My Wife Dena’s First Affair

My wife Dena is a very sexy blonde – 5 feet tall, blue eyes. Recently we moved to a new neighborhood. After a neighborhood party she kept talking about our new neighbor and how she thought he was sexy. She would even joke about having sex with him and cheating on me. His name is Danny. Recently when clearing her throat I jokingly called her a cum guzzling queen – and she said, “You’ll have to ask Danny about that!” I had urged her to open up sexually and she finally was starting to be real playful.

The other night I got home and came in to kiss her good night. She was lying on the bed, her hair messy and she looked worn out, her new shoes on the bed. I asked her if she had a hard evening and she said I had no idea. She asked me to come and sit next to her and that she had something to tell me. I sat as she started to talk – her voice shaking.

“After you left tonight to go out I opened a bottle of wine and had a couple of glasses – I was feeling tipsy and started to run a bath. I got undressed and put on my silk pajamas. Just then, the doorbell rang – it was Danny. He was looking for you and I told him you weren’t home. He said he just wanted to check something out on your stereo wiring upstairs but would stop by tomorrow. I told him to come on in – that I didn’t know anything about it but he could look at whatever he wanted. He said playfully, “Anything? Hmmm…..” – It made me blush a little – I offered him a glass of wine – he took it and I poured another for myself and we headed upstairs to the media room to look at the stereo.

I couldn’t get the lights to come up all the way so it was kind of dark – he was trying to see the wiring as I leaned over him – as I crouched down holding a flashlight, he turned to me and just started kissing me and took my glass of wine and set it aside as he lay me back on the floor. We kissed for a few minutes with him on top of me until I pulled away. He started apologizing and saying he didn’t know what came over him but admitted he had a bit of a crush on me. I told him I thought he was sexy but that this was wrong since I was married. He said he should probably go. As I walked him down stairs, he turned to give me a hug goodbye – as we hugged he suddenly grabbed me and we started kissing passionately again. He cupped my bottom and squeezed as we made out – tongue in tongue – he pinned me against the wall and we made out for a few more minutes. We stopped and he took my hand and led me to the bedroom and closed and locked the door. I told him that I didn’t think I could do this and he said he had to have me – I was so wet. He continued kissing me as he unbuttoned my pajama top and I willingly let him undo it and take it off me.

He kissed down my neck and began massaging and kissing my breasts – I ran my fingers through his hair as he did it and I got even wetter- I was afraid my wetness would show through as I was cleanly shaven and not wearing panties. As he kissed his way down my naval and kissed my belly button, he slowly pulled my pajama bottoms down as he looked up at me – it was so sexy and I knew I would let him do anything he wanted to me at that point. As he pulled my pajama bottoms to the floor, I stepped out of them knowing that I was going to let him fuck me. He pulled me close to his face and began licking me up and down, especially my clit and I was about to come. At that point, he stood up and gave me a deep kiss so that I could taste my own juices. He looked deep into my eyes and put his hands on my shoulders with a little pressure. As if in a trance, I knelt down, completely naked, feet behind me, on my knees. I unbuttoned his shorts and slowly unzipped them. I pulled his pants down and I began to rub him before completely pulling down his boxers revealing a huge dick. I pulled it out and immediately engulfed the head with my married mouth – it felt so good to have another man’s dick in my mouth- I wanted him to cum down my throat right then but it got even harder and bigger.

I could barely get his dick in my mouth because it was so big – I sucked him hard but only about half of it would fit in my mouth. He held my head still while he pivoted his big dick in and out, fucking my mouth. I gagged on it a couple of times before he pulled me to my feet and led me to the bed. I got a condom out of the nightstand and handed it to him – he tossed it on the bed as he laid me down and helped me put on my new high heels I had lying on the floor. He lifted me onto the bed and I spread my legs for him. I reached down and spread my wet pussy lips open as I awaited his dick He got on top of me and started rubbing the head of his bare dick up and down my wet opening and slowly started to ease the head of his big dick into my pussy – I said, “Danny, stop – put the rubber on first! Please -” but he ignored me and kept pushing his bare dick further into me – it was so big it hurt at first. He held my hands above my head and pinned me down as he worked his huge dick slowly in and out of my pussy – I was so wet but he was so big he literally had to stretch my pussy. I kept thinking that my husband will surely notice my stretched pussy the next time he fucks me but I didn’t care anymore – I kept saying, “Danny, stop – I can’t do this, stop – I’m married – please don’t do this to me – you’re not even wearing a condom – I can’t fuck you – you’re stretching me…please don’t cum in me – please, at least put the rubber on before you fuck me!!!” – But he held my hands tight to the bed above my head and ignored my pleas as he worked his bare dick deeper and deeper into me. It started to feel really good and I really wanted to be fucked by Danny hard – I dug my heels into his back pulling him deeper inside me.

I whimpered but soon my pussy stretched to accommodate him and it felt incredible. I started telling him to fuck me – that I needed him. As he fucked me deeper and deeper I screamed “Fuck me Danny – You own me now – you own my pussy – fuck it – stretch it and fuck it” He continued fucking me until he got his entire dick in my pussy – I came twice before he even got his whole dick in me. He grabbed my ankles and put my feet in the air and spread my legs as he fucked me deeper and deeper. He slipped off my heels one at a time and licked my feet and my toes. I told him I loved his dick and told him he could fuck me anytime he wanted – that my pussy now belonged to him. He made me promise that he could come over every day and fuck me – I promised him I would fuck him any time and anywhere. He made me promise that I wouldn’t tell my husband but I knew you’d find out the first time you fucked me because of his size. He made me promise that when he called to come over that I would greet him at the door without wearing panties and that I would suck his dick anytime he wanted and anywhere – even if you were home. He was fucking me hard and deep – I was being fucked by another man and I loved it. I screamed “ Fuck me Danny! Cum in me – you own me – cum deep in my pussy!” He couldn’t take it anymore and came a bunch in my pussy – his dick throbbed as he filled me full of cum – I was full of his come – it leaked out of my pussy and dripped onto the bed as he pulled out of me.

After we laid there for a few minutes and I caught my breath, he told me to get him hard again and I leaned down to suck his dick. It got hard quickly and he started saying things like “I own you now Dena – I own your pussy. If you don’t continue to have sex with me I’ll have to tell your husband and everyone else what happened.” That made me almost cum. Soon, he flipped me over on my tummy and worked his dick into me from behind – he grabbed my hips and started fucking me deeper and deeper – it felt so good! He reached around me and grabbed my tits as he fucked me – Cum was dripping out of me as he fucked me until he shot another huge load of cum in my pussy spurt after spurt – I just screamed as I came, “Fuck me Danny – fuck me baby – I belong to you!”. He lay on top of me until he went soft, cum dripping out of me and then he pulled out. He told me to clean him up so his wife wouldn’t catch him – I went down on him again and licked and sucked him clean. He gave me a kiss goodnight and said he would see me tomorrow. He left me laying naked on the bed, worn out, well-fucked and breathing heavy – cum dripping out of me – I was shaking from cumming so hard – my pussy stretched and throbbing.

As she began to apologize and started to cry I held a finger to her mouth to quiet her – I hugged her and as we embraced she looked up at me with a sorrowful, apologetic look. I couldn’t help myself – I grabbed her by the back of the head and started kissing her deeply. I could taste his cum as I made out with my wife- she shoved her cum-covered tongue in my mouth and swirled it around. I reached down her pajama bottoms to feel a very wet, very well-fucked pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and slick with cum. I pulled her bottoms off and smiled at her – as I kissed her, she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed my face down to her naval. I kissed and licked her tummy as she arched her back and pushed my face down to her sticky pussy. She told me she wanted me to eat her out and swallow all of his cum in her pussy. As if hypnotized I went down on her. I began licking her pussy up and down – it was completely full of cum. I began to feverishly eat her pussy and suck the cum out and she was bucking on the bed and finally yelled “fuck me”. As I got on top of her and entered her, my dick went easily in. Her pussy was slick with come and very stretched out. I kept thinking, “I’m getting sloppy seconds with my own wife!” As I lifted her feet in the air and kissed them as I fucked her, I came deep inside of her – adding my cum to Danny’s. As we laid there she told me that she would like to keep her promise to him to let him fuck her everyday and to suck his dick. She told me that she promised to fuck me more if I let her fuck Danny. She told me I could have her after him anytime she fucked him but that she would insist that I clean her up after one of their “dates”. “Once you clean all of the cum out of me, I’ll let you fuck me next. I might me a little loose or stretched out but I will be ready for you to fuck me.” Upon hearing this I got hard again and she pushed me down to clean out her pussy again – “After that I will let you fuck me.” We did 2 more times before falling asleep together.


I was told Sunday to take the day off Monday because I would be going to Edgar’s house. I have never met him although my wife has been fucking him for one year as of Monday. I usually just get to see her get all dressed up before she leaves to see him. Sometimes she asks my opinion about which bra or dress or shoes would look best. After her visits I have the honor of cleaning her up. That is, I get to lick up the cum he leaves in her vagina. When I said I do not want to meet him she said “you have no choice, you are going to be his anniversary present”. It did not sound good but little did I know haw bad it would be.

She told me to bathe wash my hair and be sure to clean my nails. She does not like my nails dirty. I waited while she put on her makeup, did her hair and put on the most beautiful bra and panty set. I had never seen it before. It turned out to be a gift from Edgar. She put on a gorgeous black dress and five inch silver platform shoes. She looked fantastic.

When we arrived at Edgar’s house she used her key to enter since he was not home yet. She told me to follow and led me to the master bedroom. There was a picture of my wife on the night table along with several pieces of her jewelry which she obviously left behind on a previous visit. She told me to get undressed and sit in the corner. She put a dog leash on me and went to the bathroom. She took some of her makeup out of the draw and made a few touch ups to her eyes. Apparently she has practically moved in.

She sat on the bed, leaned against the pillows and put her feet up. “He won’t be long” she said. With that we heard the front door close. “There’s my man” she said, with a big smile on her face. She got up and went to meet him. I heard her say “I have a present for you” and led him by his hand, in to the bedroom. She raised her arm with her palm up as if to point to me as she watched his expression. “It’s our cuckold” she said “he is your present” and they both started to laugh. “Speak” she said in a commanding tone. My face turned red. What could I do, I was sitting naked with a dog leash around my neck. I barked. “Roll over” Edgar shouted. I rolled over. They both laughed loudly.

She reached up, wrapped her arms around Edgar’s neck and began to kiss him passionately. “do you like my present”? He began to pull her dress over her head revealing the beautiful underwear he bought her. Her arms still up in the air they paused for a moment to allow him to get a good look at her beautiful figure. He began to unbutton his shirt as she dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor. She pulled down he shorts revealing his large semi- erect penis. It was not fully erect yet and it was twice the size of mine. She lowered her head to take it in her mouth without touching it. She took more and more until it was half in her mouth. Her head was forced back as it became fully erect. She grasped it in her right hand as she removed it form her mouth, looked and me and said “This is what a real man looks like” then looked up at Edgar with a huge smile.

“I have a special treat for you my little cuckold, but you will have to wait until Edgar is ready”. She then proceeded to suck his cock as she looked in my direction. She licked his balls, she licked his cock, she licked the head and put it so far down her throat she gagged several times. He began to moan as he approached his orgasm. “Come here” she shouted at me”quickly. I hurried over. “Open you mouth”. She stood up, moved Edgar’s penis to within an inch of my open mouth and she began to jerk him off. “This time you will get it fresh and hot and you will get it all” she said as she quickened the pace. Edgar gave a loud moan and I felt his hot cum shooting into my mouth. I seemed to keep coming and coming. I wondered when it would stop. It was hot and thick and by the time it slowed, my mouth was full. “Now put his cock in your mouth and suck it. Suck out every last drop” she said as they both began to laugh. “Swallow it, swallow it all, like I do. They laughed again. “He’s big, you have to open wide don’t you” she said with a big smile. “I know how it feels now you do too” I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and still it was a tight fit as his cock pushed into my mouth. I felt like I was going to gag. “Look at you, she said holding a camera. “Look at you on your knees with real man’s cock in you mouth. I must take a picture of this” I heard the shutter click several times as she moved around to get several angles. “Now I have lost all respect for you. Suck it my little cuckold take it deeper and suck out every last drop” she pushed my head deeper onto his cock as she kissed him. Then pushed me off and told me to sit.

“I will show you how well trained he is’ she told Edgar and said “Cuckold, go to the night table drawer and bring me the KY jelly” I did as she asked, knowing I would now watch him fuck my wife. She lay on the bed, spread her legs, rubbed some KY on his penis and some on herself. She guided his penis inside her, wrapped her arms and legs around him, closed her eyes and French kissed him as he fucked her. After what seemed to be an hour she screamed, he moaned and came inside her. The two fell silent and still for about five minutes, then he pulled out and rolled off her. She picked up her head looked at me, curled her finger and said “Come here my little cuckold and clean me up. Edgar left a big mess”. I went over to the bed, it was wet with sweat, and I licked Edgar’s cum that was dripping out of her vagina. “Make sure you get it all I am a mess”. I got it all.

“Now go lie down in the tub I have one more treat for you”. I lied in the tub as I was told. The two came into the bathroom laughing. My wife stepped into the tub one leg on each side of me, straddling me. Edgar stood outside the tub facing me. She said “ok now” and they both began to pee on me. It was humiliating. They both laughed as they peed. But my wife laughed the loudest. She then told me to shower, get dressed and drive home. She said that she would be spending the night with Edgar to celebrate the remainder of their anniversary. She said “We will talk about your behavior when I get home, be prepared for a spanking”.

A day to remember. And repeat.

Had an extremely great liason on the weekend, a B-day present for my wife.
She turned 44, is still very hot, exercises all the time, and turns heads
wherever she goes. Although she doesn’t think so.

We have been together more than 25 years and have a great life, great family
and great relationship. She had been with 1 man, or boy, before we got together,
but that has been it, at least until we started
getting into this lifestyle. Although, it is hardly a lifestyle, just a little
fun out on our own, and a playmate for her. Also, neither of us are into
humiliation or any other than fun together with a third.

3 years ago we did it for the first time, it was good, but not really.
I did get to watch her get well fucked and suck a lot of dick, but the bull
could not keep it up when putting on a condom and we were careful enough to
make sure he wasn’t going to fuck her without one.

The other side, he did not cum the whole night, but did cum in her mouth
the following morning. Initially she told him he could not cum in her mouth,
but to cum on her tits. He had a lot of sex the previous 12 hours and like I
said had not cum yet, so he really had a good build up. He was standing on
the side of the bed fucking her mouth. He asked if he could cum in her mouth,
and that is when she told him “no, cum on my tits.” When he was ready, he sent
a couple ropes of cum onto her tits, then grabbed her head and forced his 8″
cock into her mouth. He completely filled her mouth and it dribbled out. She
got so turned on when he forced it into her mouth, that she came also. Then
after cleaning his cock off and swallowing all that she could, she took her
fingers and sccoped the cum off her breasts, looked him in the eyes, and began
to lick his cum off her fingers.

So all in all, it turned out alright, but she really didn’t get a long hard
fuck from a biiger cock, so it left us both a little wanting.

Fast forward to last weeked. We got together with another bull in a nice hotel room.
We left the kids at home and went into the city to celebrate the wife’s B-day
for the weekend. She suspected, but didn’t know for sure that I had set something
up with another guy. Finally when I assured her I did, and that she would be more
than happy with my choice, she immediately got very nervous and told me she was
not sure she would go through with it. In fact, she maintained that right up until
the morning we were set to meet. Although she said she was not sure, her reactions
told a different story. We had great sex the night before, fantasizing about what
might happen, and then on Saturday morning, her schedule was basically revolving
around getting ready for him.

She looked absolutely amazing that morning. She wore a black boustier,
garter and stockings and then a very light wrap that did little to cover up.