Holiday Relief. Part 3 of 10

When we got back to our places, Chris was horny as usual, but since I got really tired after a long drive and with all the stress I had earlier, there was no way she could turn my device hard as I was having few issues in that department for quite a while. Of course, Chris got extremely frustrated due to the lack of attention she got from me, and we had nothing to do than going to sleep in a total silence.
The next morning I woke up with Chris getting amorous once again and with a little help from her lips wrapped around my penis, I got hard. So there she was, climbing my four inch dick as she got driven into a paradise of pleasures while riding me hard.
And I loved it! Her snatch was pretty tight even after giving birth to three kids and being 49 years old, I was an ultimate pleasure to watch her boobs swinging back and forth. Having me totally turned on, I soon shot my load out. But it was not enough for my wife, and she was complaining with the load slipping out of her pussy on our pubic hair. She lied down on my naked body for a while and then rolled off and mumbled: “I just keep on hoping that we cum together, like we used to when we were young.” And there was nothing else I could do except apologizing to my beautiful woman and headed out to have a shower. After getting myself clean, I went to the kitchen, put some coffee and started making breakfast. Chris showered right after me and after she was out, I heard her talking on her mobile phone and then she came down to the kitchen. “I talked to Karen just now, we will be meeting them at 10 and will be heading to the retail village to do some shopping”.

Holiday Relief. Part 2 of 10

So, we arrived to our hotel on a Friday night and settled into our respective rooms and after some refreshing up, we met with our friends Dave and Karen in the hotel bar for a meal and few drinks.
Karen is 42, a short blonde and nice hair, slim body and large boobs. She works as an office manager in a school. For Dave, he is almost six feet, 51 years old, has a slim body and works as a high level manager at his company. We have been friends with each other for about 10 years after meeting each other through being on the school parents’ committee board. We have become best friends very fast and Dave became my walking and climbing partner since then. Karen is very outgoing and she just loves to chat with anyone and I have spotted her talking to some black dudes at a bar giggling together with them. Me, being curious asked her who the guys are and she told me that they are American college footballers coming to our land to introduce the game into the British colleges. We had a nice time on our first night and so we headed back to our rooms for a rest.

Holiday Relief. Part 1 of 10

This story is based on true happenings with few amendments made, it is up to you to decide whether the certain parts of the story are true or they are fiction.
Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the story and please let me know if you liked it and want more stories.
This story is about me and my wife, Chris and we have been married for 23 years now. Life has been tough on us, but now that our youngest daughter has left home to go to a university, we now have a lot more time for ourselves. So this story is about us having our first holiday in many years without the kids coming along with us. The location to be visited was agreed to be a country holiday resort with our friends tagging along.
My wife is 49 years old, 5 foot and 9 inches tall and has a curvy body. She has surprisingly firm boobs for her age and her hair is down until her shoulders with light brown color and a natural flick. She has always been tremendously active and even when she does not go to gym, she still stays fit and people often think that she is much younger than me. Luckily for me, she is very conservative and she is from a large family who actively go to church.
For me, I am 45, little overweight because I have been working an office job for quite a while and five-foot and 10 inches tall. I am also going bald and therefore I cut my hair really short. Sadly, I actually used to be very energetic and fit and loved to have an outdoor life, but because of my work, I had to cut down my time and that is the reason I am where I am.