Adrian usually paid the papers. I didn’t care too much for the grubby corner shop, really didn’t need to go in there to be honest. But as Adrian was on a business trip, I went to pay the papers. A nice summery day so I wore a light summer dress The bell rang as I stepped in, it was claustrophobic to say the least, goods everywhere, typical of an Asian shop. Adrian paid the papers on a monthly basis, but I didn’t get involved normally. I walked up to the counter to speak to Mr. Malik who owned the store and said I needed to settle the account, he virtually ignored me, looked down into his book and flicked a few pages with his fat brown hands.
It’s £38.73 he grunted, and then asked me if I wanted a magazine of the top shelf as well. Well, I certainly didn’t need a magazine, but he chuckled and said my husband usually got one very month. He smiled a big smile with his white teeth and chuckled….
I wasn’t sure what to do, but curiosity got the better of me, and so I asked, Which ones does he like? realising my husband was into getting smutty mags from the local corner shop. I was surprised and disappointed in my husband in 2 seconds. 
Wel usually he likes “Asian Beauties”, Malik chuckled, but I’m sure you wouldn’t choose that !!!
He came over to the magazine section, the shop was mostly empty, and he reached up and showed me a copy. The girls in the magazine were certainly young and virial. About 10 years younger than my 35 years. Malik said, look closer at some of the models, the guys are well endowed, I flicked though the magazine, and every page showed fit young Asian men with considerable cocks, I hadn’t seen things like this at all, the girls were clearly happy being fucked by big cocks.
I recovered my composure and said I was here to just pay the papers, if he didn’t mind. He grunted and went back to the till. So it’s £38.73, Mrs West, cash please. Well, I didn’t have cash, so that was awkward, He said the was an ATM at he back of the store, so after pointing it out he came with me to withdraw £40. I offered him the money.
He leant against the counter and said that he didn’t have to accept my payment for the papers, he was happy to settle the bill in other ways. I was a bit unsettled by this. What do you mean? I said.
Mrs West, your husband clearly loves his magazines. And my bet is that he is not paying you any attention in the bedroom, those magazines with Asian cocks and pussy are his fantasy and I can tell you now, that us Asian guys are usually well endowed. 
I’m willing to clear your bill every week if you co-operate with me. Call it a deal..
What do you mean I said ?
Step into the back room he ushered, his big frame literally pushing me into a stock room.
I went into a dimly lit room with sacks of potatoes and onions and other produce, I perched on a pile of potato sacks, He closed the door behind him. You please me and I’ll cancel the invoice every month, he said.

What ? What do you mean ?

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Engaging a photographer

As a man who has fantasized about seeing his wife, enjoy, and be enjoyed by, another man I’ve been frustrated with my reluctance to even bring this idea up to her.

She has, however, agreed to pose for some pinup photos, as well as a Hollywood glamour type layout. I have wondered if I were to hire a pro or semi pro male photographer, perhaps he could unleash her sexiness. And perhaps if they developed a rapport, who knows? Plus if he did do very sexy explicit photos of her, I would find myself wondering exactly what occurred in that studio. 

Have any of you had any experience in this as an avenue?

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