Small change

Dinner was great, one of those Turkish/Greek restaurants in the town, plenty of wine and fizz and a taxi home.
I made all the right moves to get a fuck that night with Sally but my equipment failed me as it usually did. Sally got very bored with my efforts and told me to lick her to orgasm instead. I dutifully slid down the bed until I was kneeling on the floor and squashed my face into her pussy. She always kept it neatly trimmed and in the 8 years we’d been married, it had been my pleasure to fuck. Tonight, she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer in until I was almost gagging. Sally has a great body for a 39 yr old, 36c breasts and short blonde hair.
You’re going to stay there until I cum, Understand?
I nodded as I couldn’t speak.
Sally threw her head back and enjoyed me tonguing her for several minutes.
Come on, get that tongue all the way in, I think it’s about the same size as your dick, she laughed. She’d never said things like that before. She propped herself up and stared into my eyes as I continued my work, Well it’s true, isn’t it ? You have a small dick Tim, very small…
I said nothing, just lapped at her pussy in an effort to please. She lifted my head off her pussy with one hand, Well ? Say it ?
I didn’t want to say anything…….. Tell me you have a small dick……And because I paused again, she slapped me with her other hand. SAY IT ! she yelled..
I mumbled down into the duvet that I had a small dick, but that wasn’t good enough. 
Louder, she yelled.
I have a small dick,
Again !
I have a small dick.
You have a small dick what ?
Sally ?
Nope try again, small dick, you call me Miss….
I have a small dick Miss, I stuttered.
Good, finally you are learning. And what do small dicked men do ?
I guessed, Lick pussy Miss ?
Yep, that’s right, and anything else I say, Got it ??
I mumbled Yes Miss, but it wasn’t loud enough, Pardon ???? Yes Miss, I said louder.
Now, back on my pussy and as I said, make me cum, since your dick can’t do it. I felt my little cock shrinking away at her comments. She grabbed my hair again and pulled me in and I resumed my duties with more enthusiasm than normal to please her. I’d always known I had a small dick, from school days in the shower, in the military and comparisons on the internet, I guess I’d just got away with it and that Sally was ok with it. Well, up until now anyway.
She lent over at some stage and grabbed her phone, happily snapping shots of me working on her pussy. Come on pussy licker, make me come, make that pussy happy, She was obviously making a short video. After ten or so minutes I had made her cum, she was still taking photos, but said, OK little dick stand up and tell me what you do……
I struggled up off the floor, my knees were killing me from kneeling for 30 minutes, but stood up and said, I suck pussy Miss, Sally said, and why is that ? Because I have a small dick Miss, I mumbled. Louder !!!. She was videoing the whole thing, Because I have a small dick Miss. I hung my head in shame.
Well done pussy licker, she said, and stopped filming.
Now you can ***** in the spare room tonight, since you couldn’t fuck me, yet again…..
I couldn’t argue with that, so I shuffled off to the spare room and its single bed….
The morning came and last night nights activities had been a blur, so I presumed she had been a bit tipsy and it all got out of hand. How wrong I was.
Sally met me in the kitchen with an offish glance, How was the spare room Tim ? she chuckled.
I sad nothing and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea.
I’ve decided she started. My heart sank, What now ?
I’ve decided that since you can’t please me with you little dick, that you shouldn’t have the privileges of the man of the house, I meant what I said that you will do anything else I want, you even agreed last night. I couldn’t disagree.
So, today marks the first day of you being a house husband, no chores for me, so I can keep you busy and me happy. Also, you need to understand that you won’t be *****ing with me in future, the spare room is now your room, you can only come in my room when I want you to. Got it ??
I nodded in disbelief. 
So, my little wifey, it’s time to start…. First, since I don’t consider you to be a red ******* man who can fuck properly, you need to dress accordingly, so fetch some scissors and follow me.
I got the scissors and followed he up to what was now her room. Open the drawer she said pointing at my underwear drawer. Take out all of your boxers and cut them up. I started to protest about a waste of money, but she was having none of it. She made me stand there and cut the m all in two until none were useable. Take the ones off you are wearing now small dick, she commanded, so soon I was naked from the waist down with out any boxers to put on. She smirked at my small dick, and said it was disgusting to her now, but she had plans for my dick which I wouldn’t like. You need some appropriate underwear Tim don’t you think? What would you expect me to wear around the house ??

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First Step Tomorrow

What a journey leading up to this point. A years worth of bringing fantasies into the bedroom slowly getting more and more Hotwife oriented. 

Many years ago we ended up on a naturist beach and had some mild fun but the sheer excitement at having my wife completely naked and getting strange men looking at her has stuck with me. The fantasies started with me openly licking her pussy in public and then fucking her while groups of guys gathered around to watch. I would play up how hot she was and how they were wanking over her. Would she like to touch them and maybe suck them off. What did she think of playing with a strangers cock. Would she swallow his cum (she always swallows). At first she would be all coy and respond with “I don’t know” but with building in more and more scenarios she now completely onboard with letting strangers take turns mounting her and using her pussy as they want. 

We had an open and honest conversation a few weeks back about maybe visiting a naturist Spa (has a swingers area and closed off rooms as well) and she jumped at the chance. The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of hot encounters talking about what’s allowed and what’s not. She booked the hotel and is now fully onboard with trying something new and letting other men fuck her As long as I’m close. I have been edging her for a week now and the sheer frustration and *********** desire is like nothing I’ve ever seen in her. Her pussy is constantly wet and all we do is talk about it. She knows I have a deep seated desire to watch her get fucked with wanton abandon and have the chance to cleanup afterwards. Sadly it’s too risky as she is not on any contraception + the risk of an STI etc.

She went and had a full pussy wax and bought a pack of 12 condoms today which I found insanely erotic. My wife has bought condoms so other men can fuck her. It’s still sinking in and surreal. My cock has been aching for days now and dribbling precum. I’m starting to get anxious and jealous and so turned on. Have I opened Pandora’s box? What should I expect when I’m standing there watching men use my wife as nothing more than a cock hole.

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The Game – Sequel to The Key. Chapter 7

 try to reconcile my feelings as Kate runs her fingers down Ganriel’s ripped abs, then to his rigid cock. I can almost feel her touch as she plays with him; it’s erotic, but she’s so completely taken by his physical presence that the angst wells up in me. I know how much she loves fucking Aidan, but this is different. It occurs to me in an instant of troubling clarity that sexually, together they’re a perfectly matched couple. Is it Kate’s helpless attraction to him, or his ability to simply make her his as I watch? Does she even remember I’m present?

Gabriel looks over at me as though it’s what he expects.

“This is what you want, isn’t it? To have me fuck your pretty little wife?”

Before I can answer, Kate answers for me while keeping her eyes on his immense cock.

“He does. He likes to watch men like you fuck me.”

“You have that kind of control over him?” he asks.

Kate still doesn’t give me the slightest glance while she answers. “Keeping him hard, making him watch, making him wait until a man’s done with me – yes, it excites me. But it excites him too. It was someone in our past that…”

“Ahhh, someone who awakened his s u b m i s s i o n, and yours, to the whims of a man with a more dominant character?

“He, um, held us hostage in a way. Financially. His boss – he wanted me. He seduced me, and Billy had to allow it. In time, Billy found it exciting to surrender my body to him. It was mostly to secure our future, but then I couldn’t help myself. He was one of those men…”

“So, you’re free now? But your body aches for a man like him again?”

“I need – well, I told you what I need.” Her voice wavers, as though she’s begging but embarrassed to have to do it.

“You need what we all need, Kate,” he offers. “We come here for The Game, one Breigha and Aidan orchestrate. They’re masters of it; using their insight, imagination, and most of all, their ability to collect those with very special needs. They’ve chosen you, Billy, and myself as a perfect trio, players in a game that first promises to give everyone what they seek, and then much more. They create, they watch, and they assimilate what we provide. They feed on our deepest, most forbidden fantasies, and use them to entice others to the game. I’ve been a character in their living fantasies in the past, just as I am now. You’re the pretty wife with dark appetites, and Billy the husband who eagerly submits to them. My question for both of you is, now that you know I was chosen for you, how eager are you to play?

Billy, I’ve heard what Kate needs. As the husband, how compliant are you? Can you make the sacrifice? She’s such a delicious little thing – not many husbands could put a wife like Kate in the hands of someone like me. Can you offer me Kate’s body and do it without jealousy or possessiveness?”

“I suppose it’s like Kate said,” I began. “My boss held our future in his hands; gripped it, tightly, then squeezed until it hurt. I watched Kate submit to his seduction. It was, instant, and it shocked me. But we both needed what he promised. There was so much money, a house, the cars; there was more and more, every day. In return, he wanted Kate’s body for himself. It was all so sudden, and so enticing – my dream job, and our perfect life. I thought I could look the other way. To do that, I had to bury my jealousy. A nervous misdirection took its place. When Kate was naked in his hands, her sexual bliss somehow became arousing and exotic. He was wealthy, powerful, and dominating, with a, um, very large cock. He was everything I wasn’t – everything Kate dreamed of in a man. I just gave in to keep my eye on the prize, a better life together when we finally might escape. Then I began to like it – I mean, watching Kate and him together. It was, terrifying, mesmerizing, intoxicating, like the ultimate fetish-inducing d r u g. I was paid to let him and his associates use Kate. We took his money, and we became addicted. We couldn’t stop.”

“And now you want to continue?” he asks, with raised eyebrows. Possibly in a safer venue? One where you might have more control?”

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