Poem From Cuckold to Keyholder (written by: Cuckold Hubby)

You are the key;
Without you there is no me.
I am here to serve
Because you are more than I deserve.

You hold the key to my heart,
For I knew I was yours from the start.
You hold the key to my pleasure.
I know I don’t have any of your bulls’ measure.

Male chastity is my delight,
For an orgasm I have no right.
I would do anything to please.
For your enjoyment, my release you tease.

My manhood you have taken.
My belief in my self-worth is shaken.
But, when you smile and say, “I love you,”
Then, my world is born anew.

With your love and dominance,
My happiness is in abundance.
Your every whim is my command,
And your displeasure leaves me unmanned.

I long for you to discover
A hot, young and well hung lover.
One who could pleasure you
Like I could never do.

I cook and clean dressed as a French maid.
All so you can spend your time getting laid.
I patiently wait on you hand and foot.
A more devoted slave to find, you would be hard put.

I have given manicures and pedicures to keep your nails shimmering.
So that trailing them down your bulls’ chests, leaves their loins simmering.
Rich lotions and creams that I have applied have made your skin like satin.
One caress, one touch and all your bulls’ members fatten.

I worship your womanhood with my tongue.
Cleaning it thoroughly after each and every stud, well hung.
I love making you shake and quiver,
As your stud’s seed flows from you like a river.

I never miss a lick, nor a drop.
I keep going till you tell me to stop.
One, two, three or more studs— it does not matter.
I will not miss a drop of their splatter.

You tease and taunt all to disgrace me.
You rub and stroke me, deaf to my plea.
You bring me so close to release,
You bring me to the brink…then cease.

A pause… and the process starts all over again.
My cries and whimpers are to you like champagne.
You feast and dine on my humiliation;
Squeezing my balls until deflation.

You smirk and say with a wink,
“Next time I’ll do more than bring you to the brink!”
I shudder and quiver, drenched in sweat,
Knowing next time you will forget.

I wait with anticipation to hear “Click!”
Which means you have caged my dick.
But since my male endowment is stubby,
I’m lucky you trained me into your cuckold hubby.