My Wife At The Club

The beat was pounding in the dark, smoky light at the club as I watched my wife dance with her new acquaintance. A sort of Rave song was on, the beat all throbbing and techno, making me want to join them. But I knew better. This was her night and we had both agreed to play by the rules. Hey, those rules aren’t every one’s cup of tea, I know that, but there have been times when I was actually very happy about them. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I like my wife being happy – it’s sort of a “whatever it takes” philosophy, I guess. And sure, I may have this Inner Wimp that sort of craves all this.

She intertwined her hands behind his head as the beat intensified, surprising him as he looked over at me, briefly. leaned in to his ear and yelled something, he laughed, placed his hand on her hip, cradling it, and they danced on. His hand rode around her back side, onto her ass, feeling her up as I watched, running up and down the crack of her gorgeous butt. I could see his attention was now totally on her, unrestricted. He then ran his hand up her front as he dragged his fingers around her breasts while dancing. He circled them a few times and she stayed there, sticking them out for him, in fact. Then he grabbed them both and held them. She was getting very, very wet, this I knew. Things were definitely going the way she wanted them. I watched them kiss, each leaning in, her tongue licking his lips wantonly now as they moved slower while the crowd around them bounced up and down wildly. His hand went back to her breasts, going smoothly from one to the other, raking across the front of her low cut neckline. His hand finally disappeared down her front and she looked over at me. I watched him cup her bare breast under the dress and I saw her breath intake suddenly as he grabbed her hard. He squeezed and she held my eyes while this was going on. This is what she wanted – for me to watch her getting taken in front of God and everybody. She loved being the slut while I sat and watched. This is our secret love life and I am a true cuckolded husband.

This dancing went on for only a short period because I could tell our train was ready to pull out. As I sat with my small dick as hard as a rock, I reflected on how we got to here. It was not a “long” journey at all. She said I did not please her sexually but she liked the relationship and would prefer to keep it but under the ‘current’ conditions. She always said later she was actually surprised I accepted it so readily, but the fact was, I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing her made into a slut and being used. I also liked seeing her use men the way only a woman can. The truth is, and maybe even more importantly, I also liked getting used.

As they came to the table, red faced and sweaty, his hand on her ass and her wiggling to his touch, she plopped down beside me, leaned in and whispered in my ear: “I want this one and he wants to come over. I’m going to blow him in the car, honey.”

With that, she turned back to him and smiled, saying, “Well, Don, are you ready to come over?”

When he smiled and nodded, we offered to drive, and he accepted. He did not live far from here, so we became his chauffeurs. And what a ride he got!

We got in the car, them in the back and me driving. As I started it up and began pulling out, her head was already out if sight. I could hear his zipper come down and then I heard her sigh, “Ohhhhh, my. God Don, your cock is beautiful! It really needs some good sucking. Do you mind?”  I didn’t hear the reply but the progress was pretty obvious from the ensuing silence, broken now and then by her moans and the sounds of a cock getting sucked. She was always a loud cock sucker, loving the popping sound as it popped out of her mouth, like some lollipop. This accompanied us home for our short but intense drive.

We got home and I could hear her sigh of reluctance, combined with some fierce final sicks on him, then she sat up, her hair mussed up and her lipstick a but smeared. I love that look. Her top was completely down and her tits hung out incredibly sexy-like. They are big and gorgeous. Like I said, she was made to fuck. I let her gather herself and we made our way inside. His smile was non stop and I was not going to stop anything. As we got in, I mentioned I would go make drinks, which is my usual duty. Of course, they did not hear me and I could hear the familiar sound again of that zipper going down.

I took some time making drinks and, when I got back, he was fucking her doggy style. I set the drinks down then sat across from them, watching. “Undo your pants, dear, take them off,” she said between gasps, “I want Don to see how small your cock is. Oh! Oh, God! Oh!” she gasped as he fucked her harder.

Stripped now, my hard cock raging and throbbing, I watched as he began pile-driving her now. Then he did something remarkable. He pulled his cock out and looked at me. “Has she ever had it in her ass?” he asked me.

I blinked. It was something she had never wanted or had. “No.” I said.

“Good,” he answered as he knelt there over her laying on her all fours. “I’m fucking your ass, baby. Get ready.”

Her silence told me she would try it and she did. In fact, when he started, he barely penetrated and she began a mild protest. But he kept at it, inching his way inside. Her protests and her keening lessened as he got deeper until he was, literally, all the way inside her. I could then see she actually backed up into him, almost as if she wanted it. The fact is, she did want it and they fucked like mad people as I slammed my own hand up and down on myself, very near cumming. The room was white hot with sex all around us as I came in a huge rush, splashing cum all over myself and watching my gorgeous wife getting her ass, of all things, completely reamed out.

Finally, Don held his cock tight against her butt and let go – I could see his quivers and almost sense the rushing of cum jetting into her ass. It was amazingly hot and she was beside herself with sexed up passion and her own juices, I think she had cum 3-4 times by now. He finished, his cock plastered inside her ass. When he pulled out, she lay down straight, absolutely exhausted. She looked over at me, finally, sated and all fucked looking and said:

“Come here, Honey, and eat this nice man’s cum out of my asshole.” I was more than glad to do so.

My Cuckold Experience

I found your blog just recently and really enjoyed the stories you have, too bad you don’t have many of them so far, but I hope it’ll change. By the way, I joined one of the sites you recommend, very hot indeed.

Anyway, I though that it would be a good idea to share my story with you. After reading some stuff on the internet, I came to realize that I not only wouldn’t mind by I desire . I told my wife several times about my desire, we did some reading together on the subject and decided that we would give it a try at some point.

But I never expected it to happen so soon. One night she just brought this guy home, around 11 PM, after saying she was going out with the girls. I didn’t even know the guy and – it turns out – neither did she. She met him at a bar.

They came in as I was watching a sports show. She told me to turn it off and to go make drinks for them. Sighing, I went into the kitchen, made the drinks and brought them back out. Well, my wife’s blouse was off. I stared at her in disbelief as his hand ran up the front of her and cupped a tit in his hand, right in front of me. She looked at me with a hard look and thanked me for the drinks, then told me to sit down across from them.

“I want you to watch us fuck,” is all she said, “Stay right there and watch it all. Maybe you can learn how to fuck a woman.” With that she laughed, as did he and she turned and kissed him again, wrapped in his arms with her boob once again being mashed and her breath getting shallow. He was pawing on her and treated her a bit roughly by my standards but she seemed to really like it. I couldn’t believe I was sitting here watching her like this. But I never moved. There was also something very much a turn-on at the same time and some line had officially been crossed.

I sat uneasily as he removed the rest of her clothes. Naked, she got on her knees in front of him and began removing his clothes. When she got to his hard cock, I had to notice it was huge. She moaned audibly as she pulled it free and stared at it lovingly. She caressed it and rubbed it on the soft skin of her cheek, looking at me as she did. Then, right before my eyes, she opened her mouth and – still looking at me – she went down on him, sucking that huge dick into her mouth and then going up and down with his hands in her hair. She kept her eyes on me for a bit, sucking him. This was something she badly wanted me to watch and I could see it was turning her on, sucking him off in front of me.

Taking her lips off his cock, she looked at me and told me to jack off while they fucked. “Go on, jack off for us while you watch us fuck, dear,” were her words. I slipped off my shorts and began stroking myself. It was acrually very sexy somehow and I knew she liked watching me as well as having sex with him, so it felt OK. My small cock felt pretty liberated and was as hard as a rock anyway.

Both of them were naked and the guy’s cock towered over her face as she licked at his ball sack. She was getting pretty heated up and pistoning her head all up and down rapidly over his cock. He had mashed her face into his crotch and held her there as she had choked a few times. It was pretty hot as he did stuff to her I never had.

Finally, she got down in the floor at my feet, spread her legs, looked up at me and said: “I want you to beg Mark to fuck your hot wife. Do it now!” At that point I was so turned on that anything would go. I looked at the guy and said: “Please Mr, I really”. He got put of his sofa spot and joined her there. They were so close I could smell them and hear every single small sound they made, right there in front of me. As he mounted her, I could hear her intake of breath as she nearly swallowed her tongue at the sheer sensatioon of that huge cock tearing up inside her. He sent it inside her in small increments, to her obvious ecstasy, and then he began fucking her harder. She went wild.

So there I was, jerking my own pud and watching this big fellow ravage my wife. The weirdness of the situation hit me as I stroked myself and yet, it sort of simply was what it was. It was hot, I’m telling you, watching my gorgeous and very previously-demure middle class wife getting fucked by this stranger in our own house – and right at my feet now!

The urgency climbed down there and in my hand, too, as the fucking increased in intensity. Her moans and gasps were stunningly hot to hear. He then turned her around and put her on all fours. I could see her face completely this way as he fucked her, as she looked up at me, taking this big log with a real fiecreness from behind and helplessly crying in ecstasy. She saw my cock spurting cum as I lost control and let it rip, some of it even hit her face, it spurted so far. God, this was hot. She sort of smiled at me – I think – then lowered her head, wagging it back and forth as he finished. She had cum at least 3 times I know of.

When he emptied himself inside her his body wracked, shaking and cumming up her hot cunt, and she had screamed from the sheer sensation of it. He stayed there, just draining himself and she was not even close to moving. She was milking this guy with her pussy and loving it. Finally, spent, he withdrew his cum riddled cock from behind her. She moaned as if in loss, then looked at me, pointedly.

Did you enjoy honey?” she asked. “I hope you did, because tomorrow I’ll bring him back.” She then turned around and sucked at his dick again, milking more cum from it.

Cuckold Stories: Forced Bisexuality

My wife and I have had some amazingly hot times with other people involved.  At first, it began simply enough.  I had invited a friend over who I knew she liked and who had always commented on how hot she had become.  (She truly blossomed after college, going from an attractive and thin girl to a full-breasted, luscious woman. It had caught me almost off-guard as I watched her bloom into the sort of sexy creature men always did a double take on walking down grocery aisles.). Frank had known us both in college.  I admit, I had set it up in hopes that I would see her having it off with two guys.  We both have this wanton quality that we have since explored deeply, as you will see later.
So we had later orgies together, among groups, a small swinger group we tired of later, owing to all the personality conflicts that developed. The fact is, I always enjoyed seeing her being used or pleasing other men.  It made me crazy lusty. The best was when we hooked her up on our own, at some club, where she would invite a guy over and I would watch from the closet, or tape them in action. It fucking tripped me out – I would watch them and masturbate later, in private, always looking forward to the next time.

Things took what I guess was a natural turn when she got more assertive about our sexual ways.  She had caught me jacking off to her fucking other guys.  She had, in fact, stated she thought that was my favorite.  When she mentioned she had always held back telling me certain things about our sex life, I knew then she was referring to not only my small cock, but also my tendency to cum so quickly. She then told me the way it would be when we wanted sex.  She was cutting me out, but she wanted me nearby, watching. She had said it was my turn to be humiliated. Man, was she ever right.

She told me we were going out one night and I watched as she put on her sexiest outfit.  I knew she had decided she was going to prowl and bring some stud home to fuck in front of me. The thought of it made me as hard as usual. She looked down and saw my hard on and laughed. “Tonight I want something special”, she said. “And if I don’t get it, I’ll make you pay.”

“What?” I asked. But she stayed silent. I had this very ominous feeling I would sure find out. It made me nervous but excited at the same time.

Well, things went swimmingly at the club and she found herself a visiting professional soccer player, an English guy who was very taken by her gorgeous body, rubbed all over him. On the way out, I could see her talking to him, whispering in his ear and he smiled back, nodding. Her hand was on his dick as they walked.

I drove on the way home and they began making out in the back seat.  I watched in the rear view mirror as his hands went all under her dress top and as she bent her head down, out of the picture.  I could see the top of her head going up and down and not much more.

We arrived at the house and her head rose out of his lap, her lipstick smeared and her hair somewhat disheveled.  It was times like this I thought she was a goddess. My cock was about to burst.

Ordered into the kitchen to make drinks, I took my time.  By the time I came back, they were both stripped naked with her on her knees in front of this extremely well-built Brit, sucking away on his huge cock. As I placed the drinks down on the end table, she paused and looked up at me.  “Come here, Honey,” she purred, her breasts heaving and looking stunningly gorgeous.  Her hand was at her pussy, toying slowly as I knelt down with her, grabbing a tit like I thought she wanted. It felt terrific.

But she grabbed my hand at her breast, stopping me in my tracks and looked directly at me. “I want you to suck his cock with me, dear. I want to see him in your mouth.”

Wow, I was almost knocked over by this.  I had never done that.  I prided myself on at least enough virility to consider myself straight. The thought of it was suddenly stunning and I faced a huge dilemma.  She really DID want this.  In fact, there were repercussions if I did not.

She put her hand on the back of my head before I could say anything and forced me down on this huge dick now at my face. I had no choice but to open my mouth and take it in.  My mouth widened and I experienced what it felt like to suck a cock – and this time a huge one.  It was all I could do to take it in, it was so wide.  It felt like some blunt fist in there but I opened wider, allowing more of him inside. She was talking to me, encouraging me to “Suck like a good whore.” She pressed harder now, forcing his cock deeper down my throat. I was gagging now, but she pushed as hard as she could, forcing it down me.

His cock was incredibly warm – no, hot – as it filled my entire mouth and throat.  I found it hard to breathe and I panicked a bit as my bile rose and this gargantuan prick settled into fucking my face. She was getting wild, fingering her pussy rapidly and having fun moving my head around this huge dick. Suddenly, she pulled me off and held my face looking at her. “Jesus, you suck as good as I do. Admit it, you like it as much as I do, don’t you, you fucking whore?”

I nodded my head, unable to speak. The truth was, it wasn’t that bad. She immediately went down on him again herself, wildly sucking away as he grunted like some happy animal, making. guttural sounds of lust, happy for the attention.  She pulled back again, pushing me back on it, making me suck for a bit more until she had had enough and was ready for her fucking.

She told me to go sit and watch now as he began fucking her.  Her face was a totally contorted mess of hot lust, her eyes looking to the ceiling with her man fucking her from behind and pulling her hair back, her face now to the ceiling. As he came deep inside her, she looked at me, having cum herself, her bedroom eyes half-closed in ecstasy as her Brit emptied his dick in her hot pussy.

“This is what I want, baby, from now on. I need to see you suck my men for me.  Next time, I might have someone fuck your ass.  It’s the only real sexy part of you, anyway. Lick my pussy now and give me a mouthfull of his cum.”

I did.