Cuckold Fiction: Cuckolded for Promotion

When I came home from work & told Julie that I had to go out of town for the weekend, a business trip, she looked a bit disgusted, yet then I mentioned she was welcome to join me, & we could unquestionably use the time away together, just quiet, romantic moments to share between us. She smiled again & jumped at the chance, telling me she would shop for a couple new dresses the next day & have our bags packed & ready by early Friday morning, that way no rush on getting to the airport on time. Even though Julie & I had been having some marital issues for quite some time, neither of us really brought it up, thinking if we didn’t mention it, it didn’t really exist, so this weekend would be a tremendous time to bring back our dating days & obtain a little wild.

As promised we were walking out our front door at 9am sharp, heading for the airport & then a couple of hours in the air would put us at our destination. My business was just an informal obtain together at the home of a man we were hoping to bring on board as one of our clients, he had money, a lot of it, & he was never selfish in rewarding those he thought was beneficial to him. So, on Saturday Julie would accompany me to the gala event & I was sure her beauty would sweep every man there off of their feet. Even though I loved what was inside of her, it was no secret that her outer beauty was the first thing to catch my attention. Her honey colored hair had a natural wave & curl to it that gave her the girl next door look, a few freckles splashed across the bridge of her nose & aqua colored eyes, unquestionably spoke volumes for her loveliness. From there it just continued with perfection, her waist was trim & curved in all the right places, her breasts were a desirable 34C, & she loved wearing bras with the nipples cut out, allowing her a bit of freedom while still having support was what she always said. Her legs were long, & her butt extremely tight, yes, I’d say I had myself on hot wife that most men would envy.

As our plane touched down we scrambled to obtain the carry on bags & then off to obtain the rest of our luggage. Mr. Spivey, the man we were trying to woo had sent a car for us, & even though we had made arrangements for a motel room, he insisted we stay at his mansion, a huge, sprawling estate that anyone could easily obtain lost in. For Julie & I, we were  bit disappointed because our plans had been for a bit of unruly actions over the next couple of days & now we felt as though we’ll have to tone down our plans.

Walking through the front door we were both in awe of our surroundings, everything was not only beautiful, yet polished, shining & looking as though it must have cost a fortune. My Spivey was there to greet us, & I noticed he was giving Julie some lingering looks, the sort that show the excitement in his eyes & I wasn’t sure just how I felt approximately that. Even though I call him, Mr. Spivey, he’s actually only approximately eight years older than Julie & I, so unquestionably young enough to strike a chord for her, if she had been that type of hot wife.

After dinner we went into one of the formal living rooms for a drink & conversation, we had agreed no business discussions until tomorrow’s meeting, so it was just a social evening. Music lightly filtered through the air & Mr. Spivey asked if I would mind him dancing with my wife, not if she’s alright with it was the only response I could think of, after all, we were trying to woo him. He held her close….very close, & I knew underneath her dress she wore a bra that left her nipples exposed, I could see how much they had hardened & wondered what she was thinking. Her breasts are extremely sensitive & many times over the past few years of marriage I’ve brought her to an explosive orgasm just by licking & sucking on her nipples. He pressed complex against her, I could see her eyes starting to look a bit glazed & her hips were grinding back against his own in a special rhythm. I began to shift on the sofa a bit, thinking I might ask to cut in, yet I didn’t want to offend him. Finally, after noticing his hands were wandering to the low cut of her back, then to the top of her tight ass, I decided to take back what belonged to me.

I stepped up to them both & lightly tapped him on the shoulder, smiling & said, “I think it’s my turn.” Much to my surprise his tone, expression & actions were completely different & he informed me that it would be Julie’s choice. I turned to my wife with a questioning look on my face, & all she could say was, “Ronnie dear, let me complete this dance & then we’ll have some time together.” So, feeling somewhat rejected & confused, I went back to the sofa & do my drink. That dance led into two more & then finally I saw them parting ways, he left the room & she came to sit next to me on the sofa. Her cheeks were flushed, was it from the exertion or the arousal? “Ronnie, I want to tell you something, & I want to make it quick, my mind is made up, so don’t try to alter it.” “You & I have been having issues for a long time, we both know it, & this is the first time in a long while that I’ve felt so excited & aroused, & I don’t want the feeling to stop. I’ve been whispering in Howard’s …err….Mr. Spivey’s ear that I could feel his throbbing huge cock pushing against me, & Ronnie, now I want to feel it inside of me.” With that she received up & left the room.

I sat with my mouth hanging open & wondering if that really happened. I took the last swallow of my drink & set out to find her. Going up the long staircase I could hear sounds from the room on the right, I opened the door & there was Julie, on the bed, on her knees & sucking his mammoth cock like a person that hasn’t had sex in years. Her jaws were stretched tightly around his width, she was forcing the inches into the back of her throat & all I could think was how she never went after my own dick with such passion. His hands were fondling, pulling, tugging & twisting her nipples & I could already see the clear pussy juices dripping down the inside of her thighs. She opened her eyes & saw me standing in the doorway, & pulling his cock from her lips she said, “Sit down, I want you to watch, that will turn me on.” At that moment I knew what it felt like to be a cuckold husband, & it happened so quickly, yet apparently it was something that Julie has been thinking of for a long time, she was too comfortable with it.

Mr. Spivey turned to look at me & through his complex breathing he uttered, “Ron, if you want my contract, which will mean a huge boost for you up the corporate ladder, you’ll not only let me fuck your hot wife, yet you’ll be a satisfactory cuckold & sit down like the lady said & watch us.” I don’t know if it was shock or selfishness, yet I did as he said. I sat in the huge overstuffed chair next to the bed, watching his many thick & pulsating inches driving deeper & deeper into her sweet pussy hole.

As promised, I did obtain the contract, I was promoted & once a month we go back to see Mr. Spivey, courtesy of his own private jet & I sit, like a satisfactory cuckold husband, watching him banging my wife with a fornicating fury.

Hot Wife Stories: Humiliation and Lust

The passion has always burned strong inside of me, for as long as I can remember I’ve had this desire to control a man in ways that may not be the normal for most, yet for me, it was the most natural feeling in the world. I tried to obtain passed it, yet when I heard Trent ask me on that Autumn night, “Sandy, would you be my wife?” I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more at that moment. But then, as the months drug by so slowly, I could feel myself withdrawing from him in ways that he couldn’t understand. I tried to explain that I wanted to remain married to him, because no one else would provide the financial lifestyle I had grown accustom to, & I knew how much he enjoyed going to his fancy work parties & having a hot wife on his arm, so that part worked out beautifully for both of us, yet that is where the mutual satisfaction ended.

I wanted a cuckold husband, nothing more, nothing less. I couldn’t imagine myself crawling into our king sized bed each night & pretending that his touch did anything for me, because it didn’t. What I wanted was to share my body with another lover, to feel his hands sliding up & down my petite waist, feeling the softness of my skin while my breasts rested in the palm of his hands perfectly. I wanted a lover that I could flaunt in front of my cuckold husband, to let him know that he never brought me any sexual satisfaction, instead, it was the act of sucking & fucking in front of him with another man that excited me more than anything.

My words flowed through Trent’s mind, yet I wasn’t sure he really understood what I was saying, so I decided actions should speak louder than words.

He received home at the normal time, & as I stood in front of the window, looking at nature budding to life in the Spring season he had nothing to say when he came through the front door. I looked at him, though to myself how pathetic he seemed to be & how much I wanted to drive the point home that he was a cuckold, & if he wanted to keep me as his hot wife, he would always be only a cuckold. When he sat down on the sofa to go through the day’s mail, I slipped my blouse off, standing in front of the window with my huge breasts exposed, my jeans clinging tightly to my lean hips & my long hair flowing across my shoulders I could almost see the spark in his eyes, he was thinking I began to obtain naked for him, yet how wrong he was. With the slam of a cab’s car door & the ring of the doorbell I greeted my lover in an already aroused state.

I walked him by the hand into the living room, & told him to pay no attention to Trent, he was just my & he would be nothing more than a spectator to our sexual endeavor. Since Adam was already complex as a rock, he didn’t rebuttal in any way except to unzip his jeans & allow my hands to wander inside, to unleash his throbbing cock. Trent sat with his eyes fixated on my every action, his jaw slightly dropped yet not uttering a word. I lowered myself to the carpet & opened my mouth, applying my oral skills to Adam, sucking in his thick & might inches with a frenzy like I had never shown to Trent. I couldn’t resist yet to make eye contact with him, I wanted to see the on his face & it greeted me with such an excitement, it’s as if it instilled power into the plunges I made to Adam’s cock. His hand wrapped through my long hair as he fed my face faster & I could tell the load was churning in his balls.

I stood up, slipped out of my jeans & then stretched across the loveseat, hiking my tight, sweet ass high into the air for him to take me, I wanted to be sure I was facing Trent, I didn’t want to miss one expression on his cuckold face, that was what would drive me into the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. My tits flipped & jiggled as Adam drove every inch deep into my already cream coated vaginal area, he plunged & thrust with a fury, as if it were driving him with desire as well to know we were being watched by the man wearing a matching wedding band to my own. I couldn’t hold back as my own orgasm was approaching & I found myself screaming things such as, “Watch us fuck, you’re nothing yet a cuckold!” “You could never satisfy me this way, I feel like a real woman now!” And then the explosion erupted over Adam’s dick, my juices sprayed with force & encased his erection. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, & they were tighter & tighter, & I knew it wouldn’t be long before his own spurting streams of cum would be filling my belly with total relinquish.

Adam pulled my hair hard, & as his hips lunged forward, driving his salty spunk deep inside of me, the look of disbelief still showered across Trent’s face. We both collapsed across the loveseat, our bodies heaving as we tried to catch our breath, to regain composure.

As Adam pulled his now flaccid cock from my pussy he slowly began to obtain dressed, telling me that he had a job interview that he would be late for, yet that he would call me later. I stood up on shaky legs & struck a bit of a pose in front of Trent, as if one more way to flaunt my accomplishment before reaching my fingers down to slide the mixture of our juices across my digits, & then I walked to Trent, rubbed my fingers under his nostrils & told him that a cuckold deserves to smell the scent of his hot wife & her lover. He just looked at me. I then demanded his wallet, after all, it was only fitting that he should pay for Adam’s cab fare back to town.

The Power of Being A Hot Wife

Daphne always knew her answer to wanting just what she wanted would be her hot looks. With her shapely, long legs & large, ample breasts, that would be her ticket to the financial freedom she desired. So what if her husband was only a toy & a ploy to obtain into the social circles she desired. He bought her the huge house on the hill, the huge rooms, the expensive furniture & supplied her with a long list of credit cards with no limits & a lifestyle that would suit her just fine. He saw her many sides when they were dating, he knew she could be a ruthless bitch when she wanted to be, yet he knew if he wanted to keep her, he would shut up & do whatever she said. He enjoyed having a hot wife like her, a trophy to sport around & show off to all of his predominant friends.

He worked long hours to keep her satisfied, after all, she wanted what he could donate her, yet not himself. He enjoyed their courting time, when she would coo into his ear & seduce him with her charms, yet only when she saw fit to play nice, otherwise, she just asked for money & then had the driver take her to the shops on the most expensive streets. After the lavish wedding & the last guest had left the reception, Stan wondered where his new bride had gone, he looked around the ball room, checked the hallways, yet no sign of her. He walked outside & heard sounds coming from the limo, still decorated with the “Just Married” sign & the pale blue streamers. He opened the back door to find his raven haired hot bride straddling the driver, riding his complex cock like he was a bronco she was trying to break. She stopped only long enough to order him behind the wheel, to turn the mirror so he wouldn’t miss one passion filled moment of her sexual interlude, & that is when he realized he was her cuckold husband & if he didn’t want to lose her, then he would obey.

Now, nearly three years after their wedding night, nothing has changed, he continues to work long hours to support her desires, & she continues to bring fuck partners home to flaunt in front of him. She has him service them both, to bring them drinks, & warm towels to clean them up once their orgasms have erupted. She forever humiliates him & degrades him in whatever manner she can come up with, whether that means sending pictures of herself with a lover, & of course Stan in the background watching to his law partners, or placing a personal ad in the local newspaper, with her name & picture, advertising for lovers, with notice that her cuckold husband will be forced into watching each sexual endeavor.

Sometimes she would just make him watch once the action started, yet many times it would be more than that. He knew that every Friday night at 8pm, he was to be at the door, awaiting the arrival of her newest partner, to open the door for him, take his coat & direct him to the bedroom. There she would be sprawled across the plush bed, with her thigh high stockings, tight clinging lingerie & of course those deadly high heels of hers, looking like a vision with her raven colored hair curling & framing her delicate features.

She was beautiful, there was no doubt approximately it, & she held such a spell over him, it was almost an honor at times for him to service her whims. In the corner, next to the foot of the bed was an uncomfortable straight back chair, what she would call his cuckold perch, & that was the spot he had to be, to view every touch of fingers, the sliding of tongues, & of course the penetration of passion.

Tonight Daphne was feeling extremely dirty, & she wanted to humiliate Stan as much as she could, just to drive her pleasure over the edge into a euphoria that none of them would ever forget. As her lover spread himself across the bed & began to suck on her hardened nipples she ordered Stan to remove his clothing, & as he quickly stripped she made it a point to degrade him for the small penis that he sported, ridiculing him in every way possible. As her passion grew so did the bitterness of her words, & then she gave him the ultimate command of stroking his worthless, cuckold cock while she would feel true sexual satisfaction. Taking his shrunken meat into his fingers he pulled & jerked to obtain the blood rushing & it did, his cock grew with the anticipation of trying to please Daphne. As her body was ravished by her lover & her long legs were placed over his shoulders, she turned to see that Stan did indeed have an erection. She plied him with pathetic commands, telling him of his worthlessness & it seemed the more she humiliated him, the harder he would get, yes, Stan had indeed become the perfect for her.

As her own orgasm was approaching she could tell that Stan was moreover close to shooting his submissive load across his belly, & she wasn’t approximately to let that happen, this was for her pleasure only, not his. She ordered him to stop jerking on his pitiful dick, & even though his rhythm stopped, the pained look across his face told her she was indeed torturing him. Her hips bounced with such force, as she & her lover exploded together in a mind blowing orgasm. With Stan’s erection still more than apparent, he’s now left with the task of being the

Chastity Device

As a longstanding cuckold, utterly subservient to my wife’s whims & desires, I have accepted my role & have learned that it will be the way of our sex life forever. She uses me at her whim – I am completely under her strictest control & there is nothing I can do approximately it. Recently, she has been using this on me she found at an adult store which only makes matters even more under her control. Obviously, she loves it. I am now under “chastity supervision”.

Now when I see her bring a man – or men – home with her to fuck in front of me & to carry on like a street whore, getting her sexual pleasure from strangers & guys from her (and, I hate admitting, from my) work, she grabs this new toy she found – a Male Chastity Device” – into which she basically locks my cock. So I am now cut off from masturbating while watching her fuck other men. Jerking off used to be a release for me – a way of sharing the experience, I guess – & certainly a “bone”, so to speak, where I could obtain off too. This seems almost cruel the way in which I am now this much more under the control of my total slut wife.

Now, when she brings men home, I sit & watch them make out, watch her obtain to her knees to bring out their cocks & donate the blowjobs she was always so resentful of giving me, it drives me nuts. She will see my pants rising with that ‘tentpole’ forming underneath the jeans & then go grab her chastity device. She will make me strip, a fairly compromising thing to do in front of her new lover, & stand before her, naked. Next, she will couple the clasps of the device around my cock with a snap, explaining what she’s doing to the guy. A few times they suggest other measures, too, caught up as they are in the humiliation of me along with the wife. Sometimes, I obtain tied up & doubled over, hogtied, & forced to face them, straining at my fetters & with a purely painful sensation as my cock fills with lust & gets itself trapped inside the device. It takes effortless breathing & some forced relaxation to keep my cock from really, really hurting. I try & control my own feelings as I watch them fucking & carrying on & it is not effortless at all.

Last night, I received myself all tied up into chastity belt when my hot wife brought home these two guys from the pub on some sexual impulse of hers. She had me go obtain drinks – which I did, of course – & then sit across from them as they began carrying on, making small talk with all sorts of sexual allusions. Then it began. One of the guys slipped his hand down her front with his arm around her & she let him. Watching, I was getting pretty infused with all the usual feelings & sensations I obtain when she surprises her guests by her serious flirtations in front of her husband – a mix of humilation & lust, I guess – when I saw her top slip down & a tit come out. One of the guys grabbed her tit & pawed at it & it was “on”. Soon she was topless, of course, & she received to her knees as they started taking off their clothing. She sat them both back down & began sucking them both off, going from one to the other, right in front of me. When she had them both as complex as rocks, she turned with both their cocks in her hands, stopped the proceedings & announced:

“Just a second. I want my husband to obtain ready.” & she told me to strip. I received out of my clothes & stood there. She grabbed her little chastity device, mentioning to the guys how I had been a “bad boy, just a useless sonofabitch” & that I was a miserable over. She mentioned she wanted me to watch as some real men fucked her like “a woman really needs.” But she moreover wanted me to suffer just a little more than usual. She snapped the chastity belt into place, trapping my cock.The guys watched, fascinated, & I could see it turned them on. Their cocks were throbbing hard, ready to fuck my wife senseless.

One of them said “Tie him up, Annette.” Oh, my, so she did. Bending me over at the weist, she hogtied me, looping the ropes underneath me & securing my wrists to the rope attached to my ankles as well. Then she turned me so I was watching them. Needless to say, I was helpless & it was painful, not only target=”_blank”>being tied yet with the device, as well, seeing as how this was all turning me on like mad.

Well, they fucked for hours. In fact, they even called a friend over who laughed when they told him what was going on & who had himself a surprised & gay old time mouth-fucking my hot wife while the other guys filled her other holes. She was in some outer realm herself as she received herself incredibly fucked, kicking her legs up, sucking cock like a street whore who could not obtain enough and, finally, wearing their cum all over her hot face. She smiled up at them, gratefully as the man juice dripped opff her cheeks & chin. She slurped it up greedily & swallowed it all.

When the guys packed up & left, she went to the shower, leaving me exactly where I was for almost an hour. Finally, she had mercy & came back in, purring & singing some romantic song under her breath. She undid my restraints, praising me for my compliance & telling me I “was doing better” as a I have to admit, it was quite some relief getting out of all that chastity devices she put me in & I must have jacked off for an hour & a half later, cumming nearly uncontrollably when I finally exploded. I “hit it” twice more before going to bed, too. That was one of the hottest nights ever.