He paid $10,000 for my gf and made me watch

When my girlfriend and I were still in college we went on a trip to New York City once for fun. We went to a fancy hotel bar and this guy in a suit started talking to us. He was really handsome and he seemed pretty drunk. He was very outgoing and got really close to us. He had a nice smelling cologne.

We talked for a while and he kept looking at my girlfriend. She was thin and tall but with a really nice juicy ass and she was wearing a skirt that made it look really good.

After a while he turned to me and said “Hey I know this is a weird question, but how much would I have to pay you to fuck your girlfriend?”

I told him there was no way. I looked over at my girlfriend and she nodded. Then he took out his wallet, which was full of $100 bills. He pulled out one of them and put it on the table.

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Small change

Dinner was great, one of those Turkish/Greek restaurants in the town, plenty of wine and fizz and a taxi home.
I made all the right moves to get a fuck that night with Sally but my equipment failed me as it usually did. Sally got very bored with my efforts and told me to lick her to orgasm instead. I dutifully slid down the bed until I was kneeling on the floor and squashed my face into her pussy. She always kept it neatly trimmed and in the 8 years we’d been married, it had been my pleasure to fuck. Tonight, she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer in until I was almost gagging. Sally has a great body for a 39 yr old, 36c breasts and short blonde hair.
You’re going to stay there until I cum, Understand?
I nodded as I couldn’t speak.
Sally threw her head back and enjoyed me tonguing her for several minutes.
Come on, get that tongue all the way in, I think it’s about the same size as your dick, she laughed. She’d never said things like that before. She propped herself up and stared into my eyes as I continued my work, Well it’s true, isn’t it ? You have a small dick Tim, very small…
I said nothing, just lapped at her pussy in an effort to please. She lifted my head off her pussy with one hand, Well ? Say it ?
I didn’t want to say anything…….. Tell me you have a small dick……And because I paused again, she slapped me with her other hand. SAY IT ! she yelled..
I mumbled down into the duvet that I had a small dick, but that wasn’t good enough. 
Louder, she yelled.
I have a small dick,
Again !
I have a small dick.
You have a small dick what ?
Sally ?
Nope try again, small dick, you call me Miss….
I have a small dick Miss, I stuttered.
Good, finally you are learning. And what do small dicked men do ?
I guessed, Lick pussy Miss ?
Yep, that’s right, and anything else I say, Got it ??
I mumbled Yes Miss, but it wasn’t loud enough, Pardon ???? Yes Miss, I said louder.
Now, back on my pussy and as I said, make me cum, since your dick can’t do it. I felt my little cock shrinking away at her comments. She grabbed my hair again and pulled me in and I resumed my duties with more enthusiasm than normal to please her. I’d always known I had a small dick, from school days in the shower, in the military and comparisons on the internet, I guess I’d just got away with it and that Sally was ok with it. Well, up until now anyway.
She lent over at some stage and grabbed her phone, happily snapping shots of me working on her pussy. Come on pussy licker, make me come, make that pussy happy, She was obviously making a short video. After ten or so minutes I had made her cum, she was still taking photos, but said, OK little dick stand up and tell me what you do……
I struggled up off the floor, my knees were killing me from kneeling for 30 minutes, but stood up and said, I suck pussy Miss, Sally said, and why is that ? Because I have a small dick Miss, I mumbled. Louder !!!. She was videoing the whole thing, Because I have a small dick Miss. I hung my head in shame.
Well done pussy licker, she said, and stopped filming.
Now you can ***** in the spare room tonight, since you couldn’t fuck me, yet again…..
I couldn’t argue with that, so I shuffled off to the spare room and its single bed….
The morning came and last night nights activities had been a blur, so I presumed she had been a bit tipsy and it all got out of hand. How wrong I was.
Sally met me in the kitchen with an offish glance, How was the spare room Tim ? she chuckled.
I sad nothing and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea.
I’ve decided she started. My heart sank, What now ?
I’ve decided that since you can’t please me with you little dick, that you shouldn’t have the privileges of the man of the house, I meant what I said that you will do anything else I want, you even agreed last night. I couldn’t disagree.
So, today marks the first day of you being a house husband, no chores for me, so I can keep you busy and me happy. Also, you need to understand that you won’t be *****ing with me in future, the spare room is now your room, you can only come in my room when I want you to. Got it ??
I nodded in disbelief. 
So, my little wifey, it’s time to start…. First, since I don’t consider you to be a red ******* man who can fuck properly, you need to dress accordingly, so fetch some scissors and follow me.
I got the scissors and followed he up to what was now her room. Open the drawer she said pointing at my underwear drawer. Take out all of your boxers and cut them up. I started to protest about a waste of money, but she was having none of it. She made me stand there and cut the m all in two until none were useable. Take the ones off you are wearing now small dick, she commanded, so soon I was naked from the waist down with out any boxers to put on. She smirked at my small dick, and said it was disgusting to her now, but she had plans for my dick which I wouldn’t like. You need some appropriate underwear Tim don’t you think? What would you expect me to wear around the house ??

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When Teasing Goes Too Far

Rebecca and Dan Coral are a young married couple. The both just turned thirty and had been together since meeting in college. The were both going to school to become teachers and had since both gotten teaching jobs. Shortly after their first date they both knew that they were in love and wanted to get married after they finished college.

They had their wedding shortly after graduating. It was a small ceremony with family and close friends. When Dan saw Rebecca walking down the aisle in her wedding dress his heart almost beat out of his chest. Seeing his beautiful bride to be in her white dress made him the happiest man in the world.

It didn’t hurt that she had a body to die for. With her long auburn hair, full breasts and narrow waist that flared into a perfectly shaped ass.

Rebecca was also impressed by Dan in his tuxedo. He was a good looking man with short black hair and handsome face. He had the body of a runner, lean and muscular.

They had found true love and happiness with each other and both pledged to the other to always love and cherish one another, and both knew in their hearts that they would spend the rest of their lives living up to that promise.

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