A story driven partly by excitement

Cuckold story with Carla story driven partly by excitement, revenge , and guilt . combined with a normal marriage we had dabbled with the very occasional excitement of having a threesome . things seem normal for the last few months, when in a night of fantasy sex my husband asked why don’t go interracial . not having given it much thought before i began glancing the odd porn sight my interest increased . so we started looking at personals, there were a few but being discrete we looked out of town . after some long discussion we chose a guy by the name of Carl . in our first meeting over a coffee he seamed quiet nice , easy talker ,easy listener , and easy on the eye . so after some more exchange of text we agreed to to hookup and booking a motel, we ready for dinner nervously reassuring our selves . back at the motel the evening went great. i sat on Carl’s lap talking, we were laughing as my husband poured the drinks , he sat down opposite us a smirk ran across his face . Carl’s hand moved across my breasts unbuttoning my shirt there only small my husband yelled i poked my tongue out at him. Carl turn my head towards him kissing long sucking my tongue into his mouth only breaking long enough to say there fine . his hand moved down my leg pushing them apart his fingers tracing the shape of my mound ,i groaned mmmm he said . i said lets go on the bed, he whisper no babe not yet, his fingers in my panties now circling my hardening clit lets give your husband some thing to look at . looking at my husband sitting, glaring at us i turn yeh lets i said he kissed me again his fingers now thrusting into me . a slight slushy sound mixed, with my thrusting on his fingers come for Carl he said that spurred me on my thrusts turn to bucking yeh do i ,said fuck me i could feel his cock hardening in his pants his fingers now push me over the edge my legs snapped around his hand i gasped and swore and came . pulling his fingers out suck them he said as he pushed them towards me . i licked the length of his chunky fingers , more drinks my husband said there was no reply i suppose your both busy ah as stood to refill his drink Carl pushed me forward gripping my panties he tore them off stuffing them into his pocket a keep sake babe he unzipped fondling he brought his cock into the open, now it was not one of those long 12 inch ones but god it was thick how am i going to get that in my mouth i said plenty of time for that he said. he took a condom out of his pocket ripping the corner he took it out throwing the packet away and rolling it on pulling me backwards the of his cock head slipped up and down my slit positioning, then it eased in slow i sais i groaned . she loves cock, my husband sneered, but at that particular he did not even exist . with Carl’s hands each side of me coaxing me on to it i looked down my pussy stretching further onto it i lunged down i let out a loud groan i was bent back Carl’s mouth near my ear take it baby your pussy full of my black cock , yes i said as i bore down his finger pinched my clit next there was liquid running over my thigh and his i came his cock twitched and he grunted and came . both panting my knees were killing me i eased off grabbing that drink off the table i gulped it down pushing the empty glass in my husbands direction . i turn to to see Carl’s condom encased cock lying against his thigh . i walked over he glanced at me his cock now in his hand he rolled the condom off i bent down started to suck it, or should i say try to he laugh you will get the hang of it he said. he did again before he left. we have done it twice more since then . i have you might say, got use to my dose of cock . but two weeks ago i took time off work to have him ,one complete afternoon my husband dose not know. we were going at it we change position he pulled the condom off looked at me and enter me i did him bareback when he came he flooded my insides . having not done that before with anyone other than my husband i have the guilt trip happening . but i wanted it more, his cock open more than my pussy, my mind has open to the pleasure of black cock . i have just finished another meeting with him he wants to own my pussy now i just open my legs for him when he wants me tay

The Interracial Cuckold Resort

“So, how was lunch with your friend?” the man’s wife asked him.
“Let’s sit down,” the clearly shaken man says. “My head’s still spinning after what I’ve learned.”
The wife readily agrees. “Sure, honey.”
The man’s wife takes his hand and leads him to the couch. They sit down, and he takes a deep, fortifying breath. He looks at his wife.
“I’m not even sure where to start,” he says. “I guess I could start with the least shocking and go from there. He’s quitting our bowling league, and he won’t be golfing with us on Saturdays anymore.”
“Oh, no! He and his wife are getting divorced, aren’t they?” she asked, well aware of their martial issues.
“Actually,” the man responds. “It’s the complete opposite. He’s madly in love with her, probably more than he’s ever been. He said that he’s been ‘pussy whipped’ and he absolutely loves it. And, he says, he owes it all to this sex therapist that his wife’s friend recommended.”
Taking his wife’s hand, the man continued: “What they discovered was that everything in their marriage was working except for the sex. The only time they thought to have sex was when they realized it has been a while. And even then, it was sort of forced. I can’t believe he actually divulged all this, but at least we were somewhere private. Anyway, the pressure to perform was killing him — he couldn’t get it up! His wife tried to help, but 90% of the time, he’d ejaculate before he even got hard. I know, I know. Like I said, I can’t believe he’s told me this either. But the whole time he was telling his story, it was like he wasn’t even embarrassed!”
The man’s wife listened intently, curious about the other couple’s situation because, truth be told, she and her husband were also in an enormous rut when it came to their sex lives. Her husband was quite gentle and very loving, which she liked, because he completely lacked the ability to throw her down and fuck her like she sometimes wanted. Not to mention, the man was also very small and premature ejaculation was always a problem. Gently, she urged him to continue the story.
“It was through their sessions with the therapist that they found out that not only was my friend submissive to his wife, but that she had a strong desire to dominate him. The therapist convinced them to admit to their favorite fantasies. He told her that he wanted her to have sex with another man while he watched. She said that she wanted to cheat on her husband with a black man who has a big penis. He said that when he heard his wife say that, he instantly got erect.”
As it was, this man’s wife was also getting turned on by this information. She wondered if her husband was, too.
The man continued on: “The therapist made the suggestion that they go on a vacation to a special resort she knew of, one that caters to white couples who have an interest in interracial cuckolding in Jamaica.”
The wife looked confused. “Wait, what did you say? Interracial what?”
“Interracial cuckolding,” the husband repeated. “I hadn’t heard of it before either. When a man’s wife is unfaithful and openly cheats, and he’s aware of it because they are in a fetish lifestyle where it’s acceptable, he’s called a cuckold. And this place in Jamaica, it’s a prime destination for those in the cuckolding lifestyle.”
“So, wait — the two of them went to this island resort, she cheated on him when his knowledge, and now he loves her more than he ever has?” the wife asked. As interested as she was in the story, she had to confess: “I don’t think that sounds very realistic.”
The husband agreed. “But that’s what he said. He said that giving himself to her and submitting to her while she cheated on him — while he was there — with dozens of well-endowed black guys made her seem like a goddess or queen of some sort. He even gave her a name: his BBC Goddess.”
The wife’s eyes narrowed. “BBC?”
“Big, Black Cock,” the man explained. “As opposed to his, which she calls a tiny, white penis.”
The two of them laughed, but his was strained and uneasy. Measuring a measly four inches erect and barely two around, the husband had always been ashamed about the size of his own penis. So embarrassed, he didn’t even date in high school or college because he didn’t want to hear what girls would say about him.
“Keep going,” the wife said when the laughter died down. “I want to know more.” The woman couldn’t deny the moisture gathering between her legs. She’d always had a secret crush on black guys in general, but she never acted on her desires because of her upbringing — rich white girls like her just didn’t date black guys, not that there was anything wrong with them. However, when she watched a sporting match, it was always the black dudes that she thought were the sexiest: she loves their cockiness, physique and of course, their reputation for having giant cocks and great sex moves.
Her husband laughed, teasing her. “Really? You want to know more, huh? You’re interested?”
“Oh, hush,” she counter. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
The man’s small penis gave a tiny jerk, and he had to admit that this wasn’t the first time since he’d starting telling the store. He’d actually been erect the entire time. He’d been hard while his friend confessed at lunch, and now he was getting turned on talking about his friend’s cuckolding session in Jamaica.
The man took a deep breath. “So, anyway, they were able to stay at this resort because of all the different discounts they’d received: 10% from the therapist, 50% off for being first-time customers and an extra 10% off because my buddy’s wife looked good! The lucky birds got the whole vacation at 70%! Now, he’s saying goodbye to bowling, gold and drinking so he can save some cash to go back. Listen to this: he’s working seven day a week and even thinking about getting part-time job, all to save money to go back!”
“Wow,” the wife exclaimed quietly. “He loved see his wife get fucked by all those Jamaican guys so much, he’s willing to work himself to the ground and give up so much so that they can go back?”
“Well,” the husband continued. “There’s this special Wedding Ceremony that the want to do there. They’re sure it would be a good, solid way to signify the beginning of their new relationship. So, until they do that, his wife’s decided to hold off on the cuckolding. And he’s going nearly wild with desire to see his wife back there with those black guys that he’s willing to give so much up. He told me a lot more, but he also said he was sending me a slideshow that would explain in more detail what this resort is all about. Do you want me to check my email and see if it’s come?”
“Yes!” the wife shouted. She blushed and put her hand against her mouth, embarrassed and trying in vain to conceal her excitement. Her husband smiled, however; he was pleased with her enthusiasm, and he was also excited because he’d already seen the slideshow at lunch on his laptop. The entire time he browsed the pictures and read the captions, his tiny dick was harder than it’d been in years. He kept imagining him and his wife in the various scenarios, and he definitely wasn’t disagreeing with them.

First Time

I’m lying back on the black silk sheets, and my sex is dripping with hot and sticky, thick cum. I can feel it trickling deliciously down my buttocks. There is a great deal of it and when I explore my seeded sex, Graham my husband licks my fingers clean. I’m too shocked and deliciously tired to care that he does that, sucking Luther’s spunk off my fingers. I just push my fingers each in turn inside Graham’s mouth and he sucks away. It’s hard to breathe- my efforts catch in my throat as I try. My pulse still races and my pale skill is flushed puce over my neck and breasts. I can still see in my mind the mirror images, Luther’s muscular ebony physique driving his manhood relentlessly inside me, my legs up over his bull shoulders. My severe, lace up black leather Victorian ankle boots jolt rhythmically with the thrusting.
I remember Graham’s devotional assistance, the way he held my hand as I took superior cock. I’m not used to it. But I will learn and adapt and then… expect. I’ll be joining Adele our neighbour in Luther’s harem. Luther was strict about that when Graham sheepishly asked. ‘Suki fancies you and well we wondered if…’ Luther likes posh blonde bitches. ‘Graham won’t mind will you darling’ I said, picturing Adele and I lying with our legs open to Luther. Graham confirmed that he wouldn’t mind and that he did indeed understand that it would be bare back sex.
I am still trembling from the explosive climax! It made all else before seem inconsequential. Graham has finished licking my fingers, and he clearly now wants to lick me out. But I’m not quite ready. I need to soak up the sensations of this and point to Luther’s sticky cock. I watch as my husband delicately licks Luther’s triumphant member. He’s used to it-Adele’s husband submits as well. There are the first tentative licks as Graham overcomes the revulsion of sucking another man’s cock. He knows what I expect though and we have talked about this, so the sucking begins. Its submission, complete and utter capitulation to my lover and it arouses me all over again.
I watch for a moment or two, confirm that Luther has won completely and then direct Graham back to my sticky quim. It’s submission to Suki time and my husband laps delicately at my sex. It is delicious…utterly delicious! The tantalising flick of his tongue arouses me and I squirm with pleasure. I won’t have Graham think that he can compete though so I tell Luther what a stud he is and how I’m so eagerly his now. I will make my husband do this whenever he wants.
Dear Luther,
Suki and I have talked, and agree that it’s best that I ask you to go on doing the fucking from now on. You’re so masterful at this and it’s what she craves. Of course there will be no fuss and I will co- operate in any way that you require. At Suki’s instructions I’ve moved my gear to the spare bedroom.