Cuckold Humiliation

My status as a fully content cuckold husband began by accident. Perhaps even more surprising is how it has literally improved my life. I was not raised to think that watching another man fuck my wife would be a positive experience. I was naive.

My wife is 16 years younger than I am – a gorgeous 32 year old, full bodied woman with a sexual appetite probably twice as hot as mine. My big motive forces in life have surrounded making money, from the time I entered college until I graduated and got the Wall Street gig I now have. I hang with smart guys to whom making money is a measure of success and worth. I love having my trophy wife hanging off my arm and she knows this. We get along well and even share laughs and interests now and then. But sexually? Different fucking planets. It came to a boil when she told me she was seeing other guys. “You just aren’t enough for me, Charlie. You have a small dick and no passion.”

I was shocked. It was humiliating as hell. I started to get mad but she laughed. “Don’t start, Charlie. You’ve been turning me down for months. Did you expect anything else?”

She then told me I would have to watch the next time she had sex with another guy. It was either that or she was leaving. I reluctantly agreed to try it. What was even more bizarre was how it came down. She went outside and, in 5 minutes, came back in with the gardener, Juan.

Watching from the closet as she stripped for him and his eyes got humongous, I couldn’t believe this was my very own wife, seducing the shit out of Juan. She got totally naked, then went to him and kissed him, then went to her knees in front of him. “I want to taste you, Juan, and I mean all of you!”

With that she tore our Mexican gardener’s pants off and sucked him off, dangling off his cock with her lips, forcing me to watch as she swallowed this guy’s long cock and choked on it, gobbling more and more although she was choking. But she really went for it, finally bringing him off, a shocked and loaded Juan shooting his jizz into her hot mouth. It was almost too much to bear. Fuck it was fucking hot.

As his cum trailed down her chin, his surprise at all this was nearly as hot as the action itself. I also came in my pants without even touching my own dick!

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. She sent him on his way with a kiss and a promise to repeat it next time he mowed the grass and then came over to me in the closet. “Eat my hot cunt, Charlie,” she moaned. I spent the next half hour with my face between her legs until she finally came, sluicing my face and head with her juices and wrapping her legs tight around my head. Her box was as hot as a fireplace.

“Now the next guy, Charlie” she moaned, her eyes looking glazed and other-worldly. “But this time I want you in the room when he fucks me.”

She dialed the telephone and a number from memory and ordered a pizza from the local pizzeria. When she finished, she sat back and played with her pussy, looking at me. Still staring, she finally said: “You want me to fuck this new guy for you, baby? He has a huge cock. He’s black. I fucked him before.”

I nodded a weak “Yes”, completely taken off guard by this new slut with attitude and the white hot pussy, complete with her hot secrets. From this point on, I was her slave and cuckold boy and I loved it all. It was a ride I would follow for a long time to come.