Semen and the Seaman

It was Kevin’s choice to join the merchant navy- he must be one of the few Brit nationals on some of the boats he sails. He knew that I resented the time that he would spend away. I’m 22 and have what I consider to be a normal healthy appetite for sex. It’s just the way things are at this time of life. Kevin was older, in his early thirties, so perhaps sex wasn’t so urgent for him. Feeling a bit unloved I appreciate that I was easy prey for Kevin’s younger brother Euan. But the chemistry was there and Euan knew exactly what he wanted. He used to refer to his big brother as the ambition runt of the litter, someone moreover who didn’t think or act very macho. Euan was running his own business at 26 and was already being very successful. He told me calmly one day at this restaurant on the river, ‘I want to fuck you…and if you want that too, I can make Kevin accept things.’
I can’t easily explain the thrill of hearing such a raw but incisive proposal from a man. It was crude I know, but somehow sexier for all that. Do women like the idea of being fought over? I’d say that some do and that was what I felt now, that I was a prize, a discerning and demanding madam who looked on and made her choice. I was intrigued too by whether Euan could really pull that off, getting Kevin to stand aside so that his younger, sexier, and more successful brother could bed me. I decided to play what I thought was a teasing game with Euan. I said, ‘if you can make Kevin accept things, I’ll go with you.’
The next evening Euan took me out to a club and introduced me to a group of his friends, all sexy, swarthy, physical men and their adoring girlfriends. It was a very different scene and I felt very raunchy being there with Euan. One of them asked where my husband was, and feeling oh so turned on, I said in front of my partner, ‘my runt’s at sea right now’. The electric look of pleasure on Euan’s face was plain to see. He loved me being bitchy and we danced suggestively for the rest of the evening. I let him pet my sex, teasing and fingering. It was delicious and I wanted him to fuck me, but held out, saying that I had to have proof that he had made Kevin accept that he would handle all the servicing from now on.
The proof came in the form of an old fashioned letter three weeks later and after I’d driven myself crazy fantasizing about Euan and dating with him in the most audacious fashion. It was the most amazing letter ever, and penned my husband said, because he wanted me to have physical proof of how he felt. He apologised for choosing a selfish career, for utterly letting me down and asked me to go with his brother. It was a complete capitulation. ‘Euan’s better at this than I, I’m all mechanics and engineering, I’m terrible with people and crap with women. Euan has always wanted you and back at our wedding he told me he would take you off me if he had a chance. Going this way at least, I hope to keep some part in your life.’
I composed three, no four versions of the email that I sent back. One version was all pathos and soothing, but in the end I was screaming with frustration and wrote cruelly, ‘alright, good. I’ve always preferred Euan …but don’t think the fucking will be limited to whilst you’re away.’
Euan and I met at the pub that night and I wore a little black dress that clung to every contour. I was feeling very sexy indeed but still hadn’t quite believed what I was about to do. I showed Euan the letter over cold lagers and he chuckled. It was awfully cruel, awfully direct. He said that he’d taken a girlfriend off Kevin before, but the thing with me was serious and not a game. He had always wanted me. We didn’t stay long at the pub, going back to our house and taking malt whiskies up to the master bedroom.
‘Are you OK with this…’ he asked surprisingly sensitively as his hand went up beneath my dress and fondled my now bulging clitty.
‘Yes..’ I whispered, ‘remember, he’s the runt of the litter’.
It was an incredibly bitchy thing to say, but I couldn’t bear the thought of Euan losing his resolve now. I wanted direct and dirty sex. I wanted to cross the line, to do it and full on. I was so angry with Kevin for being such a weakling and so hungry for Euan, it blew me away. I lay back on the bed, in my stockings and suspenders, spread my legs and pulled open my sex lips so that Euan could see the moist interior as he dropped his pants. Euan took pics on his mobile phone and I knew where the triumphant snaps were going. It was just too bad, Kevin should have made an effort. He should have fought for me!
Euan’s member was immense- a weapon from a different gene pool. Can willies be so different within one family? He started to unwrap a sheath, but I stayed his hand. ‘No rubber’ I murmured, ‘I want you properly….’ He pushed his prick inside me, gradually, firmly, inevitably. It wasn’t a nervous jag, an urgent and furtive fuck, it was a considered conquest. To enjoy me full shaft, he hooked my legs up over his chunky shoulders and started to bury his manhood inside me. Each pump made me gasp and I panicked when I realised what a big prick could do. It could work my G spot so easily and so quickly that I would lose myself on this guy. Too late though… Euan was running the show.
‘How does it feel to be bitch?’ Euan asked, working his member inside me, causing the crown to glide back and over all the right places.
I was breathless…my heart was racing and the sensations in my head were incredible.
‘Its OK…I love it…I accept it’ I managed in short verbal spurts.
‘Was he ever good enough for you?’ Euan continued, his arrogant voice rasping with emotion.
‘No….not really’ I conceded.
The climax swamped me. One minute I was trying to be refined about this, to consider what Euan said, and the next I had lost it. My whole body shook and shuddered, and my nipples tingled.
‘For god’s sake, oh please, spunk me!’ I blurted.
Euan obliged. He obliged hungrily. I actually felt his balls tensing, felt them jolting against my bare buttocks and then there was the belch, belch, belch of semen into my cunt. It was delivered in vigorous bucks so that the seed gushed everywhere! I knew from nurse training days that you shouldn’t be able to feel that sort of thing. But I could! I could feel the insistent gush of his spunk, thick and ebullient, bursting inside me.

I was still gasping when Euan declared how much he had wanted that, and would crave me again and again! I was ecstatic, it was so hot and dirty. I took his phone and as best I could took a picture of his cock still wedged thick and muscular inside my sex. When it slid out I took more shots of my cum lathered sex and beads of semen on Euan’s slimy head. ‘Send it all…’ I suggested, ‘he needs to understand’.
It must have been three days later that I got an email from Kevin accepting that Euan and I were now an item. He admitted to wanking in the loo on the boat. He had wanked a lot he said and confided in some Phillipino ship mate who didn’t seem especially surprised that a nubile young wife should insist on such an arrangement. If the other guy was better hung and available….well. The language was as raw as the sea- it was matter of fact and I wrote back to him saying it was good that he had stood aside. He had to defer to Euan from now on. Arrogant though my lover was, he was cock of the nest now. ‘Don’t come home unless you’re ready for that’, I wrote icily.
Two months of the remaining voyage passed and I got lots of emails from Kevin. His dick must have been sore, because he was tossing off a lot. I insisted that he produce a pic showing that, one that I could show Euan. When he did that to order, I set up a camcorder and sent Kevin the short film showing how a man should fuck me. It must have completely flummoxed Kevin because when he came home, he said he would move out and live in a bedsit. Euan had won. My lover preferred it that way too and so I divorced Kevin on grounds of abandonment. He didn’t contest it. He couldn’t really, he had begged me to fuck with his brother.