I suppose this is the inevitable end our long story. Somewhere deep inside I knew it would end this way

My wife had cuckolded me almost two years ago. Oddly enough, it had been me who initiated it. I shared with her my fantasy of watching her having sex with other men. She was only a little surprised, more that I was willing to admit to this bit of kinkiness more than the the idea itself. She told me tat she was more than willing to make this fantasy a reality. I asked her what she had in mind. She told me that I was to just do as I was told and not to question her.

The next few weeks were a blur of sexual activity. Almost every night I was bound and forced to watch as my wife engaged in every perverse act imaginable with complete strangers. Every one of her orifaces was penetrated as I was made to watch. Penis after penis penetrated her. She eagerly received their semen in her mouth, on her breasts, and in her pussy. Often I was forced to lick the residue of her lovers from her before she slept. Masturbation was my only release. This was only allowed when she gave her consent, usually while she and her lovers watched.

Now the weeks and months have past. I am just an observer, a bit of sexual excitement for my wife and her lovers as they explore the limits of their debauchery. Her latest man is a surgeon. His will dominates my wife’s thinking. She accepts his suggestions without question. Perhaps I am under his spell, as well. I do not know anymore. My existence seems to be defined by the sexual fantasies of my wife and her lovers.

The surgeon has proposed that they castrate me. My testicles are to be a delicacy accompanied by a before dinner aperitif. I will be shaved. Then he will give me a local anesthetic and perform a double orchidectomy. Incisions will be be made in my lower abdominal and my testicles pulled up by their connecting tubes. A quick snip on each inguinal tube and I will be castrated. To celebrate, they will sauté my testicles in a white wine sauce and enjoy them as a first course.

My wife has asked for my consent for this end to my manhood. I have not yet replied, but the answer is inevitable.