Semen and the Seaman

It was Kevin’s choice to join the merchant navy- he must be one of the few Brit nationals on some of the boats he sails. He knew that I resented the time that he would spend away. I’m 22 and have what I consider to be a normal healthy appetite for sex. It’s just the way things are at this time of life. Kevin was older, in his early thirties, so perhaps sex wasn’t so urgent for him. Feeling a bit unloved I appreciate that I was easy prey for Kevin’s younger brother Euan. But the chemistry was there and Euan knew exactly what he wanted. He used to refer to his big brother as the ambition runt of the litter, someone moreover who didn’t think or act very macho. Euan was running his own business at 26 and was already being very successful. He told me calmly one day at this restaurant on the river, ‘I want to fuck you…and if you want that too, I can make Kevin accept things.’
I can’t easily explain the thrill of hearing such a raw but incisive proposal from a man. It was crude I know, but somehow sexier for all that. Do women like the idea of being fought over? I’d say that some do and that was what I felt now, that I was a prize, a discerning and demanding madam who looked on and made her choice. I was intrigued too by whether Euan could really pull that off, getting Kevin to stand aside so that his younger, sexier, and more successful brother could bed me. I decided to play what I thought was a teasing game with Euan. I said, ‘if you can make Kevin accept things, I’ll go with you.’
The next evening Euan took me out to a club and introduced me to a group of his friends, all sexy, swarthy, physical men and their adoring girlfriends. It was a very different scene and I felt very raunchy being there with Euan. One of them asked where my husband was, and feeling oh so turned on, I said in front of my partner, ‘my runt’s at sea right now’. The electric look of pleasure on Euan’s face was plain to see. He loved me being bitchy and we danced suggestively for the rest of the evening. I let him pet my sex, teasing and fingering. It was delicious and I wanted him to fuck me, but held out, saying that I had to have proof that he had made Kevin accept that he would handle all the servicing from now on.
The proof came in the form of an old fashioned letter three weeks later and after I’d driven myself crazy fantasizing about Euan and dating with him in the most audacious fashion. It was the most amazing letter ever, and penned my husband said, because he wanted me to have physical proof of how he felt. He apologised for choosing a selfish career, for utterly letting me down and asked me to go with his brother. It was a complete capitulation. ‘Euan’s better at this than I, I’m all mechanics and engineering, I’m terrible with people and crap with women. Euan has always wanted you and back at our wedding he told me he would take you off me if he had a chance. Going this way at least, I hope to keep some part in your life.’
I composed three, no four versions of the email that I sent back. One version was all pathos and soothing, but in the end I was screaming with frustration and wrote cruelly, ‘alright, good. I’ve always preferred Euan …but don’t think the fucking will be limited to whilst you’re away.’
Euan and I met at the pub that night and I wore a little black dress that clung to every contour. I was feeling very sexy indeed but still hadn’t quite believed what I was about to do. I showed Euan the letter over cold lagers and he chuckled. It was awfully cruel, awfully direct. He said that he’d taken a girlfriend off Kevin before, but the thing with me was serious and not a game. He had always wanted me. We didn’t stay long at the pub, going back to our house and taking malt whiskies up to the master bedroom.
‘Are you OK with this…’ he asked surprisingly sensitively as his hand went up beneath my dress and fondled my now bulging clitty.
‘Yes..’ I whispered, ‘remember, he’s the runt of the litter’.
It was an incredibly bitchy thing to say, but I couldn’t bear the thought of Euan losing his resolve now. I wanted direct and dirty sex. I wanted to cross the line, to do it and full on. I was so angry with Kevin for being such a weakling and so hungry for Euan, it blew me away. I lay back on the bed, in my stockings and suspenders, spread my legs and pulled open my sex lips so that Euan could see the moist interior as he dropped his pants. Euan took pics on his mobile phone and I knew where the triumphant snaps were going. It was just too bad, Kevin should have made an effort. He should have fought for me!
Euan’s member was immense- a weapon from a different gene pool. Can willies be so different within one family? He started to unwrap a sheath, but I stayed his hand. ‘No rubber’ I murmured, ‘I want you properly….’ He pushed his prick inside me, gradually, firmly, inevitably. It wasn’t a nervous jag, an urgent and furtive fuck, it was a considered conquest. To enjoy me full shaft, he hooked my legs up over his chunky shoulders and started to bury his manhood inside me. Each pump made me gasp and I panicked when I realised what a big prick could do. It could work my G spot so easily and so quickly that I would lose myself on this guy. Too late though… Euan was running the show.
‘How does it feel to be bitch?’ Euan asked, working his member inside me, causing the crown to glide back and over all the right places.
I was breathless…my heart was racing and the sensations in my head were incredible.
‘Its OK…I love it…I accept it’ I managed in short verbal spurts.
‘Was he ever good enough for you?’ Euan continued, his arrogant voice rasping with emotion.
‘No….not really’ I conceded.
The climax swamped me. One minute I was trying to be refined about this, to consider what Euan said, and the next I had lost it. My whole body shook and shuddered, and my nipples tingled.
‘For god’s sake, oh please, spunk me!’ I blurted.
Euan obliged. He obliged hungrily. I actually felt his balls tensing, felt them jolting against my bare buttocks and then there was the belch, belch, belch of semen into my cunt. It was delivered in vigorous bucks so that the seed gushed everywhere! I knew from nurse training days that you shouldn’t be able to feel that sort of thing. But I could! I could feel the insistent gush of his spunk, thick and ebullient, bursting inside me.

I was still gasping when Euan declared how much he had wanted that, and would crave me again and again! I was ecstatic, it was so hot and dirty. I took his phone and as best I could took a picture of his cock still wedged thick and muscular inside my sex. When it slid out I took more shots of my cum lathered sex and beads of semen on Euan’s slimy head. ‘Send it all…’ I suggested, ‘he needs to understand’.
It must have been three days later that I got an email from Kevin accepting that Euan and I were now an item. He admitted to wanking in the loo on the boat. He had wanked a lot he said and confided in some Phillipino ship mate who didn’t seem especially surprised that a nubile young wife should insist on such an arrangement. If the other guy was better hung and available….well. The language was as raw as the sea- it was matter of fact and I wrote back to him saying it was good that he had stood aside. He had to defer to Euan from now on. Arrogant though my lover was, he was cock of the nest now. ‘Don’t come home unless you’re ready for that’, I wrote icily.
Two months of the remaining voyage passed and I got lots of emails from Kevin. His dick must have been sore, because he was tossing off a lot. I insisted that he produce a pic showing that, one that I could show Euan. When he did that to order, I set up a camcorder and sent Kevin the short film showing how a man should fuck me. It must have completely flummoxed Kevin because when he came home, he said he would move out and live in a bedsit. Euan had won. My lover preferred it that way too and so I divorced Kevin on grounds of abandonment. He didn’t contest it. He couldn’t really, he had begged me to fuck with his brother.

Pearls and boots and not much more

You can’t watch yourself outside your body right, at least not without using some nifty video work. Obvious though this point seems I think it was at the seat of how shocking and arousing it was to watch Leo shafting my wife. Sure Sue and I had screwed some in our life but you are just too close in. You can’t concentrate on the entirety of the thing, just how horny and perfect it is. You get to the point where the sensations are too much and then you are shut in to your own orgasm. In a sense everything runs towards that one selfish, personal event, that sweet relief. When you are cuckolded you get all this differently. The sex isn’t just the petting and the pumping in the bedroom. It is the ritual thing too, something that might last days. You see it from outside as it were, looking in and if you’re bloody honest with yourself, you concede that someone else does it better with your missus than you do. You grudgingly concede that she is happier on his cock than yours.
If the trad lover gets lost in his orgasm then the cuckold gets lost in his emotions. He ponders just who he is and what he’s worth. It’s like going to the movies and not being allowed to leave when the plot of the film doesn’t go the way you wanted it. The truth is though you watch the film anyway. You need to come to terms with the voyeur thing, all those terrible doubts about your wife marrying down.
Sue was ready to go with Leo, I knew that. She pouted at him, made bigger efforts with her clothes if we went out to the pub together. She even asked me what I thought would get Leo stiff and I told her about his penchant for women in boots. So she wore a provocative high heeled pair and suggested that she was just cock teasing the guy, but we both knew that was a fib. I knew Leo of old, knew that he took women off other men. I’d seen the guy in the shower after one of our football matches- with what he packed in his pants, Sue would be utterly addicted to the man.
We were down the pub one afternoon and Sue mentioned that her watch battery had given out and that she needed to be on time to meet up with girlfriends later that night. Gallant Leo unclipped his Cartier chronograph from around his wrist and fixed it around hers. It looked chunky, chic and showy- like the man himself. Sue loved it and asked if she could keep it. The question wasn’t entirely in jest and Leo smiled and said yes, if she was his from now on. ‘OK’ she giggled and gave me this saucy look from beneath her auburn fringe, ‘you don’t mind do you Paul.’ I didn’t answer, just grinning stupidly. Leo took that as a no though, I really didn’t mind…just as long as I could help out some way.
We had the late afternoon to ourselves and as Leo’s place was just round the corner we went there. I could tell he wanted to test out his dominance and Sue wondered exactly what he would dare to do. She wondered whether I would cave in instantly, letting him fuck her because black guys are best. Her skin shivered with excitement. Leo gave the orders, there in the living room. ‘Take off the lady’s blouse and bra man…don’t make me fucking well have to tell you everything.’ I took her things off, I took down her short skirt, helped her step out of her thong and then she was left there, in the watch, the boots and a string of pearls about her throat, nothing more.
I watched Leo’s hand go to her sex. I watched his fingers hook inside her and heard her gasp. He gently drew her to him, in that way and they kissed eagerly. You don’t realise about physique until you see a close up comparison. Sue slim and petite and Leo big chested from the gym. He started to delve inside her, his thumb brushing her clitty and she responded pushing rhythmically against him. ‘Get my snake out man…come on!’ he snapped as though I was some sort of imbecile. I did as he said, I unzipped his fly and pulled out the throbbing, disgusting, engorged manhood that he tucked away down there. I drew Sue’s hand to it and she started to stroke the same, cooing her affection. The spontaneity of it, her lust for him utterly deflated me…in an instant!
‘Make him suck your cock’ Sue whispered. Another thunder bolt. Where did that come from?! Where did she mine those thoughts? We’d never talked like this. We’d never play acted. I thought shit, what have the other girls suggested to her- what did they get up to and recommend?
I was close too then and Leo did press my head down to his knob. I resisted for a second or two, appalled at the idea and yet intoxicated by the scent and the excitement.
‘Suck it man…’.
I took just the crown inside my mouth, the bare, quivering bulbous crown. It was bloody massive. I remember dribbling some spittle onto it, pretending that I would just lick that, across the surface. Leo grabbed my mane though and shoved his cock half shaft into my mouth, swearing that if I bit he would knock my head off. As I started to work his erection, they began to pet and snog, his big hands working across her erect nipples. She was watching me suck the guy and pushed my hair back so that she could things clearly.
‘You have complete control don’t you’ she murmured and kissed him again.
The scent and the taste was overwhelming right then. I could smell the expensive leather of Sue’s boots, smell her salty arousal at the thought of him and tasted the wild garlic of his member, working slowly, leisurely in and out of my mouth.
‘I want you…’ she whispered urgently to him, ‘I want you now.’
Leo disengaged from me- his tool dripping spittle. He lay back on the sofa and Sue straddled his member, opening her sex lips in the hope that somehow she would take him whole straight off. It seemed a vain hope, she was tiny by comparison, and practice would surely be required. Watching her lower herself onto him, hearing her wince as she accommodated the snake head, made me yelp. I couldn’t help it- I just made this noise. It didn’t stop her though, she pushed down onto it mid shaft and that brought her nipples to Leo’s mouth. He lapped them and she screamed. ‘Best get this over with babe’ he growled, and dragged her down onto him full shaft. The scream that Sue gave out would lift a roof…suffixed with ‘oh darling…’ as she painfully started to lance herself on his member. ‘No going back babe…let’s get you loosened up properly’ he said, pulling her down again and again on his tool.
I watched Leo’s big hands superintend her up and down, up and down. Now when she sank full shaft on him she ground there, wriggling her hips to sense the stretching girth of the guy. ‘I’m going to come…I can’t stop it’ she confessed, and Leo said, ‘sure..let it ride babe, you’ll learn to love it.’
That was it wasn’t it. You can’t see this if you’re doing it yourself. You can’t see the pert bottom rise and fall. You can’t appreciate the black leather of her boots against the coffee colour of his skin. You can’t watch her tits bounce like that, you can’t really see her eyes close and her mouth open as the orgasm sweeps over her. Sue threw back her head and groaned with the force of it, her buttocks spasming as she tried to siphon up any spunk that exploded out of that master member. When he growled through his own orgasm, pinning her to him, she arched her back, clenching onto him welcoming everything. ‘You hot fucking little vixen!’ he exclaimed, feeling his balls start to jolt. I could picture it, spunk exploding upwards, fountain like into her hot little sex and her muscles working to draw it in deeper. She wanted it right up inside her belly, washing around everywhere inside her. He seemed to shoot seed for minutes on end, jerking up into her. She was taking it proud now and glanced back at me as if to say, ‘look what I’m getting’.
I bloody loathed and loved it all at once. She was a different woman, a vamp, someone I had never known. It was as if she was the firework waiting for his match- she only needed the right man to be utterly different. ‘Keep spunking darling…fill my belly’ she begged and he obliged. His balls were still jerking away. It must have been a hell of a load because when she lifted off, her sex was dripping with the stuff. ‘Suck his cock again’ she ordered and I returned to my slimy ministrations, all the time my wife watching me dispassionately as I tasted her on him.
I’d read somewhere that cucks licked their wives out at this stage. But that wasn’t how Sue saw things. Only one thing went near her pussy. I had to take my pleasures indirectly, lathering her pleasure organ. Leo didn’t seem to mind, just as long as I sucked nice and kept him hard for her. Whilst I was giving head Sue smoked a cigarette and watched me, zipping and unzipping one of her boots so the sound played in my head. She was aroused you could see it. She touched her own sex, and licked her fingers afterwards.
Ready for more action Sue reached forward over the back of the sofa. The Cartier slipped down onto her wrist, her neck flushed puce red and she spread her legs for him. Like some bloody regal ocean liner he docked back inside her and started stroking away. It was easier this time, she was lubricated, stretched a fair bit too, and he took her vigorously from the off.
‘Will you tell those other babes that I’m fucking you now’ he asked gripping her hips and banging deep.
She nodded. Perhaps she had already told then what she fancied, what she wanted. This would just be a confirmation that it had happened. Would she say though, ‘oh and my hubby sucked his cock.’ I bloody well hoped not! What were the chances? She’d given in hadn’t she, become a slave to her pussy desires, decided to do anything to satiate that. The only thing mattered was that she got it again and again, deeper and deeper, harder and harder. He got her to the edge of her climax this time and held there, in suspension. His cock was shuddering inside her but he wasn’t stroking.
‘Take your fucking togs out of the lady’s wardrobe you hear man’ he gasped, using the moment to tease her crazily, gyrating with his hips.
‘Yes….of course’ I agreed.
Stroke, stroke, more teasing of my wife.
‘Just keep that fucking wiener willy of yours clear too, do you hear…Sue is mine, right?’
I nodded.
‘Say it man, so the lady can hear!’ he snarled.
‘Sue is yours Leo…she’s too fine for me’ I conceded.
‘Good …good man, that’s right. She’s hot for my cock. She’s Always looking for the best fuck’ he announced.
It must have been driving Sue mad, the imagery of it, his dirty words, the situation that we were in. ‘oh please darling’ she gasped.
Leo said ‘alright’ and they rode to another orgasm together.
I had a headache afterwards, a pounding great headache. It was too much. Sue admired her new watch again and then pulled up her thong. I went to the john before we left and couldn’t help but touch myself in there. It was a shock when Sue appeared immediately behind me, her eyes searching. Perhaps she thought that I would blow my top or something. When I didn’t, she reached forward and took my erection. ‘I’m going to bring you off’ she whispered in my ear, ‘and I’m going to do this whenever I want. If I tell you to get your dick out, you do that, do you hear?’
Well I did hear and it didn’t take a moment. I was ripe and she was deft.
‘There’s not much of it is there…’ she giggled as she milked me.
I couldn’t answer- I was in that other selfish place.
‘There will be less too over time…when you realise just how inadequate you really are.’
Put it away I thought, back in your pants and then walk Sue to the station where she would catch the train into town. We walked along silent at first and strange in each other’s company. Trust me, you’re not the same after that. You think any minute now and she will rescind the event, apologise for a wild fling. But she didn’t. She was playful like a kitten and began asking things.
‘What was it like watching him fuck me?’
I mumbled something about terrible and fantastic, there weren’t really words.
‘How long have you been wanting this to happen Paul’ she continued nonchalantly.
I lied saying no time at all, and we both knew the truth.
‘I want you to move to the spare bedroom OK, so that Leo can come round whenever he wants’ she ventured.
Another nod- I was speechless by now.

It was a chore moving clothes that night, moving out any photos of me so she could enjoy her lover in the master bedroom. One of her god awful bitchy little maiden friends got on Sue’s phone, rang me and laughed at what had happened. ‘You can speak to Adam..’ she said more earnestly, ‘get him to accept that I want better too.’ There was a pause, and then she added, ‘you’re pathetic!’
Sue didn’t make it home that night, she went to Leo’s and slept over. The next day they went up to London together and spent the day there, looking round trendy neighbourhoods. She came home mid evening, I cooked her dinner and then served her a brandy.
‘Do you want to lick me?’ she asked coquettishly.
I said I did, but she laughed and I had to make do with her boots. She just watched me lap away and everything was irreparably different.

Really Likes Him

I had invited a friend from work over for dinner one Friday night; my wife was wearing a stunning white silk blouse and no bra. Her tits are huge and they bounce and sway back and forth when she moves. My friend couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She was clearly loving the attention and openly flirted with him through out dinner. After dinner she started clearing away the dishes and he helped her bring some into the kitchen, they were doing the dishes together and my wife accidentally sprayed the water up on the front of her blouse. With the blouse soaked through he could clearly see everything and she didn’t do a thing to try to cover up. After a few minutes of this she said that maybe she should go change her top and they both walked past me into the living room. The lights were low in the living room and they sat next to each other on the couch. I later learned that my wife had opened the front of her blouse and my friend who had an arm around her had his other hand on her breast gently fondling them and squeezing them. Then my wife lifted up and pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties to one side. My friend stuck two fingers in her and she started moaning and squirming around on the couch. A few more minutes of this and she cried out that she was coming. She came right on his hands as he held her close.

She got up, glanced my way as she pulled her skirt back down and tried to pull her top closed. She held her blouse closed with on hand and with the other she pulled my friend towards our bedroom. Just before she led him into our room she looked back at me and just said “Dishes”. I nodded and watched them go into our room and close the door. I sat there wondering what I should do. I could hear them on the side of the door going at it and making out in our bed. I thought it may be easier on me if I wasn’t right there where I could here them so I went back into the kitchen and started doing the dishes. That plan seemed to work for a few minutes until he entered her and I could hear her cry out and moan and whimper as he pushed further into my wife. My hands were shaking and I was having a hard time holding the dishes but did my best. After a while, and a lot of noise they both quieted down a bit and I tip toed back over to the door of our room wondering what I should do now. I stood there for a while just thinking and then I softly knocked on the door. I heard my wife say “yes”. I opened the door and will never forget what I saw. They were both naked and they were cuddling, he had wrapped his arms around her and was gently holding and cuddling with her. I just stared, not knowing what to say. She looked up and asked if it was ok for him to stay the night. I just stammered, “Uh, Um well, I guess so”. And I left them alone like that. I went to the guest bedroom and tried to get some sleep but all I could think about was what I saw in my bed, how they lay there looking good together so natural. I didn’t sleep much.

I got up in the morning to go use the bathroom and as I was coming out I met my wife in the hall way. She looked a little concerned and asked if I was OK. I told her sure, I was fine. She said are you sure? Ya I’m fine. She reached down and took my hands in hers and they were trembling. She looked up at me and said are you sure because I ah, well. I asked what, what is it. She well, I think I like him. I said what; she said I think I like him. I asked how much. She just said, I think I really, really like him. I want to see him; you know I want to be seeing him. But I won’t if you are not OK with it. No, no, go on, its fine. She said really, I said ya, really. She walked with me back into the guest room and said that she was going to go wake him and that she was going to seduce him again. She asked if I wanted her to leave the door open. I said ya. She said are you sure, are you sure you will be OK, can you handle that alright. I said sure, leave the door open. I would like to see you two together. She just kinda looked at me a said Ok, but stay in here. The guest room is opposite the master bedroom down the hall, with both doors open you can look right into the room.

She walked back towards her lover in our bed and opened the door. She left it open and walked around to other side of the bed were he was. She looked me right in the eye and slid off the night gown she was wearing. It fell to the floor and there was my lovely wife naked in our room standing over her new lover. Another site I will never forget. She lowers her huge breast down to him and woke him with them. He smiled and took her tits in his hands and began squeezing them and sucking on them. I could see everything. She looked right into my eyes as he feasted on her enormous breast. She moved her head down and took his cock in her mouth and started to bob up and down sucking him in deeper and deeper. He was loving it and getting very hard; she looked up at him and said you cum in my mouth if you want.

He then lifted her up until her large breast hung over his face and started squeezing and sucking on them. She parted her legs and slid down until she was just over his cock. She looked me right in the eye as she slid down onto him and took a few inches at a time until he was all the way in. She started bucking and rocking up and down and throwing her head back and forth as he squeezed harder and harder on her breast. She looked at me again and started moaning and almost crying and when she started shaking I knew that she was Cumming on his cock. Soon after that he shoots his load right into her. I got up to take a shower while they snuggled together so that I could make them breakfast.