Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 13)

Jake fixed me up with Earl

I loved my husband, everything about him was great but god why was he so small. There was no doubt that I was the trophy wife, the gorgeous adornment on the arm of a successful businessman. I had learnt quickly how to please him, he was my VIP ticket to the good life, but I needed more. The few months since our wedding, a flagging libido and his pursuit of money meant I had a lot of time on my hands.

Our sex life has also changed dramatically over the past few months of our marriage…in fact it was about the time I started going out to get me some fresh young meat that it took off in a different direction. I’ve only had normal intercourse with Tim about four times in the last two or three months. And each time he pushes it…to have sex…I made him go down on me first and then would hurry him up to get off, which didn’t take long anyway, since he is good for about four minutes on a good day. Most of the time now, I make him plead with me just to suck my luscious cunt a few minutes before I let him try and slip it to me. I routinely encourage Tim to jack off when he is on the road…telling him that it keeps him from needing sex that bad. I always remind him of his wedding vows and of being faithful to me, just in case he even thinks of seeking out another woman. I was not into playing by the same set of rules.

One of my first lovers I had after I married and still see once a month is Big Jake, our big black handy man and lawn keeper. Jake is about 6’5″ 250# and became my full time lover after the first time I had that long black snake of his, shit the man is hung. He comes to the house twice a month in the summer and once a month in the winter. After the first few months of him and me getting it on we got into a routine of meeting at my place right after lunch when Tim was out of town for Jake’s payday. Jake did all the handy man work and lawn service for an afternoon of pussy. Tim always gave me a check each month to pay house hold bills and by the end of the first year I was keeping most of the money, yea I was taking a lot of things out in trade.

One day I got home around noon to see Jake and his crew of Mexican cleaning up the front yard and loading tools in the pickup truck. I had been to the mall and was going to stay home the rest of the day since Tim was in town and would be home around 6. I got out of my car as the truck pulled out of the drive with the Mexican in it and Jake in the second truck stopped and came back to where I was. Than a tall big black guy built much like Jake also got out.

“Hi Ms. Marca, how are you?”

“Hi Jake, I’m fine! Hey the yard looks great, as it always does!”

“Marca, want you to meet my X brother in law Earl, Earl this is Ms. Marca!” I nodded at him. Damn Earl was as tall as Jake and built the same, his head was bald and he had a gold middle tooth.

“Hi Earl nice to meet you.”

“Will at last I get to meet the famous Ms. Marca, I’ve heard so much about you and I can see old Jake was not kidding about how hot you look!” I look at Jake with that blank look of what the hell have you told him. Jake smiles back at me and said.

“Earl’s cool, he knows we got an understanding about all the work going on here!” I look back at Earl with wide eyes and still can’t seem to find the words to say to him. “Marca, Earl and I were on our way to lunch, going to get some Bar B Q over across the tracks at this little hole in the wall we know; come go with us!”

“Oh Jake not a good time Tim is in town, will be home around 5:30 or 6.” I had worn my jeans and 4′ heels to the mall with White pull over top that let my 40DD be the center of attention… The pull over material was thick enough that I had not worn a bra, something I never do. You could not see my nipples thought the material, so I went braless.

“We will have you back by than, hell no one but the black folks will see us, you don’t need to worry about being seen on that side of town. We will go in the truck, put your sun glasses on and your as safe with us. We will protect you from the boy’s over in the hood.”

“Yea, but who will protect me from you two?” I looked at the two hunks and that old feeling was coming on me, girl you better not go, tell them no. “Jake I need stay here, you going to come by Monday afternoon, Tim will be on a trip!”

“You got it baby!” They both laugh and I giggled as I tried to open my car door to get my packages of stuff I had bought. Just than Earl said to Jake. “Hell Jake you told me she was cool, and a sister, I guess us niggers not good enough to have lunch with!” Than he moved his hand down to his crouch and I saw the outline of his cock hanging down the pants leg. I looked at Jake and said. “I never been a bitch to you have I Jake?” Jake moved up next to me put his arm around my hip and pulled me toward him. “Go take that top off and just put on a thin T-shit so we can see your big nipple get hard for us, go girl you got 5 minutes!” With that he patted my ass as I walked toward the house. I looked back at them smiling and said to myself. Opportunity doesn’t knock on a person’s door every day, and when it knocked on my door, I decided to grab it with both hands.

I slipped on a T-shirt that came down to my belly button and the Jeans were low on the hips and my 4″ open toed heels made my ass stand out. Nothing but pure sex that was all it was, nasty looking street whore. When I came out of the house I could see the two big black men were pleased with how I had dressed, my nipples were like two high beams coming thought the thin cotton material. Setting in Jakes pickup between the big men, we rode over to the black side of town and into an area that no white woman should ever try and visit. Good thing I have some black in me, being of mix race can get you into some places that a white woman could never go. The little black I have can fool a lot of white folks and most of Tim’s friends have no idea that I’m of mix race. Most think I’m Italian.

Earl had his eyes on me the whole trip and I got a good look at his bulge on the way over. The man was not hurting; he was built about like Jake. We get to this hole in the wall, Benny’s Bar B Q and bar. A one story wooden building with smoke coming out the stove pipe that is jetting out the rear end of the building, damn place smells good. Once inside, the place was a joint for Bar B Q, beer and a small dance floor that one or two couples were dancing to some rap song coming from the over head speakers. I had to laugh to myself; Tim would never be found in a place like this.

Over the course of the next hour I ended up having a big platter of Bar B Q links, meat and Cole slaw. I’m not a beer drinker, but some how I did get two or was it three down me. Than Jake wanted to dance and after that I was dancing several times with Jake and Earl, and than two other old friends, Benny the owner and some guy named Carl, who had joined us right after the meal was delivered. I told Benny how much I enjoyed the Bar B Q and he had the cook fix me up a big platter of ribs, links, and sliced meat to take home. Will that took care of dinner for Tim and me.

With each dance the men grew a little bolder and the conversation grew a little more flirtatious. I could feel them moving their bodies against me to the beat of the music and recognized the pressure of their semi-hard penises against my lower body parts. I should not have, but I allowed them to rub their thighs into my crotch, I’m such a fucking tease. I was feeling the pressure flame up into my boobs as my nipples stood out and was rock hard for all to see coming thought the cotton T-shirt.

I also understood what they were really after as they showered me with compliments and suggestive comments about the things they would like to do with me as we danced. The whole situation had an effect on me that I could feel inside my body, I realized that I was being aroused more than I had thought by all this attention and that my body was growing very horny. Than Carl told Benny that we should move the party to the back pool room and all at once everyone stood and I felt myself being taken to the back of the big place. The room had one pool table and some chairs and three small tables in it and the place smelled of smoke and beer.

“Hey Ms. Marca, Jake said you were a model, how about a few picture for me to hang on the wall to dress up the place?” I just smiled and someone handed me my 4th or was it my 5th beer. “How about if we take a few pictures, I got my camera. I’d love to get some shots of you on the pool table, sexy shots on the pool table.”

“Yeah, sure,” I agreed. “What types of posing you want me to do?”

“Honey just do your thing, someone lock that fucking door this is a private party!” Oh shit I knew this would happen, you just can’t say no can you?

I smiled and lifted the beer bottle to my lips, licking the neck of it very slowly before taking another drink. Then I said, “Are the doors locked?” Jake nodded his head. I looked around at the four black men. “Want to have some fun?”

Benny spoke up. “Can you handle all of us?”

Instead of answering, I stood up on the pool table. I said, “Who wants to party?” All the guys turned to look at me then walked over to the table. One of them yelled, “Dance for us, baby.” I wiggled my ass for them, wondering how they expected me to dance without music. After a minute, a song started playing over the intercom. Benny turned the music up louder then returned to his seat below me. I was now standing directly in from of them. I slid my hands over my body and drew them through my long jet black hair and began to erotically move for him.

“Oh, yeah, baby, fucking move that body! God damn Jake you said she had a body, this whore is something else!”

Before I knew it my top was off and I had my DD out for all to see, shit I knew than I was not getting out of here until they had me for there fun and games. I was topless, leaning back on pool table top, legs spread wide apart, with just my jeans and heels on. Apparently I was the surprise entertainment for the afternoon, and they just stood and stared. I loved it! With an audience, I really showed off for the camera, touching myself, licking my nipples, but I didn’t want to reveal everything so I kept the jeans on. Will not for long, Before I could react two hands were at my zipper and on my pants leg unzipping and pulling my jeans off me and there I was on my butt laying back on my elbows looking at whoever was taking the picture of my honey pot and my big boobs, I did smile as he took the shot.

“Hey the hoe didn’t have on any panties!” I giggled and stood up and began to dance, I pumped my body all around shaking my big 40DD wide tits. I moved in front of them wickedly, shaking my body and then teasing them by pressing my tits together. I shook them up and down and slid my hands in between her thighs rubbing my slick pussy lips, and then I put my fingers in my full-pouting mouth.

“Bend down and touch your toes…I did as the voice said… “Excellent, now spread your cheeks wide”. Again, I did as I was told, feeling completely vulnerable and even more aroused. I knew that they was able to see the moisture as it was now beginning to trickle down my leg and my engorged clit must be glistening like a spot light.

“Fucking, yeah…let’s get this party going, my big boob piece of ass.” One of them said.

I brought my hand down and started rubbing one of the big black cocks through his pants. I then pulled down his zipper and grabbed his stiff dick. He spread his legs and I turned to see that it was Benny the owner. I than moved down in front of him. I’m a noisy cock sucker; my attitude has always been to ensure that the cock’s owner knew he had been blown. I loved to use lots of saliva to lubricate the head before taking it deep into my mouth. I then put my hands on his thick black thighs and grabbed his firm cock and shoved it in my warm, soft mouth and sucked on it. Back and forth, up and down I sucked him off.

“I bet your old man hasn’t got a cock like this Marca.” I looked up at Benny and smiled. “Hey girl I ask you a question, your old man got one this big?” Benny was not that big, maybe 7 inches, but almost twice what Tim had. Letting the meat slip from my slobbering mouth for a second I spoke up to Benny, “No. he has a tiny dick.” The room descended into laughter and just before slipping the cock back into my mouth I said “If I had one like this at home, I would not need to be here.”

I moaned in delight at the taste of his cock. He groaned as the tip of his shaft hit the back of my throat. I slid my hands around him and squeezed his ass, pulling him closer to me. I started sucking him a slow easy rhythm and than I started sucking faster as I moved my lips with expertise while licking the underside of the black shaft. I watched his face as his pleasure grew. He started to shake when I sucked him all the way in and held him there. He said, “Oh my God!” as his cock shot a huge load of cum in my throat. I swallowed every drop before releasing my grip on his ass. He stepped back from me and walked away on wobbly legs. I licked my lips and looked at Earl who had got on the table behind me and was sliding his cock up and down my slit. On my hands and knees I looked back to see Earl ready to do me doggie.

My eyes popped wide open, shit he was as big as Big Jake. My god this was a view that I wasn’t expecting. A large black cock and heavy balls dangling over my ass. This cock was long, heavy, thick and very contoured with veins. Earl was stroking it to maintain the erection. It looked to be at least 10″ long and I couldn’t guess the girth, but his fingers only just reached around it. I was mesmerized as he lowered the head to rest it on my pussy lips; the head was the size of a large purple plum. Than I felt it on my fold, past my fold and my lips wrapped around it as though to suck it in, but Earl kept it still.

“You going to put it in, or just play with it!”

“Tell me how bad you need it you big boob bitch!”

“I need your cock in me, I need to cum,” I moaned as he began slowly slipping it in.

“Why… can’t your husband make you cum?”

“No he can’t,” I managed to squeeze out between deep breaths.

“Why can’t he?” he asked.

“Damn you…I told you his dick is too small…!” Why was he making me say these things? Everyone in the room laugh out load.

“How big is it?” he asked. “Less then half as…oh god he is small maybe 4 inches…!” I moaned as I started to shake uncontrollably. Earl slowly pulled his cock out until only about five inches was buried in me.

“Is this all that your husband has?” he asked.

“No, he’s ….smaller….and….oh god please put it back in…..not as thick,” I said. Why was I betraying the man I loved like this? Was that really all Tim had? The orgasm I was looking for was fading again as he fucked me with only half his cock and I kept trying to push my ass back needing more.

“If you want more you’ll have to beg.” he demanded. “I need more,” I pleaded. “I need your cock.” Earl pulled another two inches out.

“Not good enough.” he said. “I need your big cock,” I said in desperation. “Fuck me with your big cock.”

“A little better,” he said and pushed it in about half way again.

With one slow thrust Earl slipped his cock into my tight but very moist cunt. I could feel my lips curl under as his monster cock went in. He pushed it all to the hilt so his balls were hanging between my wide spread legs. He held it there to allow me to get used to the size. As he held it there my lips started to uncurl and he slowly started to withdraw. The lips dragging along his shaft. He pulled it all the way to the tip of the head, holding to tease before going back in an inch or two. This son-of-a-bitch was teasing me. He started to fuck me slow, with long strokes.

“White boys, shit Ms. Marca does any of them have cocks this big.” My eyes opened wide as I realized the truth, only a black cock could give me what I really needed today. “I guess, but I need your BLACK cock,” I pleaded in desperation. “Fuck me with that big black cock.” Happiness spread through my body as he pushed his cock in all the way again. I thought to myself, man, he is huge like a horse. It must have been at least ten inches and as thick as my forearm. I could tell they were really surprised at me being able to take the pounding I was getting.

All Earl kept saying as he was drilling me was, “dame Jake, she is good… man could you make some good money off of this bitch…look at the tits on this whore…. I can’t believe she is taking my whole cock in her cunt… no bitch has ever taken it with out some protest, shit she is a … oh shit! She is a whore made for fucking.”

Carl just put his arm on my shoulder as Earl pounded me, smiled, and said, “Damn girl you are good. I hope you don’t get tired before I get to you?” I looked up at him as Earl rode me hard and tried to get the words out.

“I can … do … do you to, ah … take your… turn!” I looked over at Jake who sat in one of the chairs watching the show before him and when our eyes locked on each other, I just open my mouth and nodded yes. He knew I was telling him this was good. Than Jake started talking to me. “Marca, baby does that feel good?” With my eyes closed and my head down on my arm I cried out.

“OH YES, yes so good, god I love it, more Earl give it to me more!” Than we both began to hump harder into each other and were like the two dogs on the street fucking till the knot went down. :”Oh yes, it is so good, god how I love this, more Earl, more!” Than I felt Earl move his hands down to my hips and grip them like a vise and at than Earl started to yell that he was going to cum.

I yelled out, “Cum in my cunt! Cum in my cunt! I need it bad, real bad!” Earl did just that. When he finally pulled out of my over sized cunt, his dick was covered in cum. I just fell onto the table and rolled over on my back with my legs spread wide with cum running out of my cunt and Benny’s load of cum dripping off my chin onto my tits.

I looked up to see Carl and smiled at me, “I’m next!” Someone helped me off the table and I dropped to my knees in front of Carl. He was hard, but to my dismay, he was as thin and small as my husband. I took his cock into my mouth, grabbed his ass cheeks and began to yank him back in forth into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft as I kneaded and spanked his ass. “That’s it bitch. Do it”. I took my ass play with him one step further. I worked a finger in and out of my cunt a few times. Then with one thrust I rammed it up his ass. He wined and thrust his hips upward. If he had a real cock, I’d have been choking on it. Instead, I just got a bit more of it in my mouth. I just couldn’t get in my cock sucking mood with him, so I got up and leaned over the end of the pool table. “It’s time to fuck me, if you can get it in.” He got behind me and I felt him poke at my fold I looked up at the rest and rolled my eyes and smirked.

Being so small, he just slid in with no pressure. I knew then that this wasn’t going to last long. He started sliding in and out, and was telling me things like ‘Yaw bitch, take this black meat’ and ‘You’re such a good hoe’. All this did for me was to bore me. After a few of his lines, he started going faster and tried driving in harder and deeper. He failed royally. When he began to whimper about being close to coming, I had him pull out; I spun around and began to jack off his little black dick. As I worked my hands faster and faster on his shaft, I figured I’d at least get a good load of cum. I was wrong. He had a few drops of cum drip from his cock head onto my hand.

I stood looking around the room and than I looked at Jake. He smiled and winked at me. “Ms. Marca, best I get you home, I need to be up and at work early, so get dressed!” Benny spoke up and said. “Hey Jake, man you don’t want any of that?” He smiled at Benny and looked at me. “I get it all the time, it’s not going anywhere!” Carl got some wet paper towels from the men’s room and I did get to wipe myself clean and got as much of the man juice out of me as I could, Earl did have a load. The truck smelled of sex and the boys had the windows down all the way to my place, will sometimes you got to pay the piper.

We pulled into the long circle drive and they parked behind my car and we got out of the truck I walked toward my Buick to get my packages I had forgot to take in at lunch, when I looked up to see Tim pulling in the drive. “Oh Shit, be cool! You just stop to see how the crew did, OK, be cool!” Tim pulled up to the garage and got out of his car. I gave him a big ear to ear smile and took a deep breath as I said to myself, show time.

“Hi honey, your home on time for a change!” Than Jake started toward Tim with his hand out to shake my husband’s hand.

“Mr. Tim, how are you sir?”

“Doing great Jake!” Booth men shook hands. “Marca been keeping you busy?”

“Oh Ms. Marca always has some little thing for us to do, Mr. Tim want you to meet my X brother in-law, this is Earl, Earl Mr. Tim!”

“Nice to meet you Earl! What line of business are you in?”

“I own and run a Pawn Shop, let me give you my business card, you ever need any good bargain’s I’m your man Mr. Tim!”

“Oh you better give that to Marca, she’s always looking for a good deal, better watch her, she will try and get it for nothing!” Earl gave me that look that said it all, (girl we can do some business.) Than Jake spoke up. “Earl we better go, Ms Marca, I’ll call you next week to see if you need anything!” Before I could answer Tim turned to Jake and said.

“Jake I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking care of things around here when I’m gone, I know Marca has always said how dependable you are and always here, on time when she needs something taken care of!”

“Mr. Tim, you and Ms. Marca are real special people, and I want to do a good job for you folks and keep your business!”

“Will I just want you to know that your special, when Marca told me you came over late at night to take care of the water leak in the bath, that told me you’re the man! I don’t worry about her when I’m gone anymore, knowing you can take care of anything she needs!”

“Mr. Tim that is real nice of you sir and Ms Marca I hope I keep taking care of all your needs! Earl you better call Ms. Marca next week and see what you can do for this lady! You folks have a nice evening, bye!” Tim walked over next to me as the two guys got in the pickup and drove out of the drive way. Tim slipped his arm around me and gave me a peck on the lips.

“You have a good day honey? Wow honey you must have been out in the yard in the sun this afternoon!”

“Ah … yes, why?” Oh shit my T-shirt, he can see my nipples coming though my material.

“Will honey, you smell about like Jake and Earl, and they been out here sweating all day, I guess you can’t smell it when everyone else smell’s the same!”

“Let me go take a shower and get dinner ready!”

“Marca baby, what is for dinner, I’m hungry!”

“Oh I got something special, Bar B Q!”

To be continued….

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 12)

Bill and his grandson

It was around 8:30 and Tim and I were watching Fox News, you think we watch MSNBC, get a life. Just than the phone rang and I saw by the caller ID it was old Bill from down the street.

“Hello, this is Marca.” That was the signal that I used to tell the guys in the neighbor hood that Tim was home and near by so not to get carried away when they were talking to me. If I had just said HELLO, they knew he was not around.

I hadn’t talked to Bill in a few weeks if I remember he was going to visit his grandson before the boy went off to college, they were going down to the Gulf and do some fishing. Just seeing his number on the home phone caller ID sent a little thrill down my spine. I picked up the phone, acutely aware of my husband’s presence next to me, trying to act normal, trying to sound carefully nonchalant.

“Marca I know Tim is there but baby, I got to see you and my old cock is in need of some fine pussy. Can I see you tomorrow?” he asked. The old fucker was straight to the point. He always was like that. I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about his 9 inch cock that was beer can thick. I look at Tim as he looked toward me like he wanted to know who was on the phone.

“Hey Bill you home?”

Tim waved his hands in the air no, he didn’t want to talk tonight to Bill or anyone, the hubby was tired. “Yeah maybe, what’s going on how was your trip?”

I said, glancing at my husband. He was back trying to get engaged in whatever was being said on the TV.

“Marca I got my stud grandson with me for a few days, girl you should see this kids cock thick as my old thing, but a couple inches longer, you got to have some this while he is here.”

I felt the hair on my arms raise slightly, thinking if Tim knew just what I was doing, that he would grab the phone at any minute and tell Bill to fuck off and kick my ass out on the street.

“Ten o’clock? Yea that would be great, have a pot of coffee and I’ll bring your mail down to you!”

“Tim is in the shower, I’ll tell him you called and said hello; see you then.” I hung up immediately and turned my attention back to the television, as though nothing had happened. I hadn’t just made a date right under my husband’s nose.

“Thanks honey I didn’t feel like talking to him, you got his mail for him, I didn’t know you picked it up?”

“Yap the old guy stopped by on his way to the airport and asked if I would, hey I got time to walk down and get it for him, no big deal.”

“Your to good to these old farts around here honey, don’t let them take advantage of you, if they get to asking to much let me know I’ll say something to them.”

Tim my dear if you had a cock like they have and could use it like they can I would not be getting there mail for them.”

“I will dear.” He didn’t say anything else.

Bill was an older, distinguished gentleman with old world manners and a big thick cock, he drew me into him from their first morning coffee at our place when Tim was out of town and before long the two of us were spending a lot of time together. That first morning I discovered that he did indeed have a nice, big, fat, juicy cock and in the months since we became lovers, I found myself ever deeper in his world.

Thank god Tim was too tired to even think about sex, let alone wanting to fuck. In bed in the dark I had my mind going a mile a minute, shit Bill said his grandson had a cock bigger than his, oh fuck, do both oh my god.

It felt like morning would never come but it did and Tim was off to work and I had my shower. I had called my solon the first thing this morning and got the first appointment. I was there at 9AM. I got my nails done (French manicure) and was waxed (Brazilian), whether in or out of the bedroom, I was going to suck and fuck them until they were limp and I was sore and they could fuck and suck no more.

As I was getting ready for my sex session day, I chose my outfit very carefully to accentuate my assets. I picked a black thong and a black pencil skirt, tightly hugging the curve of my ample 38 inch rear, and a sexy black lace bra, which I covered with a tight-fitting black blouse with a diving neckline. My 40DD’s were still as perky as ever, and the cleavage was almost deep enough to dive into. I smiled at myself in the mirror, knowing how good I looked. Despite nearing 33, my hourglass figure was as sexy as ever.

At just a little after 10 AM I was walking up to the door of Bill’s house with his mail in hand. I raised my hand to knock, but before I even touched the wood, the door swung open, and the grandson was in front of me.

“Hi,” he said. I watched him drink me in from top to bottom, watched his pupils dilate as he took in my curves. I did the same, letting my gaze slide down his tall, slender frame. My eyes lingered briefly on the zipper of his blue jeans. “Come in,” he invited, breaking my reverie. Than I saw Bill walking up to me and I stepped over the threshold into his arms. He reached past me to slam the door shut as I raised my lips to his. He was over six feet three inches to my five-ten, but with my 5 inch fuck me heels that made stand eye to eye with Bill, we had always managed to fit together. I pressed my mouth against his, darting my tongue playfully between his lips.

Already I could feel his hardness through our clothes, and moisture was beginning to rise between my own legs. He kissed me more deeply, our tongues dancing together, and pulled me tightly against him. For a moment, it seemed like the world slipped away as we kissed, as though nothing else mattered or would ever matter again.

He released me gently, taking my hand in his. “Marca I want you to meet my grandson Phil, Phil this is the wonderful lady I was telling you about Marca.”

I stuck my hand out and he took my hand. “Bill you didn’t tell me you had such a good looking hunk of a grandson, Phil you must be six-five, six, maybe 230 pounds and I can see you work out.”

“Wow your good six-six, 240#; and may I say you’re everything and more than what grandfather said you were.”

I looked at Bill smiling and my pussy was getting wet, just thinking about this big 18 year old hunk. “Bill what all did you tell Phil, I hope it was nothing bad about me?”

“Just told him you were the best cock sucker I had ever been with and you could make your pussy suck a cock like your mouth did.”

I acted shocked and even blush a little. “Bill your bad, telling Phil things like that, don’t you believe a thing he said Phil I’m a nice person!”

Bill spoke up, “Let’s at least get to the bedroom,” he said, smiling. He led me across the living room to his bedroom. I could tell he had cleaned for me; his king-size bed was neatly made with a midnight-blue comforter, and candles burned on each of the bedside tables. I smiled at the effort he / they had gone too, since Bill knew what was going to happen regardless. It was sweet, romantic, and completely unnecessary.

Bill slipped over to the big easy chair in the corner and as he took a seat he said to his grandson, “She is all yours Phil.” I placed one hand on Phil’s chest and pushed him down onto the bed. I clambered atop him, my skirt hitching up to my hips, exposing the creamy tan flesh of my thighs. Straddling him, I leaned down and kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around me, his tongue pushing deeper into my mouth, his hard cock pressing against my nearly naked crotch.

I sat up, still atop him, and peeled off my top. He shifted my weight on top of him so that he too could sit up. Keeping me straddled on top of him, he reached behind me and unhooked my bra. My large breasts tumbled out, pink nipples standing tightly at attention.

He groaned just at the sight of them. Cupping the left one in his hand, he flicked the nipple gently with his tongue. My hips jerked involuntarily against him, and I moaned. He flicked it again and again, and I tipped my head back, arching my back and thrusting my tits forward toward his face.

He switched his attention to the right breast, giving it the same tongue teasing as he pinched my left nipple with his hand. I moaned again, feeling myself getting even wetter, as he finally took my nipple into his mouth, sucking gently. My hips thrust against him again, and he sucked more urgently at my breasts, switching randomly between them. I could feel myself reaching climax.

He felt it too, and took me further, biting softly at my erect nipples. He pressed my breasts together, taking both nipples into his mouth at once, biting and sucking as I thrust helplessly against him. I cried out and orgasm hard, my body rigid, my wet bush pushing against his erection through his jeans. He kept me at the peak of sensation as long as possible, biting at my nipples and holding me hard against him.

I finally relaxed, letting my head come back forward. I sighed heavily, feeling my breathing return to normal and my eyes refocus. He laughed softly and said, “Well that was easy.” I smiled coyly back at him, saying, “Oh, I’m not done yet.”

I pulled his T-shirt over his head and pushed him onto his back again. His frame was slender but muscular. I pulled my leg across him, so that I was lying next to him, and kissed his mouth briefly, letting one hand wander down his torso.

I began kissing his neck and ear as my hand unbuttoned his jeans, lowered the zipper, and slid inside. I massaged his hard dick as I kissed his face, his lips, and his neck. He groaned slightly, and I released him. Kissing him hard one more time, I began the journey downward.

I kissed my way down his chest and stomach, trailing my fingers up and down his sides and watching him shiver with pleasure. I arrived at his crotch, and pulled his jeans and boxer briefs off, watching his erection spring free from its trap. “Fuck you are big, Jesus fucking Christ what a cock!”

I held it with one hand and took the tip into my mouth, sucking hard as I pulled back and released it. He cried out, and I settled myself between his legs, sucking again, but only on the hard tip. I tasted a drop of his seed on my lips, and went deeper, taking more and more of him in every time I went down, until his whole shaft was in my mouth.

“Oh, God!” he cried, grabbing my head and pushing me down harder. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his penis as I came up, and let him guide me back down, sucking hard.

My pussy was tingling with anticipation, so wet that I couldn’t take it anymore. I released him and sat up, straddling him again, my skirt still hiked up around my hips. I shoved my thong to one side and lowered myself onto him slowly; until I had taken his full ten maybe it was more all I know this was one fucking big cock.

It felt so good to feel him filling me up. His erection was almost a forty-five degree angle, so that it pushed hard against my G-spot when I sat upright on top of him. My thong was shoved against my clit, so that as I began to move, it rubbed hard against me.

I slowly moved up and down, his cock pressing against me inside, my thong pressing against me outside. I had barely started when I began to come again. My muscles clenched and unclenched, milking his shaft as I climaxed, my breasts swinging and bouncing as I fucked him.

My thong was now dripping wet. “Don’t move,” I told him. I pulled myself off him long enough to remove both it and my skirt, and immediately climbed back aboard. This time, rather than ride him cowgirl style, I laid down on his torso, my tits conveniently up near his mouth, and my whole body pressed against his.

As I started to move, my clit rubbed up against him, and he took one breast into his mouth, sucking hard. The combination of sensations was incredible. I thrust my hips against him slowly, relishing the feeling of his body pressed against mine, of his tongue lapping at my nipple. He flicked at my other nipple with his fingers, and my throbbing clit started to respond again.

I tried to slow my climax, to pace myself, but my body wouldn’t listen. For a third time, I was thrown into the throes of sensation again, exploding against him. He pulled my head to him and kissed me as I came. I moaned into his mouth, feeling my body tense and release with the sensation.

As soon as my climax ended, he grabbed me around the waist, and flipped me onto my back without withdrawing from me. He propped himself up over top of me, and pulled my legs up over his shoulder. In that position, he began to move, slowly at first, but picking up speed, jamming his dick into me as hard as he could.

I lifted my hips to meet him as he came forward, pushing him inside me as far as he could go. As he neared his own climax, he reached down with one hand and flicked my clit, rubbing it in time to his thrusts. The pleasure was mounting again, but I held off my own orgasm until he reached his, so that we both cried out simultaneously, his penis jumping inside me as he spent himself, pressing against my G-spot and intensifying my orgasm.

After he was done, he collapsed on top of me, my legs trapped underneath him, his dick softening inside me. I found his lips and kissed him gently, mostly without tongue. After a few minutes, he rolled to one side, and I sat up, smiling at his languid posture and closed eyes. I looked over at his grandfather and saw that Bill had undressed and was stroking his long hard old cock, that mother fucker had taken his pill and was ready to pound my poor puffy pussy.

Phil got off the bed and I saw Bill get up as I spread my legs and he was between them in a flash. I felt his hard cock brushing along my inner thigh; and I loved it. I was longing to feel his cock start to penetrate me. I remember how it felt the very first time it felt really good as it slipped inside. He was kissing me and pumping his lovely cock into me. I was just moaning and holding on. We both were sweating and breathing heavy as we kissed and rubbed and fucked. I was very close to having an orgasm when I opened my eyes and looked over his shoulder to see Phil standing there watching us.

My first thought was oh both at once, but just then Bill really started to fuck me hard. He was groaning and slamming into me. I knew he was coming. Then I could feel his hot cum flood my pussy as he squirted it deep inside me. I was lost in passion and I just closed my eyes and thrust my pelvis into his. I was still very close to coming, when he started to slow down and he whispered some things in my ear that I didn’t quite hear as he finally stopped. He kissed me and smiled as he pulled his cock out. God I felt empty as I felt his cum seeping out of my pussy. He got up off the bed. I was still laying in the middle of the king size bed. I sat up a little and closed my legs and covered my breasts with my hands. As I opened my eyes, I could see Phil looking at me and smiling and discussing me with his grandfather as if I was not in the room.

I exposed my naked breasts to them and, as I looked down at my breasts, I let my leg fall open slightly; I knew they could easily see my puffy pussy lips.

I looked up and all I really remember is that Phil was pushing in between my legs. I laid back and closed my eyes as I felt his cock find my pussy. He rubbed it up and down in my pussy lips before he finally slipped it inside of my grateful pussy. I must have been the first older women he had ever been with because he fucked me hard for about 45 minutes causing me to go off 4 or 5 times and they both heard me begging for more after each time I came.

“Oh fuck me baby, fuck my pussy like it is your pussy, take it all and give me your hot cream!”

I look pass Phil toward his grandfather at the end of the bed and the old fucker is smiling at me. “You like my boy Marca?” I moan and nod yes as he humped harder into me. “Oh Bill you going to let me have him when he comes to visit you?”

“For sure baby, heel his dad, my son may want some of your fine ass next time he comes in town!”

The only thing that came to mind was I was going to keep it in the family, oh shit all three of them. One minute before he was groaning and shooting his spunk inside my cunt to mingle with his grandfather cream. I loved it. All I remember is that they took turns for the next three or four hours and they pumped a load of spunk deep inside my pussy each time they went off. As Phil was the first and he was the last to fuck me hard and finally shot his load inside my completely loose and sloppy pussy, I just laid there in a pool of cum, sweaty and exhausted. Phil was still on top of me breathing hard and I could still feel his pulsing cock inside me as his cum spurted out around it and down over my ass. I swear I never stopped coming. With each fuck by them, my orgasms grew stronger and stronger.

I was moaning and kissing and letting these two big cocks fuck me and suck on my nipples. God, I was in cock heaven! When Phil had finished fucking me, I noticed that Bill was still looking at me and smiling. Phil said something and Bill nodded. Then Bill pulled me to my feet.

I went to the bathroom and took a whore’s bath making sure I washed my pussy and used the shower attachment to clean out the guy’s crud and doing my best to reorganize my hair and refresh my makeup. I then began finding my clothes, which were all scattered more or less in the vicinity of the bed. The thong was too wet to wear, so I just left it where it lay, and hoped my husband wouldn’t notice that I didn’t have on panties when I met him at the club for dinner.

I looked at the young college hunk and smiled as I was about to tell him how much I liked the afternoon and looked forward to seeing him again; when he said. “Damn your husband is one lucky guy!”

“Oh you think so, why do you say that Phil?”

“Fuck he gets some of your ass every night.”

I giggled as I looked at Bill; “Honey my hubby only gets my ass about twice a month, if he is lucky.”

“Damn how come?”

“He doesn’t have much of a sex drive and it is easier to jerk him off than to mess with fucking him, anyway I got to go, Bill call me, see you guys!”

“Leaving so soon?” Bill mumbled from the bed. I had been there only about five and half hours.

“I’m expected at the club for dinner and cocktails at 6.”

To be continued ….

Confessions of a frustrated cuckold: a sad and true story

I have enjoyed the idea of my woman doing it with other man since my late teens.During my second marriage (I am now in my third), I made some fantasies real.We made some trio with a friend of mine, and later she had another lover while I watched. But that relationship was doomed from the beginning, it was not a good match.We had two children, but I had to do a treatment ’cause my sperm count was low.Later I had doubts about my paternity, which were dismisses by an DNA test which was positive in both cases. Therefore, I was married very young with my first wife, for 5 years, then 8 years in my second marriage, and then I met my actual wife, and we have been together for 20 years.We have a very good marriage, we love each other, we care for each other, and we still long for the other when some of us is in a short trip away from home.. She had a shot marriage before, (1 year and half) which was terminated because his husband got in love with other woman. She did not have children. We were unable to have children too, my sperm was still no good, and age took his toll, I did not respond to treatment. The andrologyst looking and touching my tests, said it were useless. I tried several treatments to no avail.In Vitro finally was the ultimate solution but somehow we freaked out, it seemed to us too artificial. I told her about my tendencies since day 1, therefore she knew I was “different”.She did not complain at all.Mind you, she has PHD (so do I) she is a very intelligent, rational, nice blue eyes blonde hair petite with legendary buttocks. I told her from the beginning of our quest for a child that I was open to another man to impregnated her.She hesitated and rejected the idea, until chances were nil. For years the only means for me to get arousal has been to imagine her with other man, and she knows it well. I do believe she is a true Dominatrix,she loves to be served,and massaged, but is not so good herself doing the same! Sometimes, when I tried harder to convince her, she got very angry at me.Therefore, use my advice, if your wife is a self-respected, intelligent woman, do no try to push her! The answer will be has hers: I am not your toy, you cannot act as my puppeteer. Lately, after so many years, for the first time she said to me: “Honey, this was your fantasy all the way.I was sexually satisfied with you, but now you have made me open to the idea.” To tell the truth,she may be “satisfied” with me, but our sex life is so strict Vainilla I am dying of boredom! It is always me who is always looking for her sexually. And yes, we do have good orgasms, but for the first time in my life I am no longer getting good erections, and for several months now most of our sexual engagements are end with clitoris hand stimulus because my penis goes down quickly.I was sort of Stallion years before, she even mildly protested of been harassed! But now I see my genitals going into rapid involution, and I keep asking her, during intercourse,why don’t you get something harder and bigger! She now enjoys the idea, at least while we are making love (years before, she shout me up when I talked, saying: Shhh,keep you fantasy fro yourself, you distract me! I have been his mentor in almost every other way of life, she is proud to admit that. Inside her secure look, she is very insecure and always need my reassurement. I keep telling her, sweetheart, you have to be your own woman (she does not dislike to hear that) and the last step is that you take full control of your active sex life,to be your own boss in that area, will finally break the old taboo and make you completely free of male domination! My genitals are about average, although my nuts are rather small, and as I told you, my penis is rather semi-erect during intercourse since many months now.When I ask her: “Wouldn’t you like to have inside you some bigger cock and more manly balls” She says that it is ok for her,that mine are just enough.She had, besides his former husband,two other men, although these two for a short period only. She has been always a very rational woman, for example, she was deflowered at 22, but she didn’t want to marry this man, from the beginning she planned that the one that deflowered her will not be her husband.She always has told me that she believes , the same I do, that monogamist marriage is not the best for human being,but everything stays there at her head…And besides that, she is financially independent, even more, she has been much more successful than me in that area, I am much more of a bohemian. She says I am very protective emotionally, that my emotional handling and supportiveness are superb and that my intellectual and spiritual mentorship and psychological protection are a good deal for bringing more money than me to the house.

Lately she is telling me at last some things when we make love. At first she hesitated (for almost 20 years she hesitated!) Now she is telling what I want to hear (before the idea was just absolutely freakish for her) “Yeah , pathetic cuckhold, give it to me now,the other one has such a huge cock and balls, not that little shit you have between your legs.He really fills me up, I can barely feel your puny peanut!”. She says she does it strictly for me, because she knows I love it so much. But, we are growing older (she is 50 and I 54) although both still good looking, she is a gorgeous woman, very cute, just a little overweight. I keep telling her, look if we were on the road, hunting for a mate as when we were younger, we will have the energy to get thinnier and better looking! And she agrees, but, somehow, she is not able to make a move.She says. “I cannot push it, it has to come naturally…If the man that arouses me comes on my way, I will not hesitate anymore”. But we have a very limited social life! How is it going to happen. I am not afraid of having her madly engaged with another man, at least, she will not be sad at all, of course,and I will be the happiest of men. As most cuckolds, I suppose, I will love to know that her body does not belong to me anymore., and that part of her mind and body are for her lover now.The idea of imagine the new man making her all his own, just make me crazy from pleasure and desire. At least she confessed to me that the sole idea of seeing herself unzipping for the first time others man’s pants just makes her crazy! The idea of looking and smelling for the first time other man’s genitals, she confesses, nowadays arouses her. When we are making love, she loves anal stimulation,she has only received my finger, when aroused she tells me she is saving her little hole for her new lover. I believe she is open inside to the idea, but coming from a very tight religious home, the idea of been a slut while at the same time a married woman is still rather repulsive for her….Although she also tells me that she secretely,when we make love, enjoys imagining herself a slut with several men… And that when she fantasies at last alone with other man, she imagines he is also wealthy and takes her to beautiful places! Although she is not, for certain, a materialistic type… She is very dominant, she told me, perhaps to scare me, that if some day she is with other man she will not tell me what they did, I will have to imagine…It would be OK to me, just knowing she is enjoying a huge cock and is coming home full of strong sperm….My consolation would be trying to secretly smelling her panties.

Women!!!!!! What a huge Enigma!

Although she is very reluctant to talk about her past sex life, I came to know after many hours, that her former husband’s cock and balls were bigger than mine, she loved to suck her cock and balls everywhere when they were fiancées, at the bathroom, at his car,at the living room when her mother was in another room…When asked her if she wouldn’t want to try a bigger cock and real man balls (my nuts are pitiful, even she admits they are tinny indeed)), she insist that she has enough with mine, but lately she told me that at last I am doing her desire something else, but ponting that if it were for her, she has enough with my genitals…We never used any device, but I was thinking on getting a good dildo, flesh-alike, to begin stretching a little her vagina and making her feel what is like to have all her hole full, so she can notice the difference when I penetrate her with my flaccid penis…I think she wouldn’t have a problem using a dildo, because she loves masturbation…I just do not know…I just cannot bear the idea of our sex life ending in this boredom…

I have come to the point which I would even prefer a friendly divorce than this unbearable torture, at least I know she will eventually be with other man! And that image is much more pleasurable to me than to remain stalked here. (I beg your pardon for my lousy English, in my country they still consider cuckolds sort of degenerates, I cannot share this over there) This, sad for me, is my real and true story.I will love to hear your comments…and advice!