When Teasing Goes Too Far

Rebecca and Dan Coral are a young married couple. The both just turned thirty and had been together since meeting in college. The were both going to school to become teachers and had since both gotten teaching jobs. Shortly after their first date they both knew that they were in love and wanted to get married after they finished college.

They had their wedding shortly after graduating. It was a small ceremony with family and close friends. When Dan saw Rebecca walking down the aisle in her wedding dress his heart almost beat out of his chest. Seeing his beautiful bride to be in her white dress made him the happiest man in the world.

It didn’t hurt that she had a body to die for. With her long auburn hair, full breasts and narrow waist that flared into a perfectly shaped ass.

Rebecca was also impressed by Dan in his tuxedo. He was a good looking man with short black hair and handsome face. He had the body of a runner, lean and muscular.

They had found true love and happiness with each other and both pledged to the other to always love and cherish one another, and both knew in their hearts that they would spend the rest of their lives living up to that promise.

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