Hot Wife Stories: Humiliation and Lust

The passion has always burned strong inside of me, for as long as I can remember I’ve had this desire to control a man in ways that may not be the normal for most, yet for me, it was the most natural feeling in the world. I tried to obtain passed it, yet when I heard Trent ask me on that Autumn night, “Sandy, would you be my wife?” I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more at that moment. But then, as the months drug by so slowly, I could feel myself withdrawing from him in ways that he couldn’t understand. I tried to explain that I wanted to remain married to him, because no one else would provide the financial lifestyle I had grown accustom to, & I knew how much he enjoyed going to his fancy work parties & having a hot wife on his arm, so that part worked out beautifully for both of us, yet that is where the mutual satisfaction ended.

I wanted a cuckold husband, nothing more, nothing less. I couldn’t imagine myself crawling into our king sized bed each night & pretending that his touch did anything for me, because it didn’t. What I wanted was to share my body with another lover, to feel his hands sliding up & down my petite waist, feeling the softness of my skin while my breasts rested in the palm of his hands perfectly. I wanted a lover that I could flaunt in front of my cuckold husband, to let him know that he never brought me any sexual satisfaction, instead, it was the act of sucking & fucking in front of him with another man that excited me more than anything.

My words flowed through Trent’s mind, yet I wasn’t sure he really understood what I was saying, so I decided actions should speak louder than words.

He received home at the normal time, & as I stood in front of the window, looking at nature budding to life in the Spring season he had nothing to say when he came through the front door. I looked at him, though to myself how pathetic he seemed to be & how much I wanted to drive the point home that he was a cuckold, & if he wanted to keep me as his hot wife, he would always be only a cuckold. When he sat down on the sofa to go through the day’s mail, I slipped my blouse off, standing in front of the window with my huge breasts exposed, my jeans clinging tightly to my lean hips & my long hair flowing across my shoulders I could almost see the spark in his eyes, he was thinking I began to obtain naked for him, yet how wrong he was. With the slam of a cab’s car door & the ring of the doorbell I greeted my lover in an already aroused state.

I walked him by the hand into the living room, & told him to pay no attention to Trent, he was just my & he would be nothing more than a spectator to our sexual endeavor. Since Adam was already complex as a rock, he didn’t rebuttal in any way except to unzip his jeans & allow my hands to wander inside, to unleash his throbbing cock. Trent sat with his eyes fixated on my every action, his jaw slightly dropped yet not uttering a word. I lowered myself to the carpet & opened my mouth, applying my oral skills to Adam, sucking in his thick & might inches with a frenzy like I had never shown to Trent. I couldn’t resist yet to make eye contact with him, I wanted to see the on his face & it greeted me with such an excitement, it’s as if it instilled power into the plunges I made to Adam’s cock. His hand wrapped through my long hair as he fed my face faster & I could tell the load was churning in his balls.

I stood up, slipped out of my jeans & then stretched across the loveseat, hiking my tight, sweet ass high into the air for him to take me, I wanted to be sure I was facing Trent, I didn’t want to miss one expression on his cuckold face, that was what would drive me into the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. My tits flipped & jiggled as Adam drove every inch deep into my already cream coated vaginal area, he plunged & thrust with a fury, as if it were driving him with desire as well to know we were being watched by the man wearing a matching wedding band to my own. I couldn’t hold back as my own orgasm was approaching & I found myself screaming things such as, “Watch us fuck, you’re nothing yet a cuckold!” “You could never satisfy me this way, I feel like a real woman now!” And then the explosion erupted over Adam’s dick, my juices sprayed with force & encased his erection. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, & they were tighter & tighter, & I knew it wouldn’t be long before his own spurting streams of cum would be filling my belly with total relinquish.

Adam pulled my hair hard, & as his hips lunged forward, driving his salty spunk deep inside of me, the look of disbelief still showered across Trent’s face. We both collapsed across the loveseat, our bodies heaving as we tried to catch our breath, to regain composure.

As Adam pulled his now flaccid cock from my pussy he slowly began to obtain dressed, telling me that he had a job interview that he would be late for, yet that he would call me later. I stood up on shaky legs & struck a bit of a pose in front of Trent, as if one more way to flaunt my accomplishment before reaching my fingers down to slide the mixture of our juices across my digits, & then I walked to Trent, rubbed my fingers under his nostrils & told him that a cuckold deserves to smell the scent of his hot wife & her lover. He just looked at me. I then demanded his wallet, after all, it was only fitting that he should pay for Adam’s cab fare back to town.

My Wife Loves Black Cock

My wife let me know a “friend” was coming by this evening just approximately the time the man literally arrived.  Any more, she unquestionably runs the timing for these affairs, often presenting me with her naked body doing some dude as shortly as I walk in the dam door. Tonight was no different.  I had taken a shower & came downstairs & there was a sitting across from her, who just came out & asked her to take her clothes off, right then & there.

She brazenly took her top off, exposing her gorgeous tits, playing with them in front of us both & swaying from side to side. “Bart,” she said to her new black friend, “he wants to watch us fuck, I just know it. Can I please suck your dick right now?”

With that she slid down to her knees, her boobs bouncing, & scooted between his legs.  She hungrily opened up his package, pulling out a fucking huge huge cock & began munching on it.My wife, the church-going professional, was now sucking off a black man in front of her husband.  I slid my own pants off & received totally naked.

As she sucked him off, Bart told me to stay where I was, that I would be watching yet not fucking. I think she wants all black tonight, Bro’.  You just watch how a real man fucks a bitch like her. She loves this huge cock, don’t you, bitch?”

“Oh God, yes, I love your huge black cock, Bart.” she said. She looked at me, holding that huge black cock in her hand & smiling. “Look at this.  Isn’t it pretty?  It feels so soft & warm, honey.  It tastes just fabulous, like some yummy lollipop.” She laughed & looked over at me, licking it up & down.

“You going to suck it” Bart asked her. “And make me happy?”

“Yes, Bart, I want to make you happy.  I’ll do anything you want.”she purred.  She jumped on it then, sucking away, looking up, her mouth engorged.

Bart looked over at me & my little erection & he snorted.  “Fuck, no wonder she wantin’ huge black dick, bro’.  You ain’t packin’ shit. Jack off for us while I turn this bitch around & fuck her asshole. You just stay put & whank that little thing.  Later, I’ll let you cum on her.”

I sat & watched as they apparently forgot approximately me for some time.  She sucked his cock for a hell of a long time, then they fucked.  Bart turned her around a few times & I watched as they wrestled in the Missionary Position as well, writhing in sexual ecstasy in ways I have never seen her act before nor ever taken part in personally.  She was so hungry it was truly amazing, just begging for the fucking. Needless to say, she had never been like that with me. She attacked him as much as he attacked her as I sat, watching it all take place like a spectator, As they fucked she would look over at me & sometimes smile – the only attention I got.

He turned my wife around & slid his huge cock bit by bit inside her small ass.  We had never tried this so I realized it was her first time as well.  She gasped as it began. “It’s too big, Bart!” she whined, as the pain of entry was taking her breath. I had to admit, watching him force that huge unit inside her was pretty fucking hot.

But he kept at it, pouring some oil down between them from the table and, before I knew it, Bart said “Look here, bro’.  My cock is all the way in.  This whore loves some ass fucking.”

Sure enough, he was buried inside her, jammed totally inside.  She had been utterly silent during this.  Not a peep as her nervous acceptance of his huge cock inside her ass had taken 100% of her concentration.  Suddenly, Bart pulled his cock out a bit & she moaned, “Oh God, fuck me.”

Bart rammed his cock back inside her ass, causing her to shriek. He pummeled her ass repeatedly, fucking her, & it was astonishing seeing her ass moving backwards to catch more cock.  She was on fucking fire now. They kept at it like this for a short while & I could see he was getting ready to cum. He looked over at me, laughing suddenly, & I could see that he was approximately to erupt inside her ass.

It was fucking stunning watching all that cum – & it was huge – he exploded inside her & then pulled it out, still spurting, straddled her chest & held his cumming cock over her face. smacking her in the face & lips. . Bart pushed away & told me to sit & watch him “finish”. He then grabbed her head in both hands & stuck his huge cock all the way inside her throat & began fucking like that, still filling her with cum. It was the hottest thing I ever saw. She was apparently beside herself in lust..

After all that, Bart relaxed & sat back, his huge dick beginning to throb less and, finally, to droop, glistening with cum & her saliva. She had some sort of amazingly satisfied look on her face, yet she had me in mind for one last chore.

“Dear, you have been a very satisfactory boy this time & I want to reward you for this. You can come closer now & suck Bart’s cum from my ass.”  She moaned.

I bent down as instructed, stuck my tongue in her creamy ass, then began harvesting cum for her. She enjoyed it thoroughly, I could tell, as her hands went around my head & forced me harder into her behind.

Needless to say, Bart has become a regular over at our place.  I heard he brought his friends by a few times recently & I can’t wait to see what she does with them. All I know is, I obtain tremendous breakfasts in the morning any more & she lets me watch her masturbate wildly, talking all kinds of shit. She is a purring woman, nowadays.

Interracial Cuckold Stories: Recent cuckold experience

I’ll admit now I am one of those “happy cuckolds” – a man totally dominated by a sexy & awesomely-put-together wife whose penchant for humiliating me in sexual situations with other men makes me & my tiny cock almost an afterthought as she fucks & sucks them all like crazy. Still & all, I find it somehow erotic to the max.  Watching my gorgeous & surprisingly lusty hot wife suck & fuck other men has become a passion for us both, I admit it now. Naturally, when they are in the throes of passion, she does pay some attention to me, asking if I like what I see. Of course, I always answer yes, I enjoy every minute of it. She almost always has her man tell me the most humiliating things as well, demanding stuff from me with me always – & I do mean always – complying. Moreover, I find it especially sexy to put together cuckold stories of my life, describing in every details the latest sexual experience of my beloved other & me.

Right now, however, I decided to make some sort of experiment, & will be sharing my cuckold stories with other people who are into the same lifestyle as me. I’m very much interested in what others have to say on my stories & of course read other people’s stories.

Ok, here is the cuckold story which happened last week.  She announced she was horny & that she needed to fuck someone.  She demanded that we go out & that we stop off at a local interracial bar we have gone to in the past, trolling for men to fuck her.  This night we ran into a few particularly large & horny gentlemen. She wanted me to come up to them & inquire if they would be willing to engage into an absorbing sex encounter, to put it plainly, she wanted me to ask them if these black guys wanted to fuck my wife while I watched, so I did. They looked more than delighted when I told them straight out she was horny & she “wanted her hubby to watch her fuck some handsome black guys.”

The next thing I know, I am driving a car load of black men to my house in order to provide the space & time for them to use my wife like a cheap & compliant whore & to have me sitting beside the action, on call, for their own demands. As we drove, one of them asked me if I truly enjoyed all this sort of thing.  I confessed I did.  She had been with other men for hours at a time before & I had followed every single second of it all, obediently

As we entered the house, my wife told me to take a sit in my favorite chair across the room, which our friends bought us as a wedding present by the way.  But she couldn’t talk long because she was immediately surrounded by 3 black men with complex cocks needing her attention. They spread their hands all over her front & rear, lifting & removing her sexy cocktail dress, ripping off her panties & forcing her to her knees to suck the cocks they were pulling out for her. In between sucks, she looked up at her sexed up crowd & told them to remember me.  She mentioned I might like to beat off while they did her & that I am always satisfactory for a “clean-up”. One of the guys looked at me & told me to obtain out of my clothes.  I immediately complied.

They spent a long time getting themselves sucked off. They were playing my hot wife like a piano, having her bend backwards & take cock from upside down, forcing their dicks deep down her throat & watching while she hungrily attacked the cocks of their friends.  I, meanwhile, was stroking my own cock.  They looked over once & one of the guys said looking at the size of it, “Dam, bro’, no wonder she had us over.  Look at the size of that fucking pecker on her old man.”  They laughed complex at this humiliating bit of humor yet shortly forgot approximately me as they began fucking my wife.

They turned her so that she was looking directly at me as they bent her down on all fours, completely open for fucking from behind.  She gasped – I watched her face intently – as the one super huge fellow pushed his cock inside her & it made me amazingly horny.  Her face took on a strained look, taking the beating she was taking from behind, yet I could moreover see her wide eyes & her sexed up breath was entering an almost deliriously pleased phase. “You enjoy watching me obtain fucked by real men, don’t you, you fucking loser?” she asked & I nodded as she took another huge breath & gasped at the fucking she was getting. “God, I love the dicks these studs have!” she moaned, looking directly at me. “They know how to treat a woman, unlike you.”

Well, they sure had pleasant fucking her.  Every time one of them came, she would yell for me to hurry over & lick out her cum-filled snatch.  I had to show her the cum I sucked from her smoking hot pussy, opening wide & all full.  Then she made me swallow it.  Once she asked me to donate some to her & I leaned up & kissed her, forcing all that hot load of cum into her greedy mouth.  She slurped it down hungrily, mentioning how satisfactory it all tasted. She then told me to go back to my chair & obtain ready for more. Sure enough, there was ample cum in my future. I know I drank far more than I ever had before.

But in the end, they surprised both me & her as they wanted me to jerk off in front of my own wife’s open mouth till I cum. I was delighted, frankly, as this was unquestionably something new.  They picked her up & carried her over to me, put her on her knees & asked her open her mouth, controlling the action as I jerked my raging complex 3 inch cock. Meanwhile, one of the guys said something in her ear, & at this point her face expressed astonishing delight, she obviously enjoyed what he told her. It didn’t take long before I came in a huge passionate rush.  As she took my cum in, she raised herself & rose to kiss me.  Opening my mouth, she forced all my cum right back into the source – me.  I gulped down my own cum while the guys watched, fascinated by all this astonishing sexual humiliation.  It was as if they were watching a foreign film without subtitles, I could tell.

I had thought we were done & rose to take the guys back to the bar yet my wife would not have it. “Will anyone fuck me again?” she asked, her wide eyes longing for more. “Can I suck another dick?” They looked at each other, shrugged, & came close again. This evening lasted until the wee hours. When they finished she was all literally covered with fresh warm cum, her tits, her pussy, her belly, every tiny inch of her body. The guys put on their clothes & left, I slowly came to my gorgeous wife & hugged, & kissed her. Then she said: “I can’t wait until the next time we see these guys.”  It’s all my wife & me has been talking approximately today. She wants to go back to the club some time this week. I guess we will.