Hot Wife Stories: Spice up our family life Part I

To say my marriage had gotten stale wouldn’t really be the truth, the fact is, my husband works a lot out of town, so we haven’t really been together enough to be in a rut. I knew before we said our vows approximately 19 months before what his job was & how it took him away from home, yet that was before I received laid off, now, I’m home, alone all of the time & needing him closer by.  Ok, maybe I should start out by introducing myself, my name is Jess, my husbands name is Tony, & like I said, we’ve been married a bit over a year & a half. My company was downsized & in the process, my job was outsourced, so that means the house has never been cleaner, the meals never been better & the boredom never been stronger. When he comes home on weekends he’s tired, I’m not, I’m ready to talk & to play, yet he’d rather just stretch out on the sofa & relax, telling me how complex his week has been & he just needs some rest & relaxation. So, for the past few weekends I’ve tried everything to obtain him to show some liveliness, nothing works.

Since I don’t have companionship basically, I spend a lot of time on the internet, going through this site & that one, trying to find something to occupy my time. At first it was recipes & crafts, & then for the past month or so, my interest has flowed into the field of porn sites, a lot of stories, pictures, videos, etc. I never realized how horny I was until I saw how much sex everyone else in the world is having. Tony always said that was the first thing that drew him to me, my beauty. I’m tall, 5’10”, & I have a lot of curves & full, massive tits that fill my 34D bra nicely. When we shared our first dance as a married couple he whispered in my ear how much it turned him on to know everyone in the room was staring & wanting his hot wife, yet that I belonged only to him now.

One afternoon I was particularly aroused after watching a few stimulating video clips & I brought my vibrator in from where I keep it hidden in my panty drawer. I sat back in my over stuffed desk chair, totally naked & I began to fantasize approximately the kinkiest & most wild thing that would come to my mind. A story I had read a few weeks ago kept infiltrating my thoughts, it was approximately a , really making him sit & watch, they called him a cuckold husband, & that really turned me on.

Closing my eyes & letting my imagination run wild, I had the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever felt, bar none, & I knew it was something I could actually do. I’ve always had a Dominant side to me, which made me perfect for the corporate world, & why not transfer my desires to my sexual life, my husband needs to be shown what happens when you leave a hot wife alone for too long.

I found myself dialing the phone, calling Butch, a man that I use to work with who always lusted after me, begging me to slip off to some “no-tell” motel with him, promising that he had enough in his pants to make me more than pleased that I came. When he answered the phone, I froze, & then finally I started talking, telling him how I was just thinking approximately the ol’ gang at work & thought I would check in to see how he was doing. Of course it only took approximately 4 minutes before his part of the conversation roamed to the area of sex. I told him as a matter of fact I’d been feeling very aroused lately & I wanted to “play a trick” on my husband, just to teach him a lesson. Of course Butch had a reply that didn’t surprise me, not coming from him, he said, “I don’t care who watches us fuck, just so I can finally fuck you.” So, we set up a plan for that Saturday night, & then hung up. I remained wet & creamy all week long, all I could think approximately was having sex with someone new, & all of it unfolding before my husband’s eyes.

When Tony received home Friday afternoon & assumed his usual horizontal position on the sofa, I sat down & explained that I had made reservations at a motel on the outskirts of town for the following night, I thought we needed a night away & it was non-refundable, so he was coming. He tried to put up a fight, yet nothing was going to stop my plans, it was all too close to happening now…

Cuckold Stories: The Benefits of Social Networks

Working the late shift didn’t leave me a lot of personal time to do things in the normal daylight hours, so most everything I accomplished was done via online. Just like any red blooded male, whenever I logged on, I had to check out what the world of porn had to offer, what new strains of sexuality was out there being advertised & was it something that would fit the needs that I’ve felt for so very long. It’s complex to understand an itch that lies so beneath the surface that I’m not even sure what sort of title to donate it, & there’s no way I could ever talk to anyone else approximately it, where would I commence & what would they think of me. So, I kept things to myself. But one night I created a profile on Facebook hoping to find some people who share the same interests so we could talk & discuss various movies & sites of interests.

Never using my real name of, Benjamin, I came up with something I thought was catchy & created a profile, joined several groups, read what others wrote there & checked their profile pictures. I closed the lid on my laptop & never realized what a journey these past few minutes had created for me. The next morning, over a cup of coffee I logged back on to Facebook & much to my surprise I had three messages! The first two were pretty much what I would call a standard response, “I like your profile, would you like to chat?” Yeah, ok, I won’t delete, I may be desperate one day, yet it was the third that really grabbed me in areas that have never felt so stimulated. Her reply was this; “You are a worthless cuckold, you don’t deserve to have any say over your own body, & you certainly should never orgasm unless you’ve been given permission. Your only place in this world should be at my feet, catering to my needs.” I must have read this reply a hundred times before I went browsing the internet trying to find out more approximately the whole cuckold thing. I somehow ended up on website with many site reviews & after reading a bit more & checking the sites it finally seeped into my mind that the woman from facebook was exactly right, it was like she looked into my soul & found the person I’ve been ignoring, yes, I was a cuckold, finally, a name for it.

With my hands trembling I replied to the woman with a simple, “I’m a cuckold, at your command.” Within minutes she was back, she was again reaching inside of me & pulling forth the submissive side of my very being.

Her orders were easily understood, I didn’t question them & I certainly didn’t ignore them. The first thing I did was pick up the phone & call off work for the evening, I didn’t want anything to interrupt the plans she was making. I showered & left my apartment, driving 20+ miles to the address of the motel she gave me, I parked the car & waited in front of room 4 just like she said. About 5 minutes after this attractive woman opened the door, she would have been a hot wife for anyone, yet today she was going to be my ruler, I was going to succumb & be what she orders me to be.

I walked inside, shaking, nervous, excited & yes, hard. She pointed to a blank wall across from the king sized bed & ordered me to strip & stand in front of it. There was no hiding my erection, & she immediately noticed. Walking towards me with her long, auburn hair hanging loosely down the middle of her back, her stiletto heels cracking against the carpet with a thud that meant business, she looked me square in the eye & said, “Get as complex as you want, yet if I see one drop of pre-cum dripping from that pathetic dick, you will leave immediately!

The bathroom door opened & a naked man walked into the room, with a cock twice as large as mine he immediately took her in his arms & commence to passionately kiss her. I was confused for a moment, watching her be like this seductive kitten with him & yet be so extremely harsh with me, it was conflicting, yet it was moreover arousing. She dropped to her knees, sucking his manhood to the root, fondling his balls & then raking her long, red painted nails down the side of his bare hips. He lifted her, walked her backwards to the bed & laid her back, lifting her long legs high into the air, all I could really see was the point to her heels & the muscles in the cheeks of his ass as he thrust deeply into her vaginal area. He was fucking her with a fury like I’d never seen, & even though my own cock was more aroused than ever, I would not allow that first drop of shiny spunk to be released. I actually broke into a sexual sweat holding back from wanting to grab my dick & shoot my own load. As this male stranger’s motion quickened, I could tell he was close, I could see his testicles from behind pulling up tight & suddenly he jerked his dick free from her vice gripping vaginal walls, spurting his cum all over her thick, swollen outer lips, allowing it to drip down her slit & cover her ass cheeks as well.

Once she caught her breath she looked at me with the coldness back in her eyes, ordering me to obtain a hot cloth for her lover, & I did, quickly, not wanting to disappoint her in any way. This is what I have always wanted, I wanted to be a cuckold & I was determined to be the best I could. Handing him the wet towel, I went to step back into my place, yet instead she spread her thighs wider & ordered me to my knees, my job as her submissive cuckold was to know cleanse her with my mouth & tongue. I spent the next 30 minutes on my knees, licking up his cold cock juices, & I’ve never felt so satisfied in my life.