GF told her bestie I was a cuck. They decided to team up on me at a friend’s party. [part 11]

When we pulled into the parking lot of the gas station, there were lights everywhere. Thankfully, my truck sits pretty high, but I was still worried about people seeing in. I glanced back at them over my shoulder as I turned in. Everyone was still in the same position, except Patrick’s right hand was on Alyssa’s head, guiding her down each time.

“Does…anyone else need to go in?” I asked, sheepishly. I felt awkward interrupting them. I turned back ahead to watch where I was driving, and headed toward a side parking lot where no other cars were parked. I peeked in the mirror, and Kay looked up at me. She gave a little smile. She looked so content. As I pulled into a spot, I heard a light, “mm,” from Alyssa, and then the sound of her inhaling briefly as she sat up. “You have a really nice dick,” she said to Patrick, in a serious, matter-of-fact type of tone. I wanted to look back at his face, but I was trying to finish parking. “Mhmm,” Kay added. I didn’t hear Patrick say anything, but I could just imagine the cocky smile on his face.

I put the truck in park, and finally turned around to look at them. Sure enough…cocky smile. Kay still had a hand on his balls, and Alyssa was just then letting go of his dick. Kay leaned down and wrapped her lips around it, going down on him three or four more times, before coming up. She tugged at his underwear and pushed his cock back down to stuff it in. “Come in with us,” she said to Patrick.

Kay turned and opened her door, as Patrick lifted his hips up far enough that he could get his pants situated and buttoned back up. I turned around and opened my door too. When I stepped down out of the truck and shut my door, Kay stepped around from behind her open door and up to me. She grabbed me and kissed me again, sticking her tongue in my mouth just as she did before. But this time, only briefly. She pulled away and said, “That was just for you.” She said it loud enough that Patrick heard it too as he slid out of the back seat. “Oh my God,” he said though laughter. “What?” Alyssa shouted across from the other side of the truck. Patrick spoke raised his voice as he swung the door shut. “She went down on me again just so she could kiss him,” he yelled back across to Alyssa, still laughing. Kay cracked a smile and laughed a little.

I looked up, and a younger guy standing next to a small Kia at one of the pumps was looking at us. I looked back at him, feeling my face turn red as Alyssa shut her door also and started laughing. “I think he likes it,” she yelled back across as we all started walking away from the truck. Patrick turned back toward me as he stepped away. “I hope he does, he’s gonna be tasting it all night!” he said, still raising his voice more than necessary. My eyes glanced to him and then back to the Kia guy, staring at us. The guy laughed, but quickly covered his face and looked away, trying to hide it. My face turned redder. Kay, still laughing at Patrick, left my side and took a few quick steps up ahead to him, wrapping her arm around his when she got to him. As we came around the back of the truck, Alyssa stepped up to Patrick’s other side, leaving me to walk alone behind them all.

We walked into the store, and Kay and Alyssa went off toward the bathrooms. Patrick walked around the store some, and I stood off to the side of the checkout counter waiting. I didn’t want anything. “I should have stayed in the truck,” I thought to myself.

GF told her bestie I was a cuck. They decided to team up on me at a friend’s party. [part 10]

As ordered, I drove. I stared ahead into the dark. I was rock hard, my right hand lightly gripping my dick through my pants, rubbing the tip with my thumb. We were almost to the highway, but it would be at least another twenty minutes before we were back at my house. The road noise was pretty low, and the radio volume was still low. I was almost zoned out driving, instead focusing on the situation behind me.

The occasional light moans and heavy breathing accompanied the ongoing sound of Patrick’s wet dick sliding in and out of Kay’s hand and mouth. The moans were coming from Alyssa’s side. I took a quick peek over my should, looking down, to see Patrick’s arm reaching between Alyssa’s legs. She was wearing leggings, and it looked like it hand was inside them. It was too dark to see much though, so I looked back at the road.

“Shit,” I mumbled as I cruised right by the turn to get on the highway. “Mm.. what?” Alyssa asked quietly. I turned back to glance at her and she was looking at me too. “I was supposed to turn there,” I replied. I looked back at the road. “But I can go the back way,” I said. Behind me, I could hear Kay situating herself like she was sitting up. I glanced in the mirror and saw her look around to get her bearings. “I don’t know if we’re going to make it that long,” she said, “I kinda have to pee.”

“I’ll turn around,” I said, “there’s that nice gas station an exit or two up.” I glanced back again and Kay gave me a little smile in the mirror. “Thank you,” she said. She was still leaned over Patrick. My dick twitched thinking about the fact that she’d just paused to talk to me, still holding his dick. I wanted to look back and watch her pick up where she left off. But I needed to find a spot to turn around.

I saw I driveway up ahead on the right. I was fairly familiar with the area, and I knew it was a long driveway through the woods so it would be a good place to turn around. Only a few cars had passed us during the drive. There was one a good ways behind us though, so as we came up to the driveway, I pulled in completely out of the road and stopped to wait for the car to pass. When I stopped, I turned my head to the right to watch the car. But, of course, all I could focus on was Kay. I only glanced at the car for a split second before turning my head further and looking down.

She was still going somewhat slow. She seemed like she was enjoying it as much as Patrick was. I couldn’t see much though, and Patrick must have known that. He reached up and fiddled with the overhead light for a second until he found the switch to turn it on. I looked up to watch his hand. When the light came on, our eyes both came back down to look at each other at the same time. He raised his eyebrows at me before looking down at Kay, gesturing with his head for me to look, too. I did.

“You like it baby?” He asked Kay. “Mhmm,” she replied as she went down, up, and back down on him, following with her hand. “Good. I think your boy wants another kiss,” Patrick said. Kay came up off him without a second thought and leaned up toward me. As she came to the end of her reach, she let go of his dick, used her other hand to steady herself, and scooted over to sit on his legs where she could reach me. With the hand she’d been using on Patrick, she reached around and grabbed the back of my neck. Her hand was wet on my neck. She pulled me into her and stuck her tongue in my mouth. To my left, I could see Alyssa watching us. “Mmm,” she moaned lightly as she watched us kiss.

Kay was holding me pretty tightly into her, so I kept kissing her. She intentionally kept her tongue moving and making contact with mine. Her eyes were closed, but mine stayed open. I watched Alyssa as she reached behind Kay and grabbed Patrick’s dick. She leaned into him slightly and started stroking him. I let my eyes fade to closed and kissed Kay back, not knowing if I’d get anything more from her for the night.

When we stopped, I opened my eyes and looked into hers. She gave me another light peck on the lips and whispered, “Are you having fun baby?” as her wet hand slid from the back of my head around to rest on my face for just a second. I kept staring into her eyes and nodded my head yes. As much as I’d been embarrassed and as much as I wasn’t a fan of Patrick, I was as horny as I’d ever been, and dying to watch him devour her, claim her. Dying to watch her body language, and all the ways her face would tell me she loved every minute of it. I couldn’t wait to get home.

Kay moved off Patrick’s lap and sat back next to him. Just as the car finally passed us, Alyssa started to go down on Patrick. I watched for a minute as she began to suck him at about the same pace as Kay had been. Kay reached between his legs with her left hand and cupped his balls. With her right arm, she reached around his left to come in behind his left hand, interlocking her fingers with his. She laid her head on his shoulder. Patrick reached up to turn the cabin light back off. I stared directly at his dick, watching Kay rub his balls and Alyssa taking care of him, right up until the light clicked off and I could no longer see. “Come on babe,” Kay said.

I backed out into the road to head back to the highway.