Faggot show

You were asleep, but now you’re awake. You look around, confused. You are on your hands and knees, and there’s rope binding your wrists to your ankles.
There’s a bright light shining on you, and just beyond the brightness, you can see people. There are women, and they are leaning into each other, whispering in excited tones.
You tremble a bit as a woman comes near you. She stands before you, and it’s as if your head is being held down. You can’t move your neck, so all you can see are her heels. She slaps you once, hard, across the face. Then she does it again. You can hear the audience, all those women, talking in the background. They are calling you names like cocksucker and fag. The woman before you, she straddles your head and you’re defenseless. There’s warmness on you, and you realize that she’s taking a piss, soaking your hair and face with her urine. You still can’t move, and the women around you are egging her on, calling and shouting filth in your direction.
The rope around your neck tightens as she pulls on it. She makes her away around you until she’s behind you. Your head is pushed roughly to the floor until your ass is high and exposed. There’s a dildo at your backside, and she pushes it in relentlessly, fucking your ass. She pushes you onto your side and then onto your back. She’s got the dildo at your mouth now, and she’s trying to force it in. You won’t open your mouth, so she slaps you. You still won’t open, and as the women jeer and cheer, she slaps you again and again until she can get the fake cock down your throat. It feels like your head is spinning, and when the bright light shifts, you can see a man nearby. He’s sitting on the floor, completely naked and with this huge boner sticking out from his lap. The woman’s hands are strong when she pulls you over to him. The woman who surround you are getting louder, and you know something is about to happen.
When the woman pulls on your hair, it’s to slap you over and over again until you see stars before your eyes. The dildo is gone from your mouth, and in its place is this man’s huge rod. She uses her hold on the rope around your neck to get you to open your mouth, and as soon as she’s able, she pushed your head down until your lips are wrapped around this massive erection. She pushed your head up and down for several minutes, forcing you to orally fuck the dick. You can’t wait for this to be over, but deep inside, you know that this is only the beginning. It seems like forever, but in truth has only been an hour, that she maneuvers your head and makes you lick his balls, asshole and cock. Finally, he cums and his liquid spills all over your face. She uses her fingers to push his seed into your mouth so you can eat it. From your right, you can see another man coming over. Your body is rolled over again, and you hear the women of the audience getting louder with excitement. The man’s asshole is now above your mouth, and he’s rubbing himself all over your cum-dirtied face.