I suppose this is the inevitable end our long story. Somewhere deep inside I knew it would end this way

My wife had cuckolded me almost two years ago. Oddly enough, it had been me who initiated it. I shared with her my fantasy of watching her having sex with other men. She was only a little surprised, more that I was willing to admit to this bit of kinkiness more than the the idea itself. She told me tat she was more than willing to make this fantasy a reality. I asked her what she had in mind. She told me that I was to just do as I was told & not to question her.

The next few weeks were a blur of sexual activity. Almost every night I was bound & forced to watch as my wife engaged in every perverse act imaginable with complete strangers. Every one of her orifaces was penetrated as I was made to watch. Penis after penis penetrated her. She eagerly received their semen in her mouth, on her breasts, & in her pussy. Often I was forced to lick the residue of her lovers from her before she slept. Masturbation was my only release. This was only allowed when she gave her consent, usually while she & her lovers watched.

Now the weeks & months have past. I am just an observer, a bit of sexual excitement for my wife & her lovers as they explore the limits of their debauchery. Her latest man is a surgeon. His will dominates my wife’s thinking. She accepts his suggestions without question. Perhaps I am under his spell, as well. I do not know anymore. My existence seems to be defined by the sexual fantasies of my wife & her lovers.

The surgeon has proposed that they castrate me. My testicles are to be a delicacy accompanied by a before dinner aperitif. I will be shaved. Then he will donate me a local anesthetic & perform a double orchidectomy. Incisions will be be made in my lower abdominal & my testicles pulled up by their connecting tubes. A quick snip on each inguinal tube & I will be castrated. To celebrate, they will sauté my testicles in a white wine sauce & enjoy them as a first course.

My wife has asked for my consent for this end to my manhood. I have not yet replied, yet the answer is inevitable.

Swinging Party Cuckold

By the time Elise & her husband had arrived at the party, there were already eight other couples there. No sooner than Elisa was in the door, she’d turned to her husband & commanded him to strip naked. As he stood there, bare as the day he was born, Elisa took her time accepting a glass of wine. We all watched them, amazed & curious. Finally settled, Elisa clearly her voice & proclaimed, “This is my husband. Take a look at his dick, & you’ll see that it’s encased in a cage. This is because he’s my cuckold. He’s here to participate in the party, yet he won’t be allowed to fuck or cum.” Some of the women looked at Elise’s husband dubiously, yet she quickly shushed them.
“Don’t worry, ladies,” she said. “Despite his restrictions, he will have no problem serving you & bringing you tremendous pleasure. He has a skillful tongue, & there have been nights when he’s used it on me for hours at a time. I can’t tell you how many times he’s eaten my pussy all night long. I beg of you, don’t hesitate from asking something of him, because he’s been trained to do as you command.”
The ladies all nodded, & it was clear that their pussies were getting wet in anticipation. The thought of using this man as they pleased, without having to worry approximately his satisfaction? What a delight!
Next, Elise turned to the men of the room. “You, gentlemen,” she started. “Feel free to use my worthless husband, too. He’s been trained to serve you just as well as the ladies. He does wonders as a fluff, & whenever you find yourself in need of clean-up, he’ll be pleased to use his mouth to rid your cocks of cum. Believe me when I tell you, this slut just can’t obtain enough of your jizz!”
It was with these words that all the guests nodded their heads, pleased to know that they had a lovely cuckold that would see to their needs. One man wasted no time, approaching Elise’s husband & unzipping his pants. He grabbed the cuckold by the hair & brought his lips to his complex cock. Elise smiled as she watched her husband donate this stranger a blowjob, sucking & licking while the party around them received louder & louder.
Over the course of the night, that cuck used his mouth to lick pussy, cock & cum. He brought the girls to orgasm, made the guys shoot complex & ensured that everyone was nice & clean before they left. By the end of the evening, everyone had agreed that this swingers’ party was the best ever, & it was all in thanks to Elise’s servant husband.

I paid Diane and lovers hotel bill

This might not be the dirtiest story around, yet it’s certainly one that gets me rock-hard every time I think approximately it. Best of all, it’s 100% true.
I was once married to a woman named Diane. She was my first wife, & she was regularly fucking my former best friend, Dicker. Even moving away for a few years didn’t keep them apart, because they always found ways to hook up. One day, Diane told me that they’d be getting together for the weekend. She said it was my responsibility to book a room for them, pay for it & obtain Diane some gas money for Dicker. Of course, I obeyed.
The afternoon of their encounter, I drove Diane to the train station so she could meet up with Dicker. She looked stunning in her short leather skirt, dark stockings & stilettos. She looked like a high-priced prostitute ready to obtain it on with her john. She received on the train & took a window seat. It was only minutes after that a handsome, young, fit soldier sat beside her. Later, Diane would tell me that he’d purchased her several drinks & kept her pussy warm with his fingers. She said that she spent the entire weekend with Dicker’s huge, throbbing cock inside her willing cunt.
On Sunday morning – the day she was to return from her “trip” – the two woke up to find that Dicker’s car was gone from the parking lot of the hotel. They called the police & gave them their statements, then Diane called me to tell me that I’d be arranging for her to stay with her lover for another night. She had me send enough money to cover the room, their meals & even a night at the bar. Again, I did what I was told to do.
When Diane finally returned home, she told me all approximately what she did with Dicker. She told me what he did to her & how much she liked it. She went into tremendous detail approximately how many times he made her cum & how he did it. A few days later, I received the idea that I should do a little digging. I pulled up the phone number for the hotel they were staying at & called, pretending to be Dicker’s insurance company. I have to admit I became hugely aroused when I was able to confirm with the front desk that my wife, Mrs. Jones, & Dickers stayed at the hotel for three nights, with all expenses being paid by credit card – by Mr. Jones! The receptionist made no attempt to disguise her voice as she pieced everything together, & I could feel my cock straining against my pants. I was so turned on by talking to the receptionist that I ended up calling several times, always pretending to be the insurance adjuster & always asking approximately how the room was paid for. Some of the receptionists didn’t connect the dots between who stayed & who paid, yet whenever I received one who did, my dick received so hard. I talked to the same receptionist as the first time a few times, & she always seemed so shocked whenever she looked up the account & saw that the wife of Mrs. Jones was paying for a room for her & another man!
Eventually, I think they caught on to the fact that I wasn’t with the insurance company. I say this because one time I called, & I was told never to call again or they’d contact the authorities. That unquestionably turned me on more than any previous conversation!
I don’t know who pays for Diane’s weekend getaways these days, yet I know I’d do it again in a heartbeat if she ever asked.

Faggot show

You were asleep, yet now you’re awake. You look around, confused. You are on your hands & knees, & there’s rope binding your wrists to your ankles.
There’s a bright light shining on you, & just beyond the brightness, you can see people. There are women, & they are leaning into each other, whispering in excited tones.
You tremble a bit as a woman comes near you. She stands before you, & it’s as if your head is being held down. You can’t move your neck, so all you can see are her heels. She slaps you once, hard, across the face. Then she does it again. You can hear the audience, all those women, talking in the background. They are calling you names like cocksucker & fag. The woman before you, she straddles your head & you’re defenseless. There’s warmness on you, & you realize that she’s taking a piss, soaking your hair & face with her urine. You still can’t move, & the women around you are egging her on, calling & shouting filth in your direction.
The rope around your neck tightens as she pulls on it. She makes her away around you until she’s behind you. Your head is pushed roughly to the floor until your ass is high & exposed. There’s a dildo at your backside, & she pushes it in relentlessly, fucking your ass. She pushes you onto your side & then onto your back. She’s received the dildo at your mouth now, & she’s trying to force it in. You won’t open your mouth, so she slaps you. You still won’t open, & as the women jeer & cheer, she slaps you again & again until she can obtain the fake cock down your throat. It feels like your head is spinning, & when the bright light shifts, you can see a man nearby. He’s sitting on the floor, completely naked & with this huge boner sticking out from his lap. The woman’s hands are strong when she pulls you over to him. The woman who surround you are getting louder, & you know something is approximately to happen.
When the woman pulls on your hair, it’s to slap you over & over again until you see stars before your eyes. The dildo is gone from your mouth, & in its place is this man’s huge rod. She uses her hold on the rope around your neck to obtain you to open your mouth, & as shortly as she’s able, she pushed your head down until your lips are wrapped around this massive erection. She pushed your head up & down for several minutes, forcing you to orally fuck the dick. You can’t wait for this to be over, yet deep inside, you know that this is only the beginning. It seems like forever, yet in truth has only been an hour, that she maneuvers your head & makes you lick his balls, asshole & cock. Finally, he cums & his liquid spills all over your face. She uses her fingers to push his seed into your mouth so you can eat it. From your right, you can see another man coming over. Your body is rolled over again, & you hear the women of the audience getting louder with excitement. The man’s asshole is now above your mouth, & he’s rubbing himself all over your cum-dirtied face.