Holiday romance

Lia is my girlfriend and I’ve been going out with her for 9 months now. She’s been introduced to the porn collection for some 2-3 months. I knew she had a prudish reputation but we were pretty frantic and crazy in bed and while we didn’t do much extravagant, I hoped that my movies would maybe spark an interest. Actually I always wanted to see a gf with another man, preferably black and v hung. I hadn’t talked about it this with her, far from it, but a good first step is fact she enjoyed a good sesh of fucking watching porn.

The second step came even quicker than I thought. We were looking for the place of our first summer hol and chose Cancun for its famous party lifestyle. I’m 28 and Lia is 23, so we have two things in mind when choosing holidays abroad – sun and partaaaaay!

The first week went greatfully. We had awesome holiday but nothing spectacular sexually. Then one day we booked a day trip on a drinky cruise to a neighbouring island. We made for the beach at 10am for a taxi out to the main boat. The taxis were jet skis and while neither of us had been on one before, the waves and current made it a bit of a fearful one as we saw couples crash over the waves. Lia has contacts and was worried that she would loose one if water splashed her face. She explained this to one of the jet ski crew, a 30 something black lad, decked out in black shorts and a yellow lifejacket.

We decided that the ski would be more stable if Lia would go out separate rather than hitch 3 of us. She set off and after the 5 min round trip I hoped on and we made off for the day.

It was a long day, we were drinking drunk soooo much on the boat, with music blaring. It was 7pm by the time we came back, and we got really tired. We made it back to the room and scooted under the sheets, the cool air con chilling us back down.

Lia was horny. I knew it when I was ready to drift off when a hand started stroking my bum. I rolled over to see her semi tanned body lurch towards me, her face sucking at mine, frantically kissing and reaching for my cock to jerk it off. I rummaged between her legs and sunk my fingers inside her. She was soaking, like really wet. I love tasting her when she’s like this, so I ventured south and lapped her hot salty bits as she panted on my face pulling at my hair and rubbing her boobs.

Were ten minutes in and she’s close to cumming when she starts mumbling. I couldn’t make it out at first. Then she repeated.

‘Ive got something to tell you’

‘Don’t stop’ – so I carry on

‘When I got on the jet ski and set off, he touched me up’

‘As we drove upto the boat, he reached a hand behind and dug it into the front of my bikini’

‘I had my arms wrapped tight on his chest and my face in his back for fear of falling off or getting splashed – I didn’t know what to do. He just wouldn’t stop till he settled a finger in me, whipping it out as we approached the boat an smirking to me as he led me aboard’

‘Im telling you now because I liked it, it got me really horny and I’ve been thinking about it all day. Would you be mad if I went out on the jet ski again tomorrow?’

She was cumming loud and spasmodic before I could say a word. I knew I didn’t need to. We fucked like rabbits and without a word being said we knew the plans for the next day were set.

The Chronicles Of Shaun & Annette

The following events happened between October 1987 and August 1990.

Some of you will find this tale hard to imagine actually happened, some of you will not, you can view it as a piece of erotic fantasy or as a confession. Let me assure you every situation described below was real….painfully real.

We were both head over heels in love with one another, loves young dream personified.

Annette was 5’6″ with long, thick curly brown hair that she always wore in a shaggy perm (remember the 80’s just-got-out-of-the-shower-now-come-and-fuck-me look?, that was Annette).

She had wide shoulders, high tits which were a D cup and firm – they tended to get her noticed as she liked to wear tight tops without a bra, big brown eyes which for me were just beautiful to gaze into and nice firm thighs and ass with a milky white complexion.

All in all she was a catch, I was totally in lust with her.

At the time I (Shaun) was a slim, 5’10” and quite muscular even though I only weighed around 150lbs, black hair, brown eyes and not bad looking.

We got together on October 9th 1987 (I don’t think I’ll ever forget that date), we pretty much hit it off immediately after I asked Annette if she’d like to come to the local disco (I forgot to mention that we live in England).

We got ourselves thrown out for drinking cans of beer and ended up making out in the entrance to the library next door after the disco had closed.

For the first 4 months or so it was bliss, Annette was as hooked on me as I was on her, we spent every concievable moment together in her little bedroom at her mums house.

I remember her mum telling me, “it won’t last, you two are living in a fantasy world up there in that room”.

I didn’t listen to her, after all she was old (same age I am now, 40) so what did she know about how we felt!

Then in the spring of ’88 things changed – at first for the better.

We were allowed to spend weekends together in her mums holiday caravan on the coast, a caravan park a few hundred yards from the sea, a few miles along the coast from our city of Plymouth, Devon.

I thought things were great between us before those weekend trips away, but when Annette and I were together in that caravan by the beach she turned into a total nympho, although still loving and addicted to me in every way.

Looking back I don’t know if it was really the “sea air” as some people believe, but rather the fact that we were away from home without having to keep things quiet or listen for the sound of her mums/sisters footsteps coming up the stairs every five minutes.

Whatever the reason, I liked it!

I also liked the fact that Annette was very casual about wearing only a bikini, even when we went to the beach bar in the evening – I think to this day my favourite sight is of a shapely woman in a bikini wearing high heels in a place other than the sandy beach.

So those weekends were amazing, but when we came home we found we couldn’t find the same “fizzle” that we had when we were together in the caravan.

We talked about it (we talked about everything, even though we were only 18 we had very few secrets from one another) and tried experimenting with different things but the problem was our small room in her mums house and the fact that we were pretty much trapped in there.

The answer of course was to spend more time at her mums caravan, now Kathy (Annette’s mum) was a lovely woman who was very in tune with what 18 year olds would be getting up to so she never put any restrictions on us, so extra caravan time was granted to us with just the usual lecture about “being safe” etc.

It was in the summer of ’88 when Annette had 3 weeks off work that my story really begins.

We had booked the caravan for all 3 weeks and we shot down there on a Friday afternoon as soon as Annette left work.

I remember us just looking at each other when we had put our bags down, grinning from ear to ear, we were both thinking the same thing, “3 weeks of sex, when we want, how we want, where we want!”

Sex for us was very orally orientated, I absolutely loved eating Annette out, I loved the way she tasted and most of all the way she responded.

She kept her pussy completely shaven for me and still after all these years I can remember how soft and smooth she was and how it was a million times better than before she shaved it for me.

If it was sunny we’d sunbath on the beach but we found we couldn’t really do anything sexually so we started using the small back lawn area behind the caravan for our afternoon sunbathing/massage/licking sessions.

We really started getting into some more daring stuff, like Annette going to the beach bar wearing a short skirt and no knickers to see what reaction she’d get, with me coming in later to meet her with all the guys jealous that “the tart’s boyfriend has showed up”, and Annette making a big fuss of seeing me as if we’d been apart for ages.

That was quite fun, I remember enjoying being looked on enviously and that’s a little game we’d play most nights in all 3 of the bars that were (at the time) dotted along the holiday park seafront.

Annette brought up going a bit further which I remember thinking was odd as it was normally me who thought up these little dares, so we arranged that she would go to one of the bars as if she were a single piece of ass looking for some action, then later I’d come in and just sit or stand and see her being chatted up.

It was left up to me to dress her as I saw fit for the evenings little game, I can still remember the outfit she wore (I’ll never forget it, or that night), little tartan mini-skirt that came to just below her butt cheeks, no knickers, white high heels and a tight white t-shirt and no bra.

I massaged baby oil into Annette’s legs before she left so she was looking as hot as hell – to tell the truth, I was almost against her going as she looked too good, but by now she had gotten her “slutty” head on and just said, “too late now mister” and gave me a kiss.

Our problem was that because we’d been playing our little game in the bars all week, all the guys would expect me to walk in at any time and for Annette to come running up to me, so we chose a bar that was quite a walk away that we hadn’t been in before.

I remember Annette strutting along the path deliberately wiggling her ass knowing full well I’d be looking at her from the caravan.

The plan was that I’d give her 2 hours, then set off to the pub and…well, just watch and see her getting chatted up.

So first I went to the bar closest to our caravan and had a few games of pool and a few beers, some of the guys I played pool with asked “no girlfriend tonight then?”, I got the impression they missed me “teaching” Annette to play pool which was just an excuse for her to bend over the table and show off her charms knowing full well every guy was watching her.

After the 2 hours were up I strolled along to the pub where Annette was and looked around trying to see her, the place was absolutely packed and the air thick with smoke, I remember a band was playing rock cover versions and I couldn’t hear myself think.

I couldn’t see Annette anywhere so I went to the bar and ordered a drink and then walked around looking some more.

There was a beer garden to the rear and both doors were open so I strolled over and I found Annette.

She was sat in between two guys, her head was resting against one guys chest while the other guy had his hand on her thigh, very high up on her thigh, high enough that he might have been gently fingering her pussy under her little skirt, I couldn’t see clearly though.

As we agreed, I hung back and sort of half looked at what was happening, the guys took in turns slow kissing her and it was clear that Annette was loving the attention.

The unsettling thing for me was, at that moment she wasn’t doing this just to give me a show because she didn’t even know I was there.

The way Annette had her head resting on the guys chest and the way she was totally relaxed made me think of the way she acted when I’d just fucked her, she would do exactly the same thing – cuddle into me and rest her head on my chest.

I made up my mind I had to do something to let her know I was there, so I walked over and asked one of the guys if he had a match, I asked loudly enough to be heard over the music and loudly enough so that Annette would hear my voice and look up.

She did and after I got my cigarette lit I walked off back to where I had been half watching her/half watching the band and Annette whispered something to the guy who appeared to be the leader of the two and they all got up and walked off, as they walked I could see one guy had his arm around her waist while the other had his hand under Annette’s mini skirt resting on the cheeks of her ass. Annette had both her arms around each of the guys’ waists as they walked.

It appeared that they were walking back to the caravan site so I tagged along after them, walking far enough behind to be able to see them stop occassionally and both of them take in turns snogging and groping Annette.

They walked right past our caravan and kept going, now I was in a bit of a pickle, should I follow them and see where they were taking her or should I just go into our caravan and wait for her to come back.

I decided that if they turned around and saw me, the guy who’d just asked them for a match, it might look a bit suspicious, so I reluctantly went into our caravan and went to bed, the images of what I’d seen Annette doing were racing through my head but so was jealousy, it had never gone this far before and now I was wondering if the two of them weren’t going to fuck her.

Little did I know they already had!

Back along I had walked into Annette’s mums house and caught the tail end of a conversation they were having, Kath was adamant that a girl her age should have lots of boyfriends not be stuck with someone like me who was always content just to stay in.

I heard her telling her mum that she loved me and everything we did and that was the end of it as I had just walked into the kitchen and I pretended not to notice what was said.

At around 2am I was awakened by sounds outside the front door, I looked out of the lounge window and there was Annette saying “goodnight” to her two friends.
Just looking at them it was clear to me they’d fucked her, Annette had that slow, dull look she always had when she’d orgasmed a lot, one of the guys was on his knees opening her bum cheeks as if admiring his handiwork while the other deep kissed her and sqeezed her tits.

Eventually, Annette came in and I pretended to be asleep, she stripped off and got in bed next to me and I felt her lovely lips on my cock, I sat up and let her suck me, the way she looked up at me told me she’d been a very naughty girl and I pulled her up and told her we needed to talk and I needed to hear everything.

Annette was a very very sweet and loving girl, very warm and tender, her pet name for me was “puppy” and mine for her was “pussycat”, I decided the easiest way to get the info out of her was to start the, “puppy wants to know what games pussycat has played tonight”, type of tone which she always responded to in kind by talking back to me referring to herself as “pussycat” and talking in the 3rd person.

It seems that pussycat met Chris and Ian in the pub and they chatted her up and bought her drinks, then after a while they went for a walk on the beach where pussycat was fucked by both of them in a little cave underneath the cliff upon which the pub was built.

Annette gave me her cutest, “is puppy angry with pussycat” baby-voice and look which I never could resist and I answered with something like, “puppy loves his pussycat very much and could never be angry with her”.

We sat up in bed and Annette slow wanked me while telling me everything that happened and answered all my classic 18 year old boyfriend questions such as “who did you prefer fucking you the most” and “how many times did you come”.

What really really got me going was when she knelt over me and in the 69 position she brought her pussy and ass right up close to my face so I could see for myself what their cocks had done to her usually tight and trim pussy.

She was a mess, her lips were red and swollen, her anus looked like it was bloated and puffy and sore – I asked her if she’d been fucked in the ass to which she answered in her little cute baby-voice “two times puppy”, this really got me and I began licking her from clit to anus and back again over and over until she shuddered and came hard.

I had my fingers up into her bum exploring her not-so-tight hole which felt gooey and sticky from their mingled cum.

When I’d finished exploring and licking and examining her she told me she had something to tell me.

This wasn’t the first time Chris and Ian had fucked her.

The conversation I had overheard with her mother was just part of a dialogue that had been going on for a while, her mum and her aunt both felt that she was denying herself the “teenage experience” by being with me.

Annette’s aunt was, what’s the word, a bit of a slut on the quiet.

She’d split with her husband due to her infidelity and it was known within the family that she had “male friends” keep her company pretty regularly.

She had a nice figure, very curvy.

Two of these friends were Chris and Ian, both single and in their early 30’s.

Annette told me that one night when she and I had had one of our silly little arguments over nothing (something her mother put down to “living in each others pockets”) and I had gone home sulking, Annette had gone up to her aunt’s to talk to her and the two guys were aleady there.

One thing led to another and they both fucked Annette and her aunt between them, this became a regular pastime whenever Annette and I were away from each other for an evening, culminating in them also booking a caravan at the holiday camp to coincide with our holiday.

To be honest this was a bit of a shock, I thought I was the one pulling the strings in our relationship, I thought the whole idea of letting guys think they’d pulled Annette only for me to turn up and deny them was quite a daring little game for us – yeah right!

So I asked the inevitable, “where does this leave me?”

Annette assured me that she loved me deeply, more than ever now that she’d told me and I didn’t hit the roof – as her mother (her aunt had told Annette’s mum all the juicy details) had suggested that I definately would hit the roof and wasn’t man enough to let her enjoy herself sexually.

This had really put me in a spot.

What should I do.

The whole week had gone from being a journey down horny lane to becoming a nightmare.

We talked for hours, practically all night and I was reassured over and over that I was her man and she loved me BUT she intended to keep seeing Chris and Ian whenever she could.

This hurt a bit and I asked the obvious, “if I said I’d leave you if you continued seeing them, what would you do?”.

Annette said she didn’t know and hoped I wouldn’t make her choose because I might not like her choice!

Chris (the leader of the two) had told Annette earlier that she should tell me so that they didn’t have to sneak around anymore, he echoed her mothers (and aunts) thoughts that if I was a real man I’d let her be fulfilled sexually.

The choice was obvious, let her do what she wanted and keep her.

So, I reluctantly agreed and she cried – that was when it really hit home how important these “fuckings” were to her, she actually cried with relief when I said she could continue seeing them!

The only “rule” I tried to get across was that I wouldn’t be made to look an idiot in front of everyone by being with a girl who everyone knew was getting double-fucked behind my back, it had to be discreet, to which Annette agreed.

We still had two weeks left in the caravan.

The next day I was taken up to meet Chris and Ian, I absolutely dreaded walking up that road to their caravan, Annette was beaming and very happy while I was nervous as hell.

Chris was outside hoovering out his car, I remember it being a huge 4 wheel drive, he held Annette tight to him and kissed her deeply with me standing there not knowing what to do or where to look.

With one arm still around her he shook my hand as Annette introduced us, hearing the voices brought out Ian and the same thing happened, he french kissed Annette right in front of me like it was the most natural thing in the world, then Annette introduced us and I shook his hand.

We all went inside and Ian made the tea while Annette, Chris and I sat in the lounge, I was hoping Annette would have sat cuddled up to me – no chance.

She was sat on Chris’s lap with her head on his chest just like when I saw them in the pub the previous night.

His hands were on her thighs and caressing them right up to her pussy.

Ian came in with the tea on a tray and sat on the other side of Chris so he could have his feel of her other leg.

Annette broke the silence by telling them both that I knew everything and was cool with it.

Being 18 and hardly used to this situation I sort of blurted out, “the only thing is can you keep it a secret between us?”

To which Chris said, “you mean a secret between us four, Annette’s mum, her aunt, her sister and whoever we want Annette to fuck in our little circle…ok” – to which Ian laughed out loud and Annette smiled up at him like he’d just told a great joke.

I realized then that I was out of my depth, I wasn’t going to have any say in what happened at all – which turned out to be absolutely true.

Chris told Annette to sit on my lap, which she did, then he told me how it was going to be, basically he let me know that Annette was getting from them and a few friends of theirs everything that she wasn’t getting from me and she liked getting it, to which Annette agreed with him.

Then I said, “so I don’t have any say at all in what MY girlfriend does?”.

I think looking back I may have raised my voice there a little, after all I was only 18 and getting a bit emotional at everything that was being said.

Chris said, “yes Shaun you have a choice, you have two choices, you can let Annette explore sex with a group of experienced guys who know how to fuck her properly, or you can try and make her leave us”.

Chris said that with a smile on his face, he knew as well as I did that I didn’t stand a hope in hell of making her stop seeing them.

“Look Shaun, we can all be friends here or we can make things very difficult for you, now, are you going to give Annette your blessing in fucking us?” – Ian was grinning like a Cheshire cat as Chris said this.

“Ok” I said.

“Not good enough Shaun”

“Say it like you mean it”

“I give Annette my full blessing to be fucked by you and Ian and your friends whenever you want”

Then Annette kissed me and said, “thankyou”.

Strangely enough, I had a massive boner as I was saying this out loud.

Then Chris went into some rules, he told me that penetrative sex with Annette was forbidden, actual sexual intercourse was only going to be carried out by “the guys”.

Then Annette piped up and told me I was allowed to lick her the same as I’d always done and since we hardly had full sex anyway, did the ban really matter?

Another rule was that Annette was not to perform oral sex on me, if I needed to come then she would use her hand or encourage me to jack off while telling me about being fucked by her “guys”.

Then Chris asked if I agreed to the rules, I said I did.

He also said that if I broke any of the rules or if Annette felt that I had tried to encourage her to break them, I would be punished.

“Well, now that we’ve got that settled, let’s go out for a drink to celebrate”, said Chris.

We went to the bar where Annette had played her little tease games all week and went upstairs to the pool table area, Annette was seated firmly between her “guys” and they took turns kissing her – despite my asking them to keep it discreet.

The guys explained how they’d first fucked Annette after we’d had one of our childish little arguments and how she was very keen to fuck as often as possible after that.

They went into details about how they busted her anal cherry and guessed that I must have licked Annette at least a dozen times with her pussy full of their spunk and that there was no way I could have not thought something was different. I admitted that her pussy did taste and look and feel different sometimes but I didn’t want to admit to myself that someone else might be fucking her, it was easier for me to just to overlook it and carry on as normal – telling them this made me feel very immature.

They told me her auntie and mother were very proud of her and especially her older sister – more on that later.

All afternoon we sat in that bar with them telling me how good she was getting at fucking and how proud everyone was of her, apparently her auntie liked to “help out” with Annette’s fucks and would assist by squeezing her tits/nipples or fingering her clit, it was her aunt who lubed up Annette’s virgin bumhole ready for Chris and the next day she told Annette’s mother, who was beaming with pride, apparrently.

When it was time to leave we all headed back to our caravan, Chris felt it was important for me to witness the first double-fuck in familiar surroundings, he said he wanted to impress upon me forever that the caravan which I thought was mine and Annette’s pleasure palace was now “the guys” fuck-stop.

As soon as we got in it all happened very quickly, I was told to strip naked and sit on the sofa while the guys got to work on Annette, they took great care to position her so I could see her taking cock in both holes.

One of the most incredible sights was when Annette was on her knees with her hands on my thighs, she was looking right into my eyes with her mouth open as Ian fucked her ass.

As they both pounded away at her, Chris said he was going to start a ledger, detailing every single time Annette was fucked, by whom, for how long, how many times she came etc etc, he also said that I would have to sign each entry to show that not only had I read all that Annette had done, but also approved of it – more on this later.

During the sexing Annette built up to a huge orgasm and as Chris pulled out she squirted right across the carpet, it was the first time I had ever seen her do that, I didn’t even know she could do that.

Their stamina was amazing, far better than mine with cocks much longer and fatter than my own, and she seemed to be squirting heavily throughout the fucking. I started to understand now the attraction that Annette had for them, they were giving her pleasure that I had no hope of giving her.

Eventually, when they had both come and recovered from their fucking, Chris said, “now she’s all yours again”, “just remember the rules”.

They got dressed and Annette, still naked with spunk dribbling down her thighs from her saturated pussy, kissed them goodnight at the door.

Annette took a writing pad from the kitchen drawer and led me into the bedroom, I laid down on the bed with her pussy and ass stuck right in my face, then Annette instructed me to lick her very slowly while she began writing up all that had happened that day for Chris’s ledger. She told me her mum, auntie and sister would read it as soon as we got home – I was dreading that.

So I did as I was told and licked her very slowly as she wrote, sometimes she’d ask me if I remembered what position she was in when Chris fucked her ass or when Ian made her cum with his fast fucking style – it was very important to Annette to write down every minute detail, including how I acted and spoke and the ease with which I was “bested” by her “guys” and how uncomfortable I looked when I was told that her family would read what she’d written – she said this would show them that I had the balls to let her enjoy sex after all.

When Annette had finished writing I was allowed to lick her properly, and do the one thing I excelled at.

Only this time she told me the object wasn’t to make her cum, but to lick, lap and suck out all of their mingled juices.

I got to work on her pussy eagerly and did my best in sucking/licking it all out, then Annette turned her head to me and said, “they fucked two holes you know”.

That was my instruction to deeply tongue her anus, something I’d never done before but had always wanted to do.

I really really enjoyed that.

When she’d had enough licking, she told me that “puppy had been such a good doggy today” in her little cute girlie voice, “that puppy deserves a treat”.

So, she gently wanked me and talked to me telling me how much she loved me, then she had an idea which would later be put into her writings of earlier, I straddled Annette as she lay on the bed, my cock was just above her tits as she wanked me.

She said, “puppy can cum but puppy has to clean up his mess”.

I knew exactly what she meant and I moaned as she expertly wanked me and tapped my balls to encourage me to shoot my load.

With all I’d seen that day it didn’t take long for me to lose my load, thick globs of hot goo landed on Annette’s big firm tits, “there, there, good boy Shaun” she said as glob after glob flew out of my cock.

Annette kept on milking me till she was sure she’d emptied me completely, then she told me to put my hands behind my head and she let me recover for a few minutes.

Then it was cleanup time so I obediently lapped up all my own cum off her tits while being told, “such a good puppy”.

Afterward we lay in bed holding each other, Annette lovingly cuddled into me and I wrapped my arms around her, telling her how much I loved her, with that close affection we drifted off to sleep.

The next day Annette gave Chris her writings of the night before and Chris told her it would be a good idea for her to create a ledger just for Shaun, so “the guys” could see exactly how good he was at following the rules, this delighted Annette and horrified me.

The remaining two weeks were spent with Chris and Ian, the days followed a regular pattern of sunbathing, drinking, then them fucking Annette in the early evening with me taking care of cleanup duties after they’d finished while Annette busily wrote everything down in “Shaun’s Ledger”.

I did note how as soon as they’d both emptied their balls into Annette, they soon lost interest, until they were ready to fuck again – Annette added this comment into my ledger.

Chris in particular was intent on having me very close to him as he ploughed Annette’s cunt with his cock, he thoroughly enjoyed talking to me as he gave Annette her brutal fuckings, when he came he always said, “there you go Shaun, a nice cuntful of dessert from Uncle Chris”.

We were at Chris’s caravan one morning and I remember it was raining, he said he had a little test for me, he wanted to “cane” me in front of Annette and Ian.

I thought he meant on the palm of my hand but he wanted to thrash my bare ass, I was reluctant and didn’t want to but Annette reminded me that I had to follow his instructions (orders) otherwise I might not be allowed to spend time with her. I looked at her and saw she meant it so, with no choice in the matter, I slipped out of my shorts and let Ian guide me to the kitchen table, I had to lean forward across the table while keeping my legs straight and my back arched.

Annette was told to hold onto my hands and to make me look right into her eyes.
I heard the “swish” of the bamboo stick and the “tap” as it stung my ass, at first it didn’t hurt much but as Chris got into his rhythm and found his range he began to really lay it on me and it began to sting, I didn’t let on that it stung but Annette knew I was gritting my teeth and she was smiling as she looked into my eyes.

That first session I must’ve took 35 strokes or so of the cane and was then allowed to put my shorts back on, I hadn’t been caned since school and my ass was on fire, I found it difficult to walk. Later Chris told Annette to gently massage some baby oil into my ass to help ease the throbbing.

Chris and Ian caned me daily, at first they only did it when they weren’t fucking Annette but Chris believed it would be more impactful if I was made to watch them taking in turns fucking her while they took in turns caning me.

They also brought Annette into the caning sessions and would cane her just prior to sending us home to our caravan or just before they left us if they were at our place – they never actually made Annette stay the night with them, Chris knew that we needed nights together, Annette and I, to further develope the bond and control that the two guys had over us both.

Watching Chris and Ian thrash Annette with the cane was a very powerful image for me, she was in genuine agony as she tried to stop from screaming out loud, they made her wear a cock gag so as to muffle her cries completely.

So when we went to bed each night both our asses were red raw and Annette’s pussy was filled with Chris and Ian’s seed, on top of this Annette was always brought to tears by the industrial strength caning and very often there’d be streaks of blood along the welts on her bum.

Several times I had to give her a firemans carry from Chris’s caravan back to our caravan as it was just too painful for her to walk.

As the days went by I started to enjoy being controlled and having no choice in letting my girlfriend get fucked and caned, there was a power exchange thing going on which grew on me as time passed.

When the day finally came for us to go home I was dreading it, I knew that in a few hours Kath, Claire and Liz would all be reading my ledger as promised by Annette – the fact that I told her I was dreading them reading it also was written in the ledger.

It was decided that as this was our last day (actually last morning) we’d be given an extra special caning to celebrate.

I went first and found that Ian had bought or found another cane so the two guys doubled up and turned my ass and backs of my legs into a mass of red raw thrashed flesh.

Afterwards I stood leaning against the fridge while they prepared Annette, this time she was tied to the legs of the kitchen table with string on her ankles and her wrists.

They really went to town on her ass and back, then they turned her over and I watched in amazement as they caned her tummy and her tits, they even got her in her armpits – Chris aimed a few shots at her pussy which made her squirm so hard I thought she’d break the string.

Annette was thrashing around in agony, but I just wanted them to continue, Chris could see the look of lust and wonder on my face and held out his cane to me, he was offering it to me.

“Go on, get your own back”, he whispered to me, at first I caned her tits but not too hard, I’d never caned anyone in my life before, but as I caned her so I enjoyed more and more the effect it was having on both Annette and myself, in the end I was really raising it way up over my head and sending it whistling down through the air to crack right across her tits.

Annette was a mess.

Her tits had red welts running all over them, as did her tummy.

Her ass and back of her thighs were so bad that we had to dress her in a long skirt to cover her up, Ian had some strong painkillers and in the back of the car she fell asleep.

As we drove back Chris said that I was free to cane her as and when I wanted, but I couldn’t fuck her, no matter how horny the caning made me feel, he asked me if I could be trusted and I said I could.

He told me that while Annette could fuck anyone she wanted and I had to clean her out, I could get my own back by caning her and causing her pain – what I didn’t know was that Annette had the same “caning rights” over me as I had over her.

But that little chat made me feel better, it was like I had some leverage now and it wasn’t completely one-sided.

We got back to Annette’s house and I woke her up, she said she was stiff and tight but she could walk, I tried to act like nothing had happened being confident and saying hi to everyone, but I was soon shot down as Chris grabbed Annette and french kissed her right in front of Kath, Claire (Annette’s sister) and Liz. Wolf whistles and cheers from the three ladies only encouraged Chris to squeeze Annette’s bumcheeks (which made her wince and moan) and really go to town on her while I stood there like a lemon not knowing where to look.

Any confidence I’d put on had at that point disintegrated completely.

They were all giggling and smiling at Chris’s apparent mastery over me and Annette when Claire said, “well what’s this”, as she saw a book with the words, “Shaun’s Ledger” written in big bold block capitals on the front sticking out of Annette’s little bag – my heart sank, if the floor could’ve opened up and swallowed me right then I’d have jumped in willingly.

She took it out and flicked through it quickly and to my relief she said, “there’s pages and pages to read, let’s all have a look later” – she held it close to her chest and looked at me and smiled hugely.

Now that they’d dropped us back and rubbed my face in it I think Chris and Ian felt their work was done for the time being, but before they left they both snogged Annette deeply in front of everyone again, with Chris then saying, “we’ll call you on Friday and you’re ours again for the weekend, you got any problems with that arrangement Shaun?”

I said “no”.

“Good man” said Chris, then he told them that Annette had begun a ledger and it might be a good idea if they all contributed to it weekly so he could check on Shaun’s progress, Chris said, “Shaun is doing very well but he’s got a very long way to go and I’m sure you beautiful ladies can all help give him the encouragement he needs”.

He then handed one cane to Kath and the other to Liz, he said, “Now and again Shaun needs a little reminder”, they both laughed and said they’d love to remind him every now and again.

So the situation up until this point was as follows:

Kathy – Annette’s mother. Thought Shaun was a waste of time and not the best thing for her daughter, but if Annette wouldn’t leave him then Claire was quite content knowing she was getting royally fucked while Shaun knew about it and had no choice but to accept and encourage it.

Claire – Annette’s older sister by 3 years. Before Shaun came on the scene Claire & Annette were extremely close, doing everything and going everywhere together. Then Shaun arrived and Claire was left alone. She had no boyfriend and had to listen to Annette being licked to orgasm every night in the next room. To say she disliked Shaun was an understatement. She’d love to get her own back.

Liz – Annette’s aunt and Kath’s younger sister by 2 years. Thought Shaun was actually rather pleasant. Always polite, sincere, friendly and good looking. She actually had a thing for him.

When “the guys” left I said I’d better toddle off home (I lived at my parents house, well actually I ate meals at my parents house and that’s about it) but Kath said, “oh we’ve forgotten to tell you, while you and Annette were ‘busy’ at the caravan (giggles here from Claire) I’ve cleared it with your parents to let you live here. It’s the logical thing to do since you practically live here anyway, isn’t it Shaun?”.

“Yes Kath”, I answered.

“Oh Shaun, why don’t you call me mum, and I’ll call you puppy, that’s friendlier don’t you think?”
(loud laughter from Claire and Liz here)

“Yes mum”, I answered, knowing I had to follow her rules as I was now living in her house.

Annette then asked Claire for the ledger, when she asked why she told her that she liked to write Shaun’s performances for the day in the ledger as he licked her pussy – it gave her inspiration to write while he licked her.

Hilarious laughter from all three.

Then, finally, I was allowed to go upstairs with Annette holding my hand and leading the way.

Again in the now familiar position with Annette’s red ass stuck in my face I licked slowly while she wrote, detailing every single moment from the time we awoke this morning to the car journey home to my humiliation at the hands of the female members of her family.

By now Annette had gotten into the routine of reading the entry back to me to make sure she hadn’t missed out anything important, she read it out loud and if anyone was outside her room, they’d have heard every word.

After reading it back to me Annette made to get up and get dressed to give the ledger back to Claire as she was calling up the stairs for her to “hurry up and let us read it”, then Annette changed her mind and told me to give it to Claire, red faced I got up and started getting dressed, but Annette said, “no, just as you are”.

I looked at her and said, “Claire might see my ass all red”, she just raised her eyebrow and asked me if I was disobeying the rules, I said no and reluctantly walked down the stairs with the ledger, Claire was smiling broadly.

I handed it to her and in a flash Claire grabbed my balls and whispered in my ear, “this weekend Annette is going to be staying at Chris’s getting fucked, mum is going to the caravan, auntie Liz is visiting gran in London, that means it’s just you and me from Friday night till Monday morning”.

Then she let go off my balls and strolled into the lounge with the ledger.

Back upstairs Annette asked me what Claire said to me, I told her what she said and Annette made me promise that I’d follow Claires rules as if they were from her or Chris.

Reluctantly I said I would.

Downstairs we heard the sound of laughter every now and again as Annette wanted me to eat her pussy knowing her family were now reading what she’d written about me over the last two weeks – whenever a possibly embarrassing scenario was taking place Annette always liked me to be licking her cunt, if she was on the phone to some new “stud” telling him how her boyfriend “couldn’t get it up” it would be while I was licking her pussy. Annette told me it was very important for her to take control of me in this way, she said it showed how much I loved her if I continued to try and please her even though what I was asked (told) to do was against my nature.

After two orgasms I asked Annette about Chris’s friends and when she’d be meeting them, she told me this weekend was going to be an introduction to them and she was very excited, she also added that she felt sorry I wasn’t going to be there to enjoy my “dessert”. I asked her if on special occassions like my birthday and our anniversary I would be allowed to fuck her, she told me no, she said she’d be thinking up something special for those times but I would never fuck her myself again.

Pulling me up to her face, Annette said, “Shaun my puppy love, I don’t think it’s right that you be allowed to cane me, I think I should cane you on the days when I’ve been fucked just to keep reminding you that I’m not yours anymore”.

I was gutted, I said, “But Chris said it was ok for me to cane you as long as I didn’t fuck you”.

“And what do you mean by saying you’re not mine anymore, I thought you loved me?”.

“I do love you my sweet puppy, but I love getting fucked even more, I’m going to be fucking around Shaun and fucking around a lot, I’m going to get fucked by your friends my sweet, I’ve been thinking about how super sexy it’s going to be to cane you with you wondering who has just fucked me, and I’m not going to tell you until AFTER you’ve cleaned me out”.

I was speechless – but I also had a huge hardon, part of me, the sexual part was revelling in this although my emotional side kept rebelling against it.

“I want you to go up to the shops and buy a green stick in the general store, you know the ones, the thin green sticks that grandad uses for his beans, I’m going to swish your bum with the green stick and not the bamboo ones that Chris and Ian gave to mum, every time I fuck one of your friends”.

Having felt pretty pleased with myself in the car on the way back I was now completely deflated, I couldn’t cane her but that was the least of my worries, now she was hell bent on fucking my friends and what could I do to stop her….nothing!

With it being a Sunday the shops were closed and I’d completely forgotten, the nearest general store was a few miles away so I trudged along to try and find one of those green sticks. Turned out they had them and I bought three.

A couple hours later I got back to Annette’s and when I walked back into her bedroom she took the sticks from me and swished one through the air, it was a bit bendy and I knew it would sting like crazy when she used it.

“Take your shorts off and bend over the bed Shaun”.

I looked at her wondering what was going on, I said to her “you said you’d cane me only when you’d fucked one of my friends?”

“Annette grinned back and said, “that’s right, you’ve been gone 2 hours and I got bored, so I went to see John next door, he’s given you some lovely dessert, but first my puppy love, bend over”.

It still wasn’t registering, was she just making it up or had she fucked John, I knew he had a thing for her but I’d only been gone for….”CRACK”….that hurt, god did that hurt.

The stick wasn’t bamboo, it was far more flexible, it swished through the air and cut into my ass cheeks, I grunted and asked how many I’d have to take, Annette asked me how old John was, I told her he was 21….

21 strokes later she stopped.

After the caning I’d been given earlier in the day and now this one, my bum was in agony, I couldn’t sit down so Annette made me kneel while she positioned her cunt doggy style in front of me so I could clean her out with my tongue.

She wasn’t making it up, I could see she’d been well fucked and John had shot a big load deep inside her, she told me he got really turned on by the lash marks and even more turned on when Annette had told him that her new “studs” had whipped her.

“John thinks you’re having problems getting it up Shaun”, she told me, “and while he fucked me I told him he was much better at fucking than you”.

“He wants to start seeing me Shaun and I’ve told him he can fuck me whenever it suits him”.

All of this she was telling me while I licked her, Annette wasn’t content just to get fucked, she had to make her studs believe the reason she needed fucking was because I couldn’t get it up and/or last very long. It seemed she wasn’t satisfied unless she had cuckolded me completely.

With John only living a few feet away in the next house it meant that my evenings with Annette were limited to eating her out when she came back late at night and receiving my “canings”.

This affair with John lasted a couple of weeks and then Annette seemed to have gotten bored with him (much to my relief), she said she wanted to find another stud and wanted me to write down a list of all the guys I knew in the area, she also compiled a list and we put the names together.

“Lee and Gary”, she said as she looked over my list.

Lee and Gary were two guys I’d known since I was little, we’d all been to the same schools and grew up together, but as we reached our teens those two became very tight and closed me out, we used to go fishing together a lot but for some reason I was seen as the lowest point in the triangle and they started leaving me out of their plans which was very hurtful at the time.

I begged Annette not to target them, I explained how it was that I’d been left behind by them and didn’t see them anymore.

This fascinated Annette and I was made to tell her everything I could remember about our fishing expeditions and about being a group of teenage males watching our first porno movie etc etc.

I confessed all in the hope that when she learned how I’d been cruelly ditched by my friends when I was younger she perhaps might sympathise with me and leave them well alone.

Annette wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, she said, “you poor baby, that was so unfair what they did, you didn’t deserve that”.
I was very relieved, then she said, “I’m going to make their mastery over you complete, I’m going to fuck them both together and you’re going to suck their cum out of my cunt”.

I started to say something but she just kissed me, Annette’s kisses could make me forget everything and I just kissed her back, afterwards she told me to get the phone book from downstairs and bring it up, she made me track down their numbers and when she had me comfortably propped up on the bed with baby oil massaged into my ass she called Lee first.

“Hi, is that Lee, oh hello, this is Annette I’m with your friend Shaun”, all of a sudden it seemed I was “his friend” again and I listened as Annette told him how I wasn’t performing in bed and as he was an old friend could he help Shaun out and fill in for him between the sheets, she went on to ask if he was still in touch with Gary, it turned out he was, then she asked if she could meet them both to help out their old friend Shaun in his hour of need.

When she wanted something Annette put on her “helpless little girl” voice which was just impossible to resist, 10 minutes later the phone rang, it was Lee, they could both meet her on Friday, Annette said that was too far away (she was going up to stay with Chris and Ian on Friday), how about Wednesday, Annette said her house would be empty for the evening for about three hours on Wednesday.

She thanked him repeatedly telling him that it would really be helping Shaun and the more often they could “see her” the better.

The emotional part of me was disgusted with Annette for wanting to fuck my two former best friends who had decided I wasn’t good enough to be in their gang but the sexual part of me was massively turned on by the whole thing.

Annette lay back against me and talked to me in her seductress voice, soon I was under her spell yet again as she told me she’d fancied them both for ages and how one night when we were both out on the town together I had lost her in a club, she had snuck off with Lee for a snog and a grope out of sight.

By now I was very turned on and gave her my blessing to get creamed by them both, she made me promise to clean her afterwards and I said I would.

Wednesday night arrived and I was made to get inside her wardrobe, we put a chair in there and I took the back of the wardrobe off as the wardrobe itself was placed in front of an alcove which gave me more room to sit in.

Annette had filled the room with candles which illuminated the bed in a kind of romantic glow but left me inside the wardrobe in virtual darkness.

Annette had chosen a silky black negligee that didn’t cover her pussy or bum, the welts had faded and she looked absolutely stunning in the soft candlelight, she had made me freshly shave her legs and cunt and massage her with oils and her skin was moist and glowing.

At 7.30 she put on her high heels and went downstairs while I got inside the wardrobe and sat on the chair staring through the crack in the door, about 15 minutes went by and I heard a knock on the front door, it was Lee and Gary.

I heard comments on her figure and outfit, then footsteps coming up the stairs with some loud “SLAPS” as one of them was obviously slapping her ass as she strutted up the stairs in front of him.

Once inside the bedroom the two guys, my former best friends, wasted no time at all, Annette was manhandled roughly and soon had Lee’s cock in her mouth while Gary sucked on her shaven twat.

Annette did her best to stare straight at me while they fucked her, it seemed she wanted the fucking to be as impactful as possible for me.
As I watched them really laying her hard it was all I could do not to start wanking, but I couldn’t risk a coathanger moving and making a noise so I just sat there with my eyes glued straight ahead through the gap in the door to her bed.

They had clearly double-fucked a girl before because they DP’d Annette with ease and knew exactly how to position themselves.

Lee came first and shot his load deep inside her ass, Gary soon blew his load into her womb and they all collapsed on the bed and lay there for a while.

Annette was laying on her side looking right at me and licking her lips as if to say, “I’ve got some yummy dessert for you to eat”.

Annette told the guys that Shaun would be back from the pub in a bit and they got up and hurriedly got dressed, as soon as they had left the room and were walking downstairs I jumped out of the wardrobe with really bad cramp in my toe from sitting with my feet crunched up against the wardrobe door for 2 hours.

I heard Annette thanking them both and they promised they’d “help her and Shaun” again soon, they left and I heard the front door close.

I went downstairs to find Annette in the kitchen making us a cup of tea, “after our tea you need caning and I need cleaning”, she informed me.

It wasn’t as bad as my emotions had convinced me it would be, it was actually quite enjoyable once I’d gotten past the fact that these were my two former best mates who were filling her up with cum.

Lee and Gary became Annette’s, “Wednesday Night Appointment” for a while, she definately preferred two cocks.

That Friday she was being collected by Chris and I wondered what Claire had in store for me.

Friday soon came along and by the evening it was just Claire and I left in the house as I kissed Annette goodbye before watching her being escorted down to the car by Chris.

“His girlfriends going to be gangbanged all weekend”, said Ian to Claire, she smiled and asked me if I had a problem with that, I said I didn’t and Ian laughed and walked down to the car.

As they drove away Ian pulled Annette’s vest over her head so we could both see her tits, Annette waved to us as Ian started tweeking her nipples and waving to us.

“I’ve been thinking all week about what I’m going to do with you this weekend”.

“We’re going to play a little game”.

“Ok Claire, anything you want”.

“You, my little puppy, are going to treat me as if I were Annette all weekend, you are going to lick me, kiss me, talk to me as if I were her, every time you screw up your balls get a slap. Do you understand?”.

“Yes pussycat”, I answered.

Claire laughed, “oh that’s good Shaun, very good, think you can keep that up all weekend?”

“I’ll try my best my love”.

We went inside.

Upstairs in her bedroom Claire had me strip and secured my wrists behind my back with a cheap pair of plastic fake police handcuffs.

Then she stripped herself and I was amazed at how similar her figure was to Annette’s, same hips, same ass, same skin tone, same shaven pussy, but her clitoris and pussy lips, my god, they were huge, I stared at them in disbelief, praying that I’d be allowed to pay homeage to them.

“When’s the last time you fucked Annette?”

Thinking this was a trick question I took my time and answered as if it was.

“Can’t you remember my love, it was last year on my birthday, you told Chris and Ian at the caravan last week that you faked three orgasms to boost my ego”.

“Mmm, you are a clever one aren’t you?”

“Only for you, pussycat”.

“Go downstairs, pick up the ledger with your teeth and bring it up here”.

“Yes, Annette”.

It took me a while to get my teeth around the ledger firm enough to carry it up but eventually I did and when I returned to Claires bedroom I had a bit of a shock.

Laid out on the bed were items – a butt plug with a curly puppy tail attachment, a bottle of lube, a cock and ball harness with short lead, a puppy-dog mask, the kind you might see at a fancy dress party.

“I’ve decided to take you for a walk, but first we have to get you in character don’t we Shaun?”.

“Yes my love”.

I spread my legs wide as Claire kicked my ankles apart, then she squirted some lube onto her fingers and began rubbing it over my anus, ever more firmly.

She eased one finger into my anus, “oh that’s nice and tight my puppy, puppy has a nice tight asshole doesn’t he?” asked Claire in a mock childish voice, quite like Annette’s mock childish voice.

“Yes pussycat”, I struggled to say.

“Bend over Shaun”.

I bent over and she eased in the butt plug, it hurt at first until the widest part was in, then it kind of slipped in the rest of the way by itself.

“There, doesn’t that feel lovely, now you know why Annette likes a big cock in her ass, it feels so good and tight doesn’t it?”

I struggled to say, “yes Claire”.

“What did you call me Shaun?”

“I’m sorry, I mean’t yes pussycat”.

“Too late” .


The pain was excrutiating, I almost fell over but Claire held me up by my cock.

“My name is Annette sweetheart”, she whispered in my ear.

“Yes, Annette”.

“Good boy, now shall we try on the cock and ball restraint and lead?”

“Yes please Annette, that would be lovely”.

Claire attached the gadget while securing the base tightly enough to ensure that no matter what, I wouldn’t be cumming tonight, or at least not until she loosened it or took it off.

The straps were pressing against my balls and cock stem in such a way that I had a rock solid hard-on that just would not go down.

Next came the mask, it was tight and made of rubber and I could only breath through two nose holes.

Ally then took the lead and led me downstairs, giving me little “reminder” tugs as she walked.

By the front door we stopped and out of the gas cupboard she wrapped me in an old long grey raincoat that looked as if cats had spent the last 10 years sleeping on it, she did up the buttons and the belt and to anyone who saw us it just appeared like a couple going for a walk, unless they noticed the lead which went from her hand to inside the crotch area in the coat – and of course the silly mask.

Off we went, I didn’t know where we were going, but I knew the direction all too well, I hoped we wouldn’t turn left – we did!

I stopped and said, “no pussycat, please not that way, they might……”.


I quickly quieted down and did the only thing I could do – I continued walking keeping up with Claire.

Outside my parents house we stopped.

“Kiss me”.

She lifted up the mask and I kissed her.

“That was too fast, you don’t kiss Annette that fast”


“Kiss me slowly or we knock on your parents door and I hand over the lead to your mother”.

With my hands still cuffed behind my back under the raincoat I kissed Claire as slowly and as sensously as I possibly could.

“That’s better”, she lowered the mask, gave another yank on the lead and off we went again.

This time I knew where we were going since we had entered a Cul-de-sac (a street with a dead end), only one person I knew lived here…..Liz, Claire’s auntie.

Liz was ok, she liked me, I felt a little relieved, I should’ve known better!

“You thought auntie Liz was visiting gran in London didn’t you…chuckles…that’s what we wanted you to think”.

I was led to the front door of Auntie Liz, who opened it as soon as we got there.

Liz was dressed in high heels and a silk negligee, much like the one that Annette had wore for her “date” earlier in the week, too short to even cover her pussy, she looked gorgeous.

“Auntie Liz, I think I’ve found a stray, shall we take him in?”

Laughing Liz replied, “oh yes, I think I’ve got some things that a lost lil pup like this one will enjoy”.

Liz took my lead, gave it a yank and I was led in, Claire enjoyed yanking the tail of my butt plug as we walked.

As soon as we got into the lounge the mask was removed and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

On the floor was a collection of squeaky doggie toys, on the coffee table were three tins of Pedigree Chum dog food (chicken flavour, rabbit flavour, duck flavour) and a large bag of doggie treats (biscuits shaped like bones), beside the table were two bowls, one full of water and one empty, clearly the food bowl, on the side of each were printed the word “Shaun”.

Taking off my coat and releasing my handcuffs Liz made me kneel at her feet on the floor while Claire handed her the ledger that I’d completely forgotten about up till this point.

“Now Shaun, you do understand the rules that Chris and Annette have outlined for you don’t you?”

“Yes, Liz”.

“No, no Shaun, doggies can’t talk, they woof, one woof for a yes, two woofs for a no, understand?”

“Liz, look this has gone far enou…..”.


“What did you say Shaun?”


“Good boy”

Huge smiles from Claire here.

“Now, we’re going to play a little game of “fetch”….ready?”


“Oh wait, you’re going to get your lead caught under your knee and then you’ll know it”, Liz then tied the lead to my butt plug tail so I wouldn’t catch it on anything.

For the next hour Claire and Liz threw squeaky toys across the lounge floor and into the kitchen, I raced along on all fours “woofing” and bringing them back to them.

“Isn’t he an obedient pup”, exclaimed Liz.

“Let’s give him something for being so good”, suggested Claire.

Liz reached for a can of the dog food, she paused before each one as if making up her mind which flavour to give me, in the end she chose rabbit.

As Liz forked out the dog food into the bowl, Claire undressed and Liz put the now full bowl onto Claire’s thighs, I was told to eat the dog food out of the bowl using only my mouth, the two ladies had their fingers on each others pussies and were rubbing gently as their eyes were glued to me eating the dog food.

After I’d eaten the entire can, Liz emptied out another and I did the same while they played with one another.

The third and final can was opened and this time the two ladies fed me with the fork directly into my mouth, I was told to look directly into the eyes of whichever one was feeding me.

After feeding had finished I watched as the two heated up their play, they kissed deeply and fingered one another furiously, it was clear that Liz had had the pleasure of Claire’s body lots of times previously. As they kissed and fingered each other I had to “pant” and “woof” like a cartoon doggy who was watching another hot doggy walk by. Liz fed me Claires cunt juices from her fingers and Claire fed me Liz’s, I lapped away at their fingers and continued panting, they were both mesmerized by my ability to act like a real “cartoon” dog.

They led me into Liz’s bedroom and I performed oral sex on both of them over and over and over until they were both spent completely.

Liz was very kind and after she had been satisfied with me she took off the cock harness and laid me on my back and milked me – much to Claire’s displeasure, she said, “ok, but the butt plug stays in and he has to eat his mess”. After the evening I’d had it didn’t take long for Liz to have me pumping out lots of thick hot cream, I was ordered to “pant” and “woof” as I came, this was hard to do but I managed it somehow, Liz commended me on producing such a heavy load.

Claire slapped my balls and I writhed in agony so Liz scolded her, telling her to, “be gentle with the boy and he’ll do whatever you want, won’t you sweetheart?”

“Woof”, I replied as she lovingly fed me my cum with her fingers.

The evenings festivities and indeed the entire surreal three weeks had finally worn me down and I cried, sobbing uncontrollably as Liz cuddled me, her fleshy tits were pressed against my face and I suckled on her nipples like a baby.

Liz motioned Claire off the bed and I could hear Liz talking to her in the lounge, “the poor boy is broken, leave him here with me for a few days and I’ll rebuild him, he needs love and warmth Claire not constant bullying and denial”.

Claire came back into the bedroom and whispered to me that she was sorry, she would write something nice in my ledger that I tried my best to please her tonight.

She got dressed and after apologizing to her aunt she left and Liz came back into the bedroom and climbed into bed next to me again.

“You poor boy, you really have been through it these last few weeks haven’t you?”

I said yes and she told me to call her “auntie” from that point on which I did.

As Liz eased out my butt plug it rubbed against that magic sensitive spot and I uncontrollably let out a thick spurt of cum.

“Oh look, you have some cream left”, said Liz as she fed it to me.

“Shall we see if there’s anymore Shaun?”

“Please Auntie Liz”, I replied.

Liz then fetched something from a wardrobe and applied some lube to it, it looked like a small wand, she began easing it in and out of my anus and the sensation was undescribable.

I came harder than I’d ever come before and actually passed out momentarily with the pleasure, afterwards Liz fed me my “dessert” again and then held me close to her tits as I drifted off to sleep.

From then on I was in love with Auntie Liz. She was like a mother to me with a twisted sexual slant.

When Annette returned on the Monday morning I was pretty much ok again, I’d stayed at Liz’s house and when I returned I found Annette already had been informed on what happened and I got some much needed tender loving care from her for a few days.

Of course I was told, in great detail, about her introduction to Chris’s friends and the orgy that ensued throughout that weekend.

As she talked, Annette told me that Chris had one final test for me which would really, truly show how much I loved her.

I argued that I’d done more than anyone else would ever put up with and I was done playing his idiotic mind games.

Annette asked me if I liked living here with her and if I liked being with her, she said if I didn’t do this one last thing then we were through.

Presented with that ultimatum I caved in and said I’d do it, whatever “it” was, Annette assured me that after this there would be no more tests and I would simply continue entertaining her family and her as I had been doing while she remained “the guys” sex-toy.

Annette told me to write down the names of all the guys I knew in the area, not just my friends, but everyone who was around the same age as us, all the ones who were still living on the estate.

I thought this was a bit odd and wondered why Chris would want to know who I knew since surely he wouldn’t know any of them being more than 10 years older than me and living miles away.

So I wrote down as many as I could remember and Annette did the same, her list differed from mine because she had worked in a city centre shop prior to meeting me so there were a few names on her list that I didn’t recognize.

Then we combined lists and I was told to make a new list of all the guys I didn’t like, starting with the one I disliked most and ending with the one I disliked least.

1. Darren. Fat Darren was a guy a couple of years older than me, he worked with her in the shop and had asked her out a few times, even buying her flowers, each time she had turned him down. I had met him a few times when Annette and I were out on the town and I saw straight away that I had nothing to worry about at all and even told Darren to dance with her.

He was a complete twat, in a nutshell, I thought he was the last person in the world I’d want to be stuck in an elevator with, he was just annoying, period.

2. Darren’s best mate Mike. The pair of them were ideally suited, both overly friendly in a completely false way, both of them on the town every weekend trying to pull whatever woman was dumb enough to be taken in by their stupid chat up lines.

When Annette saw my first choice she went downstairs and phoned Chris, they chatted for a while and I heard Annette giggling, she seemed to be saying, “uhuh”, “yes”, ok”, you know I will” etc etc.

When she came back up she asked me again if I really loved her, and again I told her I did.

Then she dropped the bomb – she’d been told by Chris to let Darren and Mike fuck her and then as soon afterward as possible I had to “clean her”.

I remember feeling a mixture of absolute repulsion and being turned on.

“So Shaun, do you really love me?”

“You know I do”.

“Then give me your blessing”.

“You have my blessing to fuck Darren and Mike and I promise to lick you clean afterwards”.

“Good boy”…kiss, kiss, kiss etc.

“Annette, does this have to go in the ledger, let’s keep this one to ourselves shall we?”

“Shaun my beautiful faithful puppy, you know the rules, everything has to be in the ledger for my family to read and for Chris to see that you really love me”.

There was no way Annette would ever leave this out of her ledger, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that this would be the final test, then I’d be left alone – after all, what could be worse than having the two people I dislike most fuck my girlfriend and then I’d have to lick her cunt clean…quite a few things actually!

For a while nothing happened, no talk of when to meet Darren or anything, then one morning the telephone guy knocked on the door and it seemed Annette was to have her own phone installed in her bedroom.

When she came home from work that evening I told her about the phone and she smiled and kissed me seeming really pleased, I wondered at this since it was just a phone and they already had one in the house by the front door.

That night Annette wanted me to lick her, as she did most nights, only this time it wasn’t as she wrote in her/my ledger, this time she was making me lick her while she talked on her new phone with Darren!

She started off with the usual “how are you’s” and then dropped the bomb, she confessed to Darren that she and Shaun were having some “problems” and things hadn’t been right in bed for a long time, she told him she loved Shaun deeply but really needed to be taken care of in that “special way”.

She asked him that since she and he had always been friends, would he mind stepping in for Shaun just to make their relationship that much better and to give her what she wasn’t getting from Shaun?

Darren agreed right there on the spot, I could imagine his fat face breaking out in a sweat at the mere thought of fucking Annette, but to do it as a favour to her would really have him boiling over.

“Darren there is one very very important condition, Shaun must never ever know what we’ve done”.

Darren agreed right away.

Annette let him know that the following night the house would be empty for about 3 hours, could he come over and see her then?

Of course he’d be there.

“Darren, one final thing, are you still in touch with Mike, from the shop? Oh you are, you two still go out together each weekend? Oh that’s nice. Darren, would you do me one extra special favour, would you bring Mike along with you and let him know exactly what’s happening and most importantly why it’s happening, it would really help me Darren”.

“Oh you did, what both of you together, with the same girl, oh Darren you are two naughty boys aren’t you, can I count on your help tomorrow night then? Can you two be here at 7, lovely, Ill see you then, goodnight lover”.

All the while I lapped at Annette’s sopping wet cunt as she talked, her juices were literally pouring out of her.

At the end of the conversation she hung up and lay back against me, I fondled her big tits and told her I loved her and would do exactly what she asked and again gave her my blessing, this really turned her on as she knew I completely detested both of them and now in 24 hours they’d both be fucking her brains out and I’d have to clean her out with my lips and tongue afterward.

Out came the ledger and my tongue was in business once again as Annette wrote down everything that had transpired since she arrived home from work.

When she finished writing I knew what she was going to tell me to do next even before she said it, so I just took the ledger from her and went downstairs with it and handed it to mum who was in the kitchen.

On the way back upstairs I heard mum shout to Claire, “come and have a read of this….oh my”. Hearing her mothers exclamations and her sisters laughs made Annette want me to eat her pussy yet again, she was absolutely oozing cunt juices, more than ever before.

Annette called her aunt Liz and explained the fun planned for the next evening, she asked if she could send Shaun over to borrow a few items which would, “help him enjoy the show”.

So off I went to Liz’s with Annette’s list of items and I came back with a bag containing a ball gag, butt plug, bottle of lube, handcuffs and Liz had also included a tin of Pedigree Chum dog food, she said she had bought it for my next visit as I loved the rabbit flavour taste so much.

Annette’s phone rang and it was Chris, Annette made me leave the room and go downstairs to make her a cup of tea for us both, when I returned she was still talking to Chris and fingering her pussy, I’d never seen her do that before, she always made me lick her when she felt horny, which was pretty much constantly at that point.

I had accepted I was going to be tied to the chair and butt-plugged and gagged while I watched the show and was looking forward to it with a combined mixture of dread and horniness.

Unknown to me at this point was the fact that Darren and Mike were a bit more than just best friends, they were also bisexual – Annette had conveniently witheld this from me but shared it with Chris who had factored it into his plan.

So the next evening arrived and I was lubed up, butt-plugged, gagged, and made to sit on the chair, then Annette cuffed my hands behind the back of the chair and called her mum and Claire in to show them “how much Shaun loves me”. Laughter and giggles from the pair of them as they went out to the local pub and promised not to return until after closing time.

Seven o clock arrived and so did Darren & Mike, Annette had again lit candles throughout the room which illuminated the bed in a kind of romantic glow but hid me in the shadows deep inside the wardrobe completely.

Annette had chosen an extremely tight micro mini dress which didn’t even come close to covering her ass cheeks, no panties and no bra with high heels and her body oiled and glowing in the candle-light made her look like a complete fuck-toy ready for action. For 10 minutes or so before the guys arrived Annette sat on my lap in the wardrobe and talked to me while very gently wanking me, she was rubbing my face in it that she’d shortly be fucking the two guys who I hated most in the world. As she talked she rubbed her big beautiful tits over my face, being gagged I couldn’t suck on them. She told me that “they’ll both be emptying their balls into me and you’ll be sucking it all out of me Shaun, every single drop”.

I saw Annette come back into the room closely followed by Darren and Mike, she made them sit on the bed and she stood in front of them as they slid their hands up her legs and over her moist pussy.

“Guys before we start first let me thank you both for coming over here to help Shaun and I, you don’t know how much we both appreciate it”.

Smiles and chuckling from them both.

“In fact you two could really help us with our problems so I’ve got a little surprise for you which I hope will encourage you to further help get Shaun back on track in the bedroom department”.

Then Annette walked into the wardrobe and pulled on the string which turned on the light which was, unknown to me, in the top part of the wardrobe.

I almost died of sheer embarrassment.

The two guys just sat there speechless looking at me with a monster hard on while gagged and handcuffed to the chair.

Then they both laughed, then laughed some more, then collapsed in hysterics.

“I think lover boy here wants to see a show Mike”, said Darren to his friend.

“Then let’s give him one” came the reply.

Then they both started on Annette, undressing as they groped and kissed her, they began by eating her pussy and ass as she sucked them, then the fucking started with both of them taking turns with her and staring directly into my eyes as they fucked her, Annette too was staring right at me throughout the entire double-fucking.

At one point as Darren was fucking her like a wildman, Mike took the keys from the bedside table and uncuffed me, he brought me out still gagged and still butt plugged to stand and watch his friend screwing my beautiful Annette.

Mike held me from behind and to Annette and Darren’s delight he started to gently wank me while whispering to me to, “watch her getting fucked properly by a real stud”.

Then they swapped and Mike took over from Darren, they slapped palms as if they were a tag-team and Darren took over wanking me which seemed to delight Annette thoroughly.

Not content with just wanking me, Darren started rubbing his fat hands over my ass cheeks and discovered my butt plug, he tongued my ear and told me, “he’d wanted me for ages”.

Unable to do anything I just stood there and watched red-faced as I was groped, wanked and tongued by the pair of them as they took in turns with me and Annette.

“Darren has liked you for so long sweetheart”, Annette told me.

“Isn’t it lovely that now he can enjoy you as you prove your love to me”, her voice was shaky from being fucked hard by Mike as she spoke.

“Darren if you promise to be very gentle with him, you can fuck him, but it’s his first time so plenty of lube and don’t hurt him”.

“Mike can fuck my bum at the same time and Shaun and I will hold hands while you two bring our love closer together”.

I could not believe what I was hearing.

I looked at Annette with wild fear in my eyes while I shook my head vigorously but to no avail.

“Don’t worry my sweet, it’ll be beautiful, you’ll see”, came her answer to my silent begging.

The three of them positioned me on all fours on the bed, then I felt the plug ease out of my ass, then lube or jelly was smeared into my anus.

“There, now he’s ready but be gentle…let’s leave his gag in place, just in case”, were Annette’s words.

I felt a slow pressure against my anus which was thankfully already slightly expanded from the plug I’d been sitting on.

“Just relax puppy, his head is already in”, said Annette, by the tone of her voice she was smiling as she talked.

The pressure continued and a burning feeling filled my ass, I felt Darren’s thick meat slide up inside me until he had eased all of it into my bum, then he gently pulled it out so just his head was left in, then he squeezed it back all the way in again.

He continued and began building up speed as Annette got onto all fours next to me and held my hand as promised, from the look on her face I could tell Mike was easing into her ass.

The guys built up to a steady rythym and then slapped hands and Annette and I were tag-teamed, I now had Mike’s cock up my bum and found him to be a faster fuck than his boyfriend.

Now I’m not gay, not even bi, in fact nothing even remotely approaching either, I don’t find the male body to be sexually attractive in any way, shape or form, but the sensations I was feeling in my ass were unbelievably powerful. The guys were owning us, we were their fuck-toys, they tagged us again and again.

The gag was removed and I was laid down on my back with my legs over Darrens shoulders while he took me that way, Mike copied him and had Annette lay in an identical position, she was still holding my hand. I shot my load high into the air as Darren fucked me, his cock was sliding over that magic spot in my ass and all three of them laughed as purely by fucking me Darren had managed to make me shoot.

Finally, after being tag-teamed yet again, both of them came, Mike into me and Darren into Annette.

We all just lay there in the glow of after-sex.

I was almost unconscious from the overwhelming pleasure I had received – a pleasure I didn’t want but could not stop once it had started.

The time was by now getting on and Annette reminded the guys that her family would be home soon so they should be getting dressed.

We all stood by the front door and Annette made me thank Darren for “breaking me in” and “helping with my bedroom problem”.

Annette suggested that future visits might help me further, to which they both agreed and laughed, then I was made to do, which for me was the most disgusting moment of the entire evening, I had to kiss them both, properly.

As we went back upstairs Annette said, “Claire and mum are going to love reading tonights entry”, I begged her not to include it, I said I’d do absolutely anything, even see them again if she didn’t include it.

Annette asked me if I’d stay the night at their place with them, without her being there if she didn’t write up the entry?

I tried to change the track of the convo by reminding her that I wasn’t gay or bi and couldn’t see what pleasure this could possibly give her.

She reminded me that Chris had set this last test to prove my love for her, and now I was backing out which mean’t Chris was right, I didn’t love her as much as I said I did.

I was in an impossible position.

If I didn’t do it I’d probably lose Annette, but I hated the thought of doing it.

In the end I told her I’d do it if she absolutely swore on her mothers life that none of it, including tonight, would ever be written into that ledger.

Annette promised me she would not write it up, any of it.

Reluctantly I agreed and she reminded me that I still had a load to clean out of her ass before we went to sleep.

When her mum and Claire came back I heard Annette tell them that Darren was a no-show….I nearly cried with relief.

I wouldn’t have been so relieved if I was downstairs at the time and saw Annette hand a video tape to Claire!

Nothing more was mentioned about “that night” and I thought it was a one off and had been put to rest, life went on as usual, I still kept mum entertained with my tongue, Claire still enjoyed playing the mean bitch and Liz still had me over for her “doggie training”.

And of course, Annette spent most weekends being gangbanged by her “guys”.

Our week nights had settled down into a pattern, Wednesdays was her night for getting fucked by anyone that I knew while I was made to watch from the darkness of her wardrobe. The other nights I’d be constantly licking her pussy as she watched television or wrote in my Ledger. Annette very quickly built up a gang of my friends that were ever ready and willing to fuck her, being 18 or so they were of course bragging amongst themselves at the fact that they’d fucked Shaun’s girlfriend, it was common knowledge throughout the entire estate (among our age group) that Annette was a slut who’d fuck anyone behind her boyfriends back. She’d take turns with them, removing some from her list while others she’d see more often – Annette kept a “Fuck Rating” of all my friends in my Ledger which she used to make up her mind who to call for that Wednesdays session. A favourite of hers was to make me read out aloud her “Fuck Notes” beside each name so as to remember
their sexual strong points and weak points.

One night Annette was watching tv while I gently lapped her pussy when the phone rang, not wanting me to stop she picked up the receiver and started chatting to Chris, I was straining my ears trying to catch what he was saying, but to no avail.

After a while she hung up and called Darren, Mike answered and Annette put on her girlie sexy voice act and thanked him repeatedly for “educating Shaun”, but she went on, “we have a new problem”, she told him that she thought Shaun was so aroused by their performance that it was effecting his ability to satisfy her at night.

As a token of good will and friendship, would they entertain Shaun for a weekend just to get these “crazy urges” out of him so they could resume with a normal sex life, as last time their “methods” seemed to work on Shaun”.

I just lay there lapping away at her not believing my ears – again.

Not surprisingly, her request was granted and that weekend they were to pick me up and take me back to their place for two days of “re-education”.

On the Thursday night Darren phoned and asked Annette what my clothing sizes were, they talked and Annette smiled as she listened to what he was telling her, I knew from the excited look on her face that I wasn’t going to enjoy whatever it was.

Annette was due to stay at Chris’s place that weekend so it would be the ideal time for me to stay over at Darren and Mike’s.

That night Annette did a very strange thing, she shaved my legs, ass, stomach, chest, pubic hair and armpits, I asked her why she was doing this and she told me that Darren and Mike preferred smooth.

Annette was convinced that I could be “made bi” and that all it needed was enough attention from Darren and Mike to make that happen, despite my repeated attempts to tell her otherwise.

I met Darren in another road so as not to draw attention from any of Annette’s family, before I set out the door Annette reminded me that I belonged to Darren and Mike for the weekend just like she belonged to Chris and Ian and I had to do my absolute best to please them both.

Her actual words to me as I kissed her goodbye were, “I want you to love cock like I do”.

Then she made me say it, I struggled and looked away but she held my face and made me remember coming my brains out while being fucked by Darren, so reluctantly and with no real conviction I told her, “I love cock”.

So sighing to myself inside I walked to the meeting place and soon Darrens car pulled up and I got in and off we went.

He had his “big brother” attitude on as he now felt that since he fucked us both the other night he was now in control – which he was, also he knew Annette was transfixed on getting me “turned” to cocks.

He looked at me and told me, “I can’t believe we’ve got you all to ourselves for the weekend, do you know how many times I’ve wanked over you?”

Knowing I had to play along I told him, “well you don’t have to wank anymore, you can fill me up like you did last week”.

That seemed to stroke his ego and we drove off, him with his fat hand on my thigh most of the way to his place.

If the weekend was going to be centred around fucking I thought it wouldn’t be so bad, but if they started getting romantic and kissing then I knew I’d hate it.

When we got inside his house he put his arms around me and kissed me deeply, I didn’t like this at all but pretended I did and kissed him back.

Mike was there and came out of one of the bedrooms, he came over and I had to kiss him the same way.

Darren led me into his bedroom and on the bed was a pair of cut off denim shorts and a white tight t-shirt that was cut off just below the chest so that whoever wore it would be showing their belly button.

“We’re taking you out on a date, Shaun”, his words hit me like a ton of bricks, “so put on your uniform”.

I couldn’t do anything except follow his command, I stripped off while they watched and felt me up, then put on the clothes – the shorts had been cut so that half of my butt cheeks were showing and the t-shirt was so tight I could barely get it on, the front of the t-shirt had the words, “I Love Studs” in big black letters.

We had, at the time, a few gay nightclubs in our city and some more about 50 miles away, they drove me to a club they frequented out of our town and on the way there I was having to snog Mike in the backseat while Darren watched with a grin on his face in the rear view mirror.

When we got to the club I was praying it would be a tiny, empty place – no such luck, it wasn’t that big but it was a Friday night and was about half full with more people strolling in.

Darren and Mike walked me around with their hands around my waist and gripping my ass cheeks that the shorts hadn’t covered up, clearly to show everyone that I was theirs, the amount of people they knew was unbelievable, I was introduced to lots and lots of their friends and had to kiss them in that horrible camp way that some gay people kiss.

Also, I was hearing comments like, “look at that piece of ass” from guys as I was escorted around the club.

Finally, when it was pretty clear that everyone had seen me with them, we went and sat down and I was very relieved.

We sat with me sandwiched between them and they were taking in turns kissing me gently and playing with and commenting on my newly shaved legs.

Darren seemed to be looking out for someone and he got up and went to the bar, he came back with a male couple and Darren introduced them to me (right at this moment I cannot for the life of me remember their names, so for now I’ll call them Andy and Rick).

They were both camp in the extreme and were rather lewdly complimenting me on my “beautiful figure” – I was a bit baffled by that as ‘figure’ is a way to describe a womans body, not a guys.

Darren and Mike both embarrassed me totally by telling them about last weeks sex session and that my girlfriend was insistant that Shaun be “educated in man to man loving”.

The four of them then discussed last weeks session in great detail as if I wasn’t there at all, their two friends were told how I’d shot my load high into the air when Darren fucked me, their friends seemed to think this was a sign that secretly I longed for a stud in my life – I was listening to this and wincing inside.

Darren told them that “we’ve promised his girlfriend Annette that we’d take care of his needs so that he isn’t constantly craving cock all the time and can resume fulfilling her desires”.

This was the tone of the convo all night, the four of them were totally engrossed in laying bare every minute sexual detail, Mike even commented on how much I enjoyed sucking their cum out of Annette’s bum.

One of Darren’s friends suggested that I call them “Uncle Darren and Uncle Mike”, just to further emphasise the level of control they had over me, the two guys agreed and from that point that’s how I had to address them – I was very red faced as they discussed this.

One of them asked what the “Tag Team” was that they kept referring to, Darren told me to tell them, so I told them how when they changed places while fucking myself and Annette they slapped palms like the tag-team wrestlers.

I asked “Uncle Darren” if I could use the toilet and he pointed to where it was, giving me a hard slap on the ass as I got up and walked away. One of the friends went with me and as I pee’d into the urinal I felt hands slip around my waist from behind me and the guy then grabbed my cock and held it as he said, “there, good boy Shaun”. When I’d finished he put my cock away and zipped me back up, a lot of other guys saw this and were laughing as I was treated like a baby.

When we got back the other friend said they’d be staying over at their place tonight since we’d all been drinking, he also said, “maybe we can give this tag-team game of yours a try”, to which the others laughed but inside I was in deep dread.

It was only a short walk to their place and all along the way I was forced to ride on Darren’s back as he “piggy-back” carried me along the street while the other three felt my ass cheeks. I thanked god it was late and no one but us was walking around.

When we got inside their house we were ushered into the lounge while the two friends made drinks, I told Darren that I was scared (that was no act, I was terrified, four of them and one of me!) and was he sure I’d be ok. He told me I had nothing to worry about and that it would be as much fun as last time.

They came back in and all four of them got close to me and their two friends were caressing me and telling me not to worry, we were going to have lots of fun and there’s nothing to be scared about.

I was stripped and when my denim shorts were pulled down all of them commented on my completely shaven cock and balls, I was bent over and they examined my bumhole which had also been completely shaven smooth.

I was kissed, milked, sucked, touched, tickled and licked until I was really on the boil and ready for sex.

I’ll not go into all the details because for me it’s not horny writing down these memories of the actual sex itself, the horny-ness comes from being in a position with Annette that meant I absolutely must do what they wanted me to do.

Yes, having a cock rub against that magic spot just inside my ass (and probably every guys ass) makes me cum hard but that’s in no way a reflection of sexual orientation since you could argue exactly the same about a “straight” woman being 4 finger fucked against her G spot by a butch lesbian with the same results – a gigantic orgasm.

In the situation I was in it was a power exchange as well as a sexual one, it was 4 against one, I was completely out of my depth, this too added to the hotness of that moment.

In a nutshell I was “tag-teamed” by them all but it wasn’t severe or too hard or too fast, it went on for a long time but the sexual release I had from them was without doubt the most intense of my life up to that point, I think I passed out mid-fuck several times.

That night changed my opinion about Darren, I had thought him a bit of a prick as I’ve explained previously, but it seemed that while I was with Annette he had found himself and his sexual orientation and had mastered both.

After that night I still wasn’t “attracted” to males but I had a respect for Darren that wasn’t there previously – if I had to make a list of people I didn’t like right then I would not have had him on it.

While I did indeed have a lot of sexual fun as I was promised it was with Darren once again that I “bonded” with the most, he and I seemed to have a sexual connection and it was while he was fucking me and the others were encouraging him that I again shot my spunk up over my chest which made them all applaude.

The next morning while we drove back I noticed Mike was a bit quiet and seemed a bit distant, I held his hand in the back seat, as a purely ego-booster for him as he knew I wasn’t “into guys” and was doing everything because I had to.

I leaned over and kissed him and we snogged slowly all the way back to their place, I could feel something was wrong with Mike and wanted to smooth over and make better whatever it was – I couldn’t risk having a bad report getting back to Annette.

When we got indoors I took him into the bedroom and asked him what was wrong, he asked me who after Darren had fucked me the best, he was worried that one of their friends might have fucked me more pleasurably than him, his ego needed boosting.

I knew sort of where he was coming from as I myself had felt destroyed when Claire had treated me the way she did at Liz’s place back along.

What I did next wasn’t a sexual desire on my part, it was a way to boost his pride and make him feel better, up until then I had never sucked a cock and he knew it, so I dropped to my knees, unzipped him and started licking his hardening shaft very slowly, I built up speed and then started taking him into my mouth, sucking hard as he eased out, then letting him go all the way in, then sucking hard on the way out.

Darren came in to see what we were doing and grinned and sat on the bed watching, I asked him if he minded and he just smiled and shook his head – he felt I was beginning to come round to their way of thinking.

Mike was a very very heavy cummer as I had found out a week before when I cleaned out Annette’s asshole, I gulped and gagged it all down somehow as he grunted and shot thick globs of hot cum into my mouth, I kept sucking him gently when he was completely spent just to enhance the overall pleasure I’d given him.

Afterwards he went to have a shower and after a nod from Darren I went with him and washed him all over, in an act of submission to him.

All that day I paid particular attention to Mike which Darren wholeheartedly approved of, it was true that Darren had a special sexual connection with me, I don’t know why but it was only him who could make me cum mid-fuck.

Thinking about it I believe this was the case because he was the one calling the shots, it wasn’t sexual but psychological perhaps, the fact that I loved being controlled, even though I rebelled against it outwardly maybe showed itself as an extreme sexual reaction whenever he fucked me.

We were sat watching tv that afternoon and I told them that Annette was spending most weekends with Chris and Ian and she had told me I’d be theirs each weekend if they wanted me.

This was news to them both and they were much pleased, they both reached over for kisses and I hesitated as kissing really wasn’t my thing, at least not kissing another guy.

Darren said they’d have to correct this as they were both keen on kissing me, so all that afternoon I had to practise kissing them and making them both believe I was having the time of my life.

Therein is the key I believe.

Of my own accord I hated kissing them, but if I was “told” to kiss them then I’d do it with enthusiasm even though I wasn’t motivated sexually.

It was the control aspect which really did it for me.

After tea Darren got out his video recorder and mounted it on a tripod, a chair was placed in front of it and I was stripped with my hands securely tied behind my back.

Mike came into the room with scissors, a comb, a towel, a brush and a shaving kit and an electric set of clippers.

I knew exactly what was going to happen next but surprisingly I wasn’t that nervous, it was just something that was going to be done over which I had no control at all.

Darren started cutting my hair with the scissors, I later found that as he was clipping away he was grinning into the camera, as was Mike, he let me watch it later before handing it over to Annette.

When he’d cut as close to my scalp as he could with the scissors, Mike turned on the clippers and began buzzing it over my head which reduced my hair length to just stubble, then Darren and Mike both soaped up my head and with a razor each they slowly shaved me bald.

Afterwards they towelled my head dry and began licking my head all over while I was made to look into the camera and thank Annette for my “sexy new haircut”.

Then completely of my own violation and knowing it would score me some serious brownie points with everyone, including Annette I looked into the camera and said, “now I think to repay my Uncles I should remind them that they are the best Tag-Team in the world and it’s been nearly a whole day since they’ve fucked me”.

They both laughed and stripped off, I was left tied to the chair and I sucked both of them in front of the camera and then so the camera wouldn’t have to be moved off the tripod, they untied me and “Tag-Teamed” me standing up right in front of the camera.

That was a first for me.

As the weekend progressed I found myself wanting to please them with sexual favours more and more, Annette later commented that I was “turning bi” as she predicted, but I knew I wasn’t, I was just responding in a sexual manner to being dominated.

The highlight by far was getting tag-teamed, there was something very overpowering about being shared in that way, the clapping of hands to announce a change of stud seemed to strike home big time for me.

On the Sunday night Annette called to say she was back home and if they were finished with me she wanted me “returned” as I had some cleaning to do.

I thanked them both for the weekend and told them that I could really get to enjoy this, especially the tag-teaming.

About an hour later I was dropped back and handed the tape to Annette, she watched it all that night while I licked her, she found the headshaving/fucking footage most pleasing and thoroughly enjoyed Darren’s phone call to her later telling her how obedient I’d been, that night was very very good between us, Annette was clearly overjoyed that I was (seemingly) coming around to her way of thinking, I didn’t bother with the by now tired rant that I wasn’t, I just enjoyed the moment.

That night we cuddled up together in bed and had one of the best most open discussions we ever had, I told her how I’d been tag-teamed as she just saw and how much I enjoyed it, she also told me that on Saturday they had taken her to a party and she’d also been tag-teamed and that it was now a part of the fucking she got each time she visited Chris and Ian.

A few weeks later a delivery arrived which I signed for, three boxes, a big screen colour television, a vcr and a tv stand.

I took it all upstairs and got it all set up/tuned in and working by the time Annette arrived home from work.

Earlier another package had arrived, this time by Royal Mail addressed to Annette so I took it upstairs and sat it on the tv stand.

Annette unwrapped the parcel and inside were 6 or 7 VHS tapes, nothing written on them.

She seemed to know what they were and promised me a very enjoyable night.

She put in the first tape and I quickly saw it was footage of Annette’s “meetings” with Chris and his friends, I quickly got into my “licking” position and lapped away as we watched her getting royally fucked by guys I’d never even seen before, this was particularly arousing for me.

We stayed up very late and watched all the tapes, until we came to two that were slightly different looking than the others.

The first tape showed the night when Darren and Mike kept us company, the view was from overhead and the camera must’ve been lodged in the lampshade, Annette told me it was and with the candlelight I didn’t notice it pointing down over the bed.

Everything was on the tape, including us getting tag-teamed.

The last tape was the worst, an edited collection of footage of my weekend visit to Darren and Mike.

After we’d watched it more times than I could stand, she held up the tape and told me that Chris would be making copies of it which he’d be keeping at his place.

In other words she was informing me that she had me by the balls.

“Shaun my love I want to go on an adventure with you”, she told me.

“I want to see just how much you love me and what you’d put up with to stay with me”.

“The more things you do which are against your nature, the more I’ll know that you love me deeply”.

“Annette please don’t let…..”


“Don’t beg puppy, I’m not going to show anyone if you respect my wishes, if you don’t respect them then I’d hate for a tape to be accidentally posted to your parents house by mistake”.

“Annette if you loved me you wouldn’t even be thinking like this”.

“No Shaun, I do love you, I let you live here and I let you lick me every night even letting you lick my juicy mess when it’s been filled with dick-cream, so of course I love you”.

To that I had no reply.

I asked about the coming weekend and she said they were both up country on business and she wouldn’t be seeing them until the following weekend, I asked if we could spend the weekend with Darren and Mike and they could tag-team us like they did a week ago, the fact that I had suggested this pleased Annette through the roof and for the next week I was treated like royalty.

Just to really get in her uppermost good books I suggested that I’d not had a really really good load to suck out of her pussy for a while (a week!) and maybe, if it pleased her, she could pick a name or two from my “can’t stand these guys” list and have them fuck her so I could clean up.

Annette wrapped her arms and legs around me under the quilt and ground her pussy against my cock, I thought we were actually going to fuck, she was that pleased with me, my boner was rock hard feeling her warm cunt against it, “if you move your hips at all I’ll stop”, she said.

I remained as still as a statue, her pussy lips opened slightly and started wrapping themselves around my shaft, it was absolute torture trying not to thrust into her, I knew if I moved one inch she’d stop and I hadn’t had her cunt against my cock since the previous year so I ground my teeth and kept still.

Annette pushed her twat harder and harder against me and we both gave out little moans, her pussy was now taking my cock head inside her, I couldn’t believe it, in further and further it went until she had swallowed it all, I could feel her squeezing her walls against my throbbing cock, it was all I could do to keep absolutely still.

She eased her pussy all the way back up, then all the way down, and kept going up and down while I lay there breathing hard, my hands wanted to go to her hips, she was now astride me and it was all I could do to just hold the sides of her legs gently.

“Do you want to pump your mess into me?”

“Yes”, I replied.

But then I wondered if this was a trick and I added, “but I want to please you Annette, I know you told me I couldn’t fuck you anymore”.

Annette answered with, “you’ve been very good this weekend, if you pump it into me you have to clean out your mess, all of it, do you understand Shaun?”

“Yes, Annette”.

“Then pump me and pump me good”.

I began thrusting my cock into her sopping snatch faster and faster, she just sat astride me her huge tits bouncing, her eyes closed with my hands gripping her hips hard, hard enough for bruises to show the next morning.

I pushed her backward and mounted her, stabbing my cock into her womanhood as hard as I could, it wasn’t long before I felt the volcano begin to erupt, I fucked her like a maniac while she heaved and writhed on the bed lost in her own world of orgasms.

As I fucked her I felt her finger easing into my anus, that did it for me and I emptied everything in my balls into her, I was totally spent and climbed off her and lay back on the bed.

Annette came back up to me and put her thigh across my stomach with her head on my chest, she whispered, “that was beautiful” into my ear as we bathed in the glow of after-sex.

I whispered back that, “now I want to suck all my cum out of you”.

She smiled and brought her ass up to my face and I proceeded to deep tongue her juicy pussy and suck out our mingled love juices.

I had cracked the puzzle.

If I wanted to fuck Annette I just had to pretend to be turning toward Darren and Mike and/or suggest she fuck someone I didn’t like, I thought about why this would turn her on so much and came up empty.

Before we drifted off to sleep I whispered to her that I had just had a really bad thought.

She asked me what it was but I said she might not like it because it was disgusting and involved Darren and Mike and tag-teaming.

Now this really got Annette’s attention and she sat up in bed and insisted that I tell her.

I told her that I would find it so horny if Darren and Mike tag-teamed us both again but this time if Darren fucked me while I fucked her in one hole and Mike fucked the other one, then we could “tag” and those two guys could swap holes.

She answered that with, “now you’re getting closer to what I want Shaun”.

She kissed me and lay back down and went to sleep, so did I with a smug content smile on my face.

Later that week Annette told me she’d been asked out by a new guy at work.

I remember thinking it unlikely that this “new guy” would just have happened to ask her out a few days after I mentioned wanting to suck on her cream pie again, but anyway the date was arranged for the Thursday night.

We appeared to have run into a bit of a problem because neither of us knew how long cum stayed in the vagina after being deposited, I’d always sucked her out within half an hour of her being fucked and then there was some loss as it dribbled out of her.

Annette phoned Chris and explained that I wouldn’t be “on hand” to immediately clean her up so did he have any ideas. He said she needed to buy a plug for her pussy and one for her ass.

Then wherever the guy shot his load it didn’t matter as she could quickly insert the plug and keep all the cream inside.

We had a medical supply shop in the town at the time and of course it was given to me to go in and buy this vaginal plug (we already had several butt plugs). In one of the most bizarre conversations of all time the guy at the counter actually asked me what I wanted it for!

I told Annette this and she cracked up.

All week she said she had been eating lunch with him in his car and she’d been telling him about the “bedroom problems” she was having with her boyfriend (her usual line). She told him she really needed a nice kind stud to empty his balls into her because she missed the feeling of being “spunked”. Annette said she had to practically prise herself away from him as he was super-horny in the car when she told him that she hadn’t been fucked in ages and if she didn’t cum soon she’d explode.

She told me she was expecting a very hard and deep fucking on Thursday night and he was taking her to a chalet his parents owned on the cliff at Whitsand (a beach in Cornwall).

I walked her up to her meeting place and hung back until her stud for the evening pulled up and she climbed into his car.

Paul was our age, new to the area, he had moved up from Cornwall with his parents and had got a job at Annette’s factory a few months back.

What Paul had conveniently forgotten to mention to Annette at the time was the fact that as well as his parents moving up to Plymouth, he had also brought his girlfriend along as well, she was living with them hence having to use their new chalet for the evenings fun and games.

Around 10.30 Annette came home and I asked her if she’d had a good time with Paul, she said it had been great and I felt that pang of jealousy as her face told me she’d had a REALLY good time.

Before she’d let me clean her up I had to make a guess as to which hole I’d be cleaning, I thought being a first date and with him seemingly hot and horny he’d have fucked her pussy hard for 2 or maybe 3 loads before being completely spent.

Annette said he’d started on her pussy and alternated between that and her anus with two loads going deep inside her ass and one in her cunt.

She seemed very pleased with his fucking skills and told me that he was definately experienced and must have had a steady girlfriend or maybe a lot of girlfriends down in Cornwall.

I asked what was happening at the weekend and for the first time since we’d started on this road I saw Annette was undecided, I knew it was this new guy, she was hot on him and I could almost hear her brain working trying to work out how she could see Darren and Mike as well as Paul.

I looked at her and smiled, she asked me what I was smiling at and I told her it was fun watching her trying to work out how to get fucked by as many guys for as long as possible over the weekend.

She said, “give me some motivation to think some more”, so up came her bum to my face and I hungrily slurped around in her tight anus and loose pussy cleaning her for all I was worth.

In the end it didn’t matter because Paul told her he was busy all weekend anyway so Annette and I went over to Darren and Mike’s on the Friday night and stayed till Sunday afternoon, we were “tagged” again and again and I was now willingly putting myself forward to be fucked which Annette approved of hugely, she was very happy with my seemingly new approach to them and she told me I’d be rewarded again later on Sunday night, I knew that meant I’d be fucking her again.

We went out for a quiet drink in the early evening on Sunday with the intention on having an early night after a few glasses of beer.

As we sat there talking in walked Paul with a pretty blonde girl.

Annette saw him and called him over and I could see just by the look on his face that he was absolutely terrified.

They came over and Annette introduced me to Paul telling him that “this is my boyfriend that I told you about”, he was nervous and didn’t really make eye contact with me but I shook his hand anyway, then he introduced Nicky his girlfriend to us.

She seemed very nice, very pretty with a similar figure to Annette’s, hour-glass is the right description.

So we chatted away and the two girls seemed to hit it off, until Nicky dropped the bomb which landed Paul in all kinds of trouble – “Plymouth is so much different than Cornwall, we’ve only been here 4 months and it feels like a lifetime already”.

Annette said, “really, 4 months, is that how long you two have been together?”

“Oh no” said Nicky, “we’ve been going out steady nearly two years now, haven’t we Paul”.

Paul kind of mumbled a “Yes”.

Annette glared at Paul and I could tell she was royally pissed with him at being taken for a ride, in both senses.

I sort of said something along the lines of, “well, we have to be getting on now, nice to have met you both”.

Outside Annette was absolutely livid, I’d never seen her like that before, I took her home quick just in case she got the urge to march back into the pub and cause a scene.

As soon as we were in her room she was on the phone to Chris, but no answer, she’d forgotten that he was away on business for the weekend which did not improve her mood, it just made it worse.

So my promise of a good fuck was ruined thanks to new boy Paul – or so I thought.

I walked over to the window to open one a little and there walking along the street was Nicky, I called Annette over and she looked out, then went downstairs and I grabbed her before she got to the door.

I told her that telling her might not be the best idea, why don’t we play a little game.

She asked me what I meant, I told her that us guys do lots of things we wouldn’t normally do, if our girlfriends have got us by the balls.

Annette understood what I meant, we opened the door and called down the street to Nicky, she came to the doorstep and told us she couldn’t find Paul, he said he had to go off quick and now she couldn’t find him.

We invited her in and I made them a cup of tea, we sat and chatted and the two of them seemed to really hit it off, Paul was forgotten about for the moment (as was yours truly).

I heard the phone ringing upstairs and went up to answer it, smiling at Annette and touching her shoulder as I walked past which made her understand that I knew (probably) who it was calling her.

I picked up the phone and said hello, a voice asked if Annette was there, I asked who was calling and could almost feel him petrified with fear on the other end, I said, “hey Paul, is that you from the pub just now?”

He said it was him and he’d lost Nicky and wondered if we had seen her as we walked home, I thought that was pretty good thinking for a guy desperately trying to get some assurance that his girlfriend wasn’t about to be informed about his wandering sexual habits.

I told him he had nothing to worry about as Nicky was here with Annette right now and they were deep in conversation, I said, “you know what women are like mate, once they start talking they never seem to stop, you just don’t know what they’ll be talking about next”.

He said he’d come down and pick her up right away.

I said, “Paul before you do that, don’t you want me to tell you Annette’s address first?”

Silence on the other end.

Then he said, “yeah sure, I forgot, I don’t know where you guys are” then he laughed but it was a put on laugh.

I went down and told Nicky that Paul had just phoned and was worried that he’d lost her, he was on his way to collect her now.

Then noticing Nickys questioning look I said, “he must’ve found Annette’s number in the phone book” – little did Nicky know that Annette only had the phone installed recently.

When Paul turned up, Annette invited him in and I made us all another cup of tea, I think those 10 minutes were the longest of Paul’s life, I could see him almost silently pleading with his eyes to Annette not to say anything to Nicky.

They drank their tea and Paul was in a hurry to get Nicky out of there, she and Annette were chatting away again and I suggested wouldn’t it be fun if we all got together and went out for a drink sometime.

Annette agreed and so did Nicky, Paul had no choice but to agree as well so we planned it for midweek on a Wednesday when it would be quiet and we could all play pool and have a laugh.

When they went and I closed the front door I held Annette close to me and told her, “now you’ve got him by the balls, what are you going to do?”

She said, “how far do you think he’d go?”

“Go for what?”

“Go to save his relationship with his Nicky, do you think he’d go as far as you?”

“Maybe”, I answered. Then I said, “why dont we find out?”

We went upstairs and fucked.

For the next few days we talked about how we’d start the ball rolling with Paul, I said it would be an idea to have him fucking Annette and to get caught by Nicky red handed.

Annette agreed and that Wednesday we met up for our little night of pool and a few drinks.

Annette wore a mini skirt with no knickers and a tight vest with a sports bra underneath, she wanted to look sexy but not like a slut as she didn’t want to put Nicky off her since they’d started out so well.

The chemistry between the two girls was nice, both were complimenting the other on their figures, Nicky was wearing shorts and a t shirt, the shorts I remember were white but not short enough to show any ass cheeks, but she did have nice legs, very nice shape.

I deliberately lost my pool game with Paul so Annette could play him, she was rubbish at pool and as she bent over to take a shot I was sitting with Nicky and with a pool cue I reached out and lifted Annette’s mini skirt up with the cue so Nicky and I could see her knickerless ass and pussy lips, Annette looked back at me and smiled saying, “naughty boy”.

Nicky whispered to me that she thought Annette not wearing anything underneath was really daring and sexy, I told her that Annette never wore any knickers and that I kept her shaven all the time. Nicky was engrossed in what I was revealing to her about Annette and I, she was innocent in a kind of classic British blonde way, pretty and sexy but not too bright – I thought she’d be a very easy fuck.

As those two played pool I told her that I thought she had a beautiful figure and would look just as sexy as Annette in a little skirt.

She was lapping up all the compliments and attention, I don’t think prior to Paul she’d been with many guys at all.

When it was our turn to play pool I “helped” her with shots, showing her how to stand and adjusting the bend in her knees etc, she was loving the attention of my hands on her, I could feel her body responding as I ‘helped’ her stay bent over by holding her hips firmly from behind.

I looked over at them both watching us and Annette was grinning but Paul was not amused.

I asked her if she’d ever been given a massage, a real massage, she said she hadn’t and when we sat back down I told Annette that Nicky had never been given a massage.

Annette caught my meaning right away and said, “Oh Shaun gives lovely massages, really sexy ones, why don’t we go back now and Shaun can give Nicky a real massage, you don’t mind do you Paul?”

Of course he didn’t, so we all climbed into his car and back to Annette’s house we went.

In the back I was making a real fuss over Nicky, she was responding in a way that made me feel she hadn’t really been made a fuss of before, which I felt was a shame since she was a lovely bubbly girl.

Claire had a full length folding massage table which I’d been “required” to massage her on more times than I can remember so we moved the bed in Annette’s room nearer the window giving room for the table to be unfolded and set up.

Claire had all the oils so in a little while I was ready for Nicky, Annette ushered Paul out of the room saying that she wouldn’t be able to relax if her boyfriend was gawping at her.

“Shaun would you like some dessert later on?” asked Annette, she was standing just outside the door at an angle so Nicky couldn’t see her but I could, she had Pauls cock in her hand and was wanking it gently.

“Yes please babe, that would be great but could you make sure it’s a full load in the bigger pot this time?”

Annette knew exactly what I meant and the pair of us had to stop and try not to laugh out loudly.

Nicky slipped off her shorts, her trainers and her top leaving only her bra and thong remaining.

I told her she was absolutely beautiful and she blushed as I helped her onto the table, I made her lay on her front and began oiling up her back, her ass and the backs of her legs.

Very soon she was completely relaxed and I kneeded my fingers into her bumcheeks, her thong was snug against her pussy lips and anus, each time I kneeded her bum I could catch glimpses of her sex, she was a very sexy girl.

I moved up to her shoulders and arms then back down her back, over her legs and back up to her ass, by now she was getting very sleepy and I unhooked her bra with no complaint from her, she even helped in taking it off as I did the same with her thong.

Now I concentrated on her ass cheeks and upper inner thighs, I had eased her legs apart just enough that I could lightly touch her lips, she moaned softly as I did so, opening her legs a little wider so as to allow me to touch her sex more and more.

I began very lightly blowing on her pussy lips, she moaned at this sensation and raised up her ass toward this new delight.

It occured to me that Paul might have fucked her before they left, maybe in the shower or before she slipped on her little shorts – I decided that I’d play this as good as I could and give her some tongue action.

Nicky was very obedient, I could tell she was a natural submissive, I told her to raise up her bum as high as she could and he did so with no hesitation, I then lowered my head to her lips and began lightly lapping away in my quick and wet style.

Nicky was soon moaning loudly and I moved up to her anus which got me more moans and groans then back down to her pussy.

Nicky turned over and I thought for one horrible second that she might have gotten guilty and would run out, but she just smiled with her face all red from being licked and spread her legs with her ankles up over her head.

“Good girl”, I whispered to her and went back to work and tongued her as good as I’d ever tongued anyone in my life.

Nicky came several times and when her last big orgasm ripped through her I let her recover and held her hand, gently kissing her and telling her how beautiful she was.

She asked me if I was going to fuck her and I said, “it wouldn’t be right to fuck a beautiful lady like you on the first night Nicky, you’re special and deserve more respect than that”.

Nicky was beaming, she’d never been spoken to or treated the way I was now treating her, that was clear, now I hoped that everything was going to plan downstairs. I told Nicky to sit up and I started to help her get dressed again but she was too highly aroused, she needed more orgasms so I playfully made her lie back down and went back to work on her pussy, I ended up bringing her to a huge gushing orgasm by four finger fucking her pussy hard.
Afterwards I helped her get dressed again but I asked her if I could keep her thong – she smiled and said it was my souvenir.

We walked downstairs with me with my hands around her hips playfully guiding her down each step and we went into the kitchen, the light was off but the dining room light was on and to my joy and Nicky’s horror we saw Annette laying on the floor naked on her back with Paul on top of her fucking like rabbits, they hadn’t seen us and Nicky just turned and bolted past me and out the front door.

I caught her up halfway down the street and she was crying like a baby, she held onto me and broke her heart.

Nicky looked up at me with tears running down her face and said, “it was the best night ever and then he goes and ruins it” – the part about it being the best night ever kind of stroked my ego a little.

I just held her close and said, “I’m sorry sweetheart” and she looked up at me and said, “I wish he was like you, I wish you were my boyfriend”.

Then I said, “Nicky I have to tell you something, this wasn’t the first time Paul has fucked Annette, last week he met her on a date and didn’t say that he had a girlfriend and just fucked her in his parents chalet, now don’t blame her Nicky, Annette and I have a very special relationship where we love each other very much but Annette has a very high sex drive that I help her with by letting her get satisfaction wherever and whenever she needs it, but it’s not cheating”.

“I can’t go back to his parents house and I never want to see that bastard again, but you’re right, I don’t blame Annette, he’s the one who lied to me and her”.

This went just about as well as I hoped it would.

I said to her, “look, Annette has an auntie who lives just around the corner, she’s a really nice woman and she knows all about our relationship,she’s even given us advice and helped us with certain things, why don’t we go and see her, I know she’ll be happy to help”.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure sweetheart”, with that I slipped my arm around her and walked her to Liz’s house.

I knocked on the door and Liz answered wearing her usual evening garment which was a silky nightie which didn’t cover her pussy let alone anything else.

“Oh hello Shaun, I wasn’t expecting you, and who’s your pretty friend?”

We went in and I explained what had happened and that Nicky was upset and I suggested we come here because “auntie Liz” knew all about these kind of situations.

Soon Nicky was relaxed and sat on the sofa with me on one side and Liz on the other, I had my arm around her and Nicky was leaning back against me with her head on my chest while Liz comforted her.

The phone rang and I knew it would be Annette, Liz told her to come over and I assured Nicky that everything would be ok.

Annette arrived 10 minutes later and apologized to Nicky, I told her that Nicky knew all about the “date” last week and that at the time Annette didn’t know that Paul had a girlfriend.

Nicky was adamant that she wasn’t going back to Paul’s parents, as far as she was concerned they were finished forever – not quite forever as you’ll see.

Liz suggested that Nicky stay with her until she got herself sorted out, Annette suggested that I stay with Nicky tonight to comfort her as we had clearly had hit it off together.

I told Nicky that Annette and I didn’t have any secrets and we told each other everything as I handed Annette Nickys thong which I’d kept in my pocket.

“Did Shaun make you cum, sweetheart?” asked Annette.

I assured her it was ok to tell the truth and Nicky nodded and said, “three times”.

Annette held her and said it was ok and they kissed, then as they broke away they looked into each others eyes, then kissed again this time more deeply and for longer.

“Shall we tell Nicky about dessert?” I asked Annette.

“Nicky sweetheart, has Shaun told you about our open relationship, he has, that’s good, now we have a little ritual that we go through whenever I get fucked by another guy, would you like to see it, we call it “dessert” and Shaun likes it very much”.

Annette stripped off and got onto all fours, I positioned myself behind her and began cleaning her as Nicky and Liz watched.

Soon Annette was bucking her ass around in the air as she approached orgasm, I noticed Liz was standing behind Nicky and had her hands around her hips, then I watched as her hands roamed over Nickys shorts and massaged her pussy through them.

Nickys eyes were glued on us, I was sucking her boyfriends cum right out of Annette’s “bigger jar” right before her eyes.

After three hard orgasms I announced that Annette was “now clean” and asked Nicky what she thought, Nicky couldn’t answer as she was too busy being french kissed by Liz.

As they kissed I took Annette into the kitchen and was given the situation, Paul had eventually blown his load and when Nicky and I were obviously not in the house he thought they’d been spotted and ran out to look for her in his car. Right now she assumed he’d gone home and if Nicky wasn’t there then he’d probably go out looking for her again.

Annette said, “stay with her here tonight and fuck her, she’s your prize for doing well”, I’ll go home and if lover boy comes back I’ll tell him Nicky saw him fucking me”.

“Is she a nymph?” asked Annette.

“She’s absolutely gagging for it”, I answered.

“You and Liz should have some fun with her tonight then, I’ll have her tomorrow, and maybe I’ll let you join in too”.

“What about this Paul guy, do you think he’ll play along?”

“Well you did didn’t you Shaun!”

I kissed Annette and walked her to the door, Nicky came running out asking if she wasn’t going to stay, Annette kissed her again and said, “not tonight sweetheart, I’ll see you tomorrow, Shaun and Liz will take very good care of you”.

I was about to ask Liz about the sleeping arrangements as I walked back into the lounge only to find Nicky on her knees lapping away at Liz’s pussy.

I knelt down and helped her off with her top, her bra and her shorts, then made her get on all fours so I could eat her ass again, this time I went straight for her anus and after some licking she was ready for tongue penetration, I eased my tongue into her bum and found she was very very tight.

We swapped around for a while and eventually Liz led us into her bedroom, I was rock hard and Liz was sucking me like a pro while Nicky ate her out.

Liz was in control of our positioning and she said, “I want to watch Shaun fuck you Nicky”.

Nicky smiled and lay back on the bed while Liz held her ankles wide apart over her head, Nicky looked absolutely gorgeous being held like that, I was in her like a rat up a drainpipe and I let her feel me quick as I ploughed into her.

Liz asked her if she was ok and gave me a look to say, “not too hard” but I couldn’t resist this young slut.

“Shaun please don’t stop, please never stop”.

I fucked her for all I was worth, slap slap slap as I drove into her with Liz now playing with Nickys clit and bringing her off while I fucked her tight snatch.

I don’t know how many times Nicky came with my fucking and Liz’s fingering, she seemed to be constantly cumming the entire time.

Eventually I lost my load deep inside Nickys cunt as Liz tapped my balls for extra encouragment, Liz knew I loved that and it would ensure I was completely empty with as much jism inside Nicky as possible for my clean up duty.

“Darling are you going to do to me what you did to Annette just now?” asked Nicky.

I just smiled and immediately began licking, lapping and sucking at her well fucked cunt.

As I licked I watched Liz sit on Nickys face and had the most amazing view of Nickys pink tongue flicking and licking away at Liz’s nicely shaven pussy.

Liz was soon squirming around on Nickys face and Nicky herself was crying out with the lovely sensation of being licked while I was getting a boner again, I couldn’t help myself and plunged back into Nicky for round 2.

Her pussy felt so good, I held onto her thighs and fucked for all I was worth and soon shot another load deep inside her.

Back down I went again for more clean up action, Nicky came another two times from the sensation of having her twat eaten out and Liz let go with a huge gushing orgasm right over Nickys face then she fell off and collapsed on the bed.

I immediately began licking all of Liz’s juice from Nickys face, Nicky seemed to enjoy this just as much as when I was eating her pussy.

Eventually we all got under the quilt and slept like rabbits, well fucked rabbits.

Liz was on one side and Nicky was cuddled into her while I was on the other side and was cuddled into Nicky.

Nicky woke up late the next morning, the combination of being emotional and her sexing had taken it out of her, she came out to the kitchen naked and looking truly gorgeous, I cuddled her and Liz told her that she could live here with “auntie Liz” and have lots of fun – if she wanted”.

Nicky was really overjoyed and thanked us both again and again, Liz and I took full advantage and fucked her there and then over the kitchen table, Liz had an assortment of strap ons and introduced one to Nickys well screwed pussy which the girl loved.

“You should do Shaun with it after”, suggested Nicky.

“Why don’t you do Shaun with it?” asked Liz.

Nicky thought she was joking and looked at me.

I said if she really wanted to she could.

Liz led us both back into the bedroom and I got onto the bed on all fours while Liz firstly lubed me up, then helped secure the strap on and belt around Nickys waist.

“Not that way”, said Liz, “I want her to do you on your back while I hold your feet back over your head, that way you can look at each other and Nicky can kiss you if she wants to”.

“Nicky this puts you in charge of Shaun, do you want to control him?”

“Oh yes” replied Nicky, “he’s so cute and kind and sweet I would love to have him as my toy”.

“Good girl”, said Liz and guided Nicky to my anus.

I was pretty well lubed up and Nicky was guided by Liz, slowly but firmly the plastic cock slid into my butt.

I was lost in extacy as it slid over that magic spot inside my ass, Nicky leaned over and used her hips to fuck me and started kissing me and talking to me.

She asked me if I would be her pet forever….I said I would.

“Later on I’ll show you how Shaun likes to be trained, Nicky, he’s really the cutest most obedient little puppy, aren’t you Shaun my sweet?”


“And we’ll go shopping and we’ll buy him some of his favourite dog food and some yummy doggy treats”.

Nicky was grinning from ear to ear.

Nicky let me have it for a good while and then pulled it out, she straddled me and I thanked her and told her I was hers.

“Is he really mine?” asked Nicky to Liz.

“Dear, Shaun belongs to Annette, she’s trained him to do whatever she wants, but while Shaun is here with me he’s mine and you are living with me so that makes him yours as well”.

“There are other things Shaun has to do as well but all in good time”.

“Nicky”, would you like to control Paul the same way you can now control me?”

“Shaun, it’s too soon for her, she’s still angry at him and hurt, let her play a while and find her feet” said Liz.

“Anyway, even if I wanted to Paul would never do the things you do, I’ve only just met you and you love me more than he ever could”.

I smiled at her and held her close to me giving her a long slow kiss.

Later, after we’d had breakfast and showered I had to go to see Annette, I was sure she didn’t go in to work today and I wanted to see if Paul had returned last night.

Nicky grabbed hold off me and told me not to go, I said I had to and I would come back and maybe tonight we could go and see Annette because we needed to sort out how and when to collect her things from Pauls parents house, something which Nicky had completely overlooked.

I strolled off feeling pretty pleased with myself about the last 24 hours or so.

As I turned the corner I saw a car driving slowly, as if the driver was lost or looking for a street sign, it was Paul.

I waved and he drove over, I think he was afraid to get out of the car thinking I might hit him for fucking my girlfriend – twice.

“You looking for Nicky?”, I asked.

He just nodded.

“Look my friend she’s royally pissed with you, why not leave it for a while, she needs a bit of space”, I told him.

But an 18 year old guy in love doesn’t listen to advice, especially when that advice is coming from another 18 year old, one who your girlfriend was clearly sweet on, so off he drove in a huff because I wouldn’t tell him where she was.

Before he was out of earshot I shouted “PAUL”.

He turned around and came back.

“Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll get her to meet you tomorrow between 12 and 12.30….outside the football stadium in the middle of the car park.

Paul would almost certainly arrive early and would have to leave his parents house around 11.15 or so, this would give Nicky and the rest of us more than an hour to get her stuff out of Pauls parents and off to Liz’s without Paul being around.

I told Annette what had just happened and she phoned Liz and Nicky and explained what was going on, Nicky came to the phone and thanked me and sounded close to tears, I don’t think she had much kindness shown her in her life before.

That night Nicky came over with Liz and she was introduced to Kath and Claire, they both liked her, it was impossible not to.

Annette, Nicky and I went upstairs and had a little chat, I told Annette about last night and how Nicky liked to use a strap on and control me.

“Would you like to join our little group?” asked Annette.

“Oh yes please” answered Nicky with a huge grin.

“There are rules Nicky” said Annette, “the rules are really simple, Shaun does as he’s told, if he doesn’t do as he’s told then he’s punished, but I love him and let him do things that would get other guys into trouble, like last night, Shaun fucked you didn’t he?”

Nicky blushed and nodded.

“It’s ok Nicky, I told him he could if you wanted him to, you see Nicky we have a very special relationship where I like to fuck as often as possible, I have two regular guys who live quite far away who I stay with at weekends, they arrange gangbangs for me and also every Wednesday I fuck one or two of Shaun’s friends, they don’t know that he watches from the wardrobe and they think Shaun can’t get it up, which is what I tell them, you see Nicky guys think with their cocks and if they believe Shaun isn’t able to fuck me then they’ll fuck me all the more harder. Then I make Shaun eat out my pussy after I’ve been fucked, sometimes it’s by guys who Shaun doesn’t even like which makes it more fun when he’s cleaning out my pussy and ass with his tongue afterward”.

Nicky just stared at Annette dumbfounded.

“There’s more to it too, Nicky. I’m trying to turn Shaun onto big cocks so that he can appreciate how much I love them, he has two guys with big dicks that are training him right now, don’t you sweetheart?”

I said “yes”.

Nickys face was a mixture of wonder and open mouthed delight.

“Now Shaun also plays little games with auntie Liz, she likes playing puppy games with him while he stays with her sometimes when I’m getting fucked or staying with my fuck-buddies out of town. Liz has bought Shaun lots of squeaky doggy toys and he has a bowl for food and one for water, both of them now have SHAUN written on the sides, also he has several puppy-tail butt plugs and lots of treats like doggy snacks which are biscuits shaped like little bones and best of all, Liz has the entire range of Pedigree Chum tinned dog food in the top cupboard in the kitchen, rabbit flavour is Shaun’s favourite, then after she’s finished playing with him she makes him eat her pussy all night. Of course now you’re living there as well, poor Shaun will be having his hands, or rather his paws really full won’t he!”

Nickys face was a study in wonder.

She said, “if I hadn’t seen some of the things I’ve seen so far I wouldn’t have believed you, but I do believe you”.

Oh yes and my mum likes to have Shaun eat her out as does Claire, she also likes to play with Shaun but Claire can be a bit severe, can’t she Shaun my love?”

I answered “yes”.

Then Annette slipped her arms around Nicky and said, “welcome to my kinky little fun club” and kissed her.

Nicky stayed over at Annette’s that night, I was taken back to Liz’s place and had some doggy training followed by a sound ass spanking when I accidentally knocked a tin of dog food off the coffee table.

Annette wanted to bond with Nicky and for a week or so I didn’t see much of either of them, Liz told me it was natural as at last Annette had found someone on her level that she could communicate with as an equal.

Nickys things were safely at Liz’s house and Paul hadn’t been seen, apparently according to Annette’s sources he hadn’t turned in for work all week and I thought he was probably pining for his girlfriend, I also thought the chances of him getting her back were slim to slim left town.

Nicky had found a new world of lust, excitement, sex and fulfilment, she wasn’t about to give that up anytime soon.

Although I did wonder if Paul really did love her, then would he be prepared to go down the same road that I was on?

That weekend Nicky came back and seemed to me to be more confident, she had been with Annette almost 24 hours a day for nearly a week, I could see it had rubbed off on her.

She and Liz bonded like two sisters, apart from the intense girl-girl love, they were constantly playing and licking one another.

Nicky was finding herself after years of being told what to wear, told what to do and say and think, finally she was in a situation where all that mattered was satisfying her own desires.

I’d be sat on the sofa and she’d straddle me with her pussy grinding against my cock, she’d instigate everything but she wasn’t forceful, she just acted on feeling horny and she knew that my job was to keep her entertained.

I stayed at Liz’s for another week, helping Nicky make the adjustment and letting her see for real that she was calling the shots where I was concerned. I told her she was a natural, she had a way about her that was unique, she was very feminine and when she tried being “in control” she just looked super-cute and so fuckable, just like Annette. I also said that if I wasn’t with Annette then I’d want to be with her.

Nicky loved the “doggy training” games, she’d play with me for hours, alternating between having me kissing and licking her to scrambling around the floor “fetching” squeaky toys and feeding me my Pedigree Chum dog food.

In the evenings she’d go over to Annette for talks and lots of girl-girl sex, it was near the end of my week staying at Liz’s when she was sat on my lap with her arms around my shoulders and her head on my chest (her favourite “most comfy” position) when she said she wanted to train Paul like Annette had trained me.

I said, “ok, but how will you get him to play along?”

She said he’d been constantly phoning home from work to see if she’d called or been around, his mother told her he was out driving around looking for her every night and he’d lost weight, he was pining for her.

I told her to speak to Annette and Liz about this because it was through them and Chris that I reached the point I was now at, but I also told her that I kicked and screamed all the way, if I could have wriggled out of doing certain things then I would’ve done, only Annette sticking to her guns got me through. I told her I’d help where I could, as I’d love to watch her “finding herself” while Paul was made to do things completely against the grain of his nature just to please her. The thought of him being made to be her “puppy” and feeding him dog food clearly delighted her.

I told her that to begin with he’s going to try every trick in the book not to do things and she had to be strong and not give in to the “kind” Nicky that she had been for the last 18 years. In the same breath I also said that she’d still need to be caring and warm, but not to give in, even if he begged.

I told her that I was brought along at a steady pace, one week I thought it was all over and I’d done enough to please Annette and Chris only to find that next week the finish line was pushed a little bit further.

I asked her if she wanted to train him to enjoy cock, like Annette had me doing.

She grinned broadly and said she’d love to have him doing that.

I told her that doing something which was completely against someone’s moral or ethical code took time, but Annette would be able to help her with everything as she’d done everything with me.

So Nicky phoned Paul and asked if he’d like to talk, he was very keen and she told him to come to Annette’s house the following evening and they could discuss things.

He came along and we had our meeting in the kitchen, it was myself, Annette and Nicky, he was a bit put out judging by the look on his face when as they chatted I put my arms around Nickys waist from behind and held her tight to me, kissing her neck as she spoke to Paul.

She told him that things wouldn’t be like they were between them, she said that since she’d met Shaun & Annette she’d seen a whole different way of doing things and she wanted to keep doing them.

Paul was agreeing that he’d accept any conditions as long as they could get back together, I was proud of Nicky for not caving in to his puppy-dog eyes and meek little voice.

Nicky told him that he would have to prove himself to her over the coming months, she wanted to see how far he’d go to keep her – this was Annette’s idea.

Of course Paul blubbed that he’d do anything and he still loved her no matter what, as he was pouring his heart out I turned her head toward me so I could french kiss her as Paul was talking to her, when she turned back to him she said, “sorry Paul, what were you saying?”

Paul said it didn’t matter.

I handed Nicky a tennis ball and this is where Paul’s training really started, she pretended to drop it onto her foot and it went rolling away, she told Paul to bring the ball to her, which he did.

This time she threw it into the dining room and told him she wanted him to walk on all fours like a dog and bring the ball back to her in his teeth.

He looked at us and saw we were all smiling but serious, I said, “you can’t want her very much if you won’t even do a simple little thing like bring her ball back”.

So, reluctantly he got down on the floor and walked like a dog to the ball, while he had his back to us I slipped my hand inside Nickys little skirt and started having a play with her pussy lips, when Paul returned with the ball in his mouth he was staring right at my fingers playing with Nickys clit and lips.

Annette joined in while Paul just knelt there looking lost with his ball still in his mouth, between Annette and I we worked Nicky into a very sexy aroused state and I said to Annette that maybe we should take her upstairs in case someone came in.

Annette said first she had an idea for Paul, she went upstairs then came back down carrying a dog leash, she put the chain around Paul’s neck and handed the lead to Nicky, then we all walked off with Paul still on all fours being led by his girlfriend whose ass was on full display as Annette and I had both our hands up her skirt and on her lovely butt cheeks.

It was hard for Paul to walk up the stairs on all fours with the tennis ball still in his mouth, drool was starting to drip from his chin and I could tell that his jaw must really have started to ache.

Nicky kept giving the lead a yank to encourage him to hurry up and eventually he made it up to the top of the stairs, we took him into Annette’s room and the two girls started kissing and groping each other.

I said to Paul, “oh well, looks like we’d better just enjoy the show for the minute”.

I made him stand up, still with the ball in his mouth and began undressing him, he was a bit nervous and tried to move away but Nicky told him to either keep still or go home and don’t come back.

I took off his jacket and shirt, then undid his jeans and slipped them down, followed by his boxer shorts.

While the two girls made out I stood behind him and, exactly like Darren and Mike had done to me, I slowly wanked Paul while he watched Annette seduce his girlfriend.

I whispered to Paul that his cum tasted sweet as I’d licked two loads of his jism out of Annette’s holes.

“Nicky do you think Paul might be gay or something” I asked, “just look at his boner”.

She laughed and Annette smiled at me and I knew I was doing well.

“Why don’t you kiss him Shaun and see if he likes it” asked Nicky, so I said to Paul he could either keep the ball in his mouth for the next hour or kiss me….in the end I took it his grunts meant he’d had enough of holding the ball and would do some kissing.

He dropped the ball to the floor as the two girls 69’d one another, I rubbed his jaw making a fuss of him, he hated that, he really did hate it.

I resumed wanking him and turned his head toward me, I kissed him gently but he didn’t respond in kind, so I squeezed his cock hard which made him cry out and told him to kiss me back gently or else he could go home.

So kiss me he did while the two girls moaned and licked and slurped each other.

I said to Annette “fancy a game of Tag?”

Her grin was all the answer I needed.

She took Nicky and got onto all fours with her beside her on the bed and I grabbed Paul and positioned him behind Nicky, I made sure she knew it was him behind her and she told him to, “do it as good as Shaun or you’ll never do it again”, which stroked my ego somewhat.

I got behind Annette and we set off, soon enough we were both building up to a good speed and every now and again I gave Paul’s ass cheeks a pretty firm whack with my hand just to keep him reminded that he wasn’t calling any shots here.

I told him to lift up his hand and High Five me, that was the sign for us to swap cunts, so we changed and went at our new partners again, Paul seemed to be fucking Annette harder than he’d been fucking Nicky which I thought was odd.

“Has Paul ever fucked your ass, Nicky?”, I asked.

“Uh uh” came her reply as I looked at Annette grinning at me, then I asked her if I could bust her ass cherry and she mumbled an “ok” through her moaning and groaning.

I made Paul stop fucking Annette and fetch the lube from the dresser, I made him smear it onto my cock and onto/into her anus.

Annette was fascinated that I was going to take Nickys anal cherry and she turned onto her side to watch the action, which meant no more fucking for Paul.

Smiling at Annette, I made Paul straddle Nickys back so his face was right in front of mine as I was on my knees in the doggy position, I made Paul guide my cock head to her anal entrance and made him keep hold of it as I gently eased it in.

Nicky was sighing in long breaths, I had to concentrate hard because just her sighing could have brought me off, she was sounding stunningly erotic.

I told Paul to spread her ass cheeks wide so Annette could see everything.

Paul’s cock was very close to mine so I grabbed it and squeezed it as I kissed him, Annette thought this was all wonderful as she kept making comments throughout the fucking.

“Wonder if Paul likes dessert”, said Annette.

I knew just what she meant and began my approach to the money shot, I was soon pumping Nickys bum full of hot cum as she bucked her butt around in the air, it was all I could do to stay inside her she was thrashing that hard.

“Nicky, Paul is going to clean you”, Annette told her.

“Ok”, said Nicky still in the afterglow of sex.

I pushed Paul’s head down to Nickys ass and told him to tongue her deeply and to lick out every drop of my cum and drink it.

He took to it without any fuss which was surprising and soon had his tongue buried in her ass as she wiggled around enjoying the sensations of his probing tongue.

Pauls ass was in the air as he bent down to clean Nicky, I reached over and gently milked his cock while he worked, this seemed to encourage him onto greater efforts.

After 15 minutes of steady licking he told me that she was clean, I had to inspect his work and told him so (which made Annette laugh) as I stuck my tongue into Nicks bum and couldn’t find any more dessert.

I asked Annette if she was ok as Paul didn’t cream pie her – I think she knew what I was really asking was ‘do you want Paul to shoot his load into you so I can suck it out’.

She smiled and said “why don’t we give him to auntie Liz for the night?”

At that Nicky sat up fully recovered and agreed wholeheartedly, I also said it was a great idea and began to ask Paul a few questions that had the girls laughing but didn’t reveal too much about what was going to happen to him that night.

We got dressed and Annette phoned Liz and explained what was happening, Liz was delighted at having a “new pup” to begin training, so we all jumped in Pauls car and in a few minutes we pulled up at Liz’s place.

I knew the routine and told Paul to strip while I did the same, the girls and Liz had gotten all the toys and equipment out of the cupboard and Liz had four tins of dog food left which were brought out and placed on the coffee table.

Annette said she leave us in Liz’s hands and she and Nicky went back home to let Liz work her magic on us both – and to enjoy some more girl-girl loving no doubt.

Normally Liz always wore a sexy silky number but she stripped off completely and told us she was in the mood for some serious fun, I told her I had already cum once earlier but would do my best to cum again if it was required of me, she said she knew I always did my best and kissed me.

Paul and I were to have races, Liz would throw two balls and we’d scamper after them on all fours with the winner being the first one back.

The loser got 5 hard swishes with her bamboo cane across the bum.

I had played the “fetch” game many times before and was used to being on all fours so to begin with I won all the little races and Pauls ass had red lines and welts running all over it.

Liz wanted to try and even things up so next we had to wrestle each other, we weren’t allowed to grab each others cock/balls but had to make each other submit if we could.

I enjoyed the feeling of being overpowered and soon I was submitting to Paul so I’d get thrashed with the cane which I didn’t mind, my ass ended up as bad as his.

Then we had a licking contest, the object was to start Liz’s stopwatch and see if, purely by licking, we could bring her to orgasm in 60 seconds or less.

After that we had to put on a kissing show for Liz as she watched and played with herself.

The nights festivities culminated in having to suck each other while Liz encouraged us, talking down to us as if we were a pair of teenagers, ok we were teenagers but you know what I mean.

That night Paul and I stayed over at Liz’s, she was in the middle of the bed with her two pups suckling on a big fleshy tit each. Liz let Paul lick her to orgasm a few times which I wasn’t too keen on, as far as I was concerned everything to do with licking Liz’s pussy was my province.

With Paul back on the scene, Annette began to take Nicky with her on her sexual expeditions to Chris’s place at weekends, the two of them were getting very close and I hardly ever had Annette all to myself anymore.

Paul and myself were either at Liz’s place or at Darren and Mike’s on the weekends when Annette & Nicky were at Chris’s, then I remember Paul being invited up with them to become one of “Chris’s Gang” – he’d never invited me up.

After the first time Paul returned with them from a weekend at Chris’s I noticed a visible difference in the girls’ attitude to him, he was no longer “ordered” around as he was previously, they were treating him as an equal, or at least higher than me in the group standing, and I was left the one who still had to do what I was told.

I had a bit of an argument with Annette about this and told her it wasn’t fair as Paul was beginning to try and exercise some authority over me as well as being able to fuck either of them when he wanted.

She said Chris had made him a member of his club and if I didn’t like it to take it up with Chris!

Also, the weekends Paul and I stayed with Darren and Mike were no longer those two fucking around with us two, Paul had now become their equal as well so it was those three against me.

What follows next is the chain of events that led to Annette and I splitting up for good in the summer of 1990 after nearly three years together.

Kathy (Annette’s mum) was always on to her about making her a grandmother, I used to take no notice of it but one day she commented that we’d been “together” for nearly three years and wasn’t it about time Shaun “grew up” and married her and started a family – this was despite the fact that she knew her daughter was getting fucked by everyone except me!

I ignored these remarks since I had no intention of becoming a dad and I was pretty sure Annette liked what she was doing with her “guys” and wouldn’t want anything to change that.

Despite the new higher position that Paul had attained, things were pretty much ok, I wasn’t given any new “shocks” and everything had settled into it’s own daily rhythm.

One night Liz called and told me to come over.

We talked and I could see something was on her mind when she asked me, “how much did I love Annette?”.

I thought, “here we go again, now what?”.

Liz told me that Annette wanted a baby, at first I thought ok is that really such a big deal.

Then she dropped the bomb, while she’d been with Chris the last couple of times he had brought a few of his friends along that Annette hadn’t met before and they were black.

In short, Annette wanted to be knocked up by a black guy.

A part of me thought, “oh shit” while another part thought it was horny.

The next evening Paul dropped us up to his parents chalet and Annette and I spent the night talking it over, it seems that she had been introduced to these four black guys and she’d had really enjoyed fucking them and wanted them to ‘breed’ her. I remember thinking of how she said the word ‘breed’, as if she were cattle.

We discussed all the problems that bringing a mixed race into the world might create, all the stupid comments and remarks and the possibility of he or she being bullied at school – actually I brought up these issues in the hope of talking her out of it, no such luck.

Annette wanted to be knocked up by these guys and wanted us to get married and raise the baby as our own.

At first I was thrilled at the thought of marrying Annette, she was my dream girl, my first love and I was still head over heels with her despite everything that she’d put me through.

Then the reality started to sink in, she’d be having another mans child, a black mans child and then what?

Would she stop her fucking around and settle down to become a responsible mother?

What if she wanted them to knock her up again and try for a brother or sister for the baby, what if she wanted 4 or 5, or more?

A few weeks went by and nothing more was said, nor did she and Nicky go up to Chris’s place, which was odd.

Then I got told we were having a “family meeting” over at aunt Liz’s that evening so we all went over.

In the lounge were Kathy, Claire, Annette, Liz, Darren, Mike, Chris, Ian, myself, Paul and Nicky.

Also there were four black guys that I’d never seen before, Annette was sat on them lengthways on the sofa, their hands were caressing her softly, I remember noticing the contrast between their black hands and her white arms and thighs as they stroked her.

Liz started things off by telling everyone we were all here to resolve Annette and Shaun’s family concerns.

Basically, everyone agreed that the guys fathering Annette’s child was a great idea and the only real problem was that of accommodation.

The four of them lived around 75 miles away which would be hard to drive each day if they had to come down daily to fuck Annette, so it was agreed that they’d all stay at Liz’s over the weekends and fuck Annette as often as they possibly could during the weekend.

It was also agreed that Annette and I should have no sex whatsoever (as if we were having any anyway) just in case I knocked her up which, according to Kathy would be, “totally unnacceptable” with a bit more venom in her voice than was really called for.

Kathy also recommended that I be kept away from Annette during the week because she didn’t trust me to keep my hands off of her daughter!

This brought up the problem of where I was to be housed, Paul and Nicky were pretty much back together so they were staying at Paul’s parents house.

Liz said she’d keep me with her during the week but I’d have to make myself scarce when Annette’s “breeders” turned up from Friday afternoon till Sunday night.

Darren and Mike said they’d have me with them at weekends.

As it was a Friday that day, Kathy suggested they start mating Annette immediately and I remember Annette and I having a deep kiss and cuddle in the middle of the room then one of her black studs gently but firmly pulled her away from me while Mike likewise pulled me away from Annette.

As Darren drove us back to his place my mind was racing with the thoughts of Annette being fucked by those 4 black guys purely with the intent of knocking her up.

Mike and Darren were very turned on by the whole affair and my weekends with them moved up a notch, I was being fucked very well by both of them, the “black breeding” effect was rubbing off on them too – Darren had bought a wig that was more or less the same length and colour as Annette’s hair which I had to wear while they fucked me, they were pretending to be fucking me to “knock me up” and would call me Annette while I had to beg them to make me pregnant…one of the more dumb games the two of them invented, I thought so anyway.

During the week I was only allowed to see Annette with Liz or someone else present, they clearly didn’t trust me to keep my cock out of Annette until Liz had an idea, she went shopping at some point and came back with a package for me.

It was a pair of leather briefs with a padlock around the waist, she made me put them on and padlocked them shut, they wouldn’t come off unless they were unlocked, from that point on I was allowed to spend time with Annette just the two of us.

Annette didn’t allow me to lick her at all during the entire time she was mating, but Paul was allowed to fuck her ass while I watched, I complained about this and asked why he could do that and I couldn’t.

She told me that she trusted him not to “slip into the wrong hole”, so I asked if I could hold her ass cheeks open for him and she allowed me to do that at least.

Liz relieved me when watching Paul fuck Annette had given me a monster boner that was agony inside the tight leather shorts, but right after she’d milked me into toilet tissue she padlocked me inside the chastity shorts again, saying that there was no way she was letting my cock anywhere near Annette, regardless if I had cum or not.

The evenings were nice, Annette sat on my lap naked and we kissed and cuddled and I was allowed to suckle on her breasts while she watched television but all the while Liz was present, even though my shorts meant I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to.

Annette told me in great detail how her weekends were going, and how she felt it wouldn’t be long now till she was pregnant because the four of them were literally making her cunt overflow with spunk and the birth control pills had been thrown away from the very first “breeding night”.

Liz commented on how much jism was pouring out of Annette after each guy pulled out, it sounded to me like they were blasting a river of cum into her.

We talked about what we’d call the baby if it was a boy or girl – Annette wanted to name the baby after his ‘real’ father if it was a boy saying it would be the right thing to do.

I wasn’t keen on this as I’d be the one raising the and as far as the was concerned it was me who he’d call “dad”, not the guy who impregnated Annette.

Annette then suggested we name the baby a name of our choice but she could get a tattoo of the fathers name done somewhere on her as a momento, I argued that surely the itself would be enough of a momento.

Whenever we talked about names or what was going to happen after the baby was born we never resolved anything, we just went around in circles with Annette listening more to her mother, Chris and Liz than she did to me.

“Mum says you should marry me”, said Annette one night.

“She says that if you were a real man you’d get a job and marry me and give our baby a good upbringing”.

“Then what Annette?”

“What happens when you say you want another baby, then another one, then another one, you’re a nymph, you need to be constantly fucking, my marrying you won’t change anything, all that’ll happen is I’ll get stuck looking after the each night while you’re out getting laid”.

“Shaun I won’t sweetheart, I’ve had something done today that will put most guys off fucking me, look”.

Annette opened her bath-robe and just above her pussy were tattooed the words, “Blacks Only” with an arrow pointing toward her pussy.

“That means white guys are only allowed to fuck my ass, and most white guys are wimps who don’t like to fuck ass, so you see sweetheart, we’ll be ok”.

I just stared at her in disbelief.

Six weeks went by and Annette was pregnant.

She’d had it confirmed when she missed a period and her mother and family were over the moon.

Kathy insisted that the four studs continue to fuck Annette until she was too far along to be fucked anymore, she said “we should find out who the father is as soon as possible so Shaun can thank him” – in the same breath she also said, “his leather shorts should stay on”.

It turned out the guy was called Sam, not that I was told this information, rather it was shown to me.

Annette proudly opened her robe and I saw, Thankyou Sam” tattooed onto her stomach high up – as if she’d deliberately had it written there leaving lots of space underneath it for future names to be written.

As the weeks turned into months and Annette started to show, I found myself drawn to her swollen stomach, I’d spend evenings licking her stomach for hours as she stroked my head and cooed to me.

Liz was a fully trained midwife and Annette wanted to have the baby right there in the very bed where it was concieved, she wanted everyone to be there including her studs to witness the happy event.

It was around 8 months into her pregnancy when I decided that nothing would change when the baby was born, her mother and Liz would fuss over it, they’d practically bring it up between them while Annette continued fucking her guys and I was left….where?


I told Annette I’d had enough, hoping that right at the last minute she’d realise how much she loved me but it was too late, she’d had her way for too long and wasn’t about to go back to being the loving faithful girlfriend she was in the beginning.

Liz took my side to a degree, she said she understood where I was coming from and how hurt I must be.

She said I could stay with her and maybe when the baby was born I’d have a change of heart.

I thanked her and moved in – of course there were conditions which she outlined straight away, the puppy play and marathon pussy eating sessions would be a daily occurrence, not that I minded.

A month later the baby came along and I didn’t really see much of either Annette or the baby.

Paul and Nicky were doing their own thing, Darren and Mike were nowhere to be seen, Chris and Ian had faded into the woodwork and Annette’s four studs had gone back to wherever it was they’d come from.

One night I phoned Annette and asked if she wanted to meet, she said she did and I went over to her mums house when the house was empty.

Annette was of course besotted with her baby, little Sam was, well, her little Sam!

I was tempted to start talking about the two of us but something held me back, I had settled into a nice little routine at Liz’s place, Liz had her quirks but I wasn’t being made to do anything against the grain of my nature just to keep her happy like I had to do with Annette.

After a few cups of tea I left and Annette said she’d call, she never did, that was the last time we spoke.

I found a job in a local factory and had been at Liz’s for around 10 months or so when one night we were sitting watching tv and she said she had something to tell me.

Annette was pregnant again, the father was a guy called Mark, one of the four studs.

I wasn’t surprised in the least and felt relieved that I didn’t listen to her mother and marry her, because what I had feared was actually happening.

It struck me later that everything I had put up with and been through was to enable Annette to get to this point in her life so she could have babies.

I felt like a horse that had been whipped almost to death but had managed to escape just in time.

This all happened in the place where I grew up, I was with Annette from October ’87 till summer ’90.

I decided I wanted to get away from the area completely now that I had a job and start living my own life so off I went and although I had to come back each day to the area because that’s where the factory where I worked was located, I rarely saw Annette or any of her family.

A Chance Meeting With Liz..

One afternoon in summer 2003, I was walking through the city centre when walking straight toward me I recognized a familiar face.

It was Liz, Annette’s aunt who I’d not seen since 1991.

We hugged and went for a coffee to catch up.

Pretty soon we were on the edge of discussing certain things that weren’t best discussed in a public place so Liz invited me back to her place where we could talk more openly.

I was a bit reluctant at first, I’d not been inside Liz’s house since I moved out 12 years previously and all the memories of the “play” sessions we’d had were beginning to surface in my mind but Liz was insistent so off we went.

Her house hadn’t changed much, nor had Liz for that matter, she was darker than I remember her, obviously been at the tanning booths, physically she still looked in great shape, she’d joined a gym and was very nicely toned for a woman pushing 50.

We sat in the lounge which was both different yet still very familiar in the way that things are when you haven’t been back to a place in ages.

“Shaun, do you want to know everything?”, asked Liz.

I didn’t know what she meant and told her so.

She said, “do you want to know how it all started, with the two guys who Annette was sexing?”

I said “ok” in a kind of reluctant way which made Liz smile, she said right then I looked exactly like I did when she’d told me to do something that I wasn’t keen on back in the days when I was her puppy.

“It all started in there, Shaun”, she said as she pointed toward the kitchen, the door was closed.

I said I didn’t follow her and then she began her story.

She knew that Annette and I hooked up in October of 1987 when we were both 17.

At the time Liz was seeing two guys who had taken a special interest in Annette and had been watching her for a year or so, watching her develope into a beautiful young woman.

Being only 17 they judged Annette slightly too young to be, as Liz put it, “brought on board”.

They waited until she was 18 and then moved on her.

Annette’s 18th birthday was around 2 months before we went to the holiday caravan for 3 weeks when for the first time I saw her with Chris and Ian.

What I didn’t know was that Chris and Ian had been fucking Annette right here in Liz’s house each time we had one of our famous squabbles.

Liz told me that Annette would deliberately pick a fight with me so I’d storm off home and she could come over to Aunt Liz’s to be double-fucked by Chris and Ian.

But at first, she didn’t want anything to do with them.

I asked Liz how did they change her mind.

Then she dropped one of two bombs.

She told me they had gone into the kitchen with Annette pretending to help her with the tea, then Liz had closed and locked the kitchen door while Chris and Ian fucked her.

I was a bit taken aback and asked Liz if she was trying to tell me they had raped Annette.

“Well Shaun, let’s just say they opened her eyes a little”.

That was neither a yes or a no.

I asked Liz if she approved of what they’d done.

“Of course I approved”, she scowled at me, “Shaun I locked her in the room with them and sat right here and listened to her first scream and fight, then her fighting gradually subsided and turned into groans and moans of pleasure”.

“Yes you could say it might have started out a little on the rough side but afterwards she came out with her arms around them smiling from ear to ear, does that sound like rape to you Shaun?”

I said it didn’t then Liz said, “but you were too young to know about that, you were head over heels with Annette and it would have destroyed you if you knew why they’d targeted her”.

I asked why did they target her but Liz was telling the story and she’d do it in her own time and in her own way, she wasn’t going to be rushed along by me.

“Why don’t we have another cup of tea and get a bit more comfy, then we’ll talk some more”.

I remember Liz had this ability to change direction, stop or move the flow of the conversation as and when it suited her, I knew there was no point in even trying to get her to spill the beans so I made the tea while Liz went upstairs to slip into something, “more comfy”.

Liz came back downstairs while I had just sat back down with our tea on the coffee table, she walked around the sofa and stood in front of me.

Liz had changed into a powder blue silk mini komono-type robe that didn’t cover her upper thighs, nor her pussy, she just stood there right in front of me with her shaven pussy inches from my face.

I looked up ready to say something but Liz just smiled and said, “welcome home Shaun, we missed you”, with her hand gently on the back of my head she guided me forward to her pussy, I licked and lapped her into heaven.

After our little “rest break” Liz told me to undress and we sat back down, she was sitting on my lap so she could nibble my ear as she spoke to me.

Liz continued talking and told me to suckle on her nipple, just as I did when I was the, “sweetest puppy”.

“Now where were we”, asked Liz.

I told her she was about to tell me why they had targeted Annette.

“Keep sucking Shaun and don’t stop unless you want me stop telling you what happened, ok?”

I nodded.

“Shaun, do you remember the suit Annette bought you and those shoes to go to her cousins wedding?”.

I nodded. The suit was Armani, 700 pounds worth in 1988, I never really wondered about how Annette could afford it, I was just overjoyed that she bought it for me.

There was much more.

Clothes, jewellery, watches, shoes, holidays, gym memberships, jetski hire, nights out, restaurants etc etc.

As Liz spoke I realized there was no way Annette could have afforded all of that on her factory wage, then Liz dropped the mega-bomb.

She told me not to stop suckling her breast else she would stop, I nodded again and let her talk uninterrupted.

“Look into my eyes Shaun and don’t stop sucking, I’ve waited 12 years to tell you this and I want to see your face when it hits home”.

“Annette could buy all of those things for you my sweet Shaun, because she was whoring for Chris and Ian on the weekends she was with them”.

I stared at her, the words not really registering.

“Your beautiful girlfriend who you loved so much was a whore Shaun”, said Liz again, looking right at me.

I just sucked harder on her tit, her beautiful motherly soft tit.

“Do you want me to continue?”

I nodded yes.

Smiling Liz stood up and went to a drawer, she took out three DVD’s, they were in clear plastic sleeves with nothing written on them.

“Do you want to see the little video they made of Annette to entice clients, Shaun?”

I was speechless and Liz took my silence for a “yes”.

She popped in the first disc and for a second the picture was snowy, it was clearly transferred from an old VHS tape.

Then the screen was filled with Annette’s smiling face, she was heavily made up.

She appeared to be reading from a placard held behind the camera and she said, “Hi, I’m Annette, I’m 18 and love to fuck, I especially enjoy anal and hard rough sex”.

Then a guy I’d never seen before appeared behind her and began rubbing her ample tits as the camera pulled back to reveal Annette was naked and sat on a bench.

After much kissing and groping he went down on her and she on him, then they fucked, first he took her pussy, then her ass, as he fucked her ass she let a stream of juice blast out of her pussy, this was replayed 3 times in slow motion for the punters to see that she was a squirter.

After the sex-show Annette sat back on the bench and ran off a stream of rates, she let them know exactly what she charged for which sex act and how much for group bookings.

Then with Annette blowing kisses into the camera the screen went back to snowy again.

I stared in disbelief and couldn’t think of anything to say.

“You ok sweetheart?”, asked Liz.

I nodded a yes and she then told me why it was hidden from me as the expression on my face right then suggested that I was finding it hard to swallow and if I’d been shown back then, who knows what I’d have done.

“Do you want to see disc two?”, she asked.

I nodded again and she told me to sit back and nuzzle into her breast, just like I did when I was younger and something had upset me.

After another snowy screen the camera showed Annette from the rear, she was walking along a country lane in an extremely small pink mini dress and heels, her ass cheeks were on display as she turned into a gravel lane and headed toward what appeared to be a clubhouse.

It was actually a mens changing room, and it was full.

A rugby team had just entered, actually two rugby teams but Annette had walked into the “Home” teams dressing room.

The changing room was thick with steam as the showers were all on and whoever operated the camera was constantly wiping off the lense with a hanky.

Annette got to the back near the showers as the guys all made lots of noise and groped her, there she was stripped out of her pink dress as the guys, all naked/semi naked began to feel her tits, pussy and ass.

Some elasticated knee wraps/bandages were found and Annette had her hands tied above her head to the shower heads.

What followed then was just incredible, every one of the team fucked her and fucked her hard from the rear, it was very steamy in the shower but it was clear that her anus and pussy were fucked by every guy in the place.

Afterward as they all got dressed and left, someone must have passed the word to the “Away” team because in they all came and took in turns fucking her rotten.

After that a fat old caretaker came in when all the others had gone and turned on all the showers.

He washed Annette’s well fucked cunt and asshole, then he took off his leather belt and began thrashing her across her ass, hips, upper thighs, tummy and pussy.

This guy wasn’t messing around, he really went to town on her and in the end Annette was very nearly passed out and had collapsed while still being supported by the elastic tied to her wrists and shower heads.

The guy looked at the camera and asked if he could “finish her off”, the guy holding the camera said, “ok, put her out”, then the caretaker hit her with the hardest lashes he possibly could, all were aimed at her pussy and tummy.

Annette was now properly unconscious, but it wasn’t over yet, the caretaker asked, “can the slut squirt while passed out?”.

The guy holding the camera said,”ok go on then but I want another 30 quid” (quid is slang for english pounds).

Then the caretaker untied Annette’s wrists and carried her still unconscious to a massage table, he laid her on her back and began sliding his fingers into her well fucked shaven twat.

He worked four fingers in and had her at the right angle to hit her G spot, he frigged her like a madman and indeed Annette did let fly with a torrent of pussy juice.

“How about her ass just to finish off?” asked the caretaker.

“For fuck’s sake, make it quick and then YOU carry her out to the car, put her in the boot”.

“And I get a copy of the tape later, yeah?”

“Ok”, said the camera guy.

So he fucked my still unconscious girlfriend hard in the ass until he shot his load deep inside her.

Then carrying her firemans style over his shoulders he lifted her out to the car, I noticed his fingers on his left hand were buried in Annette’s cunt as he carried her.

The boot was open and he placed her inside, before he shut the boot he couldn’t resist one more attempt at making her squirt, this time he didn’t manage it and he seemed a little angry, so grabbing her right breast he squeezed it as hard as he could, Annette’s flesh ran through his fingers like it was dough, but she didn’t cry out, then the boot was closed and the screen went snowy again.

I was lying with my head against Liz’s tits, staring at the screen open mouthed.

She asked me if I was ok, I didn’t reply, I was still trying to take in what I’d been watching.

“Shaun my dear, this is the last one”, she said holding up the last disc like a piece of evidence.

“You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to, and anytime you’ve seen enough I can turn it off”.

I dreaded to think what was on the disc, I felt like someone who’d witnessed a car crash and knew the inside of the car was going to be a bloody mess but was compelled to look anyway.

I told her I was ok but I needed another cup of tea first.

Liz smiled at me and led me by the cock out into the kitchen, a kitchen where my first true love was turned from a loving kind girlfriend into a whore.

As the kettle boiled Liz told me I could stay with her tonight, if I could clear it with my girlfriend.

I told her my girlfriend was visiting her parents and wouldn’t be home till next week.

This pleased Liz.

Back in the lounge we sat down but before Liz put in the disc she told me to remember that Annette was under a very strong sexual control from both Chris and Ian, “they dominated her Shaun and tamed her with sex until she’d do anything they asked of her. Absolutely anything Shaun, this was shown to clients who wanted Annette to take part in some more extreme fun”.

I wondered what could be more extreme than being whipped with a belt after having 24 guys fuck her until she passed out….I was about to find out.

After the usual snowy picture the screen showed a room covered in rubber or plastic sheeting, the floor, the walls, everything.

Two women wearing full rubber outfits appeared carrying what looked like two steel poles – they were actually cattle prods.

The camera panned back to reveal Annette, completely naked and tied to a cross, her feet were a couple of inches off the floor and the camera zoomed in close to reveal the chaf marks the ropes had made against the skin on her ankles.

She was covered in a light sweat, making her skin shine, she looked hotter than hell and very scared.

The camera then panned to the left to reveal around 30 people sitting on chairs about 20 feet from Annette, they were also wearing full rubber suits.

Then onto the set walked a hugely muscled guy wearing an executioners mask and black leather chaps and boots.

He held up a gag to the audience who all shouted, “No”.

Giving the gag to one of the two women who had now moved to either side of Annette, he picked up a large pail of water and threw it over her, it was clearly cold as she gasped and bucked.

Then another pail of water.

Then a third.

Annette was now completely soaked from head to foot.

A caption on the screen then appeared, it read, “TITS” in big black letters, then faded away.

The big guy re-appeared holding a prod identical to the ones the girls were holding, to show they were for real they touched them to the metal stem of the cross, they “cracked” loudly.

I couldn’t believe they were actully going to “zap” Annette with them and I was about to say as much to Liz when she said, “ssh” and I saw an expression on her face of joy and excitement.

In order to give the audience, and the camera, a perfect view, the two girls remained to the left and right of Annette while the big guy sat under her legs, right under her pussy.

The girl on Annette’s left brought the prod to her left nipple and gently touched it, the effect was amazing, Annette screamed and thrashed around with her big tits bouncing everywhere.

“A most responsive slut” said the big guy, to which the audience laughed.

Then the girl on Annette’s right did the same thing, more screams and wild thrashings from Annette with the audience murmuring their approval.

Annette was now fully expecting the unbearable pain that would come from having the big guys prod touch her pussy, she strained to look down at him knowing it was coming, this put her off her guard and the girl who’d just prodded her right tit did so again, more wild screaming and the audience laughed loudly.

In quick sucsession the two girls jabbed at Annette’s big tits with their prods “cracking” with each contact, Annette was now delirious with pain and was thrashing wildly and screaming.

She had yet to feel the pain on her pussy.

As she writhed in agony a new pain tore through her, the guy sitting between her legs had gently touched the prod to the sole of her left foot, Annette pissed herself, the stream of urine drenching the guy beneath her, the audience roared with approval.

Then a new caption appeared on the screen in big black letters, “INTERMISSION” was displayed and then faded away as coffee was served to the audience by the two rubber wearing women, the camera picked up on several conversations and it seemed that everyone was happy with the show thus far.

Annette was drenched with yet more water, then the caption “CUNT & ASS” was displayed on the screen before fading away.

The camera focused on the two girls adjusting the level of current that the prods zapped Annette with, the dial had read 4, now it was turned up to 8, the highest setting was 10.

Smiling, the two girls resumed their places, followed by the guy, who this time stood behind Annette so no one could see him, but he kept the tip of his prod visible to the audience by holding it just below Annette’s pussy lips.

Before they began, the two girls donned what appeared to be swimming goggles.

With a look and a nod, all three of them jabbed Annette at the same time, one of the the girls got her clit, the other her pussy and the guy standing behind her got her anus, Annette’s reaction was absolutely stunning.

She shuddered violently all over then threw up a huge torrent of vomit, the audience cheered wildly.

Whispering to the girls, the guy stood to one side while the two women carefully positioned their prods inches from Annette’s throat as the guy held her head back, “no… please….please…. I want…..I want my mum”, came her weak feeble plea, but to no avail.

Both prods hit their targets at the same time, the guy holding her head let it go and quickly jabbed her cunt with his prod, out came another huge torrent of puke, splattering all over the rubber covered flooring.

Now the camera focused on the girls and the guy turning up the dial to 10 on all of their prods.

Another caption appeared, “AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION”, then faded away.

The audience came down in three’s and were allowed 2 jabs each, anywhere on Annette’s body except her head and face.

Zap after zap after zap had Annette spewing forth vomit and urinating continuously.

After 20 or so guests had zapped Annette a man in a suit appeared, Annette appeared to be unconscious and the man placed a stethoscope against various parts of her body and listened, he then gave the ok for the fun to continue, to cheers from the guests who had yet to zap Annette.

After all 30 had enjoyed electrocuting Annette she was cut down and was clearly passed out.

The Dr re-appeared and gave her an injection, he held her wrist for a minute or so, then taking one of the prods himself, he administered a jolt to her pussy, this had the effect, together with whatever shot he’d given her, of waking her up immediately as well as sending another huge blast of vomit from her mouth.

The two rubber clad women held her up on her shaky legs while the guy in the executioner mask said, “we shall now take bids on ownership of this young slut for weekends commencing this coming year”.

Then the camera panned to the audience and the picture faded and became a snowy screen again.

“You ok Shaun?”

I didn’t answer.

“Shaun say something sweetheart”.

“My girlfriend is away for 4 more days, can I stay here with you till she comes back?”

I buried my face in Liz’s big tits as she comforted me and she told me I didn’t have to ask if I wanted to stay over.

After the shock had subsided a bit I asked her if that kind of extreme stuff is what she did every weekend she was with Chris and Ian.

She told me it was, Chris and Ian would “rent her” to groups or couples or singles who could do anything they wanted to her except make her take drugs or cut her or break bones or put her in life threatening situations or anything to do with animals or children.

I grinned more to myself than to Liz.

“What was that little smile for?” she asked.

I told her that one time I’d seen her get licked to the point of passing out by a bunch of cows in a field and I thought that was the most extreme thing I’d ever seen, but what was on that disc made that look tame.

“She did lots of other stuff as well Shaun, that tape they made was used as a marketing tool to let customers have a look at Annette in action, she was a very popular girl”.

“When did she actually begin being a whore?”

“I can’t remember the exact date Shaun, but it would have been just after you got back from your first long holiday with her in the caravan, the first time you met Chris and Ian”.

“Why did she stay with me for 3 years?”

“Because she loved you sweetheart, the stuff she was paid to do was only sex, she loved you deeply”.


“Because you are you, Shaun, you stuck with her even though everyone was trying to pull you away from her”.

“Who else knew?”

“Her mum, her sister, me, Chris, Ian, Nicky and Paul”.

“What about Darren and Mike?”

“Those two? No Shaun, they couldn’t be trusted to keep their big boasting mouths shut”.

“Liz, what ever happened to those video tapes with me on them?”

“You mean the ones with you and Annette getting tag-teamed by Darren and Mike, oh Shaun my love that was so cute”.

“Cute for you maybe, but not for me”.

“Sweetheart, lighten up, after what you’ve just seen do you think your little romps were anything more than foreplay?”

No comment from me.

“I don’t know what happened to them dear, I used to have both of them, I think Annette had a couple and I presumed Chris and Ian had the master copies. Oh and Darren and Mike probably had some too”.

“So they could end up on the web anytime then?”

“I don’t think so Shaun, if they were they’d already be uploaded, don’t you think?”

“I suppose so, what about that book, that ledger that Annette was in love with?”.

“Annette burned it when they had a bonfire the first year little Sam was born”.

“What happened after I moved out of here, Liz. I’ve heard the public version but what really happened?”

“Ok, you moved out after little Sam came along, she pretty much stopped working for Chris and Ian when she got pregnant, they were trying to get her to see some clients who’d pay big money to abuse a pregnant whore, Annette thought about it but in the end she wouldn’t do it, so they lost interest and let her alone.

The four black guys that were breeding her kept seeing her, she got knocked up again by one of them, Mark is his name, so Sam had a little brother to play with, she also named him Mark.

She stopped seeing Darren and Mike, after the times she’d had being “rented out” and being gang-bred those two were just not worth the effort.

About a year after little Mark was born she got a job as a cashier in a bank, she started seeing the manager but old habits die hard and she also started getting fucked by any of the staff who took an interest, Guy put up with it for a while but in the end she was too open and he had no choice but to call it off.

She kept her job for a while but Guy would catch her getting fucked in the stairwell or out back and in the end she was just a distraction to everyone there so he fired her.

She’s had a few guys that she’s seen over the years but they don’t stick around Shaun, she’s too sexual, can’t stop from getting fucked.

She’s asked about you from time to time, wondering where you were and how you were doing, you know we are very close Shaun, she still comes to me for some girl to girl loving, just like she always has.

Would you like me to give her a call Shaun, she’d love to see you again?”

“No Liz, don’t call her until I’ve gone, that womans voice, her smell, her skin, her eyes….I’d just get hooked again and I don’t want to”.

“You still burning a candle for her sweetheart?”

“The candles gone out Liz but it could soon be lit again, and I don’t want it lit, I was never happy being Annette’s little toy”.

“Yet you were with her for 3 years, a long time for someone who wasn’t happy”.

“I was addicted Liz, I couldn’t help myself, I don’t want to be strung along and made to play those stupid games again, I’m 33 now not 18 and besides I have a girlfriend”.

“Is she exciting Shaun?”

“She all mine Liz, and she doesn’t want to fuck half the planet”.

“But is she exciting?”

“Ok, nothing is as exciting as being with Annette, those 3 years were exciting but they half killed me”.

“So you don’t want to fuck Annette and me tonight?”

“No Auntie Liz, just you”.

“And what about this girlfriend of yours, is she a good girl?”

“She’s ok, I’ve got her fucking her boss and his friend, they take her out, fuck her, treat her nice, bring her back, she tells me all about it and I get to eat a nice well fucked pussy all night, that’s all I want auntie Liz, I don’t need to play wacky games to get off, I just want a nice girlfriend with a nice well fucked cunt for me to eat, that’s all”.

“You’re a lovely boy Shaun, you always were”.

I stayed with Liz for the next four days, no weird doggy games just me seeing how much dessert I could deposit in her pussy and ass and how much I could suck out again.

The End? I bloody hope so!

The following incident while not essential to my confessional does nonetheless make an interesting read. Enjoy.

The Cow Field..

One afternoon we drove out to the moors in Darren’s car, I was never told where we were going or when we’d be back or what was happening, I was very much left in the dark about pretty much everything unless Annette told me or I had to attend a “family meeting” – or unless I was at Liz’s place, she was the only one who really talked to me.

We ended up going out past Princetown and took one of the lanes, this is basically the middle of nowhere, right in the middle of 370 square miles of Dartmoor.

I remember we got off the lane and drove down a narrow tractor path which was no more than two tractor-wheel grooves in the mud where the tractor had been back and forth over the years.

At the bottom was an iron gate and beyond that a huge field with cows grazing.

Annette seemed to know what was happening and she was eager to get out of the car and into the field.

“Just remember to keep still”, Darren said to her.

I still was none the wiser as we all climbed over the gate and walked into the field.

I remember we stopped walking as the cows were about 30ft or so away, they had stopped munching their grass and were now looking at us, cows are a bit dopey but they don’t like it if you approach them, they like to keep their distance.

Darren and Mike pulled off Annette’s shorts and top leaving her naked but for her trainers.

They motioned for me to come back to the gate with them, I looked back as we walked and Annette was bent over facing us with her arms behind her back, clearly she was holding open her pussy lips to the cows.

When we were back at the gate the cows wandered over to see what she was doing, they at first came to within about 10ft of her, then one edged up and the others followed suit.

Pretty soon Annette had a cow sniffing at her open pussy lips, we could see it’s huge tongue slurp her right on her lips and ass.

Other cows moved close to her and they too began their slurping, one of them (we had to move to the side to get a good view) stood in front of her and began slurping at her face while others slurped her arms and tits.

There was jostling amongst the cows at her rear to get at the, apparently, tasty pussy and ass, she was being slurped from the front, back and both sides.

We stood there grinning in a kind of stunned disbelief.

Today we have the internet and can see all kinds of strange things at the click of a mouse, but for me seeing Annette (my Annette!) being licked to orgasm by a herd of cows in a field was just something else.

She showed no signs of being disgusted or wanting to get away, she just stayed there bent over holding her ass cheeks open while they all licked her with their huge slimy tongues.

The cow at her face had been nudged out of the way by another and now it was also licking her face but for some reason this new cow found her face to be as appealing as the others were finding her pussy and it licked her repeatedly while Annette just stared straight ahead at it.

More cows gathered round her at her head and now she had three giant tongues licking her face and ears and neck, unbelievably Annette had her mouth wide open and her tongue stuck out as the licking drove her toward orgasm, the cows seemed to use her open mouth and tongue as a target to lick at.

The highlight came when she was licked so hard that she lost her ability to remain standing and dropped to her hands and knees, looking up at the cow in front of her, Annette reached up her head and stuck out her own tongue and the cow duly licked at it with it’s own huge tongue.

Sticking her ass in the air and her face on the grass, the cows now had just her rear to lick and they really went to town on her, it got so we lost sight of her being surrounded by the cows so we ran over thinking she might get trampled and dragged her up and back to the gate.

Annette was absolutely drenched in cow tongue slime, her hair was matted with it, her face was speckled with drying slime with bits of mud and grass stuck to it, as was her entire body.

All three of us squeezed and groped her sticky tits, ass and cunt as she stood there breathing hard, none of us actually spoke of doing it but the moment took us and we lifted Annette back to the cows, we held her so she was practically standing on her hands while we supported her legs and held them wide apart at the ankles.

We kept very still until the cows clicked that her pussy was high up enough to lick again, so they came over and resumed tonguing her.

I was standing directly behind the upside-down Annette and as the cows slurped her pussy I’d quickly shove my fingers into her cunt and ass and smear her juices over her thighs and stomach to get her scent into the air and encourage them to lick her more.

This went on until Annette was pretty much exhausted and had to be carried back to the gate.

Darren got a towel out of the boot (trunk) of his car and wiped her down, the slime on her butt and pussy was dribbling down her thighs, it seemed to be a mixture of their saliva and her pussy juice.

We helped her back on with her shorts and top and in a kind of daze she said, “Shaun, I might need cleaning up in a minute”, we all laughed but inside I hoped to hell she was not serious!

To my knowledge that never happened again.

I told my wife that I want to watcher her get laid and then lick and suck every inch of her body (Part 2)

I promise to keep you up to date and today we made some progress.

We had talked about this situation at length for days now and it seemed that my wife was most concerned that she would be fucking this big nine inch bull and screaming and scratching and Cuming like a porn star, when she would look over and see me crying in the corner unable to full fill my part of the deal. She figured when I saw a great big cock blowing it’s load anywhere near me I would take off running. I agreed that seeing how I have never had a cock in my mouth that we couldn’t tell for sure how I would react.

I then agreed that I would meet a man for a one on one just to see if I could suck a cock in the first place. I know I love the taste of cum so I figured at worst I would give him a hand job and lick his cum from where ever it happened to land. Most likely the palm of my hand.

So going on the AFF web site I arranged a hook up, it took less than a week to set it up and a failed connection on the first try but my first hard throbbing cock was scheduled.

I made arrangements for him to come to our house early in the day even though my wife was going to be at her volunteer thing and the kids had a half day from school. I arranged enough time to give and get head and if it was going well to get a good hard pounding in my ass that had never been touched by a real cock ever.

We got lucky though my wife got the day off because of the weather and she was going to be home to watch. If not watch then to at least be nearby just to help me feel at ease.

He showed up right on time. My wife was in the shower when he got here and even though I had seen him the day before I was thinking he was better looking before. I had to get out of my head or this was never going to happen and my wife would never get the good long deep fucking she deserves.

I told him that I was a little nervous and that we need to get to it. I asked if he wanted anything to drink and he declined, then we went upstairs to the bed room. He undressed and laid back across the bed as I told him to do. It was at that point I paused for a second thinking here I am in the bed I have only ever shared with my wife and I am about to suck this dudes cock. A moment later I pushed it out of my head and got down to sucking his cock as I had planned.

At first I was surprised because he had said his cock was average length and thickness. I purposely made sure I didn’t get a huge monster 8+ inches cock because you have to learn to walk before you run and I hadn’t even began crawling yet. I was surprised when I put his cock in my mouth because if he was average I was long. I think we all know my short cock started this whole thing in the first place.

I was kneeling there with a cock in my mouth for a reason and I was not going to stop until I had the taste of his cum in my mouth. I licked and sucked like I was trying to eat an ice cream cone before it melted. It wasn’t long and he was about to cum. I slowed down because my wife was still in the shower and I wanted her to see this. After what seemed like an hour of sucking his dick my wife finally came in to the room.

My wife coming into the room set his orgasm back a little bit so I started using my face to fuck him as hard and fast as I could, I wanted my wife to see him all the way up to his balls in my mouth. He was so short that I only gagged twice the entire time.

He motioned for my wife to join us and in a heartbeat she did, I was so excited when I felt her weight come on to the bed I came in my shorts. He started sucking on her 38 D tits and rubbing her body making her moan a soft sexy moan. I reached out and started rubbing what I could reach and she pushed a little closer.

It seemed surreal that I was sucking a cock and caressing my wife’s thigh in our marital bed. I quickly suppressed that thought and positioned my wife so he could eat her pussy while I sucked her ample bosoms.

The attention my wife was receiving brought her to a climax and we were on our way we were going to full fill at least one of my fantasies today. As we were both using our tongs to the best of our ability making her cum one more time, it was at that point I said you have got to fuck her now. He looked at me and I looked her and no was saying no so I repeated that he needed to fuck her now.

He then positioned himself to fuck the woman I love; he was rubbing his throbbing cock on my wife’s pussy lips getting her ready to receive his love muscle. Moments later he was inside of her, there I was watching another man fucking my wife and all I could do massage her tits and watch. He came all most as fast as I do and looked at me saying “are you ready?” Now my wife hadn’t even begun breathing hard and he had already shot his load.

I was not going to waste the opportunity that was before me and I quickly positioned myself between her legs, at first I scooped up cum as it was starting to ooze out of her pussy and spread it all over her snatch. Then I started to lick up all sticky sweet cum I had been spreading on her pussy. As she drained her cunt on my face I licked, slurped, and sucked up every little bit of cum that was in and on her.

My wife seeing him standing there told him to fuck me up the ass; he said he would be glad too. I positioned myself so my ass was in the air and continued to eat her pussy. After a while my wife said he needed some help and told me to suck him hard so he could fuck me. I did as I was told and took his sagging member in my mouth and started, sucking, licking, and nibbling in an effort to get this cock ready to go in my ass. Fifteen minutes later he still wasn’t hard enough to push his dick through a donut.

I have a rule that I try things three times before I make a final decision as to my level of like or dislike. All I can say is it’s a good thing or all this would be over and this would be the last blog post.

It might be the first of the year before we get a second chance but we are going to make sure we make a better choice of partner next time. The good news is that there will be a next time because seeing another man fucking my wife was exciting and I loved it, the cum was good also but there wasn’t enough pussy juice mixed in.

I promise to tell you all about it. Now how do you choose from the sixty people who responded that they would like to see me eat their load out of my wife?