Amen Sister (Mary’s Heavenly Awakening)

By Lisa Rains

I can’t believe what I’m doing!

I know I’ll be going to hell when I die, yet I just can’t make myself care. I feel freer & more alive than I ever have. I’m tingling all over.

I’m lying nude on my side in bed with an ex-con named Wade Masterson, the strongest, most masculine man I’ve ever been close to. I have his enormous cock in my right hand, stroking it up & down. He’s telling me how he likes it done — & incredibly, I’m obeying him, shamelessly! My left hand is cupped around his powerful balls, lightly, playfully “bouncing” them up & down.

My poor husband Frank Willis, the minister of Angelfire Baptist Church who preaches approximately the flames of hell every Sunday, is moreover naked, tied to a chair facing the bed & watching us. He’s straining to obtain loose yet Wade has him tied so tight & securely it would take him a week to free himself. His eyes are blazing with jealousy yet he knows there’s nothing he can do approximately it.

He’s making these pathetic little whimpering noises, yet strangely, his little dick is standing at attention as he watches me applying baby oil & jacking this burly, macho guy.

Even the sound of Wade’s low, resonant voice sends chills rippling through my body. He’s telling me how he wants me to work him.

“Faster . . . . yeah, that’s it faster, faster. . . Okay, now ease up. Slow down. Slower. . . Yeah. Work it nice & slow. . . Okay faster . . . Slower . . .”

And as I try to keep up with his instructions, I keep getting over-excited & losing control. I speed up when he says slow down without meaning to. Just when I settle into a nice jacking rhythm he orders me to alter the pace & I can’t keep up.

And worst of all, when I screw up, Wade & I both laugh.

I know it’s so naughty & cruel to laugh & play like this with my poor husband watching, yet I just can’t assist it. For once in my life I feel free, & this astonishing man is the one who’s liberated me.

Wade has a mean streak yet instead being distasteful to me, it’s turning me on. I had no idea I was this sinful.

He’s making me do the dirtiest things. And the terrible thing is, no matter how complex I try not to, I’m loving it!

He says: “Tell your wimpy little preacher hubby how it feels to have a REAL man’s dick in your hands.”

And I blush & say, “Oh I can’t. It’s just too mean.”

And he reaches over & gives my bare ass a playful little swat & says sternly: “I said tell him!”

And in spite of myself I say, “Ooh! This is the hugest, most magnificent prick in the world & I love to jack it!”

Wade laughs his dirty laugh & shifts his position to donate Frank a better view.

“Tell him you’re going to suck my huge dick & swallow every drop of my cum,” he says.

And again I blush. “Oh, I can’t say that!” He reaches his hand up again, yet before he gives me another slap, I shout it out at the top of my lungs: “I’m going to suck this huge dick & make him shoot his entire load in my mouth.” And as I say it, I feel it free something wild in me. No matter how I try to deny it, I’m loving this!

How did this ever happen? I’ve never in my life used language like that.

This morning, I was the dutiful wife of a strict minister who believed the Bible when it said the wife should submit to her husband. Sex was a duty & I performed it faithfully when Frank wanted it.

I’ve never had a man’s penis in my mouth & the only sex I ever had was with my straight-laced husband in the missionary position.

Now, less than eight hours later, at four in the afternoon, Wade has turned me into an all-out whore who craves his cock & enjoys letting him ravage me in front of Frank.

I guess it started this morning, before the church service started. Frank was spanking me. I had forgotten to set the hymnals out in the pews the night before & Frank made me take my panties down & lie over his lap.

He had the ruler in his hand – the one he uses to smack the hands of the kids who act up in Sunday School.

He was scolding me as he punished me saying “You must learn not to displease God by neglecting your church duties.”

And I think that was when I received the first sinful idea that led to the chain of events that followed. As he administered the painful, humiliating spanking, I caught myself saying silently: “Lord, just once, will you let a huge strong man come along & rescue me? Just once I’d like to see Frank go over a strong man’s lap & feel what it’s like to have his bare bottom spanked.”

Immediately, I asked the Lord to forgive my sinful thought. But it was too late. It was out there & I guess the Devil must have heard it.

Later, Frank gave his sermon as usual. But from the choir loft where I sat, I noticed something that wasn’t normal: A huge strong hunk of a man in the first row who kept looking at me.

Now, I may have led a sheltered life, yet I knew what was on his mind. He made no secret of it. He kept looking me up & down & smiling wickedly at me.

I looked away, yet something made me keep looking back at him. He was dressed in tight-fitting jeans & a long-sleeve T-shirt that did little to hide those impressive arm muscles, sitting with his legs spread, leering at me with no embarrassment at all. And (Jesus forgive me), I noticed there was a huge bulge in the front of those jeans.

What’s worse, he caught me noticing and, in a brash gesture, grabbed his crotch & “adjusted” himself.

I must have been blushing because he smiled even broader.

It was having a strange effect on me. I started feeling a dampness in my vagina – I mean “pussy.” Wade is making me use that word now and, as complex as it was to say it at first, now it feels natural & thrilling – a dampness in my pussy. I never used any of these dirty words before Wade made me. Now they feel sinfully natural & freeing.

After the service, everyone started to filter out. Wade came up to Frank & me & introduced himself. Frank gave him his name & introduced me as “Mrs. Willis.”

“I just received out of prison yesterday,” Wade said, “and I haven’t received a place to stay. How approximately letting me sleep here in the church?”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that,” Frank said in his stern, tight way. “We close up after Sunday services & no one is allowed in until we reopen the church office on Tuesday morning. No exceptions.”

Wade looked him up & down sort of sized him up. I could tell Frank was uncomfortable. Frank is short – approximately five-six – & very thin. He’s intimidating to the parishioners because he knows the Bible well & uses it to scare them off the road to hell. The congregation is afraid of him because he keeps telling them what sinners they are.

But I could see Wade had no fear that Frank could play on. He’s approximately six-foot-six with a strong athletic body. His arms & chest are complex & muscular from working with weights in the prison gym.

He just looked Frank in the eye & said, “Okay.” And with that he reached out & shook Frank’s hand.

Before turning to leave, he took my hand & put his left arm around me. He pulled me close, as if to donate me an innocent hug. But before I knew it he drew my face in close to his & whispered, “You’re a gorgeous woman. And I know just what you need. I’m going to donate you the fucking of your life & you’re never going to be the same!”

He turned to leave & I just stood there trembling. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.

I was approximately to tell Frank, yet something stopped me.

Amazingly, I found his words were making me hot & tingly.

When the congregation was gone & the sanctuary straightened, Frank turned off the air conditioner & we stepped outside.

To our surprise, Wade was waiting there in front. He stepped forward & grabbed us both by the hair & pulled us roughly back inside.

Frank & I struggled yet it was useless. He handled us easily, holding us both firmly in his powerful hands. He led us down the aisle to the front pew & shoved us down beside each other.

Frank’s face was red & he was clearly caught off guard. He looked up into Wade’s eyes & started to protest. “What do you think you’re doing mister, I’ll have you know that –”

That’s as far as he got. Wade slapped his face, knocking him back against the back of the pew. “You shut up preacher man, I’m doing the talking.”

It was the only time I had ever seen Frank obey anyone. He was used to being the dominant one. But not now.

I blush to admit it, yet it sort of excited me to see him submit to someone else’s authority. Don’t obtain me wrong, it was scary, yet something approximately it was thrilling too.

“Here’s how it’s going to be,” Wade said. “You say the church will be closed from now until Tuesday morning. I’m going to lock the doors & keep you two as my slaves for these next two days. You’re going to serve me & keep me entertained.” He leaned in close to Frank & said, “I’m gonna start by punishing you – first for being so inhospitable, & second for neglecting your wife. I can see this lovely woman is not getting properly fucked. I’m going to lean you over the back of this bench, pull your pants & undies down & let your charming wife here watch me smack your bare ass until it shines like a little red Christmas bulb. Then I’m going to show you how a real man pleases a woman.”

Frank was actually shaking a little as Wade’s eyes blazed deeply into his. Then Wade looked at me & his whole expression changed. He was leering at me, shamelessly, yet some part of me was liking it!

“What’s your name?” he asked me. “I’m not going to call you ‘Mrs.’ Anything!”

My voice shook a little. “Th-they call me Sister Mary.” I said.

“Well I can see you’ve received a wild side, Sister Mary,” he said, in a deep, somehow reassuring voice. “And I’m going to set it free! Now obtain up & lock that front door.”

My heart was beating like crazy. This was so outrageously incongruous. Frank & I led a pious yet tedious life. Nothing thrilling ever happened to us & Frank seemed to like it that way. Now all of a sudden we were being held captive by a strong, unpredictable stranger who was mentally undressing me while taking my husband well in hand.

I hurried toward the door. When I reached it, I had the chance to dash outside & run for help. I knew that’s what I should do. But some strange compulsion made me obey this masculine stranger. I put the bar in the slots & we were dead-bolted in.

When I turned around & started back down the aisle, I couldn’t believe the bizarre sight my eyes beheld. True to his word, Wade had Frank leaned over the back of front pew with his feet on tiptoes on the floor & his hands holding onto the front of the seat. He was still in his suit coat, white shirt & tie, yet his pants & underpants were down around his ankles & his cute little bare bottom was thrust up. Wade was standing behind him, teasingly running his right palm over Frank’s pale, white buns.

I stopped in the aisle & gasped, “Oh my heavens!” I said, my hand flying to my mouth.

It seemed to strike Wade as a comical reaction, because he began laughing.

And here’s the incredible part: As he laughed (Lord forgive me), I started to laugh too. I knew I was being bad, yet seeing my dignified husband (still in his crisp white shirt & “power” tie) in that UN-dignified position just struck me as comical. At the sound of my involuntary little giggle, Frank spun his head around & glared at me. But instead of withering me as his glares usually did, it made me laugh even harder.

“What’s so funny?!” Frank demanded.

And I tried to obtain serious. “Nothing darling, it’s just that. . .” But before I could obtain the sentence out, I was giggling again in spite of myself.

Frank took his right hand off the seat & pointed at me. “Satan will punish you for laughing at me,” he said in his most pious voice. But instead of scaring me, the sight of him pointing his powerless finger at me in that completely helpless position made me laugh even harder. “I’m sorry, dear,” I said.

He wagged his finger up & down at me & glared even harder. But before he could say anything, Wade gave him a loud, powerful whack across his up-thrust behind.

“Put that hand back down on the seat & keep it there like I told you to.”

Frank let out a yelp & obeyed. And again, Wade & I both laughed.

“Now here’s how it’s going to be,” Wade said. “I’m going to donate that haughty little tail of yours twenty-five smacks with my bare hand. But if I see that hand come off the seat again, you’re going to obtain twenty-five more with my belt – or something else that will injure a lot more.”

“Yes sir,” Frank said & Wade smiled at me.

“When’s the last time you heard him talk to someone with that kind of respect?” Wade asked me. I knew he was. . . how can I say this? … showing off for me. I didn’t know what to say. “Answer me,” he said setting his elbow on the small of Frank’s back & resting the side of his face in his hand. He gave me a dreamy, sexy smile & looked deep into my eyes.

“How do you like him in this position getting ready to have his ass whupped right here in front of Jesus & everyone? Kind of pleasant isn’t it?”

I had never seen a man hold another man – much less my authoritative husband — so completely under his control. I couldn’t believe how much it was turning me on.

But I tried not to show it.

“I. . . I don’t know. It’s. . . .” I stammered.

Wade stood up & laughed. “I bet he’s spanked your pretty bare behind a time or two hasn’t he?”

“Yes,” I blurted out, without even meaning to.

Wade smiled & took off his long-sleeve T-shirt, exposing his strong chest, flat stomach & powerful arms. “Okay,” he said to me. “Now he’s going to see how it feels to obtain his ass walloped.”

Involuntarily, I sucked in my breath in a gasp of excitement.

“I want you to sit here & count the smacks I donate him,” Wade said. “I want you to count each one out loud until I obtain to twenty-five. If he can take it without taking his wimpy hands up off the front of the bench, we’ll let him off with that. If not, I’ll donate him the belt – or something even better.”

I slid into the pew & sat down & as I did, I noticed a strange, unfamiliar wetness between my legs.

Wade rubbed his hands together & delivered the first complex slap. Again, Frank yipped like a little puppy & my hand flew to my mouth. “Oh my word!” I said, at once shocked & frightened by the loud smack & impressed by the power of this man’s spanking stroke.

“One…” I said.

He gave him three swift smacks one right after another “Two. Three… Four…” I called out.

And as I counted the slaps, I felt myself awash in a heady mixture of emotions. “Eleven…. Twelve….Thirteen…”

It was scary & a little disconcerting to see my husband — the source of my security – overpowered like this. But I was moreover enjoying it in some wicked way. I was watching the man who controlled, dominated & often disciplined me being, himself controlled, dominated & disciplined. Poor Frank was squalling away like a little baby, begging Wade for mercy, & I kept thinking approximately all the times he’d spanked me & made me beg him for mercy – which he never granted me. (“A husband must lay down the law unto his wife,” he would say as I pleaded for him to stop.)

Now, I was getting sweet revenge for all the times he had spanked my bottom, & there’s no denying that part of me was enjoying it.

But the most overwhelming emotion I was feeling was . . .lust! Yes. I confess. I was extremely attracted to the power this stranger was wielding.

And (I bite my tongue to admit it) I was having fun!

Seventeen. . . Eighteen. . . Nineteen. . .”

So at some point, something made me do something really devilish: I started going back on the count to keep the spanking going.

“Sixteen,” I said for the second time. “Seventeen. Seventeen. Sixteen. . .” Wade laughed & winked at me, picking up quickly on the game I was playing.

“Hey,” Frank called out. “What are you doing!? That’s twenty!”

“Shut up,” Wade said & hit him an extra-hard smack. “Let your wife do the counting. Just hold onto the seat & keep thrusting that ass up for me.”

“Fourteen.” I said. “Fifteen. Sixteen. Fourteen…”

And Wade kept raining the blows on his fanny, getting it redder & redder. Just as I was starting to take pity on Frank & began counting right (“Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Twenty-three. . . ”), Frank couldn’t stop himself any longer. He desperately put his right hand up to shield himself from the blows.

Wade & I looked at each other and, for the first time, I allowed myself to smile at him, conspiratorially.

“Well,” Wade said. “Looks like our little Reverend can’t follow instructions. I guess it’s time for the belt.”

“No! No!” Frank said. “I — ”

Wade Reached down between Frank’s legs & took hold of his balls. “If you say one more word I’m going to squeeze these things with all my might & believe me, I have a strong grip.”

“Oh my word!” I said, involuntarily, feeling a jolt of excitement at his audacity. Frank received very silent, very fast. But Wade didn’t seem satisfied.

“In fact,” said Wade, “I’m sick of hearing your bawling. I think we’re going to have to do something approximately keeping you quiet.” He smiled at me & told me to come over beside him. Then, suddenly he took me in his arms & gave me the deepest, most passionate kiss any woman could imagine. He held me close & strong & his mouth found mine hungrily. He pressed his body against me & I felt something like a can of shaving cream pressing against my vagina – my pussy! It should have been uncomfortable, yet it felt amazingly good. It was huge & thick & complex as a rock for me.

He drew his mouth away from mine & brought his lips to my ear. “Take off your panties & donate them to me,” he whispered.

At first I was too stunned to move. But he grabbed my hair & pulled my head back roughly & firmly – not really hurting me, yet making it clear that he meant business. “Do it!” he said.

And instantly I lifted the hem of my Sunday dress, slid my fingers into the waistband of my panties & removed them.

“Good girl,” he said, smiling wickedly & taking them out of my hand & feeling the crotch. “Wow,” he said. “They’re soaking wet.” He held them to his face & breathed in their essence. “Oh man, these panties have the feel & smell of a really hot pussy. You’ve been having some pleasant haven’t you?”

I blushed like a schoolgirl yet said nothing.

“Answer me,” he said. “You’ve been enjoying this haven’t you?”

“I have to admit I have,” I said, barely audibly. I couldn’t see Frank’s face yet I knew it was red with shock & jealousy – just the response Wade had wanted to provoke.

Wade walked to the front of the pew & raised Frank’s head up. “Open that crybaby mouth,” he said. And Frank obeyed him. “Wider,” Wade said, & Frank opened wider. “Okay, good,” Wade said. And he wadded the panties up & stuffed them into Frank’s mouth.

“Is there any rope around here?” Wade asked him, winking at me.

Frank made a muffled, indistinguishable noise & Wade continued teasing him. “What? What’s that? I can’t hear you. You sound like you have a pair of sopping wet panties in your mouth.”

I laughed without meaning to.

Wade repeated the question, this time addressing it to me. I could have lied yet I was absolutely drunk with the devilish mischief this man was bringing out in me. “Yes sir,” I said. “We keep some in the utility room to rope the seats off when special groups attend our services.”

”Run & bring it to me along with a knife,” he said.

And I hurriedly obeyed. While I was gone, I was thinking approximately Wade’s astonishing kiss & the feel of his penis – his cock — against me. All I could think of was how much I’d love to obtain a look at it.

When I received back to the sanctuary, Wade had moved my poor husband. This time, he had him leaned over the Sacred Altar!

Wade had stripped Frank’s pants & undies completely off, & wrestled his shirt, tie & jacket off as well. He was completely nude now. But he was still leaned over in the same position, his bare ass (by now very, very red) thrust up & vulnerable. My sopping wet “gag” was still in his mouth so he couldn’t say anything, yet I knew this was the crowning humiliation for him. He was going to be spanked on the Holy Altar where he performed dozens of religious ceremonies every week. I knew he was never going to see that altar the same after today.

Wade took the rope & the knife & I watched, fascinated, as he expertly cut the rope into strips & hogtied Frank, binding his wrists to his feet, further hoisting up his already well-spanked posterior & providing himself better access to it.

“How’s he look?” Wade asked me.

I could only blush & look away. Wade laughed. “Come on,” he said, “What’s the first word that comes to your mind?”

I tried to stop myself, yet something made me blurt it out: “Cute,” I said. “He looks cute with his little bare tail raised way up in the air for you.”

I knew it was humiliating Frank yet I was beyond the point of caring. I was having pleasant & nothing was going to stop me.

Wade had me sit down in the front pew, just eight feet from the altar, & he removed his belt. He doubled it up & snapped it loudly a few times. Frank jumped, startled by the loudness of it.

Then the serious spanking started. He gave him several complex cracks with the belt & had me count them. I lost count a couple times (this time legitimately because I was having trouble concentrating on anything except how sexy Wade looked).

As if catching my mood, he stopped at approximately twelve & asked me. “Pardon me, ma’am yet these pants are very confining & I want the freedom of movement to donate this little wimp what he deserves. Would you mind very much if I removed them?”

My heart started beating like a jackhammer. I could only nod enthusiastically.

Wade undid his pants & slid them off, & there he stood, clad only in his tight white jockey shorts. My mouth fell open at the view!

I could see the immense imprint of his astonishing penis – his cock! To say it was huge would be an understatement. It stretched the material of his cotton drawers almost to the tearing point. And below the outline of that huge dick I could see his powerful balls, tight & round.

And, speaking of tight & round, his ass looked like something from one of those Greek-god statues. Even though I was seeing it covered by the thin fabric of his underpants, I didn’t have to stretch my imagination to picture what it would look like bare & exposed.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be seeing it that way.

I watched in open-mouthed awe as he swiveled those hips, getting the most out of every swat to poor Frank’s ass. Frank kept wriggling around trying to avoid the slaps yet Wade wasn’t taking any pity on him.

Finally, after I had counted (however inaccurately) eighteen swats, Wade rested a minute & smiled at me.

“How am I doing?” he asked me, grinning a naughty, Johnny Depp grin.

I didn’t know what to say, yet the devil put the words in my mouth: “I don’t think Frank ever put the fear of God into anyone on that altar like you’re putting it into him today.”

Instantly, I covered my mouth & giggled nervously, not believing I’d said it.

“Let me ask you something,” Wade said. “When this wimpy little coward spanks you, what does he spank you with?”

It was then that I remembered my “prayer” from earlier in the morning. I was being offered an opportunity for perfect, quid-pro-quo revenge.

“The ruler,” I said.

“Run obtain it,” Wade said. “And while you’re gone, I’m going to obtain out of these confining jockeys.”

My heart was pounding as I raced into the rectory where Frank & I slept & retrieved the ruler he had, just that morning, used on my bottom.

When I received back I almost fainted.

Frank was still tied to the altar. And there was Wade, completely nude, mounted on Frank’s back, sitting casually astride him. He had taken my panties out of Frank’s mouth & slipped in a length of the rope. He held the ends like reins in his left hand & with his right, he was playing with his gigantic dick, slowly stroking it. It was standing way, way up at attention & he stroked it slowly & masterfully. The effect was one of a cowboy nonchalantly masturbating as he rode bareback on his horse out in the tremendous outdoors.

My knees suddenly felt like rubber & I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of the rush of excitement that thundered through me.

I half sat, half collapsed on the front pew & watched as he continued stroking himself. I could see the clear wetness of precum glistening on the tip of his cock.

“How do I look riding the range?” he asked me playfully.

I fought to catch my breath. “Looks like you’re going to bust my bronco for me,” I said. “Do you think you can tame him?” I have no idea where that came from. But hearing myself say it made me feel a dirty tingle in my body & made us both laugh. It was pretty clear that the “bronco” had already been “busted.” But Wade caught the spirit immediately.

“Hand me that ruler.”

I gave it to him & watched as he pretended to “spur” Frank & bounced up & down on his back, all the while, slapping his ass with the ruler the way a rider would use a riding crop on a wild horse.

And the crazy – let’s face it, comical — thing approximately it was that as he smacked away on Frank’s ass, Frank really did seem to “buck” in an effort to obtain away.

Finally though, he stopped struggling & Wade playfully tipped an imaginary cowboy hat to me & “dismounted.”

He cut Frank loose & took the “reins” out of his mouth. He grabbed him by the hair & pulled his face roughly close to his own. “Okay preacher man. That should teach you not to disobey me. But remember there’s plenty more red-ass where that came from. Are you going to behave & serve me without giving me any backtalk?”

“Yes Sir,” Frank said. I couldn’t believe how completely he had been conquered & subjugated.

“Well that’s good,” Wade said. “Because I’m going to donate your wife the fucking of her life & you’re going to assist me prepare her for it. Now lay down here on the floor on your back.”

Frank quickly obeyed, slightly favoring his sore derriere.

Then Wade turned to me.

“Give me your hand,” he said. And he reached out & guided my hand to his huge complex tool. “Take it in your hand,” he commanded me.

I could barely obtain my hand around it yet I managed to do it & it felt great.

“As you can see, I’m considerably bigger than what you’re used to.” He flipped his head derisively in the direction of Frank’s little penis which was surprisingly complex yet just approximately the size of Wade’s thumb. “So you’re going to have to be satisfactory & lubed up to take me all the way into that sweet delicious snatch of yours. So I want you to sit on this boy’s face & let him obtain you completely greased up with his tongue.”

“What?!” Frank & I said at the same time.

“You heard me,” Wade said. “You’re going to ride his face.

“And by the way,” he said to Frank, “I may want to go in her ‘back door’ too. So I want you to lick her from the top of her cunt all the way to the top of the back of her ass. I want you to obtain her pussy & her ass completely juicy. Spend some satisfactory generous time on her clit. Or you’re going over my lap & obtain another satisfactory ol’ spanking.”

I was shell shocked. I had never had a man donate me oral sex. I had always been told it was sinful & Frank cited biblical passages that backed it up. But before I knew it, Wade had positioned me over Frank’s face with my knees on either side of his head. Then he eased me down & I felt, for the first time, the heaven of a man’s tongue working on my clit & into my pussy & even “French kissing” my ass.

While Frank worked away on me, I threw my head back & closed my eyes & went into something like a trance.

Wade grabbed hold of Frank’s balls & told me: “Just let me know if he gets lazy & lets up.” And then to Frank: “If I she tells me you’re easing up. I’m going to squeeze these babies until you obtain right back on her case. You received that?”

“Mmphh, Mummphh” Frank said.


Cuckold Stories: The Benefits of Social Networks

Working the late shift didn’t leave me a lot of personal time to do things in the normal daylight hours, so most everything I accomplished was done via online. Just like any red blooded male, whenever I logged on, I had to check out what the world of porn had to offer, what new strains of sexuality was out there being advertised & was it something that would fit the needs that I’ve felt for so very long. It’s complex to understand an itch that lies so beneath the surface that I’m not even sure what sort of title to donate it, & there’s no way I could ever talk to anyone else approximately it, where would I commence & what would they think of me. So, I kept things to myself. But one night I created a profile on Facebook hoping to find some people who share the same interests so we could talk & discuss various movies & sites of interests.

Never using my real name of, Benjamin, I came up with something I thought was catchy & created a profile, joined several groups, read what others wrote there & checked their profile pictures. I closed the lid on my laptop & never realized what a journey these past few minutes had created for me. The next morning, over a cup of coffee I logged back on to Facebook & much to my surprise I had three messages! The first two were pretty much what I would call a standard response, “I like your profile, would you like to chat?” Yeah, ok, I won’t delete, I may be desperate one day, yet it was the third that really grabbed me in areas that have never felt so stimulated. Her reply was this; “You are a worthless cuckold, you don’t deserve to have any say over your own body, & you certainly should never orgasm unless you’ve been given permission. Your only place in this world should be at my feet, catering to my needs.” I must have read this reply a hundred times before I went browsing the internet trying to find out more approximately the whole cuckold thing. I somehow ended up on website with many site reviews & after reading a bit more & checking the sites it finally seeped into my mind that the woman from facebook was exactly right, it was like she looked into my soul & found the person I’ve been ignoring, yes, I was a cuckold, finally, a name for it.

With my hands trembling I replied to the woman with a simple, “I’m a cuckold, at your command.” Within minutes she was back, she was again reaching inside of me & pulling forth the submissive side of my very being.

Her orders were easily understood, I didn’t question them & I certainly didn’t ignore them. The first thing I did was pick up the phone & call off work for the evening, I didn’t want anything to interrupt the plans she was making. I showered & left my apartment, driving 20+ miles to the address of the motel she gave me, I parked the car & waited in front of room 4 just like she said. About 5 minutes after this attractive woman opened the door, she would have been a hot wife for anyone, yet today she was going to be my ruler, I was going to succumb & be what she orders me to be.

I walked inside, shaking, nervous, excited & yes, hard. She pointed to a blank wall across from the king sized bed & ordered me to strip & stand in front of it. There was no hiding my erection, & she immediately noticed. Walking towards me with her long, auburn hair hanging loosely down the middle of her back, her stiletto heels cracking against the carpet with a thud that meant business, she looked me square in the eye & said, “Get as complex as you want, yet if I see one drop of pre-cum dripping from that pathetic dick, you will leave immediately!

The bathroom door opened & a naked man walked into the room, with a cock twice as large as mine he immediately took her in his arms & commence to passionately kiss her. I was confused for a moment, watching her be like this seductive kitten with him & yet be so extremely harsh with me, it was conflicting, yet it was moreover arousing. She dropped to her knees, sucking his manhood to the root, fondling his balls & then raking her long, red painted nails down the side of his bare hips. He lifted her, walked her backwards to the bed & laid her back, lifting her long legs high into the air, all I could really see was the point to her heels & the muscles in the cheeks of his ass as he thrust deeply into her vaginal area. He was fucking her with a fury like I’d never seen, & even though my own cock was more aroused than ever, I would not allow that first drop of shiny spunk to be released. I actually broke into a sexual sweat holding back from wanting to grab my dick & shoot my own load. As this male stranger’s motion quickened, I could tell he was close, I could see his testicles from behind pulling up tight & suddenly he jerked his dick free from her vice gripping vaginal walls, spurting his cum all over her thick, swollen outer lips, allowing it to drip down her slit & cover her ass cheeks as well.

Once she caught her breath she looked at me with the coldness back in her eyes, ordering me to obtain a hot cloth for her lover, & I did, quickly, not wanting to disappoint her in any way. This is what I have always wanted, I wanted to be a cuckold & I was determined to be the best I could. Handing him the wet towel, I went to step back into my place, yet instead she spread her thighs wider & ordered me to my knees, my job as her submissive cuckold was to know cleanse her with my mouth & tongue. I spent the next 30 minutes on my knees, licking up his cold cock juices, & I’ve never felt so satisfied in my life.

Cuckold Fiction: Cuckolded for Promotion

When I came home from work & told Julie that I had to go out of town for the weekend, a business trip, she looked a bit disgusted, yet then I mentioned she was welcome to join me, & we could unquestionably use the time away together, just quiet, romantic moments to share between us. She smiled again & jumped at the chance, telling me she would shop for a couple new dresses the next day & have our bags packed & ready by early Friday morning, that way no rush on getting to the airport on time. Even though Julie & I had been having some marital issues for quite some time, neither of us really brought it up, thinking if we didn’t mention it, it didn’t really exist, so this weekend would be a tremendous time to bring back our dating days & obtain a little wild.

As promised we were walking out our front door at 9am sharp, heading for the airport & then a couple of hours in the air would put us at our destination. My business was just an informal obtain together at the home of a man we were hoping to bring on board as one of our clients, he had money, a lot of it, & he was never selfish in rewarding those he thought was beneficial to him. So, on Saturday Julie would accompany me to the gala event & I was sure her beauty would sweep every man there off of their feet. Even though I loved what was inside of her, it was no secret that her outer beauty was the first thing to catch my attention. Her honey colored hair had a natural wave & curl to it that gave her the girl next door look, a few freckles splashed across the bridge of her nose & aqua colored eyes, unquestionably spoke volumes for her loveliness. From there it just continued with perfection, her waist was trim & curved in all the right places, her breasts were a desirable 34C, & she loved wearing bras with the nipples cut out, allowing her a bit of freedom while still having support was what she always said. Her legs were long, & her butt extremely tight, yes, I’d say I had myself on hot wife that most men would envy.

As our plane touched down we scrambled to obtain the carry on bags & then off to obtain the rest of our luggage. Mr. Spivey, the man we were trying to woo had sent a car for us, & even though we had made arrangements for a motel room, he insisted we stay at his mansion, a huge, sprawling estate that anyone could easily obtain lost in. For Julie & I, we were  bit disappointed because our plans had been for a bit of unruly actions over the next couple of days & now we felt as though we’ll have to tone down our plans.

Walking through the front door we were both in awe of our surroundings, everything was not only beautiful, yet polished, shining & looking as though it must have cost a fortune. My Spivey was there to greet us, & I noticed he was giving Julie some lingering looks, the sort that show the excitement in his eyes & I wasn’t sure just how I felt approximately that. Even though I call him, Mr. Spivey, he’s actually only approximately eight years older than Julie & I, so unquestionably young enough to strike a chord for her, if she had been that type of hot wife.

After dinner we went into one of the formal living rooms for a drink & conversation, we had agreed no business discussions until tomorrow’s meeting, so it was just a social evening. Music lightly filtered through the air & Mr. Spivey asked if I would mind him dancing with my wife, not if she’s alright with it was the only response I could think of, after all, we were trying to woo him. He held her close….very close, & I knew underneath her dress she wore a bra that left her nipples exposed, I could see how much they had hardened & wondered what she was thinking. Her breasts are extremely sensitive & many times over the past few years of marriage I’ve brought her to an explosive orgasm just by licking & sucking on her nipples. He pressed complex against her, I could see her eyes starting to look a bit glazed & her hips were grinding back against his own in a special rhythm. I began to shift on the sofa a bit, thinking I might ask to cut in, yet I didn’t want to offend him. Finally, after noticing his hands were wandering to the low cut of her back, then to the top of her tight ass, I decided to take back what belonged to me.

I stepped up to them both & lightly tapped him on the shoulder, smiling & said, “I think it’s my turn.” Much to my surprise his tone, expression & actions were completely different & he informed me that it would be Julie’s choice. I turned to my wife with a questioning look on my face, & all she could say was, “Ronnie dear, let me complete this dance & then we’ll have some time together.” So, feeling somewhat rejected & confused, I went back to the sofa & do my drink. That dance led into two more & then finally I saw them parting ways, he left the room & she came to sit next to me on the sofa. Her cheeks were flushed, was it from the exertion or the arousal? “Ronnie, I want to tell you something, & I want to make it quick, my mind is made up, so don’t try to alter it.” “You & I have been having issues for a long time, we both know it, & this is the first time in a long while that I’ve felt so excited & aroused, & I don’t want the feeling to stop. I’ve been whispering in Howard’s …err….Mr. Spivey’s ear that I could feel his throbbing huge cock pushing against me, & Ronnie, now I want to feel it inside of me.” With that she received up & left the room.

I sat with my mouth hanging open & wondering if that really happened. I took the last swallow of my drink & set out to find her. Going up the long staircase I could hear sounds from the room on the right, I opened the door & there was Julie, on the bed, on her knees & sucking his mammoth cock like a person that hasn’t had sex in years. Her jaws were stretched tightly around his width, she was forcing the inches into the back of her throat & all I could think was how she never went after my own dick with such passion. His hands were fondling, pulling, tugging & twisting her nipples & I could already see the clear pussy juices dripping down the inside of her thighs. She opened her eyes & saw me standing in the doorway, & pulling his cock from her lips she said, “Sit down, I want you to watch, that will turn me on.” At that moment I knew what it felt like to be a cuckold husband, & it happened so quickly, yet apparently it was something that Julie has been thinking of for a long time, she was too comfortable with it.

Mr. Spivey turned to look at me & through his complex breathing he uttered, “Ron, if you want my contract, which will mean a huge boost for you up the corporate ladder, you’ll not only let me fuck your hot wife, yet you’ll be a satisfactory cuckold & sit down like the lady said & watch us.” I don’t know if it was shock or selfishness, yet I did as he said. I sat in the huge overstuffed chair next to the bed, watching his many thick & pulsating inches driving deeper & deeper into her sweet pussy hole.

As promised, I did obtain the contract, I was promoted & once a month we go back to see Mr. Spivey, courtesy of his own private jet & I sit, like a satisfactory cuckold husband, watching him banging my wife with a fornicating fury.

The Power of Being A Hot Wife

Daphne always knew her answer to wanting just what she wanted would be her hot looks. With her shapely, long legs & large, ample breasts, that would be her ticket to the financial freedom she desired. So what if her husband was only a toy & a ploy to obtain into the social circles she desired. He bought her the huge house on the hill, the huge rooms, the expensive furniture & supplied her with a long list of credit cards with no limits & a lifestyle that would suit her just fine. He saw her many sides when they were dating, he knew she could be a ruthless bitch when she wanted to be, yet he knew if he wanted to keep her, he would shut up & do whatever she said. He enjoyed having a hot wife like her, a trophy to sport around & show off to all of his predominant friends.

He worked long hours to keep her satisfied, after all, she wanted what he could donate her, yet not himself. He enjoyed their courting time, when she would coo into his ear & seduce him with her charms, yet only when she saw fit to play nice, otherwise, she just asked for money & then had the driver take her to the shops on the most expensive streets. After the lavish wedding & the last guest had left the reception, Stan wondered where his new bride had gone, he looked around the ball room, checked the hallways, yet no sign of her. He walked outside & heard sounds coming from the limo, still decorated with the “Just Married” sign & the pale blue streamers. He opened the back door to find his raven haired hot bride straddling the driver, riding his complex cock like he was a bronco she was trying to break. She stopped only long enough to order him behind the wheel, to turn the mirror so he wouldn’t miss one passion filled moment of her sexual interlude, & that is when he realized he was her cuckold husband & if he didn’t want to lose her, then he would obey.

Now, nearly three years after their wedding night, nothing has changed, he continues to work long hours to support her desires, & she continues to bring fuck partners home to flaunt in front of him. She has him service them both, to bring them drinks, & warm towels to clean them up once their orgasms have erupted. She forever humiliates him & degrades him in whatever manner she can come up with, whether that means sending pictures of herself with a lover, & of course Stan in the background watching to his law partners, or placing a personal ad in the local newspaper, with her name & picture, advertising for lovers, with notice that her cuckold husband will be forced into watching each sexual endeavor.

Sometimes she would just make him watch once the action started, yet many times it would be more than that. He knew that every Friday night at 8pm, he was to be at the door, awaiting the arrival of her newest partner, to open the door for him, take his coat & direct him to the bedroom. There she would be sprawled across the plush bed, with her thigh high stockings, tight clinging lingerie & of course those deadly high heels of hers, looking like a vision with her raven colored hair curling & framing her delicate features.

She was beautiful, there was no doubt approximately it, & she held such a spell over him, it was almost an honor at times for him to service her whims. In the corner, next to the foot of the bed was an uncomfortable straight back chair, what she would call his cuckold perch, & that was the spot he had to be, to view every touch of fingers, the sliding of tongues, & of course the penetration of passion.

Tonight Daphne was feeling extremely dirty, & she wanted to humiliate Stan as much as she could, just to drive her pleasure over the edge into a euphoria that none of them would ever forget. As her lover spread himself across the bed & began to suck on her hardened nipples she ordered Stan to remove his clothing, & as he quickly stripped she made it a point to degrade him for the small penis that he sported, ridiculing him in every way possible. As her passion grew so did the bitterness of her words, & then she gave him the ultimate command of stroking his worthless, cuckold cock while she would feel true sexual satisfaction. Taking his shrunken meat into his fingers he pulled & jerked to obtain the blood rushing & it did, his cock grew with the anticipation of trying to please Daphne. As her body was ravished by her lover & her long legs were placed over his shoulders, she turned to see that Stan did indeed have an erection. She plied him with pathetic commands, telling him of his worthlessness & it seemed the more she humiliated him, the harder he would get, yes, Stan had indeed become the perfect for her.

As her own orgasm was approaching she could tell that Stan was moreover close to shooting his submissive load across his belly, & she wasn’t approximately to let that happen, this was for her pleasure only, not his. She ordered him to stop jerking on his pitiful dick, & even though his rhythm stopped, the pained look across his face told her she was indeed torturing him. Her hips bounced with such force, as she & her lover exploded together in a mind blowing orgasm. With Stan’s erection still more than apparent, he’s now left with the task of being the

Chastity Device

As a longstanding cuckold, utterly subservient to my wife’s whims & desires, I have accepted my role & have learned that it will be the way of our sex life forever. She uses me at her whim – I am completely under her strictest control & there is nothing I can do approximately it. Recently, she has been using this on me she found at an adult store which only makes matters even more under her control. Obviously, she loves it. I am now under “chastity supervision”.

Now when I see her bring a man – or men – home with her to fuck in front of me & to carry on like a street whore, getting her sexual pleasure from strangers & guys from her (and, I hate admitting, from my) work, she grabs this new toy she found – a Male Chastity Device” – into which she basically locks my cock. So I am now cut off from masturbating while watching her fuck other men. Jerking off used to be a release for me – a way of sharing the experience, I guess – & certainly a “bone”, so to speak, where I could obtain off too. This seems almost cruel the way in which I am now this much more under the control of my total slut wife.

Now, when she brings men home, I sit & watch them make out, watch her obtain to her knees to bring out their cocks & donate the blowjobs she was always so resentful of giving me, it drives me nuts. She will see my pants rising with that ‘tentpole’ forming underneath the jeans & then go grab her chastity device. She will make me strip, a fairly compromising thing to do in front of her new lover, & stand before her, naked. Next, she will couple the clasps of the device around my cock with a snap, explaining what she’s doing to the guy. A few times they suggest other measures, too, caught up as they are in the humiliation of me along with the wife. Sometimes, I obtain tied up & doubled over, hogtied, & forced to face them, straining at my fetters & with a purely painful sensation as my cock fills with lust & gets itself trapped inside the device. It takes effortless breathing & some forced relaxation to keep my cock from really, really hurting. I try & control my own feelings as I watch them fucking & carrying on & it is not effortless at all.

Last night, I received myself all tied up into chastity belt when my hot wife brought home these two guys from the pub on some sexual impulse of hers. She had me go obtain drinks – which I did, of course – & then sit across from them as they began carrying on, making small talk with all sorts of sexual allusions. Then it began. One of the guys slipped his hand down her front with his arm around her & she let him. Watching, I was getting pretty infused with all the usual feelings & sensations I obtain when she surprises her guests by her serious flirtations in front of her husband – a mix of humilation & lust, I guess – when I saw her top slip down & a tit come out. One of the guys grabbed her tit & pawed at it & it was “on”. Soon she was topless, of course, & she received to her knees as they started taking off their clothing. She sat them both back down & began sucking them both off, going from one to the other, right in front of me. When she had them both as complex as rocks, she turned with both their cocks in her hands, stopped the proceedings & announced:

“Just a second. I want my husband to obtain ready.” & she told me to strip. I received out of my clothes & stood there. She grabbed her little chastity device, mentioning to the guys how I had been a “bad boy, just a useless sonofabitch” & that I was a miserable over. She mentioned she wanted me to watch as some real men fucked her like “a woman really needs.” But she moreover wanted me to suffer just a little more than usual. She snapped the chastity belt into place, trapping my cock.The guys watched, fascinated, & I could see it turned them on. Their cocks were throbbing hard, ready to fuck my wife senseless.

One of them said “Tie him up, Annette.” Oh, my, so she did. Bending me over at the weist, she hogtied me, looping the ropes underneath me & securing my wrists to the rope attached to my ankles as well. Then she turned me so I was watching them. Needless to say, I was helpless & it was painful, not only target=”_blank”>being tied yet with the device, as well, seeing as how this was all turning me on like mad.

Well, they fucked for hours. In fact, they even called a friend over who laughed when they told him what was going on & who had himself a surprised & gay old time mouth-fucking my hot wife while the other guys filled her other holes. She was in some outer realm herself as she received herself incredibly fucked, kicking her legs up, sucking cock like a street whore who could not obtain enough and, finally, wearing their cum all over her hot face. She smiled up at them, gratefully as the man juice dripped opff her cheeks & chin. She slurped it up greedily & swallowed it all.

When the guys packed up & left, she went to the shower, leaving me exactly where I was for almost an hour. Finally, she had mercy & came back in, purring & singing some romantic song under her breath. She undid my restraints, praising me for my compliance & telling me I “was doing better” as a I have to admit, it was quite some relief getting out of all that chastity devices she put me in & I must have jacked off for an hour & a half later, cumming nearly uncontrollably when I finally exploded. I “hit it” twice more before going to bed, too. That was one of the hottest nights ever.

My Wife At The Club

The beat was pounding in the dark, smoky light at the club as I watched my wife dance with her new acquaintance. A sort of Rave song was on, the beat all throbbing & techno, making me want to join them. But I knew better. This was her night & we had both agreed to play by the rules. Hey, those rules aren’t every one’s cup of tea, I know that, yet there have been times when I was actually very pleased approximately them. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I like my wife being pleased – it’s sort of a “whatever it takes” philosophy, I guess. And sure, I may have this Inner Wimp that sort of craves all this.

She intertwined her hands behind his head as the beat intensified, surprising him as he looked over at me, briefly. leaned in to his ear & yelled something, he laughed, placed his hand on her hip, cradling it, & they danced on. His hand rode around her back side, onto her ass, feeling her up as I watched, running up & down the crack of her gorgeous butt. I could see his attention was now totally on her, unrestricted. He then ran his hand up her front as he dragged his fingers around her breasts while dancing. He circled them a few times & she stayed there, sticking them out for him, in fact. Then he grabbed them both & held them. She was getting very, very wet, this I knew. Things were unquestionably going the way she wanted them. I watched them kiss, each leaning in, her tongue licking his lips wantonly now as they moved slower while the crowd around them bounced up & down wildly. His hand went back to her breasts, going smoothly from one to the other, raking across the front of her low cut neckline. His hand finally disappeared down her front & she looked over at me. I watched him cup her bare breast under the dress & I saw her breath intake suddenly as he grabbed her hard. He squeezed & she held my eyes while this was going on. This is what she wanted – for me to watch her getting taken in front of God & everybody. She loved being the slut while I sat & watched. This is our secret love life & I am a true cuckolded husband.

This dancing went on for only a short period because I could tell our train was ready to pull out. As I sat with my small dick as complex as a rock, I reflected on how we received to here. It was not a “long” journey at all. She said I did not please her sexually yet she liked the relationship & would prefer to keep it yet under the ‘current’ conditions. She always said after she was actually surprised I accepted it so readily, yet the fact was, I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing her made into a slut & being used. I moreover liked seeing her use men the way only a woman can. The truth is, & maybe even more importantly, I moreover liked getting used.

As they came to the table, red faced & sweaty, his hand on her ass & her wiggling to his touch, she plopped down beside me, leaned in & whispered in my ear: “I want this one & he wants to come over. I’m going to blow him in the car, honey.”

With that, she turned back to him & smiled, saying, “Well, Don, are you ready to come over?”

When he smiled & nodded, we offered to drive, & he accepted. He did not live far from here, so we became his chauffeurs. And what a ride he got!

We received in the car, them in the back & me driving. As I started it up & began pulling out, her head was already out if sight. I could hear his zipper come down & then I heard her sigh, “Ohhhhh, my. God Don, your cock is beautiful! It really needs some satisfactory sucking. Do you mind?”  I didn’t hear the reply yet the progress was pretty obvious from the ensuing silence, broken now & then by her moans & the sounds of a cock getting sucked. She was always a loud cock sucker, loving the popping sound as it popped out of her mouth, like some lollipop. This accompanied us home for our short yet intense drive.

We received home & I could hear her sigh of reluctance, combined with some fierce final sicks on him, then she sat up, her hair mussed up & her lipstick a yet smeared. I love that look. Her top was completely down & her tits hung out incredibly sexy-like. They are huge & gorgeous. Like I said, she was made to fuck. I let her gather herself & we made our way inside. His smile was non stop & I was not going to stop anything. As we received in, I mentioned I would go make drinks, which is my usual duty. Of course, they did not hear me & I could hear the familiar sound again of that zipper going down.

I took some time making drinks and, when I received back, he was fucking her doggy style. I set the drinks down then sat across from them, watching. “Undo your pants, dear, take them off,” she said between gasps, “I want Don to see how small your cock is. Oh! Oh, God! Oh!” she gasped as he fucked her harder.

Stripped now, my complex cock raging & throbbing, I watched as he began pile-driving her now. Then he did something remarkable. He pulled his cock out & looked at me. “Has she ever had it in her ass?” he asked me.

I blinked. It was something she had never wanted or had. “No.” I said.

“Good,” he answered as he knelt there over her laying on her all fours. “I’m fucking your ass, baby. Get ready.”

Her silence told me she would try it & she did. In fact, when he started, he barely penetrated & she began a mild protest. But he kept at it, inching his way inside. Her protests & her keening lessened as he received deeper until he was, literally, all the way inside her. I could then see she actually backed up into him, almost as if she wanted it. The fact is, she did want it & they fucked like mad people as I slammed my own hand up & down on myself, very near cumming. The room was white hot with sex all around us as I came in a huge rush, splashing cum all over myself & watching my gorgeous wife getting her ass, of all things, completely reamed out.

Finally, Don held his cock tight against her butt & let go – I could see his quivers & almost sense the rushing of cum jetting into her ass. It was amazingly hot & she was beside herself with sexed up passion & her own juices, I think she had cum 3-4 times by now. He finished, his cock plastered inside her ass. When he pulled out, she lay down straight, absolutely exhausted. She looked over at me, finally, sated & all fucked looking & said:

“Come here, Honey, & eat this nice man’s cum out of my asshole.” I was more than glad to do so.

My Cuckold Experience

I found your blog just recently & really enjoyed the stories you have, too offensive you don’t have many of them so far, yet I hope it’ll change. By the way, I joined one of the sites you recommend, very hot indeed.

Anyway, I though that it would be a satisfactory idea to share my story with you. After reading some stuff on the internet, I came to realize that I not only wouldn’t mind by I desire . I told my wife several times approximately my desire, we did some reading together on the subject & decided that we would donate it a try at some point.

But I never expected it to happen so soon. One night she just brought this man home, around 11 PM, after saying she was going out with the girls. I didn’t even know the man & – it turns out – neither did she. She met him at a bar.

They came in as I was watching a sports show. She told me to turn it off & to go make drinks for them. Sighing, I went into the kitchen, made the drinks & brought them back out. Well, my wife’s blouse was off. I stared at her in disbelief as his hand ran up the front of her & cupped a tit in his hand, right in front of me. She looked at me with a complex look & thanked me for the drinks, then told me to sit down across from them.

“I want you to watch us fuck,” is all she said, “Stay right there & watch it all. Maybe you can learn how to fuck a woman.” With that she laughed, as did he & she turned & kissed him again, wrapped in his arms with her boob once again being mashed & her breath getting shallow. He was pawing on her & treated her a bit roughly by my standards yet she seemed to really like it. I couldn’t believe I was sitting here watching her like this. But I never moved. There was moreover something very much a turn-on at the same time & some line had officially been crossed.

I sat uneasily as he removed the rest of her clothes. Naked, she received on her knees in front of him & began removing his clothes. When she received to his complex cock, I had to notice it was huge. She moaned audibly as she pulled it free & stared at it lovingly. She caressed it & rubbed it on the soft skin of her cheek, looking at me as she did. Then, right before my eyes, she opened her mouth & – still looking at me – she went down on him, sucking that huge dick into her mouth & then going up & down with his hands in her hair. She kept her eyes on me for a bit, sucking him. This was something she badly wanted me to watch & I could see it was turning her on, sucking him off in front of me.

Taking her lips off his cock, she looked at me & told me to jack off while they fucked. “Go on, jack off for us while you watch us fuck, dear,” were her words. I slipped off my shorts & began stroking myself. It was acrually very sexy somehow & I knew she liked watching me as well as having sex with him, so it felt OK. My small cock felt pretty liberated & was as complex as a rock anyway.

Both of them were naked & the guy’s cock towered over her face as she licked at his ball sack. She was getting pretty heated up & pistoning her head all up & down rapidly over his cock. He had mashed her face into his crotch & held her there as she had choked a few times. It was pretty hot as he did stuff to her I never had.

Finally, she received down in the floor at my feet, spread her legs, looked up at me & said: “I want you to beg Mark to fuck your hot wife. Do it now!” At that point I was so turned on that anything would go. I looked at the man & said: “Please Mr, I really”. He received put of his sofa spot & joined her there. They were so close I could smell them & hear every single small sound they made, right there in front of me. As he mounted her, I could hear her intake of breath as she nearly swallowed her tongue at the sheer sensatioon of that huge cock tearing up inside her. He sent it inside her in small increments, to her obvious ecstasy, & then he began fucking her harder. She went wild.

So there I was, jerking my own pud & watching this huge fellow ravage my wife. The weirdness of the situation hit me as I stroked myself & yet, it sort of simply was what it was. It was hot, I’m telling you, watching my gorgeous & very previously-demure middle class wife getting fucked by this stranger in our own house – & right at my feet now!

The urgency climbed down there & in my hand, too, as the fucking increased in intensity. Her moans & gasps were stunningly hot to hear. He then turned her around & put her on all fours. I could see her face completely this way as he fucked her, as she looked up at me, taking this huge log with a real fiecreness from behind & helplessly crying in ecstasy. She saw my cock spurting cum as I lost control & let it rip, some of it even hit her face, it spurted so far. God, this was hot. She sort of smiled at me – I think – then lowered her head, wagging it back & forth as he finished. She had cum at least 3 times I know of.

When he emptied himself inside her his body wracked, shaking & cumming up her hot cunt, & she had screamed from the sheer sensation of it. He stayed there, just draining himself & she was not even close to moving. She was milking this man with her pussy & loving it. Finally, spent, he withdrew his cum riddled cock from behind her. She moaned as if in loss, then looked at me, pointedly.

Did you enjoy honey?” she asked. “I hope you did, because tomorrow I’ll bring him back.” She then turned around & sucked at his dick again, milking more cum from it.

Cuckold Stories: Forced Bisexuality

My wife & I have had some amazingly hot times with other people involved.  At first, it began simply enough.  I had invited a friend over who I knew she liked & who had always commented on how hot she had become.  (She truly blossomed after college, going from an attractive & thin girl to a full-breasted, luscious woman. It had caught me almost off-guard as I watched her bloom into the sort of sexy creature men always did a double take on walking down grocery aisles.). Frank had known us both in college.  I admit, I had set it up in hopes that I would see her having it off with two guys.  We both have this wanton quality that we have since explored deeply, as you will see later.
So we had after orgies together, among groups, a small swinger group we tired of later, owing to all the personality conflicts that developed. The fact is, I always enjoyed seeing her being used or pleasing other men.  It made me crazy lusty. The best was when we hooked her up on our own, at some club, where she would invite a man over & I would watch from the closet, or tape them in action. It fucking tripped me out – I would watch them & masturbate later, in private, always looking forward to the next time.

Things took what I guess was a natural turn when she received more assertive approximately our sexual ways.  She had caught me jacking off to her fucking other guys.  She had, in fact, stated she thought that was my favorite.  When she mentioned she had always held back telling me certain things approximately our sex life, I knew then she was referring to not only my small cock, yet moreover my tendency to cum so quickly. She then told me the way it would be when we wanted sex.  She was cutting me out, yet she wanted me nearby, watching. She had said it was my turn to be humiliated. Man, was she ever right.

She told me we were going out one night & I watched as she put on her sexiest outfit.  I knew she had decided she was going to prowl & bring some stud home to fuck in front of me. The thought of it made me as complex as usual. She looked down & saw my complex on & laughed. “Tonight I want something special”, she said. “And if I don’t obtain it, I’ll make you pay.”

“What?” I asked. But she stayed silent. I had this very ominous feeling I would sure find out. It made me nervous yet excited at the same time.

Well, things went swimmingly at the club & she found herself a visiting professional soccer player, an English man who was very taken by her gorgeous body, rubbed all over him. On the way out, I could see her talking to him, whispering in his ear & he smiled back, nodding. Her hand was on his dick as they walked.

I drove on the way home & they began making out in the back seat.  I watched in the rear view mirror as his hands went all under her dress top & as she bent her head down, out of the picture.  I could see the top of her head going up & down & not much more.

We arrived at the house & her head rose out of his lap, her lipstick smeared & her hair somewhat disheveled.  It was times like this I thought she was a goddess. My cock was approximately to burst.

Ordered into the kitchen to make drinks, I took my time.  By the time I came back, they were both stripped naked with her on her knees in front of this extremely well-built Brit, sucking away on his huge cock. As I placed the drinks down on the end table, she paused & looked up at me.  “Come here, Honey,” she purred, her breasts heaving & looking stunningly gorgeous.  Her hand was at her pussy, toying slowly as I knelt down with her, grabbing a tit like I thought she wanted. It felt terrific.

But she grabbed my hand at her breast, stopping me in my tracks & looked directly at me. “I want you to suck his cock with me, dear. I want to see him in your mouth.”

Wow, I was almost knocked over by this.  I had never done that.  I prided myself on at least enough virility to consider myself straight. The thought of it was suddenly stunning & I faced a huge dilemma.  She really DID want this.  In fact, there were repercussions if I did not.

She put her hand on the back of my head before I could say anything & forced me down on this huge dick now at my face. I had no choice yet to open my mouth & take it in.  My mouth widened & I experienced what it felt like to suck a cock – & this time a huge one.  It was all I could do to take it in, it was so wide.  It felt like some blunt fist in there yet I opened wider, allowing more of him inside. She was talking to me, encouraging me to “Suck like a satisfactory whore.” She pressed harder now, forcing his cock deeper down my throat. I was gagging now, yet she pushed as complex as she could, forcing it down me.

His cock was incredibly warm – no, hot – as it filled my entire mouth & throat.  I found it complex to breathe & I panicked a bit as my bile rose & this gargantuan prick settled into fucking my face. She was getting wild, fingering her pussy rapidly & having pleasant moving my head around this huge dick. Suddenly, she pulled me off & held my face looking at her. “Jesus, you suck as satisfactory as I do. Admit it, you like it as much as I do, don’t you, you fucking whore?”

I nodded my head, unable to speak. The truth was, it wasn’t that bad. She immediately went down on him again herself, wildly sucking away as he grunted like some pleased animal, making. guttural sounds of lust, pleased for the attention.  She pulled back again, pushing me back on it, making me suck for a bit more until she had had enough & was ready for her fucking.

She told me to go sit & watch now as he began fucking her.  Her face was a totally contorted mess of hot lust, her eyes looking to the ceiling with her man fucking her from behind & pulling her hair back, her face now to the ceiling. As he came deep inside her, she looked at me, having cum herself, her bedroom eyes half-closed in ecstasy as her Brit emptied his dick in her hot pussy.

“This is what I want, baby, from now on. I need to see you suck my men for me.  Next time, I might have someone fuck your ass.  It’s the only real sexy part of you, anyway. Lick my pussy now & donate me a mouthfull of his cum.”

I did.


Cuckold Stories: Hot Wife Surprise

What began innocently enough has now taken on a life of its own.  I role played with my wife often back when we first received together.  We did everything, from masks & blindfolds, to ropes & a few little chains. As time went on, we had the standard problems with boredom, I guess you could say, & we went a bit farther – this time with other people.  Where we began with one of her friends joining us in some gloriously sexy times, it moved to a man joining us as well – tit for tat, as it were. That was pretty fucking hot too, I admit.

Now we arrive entirely out of the envelope with sometimes more than one man taking her on – whether I am here or not. In fact, to show how out of control it really has gotten, she demands now that I watch her fuck other guys. This has led to some seriously humiliating stuff for me.  To be honest, there is something incredibly satisfying approximately getting ordered around & having to bear with watching her obtain ravished by many other men, & sometimes NOT one at a time.

That night, I had no ideas she had another of these scenarios in kind.  I came home from work, took a shower, went into the bedroom of what I thought was an empty house & there she was, on her knees at the foot of the bed, sucking some man off right in our bedroom (The man turned out to be her colleague). Now, for sheer job security, she may be a genius.  He sure did not seem to mind. In fact, he looked over at me as I strolled in & smiled away. She was making him feel pretty good, this much was obvious as hell.

Well, she sees me too & looks up at me, his dick in her hand moving slowly back & forth.

“Hi, Honey.” she says. “Listen, I’m going to fuck Charles for a while.  His cock tastes so good, we may have him spend the night if I can persuade him to”  With that, she smiled up at him, received a grunt, & received back onto his cock, sucking the entire shaft deep into her throat & holding it there. Charles moaned in pleasure. She then pulled herself off his dick with an audible “pop”.  She said “Sit over there, dear.  I want you to see how a real man fucks your wife.  Charles has been doing me at work for a while now. I know all his hot buttons by now, so this will be a satisfactory fuck to watch. Go on, sit right there,” & she sucked some more, this time removing her top while she worked.

I moved to the chair indicated & sat, watching this bizarre yet fascinating scene unfold. Yes, I felt totally humiliated & yet I enjoyed every second of it. Watching her be a total slut has become regular enough that I have coped with the worst already.  Of course, they let me jack off, so I have some say in my own juices.  Once, the guys let me cum in her mouth with them, just to obtain her well-covered in cum. That was fucking hot.

So I’ve received my complex little dick in my hand while my wife stands up & takes everything off.  Charles undoes his own clothes & I watch as these two naked people – one of whom is my wife – crawl onto the bed.  My wife is begging to be fucked now, saying naughty things to her lover, imploring him to “fuck the shit out of me like a real man does”. Charles seems up to the challenge as she gets on all fours & he climbs up behind her. He rubs his dick along her snatch then slide his tool inside in a huge push.  She gasps audibly.  Charles has a huge cock. He rips into her with some serious abandon now, obviously very charged up by her blow job earlier & made even hornier by her words of lust. He looks at me wanking myself & smiles at me.

“Don’t you wish she wanted you like this?” he smirks.  He really starts laying it to her now & she is a writhing mess, taking all that cock & backing up into him for more. Charles fucks her very complex like this for a while.  I sit & listen to them grunting like pigs rutting in a corral, then find myself cumming early, once again, spurting it all over myself & making my hand glisten from the juice. “Jesus, man,” says Charles, “Not only your little pecker is waaay too small, yet you can’t even it.” I nod back in shame, knowing he is totally correct.

Charles turns her around now, on her side, facing me. He fucks her from behind still yet now she is looking right at me. Watching her face, I see her total lust & her hunger.  It’s palpable, she wants this so offensive it is so obvious. Her eyes linger on me as she takes his pounding.  It seems to make her even hornier, if that’s possible. “Oh, Charles, that feels soooooooo good, Honey,” she purrs. “I’ll fuck your friend on Monday like you wanted, I promise.  Just keep that huge dick inside me, baby.”

Suddenly, they both clinch & he erupts inside her.  They cum simultaneously, both grabbing for the other in a display of absolute heat. Her legs shake, she is cumming so hard.  His grunts say the same approximately him, as he presses inward, jamming himself to the hilt & emptying his load in her pussy. They cum & then relax in time.  They stay clinched closely like that as my wife looks up at me with her big, sated eyes.

“Honey, he is so good. I want him to stay the night. You can sleep on the sofa tonight. Charles is a wonderful fuck. Charles, baby, are you hungry?” – she asks him. He nods. “Honey, why don’t you go to the kitchen & make me & Charles dinner as a thank you for properly fucking your wife”.

With these words I put my pants on & went to the kitchen.