Guys become a cuckold via different routes

Guys become a cuckold via different routes and I think that this matters when you learn your new role. If you want this lifestyle then you might have spent months or more on persuading your wife to get on with it and enjoy herself. If you fall into the position, because your wife has been fucking around, then that’s different. It’s often a rescue operation and you salvage whatever you can have. In the second case, my case, she has all the power from the outset and you’re scrabbling around for crumbs. The key question is then, what do you bring to the situation that makes it worth her while keeping you on, perhaps when she has already decided that you’re a loser?
Marie is what people these days call a cougar. She’s forty, has her own business and is financially independent of me, and retains the sort of looks that a 30 year woman would die for. I have never been able to keep up with her, the drive and the motivation, the self assurance and poise. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn last autumn that a younger and very successful man was fucking her. Ben is taller than me; a gym fit specimen. I learned my fate one weekend when I was up in the loft reading some old papers and my wife must have thought I’d gone out. It was a quiet reverie moment, until through the crack in the loft hatch I saw Marie come into the bedroom with her bloke. His shoulders looked huge from up there and soon my wife’s pretty arms were draped over them. He pushed his hand inside the crotch of her jeans, and said huskily to her, ‘I’m going to fuck you bloody hard’ to which she mewed, ‘you always take what you want don’t you.’ It was strange to hear Marie talking so kittenish and even stranger then to see Ben direct her down onto his cock which was sticking hard and statuesque out from his chinos. She worshipped his manhood, licking and sucking it like a little whore, and to my horror, he casually ejaculated into her mouth and she swallowed it all down. Her full lips were smeared with spunk. You cannot know how devastating something like that is. To know that when you kiss your wife ever after, you know that she has been sucking the cock of someone else she prefers.
Marie’s jeans were roughly removed and she leaned forward against the dresser so that Ben could pump into her cunt from behind. Her cunny was shaven save for a triangle of wispy hair pointing down to her clitoris. Unremarkable you may say until I tell you that I hadn’t seen her sex in three months. We’d been sleeping apart because of her hectic work schedule and (I then suspected) that she might be starting the change in life. Well, there was no change indicated here. Marie fucked as she lived, full on and hard. She took his thick prick, full shaft and vigorously. Ben’s big hands gripped her hips and pulled her sex back and forth along the length of his shiny member. It was relentless pounding sex. He made Marie gasp and scream and the sound of their bodies slapping together, amidst the lusty grunts and groans will haunt me forever. ‘You fucking hot little bitch’ Ben exclaimed when at last he was nearing his climax. ‘I’m your hot bitch’ she replied and a tingle went down my spine. That was humiliating.
They climaxed together, grinding and writhing in the clinch. Marie’s neck was puce red with the excitement of it, her face glowing with perspiration from the deep, hard fuck. He must have shot a load up her because when he pulled his still throbbing member out, spunk splashed onto her jeans below, trailing from her slit. Things raced through my mind. When I took her to the theatre and she had been late, her cunt was probably full of his spunk. That morning she came home after sleeping over at a ‘friends’ was probably one when her sex was awash with his jizz. I thought, ‘shit, you’ve lost already’. Watching her snog with him tenderly afterwards was a watershed. I thought, don’t fight that, don’t try and beat him. Think of something different so that she can have the best life ever-‘cake and eat it’ was what I called it.
If any of you guys reading this have been cuckolded this way- the chief thing to say is that you shouldn’t confront your wife. That way only leads to big solicitor fees and the divorce court. Instead, play the long game and suppress your gnawing anxiety that mean time she could dump you. Be attentive, be generous and be broad minded. Encourage her to enjoy girl’s nights out, remark in a bohemian way on affairs and such like that hit the news. When one Hollywood starlet was in the news for fucking around with some tycoon I remarked, ‘its bloody stupid to pretend that powerful women don’t have powerful appetites. What’s with the husband, just accept it, she fucks as she pleases’. I could see that Marie was interested, that she approved my attitude. It suggested complete compliance should she announce that Ben was fucking her- even though right then she wasn’t ready to spill the beans.
We had other conversations, seemingly incidental ones. Don’t steer the discussion too much that way, don’t be heavy handed. Once, some weeks later when we had been down town I bought her another Cartier watch. OK she already had four, but what the hell, they were so chic on her wrist and made her feel spoilt which was what I wanted. We went to a wine bar afterwards and she told me that a 22 year old married girlfriend of hers had taken a lover behind her husband’s back. I knew the girl and it could have been true- she was stunning. So I said that I wasn’t especially surprised, and then asked, ‘is she going to have his kids?’ Marie thought that likely, once the husband had accommodated the idea. She was really excited- you could see it in her eyes as she spoke. OK Marie said that going ‘that far’ was not something most wives did, but it was sexy that women these days were calling the shots. It was the submission to female control that gave her a thrill. When we got back and for the first time in months, she said that she felt dirty about me. She loved the gift and wanted me to lick her out- nothing more. I dutifully complied. As she straddled my mouth and lowered her sex onto my face, I licked delicately and effectively- sucking her clitoris.
If you’re in a situation similar to my own you’d better be ready for that moment. Consider, you want her to love this as its some sort of sex for you. OK it’s not a good hard cocking role, but beggars cannot be choosers. But it’s difficult too because you’re about to lap at a cunny that has been taking a bigger cock. You probably guess that she’s fantasizing about him as you lick her out. She will tell him that she now makes you obey and come to cunny- as a supplicant. Her cunny is your bloody altar! You’ve read the selfish gene or some such so you know the consequences. He will feel exultant about this and fuck her all the harder. She becomes queen- you are her subject and she submits only to the alpha male in her life.
It was a shock to lick Marie’s cunt. First off, I quickly realised how loose and well exercised she was. If I was allowed to put my willy in there, she probably wouldn’t even notice it. Her hole gapes more and as you lap away and she starts to writhe, her juices squirt out of her crevasse freely. She soaked my nose and my mouth with her slimy, glistening exudates. What you don’t anticipate is the intoxication. Marie was ‘on’ for Ben, exuding a more powerful and seductive body aroma. Perhaps the scientists can explain that, as ‘being on heat’ or some such, but you are quickly addicted to it. You sense even a waft of her body perfume if she walks into the room.
‘You are a dirty little lap dog aren’t you,’ she exclaimed through clenched teeth, enjoying the attention. ‘I’m going to make you do this again. If I twist my watch around my wrist like this (she demonstrated) you know what you have to do.’ It was a game, our dirty little game, but amidst all my shame I welcomed it! Marie wanted this, perhaps in time she would even need this. It was the first time that I believed that I might still have some sort of place in her sex life. I told her that I was addicted to her cunny, to her perfume. I was drunk on her looks for sure, but enslaved by the way she rode my mouth. ‘Good’ she purred, rubbing her sex against my tongue, coming selfishly, thinking about him, having her cake and eat it.
The need for release post that rite de passage is immense- let me assure you. You want to fuck like crazy, to beg her to do a hand job on you or to let fly with your own paws. But you mustn’t- you really mustn’t! It’s not a reciprocal gratification, the pleasure has to be all Madam’s. Right then it was too. Marie kissed me sweetly on the forehead and told me to go and draw a bath because she had a brief phone call to make.


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  1. Ian’s a bit of an ammateur scientist with his theories about female scent- when the lady is getting better cock. Could be right though, as I’ve been stoking a nice young blonde wife and her hubby is good as gold just as long as she insists of lots of cream pie from him. He’s probably addicted to it and she in turn controls him using that just as surely as if she had a ring through the end of his snout. Reckon this might be an adaptive mechanism, something that helps a lady go on getting the very best without any hassle.

  2. Just a word on addictive lady cum-the stuff that Ian was on about. Reckon this could be all connected to female arousal-the hotter a woman gets with her new lover, the more her secretions get charged with hormones. I think that there are alpha females just as there are alpha males, and the top bitch finds a way through this of keeping down others whilst she enjoys the best. Of course she may not have a clue about this as a set of ideas, it may be completely instinctive. The question arises though, if a bird is cuckolding her husband, should she bin all the fancy perfume at bed time the better to cement her control!

  3. Hey Douglas (comment 2 above)!
    Reckon that you’re right my friend. Perhaps it is time to chat with my lovely blonde companion. She really likes the idea of controlling her old man, so why shouldn’t that be chemical? Its got to be worth a go, given how much some cucks like sniffing knickers!

  4. We’re not discussing this in the lab I know, but a couple of months ago my lover and I checked out some of this with a little experiment of our own. I made my cuck husband wear a sheath each time he wanked watching us and as you might guess he produced only a small amount of cum. It was a small total volume. By comparison,my lover filled his sheath each time, making the teat bulge! Then though I put hubby on a lengthy tour or oral duties. He had to lick me out after each love making session, but also at other times of the day too. Now his sheath still contained just a small amount of liquid, but it was almost clear. I didn’t microscope it to prove matters, but it was as though I had shut his sperm production down almost completely. It was a hell of a turn on!

  5. Karin you’re right. I’ve personally given up worrying about my weakling husband. I prefer him spermless -as he’s spineless too. He never tried to compete with my lover. I get all my needs met by my boyfriend. If there are sisters out there who want to carry on the experiment, I say get your cuck onto oral duties big time and then periodically let him releave his load into a sheath. Check that its all nice and clear…that his tiny and shrivelled balls are clearly redundant.

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