it all down. Her full lips were smeared with spunk. You cannot know how devastating something like that is. To know that when you kiss your wife ever after, you know that she has been sucking the cock of someone else she prefers.
Marie’s jeans were roughly removed and she leaned forward against the dresser so that Ben could pump into her cunt from behind. Her cunny was shaven save for a triangle of wispy hair pointing down to her clitoris. Unremarkable you may say until I tell you that I hadn’t seen her sex in three months. We’d been sleeping apart because of her hectic work schedule and (I then suspected) that she might be starting the change in life. Well, there was no change indicated here. Marie fucked as she lived, full on and hard. She took his thick prick, full shaft and vigorously. Ben’s big hands gripped her hips and pulled her sex back and forth along the length of his shiny member. It was relentless pounding sex. He made Marie gasp and scream and the sound of their bodies slapping together, amidst the lusty grunts and groans will haunt me forever. ‘You fucking hot little bitch’ Ben exclaimed when at last he was nearing his climax. ‘I’m your hot bitch’ she replied and a tingle went down my spine. That was humiliating.
They climaxed together, grinding and writhing in the clinch. Marie’s neck was puce red with the excitement of it, her face glowing with perspiration from the deep, hard fuck. He must have shot a load up her because when he pulled his still throbbing member out, spunk splashed onto her jeans below, trailing from her slit. Things raced through my mind. When I took her to the theatre and she had been late, her cunt was probably full of his spunk. That morning she came home after sleeping over at a ‘friends’ was probably one when her sex was awash with his jizz. I thought, ‘shit, you’ve lost already’. Watching her snog with him tenderly afterwards was a watershed. I thought, don’t fight that, don’t try and beat him. Think of something different so that she can have the best life ever-‘cake and eat it’ was what I called it.
If any of you guys reading this have been cuckolded this way- the chief thing to say is that you shouldn’t confront your wife. That way only leads to big solicitor fees and the divorce court. Instead, play the long game and suppress your gnawing anxiety that mean time she could dump you. Be attentive, be generous and be broad minded. Encourage her to enjoy girl’s nights out, remark in a bohemian way on affairs and such like that hit the news. When one Hollywood starlet was in the news for fucking around with some tycoon I remarked, ‘its bloody stupid to pretend that powerful women don’t have powerful appetites. What’s with the husband, just accept it, she fucks as she pleases’. I could see that Marie was interested, that she approved my attitude. It suggested complete compliance should she announce that Ben was fucking her- even though right then she wasn’t ready to spill the beans.
We had other conversations, seemingly incidental ones. Don’t steer the discussion too much that way, don’t be heavy handed. Once, some weeks later when we had been down town I bought her another Cartier watch. OK she already had four, but what the hell, they were so chic on her wrist and made her feel spoilt which was what I wanted. We went to a wine bar afterwards and she told me that a 22 year old married girlfriend of hers had taken a lover behind her husband’s back. I knew the girl and it could have been true- she was stunning. So I said that I wasn’t especially surprised, and then asked, ‘is she going to have his kids?’ Marie thought that likely, once the husband had accommodated the idea. She was really excited- you could see it in her eyes as she spoke. OK Marie said that going ‘that far’ was not something most wives did, but it was sexy that women these days were calling the shots. It was the submission to female control that gave her a thrill. When we got back and for the first time in months, she said that she felt dirty about me. She loved the gift and wanted me to lick her out- nothing more. I dutifully complied. As she straddled my mouth and lowered her sex onto my face, I licked delicately and effectively- sucking her clitoris.
If you’re in a situation similar to my own you’d better be ready for that moment. Consider, you want her to love this as its some sort of sex for you. OK it’s not a good hard cocking role, but beggars cannot be choosers. But it’s difficult too because you’re about to lap at a cunny that has been taking a bigger cock. You probably guess that she’s fantasizing about him as you lick her out. She will tell him that she now makes you obey and come to cunny- as a supplicant. Her cunny is your bloody altar! You’ve read the selfish gene or some such so you know the consequences. He will feel exultant about this and fuck her all the harder. She becomes queen- you are her subject and she submits only to the alpha male in her life.
It was a shock to lick Marie’s cunt. First off, I quickly realised how loose and well exercised she was. If I was allowed to put my willy in there, she probably wouldn’t even notice it. Her hole gapes more and as you lap away and she starts to writhe, her juices squirt out of her crevasse freely. She soaked my nose and my mouth with her slimy, glistening exudates. What you don’t anticipate is the intoxication. Marie was ‘on’ for Ben, exuding a more powerful and seductive body aroma. Perhaps the scientists can explain that, as ‘being on heat’ or some such, but you are quickly addicted to it. You sense even a waft of her body perfume if she walks into the room.
‘You are a dirty little lap dog aren’t you,’ she exclaimed through clenched teeth, enjoying the attention. ‘I’m going to make you do this again. If I twist my watch around my wrist like this (she demonstrated) you know what you have to do.’ It was a game, our dirty little game, but amidst all my shame I welcomed it! Marie wanted this, perhaps in time she would even need this. It was the first time that I believed that I might still have some sort of place in her sex life. I told her that I was addicted to her cunny, to her perfume. I was drunk on her looks for sure, but enslaved by the way she rode my mouth. ‘Good’ she purred, rubbing her sex against my tongue, coming selfishly, thinking about him, having her cake and eat it.
The need for release post that rite de passage is immense- let me assure you. You want to fuck like crazy, to beg her to do a hand job on you or to let fly with your own paws. But you mustn’t- you really mustn’t! It’s not a reciprocal gratification, the pleasure has to be all Madam’s. Right then it was too. Marie kissed me sweetly on the forehead and told me to go and draw a bath because she had a brief phone call to make.