First Step Tomorrow

What a journey leading up to this point. A years worth of bringing fantasies into the bedroom slowly getting more and more Hotwife oriented. 

Many years ago we ended up on a naturist beach and had some mild fun but the sheer excitement at having my wife completely naked and getting strange men looking at her has stuck with me. The fantasies started with me openly licking her pussy in public and then fucking her while groups of guys gathered around to watch. I would play up how hot she was and how they were wanking over her. Would she like to touch them and maybe suck them off. What did she think of playing with a strangers cock. Would she swallow his cum (she always swallows). At first she would be all coy and respond with “I don’t know” but with building in more and more scenarios she now completely onboard with letting strangers take turns mounting her and using her pussy as they want. 

We had an open and honest conversation a few weeks back about maybe visiting a naturist Spa (has a swingers area and closed off rooms as well) and she jumped at the chance. The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of hot encounters talking about what’s allowed and what’s not. She booked the hotel and is now fully onboard with trying something new and letting other men fuck her As long as I’m close. I have been edging her for a week now and the sheer frustration and *********** desire is like nothing I’ve ever seen in her. Her pussy is constantly wet and all we do is talk about it. She knows I have a deep seated desire to watch her get fucked with wanton abandon and have the chance to cleanup afterwards. Sadly it’s too risky as she is not on any contraception + the risk of an STI etc.

She went and had a full pussy wax and bought a pack of 12 condoms today which I found insanely erotic. My wife has bought condoms so other men can fuck her. It’s still sinking in and surreal. My cock has been aching for days now and dribbling precum. I’m starting to get anxious and jealous and so turned on. Have I opened Pandora’s box? What should I expect when I’m standing there watching men use my wife as nothing more than a cock hole.

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I might be set up for embarrassment

My live in GF (Ruth) of many years has a white girlfriend (Patty) who is married to a black man (Bill). They have been friends for years and chat about everything. 

Yesterday Ruth got home from an afternoon of ******** wine with Patty and announced they had made a deal to swap men this weekend. 

Ruth has had sex with many men, she guesses about 40 before we got together and maybe a dozen since we’ve been together, but never a black man. 

Ruth has never really arranged for me to be with another woman while she entertained other men. Usually, the extracurricular sex was for her alone with me sometimes allowed to watch and on rare occasions join in mfm. Patty suggested the swap for a night so maybe her being with me was her idea. 

So, on Friday evening Ruth and Bill are going to dinner somewhere then back to his house. Meanwhile, Patty and I are going to dinner at a different restaurant then back to my place for the night.

I asked Ruth if Bill has a big cock. She said Patty told her he was average “for a black man”, so he’s probably bigger than me. But Ruth has had big white cocks before and says size on its own doesn’t really do much for her. so, I asked her why the interest in Bill.

She told me Patty showed her a picture of Bill’s cock in her, Patty’s, pussy while they fucked in missionary position. 
His cock pretty much all the way in so Ruth said she couldn’t judge its size. But Ruth said seeing the black cock inside the white pussy got her instantly wet. Ruth says she just suddenly craved having a black cock inside her white pussy while its owner laid on top of her and kissed her. She confessed this to Patty and one glass of wine later the swap was arranged.

I am concerned for myself. I think I might be humiliated by what Patty, a woman who gets fucked by black cock regularly, will think of my performance. And what Ruth will think of me after she’s experienced a black cock coming inside her white pussy.

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