Hot Wife Stories: Spice up our family life Part II

We left home around 5pm, getting to the motel and taking some time to unpack the overnight bags. When Tony went in to take a shower I slipped back to the car to get my “special bag” for the evening. As he exited the bathroom he found me standing in nothing but a kick-ass pair of stiletto heels, black, thigh high stockings and a skimpy g-string. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a look on my husband’s face, but it was all radiating from approval. I gave my best sexy walk over to him, and since he was nude already, I could see his cock starting to grow from excitement. I led him to the straight back wooden chair, told him to sit down and then eagerly handcuffed his wrists behind him as well as binding his ankles. At first he looked very confused, and then asked me where I had gotten handcuffs from, I just said, “Shhhh,” and continued the captivity.

Walking back and forth in front of him, letting my ass jiggle just enough and my large breasts sway to tease him, I began explaining how the past 19 months had been all about him, him, him, his work, his schedule, his thoughts, his stories, his life, and nothing included me, so today, today was going to be MY day, whether he liked it or not. I proceeded to tell him that I would be in charge, he would call me ma’am, ask no questions, throw no rage my direction, and just accept the fact that he was now a cuckold. Before he could utter a response, there was a knock on the motel room door. I stood back as I opened it, just in case it would be housekeeping or something, but it was Butch, right on time and looking extremely excited.

As he walked into the room and took off his coat, the rest of his clothing followed, he was wasting no time, maybe thinking I would change my mind, or maybe just because of his horniness that’s been building all week long. Tony was getting furious, his face was red and the big vein on his temple was bulging, as he started to open his mouth to put up a fight, I greeted him with my fingers over his lips and said, “Remember dear, you’re a cuckold, you have nothing to say.”

Butch immediately dropped to his knees and began to lick my slit that was already extremely creamy, my clit grew quickly against his tongue and my breathing told me that this would be a day I would never forget. After two orgasms from his oral stimulation, I noticed his dick couldn’t possibly get any harder, the skin was stretched tightly. I laid back across the bed, lifting my legs high into the air, making sure we were turned in a way that Tony would see every thrusting motion we made against one another. I was surprised by Butch’s endurance, giving how long he’d waited for this, he was going to do it right.

When he buried his face in my shoulder and his body began to tremble, I knew his orgasm was approaching quickly. He pulled out of me just enough to spew my vaginal lips with his salty cum, up my belly and across my tits were covered as well. There must have been a gallon of spunk! He rolled over, trying to catch his breath as I was doing the same. I lost count of how many times my orgasm ripped through me. As per our plans when he was composed, he didn’t say a word to me or to Tony, just softly placed a kiss on my lips, got dressed and left. I turned towards my husband and his face looked drawn, disappointed and humiliated, but his cock told me how he was really feeling. I got up and walked over to his chair, unlocking the cuffs, and untying the binds on his ankles. I expected him to lurch at me with anger, but instead, he just sat. So, I brought the finishing touch of my plan in. I again laid back on the bed and told him that as my cuckold husband, he would service me and do the clean up duties. He stood up and walked to the bed, bending over his mouth gobbled up the now cold cum from my tits, belly and smooth vaginal mound, from there he parted my swollen lips and ate the creampie remnants of my cuckold experience.

We never spoke about what happened the rest of the day, and I never did let him cum, all a part of my plan. What he didn’t know was this was not going to be our first time of him being humiliated and me being pleasured.

Cuckold Stories: The Benefits of Social Networks

Working the late shift didn’t leave me a lot of personal time to do things in the normal daylight hours, so most everything I accomplished was done via online. Just like any red blooded male, whenever I logged on, I had to check out what the world of porn had to offer, what new strains of sexuality was out there being advertised and was it something that would fit the needs that I’ve felt for so very long. It’s hard to understand an itch that lies so beneath the surface that I’m not even sure what sort of title to give it, and there’s no way I could ever talk to anyone else about it, where would I begin and what would they think of me. So, I kept things to myself. But one night I created a profile on Facebook hoping to find some people who share the same interests so we could talk and discuss various movies and sites of interests.

Never using my real name of, Benjamin, I came up with something I thought was catchy and created a profile, joined several groups, read what others wrote there and checked their profile pictures. I closed the lid on my laptop and never realized what a journey these past few minutes had created for me. The next morning, over a cup of coffee I logged back on to Facebook and much to my surprise I had three messages! The first two were pretty much what I would call a standard response, “I like your profile, would you like to chat?” Yeah, ok, I won’t delete, I may be desperate one day, but it was the third that really grabbed me in areas that have never felt so stimulated. Her reply was this; “You are a worthless cuckold, you don’t deserve to have any say over your own body, and you certainly should never orgasm unless you’ve been given permission. Your only place in this world should be at my feet, catering to my needs.” I must have read this reply a hundred times before I went browsing the internet trying to find out more about the whole cuckold thing. I somehow ended up on website with many site reviews and after reading a bit more and checking the sites it finally seeped into my mind that the woman from facebook was exactly right, it was like she looked into my soul and found the person I’ve been ignoring, yes, I was a cuckold, finally, a name for it.

With my hands trembling I replied to the woman with a simple, “I’m a cuckold, at your command.” Within minutes she was back, she was again reaching inside of me and pulling forth the submissive side of my very being.

Her orders were easily understood, I didn’t question them and I certainly didn’t ignore them. The first thing I did was pick up the phone and call off work for the evening, I didn’t want anything to interrupt the plans she was making. I showered and left my apartment, driving 20+ miles to the address of the motel she gave me, I parked the car and waited in front of room 4 just like she said. About 5 minutes later this beautiful woman opened the door, she would have been a hot wife for anyone, but today she was going to be my ruler, I was going to succumb and be what she orders me to be.

I walked inside, shaking, nervous, excited and yes, hard. She pointed to a blank wall across from the king sized bed and ordered me to strip and stand in front of it. There was no hiding my erection, and she immediately noticed. Walking towards me with her long, auburn hair hanging loosely down the middle of her back, her stiletto heels cracking against the carpet with a thud that meant business, she looked me square in the eye and said, “Get as hard as you want, but if I see one drop of pre-cum dripping from that pathetic dick, you will leave immediately!

The bathroom door opened and a naked man walked into the room, with a cock twice as large as mine he immediately took her in his arms and begin to passionately kiss her. I was confused for a moment, watching her be like this seductive kitten with him and yet be so extremely harsh with me, it was conflicting, but it was also arousing. She dropped to her knees, sucking his manhood to the root, fondling his balls and then raking her long, red painted nails down the side of his bare hips. He lifted her, walked her backwards to the bed and laid her back, lifting her long legs high into the air, all I could really see was the point to her heels and the muscles in the cheeks of his ass as he thrust deeply into her vaginal area. He was fucking her with a fury like I’d never seen, and even though my own cock was more aroused than ever, I would not allow that first drop of shiny spunk to be released. I actually broke into a sexual sweat holding back from wanting to grab my dick and shoot my own load. As this male stranger’s motion quickened, I could tell he was close, I could see his testicles from behind pulling up tight and suddenly he jerked his dick free from her vice gripping vaginal walls, spurting his cum all over her thick, swollen outer lips, allowing it to drip down her slit and cover her ass cheeks as well.

Once she caught her breath she looked at me with the coldness back in her eyes, ordering me to get a hot cloth for her lover, and I did, quickly, not wanting to disappoint her in any way. This is what I have always wanted, I wanted to be a cuckold and I was determined to be the best I could. Handing him the wet towel, I went to step back into my place, but instead she spread her thighs wider and ordered me to my knees, my job as her submissive cuckold was to know cleanse her with my mouth and tongue. I spent the next 30 minutes on my knees, licking up his cold cock juices, and I’ve never felt so satisfied in my life.

Cuckold Fiction: Cuckolded for Promotion

When I came home from work and told Julie that I had to go out of town for the weekend, a business trip, she looked a bit disgusted, but then I mentioned she was welcome to join me, and we could definitely use the time away together, just quiet, romantic moments to share between us. She smiled again and jumped at the chance, telling me she would shop for a couple new dresses the next day and have our bags packed and ready by early Friday morning, that way no rush on getting to the airport on time. Even though Julie and I had been having some marital issues for quite some time, neither of us really brought it up, thinking if we didn’t mention it, it didn’t really exist, so this weekend would be a great time to bring back our dating days and get a little wild.

As promised we were walking out our front door at 9am sharp, heading for the airport and then a couple of hours in the air would put us at our destination. My business was just an informal get together at the home of a man we were hoping to bring on board as one of our clients, he had money, a lot of it, and he was never selfish in rewarding those he thought was beneficial to him. So, on Saturday Julie would accompany me to the gala event and I was sure her beauty would sweep every man there off of their feet. Even though I loved what was inside of her, it was no secret that her outer beauty was the first thing to catch my attention. Her honey colored hair had a natural wave and curl to it that gave her the girl next door look, a few freckles splashed across the bridge of her nose and aqua colored eyes, definitely spoke volumes for her loveliness. From there it just continued with perfection, her waist was trim and curved in all the right places, her breasts were a desirable 34C, and she loved wearing bras with the nipples cut out, allowing her a bit of freedom while still having support was what she always said. Her legs were long, and her butt extremely tight, yes, I’d say I had myself on hot wife that most men would envy.

As our plane touched down we scrambled to get the carry on bags and then off to get the rest of our luggage. Mr. Spivey, the man we were trying to woo had sent a car for us, and even though we had made arrangements for a motel room, he insisted we stay at his mansion, a huge, sprawling estate that anyone could easily get lost in. For Julie and I, we were  bit disappointed because our plans had been for a bit of unruly actions over the next couple of days and now we felt as though we’ll have to tone down our plans.

Walking through the front door we were both in awe of our surroundings, everything was not only beautiful, but polished, shining and looking as though it must have cost a fortune. My Spivey was there to greet us, and I noticed he was giving Julie some lingering looks, the sort that show the excitement in his eyes and I wasn’t sure just how I felt about that. Even though I call him, Mr. Spivey, he’s actually only about eight years older than Julie and I, so definitely young enough to strike a chord for her, if she had been that type of hot wife.

After dinner we went into one of the formal living rooms for a drink and conversation, we had agreed no business discussions until tomorrow’s meeting, so it was just a social evening. Music lightly filtered through the air and Mr. Spivey asked if I would mind him dancing with my wife, not if she’s alright with it was the only response I could think of, after all, we were trying to woo him. He held her close….very close, and I knew underneath her dress she wore a bra that left her nipples exposed, I could see how much they had hardened and wondered what she was thinking. Her breasts are extremely sensitive and many times over the past few years of marriage I’ve brought her to an explosive orgasm just by licking and sucking on her nipples. He pressed hard against her, I could see her eyes starting to look a bit glazed and her hips were grinding back against his own in a special rhythm. I began to shift on the sofa a bit, thinking I might ask to cut in, but I didn’t want to offend him. Finally, after noticing his hands were wandering to the low cut of her back, then to the top of her tight ass, I decided to take back what belonged to me.

I stepped up to them both and lightly tapped him on the shoulder, smiling and said, “I think it’s my turn.” Much to my surprise his tone, expression and actions were completely different and he informed me that it would be Julie’s choice. I turned to my wife with a questioning look on my face, and all she could say was, “Ronnie dear, let me finish this dance and then we’ll have some time together.” So, feeling somewhat rejected and confused, I went back to the sofa and do my drink. That dance led into two more and then finally I saw them parting ways, he left the room and she came to sit next to me on the sofa. Her cheeks were flushed, was it from the exertion or the arousal? “Ronnie, I want to tell you something, and I want to make it quick, my mind is made up, so don’t try to change it.” “You and I have been having issues for a long time, we both know it, and this is the first time in a long while that I’ve felt so excited and aroused, and I don’t want the feeling to stop. I’ve been whispering in Howard’s …err….Mr. Spivey’s ear that I could feel his throbbing huge cock pushing against me, and Ronnie, now I want to feel it inside of me.” With that she got up and left the room.

I sat with my mouth hanging open and wondering if that really happened. I took the last swallow of my drink and set out to find her. Going up the long staircase I could hear sounds from the room on the right, I opened the door and there was Julie, on the bed, on her knees and sucking his mammoth cock like a person that hasn’t had sex in years. Her jaws were stretched tightly around his width, she was forcing the inches into the back of her throat and all I could think was how she never went after my own dick with such passion. His hands were fondling, pulling, tugging and twisting her nipples and I could already see the clear pussy juices dripping down the inside of her thighs. She opened her eyes and saw me standing in the doorway, and pulling his cock from her lips she said, “Sit down, I want you to watch, that will turn me on.” At that moment I knew what it felt like to be a cuckold husband, and it happened so quickly, but apparently it was something that Julie has been thinking of for a long time, she was too comfortable with it.

Mr. Spivey turned to look at me and through his hard breathing he uttered, “Ron, if you want my contract, which will mean a huge boost for you up the corporate ladder, you’ll not only let me fuck your hot wife, but you’ll be a good cuckold and sit down like the lady said and watch us.” I don’t know if it was shock or selfishness, but I did as he said. I sat in the huge overstuffed chair next to the bed, watching his many thick and pulsating inches driving deeper and deeper into her sweet pussy hole.

As promised, I did get the contract, I was promoted and once a month we go back to see Mr. Spivey, courtesy of his own private jet and I sit, like a good cuckold husband, watching him banging my wife with a fornicating fury.