How I became a humble man

So far, few had a girlfriend. Number according to the fourth. Relationships with my first love was a typical school during college. Ended after 1,5 years. R I T A was the girl’s name. She is now a married woman and mother of two. After Rita left me a long time I did not have a girlfriend. D A N I E L L E was the second woman in my life. Completely normal relationship began. Danielle caught me once when I was watching the cuckold and Bisexual web pages. She became very angry. Yelled at me and went home. She went to a girlfriend that day. Came home after only two days.

– “I was thinking” – she told me.

– “Okay! I will not leave! If you want it, then so be it! “

From that moment everything changed. I had to do all the work in house instead of Danielle.

Only very rarely crawled into bed with me from the moment. In most cases, she only used it in my mouth. Lick machine called me. Often said:

– “Only you can lick, or else you are not good!”

Danielle from then on always looking at porn sites on the net. Ago, never looked at such sites.

I have not used a computer anymore. She has password protection on my computer. I do not know what the password is. Danielle every Friday and Saturday went to a party her friends, but I left at home. She told me that I was forbidden to call her by phone. She flirted a lot man. She always told me in great detail each party. Danielle really enjoyed that, I’m jealous. After about 2.5 years left me. Danielle and her friend J E N N I F E R called me one day and waited. Danielle looked at me and said:

– “I’m bored you, and now I leave you. I moved to Thomas!”

Jennifer just laughed at me. Danielle on talking.

– “Fear not, dear! I made ​​sure. You can not stay alone. Tomorrow will be the new girlfriend Jennifer. Do you understand? She will be mistress of the house. she knows the rules, I told her everything. “

Not a sound came out of my mouth. Very surprised at the situation, but it was exciting for me.

Danielle gave the keys to Jennifer’s hands, then walked away.

Jennifer said:

– “I do not want to disappoint you!”

While every one was like at the time of Danielle. 1 month after Jennifer changed the rules. From there, she used it in my car. She took keys of flat. I had to use the bell for me when I get home. At half past seven in the morning I had to leave the house after six o’clock in the afternoon and I to go home only. Anyway, my working hours from 9 am to 4 pm in the morning hours. Anyway, my working hours from 9am to 4pm. Jennifer managed the money. There I had to give her my salary every month. Jennifer gave me a bit of pocket money each week. She was not very generous with me, gave me very little money. It was forbidden for me to sleep in my bed. Jennifer was asleep in bed, I slept on a mattress on the floor. She organized her friends house party in my flat. Danielle came to us many times as a guest. She pretended to have never known me before. She not even greet me. During the party I usually do not stay in our home. If the party lasted until dawn, then I had to sleep in the garage. Winter was bad, because there is no heating in the garage. I have always brought me a pillow and blanket, a thermos of hot tea. Not so much the car was cold. Of course the next morning I had to clean the whole apartment. Dirty plates and glasses everywhere. Countless cigarette butts and used condoms are sometimes also found on the ground. Who fucked a party occasion, I never knew. Maybe that someone fucked Jennifer, but it is also possible that guests fucked each other. The carpet was always dirt. The guests had never been taken off their shoes. Unknown men often slept in my bed. It was humiliating for me, but it was exciting. I’m used to the new position, quickly. Jennifer made ​​love to me only twice a year. She thinks I’m a bad lover. I enjoy quickly, and I have a small penis. Jennifer said to me, that Danielle deceived her, when she told, that I’m perfect lick machine.

– “Fuck you! You’re a flawed man. The techniques licking bad! I would prefer a dog. The able to properly lick, not like you. You are lucky that I am allergic to dog hair. So you only want of a better stay for your mouth.”

I spent 9 months in a friend of Jennifer. Slowly turning point came in my life. One day when I got home in the afternoon bell rang at 6 AM. So I usually have 8 months. Open the door, but Jennifer was not in front of me, but another woman.

– “My name’s V A L E R I E. She told me.

-“From then on I lived here. The apartment is yours?”

I just nodded my head in without a word. I knew then that there is a new woman in the house. For me, a new girlfriend, new owner can also mean. The strange thing was that Jennifer is not even said anything to me about the change. Of course, Jennifer is always dealt with me about things loosely.

I had never saw before my new mistress. She said that she had been here before several times. I’ve never seen Jennifer’s guests. I do not know, that to who was in the evenings in my home when was the party.I have always been those in the garage.

Valerie amended rules for me.She returned me my keys. I did not have to walk for hours after the expiration of the working time. I to go back home after 4 pm. Valeria has no driving license, so I got to my car and keys. Many small bugs were already on the car. Jennifer driving style was wild. This thanks to the depreciated car.She often gave others to borrow my car.Her lovers often use my Ford.Much junk was in the cabin. When Valerie returned to me, then I cleaned up. I looked under the seat, and I found a used condom, which spilled onto the floor and the carpets have dried.I found a lot of crumpled tissue paper in the car. I do not know which one was what? Snot or semen?

Jennifer not honored of my property.Everything considered it her own. After all, I do not mind. So it was normal then. Valerie was a little different, like Daniel and Jennifer.Once a month, went to bed with me.I fucked her on the first Saturday of every month.But only then and only then!!! When she menstruating, then I did not get sex. If she is menstruating, the first Saturday, then lost in the month to have sex with me. I have always been required to wear a condom. Valerie fucked with other men, of course at any time. She loved when I watched that she have sex with another man. These men never used condoms compared to me. Valeria in the first few weeks, said exactly what she wants.

-“You know my heart, these are real men. You can see that what they’re active. These people a real cock hanging between his legs.Yours is only a little prick.Their penis is so huge that the use of condoms can only worsen their enjoyment. I would not like it when people talk to me sex is not good. Rather, they should not wear a condom. I also prefer the feel of natural cocks in my pussy and in my mouth.Perfect for the genomes of these bulls.Be very careful to avoid become pregnant.This will help me, dear! I count on you very much. Words, it’s your job to look carefully, as long as I fucking with these guys.When you see that one man near an orgasm, then you will come to help us with our handy confess with your mouth.Honey, your mouth will be our little common sperm bank. If by they squirt sperm on my pussy, then you will have to lick it off quickly. So from now on you will have a great responsibility, you know?”

Valerie’s new rules were so much more that I can only go into the bedroom, where she just called me to her, or when I had to clean it.Unfortunately, 11 months after Valerie left me too. There are currently no ma’am, I’m alone. During these years I have seen many and varied. I had a number of humiliation, that’s just my character was shaped, and perfected my servility. I am grateful to all three women, who have helped me find the right way of my life.

Cuckleberry the Rodeo Clown

I always figured I’d reach my lifelong goal of being a Rodeo Clown at a top rodeo. Someday, I used to dream, the international world, from Mexico, to Canada too, even over in the Bahamas would all come to applaud Ole Huckleberry, the Rodeo Clown.

What I never figured on was that I would become better known as Cuckleberry, the Rodeo Punk.

Almost spit on, verbally teased, mocked and abused, fists shaken in my face, popcorn dumped on my car, all that horrifying stuff happened to me. Heck, every time I go to the Rodeo bathroom, some guy pulls out his private and forces me, through facial expression intimidation, to stare at it.

“I can’t hold it, Oh no, I’m coming, Baby!!”

After 3 or 4 minutes of making love, it was all over. Again.

My wife Kayla, 5 Foot 4, has an incredibly tight pussy. She is also endowed with very large, pillowy breasts.
I couldn’t help but spill my stuff too soon, I just get too excited inside of her. Unfortunately, Kayla has lost almost all interest in having sex with me.

I have about a 5 inch, rather skinny cock. When I finished this last time, she kind of pushed me away and scurried off to wash up. She used to lay there, and linger, and we would cuddle and hope that we had just made a baby. But now, after 11 years together, I began to suspect that she didn’t want a baby with me. Not with a man who never pleased her. Not with a man who couldn’t even hold his cum. Not with a wimp. That’s what she married. A wimp. A chump, A 10 pump chump. Ten strokes inside her and there it goes. No woman could be happy with that. She then made it clear I was not to ejaculate inside her anymore. She didn’t say why.

She also stopped wearing the Charlie Daniels Band t-shirt I gave her on our honeymoon in Tulsa.

She started to have hushed conversations on her cell phone. She started having to run all kinds of errands on the weekends. She stopped showing me even the slightest amount of affection. I mean, not even a kiss goodbye in the morning before work.

One Saturday, I had to get some gas, so I went to fill up at the station. While at the pump, I thought for sure she had passed me in someone’s car, she was with a black man, he was heavy set, with shades on. I thought, no, she was in the kitchen getting lunch ready. Couldn’t be her. When I got back home, I found a note of the fridge. “Went out to get some meat.”

I jumped right back in my car and drove past the gas station, trying to see if I could find her at some diner or motel on that street I saw her before with the black man.

I drove and drove and finally, I spotted the car at a motel/ cafe.

I really had no clue what I was going to say if it in fact was her. I just wanted to see. Was I going crazy? Was I being insecure? It could’t be her, after all.

I scanned the cafe. They weren’t there.

I made my way along the rooms, half of them had the drapes pulled back so I could see they were vacant. I got to one room where the drapes were closed. I heard muffled whimpers and what sounded like crying and begging. I couldn’t help myself, I put my ear right to the door. I heard a woman saying, “Shoot it deep, when you cum, make sure it’s deep inside me”. “Oh God, give me that cum, plant your seed!!!” The springs on the bed were wheezing with a furious rhythm.

On and on and on, the humping went as I listened outside the door like a little drooling creep. I looked through a sliver of the curtain, I just had to see…the same big black man grabbed her by the upper arms, thrust his gigantic cock up into her, and screamed as he came for what seemed like 3 or 4 minutes. He had burrowed into her pussy for at least 40 minutes that I had been standing there. And he took more time CUMMING than I was ever able to FUCK her for.

I was watching them from behind. He just held her and his butt cheeks were trembling with the power of his and her orgasm. His scrotum was like a golf club cover, a huge sack with two heavy balls swinging while they fucked. I thought, he must have a half pint of sperm in there. She looked like she had passed out, she was sweating and delirious. His cum was dripping all out from around his cock, I guess there was so much of it, it had to leak out. She pulled a black cotton rag out of her purse. I recognized it right away, it was a shred of the Charlie Daniel’s Band t-shirt. It had now become her crotch cleanser.

He fell right on top of her and they lay there motionless. After a few minutes she started to toy with his cock, a huge black slinky toy. She sucked and jacked him to hardness then mounted him. No doubt to get whatever was left of his cream as deep into her filthy pussy as she could.

From that day, I would follow her to the motel, and watch helplessly as my wife cucked me. She cucked me real good.

Poem From Cuckold to Keyholder (written by: Cuckold Hubby)

You are the key;
Without you there is no me.
I am here to serve
Because you are more than I deserve.

You hold the key to my heart,
For I knew I was yours from the start.
You hold the key to my pleasure.
I know I don’t have any of your bulls’ measure.

Male chastity is my delight,
For an orgasm I have no right.
I would do anything to please.
For your enjoyment, my release you tease.

My manhood you have taken.
My belief in my self-worth is shaken.
But, when you smile and say, “I love you,”
Then, my world is born anew.

With your love and dominance,
My happiness is in abundance.
Your every whim is my command,
And your displeasure leaves me unmanned.

I long for you to discover
A hot, young and well hung lover.
One who could pleasure you
Like I could never do.

I cook and clean dressed as a French maid.
All so you can spend your time getting laid.
I patiently wait on you hand and foot.
A more devoted slave to find, you would be hard put.

I have given manicures and pedicures to keep your nails shimmering.
So that trailing them down your bulls’ chests, leaves their loins simmering.
Rich lotions and creams that I have applied have made your skin like satin.
One caress, one touch and all your bulls’ members fatten.

I worship your womanhood with my tongue.
Cleaning it thoroughly after each and every stud, well hung.
I love making you shake and quiver,
As your stud’s seed flows from you like a river.

I never miss a lick, nor a drop.
I keep going till you tell me to stop.
One, two, three or more studs— it does not matter.
I will not miss a drop of their splatter.

You tease and taunt all to disgrace me.
You rub and stroke me, deaf to my plea.
You bring me so close to release,
You bring me to the brink…then cease.

A pause… and the process starts all over again.
My cries and whimpers are to you like champagne.
You feast and dine on my humiliation;
Squeezing my balls until deflation.

You smirk and say with a wink,
“Next time I’ll do more than bring you to the brink!”
I shudder and quiver, drenched in sweat,
Knowing next time you will forget.

I wait with anticipation to hear “Click!”
Which means you have caged my dick.
But since my male endowment is stubby,
I’m lucky you trained me into your cuckold hubby.