My wife Minako and I got married in 1993. For years, I had tried to setup a threesome with her.

My wife Minako and I got married in 1993. For years, I had tried to setup a threesome with her. When we started dating in 1991, I tried to involve a second beautiful Japanese woman, but none seemed to do for Minako. By 1992 I figured involving a guy first might make the jump easier for her but again, “that would be nice” was her response, but no guy seemed to be right to her. Finally, by 1996, her answer had changed to, “it would be nice if they were black”.

This was both a shock, and a bit of a turn-on for me. Living in Boston though, I didn’t have any black friends. I pushed her harder for years, and finally in 2000, we opened an Adult Friend Finder account where we found a few friends but again, things stalled out in endless emails.

Then, on her birthday, I came home from work expecting to take her out to dinner. She had pressed for her present the night before and I had given it to her. A $5k diamond bracelet; the nicest gift I had ever bought her in celebration of my recent business success. What I found at home was a note saying that she had gone out with someone named Giovanni. It was the first I had ever heard of him and I couldn’t reach her by phone so I spent the night in a frenzied state. I was upset she had ditched me but I was also really very concerned for her safety. Why couldn’t I reach her?

She came home around 6am with the sun already rising. She looked a bit of a mess and we started arguing. That argument ended in me eating her pussy. I sniffed at it, smelling a musky smell for the first time. Her pussy never had any smell, but now it smelled like it had been pounded hard by sweaty black dick. I licked it, wondering if I would taste salt from his cum but it just tasted like it smelled. I found his cum dried on her stomach, her tits, and in her hair. She was still wearing the bracelet I gave her.

I was devastated at not having gotten to meet him and watch every second of their night together. In our argument, I pushed for details, insanely jealous at not having gotten to see the first time he touched her, kissed her… Did he take off her clothes or did she? She his? She met him on Black Planet – I didn’t even know she had an account.

They went to the beach, where she sucked his dick. She said it was big – bigger than mine, and like a muscle where mine was soft even when it was hard. Then he took her back to where he lives, with his grandmother. She said they didn’t have electricity and that he took her to his room where he fucked her over and over. She complained that her pussy was sore as I fucked her, but I didn’t take very long. For the first time ever, her pussy was dry and loose. I called in sick, kissed every inch of her body, then massaged her to sleep.

As she slept, I hacked into her Black Planet account and checked her phone. Nothing in her phone, but her Black Planet account was for orange_moon and Giovanni was going by TonguePlay. It seems he found her and the banter started off simple. If you were going to make love for the last time forever, what would you do to your man? She picked up on his moniker and responded that she would lick him and suck his “xxxx!!”. He then got quite detailed in what HE would do to HER – nothing so explicit as her’s to him and full of passion.

> I got so turned on by things that you can do to me in this situation.
> Nobody ever feeds me the words that you wrote me in here.
> It sure rose me sexual feeling, lust and erotica. I want to experiance more. I want to taste more.
> Feed me more…please, my mind is still hungry.
> Play with me …………
> I will do the same to you with my wet sensual tongue.
> Just let you know that I am an Asian woman from Japan, 5`-4″, 104lbs,
> slim and pettite. I have black eyes, long brown layerd hair and big ass.
> Think about that …………
> lolol(^0^)lolol
> ~~~~~~~~~~~h_h_boo
Wow, that seems bold for her but then again, all of this seems bold for her.

Well, he thought about it and his response demanded she give herself completely to him and “I will show him how a ‘real man’ is!!!!”. How humiliating, yet this sent my hand down my pants. He told her he wants her to scream his name.

Her response goes on,
> uuuhm Papi, Mami like it so much. Mami also like to use her mouth on you.
> She loves tp use her lips and tongue sliding along your dick and suck it hard.
> Her tongue come in really alive its in existance when she uses it for hard black dick!
> \…/! Mami wants you to hit deep inside of her to serach the part she did
> not know exist and put her in the state of higher passion;……!!!

Uuuhm Papi indeed. I couldn’t believe what I had missed by blindly trusting Minako. I couldn’t believe this was the same woman I had been trying to get to do this, but WITH me, for 7 years. The part she did not know exist? State of HIGHER passion? This was well beyond anything I had expected – she was humiliating me as part of her foreplay with him.

The foreplay didn’t last much longer – his next message gave her his cell phone, all traces of which were gone from her phone, and no pics.

I spent the rest of the day sniffing her body and jerking off to the sight of her and my thoughts of the night before. I pictured her diamond covered wrist as her tiny hands worked a dick that soft, was bigger than my full erection. She woke up in the afternoon to coffee in bed and her cellphone. I had added Giovanni’s phone number to her phonebook. “I want you to call him and setup a date for the three of us” I insisted. We’ll play Madden on the Play Station, drink beers, smoke some weed, and I can watch you two have sex.

She protested, afraid, I think, that there would be a fight or something. I assured her, I wasn’t happy with being left out but I was happy she took this first step. Now she owed me my chance to watch. Reluctantly, she agreed to call him later that night, and setup a date for the weekend. When she got out of the shower, she found her clothes laid out. “We’re going shopping” I informed her.

I wanted to make sure she was pure class from head to toe, even if Giovanni was so ghetto he didn’t have electricity. My role in this relationship was clear to me: sugar daddy, chauffeur, butler, pussy eater, and camera man. When he was over, he was the guest of honor and master of the house. Our marriage bed was for their use, and I delegated to a a chair in the corner of the bedroom. Today we would visit La Perla for her undergarments, and Sachs for a new black dress and shoes.

Their Black Planet conversations remained free and open as it was the only channel Minako didn’t know I had access to. They made plans to get together during my upcoming business trip to Montreal, and continued to humiliate me for foreplay…
>I was a bit worried about how it goes because of what happened on my birthday. It
>was a loooong weekend for us. My husband had been tense and emortional. I was been
>pretty stressed out the situation, feeling sorry that I hurt him so bad, and I didn`t
>share with him and grow togather.
>I wished I would`ve realized how important for him to be there for my first
>The first time that I called you then heard your voice, suddenly got urge to see you.
>So I did it, by myself, with no regret……. I appreciate that night you and me share
>the intimacy togather alone.

What a bitch! I forgave her and all I asked for was to be included! Not only does she laugh at my pain but she has no regrets exchanging it for intimacy *alone* with HIM.

Giovanni’s arrival was full of tension, but I tried to make it as easy as possible. He was taller than my 6’3″, bald and rugged looking in baggy jeans and an oversized t-shirt. I shook his hand and he treated me with way more respect than what he and Minako had exchanged privately but I think everyone there was realizing he could take me in a fight. We drank, smoked and chit-chatted for a little bit. I told Minako to sit with Giovanni as we talked and that I would get the drinks. I gave him a bag of skunk weed and told him to smoke up as I got a Vodka Tonic and 2 Heinekins. I heard them laughing from the kitchen and felt a little self-conscious. When I came back, she was on his lap. We started playing Madden and I still had to take the lead. I asked Minako, “why don’t you suck his dick?”.

It didn’t take a full minute for her to oblige, pulling it out as we paused the game. It WAS much bigger than my dick, with big balls too and Minako enjoyed playing with them. We quickly abandoned the game and I openly jerked off I watched Minako go to town on him with her mouth and both hands. She pushed his shirt up and worked her hands over his 6 pack abs, then up and down his dick. She tried to deep throat him for a while, gagging up spit all over herself. Every so often she would look over at me with a huge smile, and big thankful eyes.

He unzipped her dress, down her back. She came up for air, her spit all over the front of the new black dress. As she stood, I ran over to help her get the dress off in her heels. I kissed her anywhere my head came near her as I helped, and as I kissed her mouth, I could taste that musty taste I got from her pussy the night she first spent with him on her own. He took off her bra, and I retreated from near the sofa, to my position on the floor. She looked so hot with her princess lea buns and her white graders and stockings, topless before Giovanni who stood there removing his t-shirt, dick erect and swinging back and forth. I asked to take a picture of them. “No pictures” he commanded, and I could only answer, “yes sir”.

He had her suck his dick some more, on her knees, then he stood her up and took her garder, and panties off. He whispered something in her ear and they laughed some more, then kissed, deeply; both of them catching glances at me as I continued to jerk off from the floor. She insisted he go slow but she was wet and still a little stretched out from their first encounter so he just slid right in. She moaned and screamed loud enough for all our neighbors to hear; mostly in Japanese but she yelled his name quite a few times. Their sessions lasted over an hour the first three or four times that night. I folded their clothes, and served drinks and snacks between each.

By the third time, he took her virgin (to me at least) asshole. She resisted but he INsisted and I plead with her to relax. I held her hand, stroked her hair and kissed her neck and cheek as he worked his way in. I told her over and over that I loved her until he was fucking her so hard I let them have some room.

He came hard with a final thrust up her ass, staying only a few seconds before he pulled out and directed her mouth to clean his still ejaculating dick. Once he was done shooting the rest of his load into her mouth, he called me over and told her to kiss me. We french kissed, then he redirected her head between cleaning his shaft and balls, and kissing me.

He got a few calls that night – I guess he was fairly successful on Black Planet as a dating site. After the fourth session though, it was fairly late so they moved up to our bedroom. With each session it seemed Giovanni was using me more and more. It seemed cuckolding me got him excited, whether it was making fun of me to her, enjoying the fruits of MY labor, or having me kiss Minako after he uses her mouth, eat her after he uses her pussy, or suck her toes to hold her legs open for him to fuck her. I only wish I could have captured it on video. The first time, he had me hold her head in my lap as he fucked her. He fucked her so hard he slowly knocked us across the bed until I fell on the floor. The last time, they broke the bed and both passed out.

I woke up on the floor to the sounds of them fucking on the bed. SHE had me make them coffee while they continued. I brought their clothes up after finding an ATM receipt with a zero balance in the pocket. I stuffed $100 in and brought him my house coat and slippers, then Minako’s. They fooled around in the shower some, and came out to finish their freshened coffees. As Giovanni got dressed, he handed me his cell phone and asked me to take a picture of him and Minako together. Sure I could eventually get a copy, I focused on just making sure the picture was as good as it could be. He had her take her robe off and pose naked with himself fully clothed. We took about 5 pictures with them in different poses then switched around for him to have one of he and I and one of she and I. While my photo with him was quite normal, he had me get down on one knee so Minako could pose with one leg up, using me as a stool.

He kissed her before he left, as if he was going off to work. Then there was that awkward moment, especially for Minako who seemed to need continuous assurance that this was something I wanted as much as her. Her emails expressed her “duty” to service any of his sexual needs, and continued to revel in whatever she could setup on the side. So I reached out to Giovanni directly and offered to buy any pictures or movies he could sell me; the ones I took and any he has taken or can take and begged that he share with me some of the nastier things Minako has said about me or about her desires for him. He made a small fortune and I amassed quite a collection of cell-phone pornography. “Home movies”, sort of.

Well I don’t get to start off by telling about my girl friends perfect body

Well I don’t get to start off by telling about my girl friends perfect body. Honestly she is a little chunky, and her tits are on the small side, but they are more than a mouth full! She does however have the most perfect pussy i have ever seen! She has awesome long brown hair and brown eyes. We had been together about a year when this all happened, and it is also a true story. We had both me married before me twice and her once, both ended very bad and neither of us were to concerned about a commitment although we did have a monogamous relationship. Our sex life was not the best either, we both had suffered job loss and depression. She ended up on meds and I just suffered through. >>>>>> >>>>>> I mentioned the meds because of a nice side effect, on her daily dose there was no change in her behavior whatsoever, but the doctor had left the prescription open with a take additional as needed. Well to make a long story short I loved it when she had a bad day and needed an extra dose, although she denied it it made her horny as hell! >>>>>> >>>>>> Like everyone else we both had friends from before we met, But there was one friend of hers that always caused her to get excited when he emailed. He was a life flight paramedic and she worked in a hospital. There relationship had been a quick trip to the hospital cafeteria while he was dropping off a patient, but never even a real date. I knew she had a crush and after reading some of there emails I knew he felt the same. (BTW she opened the emails and told me to read them). Well “Rob” was bored with his flight paramedic job and pursued getting his pilots license, he was able to accomplish this and as a treat for “Rachel” he wanted to fly down and carry her to dinner. >>>>>> >>>>> Well one day it finally happened, Rachel came busting in the kitchen and said”he is flying down Saturday to take me to dinner”! I guess the expression on my face quickly reminded her that we were in a relationship because after some stumbling around she covered herself by including me too. I guess I was simply shocked, it wasn’t that I didn’t trust her, but…… >>>>> >>>>> Well Saturday finally arrived, and boy was she excited. So excited in fact she couldn’t remember if she had taken her meds, so to make sure she took them. As the afternoon arrived she dressed in a very simple skirt and top. Nothing fancy, just normal everyday “Dress-Up” clothes. She decided a drink might help calm her nerves so I fixed her a margarita which she headed out the door with and jumped in the car. After a couple of miles she looked and told me she was really nervous. It had been about 3 years since they had seen each other, so I told her to go ahead and take another dose of her meds (not realizing this was now a triple dose). She did and by the time we arrived at the small rural airport 45 minutes later she was no longer nervous to say the least. >>>> >>>> We had been there about 15 minutes when you could see a small helicopter approaching, I thought she was going to stop breathing. It finally landed and she got a call about 5 minutes later, it was him and he would meet her at the front office. >>>> >>>> I pulled the car right up to the front door as Rob walked out, Rachel was very excited and you could see his plans just got crushed! Now Rob, like Rachel and i was just a normal looking guy, the boy next door type. After a couple of minutes of awkward introductions we left the airport. Since we didn’t have any plans we tried to decide where to eat, the tension was high so I suggested a Mexican Restaurant we frequented in the area. We all agreed since Rob had to fly out before dark or stay overnight. >>>> >>>> Once inside we were seated in a corner booth with one circling seat, Rachel in the middle, Rob on one side, me on the other. Rachel decided she needed another margarita, I don’t drink and Rob started the cannot fly after having a drink spill. I told him to go ahead, we had a big comfy couch and he agreed to call and make arrangements to stay over. So he also ordered a margarita. I could tell when they arrived at the table the bartender must have remember us and the nice tip I left last time we were there, these were loaded with tequila. >>> >>> After a few minutes of sipping on the drinks and relaxing Rachel and Rob ignored me and started flirting like a couple of high school kids. Normally I think this would piss me off, but to see my girl all worked up and a guy with the “I want to fuck you” look was making me hard as a rock. The longer this went on the more worked up all 3 of us seemed to be getting! Rob soon after excused himself to the restroom, after he walked away I reached over on Rachel’s thigh and felt her juices running all d own her leg. I tilted my head over and whispered “you want to fuck him?” inn her ear. Not that I needed to ask or that her expression needed any clarification, but once again my cock was rock hard. >>> >>> Rob soon returned and Rachel excused her self to the restroom also, this left just I us guys there. Once she was clear of hearing us my mouth opened and “you want to fuck her, don’t you” was coming out. I couldn’t believe I just said it, and really couldn’t believe his answer. “I am going to fuck her”. Wow, that would normally mean kick his ass, but tonight it meant……. >>> >>> Rachel soon returned and I picked up the tab, we headed out the door. Obviously I was driving, but unlike the trip from the airport Rachel joined Rob in the backseat. We had hardly gotten out of the parking lot when I realized if I was going to watch there was no way there were going to make it over 30 minutes until we were home. So I whipped in Motel right on the side of the interstate. Once in the parking lot I was getting out of the car I realized they did not know or care we had stopped. Rachel’s panties were in the floor and Rob was finger fucking her like a mad man. I stuck my head in the back seat and said come on, let’s get a room. >>> >>> The clerk inside noticed what was going on and quickly had my money and a room key in my hand, we raced to the room. Once in side they embraced, in a long passionate kiss. The only thing on my mind was eating her pussy. So while they kissed I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it to the floor. Her juices were all the way past her knees and her pussy lips were swollen in excitement and the furious finger fucking she had just took. In only a couple of seconds she had Robs cock in her hands and he was pulling his pants off. Her stood my beautiful girl friend with another mans cock in her hands right in front of me. Whew, I have never been this horny. >>> >>> Rachel positioned herself in the middle of the bed on her back with her legs spread wide, there was the most beautiful pussy in the world, all ready for fucking and her came Robs cock to fill the need. I watched as he positioned himself over her and eased his cock in, I could tell by the look in there eyes they did not even realize I was there. >>> >>> Rob slowly started fucking my girl, it was beautiful, she closed her eyes and you could tell she was loving it, then it happened. Robs ass clinched, and he pumped her full of his cumm, it must have been a while for him cause his load was huge. Rachel’s eyes opened and she immediately realized what had just happened. Rob collapsed next to her on the bed, ego shot as well as his load. Rachel began to kiss and console him, saying it was ok and how great he was. Knowing she hadn’t had enough I laid down beside her and told her to work on getting his cock up,I would clean up her mess. >> >> I watched as she got up on all 4 and masterfully took his cock in her mouth and caressed his balls. I was so enjoying watching her suck his cock I almost forgot my job. When I backed up and saw her beautiful ass dripping with Robs spunk I couldnt help but start licking. I frequently eat her pussy after fucking her, especially when she doesnt cumm. But this was different, the pugent smell of her sweaty ass, then her juices mixed with a huge load of cumm, it was intoxicating. I fevershly licked her ass and clit while pulling every drop of Robs love juice out and on to my tongue. >> >> It was only a couple of minutes til i heard her telling him how she wanted him to fuck her again. Rachel turned around staying on all 4’s offering her pussy to Rob doggy style. Not to be left out I quickly crawled under Rachel positioning my self dirctly under her pussy. Wow, I couldnt believe it there was a hard cock caressing the swollen pussy lips of my girl only inches from my face! I was so in awe I couldnt think straight, but i knew i was going to watch every stroke. >> > Rachel moaned as Rob eased his cock in, as I saw his cock head disappear past the lips of her pussy, I had the most amazing hard on. His firm but gentle stokes were pushing the juices from there first fucking out and they were dripping on my face and into my open and eager mouth. Robs balls were coated with juices, some clear, some milky white. I have never been with a guy or even seen another mans cock up close, but I so wanted to lick his balls. > > The sweet gentle fucking continued for about 5 minutes, with just a slow steady rhythm, each stroke producing a new drop of juices for my open awaiting mouth. Rachel shivered several times, letting me know she had 4 or 5 small orgasms, something I can never make her do ! And then it happened!!! Rachel begin to moan loudly and jerk around, I knew she was having an orgasm and it was going to be a good one! As she trashed and jerked in pure ecstasy I noticed Robs balls and ass tighten, her orgasm was triggering his too! Rob began to pound away at her pussy and each thrust was making Rachel cum and scream! Right as Rob was about to cumm his cock popped out and right into my mouth. I guess it was reflex, but I sucked every drop of his cumm and didn’t lose a drop!!! When they finished, both just stayed there motionless. Rob’s now limp spent cock hanging on my forehead. Rachel’s well fucked pussy still open, so inviting, yet spent itself. > > Both exhausted, Rachel and Rob collapsed on the bed and began kissing and cuddling! I laid there for a moment, my crotch soaked from my own orgasm. My face cackled with juices from the 2 lovers. As I got up and headed to the restroom to clean up I couldn’t help but stop and admire their naked bodies on the bed, cuddled together and totally in love. I got to the restroom splashed my face with water and proceeded to wipe up. Rachel came in to potty, she seemed embarrassed that she was nude in front of my and would not pee until I left. I knew things had changed, I knew she was no longer mine, but now his!!!!!! Knowing it was time for me to go and for them to stay I told them to enjoy each other I would be back in the morning before check out time and left.

Our story starts almost 5 years ago.

Our story starts almost 5 years ago following my cancer and the consequential inability to get an erection and loss of libido. Even though my wife and I are in our mid 50’s she is still a sexy lady who dresses to please and we have enjoyed the swapping scene on and off since our early 20’s, so she still need to be satisfied. During this time we had both been happy and enjoyed watching each other having sex with others plus we are both fully bisexual.

So we agreed that as she needed more satisfaction that I was capable of giving her anymore that we would join some of the swinger sites and see what is around.

As you can imagine we were inundated but also excited by the responses especially from males of all ages.

So we took the plunge and arranged to meet someone we knew from years back who was now divorced. We picked Alan up from near his house and went to a country pub to reacquaint ourselves. Liz was extremely sexily dressed with a simple black dress to the knee with a low front showing her lush 38f cleavage, fishnet stockings, suspender belt and knee high black stiletto boots, she looked so damned horny.

Alan was sat next to her in the pub and we were all talking openly and sexily of what we wanted from the relationship.

After about an hour I went to the loo and when I was on my way back I could see that both of them were touching each other up under the table, which was such a turn on also for me and my cock sprang up surprisingly.

Liz had told Alan that we wanted him to be her lover and that I would watch them perform and take pictures and video if he was agreeable which he readily was.

After many glasses of wine on their part we left in our large 4×4 for the 40 minute journey home with Liz and Alan getting into the back.

I turned the rear view mirror so I could see them kissing and touching each other.

Liz was very horny by this time and within a few minutes I could hear the sound of her unzipping his jeans , followed by oh my God!

Alan’s cock was standing to attention and was 10 inches long and Liz exclaimed bloody hell now that’s what I call a real man’s cock, it was 3 inches longer than mind and very thick also, a real beast.

I watched intently as she took it eagerly into her red lips and they both began moaning and groaning with pleasure, he was repeatedly saying suck my big cock bitch, to which she responded by taking him deeper on each suck.

I was so damned turned on watching him fill my wife’s eager mouth.

After only a short while longer he said he was going to cum and proceeded to fill her throat with what she said later was the biggest load that she has ever had.

She looked up into the mirror and pushed her tongue out to me with loads of cum on it , then swallowed his full load and then said, now that’s what a real man’s load feels and looks like!.

She told me to find somewhere quiet to pull over fucking quickly, which I did as she needed to fuck his superb cock.

I duly stopped in a very quiet layby that knew of and within seconds her dress was off as was her bra and she went down again on Alan’s cock and he quickly got hard again.

She then said that Alan was going to show me how to satisfy his wife and he by this time was pushing 3 or 4 fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

By this time it was obvious that she was gagging for it and his fingers were glistening and he pushed them hard in and out of her wet pussy.

She then exclaimed that she needed his magnificent beast in her cunt now and that I was to watch how to fuck properly, my cock was out by now and I was already wanking hard.

She came loudly and in one movement straddled him and impaled herself down onto his cock and they were fucking like wild animals, all thoughts of protected sex had gone out of the window as they went at it like a pair of on heat dogs.

They fucked very loudly for about 10 minutes, she was talking all the times telling him that he had the best cock that she had ever fucked and that she wanted his seed deep in her.

Within a few minutes she and he both came very loudly indeed, I had never heard her so loud when she came and Alan pumped yet another massive load of his seed deep in her, I had cum a load about a minute before they finished.

They tidied themselves up a little and we went back to our house, where I watched him fuck her in several positions and in every hole for the next 3 hours, it was nothing short of amazing.

He came another three times and I lost count of the times that she orgasmed.

I was made or rather allowed to lick her pussy after he had filled it with his seed and I also managed to get hard again and came in her ass straight after he had deposited his seed in there.

She humiliated me slightly by saying that she couldn’t feel my cock after Alan’s beast, but I didn’t care at all as I was so turned on also.

This started a 2 year long relationship where they fucked at least 2 days a week and had many weekend’s away together enjoying each other, Liz said he had the best cock that she had ever had ever and since.

Sadly we moved away with my job so only see him seldom, but since then I have encouraged Liz to have more relationships and one night stands and to date she has had 43 guys and 11 women.

The best experience for me was when we visited the Chameleons venue in the midlands and we were staying next door overnight in the Premier Inn, where we got the attention of 3 horny black guys who came back with us and fucked her so hard and deep that she could not stand up after an hour, they came 2 or 3 times each over her tits and in her mouth, it was awesome and I watched every second with relish.

One of the guys Ray, she sees several times a month and they now fuck bareback and I have enjoyed licking his immense loads of seed from my wife’s cunt and ass on many occasions, not that I am complaining of course.

More to follow including two waiters in Mauritius who tied her up , fucked her everywhere and covered her in cum several times during our holiday and even wanked their cum over my face on several occasions.

Bye for now more to follow