My wife Pauline was always cheating and tells me all the details

My wife Pauline was always cheating and tells me all the details. One night she told me that we were going to an Pakistani restraunt in town. There are a number of then in our town.
We arrived and saw that there was only one other couple who were nearly finished their meal. Pauline was wearing a button up front dress and was naked underneath it.
We ordered our meal and as we waited for it to arrive Pauline undid the lower buttons on her dress.the other couple left leaving us as the only customers. The waiter arrived with our food and Pauline dropped her fork onto the floor. The waiter bent down to pick it up and as he did she opened her legs giving him a good look at her shaven pussy. He stood up and I noticed the bulge in the front of his trousers. He left to fetch a clean fork Pauline undid the rest of her buttons leaving her dress slightly ajar but enough to give a view of her tits.
The waiter came back with the fork as he placed it on the table he got a good view of her tits.
We ate our meal and I noticed other waiters kept comming out of the kitchen looking at her obviously admireing her body.
We finished out meal and the waiter came and asked if we wanted anything else. Pauline stood up as she did her dress fell open exposing her nude body. She took hold of his hand and placed it on her right tit and said ” I want to be fucked by you and your friends”. The waiter then slipped his hand on her pussy and fingered it causing her to gasp.
He lead her into the kitchen where he removed her dress. There was four other men in the kitchen who stopped what they were doing. The waiter said ” this white slut wants to be fucked by us all” he lead her across the room and up stairs to a flat obviously where they lived Pauline laid on a bed and opened her legs the waiter stripped off and got on the bed with her he got on top of her and slid his cock in her and commence fucking her her legs went about his waist and he fucked her like a piston. One of the others stripped and shoved his cock in her open mouth she was sucking and licking it till he pulled out shooting his come over her face as he did the waiter groand and came in her pussy
I watched for the next few hours as they took it in turns to fuck her mouth and pussy.
It was getting light as they finished using my wife she had cum over her face in her hair and dripping from her pussy.
The waiter told me to go he said ” go home the slut will return after we have no further use for her that is when all our friends who work in the other restraunts have had her as well”
I left and went home a few days later I went to a food shop near the restraunt the owner was talking to a customer I heard him say ” the boys have got a white slut in their flat and are renting her out they say she can’t get enough cock”
I wonder when they cease to have a use for her.

Dominated Cuckold

Chapter 1

As I drove along the oak tree lined street with large brick entrances protected by steel bared electronic gates, I thought about how much my life had changed in the past year. My name is Robert Allen and I am married to a gorgeous woman, Lisa Marie, who is not only successful in business, but also very rich. We live in a wealthy community, in a large house with household staff (at least we did have household staff), expensive cars (several vintage models), and of course membership in all the right clubs.

I passed through the large gates and drove up the long driveway to the back of the house. I took the groceries out of the back of the Mercedes and walked inside through the service entrance to the kitchen. As I unpacked the groceries, I shook my head and a wry smile crossed my lips as I thought about the change in my status in such a short time. In just twelve months I have gone from a high paid management position in my wife’s company to … to little more than a household servant. I screwed up, big time. I had grown cocky and thought I was above reproach within the company and even within the legal system … after all, my wife was Chairman of the Board of Williams International.

Williams International had been Lisa’s father’s company and when he died she became CEO as a twenty-six year old woman (a year after we were married) with little management experience. Contrary to internal management beliefs and their early efforts to sabotage her, in only ten years she had reorganized the company and tripled profits. Now, as Chairman she still watches over the company, but spends more time on … how should I say this … uh … other more personal pursuits.

So you might ask why I am grocery shopping and entering the house through the servant’s entrance? Well, that’s what this story is about. Let me start at the beginning.

As I said earlier, being the husband of the CEO of the company gave me the false impression that I could do just about anything and get away with it … including dipping into the company till. You see I had a little problem—gambling. Over the course of a string of bad luck I had racked up a bill with my bookie to the tune of $550,000 … quite a sum of money and more than I could afford to pay back on my $300,000 annual salary. I was arrogant enough to think I could take a little loan out of the company treasury and pay it back once my luck turned. Unfortunately, my luck only got worse. When the internal auditors discovered what I was doing during a routine audit, they immediately went to Lisa. Of course she was furious and had no choice but to fire me. I wasn’t too concerned at that point. I figured I would just stay home while everything cooled down and become a kept man until I could return to work. The fact is that I have never gone back to my job and I am a kept man, in a literal since. I will tell you more about that in a minute.

In addition to the above, two other things happened at about the same time. I know you are going to think what I am about to say is incredible stupid, and you would be correct. One of the other reasons that I needed money was because I was having an affair with my secretary. That came out during the investigation because she thought she might be accused of helping me defraud the company … but she was not. So suddenly I was a two-time loser. The final blow came as a result of a doctor’s appointment a week prior to the discovery of my financial and personal indiscretions.

Lisa and I had been trying to have a baby for three years. She had been checked by her doctor and was fine, but I had refused to go, saying that she should just be patient and things would happen. Finally I agreed to see my doctor. The test showed that I was sterile. The news that I was unable to father a child was devastating to me, but not nearly as devastating as it was to Lisa. She was still grappling with that when the “shit hit the fan”, so to speak, at the company.

My memory of what happened next is a bit hazy. It happened so fast and everything came at me at such a rate that I could barely absorb the total impact. First of all, as I said, I was fired from my job. Lisa was unbelievably embarrassed and ashamed of me. But that was only the beginning. Once she found out about the affair those emotions were mild compared to the anger that took its place. I remember that conversation quite clearly.

I was called into the living room. I knew it was going to be ugly, but figured that since we had had ten pretty good years of marriage, she would scream and yell and then eventually forgive me. She had not spoken to me the previous week … not one word. After the humiliation I thrust upon her by my stealing from her company and screwing my secretary, I could understand her anger. But, in reality I think my inability to make her a “mother” was maybe the worst part of the problem. I couldn’t do much about that and figured she would be somewhat sympathetic to my plight. I thought she might make me get a job and promise to never see that woman again. The job part was scary since I had had a sham position at her company for the past ten years and never developed any real skills. In the back of my mind I thought the worst case was that she would throw me out and sue for divorce. Although I didn’t want that, I figured she would give me some type of settlement on which I could live; if not in my current style of living, enough to keep me from having to work. But as soon as I walked into the room I could see that it was going to be far worse then I imagined.

Lisa was sitting in a large overstuffed chair with a look on her face that I could only describe as fury. I can tell you that the saying “God has no fury like a woman scorned,” is absolutely true.

I sat down and gulped as I looked into her normally pretty blue eyes. Strangely I thought. God, she is gorgeous, even when she is furious.

She stared at me for a full minute before she spoke. “Bob … what you have done … what you have put me through … is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. You have disgraced me within my company, in front of my friends, and within my family. I don’t know that I can ever get over that and forgiving you is out of the question. I have thought about kicking you out of the house, having you put in jail and of course filing for divorce. Jailing you has a lot of appeal to me. Yet, even that is not nearly enough.”

JAIL, I thought. Good God, I hadn’t even considered that. I must have shown the shock on my face. “Ja … il,” I stammered.

“What did you expect?” she said when she saw my look of surprise. A smile came to her face and suddenly she laughed. “You mean you didn’t think I would put you in jail?”

“Uh … no.”

“Well, you are very wrong. I actually had the phone in my hand on several occasions. In fact, the company has been pushing me to prosecute you. And, that is still a possibility, especially if you decide you are unwilling to abide by my rules.”

Her words suddenly gave me a moment of hope. I could abide by rules … well at least I could appear to abide by rules. “Sure, anything,” I answered quickly.

“Don’t be too quick to agree. Wait until you have heard what the rules are.”

I waited hopefully as she paused and stared at me, again making me wait for a full minute before she continued. My hope has vanished and I was terrified now. I couldn’t go to jail. I mean, I have heard about what they do to guys like me. I mean, I am only five foot seven and weigh about one-fifty soaking wet. I would surely be the bitch of some big black hood. I felt myself begin to tremble, but tried to hide it.

“Why, you’re shaking?” Lisa asked with pretend sympathy. Then her face hardened and she said, “Good. You should be terrified.”

My mouth was incredible dry. “Can I get … get something to drink?”

“No. Not until I’m done. For now, I have decided not to prosecute you … or even divorce you. That would be too good for what you have done to me. As I said, I reserve the right to put you in jail at any time. In fact, the company auditors said they could arrange to “find” the fraud at any time that I want. So for now they will sit on the evidence.”

Although that gave me a moment of relief, I was still trembling and felt like I needed to go to the bathroom.

“That does not, however, let you off the hook. I expect you to pay the company back.”

“Okay,” I said, wondering where I would get the money.

“In order for you to earn money, I have terminated the household help … the chauffer, the maid, and the cook.”

“What, all three jobs? Who is going to do that stuff?” I asked stupidly.

“You. You will perform their jobs at a salary of $50,000 per year.”

“$50,000. That will take … over ten years to pay the company back even if I gave you all the money.”

“Of course you will give me all the money and it will take longer than ten years because there is the little issue of 10% interest,” Lisa said and laughed. It was a mean laugh.

“Please, sweetheart,” I begged and dropped to my knees in front of her and took her hand in mine. “We had ten good years … doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

She pulled her hand away. “It did until you destroyed every speck of the love and trust I had for you. You can’t possible imagine what you have done to me.” I saw tears in her eyes as she added, “And you are going to pay for that for a long, long time.”

All right, get a hold on yourself, I thought. It can’t be that bad. She’ll get over this and things will get back to normal in time, I tried to convince myself.

“You will move your things out of my bedroom and take them to the servant’s quarters on the first floor. You can have any of the three rooms you want,” she added with a laugh.

I had been sleeping in one of the many guest rooms since things blew up last week. I hadn’t expected to be let back into her bedroom any time soon. I mean, while we slept together, our sex life had not been that great for some time. I think part of it was my inability to get her pregnant, which caused me to have difficulty performing. The pressure was on me. I, in my own mind, used that as an excuse for an affair. With my secretary there was no pressure. I know that was a lame reason to have an affair, but at the time it seemed to help … at least it helped my bruised ego. However, the truth was that Lisa had been patient with my lack of performance. She didn’t even seem to mind that I am not exactly hung like a horse. I am only five inches when fully erect. Of course I am not sure she really knew how long an average penis is. Lisa and I met in college and she had not had a lot of sexual experience so I don’t think she really knew the difference.

“Are you listening to me?” Lisa asked when she saw me gazing out the window.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“You had better pay attention. You are now the hired help and will be treated as such. The difference will be that you will obey my orders, whatever they might entail. If you don’t want the job, or you bulk at my orders, then you can take the alternative, which is jail.”

“No, I don’t want jail. But what do you mean about orders?”

“Well, let’s just say that there is more to your punishment then your job as household help. I am not ready to tell you what else there might be, but you will obey me or suffer the consequences. Do you understand?”

“Uh … yeah,” I said, almost smugly. I figured she would tire of this little game, and if I tried really hard, I might be back in her good graces over time … maybe even her bed. I mean we had loved each other for a long time … and in fact, I still loved her, maybe more now then before. The strange thing was that the way Lisa had spoken to me and the way she had looked at me were strangely exciting. She was so commanding and confident. In fact, I could feel my cock twitching. The other odd thing was that when I looked into Lisa’s eyes, I thought I could see the same kind of excitement. Her chest seemed to be moving up and down more rapidly then before. Then again, maybe I was mistaking her anger for excitement. I must have looked at her strangely because she abruptly stood up.

“Now go get your clothes out of my room,” she said with teeth suddenly clenched as if she were trying to cover up something.

I didn’t argue.

Chapter 2

One week later:

Well, it’s been a long week and things have certainly changed. I dutifully moved into one of the servant’s quarters and have tried really hard to make this thing work. I have been cleaning and cooking and running errands … none of which seemed to be to Lisa’s high standards. Still I was getting the hang of it, I thought. Then several days ago I found three books lying on my bed. The first book wasn’t totally unexpected—it was a cookbook—but the other two threw me for a loop. One was titled “The Fine Art of Cunnilingus”. It was a glossy eight by twelve edition with illustrations. I was never much into eating pussy. I mean I would do it occasionally, but never really liked it. Now give me a blowjob … well you get the idea.

If that book made my head spin, the third book was a knockout. The title was “The Dominated Cuckold.” I looked at it with a total lack of understanding. I had never heard the word “Cuckold” before. Curious I sat down and started to read. To say I was shocked at what I read would have been an understatement. Basically the book talked about how a woman could transform her man/husband into a … a … well, I am not sure what, but the word wimp came to mind. It went on to talk about denial and chastity as a standard procedure for cuckolds. It spoke about how the woman has the right … no duty, to find lovers and that the cuckold had little or no say over her actions. In fact, the husband was sometimes allowed to watch his wife being fucked by her lover, as well as perform duties … some of which I still have a difficult time even putting down on paper at this point. Yet, after I had perused the book and put it down, I found to my great shock that I had an erection. In response, I quickly picked up the book on cunnilingus and started to read. At least if I got an erection at the description of eating pussy then it would be pretty normal. However, when I went to bed I stripped and found myself picking up the Dominated Cuckold again and began to read.

I read until I was about half way through, and as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I was excited. Since I had developed another erection, I decided to take care of it. I slowly stroked myself, thinking of better times with Lisa … times when we couldn’t get enough of each other. Without even realizing it, a few minutes into my fantasy my mind switched to the things I had read in the Dominated Cuckold book and almost immediately I began to climax. It shot out of my cock like a fire hose, landing on my chest, with some of it reaching my chin. It had been some time since I had climaxed that forcefully. I was amazed that the book had done that to me. Still I figured it was more of the result of not having had sex for a couple of weeks. I sighed, closing my eyes in the afterglow of pleasure. A few moments later I feel asleep.

“Hmmm, glad to see you have been working on your reading assignment.”

I woke up with a start and saw Lisa standing at the side of the bed smiling at me. For a moment I was confused. But then I saw the book lying next to me and realized that I was still naked. I had fallen asleep right after my climax without cleaning up. My face turned red when I looked down and saw the sticky residue from my climax. “I … uh … I … I was just …” I stuttered, having no idea what I was going to say.

Lisa clucked her tongue and said, “I know what you were doing and that is not permitted anymore. You have shown that you cannot control your carnal desires and therefore you cock belongs to me. You will no longer be allowed to masturbate or climax without my express permission. From now on you are going to have to consider someone other than yourself. So this is an appropriate time to introduce you to your cock cage.”

As I stared, Lisa produced a chastity cage.

I knew what it was as I had seen the illustration in the book. But I was still shocked that she intended to put one on me. “You can’t … I mean, that’s not part of our deal.”

Lisa laughed. “The deal is whatever I want it to be; you will do what I say or you will go to jail.”

I opened my mouth but closed it again. I was trapped. Then I watched as she brought the cage to my cock. The moment she touched me I started to get an erection. Suddenly she hit my balls with her knuckles, rather hard.

“Ouch!” I screamed.

Lisa laughed as my cock quickly wilted. “Some things never change,” she said when she saw my cock shrivel. Then she started working on the device again. She wasn’t exactly gentle as she squeezed my balls through a plastic ring. Then she slipped the cover over it and placed a small pad lock at the top. “Now, to make sure you don’t slip this off, I am adding this.”

I watched as she placed a little strip of something across the rings. It looked like something you would see on a CD jewel case. If the seal is broken, you know someone has opened the box.

“This will have to do for now. Eventually we will have your cock pierced. That will ensure the cage will stay in place.”

“Pierced?” I almost screamed. “You can’t …” I stopped when I saw Lisa’s look.
“Uh, how long am I going to have to keep this thing on?”

“How long? I’m afraid forever,” she said and laughed.

“Forever. I can’t wear this thing forever. It is starting to hurt already.”

“Get used to it. Besides, I have the key and I will keep one and give the other to Jennifer for safekeeping. If you are really good, my friend Jennifer says I should reward you in about three months. I’m not sure I agree with her.”

She held up the key a key as I gasped.

“Reward? What does that mean? And what does Jennifer have to do with this?” I asked. I knew Jennifer. She was a sexy married friend of Lisa’s. I had subtly hit on her a few times, but she never seemed interested.

“Jennifer is the expert in cuckoldry. She and her husband have been practicing for years. In fact, she is president of a club of woman who practice dominant cuckoldry. There are thousands of members all over the country. The local group numbers about three hundred women in our area alone. The executive board meets once a month. In fact, the next meeting is going to be here, and of course, we will be attending.”

“We?” I asked. “Why am I attending?”

“Because you are the guest of honor and because I say so.” Then Lisa held up the key again. “I will keep one of these keys and Jennifer will have the other. She is the secondary key keeper for lots of women in the club.”

My head was suddenly spinning. There were a million questions I wanted to ask, but couldn’t seem to get them out.

“Well, I guess I have given you plenty to think about. Now, get a shower and get downstairs and fix me breakfast. I will be down in about forty-five minutes.” As she walked out of the door, she stopped and turned. “Oh, by the way, read up on cunnilingus. You will get to practice tonight.” Then she was gone.

Suddenly, in spite of everything, the prospect of eating Lisa seemed exciting. My cock started to grow. “Ouch,” I said as I felt tiny pinpricks on the head of my cock. When I examined the cage, I saw that it was fitted with some type of sharp edges near the head. If my cock started to grow, they would stick the head. “Shit,” I exclaimed as I got out of bed and headed to the shower.

Catherine’s Awakening

She never thought the day would come, but here she was stepping out of the bath in a downtown Toronto luxury hotel and about to unleash her inner-most desires. Looking in the mirror her eyes were transfixed on her freshly shaved mound. Never before had she done anything like this. Smooth to the touch, she slid her finger between her swollen lips feeling the moistness that had resulted from her arousal over her thoughts of the evening ahead. Having finally given in to her husband’s requests and her long-suppressed yearnings, she was ready to experience the awakening that she had longed for in her fantasies. With less than an hour to prepare she dried herself off. Watching her reflection in the mirror, she slowly rubbed her breasts and pinched her taught nipples. Her state of arousal was unusual as she couldn’t remember ever feeling this way before. She opened the container of body lotion and poured it onto her hand. Watching herself she gently applied it to her now smooth skin, where only minutes before she had taken a razor to remove her neatly-trimmed pubic triangle. Sensitive to the touch, she gasped in surprise as she began to spread the cold lotion over her nakedness. Lost in her thoughts, she closed her eyes and imagined the touch of a stranger; his fingers, his tongue, his cock. Her fingers wandered further, even after the lotion was absorbed into her sensitive skin. Swelling with excitement, her lips parted, she gently inserted one, then two fingers into her wetness. No, she thought! There was not time. And she wanted to save that feeling for when she would be with him. Not now, she said to herself. Slowly she removed her fingers and purposefully began to exit the washroom, but not without taking the time to savour the taste of her own juices as she sucked her long slender fingers. It was then that she noticed her engagement ring, the trophy he had given her when they were engaged, and the wedding band that he had placed on her finger when they’d exchanged their vows. Oh, it was so long ago, and so much had changed over twenty long, arduous years.

Walking out to the bedroom she glanced at her clothes lying neatly on the bed. She had agreed to let her husband select her lingerie, and as expected, he’d spared no expense. Her black shelf-bra, intended to lift her breasts and show off her nipples, was a match to her new sheer black panties and garter belt. Beside them lay her stockings, the kind with the seam running up the back of her legs. Her new Jimmy Choo were placed strategically beside the stockings, pointed toes, four inch heels, just as he had promised. Together, they had purchased her little black dress. She was not used to something so short, but he had insisted and she knew that this was a special night for him as well, so she relented and was secretly excited at the thought of wearing something so revealing. Her husband was seated quietly in the chair. She stopped before him as he sat marvelling at her beauty. Letting her towel fall, she bent over to kiss him. Her breasts swayed before his appreciative eyes. As their lips touched, he reached to cup her breasts. With his hands fondling them, he whispered how much he loved their fullness now that she had gained some much needed weight. She too was pleased and responded by slipping her tongue into his receptive mouth. She asked if he minded that she had shaved herself smooth for her date, having always refused to do so for her him. He replied saying that she glad that was giving this stranger a special gift that she had never given to him. He knew this was a sign of her surrender…to willingly share herself with another man, knowing that it would enhance their love for one another and open a new and exciting chapter in their lives as husband and wife.

They had talked of this many times about his desire to see his wife in the arms of another man, being seduced by him and taken to new sexual heights. To see her grasp his cock and rub it along her slit and slowly pull the head of his thickness as it penetrates her wanton cunt; to hear her moan as her lips are spread from its girth; to listen to her gasp from his forceful first deep thrust; to see her legs and arms wrapped around him, pulling him tightly and filling her completely unlike ever before; her eyes closed and their tongues intertwined; to hear her moan as she’s in the throws of her first orgasm in many years; to see her eyes roll back to the top of her head as she squirts flooding his cock and soaking the sheets beneath; to witness him spew his thick creamy load into her fertile womb; to watch as he withdraws leaving her gaping hole awash with their juices; and to lie between her wide-spread legs and have her pull his face into her well-fucked cunt to clean up the mixture leaking out, forcing him to savour the taste of their passion.

He knew she deserved more than he could give her. She needed a strong, dominant, well-hung stud, with stamina to last for hours. Her fulfillment was paramount to him, and with the knowledge that she could have any man she wanted he had encouraged her for years. But as a proper lady and mother of their children, she could not bring herself to act upon his desires, and acknowledge her secret fantasies. At least not until they moved to a new home and he suggested they subscribe to a few adult channels from their new cable provider. Brushing him off, she told her husband to do whatever he wanted. So he did. Weeks later, when the kids were away for the evening, he convinced her to watch a movie with him. The one he selected involved a happily married woman white named Catherine, meeting a handsome black man when she was attending a sales conference. After a chance meeting in the lounge on the concierge floor of their hotel, he ended up escorting her back to her room and inviting himself in for a nightcap. Unable to resist his charms, she soon found herself in bed with him and experiencing a night of sex, quite unlike ever before. Watching this movie had excited her to the point that she ended up confiding to her husband, her fantasy of being seduced and having sex with a black man. Her husband reminded his wife that her middle name was Catherine, the same name as the woman in the movie. As they were both aroused by the movie, when they made love that night he referred to her as Catherine. For a number of weeks after, every time he wanted to have sex with his wife, he asked if Catherine would like to be a bad girl that night. So it was that she adopted the nick name Catherine when being asked by her husband to step outside of her comfort zone sexually. After a passionate night in bed with her husband, she admitted to him that the thought of being like Catherine had occupied her mind for some time and she asked if he could really handle her living out the fantasies they had shared. They agreed to keep an open mind should the opportunity arise to pursue their desires. She would adopt the name Catherine to act upon her fantasies. As it was her middle name, a name she did not use, and no one would know her by that name. It was that a separation from her real world, and only a small slice of her identity. Like a dual personality, it would serve as her connection between fantasy and realty. So here she was. To keep her identity unknown, they had agreed to refer to one another that weekend by only their middle names…Catherine and Ted.

The elevator was empty when they walked in holding hands. With the doors closed, they faced one another and looked knowingly into one another’s eyes. With his hands on her hips, he gently pulled Catherine close and spoke of his love for her. She responded assuring him of her love for him. Then, gently, she pushed his hands away, and stepped back distancing herself from him. Ted’s disappointment was diminished however when he surveyed her beauty, taking in all the details of her attire. The short dress that barley covered the tops of her lace-top stockings, the Jimmy Chow stilettos which he fondly referred to as FMB shoes, and the protrusion of her nipples proudly on display, jutting out through the Italian fabric of her low-cut, designer dress. She could see the bulge growing in his pants, however small it was. He was excited, and so was she. Not a word was spoken. Walking out first, she looked breathtaking. He followed closely behind. As she continued toward the lobby bar, he stood back to admire her beauty and to watch others who were gathered in the lobby as they did the same. She was a real head-turner and tonight she had them all spinning. Once at the door she stopped to look back, then without hesitation she made her entrance. It would be a full two minutes before Ted would follow her in. She had made him agree to wait that long so she could have time to greet the stranger named Charles that would open up a whole new world to her. Upon entering Ted looked across the darkly lit room. He could see her slipping into the half-round seat of the corner booth. Once comfortable, she was joined by the tall man who was standing by her at the table. He was dressed in a dark business suit with a white shirt and tie, and he looked like an athlete. Ted strained to catch a glimpse of him as he slid closer to Catherine. Once seated and positioned only inches from his wife, Ted could see that he was a handsome man, well built, and with a generous smile that was greeted by an equally bright smile from his stunning wife. She looked pleased and to his consternation, Ted could see why. His gleaming white teeth were accentuated by the colour of his skin…his dark skin. Ted had not known that Charles was black. No mention had been made of it.

Ted walked to the bar, and with his back to their table, he seated himself. Looking in the mirror, he could see his wife sitting oh so closely to this stranger. Her smile was radiant. Her beauty was beguiling. And the impression she made upon her new friend Charles was obvious.

Ted waited as the server returned to the bar to place their order. As the bartender took the order Ted could hear the two servers laugh at the end of the counter. Charles had ordered champagne. When the server walked away to deliver the bottle, the bartender finally approached Ted to take his order. As he poured Ted his drink, he was smiling and chuckling. Curious, Ted asked what was so funny. The bartender responded with a laugh and said, “There goes another one”. When questioned further, Ted was told that Charles was a regular. He was known around the hotel as a guy who regularly hooked-up with very attractive white wives of unsuspecting husbands. The bartender went on to say that the lady Charles had with him tonight was new, and that he’d never seen her before. He then said something Ted would never forget. “By the time the night is over, she’ll be hooked. This guy has a reputation. He’s a stud and he’s hung like a horse. The ladies always come back for more. I bet I’ll be seeing her around here a lot. Look at them. They can’t stop touching one another.” Turning around and looking straight across the room, Ted could see it as well. Charles was turned toward Catherine, their eyes were transfixed upon one another, her hand was resting on his left forearm, and his right hand was hidden from view. It was obvious that it was under the table and it seemed to be placed on her left thigh.

It would be half an hour before they would get up from their place in the booth. During that time Ted watched in the mirror as Catherine drank three glasses of champagne and was seated in such a way that Charles’ hand was obviously being given access her pussy. From the expression on her face and the look in her eyes, Ted knew his fingers were exploring territory that previous to now had been his exclusive playground. He watched as Charles placed his hand behind her neck and drew her close to him, planting his lips on hers initiating a long and lingering kiss. Catherine was swept away in the moment as his tongue danced in her mouth, and his hand fondled her breast. Charles whispered in her ear then rose to let her stand. Pulling herself together, Catherine made her way directly to the ladies room without looking over toward Ted. Charles approached Ted. Standing, Ted looked at him and waited for Charles to say something. Charles reached out to shake hands. His large hand overwhelmed Ted’s thin hand and his powerful grip was intended to intimidate. “Ted”, Charles said. “Thanks for delivering your beautiful wife to me this evening. I trust you have made the room arrangements, and that you’ll be in the room adjoining ours tonight.” Ted looked sheepish and responded with a meek “Yes”. “Good” said Charles. “We’ll be a few hours. We have dinner reservations, and we’ll be going to my favourite club afterward. I hope she likes to dance. I want to show her off to my friends. I know they’ll like what they see, and what I’ll be enjoying later. Don’t expect us back until after midnight. I have plans for Catherine. I want this to be a night she’ll never forget. When we get back to our room, she’ll be mine. You can watch, but after our first round I’ll expect you to go to your room. I’m going to break her in and teach her a few things. She has a lot to learn. You can listen through the door. I have a long night planned for Catherine, and remember, our arrangement only allows for you to be there for the beginning. Agreed?” “Yes” replied Ted. Moments later Catherine approached from behind. She placed her hand on Ted’s shoulder and he turned to kiss her. As he leaned toward her, she surprised him by turning her head said so his seemingly unwelcomed kiss landed on her cheek. “Ted” she said, “I’m not with you tonight. I’m with Charles. I hope you understand. After all, this is what you wanted. I hope you’ll do as you’re told.” With that, Catherine walked away with Charles beside her, his arm wrapped around her waist. Ted followed from a distance as they walked out through the lobby. The contrast between the tall, lithe and beautiful blonde who was his wife, and the handsome, rugged, athletic black man who was about to take her, was striking. It would be obvious to anyone who was watching that she was his conquest, and that he would have his way with her that night. Catherine made no attempt to be seen as separate from Charles. It was if she wanted everyone to see her with this well-built, confident, black man. While they waited under the marquee outside for their ride, Charles continued to watch from afar. He saw her reach into her purse and hand something to Charles, but he could not make out what it was. Charles simply put the item in his pocket then put his muscular arm around her waist. Catherine responded by leaning her head against his shoulder and Charles’ wayward hand slipped down to touch her sweet ass. The normally shy and demure Catherine simply snuggled even closer to him, whispered in his ear then initiated another long, wet kiss. Minutes later a black, chauffeur-driven limousine pulled up. The driver got out opening their door and watched in envy as Catherine slipped inside followed closely by her new friend. As the door closed, Ted lost sight of them behind the darkened windows which were tinted to obscure viewers from seeing the activities of those inside. Ted’s mind was racing, and his imagination was running wild. Was he touching her? Where? Was she on her knees before him? It would be at least five long hours before he would see them again.

It was well past midnight when Ted heard rustling outside the hotel room door. He watched as the handle turned and the door opened. Her hair was askew. She was giggling and seemed a little tipsy. Once inside, she looked squarely at Ted but didn’t say a word, making him feel unwelcomed by her. As the door closed Charles held her from behind and pulled her close. With the two of them facing Ted, Charles pulled her close, ran his large black hands up her sides and firmly grasped both of her breasts, squeezing them, and pinching her hardened nipples. Ted could hear her purr in response to Charles’ rough touch, and turning her head she reached back to kiss him. With their lips locked, one of his hands dropped to rub her pubic mound and pull her closer, all the while rubbing his bulge hard against her lovely ass. Taking his tongue from her mouth, Charles whispered in her ear, and Catherine quietly stepped away and went into the washroom. Smiling, Charles walked toward Ted. “You have an amazing wife Ted. She put on quite a show for me and my friends. They all danced with her and they couldn’t keep their hands off her. Even some of the other girls got in on the action with her. She loved it! Has she ever been with a woman before Ted? Oh yah, you may want to take these. She gave them to me earlier. You keep them as remembrance of tonight.” With that he reached in his pocket and pulled out a pair of sheer black panties. “Remember our agreement for tonight though. When I’ve shown you how she’s supposed to be treated, and you see how she reacts to what a real man does with her, I expect you to leave without any argument. I’ll have her hooked on black cock in no time. I know how women like Catherine respond to these experiences. She’ll be like a bitch in heat for black cock. When she wakes up she’ll want more so I’ll be fucking her again for a few hours in the morning. It’ll take some time so she won’t be cleaned up until around noon. You can knock on our door at 12:00, but not before. If she wants you to, you can join us for lunch and she can tell you about her night. If she doesn’t want you around, I’ll send you on your way because I’m taking her shopping for some new clothes tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be buying her something you’d never let her wear out back home, for fear of her being seen. Then we’re going clubbing tomorrow night. I want to show her off to some of the boys. Maybe I’ll share my good fortune with them. Pass her around to a few of them. They’d love to get a piece of her. Would you like that Ted? I’ll bet you would. You’ll be my cuckold and she’ll be my bitch. Both of you will do as I say. Your job is to make sure she’s always ready for me when I want her. Her job is to take it any way, and as often as I want to give it to her. Got it! Be back here to get her Monday morning. She’ll be worn out and sore when I’m finished with her so let her sleep in the car. Don’t be bothering her on the drive home. You can ask her about her time with me and my friends after she’s had a rest. I’ll have her down to the lobby at 9:00am, so don’t be late Cuck.” So for now, just sit your white ass down and shut the fuck up while I show you how a real man treats a woman.

Catherine emerged from the washroom. She had straightened her dress, brushed her hair, and put on fresh lipstick. She looked straight at Ted as she approached him. “Ted”, she said. “I hope I didn’t upset you earlier, but I had to focus on Charles. I didn’t want to look at you and think about us. I want this night to be about me…and Charles. We spoke about you over dinner. I told him I love you very much and will never leave you. But I also told him some other things about you. You know… your lingerie fetish; your small cock; how you can’t last; and how you don’t satisfy me. I told him how frustrated I’ve been; how other men have come onto me and how I’ve made out with them and let them feel me up when I was away on business; and how I wanted them to fuck me but I never had the nerve or the courage to do it. And I told him about some of my fantasies; about being with a black man; being with a woman; being forced to do things I’d never ever let you do to me; being surrounded by a group of men and women and having their hands all over me and then using me for sex; and having a man take me to a hotel and force me to have sex with other men and having them throw money at me like I’m a whore. Ted, I’ve missed the feeling of what it’s like to be a real women and my need to be taken care of by a real man. I need that now Ted!” All Ted could do was nod his head in acknowledgement and look down in embarrassment.

“Stand up Cuck!” Charles snapped. “You wanted me to have your wife, so give her to me now.” Bewildered by Charles’ demanding tone, Ted found himself standing as ordered. “Give her to me now Cuck!” Ted walked over and stood behind his wife and gently wrapped his arms around her waist. Speaking softly in her ear, Ted told her he loved her. Then, without further delay, he began to unzip the back of her dress. Easing her dress off her shoulders, it slid down. Her ample breasts stopped it from falling so he reached around and pulled the dress down at the front allowing it to fall freely to the floor, exposing her erect nipples and freshly-shaved pussy. Ted instinctively knew what was expected of him next. He spoke softly and nervously in a hushed tone. “Charles” he said, “I want you to take my wife and do for her what I cannot do. Please give her what she needs, and use her as you wish.” Dressed only in her shelf bra, garters, stockings and stilettos, Catherine looked radiant as her eyes met Charles’ and she stepped forward. Without saying a word, Charles placed his large hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her to her knees. Then as if it had been rehearsed, Catherine reached forward and started to work his belt buckle. With the buckle undone, she proceeded to open his pants and unzip his fly. Carefully, she lowered his pants then proceeded to pull on his boxers. As they slid down Ted could see the small black curls of his pubic hair. Then as she continued to pull, his cock began to show. Hardened by the site of Ted’s beautiful wife, Charles’ cock protruded proudly into her face. Seeing it for the first time, she gasped saying “Oh my God! It’s magnificent.” His hands reached out and guided her head toward his mighty weapon, and knowingly, she opened her mouth receive its tip. She had never touched an uncircumcised cock before, but instinctively she knew what to do. Gently she licked the tip and slowly circled the head with her tongue as she pulled the skin back to reveal the fullness in its mushroom shaped tip. Her eyes were now closed, but she didn’t need to see. Tightly pulling her hair to control her movements, Charles had her lick the length of his mighty cock to bath it with her warm saliva. Then with one hand on her head and one on his manhood he held it like night-stick, rubbing it along the outside of her cheeks and slapping her face gently with it as she pursued it with her wanton mouth. As his grip tightened, he forced her further down and she found her mouth converging over his dangling scrotum. Ever so gently she licked his sack, then took one of his balls gently into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it in compliance. Further still, he pulled her under him and she found her tongue travelling the path from his sack to his ass. As his legs straddled wider, he pulled her hair forcefully. Completely submissive to his power, his grip was controlling her movements. She was enthralled by his dominance and obedient to his silent instructions. Taking his lead, she rimmed his ass and did her best to please him as she instinctively tried to work her tongue deep into its tightness. Then he released her hair and allowed her the freedom to do as she pleased. Surprisingly, she continued to rim her tongue around his hole, darting her tongue in repeated attempts at penetration. Then, taken harshly by her hair, she was raised again to kneel before him and face his massive cock.

Ted watched closely and wondered how his wife could take such a massive cock. It had to be at least ten inches long, and about six inches thick…three times the amount of man-meat Ted could provide. He had only ever seen such a magnificent tool in the pages of magazines. Catherine was in heaven, and she was oblivious to the world around her. Not a thought was given to the presence of her loving husband who sat motionless in the chair next to her. This man, this stranger, this black cock, had captivated her, and was now controlling her very being. Nothing else mattered to her.

“Suck it bitch!” Charles commanded. A gentleman no more, Charles was in total control. Placing her hand on its blackness, her thin white fingers could not completely surround it. It was too thick so she took her other hand to seize it. Never before had she touched such a weapon of destruction. As she held it she knew that after this night, she would never again feel her husband’s skinny little cock as it entered her. She would be stretched, or spoiled as she preferred to think, by the thickness of this magnificent black cock that consumed her every thought. Her pussy would be ravaged by this black monster and she would want for nothing less from this night on. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she slowly took the tip and lowered her head feeling its stiffness and its power as she succumbed. As Charles had said, she would be his “bitch in heat for black cock”, and he was right. She was his now, and she was where he wanted her; enthralled, mesmerized, submissive and obedient to his every command.

With his hands once again on her head, he tightly gripped her hair and pulled her head over his massive member. Intoxicated by its power, Catherine took its mass into her mouth, eagerly accepting it. She made every effort to take it all, but it was too large. Supporting herself on the floor with one hand, she used the other to grip the base of his cock so as not to gag on it as he forced her head harder upon his thick meat. Taking all that she could, Catherine was beholden to its power. Her world was this cock and she was not letting go. Her cheeks swelled to their limits as his cock slid in and out, over and over again. Working it harder each time she struggled to accept it, trying to feel every inch of it. Soon she found a rhythm to meet his thrusts as he pulled her by her hair and fucked her face. Ted watched as Catherine’s saliva dripped from her gaping mouth onto her heaving tits below. Drooling all over his powerful tool, she gurgled and gasped with each stoke, intermixed with the sounds of her moans as she enthusiastically plunged for all she could take. She no longer looked like the lady who worshipped her god in the pew beside him at church. Rather, she was a slut worshipping the embodiment of her hidden desires, as a slut should. She was in awe of this massive black cock. And worship it she did!

Stopping suddenly, Charles ordered Catherine to lie on the bed. Starting to remove her heels, Charles barked “No, leave them on!” Lying on her back, she was positioned with her head hanging over the edge. She looked like a goddess. Her nipples were swollen and her legs were widely parted exposing her swollen slit. Her lips glistened with the wetness that would lubricate his entrance into her forbidden nest, and she was ready to be impaled by this wonderful man who was a stranger no more. As Ted looked on, he was glad he’d bought her the garter belt and seamed stockings. They looked amazing on her as she bent her knees and dug her four inch heels into the mattress to support herself in preparation for her mouth and throat to be ravaged. Charles stood over her, roughly feeding her his cock, pushing it past her eager lips and into her virgin throat. She had never been deep-throated before, but she took it like a pro. Accepting its length, she managed to take it deep and without gagging. She was having her throat fucked by this powerful man. As her mouth worked his cock, he reached over and roughly fondled her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples harshly. Ted watched as Catherine adapted to his pace and accepted his member deep into her throat. She guided his cock with one hand while she reached between her legs to work her clitoris with the other. Cock in her throat, nipples being pulled, playing with herself…she was a sight to behold. Ted was in love with this woman, who for the moment was totally oblivious to him.

The time had now come. Charles withdrew his rigid pole, glistening from Catherine’s saliva. As he did so, she reached back to grasp it in a vain attempt to continue her work, but Charles had other plans. “Move up here.” he commanded. Catherine sat up slowly, her head spinning from the lack of blood, having been virtually upside down to receive his cock. As she positioned herself in the middle of the bed he reminded her to leave her shoes on. Looking at Ted, he said “Your wife is a quick learner and a great cock-sucker. I’ll turn her into an expert cock-sucker in no time. Now, do you want to see me fuck her with my big, black cock?” Ted hesitated as he looked over at Catherine. She was lying on the bed with her fingers stroking her hardened clit. She smiled at her husband and said “Tell him yes Ted. I’m ready. Please!” “Answer me now Cuck”, he barked. Ted looked up at Charles who towered over him and meekly answered “Yes”. “Yes who? I’m Sir to you Cuck!” barked Charles. “Yes Sir”, said Ted. “Get over here then and watch closely.” As Charles positioned himself between Catherine’s outstretched legs, Charles held his pole of steel and began to rub it along her wanton cunt.

He had done this before. Not with Catherine, but with many other white women. Most of them married, but all of them with an unfulfilled need to be fucked hard and rough. They were tired of being treated like delicate china dolls, being caressed and cared for. They all wanted to be taken and used in submission to the desires of men who were stronger than their husbands. These were bad boys, just like the ones that the pretty rich high-school girls used to step out to play with…the ones from the other side of the tracks that instinctively knew that from time to time these blonde bitches needed their fill of cock. “Ride ‘em rough and ride ‘em long” was their motto. Many of these women would tell Charles that they never knew what it was like to be consumed by the thought of cock until they had been fucked by a black man. They were the white wives who would travel with their girlfriends to Jamaica once a year to get their fill of black cock before returning home to their families to resume their proper station in life. Then unable to extinguish their hidden desires, they would seek out local black men to quench their lust. Charles was one of them, and he was one of the best.

“Don’t get the wrong idea Cuck, but hold this and feed it to her.” Charles grabbed Teds hand and placed it on his hardness. “Feed this white bitch my black cock, Cuck!” he demanded. With that Charles leaned forward and Ted positioned Charles’ cock at the entrance to Catherine’s delicate slit. Pushing forward, his head separated her swollen lips as Ted guided it in. Feeling the width of it, Catherine gasped, closing her eyes to concentrate on this moment of truth. Stepping back, Ted quietly sat in the chair next to the bed. His eyes were transfixed on this wife. He watched and listened carefully as she held her breath and lifted her knees as Charles slowly slid his massive cock deeper into her tight hole. Taking her legs by his hands, he lifted them until her knees were planted into her chest. Pushing further still his nightstick plunged into unchartered depths. She gasped and cried out as he filled her. With her eyes closed she rolled her head from side to side, pleading with him. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes.” she cried. “Oh God yes, fuck me, please!” The response Charles had elicited from Catherine was like a foreign language to Ted. He had never heard it before, and knew he never would again. Holding her legs, Charles began to withdraw then slide his cock back into her. Gradually he inserted his cock in further until it was deep in her, but not all the way. That would take some time. She needed to get used to its size. Picking up the pace, he started to pump her like a piston powering an engine. Charles knew from experience that by establishing a rhythm, Catherine would be able to take him deeper until she could take him all. “Give it to me! Fuck me! Please fuck me hard!” she proclaimed. Ted listened as his beautiful wife was transformed into a wanton slut before his eyes. He sat expressionless as Catherine proclaimed her love of cock…black cock. Mumbling, and hard to understand, Catherine was delirious with lust. “Do you like it Bitch?” Charles asked. “Yes, god yes, I love black cock. Fuck me harder!” She responded. “Are you ready to take the rest?” “Yes, give it to me.” she responded. Leaning further in, Charles pushed his cock the rest of the way in. Ted listened intently as he heard his wife moon as the last few inches pierced her lips. “Oh God!” she cried. Tears rolled down as she reached up to grab Charles and pull him tightly against her. Her heaving tits were pressed hard against his chest and her lips sought out his. Catherine was desperately trying to kiss him with a passion unknown to Ted. Finding his lips she fed him her tongue and squeezed her arms tightly around his shoulder. They were one…fully connected with passion and lust. Her muffled cries became louder when she reached her first orgasm…one of many to come. This went on for at least ten minutes…ten minutes of heaven for Catherine. Her husband sat off to the side, watching and listening and stroking his small cock. Trying his best not to cum, he to stop because he did not want to embarrass himself any further in front of this god-like man. Her cries filled the room as this amazing fuck machine drilled her with his cock. Stopping and withdrawing, he rapidly spun her around and moved her into her favourite position. Plunging in her gaping hole, he fucked her like a dog. Bending over, she buried her head in the pillow and spread her legs wide as he rammed her from behind. Ted lost count of her orgasms over the next twenty minutes. Sweat was rolling off Charles’ forehead, but he showed no signs of slowing down…at least not until he grabbed her hair from behind, and pulling it hard cried out “Take my black seed Bitch!” Then with his ass twitching he pulled her hair tightly, slowed his pace, and held her firmly as he deposited his hot, sticky load deep inside her fertile womb. Lying on top of her, he whispered in her ear and all Ted could hear was his wife saying the word “Yes”. Rolling off of her, he stood by the bed and told Ted to get on the floor before him. Ted slowly slid from his place in the chair and once on his knees, looked up at Charles. “Yes Sir? He asked. Clean this off now. With that, Charles held his spent cock in his hand, and with its length glistening for Catherine’s juice, he ordered Ted to lick his cock. Leaning forward Ted stuck out his tongue and began to lick him. Seconds later Charles grabbed his hair and said “Suck it clean Cuck!” Ted obeyed and soon found himself savouring the taste of his wife’s freshly fucked pussy from the length of this magnificent black monster. Laughing aloud, Charles said to Catherine “It’s your turn now. Go over and look after her too Cuck!” Crawling on his knees to the bed, Ted moved up between his wife’s legs and looked at her well-fucked pussy. Her lips were swollen and red. They were parted and he could see white fluid oozing out from her crack. Parting her legs further with his hands, Ted moved in and began to lick her beautiful slit. Pushing his tongue in deeply, he gathered their juices and swallowed their milky mixture. His role was clear. He was their cuckold and he was expected to clean her up in preparation for the next round. Knowing that he would not be with them to witness that round, he focussed on this intimate moment with his bride and savoured the taste of his reward.

Minutes later Charles stepped out of the washroom and the command was given. “Get the fuck out now Cuck! I have work to do. I’m going to turn your wife into a slut and she needs training. Go to your room, and we’d better not hear from you until noon tomorrow. Go, get out.” Ted got up from the bed, and leaned over to kiss his wife, but she turned her head and said nothing. Ted walked through the door to the adjoining suite and as he entered his darkened room he heard Charles behind him. “We’ve made plans to go back to the club next weekend, but you’re not invited. She’ll be spending the weekend with me at my place, and she knows what’s expected of her. I expect you to help her get ready for me though. Buy her some slutty lingerie, paint her toenails, help her with her hair, and get her dressed for me. I think you’ll make a good cuckold Ted.” Then he turned and walked back into the room where he would transform Catherine into a new woman…a slut. The door closed and slumping on the floor with his back leaning against the door, Ted listened as he heard Catherine call to Charles. “Please come here Charles. I need you to fuck me again.” It would be a long night…