GF told her bestie I was a cuck. They decided to team up on me at a friend’s party. [part 16]

It felt like such a long night already. Though I knew it was nowhere close to over. At least we were almost back to my place, where I wouldn’t have to worry about any more embarrassment. I was as anxious as I’d ever been, and there’s no telling how many beats my heart had skipped. Something about hearing Kay calling me a bitch, telling me his dick was bigger…while it was inside her. And the fact that she did everything he said, it was incredibly hot.

I was starting to get over my feelings about Patrick. Honestly, I just wanted Kay to have a great time. And she was. I mean, he was the biggest ass hole I’d ever met, probably. But I’m also certain he was playing it up because of the situation. I tried to put myself in his shoes. To him, I looked weak and pathetic. This wasn’t me, really. But when Kay wanted something, I couldn’t tell her no. In any case, I was starting to feel weak and pathetic. I couldn’t blame him for seeing me that way. I’d acted that way all night. It didn’t matter though, this was about Kay and me. I knew she would involve me. She always did. She made me feel loved, secure. I knew I could trust her to include me later and we would have an amazing time looking back on this.

I listened to her heavy breaths, grunts, and moans as I drove the home stretch. I couldn’t look. I’d been told multiple times not to. I heard kissing behind me as well, but Kay’s head was still next to my arm, so I knew it was Alyssa and Patrick. I think I heard Alyssa moan a couple of times, lightly. Maybe she was getting rubbed? Fingered? Or maybe she was just turned on by watching, and getting into the kissing.

As I finally turned onto my road, Kay laid her head over onto my arm. I felt her moving back and forth still. I drove slowly the half-mile down my road and when I slowed down to turn into my driveway, Kay slowed down as well. I usually pull past a bit and back in, but I didn’t want to get yelled at for looking back, so I pulled in straight. As I made the turn, they stopped. Kay was still breathing heavily. I felt her move back and lift her head up as she must have been sitting back against him. Her and Patrick both moaned a little at the same time before Patrick said, “Fuck that feels good.” Kay laughed seductively. “Does it?” she asked. “Slap!” I heard behind me, followed by a brief squeal and a giggle from Kay.

I stopped in front of the garage and lifted the shifter up into park, still keeping my eyes ahead. “Damn, bitch boy, this all you?” Patrick asked, looking around and referring to my property. “Yep,” I replied. Alyssa started digging around for her purse and things, preparing to open her door. Kay and Patrick didn’t move. “So that’s why you date him,” Patrick said to Kay. She laughed just a bit and replied, “No, hes pretty awesome.” Patrick replied to her sarcastically, “Mmhm…” Kay said, “Shut up, he’s a good guy. He takes good care of me,” reaching out as she said it to lay a hand on my arm. She rubbed down my arm and let her hand fall back to her side.

“Ugh,” I thought to myself. Just when I thought I could be okay with him, he began to turn into a mega dick. Patrick laughed and then mocked her, “He’s a good guy,” he said, mimicking her tone. He continued, “…and with my dick in you.” I felt myself getting frustrated. I looked in the mirror to shoot him a dirty look, or to see what Kay’s face was doing. When I did, I saw him grab her, wrapping his arms around her torso. He pulled her body back into his so they were both leaned back against the seat. “Turn around now, bitch boy.” As I did, he reached up and flipped on the overhead light.

For the first time, I could see Kay’s bare legs, leading up to her naked bottom half. Her legs were barely apart, but her back was arched out away from him to keep from letting him slip out. I could see just a little bit of her vagina peeking out from underneath, but I could clearly see that it was being spread open by his dick. I saw just the very base of his dick, maybe a half-inch of it. It was completely wet. Below it, I saw his balls hanging down, resting on my back seat, Kay’s wetness running down them and making a spot on the fabric.

My eyes lingered for a few seconds on the sight of him inside of her. As I pulled them back up to see what he wanted, he moved one hand to her neck and pulled her even tighter into him, using her collar bone to secure her. “Look,” he said to me sternly, making direct eye contact. I let my eyes fall back down to between their legs. He pulled his hips back a bit, causing his dick to pull out of her about an inch, and then he thrusted it back into her all the way, with a little bit of force. Kay squealed and her eyes rolled back briefly. As they recovered, she blinked twice quickly and her eyes locked with mine.

“Tell him to take care of you,” Patrick ordered. “Take care of me, bitch!” Kay said, doing exactly as she was told, and looking me in the eyes. “No,” Patrick said, “make him go get you something.” Kay stared at me, now knowing what he wanted from her. “A blanket,” Patrick said. “You hear that, bitch? Go get me a blanket!” she said. “Okay,” I said sheepishly. “That’s yes ma’am, and yes sir when you answer us,” he barked at me. “Y..yes sir,” I said as I turned around. “And leave the truck running,” he said.

GF told her bestie I was a cuck. They decided to team up on me at a friend’s party. [part 15]

“Mm, put in in,” Kay repeated. She was leaned forward onto the center console, resting on her elbows. I could almost feel the heat off her breath when she spoke. “Don’t do it,” Patrick said to Alyssa. Kay whimpered lightly next to me, letting us all know how badly she wanted Patrick inside her. I felt her hair brush my arm as she turned around to look over her should at Patrick and Alyssa. “Why not, baby?” she asked Patrick.

My desire to look behind me was burning. I tried to hard to fight it, but after hearing Kay whimper again, I couldn’t resist. I swung my head around to see Kay sitting down on Patrick’s lap, grinding back and forth. Patrick was reaching up with his right arm. I couldn’t see Kay’s face because she was turned away from me, but I could tell that her mouth was closed around his thumb. I turned away to look back at the road just as Patrick said in a very serious tone, “Tell your little bitch not to look back here again.” I heard Kay’s head whip around. “Keep your fucking eyes on the road!” she barked at me. “Sorry,” I said.

As Patrick started to chuckle, Kay twisted her head to my arm, opened her mouth, and bit down on my arm through the sleeve of my hoodie. She didn’t bite hard. It seemed to be just out of sexual frustration. As she held on, she moaned deeply for every bit of two full seconds. She released her bite and pleaded, “Fuck me baby.” Patrick, done chuckling at me, prompted her, “Who are you talking to?” Kay replied, “You!” Patrick prompted again, “You, who?” “Patrick!” Kay responded. He pressed further, “Patrick what?”

Kay laughed lightly through an exhale. “Please fuck me, Patrick!” she pleaded. Alyssa chimed in as well. “You fucking tease!” she said, playfully. Patrick didn’t stop there. “What does your boyfriend want?” he asked. Kay replied, “He wants you to FUCK me,” raising her voice a bit. “Why though?” Patrick asked. “Because he likes it,” she replied. “He’s a cuck,” Alyssa added. “Ahh,” Patrick said, “well maybe he should ask me then.”

Kay turned her head and bit my arm again, slightly harder than before, but still not hard enough to hurt me. It was my cue to do what Patrick wanted. I glanced in the mirror, and he was looking at me, waiting. I sighed a little through my nose. My dick was harder than ever. With my right arm, I reached down to put my hand on it. I looked back at the road. “Patrick, will you please fuck my girlfriend?” I asked, looking back into the mirror at him as the word “girlfriend” rolled off my tongue. He smiled. He didn’t respond to me directly. Instead he looked at Kay and said, “Call him a cuck.” Kay extended her neck and got up as close as she could to my ear. “You fucking cuck,” she said. “Tell him what you want me to do,” Patrick continued. Still talking into my ear, Kay obliged, “I want Patrick to fuck me, baby.”

“Baby!?” Patrick said. “Try again,” he said, “I’m baby. He’s bitch.” Kay did as she was told. “I want Patrick to fuck me, bitch.” Patrick chucked again. “I have questions for later,” he mumbled. Finally, as I felt Kay move away from my ear, I saw her move a couple of inches forward out of the corner of my eye. As she moved back, she let out a very heavy breath, whimpering lightly through it. I had never seen or heard her so desperate to be fucked. I tried to watch her, tilting my head ever so slightly so I could see her face in my peripheral vision. I was dark, and I couldn’t really see much. But I could see her come forward again, and then back. And again, forward, then back.

The third time, she squawked a little as she went all the way back and stopped. “Fuck, that’s big,” she said through an exhale, as if she’d been holding her breath. “Bigger than bitch boy?” Alyssa asked. “Fuck yes,” Kay replied. “I think we all knew that,” Patrick said, sounding as cocky as ever. “Tell him,” he said. Kay slowly moved back and forth a few more times, moaning softly, and then said to me, “Patrick has a bigger dick than you, bitch,” as she slid back down onto it. I didn’t respond, just kept my eyes on the road. “You’re so fucking wet!” Patrick said through a chuckle.

The song they intended to fuck to had come to a close, and the next song was coming on. In the few seconds of quiet time in between, the sounds of Kay breathing right beside me, and Patrick breathing behind me, were all I heard. The next song had a slow intro, but ramped up pretty quickly to a heavy guitar riff. I heard them pick up their pace, and Kay started really getting into it. “Uh, uh, uh, fuck me Patrick,” she pleaded for me to hear, as she dropped her head down, hanging it between her hands.

I lifted my right hand, which had been lightly rubbing my dick, and placed it on her head. As I felt her head bounce back and forth a bit, I tried to run my fingers through her hair, from the top of her head down to the back of her neck. I couldn’t quite reach back that far. She turned her head toward me, looking up at me from under my arm. I looked down at her beautiful face. “You wish you could fuck her?” Patrick asked me. “Yes,” I replied as I looked back at the road. I was afraid he was going to be annoyed by me looking back at her like that, so I pulled my arm back to my side quickly as well. “I think she needs to hear it,” He said.

I glanced at Patrick in the mirror briefly. He wasn’t looking at me. I picked my arm back up so I could see Kay’s eyes again. “I wish I could fuck you,” I said, looking into her eyes. I waited a few seconds for Patrick to prompt Kay with a response, but he never did. I think Kay was expecting it too. Looking back at the road, I brought my right arm back down and grabbed my dick again through my pants. Kay was still making little noises. Moans and heavy breaths. She lifted her head back up and I could see it moving back and forth again while I tried to focus on the road. “Mmm,” she moaned, before finally speaking. “Keep on wishing, bitch.”

GF told her bestie I was a cuck. They decided to team up on me at a friend’s party. [part 14]

I turned off the exit ramp onto the back road that would take us most of the way home. We had maybe 6-7 minutes left to drive. The song that had just come on had a nice steady beat to it, and Patrick and the girls were grooving in the back seat, dancing playfully. The girls laughed as they stopped. “Can I tell you something fun about this song?” Kay asked, continuing before anyone answered, “…I’ve always wanted to fuck to it.”

I looked in my mirror to see Patrick with an intrigued look on his face, looking back at Kay with raised eyebrows. “Ooh, yeah,” Alyssa agreed. “That’s funny, I was just wondering how we could make this song better,” Patrick quipped back, jokingly. I glanced back again to see Kay starting to lean over Patrick. “Mmm, let me show you how,” she said. I heard his zipper, and I heard him shifting to make it easier for her to take his dick out.

There was a car coming, so I couldn’t turn to look right away. As soon as it passed, I looked back over my shoulder to see Kay stroking his half-hard dick, moving her head slowly toward it. We were not even a mile off the highway, still several minutes from the house. I turned back to the road and tried to focus. But I could hear the two of them behind me again, enjoying themselves.

It didn’t last for long this time, though. It was only thirty or forty seconds before Kay sat up. I heard them moving around, and looked back to see Patrick’s hands on Kays hips, pulling her up and over to sit on his lap. She looked at me with wide eyes as he moved her easily. I turned back to the road, but looked back again a few seconds later, after hearing Patrick say, “Lean forward.” When I looked back, Kay was moving forward, leaning on the center console. She moved closer, her face coming right next to mine, and she looked me in the eyes as I watched Patrick pushing her leggings and underwear down her legs.

“Holy shit, he’s about to fuck her,” I thought to myself. I felt my dick instantly grow hard again, as I turned back ahead to check on the road. I was just over the center line, so I swerved slightly to pull back into my lane. I scanned the sides of the road up ahead for deer quickly, and turned back toward Kay’s face, just over my right shoulder. I looked into her eyes. They were almost begging. Her lips were still wet. She looked at me like she wanted me to keep watching. I looked ahead and scanned the road again, correcting slightly, and turned back. Kay puckered her lips to signal me to kiss her.

A quick glance at the road, and I leaned over to kiss her. But as I did, Patrick lifted up her hips and jerked her back away from me. I sprung back up, glanced at the road and then back over my shoulder. This time I looked past her and at him, as he lowered her down until the tip of his dick was pressed up against her. He looked me in the eyes boldly. Kay gasped very lightly as she felt the tip of his dick come into contact with her. “Mmm,” she moaned softly. Alyssa situated herself, turning a bit in her seat to face them. She reached over to grab Patrick’s dick as I turned back ahead to check the road.

I did a quick scan for deer again, and looked back to see Alyssa reaching underneath Kay. I couldn’t see much from my angle, but I could tell she was holding his dick, moving it back and forth against Kay’s clit. I heard a moan and another soft gasp from Kay, and I brought my eyes back to hers. She let out a heavy breath, just as I began to feel a rumble in the front end. I quickly looked back at the road and jerked the wheel to pull us back into the lane. The right front tire had nearly gone off the edge of the road.

“Watch the road,” Patrick barked at me. “Okay,” I replied, starting to feel submissive to him. Kay moaned again lightly right by my ear and then chimed in, “You don’t need to see this,” followed by another heavy breath. “Put it in,” she finally said, turning back to look at Alyssa.