My wife Pauline was always cheating and tells me all the details

My wife Pauline was always cheating and tells me all the details. One night she told me that we were going to an Pakistani restraunt in town. There are a number of then in our town.
We arrived and saw that there was only one other couple who were nearly finished their meal. Pauline was wearing a button up front dress and was naked underneath it.
We ordered our meal and as we waited for it to arrive Pauline undid the lower buttons on her dress.the other couple left leaving us as the only customers. The waiter arrived with our food and Pauline dropped her fork onto the floor. The waiter bent down to pick it up and as he did she opened her legs giving him a good look at her shaven pussy. He stood up and I noticed the bulge in the front of his trousers. He left to fetch a clean fork Pauline undid the rest of her buttons leaving her dress slightly ajar but enough to give a view of her tits.
The waiter came back with the fork as he placed it on the table he got a good view of her tits.
We ate our meal and I noticed other waiters kept comming out of the kitchen looking at her obviously admireing her body.
We finished out meal and the waiter came and asked if we wanted anything else. Pauline stood up as she did her dress fell open exposing her nude body. She took hold of his hand and placed it on her right tit and said ” I want to be fucked by you and your friends”. The waiter then slipped his hand on her pussy and fingered it causing her to gasp.
He lead her into the kitchen where he removed her dress. There was four other men in the kitchen who stopped what they were doing. The waiter said ” this white slut wants to be fucked by us all” he lead her across the room and up stairs to a flat obviously where they lived Pauline laid on a bed and opened her legs the waiter stripped off and got on the bed with her he got on top of her and slid his cock in her and commence fucking her her legs went about his waist and he fucked her like a piston. One of the others stripped and shoved his cock in her open mouth she was sucking and licking it till he pulled out shooting his come over her face as he did the waiter groand and came in her pussy
I watched for the next few hours as they took it in turns to fuck her mouth and pussy.
It was getting light as they finished using my wife she had cum over her face in her hair and dripping from her pussy.
The waiter told me to go he said ” go home the slut will return after we have no further use for her that is when all our friends who work in the other restraunts have had her as well”
I left and went home a few days later I went to a food shop near the restraunt the owner was talking to a customer I heard him say ” the boys have got a white slut in their flat and are renting her out they say she can’t get enough cock”
I wonder when they cease to have a use for her.

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