The office party

The company your wife worked at was celebrating a successful venture. Your wife brought you along for the evening party. She looked stunning in a black dress that hugged her sexy curves and had a plunging neckline that showed off her ample bosom.

She was an elegant and classy babe. Once you reached, you lose your wife to her office crowd and you were left alone. Suddenly you noticed the room go silent as her boss, Rohan entered the room. He was a hunk of a man and looked handsome. As he strode across the room, you happened to look at your beautiful wife. She had a sly almost slutty smile on her face as she looked at him.

Almost as if she wanted no you pushed that thought out of your head. As the party continued, you saw her boss walking to your wife who had her back against a wall talking to a friend. You saw him leaning for a hug, as he slid his right hand around her curved waist and they talked. Your wife’s fair skinned was flushed red as you saw her boss lean in and who’s per something in her left ear.

As he leaned back, your wife’s expression quickly changed into a something intense as she looked straight up to his eyes and slightly bit her pink puffed lower lip as she nodded to him. You saw her boss smile at her, as he raised his hand and placed his thumb at the entrance of her pink lips. Your wife looked up at him and slowly parted her lips letting his thumb enter slowly into her wet mouth and she sucked on it. His wet thumb slowly slid out of her moist lips and rested on her lower lip pulling it down a bit.

You didn’t know what to feel as your stomach churned and your chest heaved in anxiety and pain. She was your innocent loyal childhood love. You saw her boss walking away to the elevator and you saw your wife walking towards you. With her still moist lips she said.. “Hey honey, hope you’re enjoying the party. Something’s come thing.and my boss is calling me up to his office to go over some files. It might take a while so you go on home without me. Rohan said he’ll drop me once we’re done.

Ok? Bye sweetie, love you.” You wanted to object, you wanted to shout at her, drag her back to your house. But your cock was hard hearing what she just said. You knew where she was going and what Rohan is going to do to your wife. You managed a weak reply. “Ok.” You went up for a hug but she just smiled and walked away before you could. You watched her hot ass swaying and slightly jiggling seductively as she entered the elevator along with her boss.

As the elevator closed, you saw her boss smiling at you as he took his hand around her neck and slid it down her chest groping her soft mound of luscious breast.