When I was new to this site I enjoyed seeing other mens’ wives posted in the chat room. A man sent me a private message & asked me if I had photos of my wife. I told him i did, in fact, yet was *** to post her in a public forum. At that time I wasn’t aware I could post them in private for him. He suggested we go to a messenger site where I could post the pix for him in private. I added him to my list of contacts & began showing him erotic photos of my wife, Vicki. After showing him several revealing pix of Vicki he suggested I go back to the Cuckoldplace chat room.

Upon returning to the chat room, I was dismayed that he had posted my wife in the chat room for all to see! I obviously was naive not knowing someone could upload my pix into their own file. I was furious that this man would do this to me! However, after seeing my wife posted for all those horny guys to see, including her FACE, I realized that I had a strangely intense feeling of arousal that my wife was exposed for other men to see. I began to masturbate as I looked at Vicki repeatedly being posted with a few lurid comments from others. 

It was at that moment I realized I was a cuckold & enjoyed itmy wife being exposed for other men!

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Hot Wife Stories: Spice up our family life Part II

We left home around 5pm, getting to the motel & taking some time to unpack the overnight bags. When Tony went in to take a shower I slipped back to the car to obtain my “special bag” for the evening. As he exited the bathroom he found me standing in nothing yet a kick-ass pair of stiletto heels, black, thigh high stockings & a skimpy g-string. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a look on my husband’s face, yet it was all radiating from approval. I gave my best sexy walk over to him, & since he was nude already, I could see his cock starting to grow from excitement. I led him to the straight back wooden chair, told him to sit down & then eagerly handcuffed his wrists behind him as well as binding his ankles. At first he looked very confused, & then asked me where I had gotten handcuffs from, I just said, “Shhhh,” & continued the captivity.

Walking back & forth in front of him, letting my ass jiggle just enough & my large breasts sway to tease him, I began explaining how the past 19 months had been all approximately him, him, him, his work, his schedule, his thoughts, his stories, his life, & nothing included me, so today, today was going to be MY day, whether he liked it or not. I proceeded to tell him that I would be in charge, he would call me ma’am, ask no questions, throw no rage my direction, & just accept the fact that he was now a cuckold. Before he could utter a response, there was a knock on the motel room door. I stood back as I opened it, just in case it would be housekeeping or something, yet it was Butch, right on time & looking extremely excited.

As he walked into the room & took off his coat, the rest of his clothing followed, he was wasting no time, maybe thinking I would alter my mind, or maybe just because of his horniness that’s been building all week long. Tony was getting furious, his face was red & the huge vein on his temple was bulging, as he started to open his mouth to put up a fight, I greeted him with my fingers over his lips & said, “Remember dear, you’re a cuckold, you have nothing to say.”

Butch immediately dropped to his knees & began to lick my slit that was already extremely creamy, my clit grew quickly against his tongue & my breathing told me that this would be a day I would never forget. After two orgasms from his oral stimulation, I noticed his dick couldn’t possibly obtain any harder, the skin was stretched tightly. I laid back across the bed, lifting my legs high into the air, making sure we were turned in a way that Tony would see every thrusting motion we made against one another. I was surprised by Butch’s endurance, giving how long he’d waited for this, he was going to do it right.

When he buried his face in my shoulder & his body began to tremble, I knew his orgasm was approaching quickly. He pulled out of me just enough to spew my vaginal lips with his salty cum, up my belly & across my tits were covered as well. There must have been a gallon of spunk! He rolled over, trying to catch his breath as I was doing the same. I lost count of how many times my orgasm ripped through me. As per our plans when he was composed, he didn’t say a word to me or to Tony, just softly placed a kiss on my lips, received dressed & left. I turned towards my husband & his face looked drawn, disappointed & humiliated, yet his cock told me how he was really feeling. I received up & walked over to his chair, unlocking the cuffs, & untying the binds on his ankles. I expected him to lurch at me with anger, yet instead, he just sat. So, I brought the finishing touch of my plan in. I again laid back on the bed & told him that as my cuckold husband, he would service me & do the clean up duties. He stood up & walked to the bed, bending over his mouth gobbled up the now cold cum from my tits, belly & smooth vaginal mound, from there he parted my swollen lips & ate the creampie remnants of my cuckold experience.

We never spoke approximately what happened the rest of the day, & I never did let him cum, all a part of my plan. What he didn’t know was this was not going to be our first time of him being humiliated & me being pleasured.

Hot Wife Stories: Spice up our family life Part I

To say my marriage had gotten stale wouldn’t really be the truth, the fact is, my husband works a lot out of town, so we haven’t really been together enough to be in a rut. I knew before we said our vows approximately 19 months before what his job was & how it took him away from home, yet that was before I received laid off, now, I’m home, alone all of the time & needing him closer by.  Ok, maybe I should start out by introducing myself, my name is Jess, my husbands name is Tony, & like I said, we’ve been married a bit over a year & a half. My company was downsized & in the process, my job was outsourced, so that means the house has never been cleaner, the meals never been better & the boredom never been stronger. When he comes home on weekends he’s tired, I’m not, I’m ready to talk & to play, yet he’d rather just stretch out on the sofa & relax, telling me how complex his week has been & he just needs some rest & relaxation. So, for the past few weekends I’ve tried everything to obtain him to show some liveliness, nothing works.

Since I don’t have companionship basically, I spend a lot of time on the internet, going through this site & that one, trying to find something to occupy my time. At first it was recipes & crafts, & then for the past month or so, my interest has flowed into the field of porn sites, a lot of stories, pictures, videos, etc. I never realized how horny I was until I saw how much sex everyone else in the world is having. Tony always said that was the first thing that drew him to me, my beauty. I’m tall, 5’10”, & I have a lot of curves & full, massive tits that fill my 34D bra nicely. When we shared our first dance as a married couple he whispered in my ear how much it turned him on to know everyone in the room was staring & wanting his hot wife, yet that I belonged only to him now.

One afternoon I was particularly aroused after watching a few stimulating video clips & I brought my vibrator in from where I keep it hidden in my panty drawer. I sat back in my over stuffed desk chair, totally naked & I began to fantasize approximately the kinkiest & most wild thing that would come to my mind. A story I had read a few weeks ago kept infiltrating my thoughts, it was approximately a , really making him sit & watch, they called him a cuckold husband, & that really turned me on.

Closing my eyes & letting my imagination run wild, I had the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever felt, bar none, & I knew it was something I could actually do. I’ve always had a Dominant side to me, which made me perfect for the corporate world, & why not transfer my desires to my sexual life, my husband needs to be shown what happens when you leave a hot wife alone for too long.

I found myself dialing the phone, calling Butch, a man that I use to work with who always lusted after me, begging me to slip off to some “no-tell” motel with him, promising that he had enough in his pants to make me more than pleased that I came. When he answered the phone, I froze, & then finally I started talking, telling him how I was just thinking approximately the ol’ gang at work & thought I would check in to see how he was doing. Of course it only took approximately 4 minutes before his part of the conversation roamed to the area of sex. I told him as a matter of fact I’d been feeling very aroused lately & I wanted to “play a trick” on my husband, just to teach him a lesson. Of course Butch had a reply that didn’t surprise me, not coming from him, he said, “I don’t care who watches us fuck, just so I can finally fuck you.” So, we set up a plan for that Saturday night, & then hung up. I remained wet & creamy all week long, all I could think approximately was having sex with someone new, & all of it unfolding before my husband’s eyes.

When Tony received home Friday afternoon & assumed his usual horizontal position on the sofa, I sat down & explained that I had made reservations at a motel on the outskirts of town for the following night, I thought we needed a night away & it was non-refundable, so he was coming. He tried to put up a fight, yet nothing was going to stop my plans, it was all too close to happening now…

Hot Wife Stories: Humiliation and Lust

The passion has always burned strong inside of me, for as long as I can remember I’ve had this desire to control a man in ways that may not be the normal for most, yet for me, it was the most natural feeling in the world. I tried to obtain passed it, yet when I heard Trent ask me on that Autumn night, “Sandy, would you be my wife?” I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more at that moment. But then, as the months drug by so slowly, I could feel myself withdrawing from him in ways that he couldn’t understand. I tried to explain that I wanted to remain married to him, because no one else would provide the financial lifestyle I had grown accustom to, & I knew how much he enjoyed going to his fancy work parties & having a hot wife on his arm, so that part worked out beautifully for both of us, yet that is where the mutual satisfaction ended.

I wanted a cuckold husband, nothing more, nothing less. I couldn’t imagine myself crawling into our king sized bed each night & pretending that his touch did anything for me, because it didn’t. What I wanted was to share my body with another lover, to feel his hands sliding up & down my petite waist, feeling the softness of my skin while my breasts rested in the palm of his hands perfectly. I wanted a lover that I could flaunt in front of my cuckold husband, to let him know that he never brought me any sexual satisfaction, instead, it was the act of sucking & fucking in front of him with another man that excited me more than anything.

My words flowed through Trent’s mind, yet I wasn’t sure he really understood what I was saying, so I decided actions should speak louder than words.

He received home at the normal time, & as I stood in front of the window, looking at nature budding to life in the Spring season he had nothing to say when he came through the front door. I looked at him, though to myself how pathetic he seemed to be & how much I wanted to drive the point home that he was a cuckold, & if he wanted to keep me as his hot wife, he would always be only a cuckold. When he sat down on the sofa to go through the day’s mail, I slipped my blouse off, standing in front of the window with my huge breasts exposed, my jeans clinging tightly to my lean hips & my long hair flowing across my shoulders I could almost see the spark in his eyes, he was thinking I began to obtain naked for him, yet how wrong he was. With the slam of a cab’s car door & the ring of the doorbell I greeted my lover in an already aroused state.

I walked him by the hand into the living room, & told him to pay no attention to Trent, he was just my & he would be nothing more than a spectator to our sexual endeavor. Since Adam was already complex as a rock, he didn’t rebuttal in any way except to unzip his jeans & allow my hands to wander inside, to unleash his throbbing cock. Trent sat with his eyes fixated on my every action, his jaw slightly dropped yet not uttering a word. I lowered myself to the carpet & opened my mouth, applying my oral skills to Adam, sucking in his thick & might inches with a frenzy like I had never shown to Trent. I couldn’t resist yet to make eye contact with him, I wanted to see the on his face & it greeted me with such an excitement, it’s as if it instilled power into the plunges I made to Adam’s cock. His hand wrapped through my long hair as he fed my face faster & I could tell the load was churning in his balls.

I stood up, slipped out of my jeans & then stretched across the loveseat, hiking my tight, sweet ass high into the air for him to take me, I wanted to be sure I was facing Trent, I didn’t want to miss one expression on his cuckold face, that was what would drive me into the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. My tits flipped & jiggled as Adam drove every inch deep into my already cream coated vaginal area, he plunged & thrust with a fury, as if it were driving him with desire as well to know we were being watched by the man wearing a matching wedding band to my own. I couldn’t hold back as my own orgasm was approaching & I found myself screaming things such as, “Watch us fuck, you’re nothing yet a cuckold!” “You could never satisfy me this way, I feel like a real woman now!” And then the explosion erupted over Adam’s dick, my juices sprayed with force & encased his erection. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, & they were tighter & tighter, & I knew it wouldn’t be long before his own spurting streams of cum would be filling my belly with total relinquish.

Adam pulled my hair hard, & as his hips lunged forward, driving his salty spunk deep inside of me, the look of disbelief still showered across Trent’s face. We both collapsed across the loveseat, our bodies heaving as we tried to catch our breath, to regain composure.

As Adam pulled his now flaccid cock from my pussy he slowly began to obtain dressed, telling me that he had a job interview that he would be late for, yet that he would call me later. I stood up on shaky legs & struck a bit of a pose in front of Trent, as if one more way to flaunt my accomplishment before reaching my fingers down to slide the mixture of our juices across my digits, & then I walked to Trent, rubbed my fingers under his nostrils & told him that a cuckold deserves to smell the scent of his hot wife & her lover. He just looked at me. I then demanded his wallet, after all, it was only fitting that he should pay for Adam’s cab fare back to town.