Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 11)

Built like a man, but just a little retarded

My husband is 20 years older than I am and is a very much the executive, who watches his ways because of his business operations. He is the perfect man all us girls have been looking for all our life. I married a man who has made me very comfortable and I have all I want. What a life. However, as Paul Harvey would say “The rest of the story!” My husband is not what I had been use to when it comes to sex. To put the cards on the table and let them fall where they may. He is not a good lover to say the least. Least that is a good word, he is one of those men (6’2” 195/205 lbs. Gray hair looks good on men) just a Hunk, until he drops his pants and what is between his legs, that is no way a hunk.

I have found over the years that a man who is short in the sex department, not endowed, is not much of a lover, not that they do not try. It has to be something in their mind that since they do not have Mr. 9 inch they cannot make a woman happy. Out side of the nice house, car, fur coat, my shopping, our sailing trips to the West Indies will they are right! I am just being honest, hey when you have spent the night at the Four Seasons it is hard to go and stay at Motel 6. I have had the big ones and I know the difference. When a woman tells you it does not make her any difference, will the men I know have not been fucking her?

I had 4 or 5 dates with him before I let him make a move on me in a sexual way and I had not seen him in anything but a business suite. You just cannot tell what kind of a package a man has when they wear that type of pants. (Damn) The night I let him explore me was a night that told me he might be the CEO/President of the company and a smart businessman, but boy I am the CEO when it comes to sex. I let him start as the aggressor but I soon saw that he needed help in making this a complete transaction.

He was the type of guy who we all knew in high school who had his head in a book all the time and not in some pussy. Will in the end, he got the good pussy and the guy who had that pussy in high school and forgot the books, cannot afford to come on my side of town. So all you young studs get your head out of that ass and go study.

I did marry Tim and I soon became a respectable housewife…will I made it seem that way.

Tim and I lived in a very nice section of town that is a gated wooded area and we felt protected. I love knowing that when Tim is on a trip I was safe. Across the street from us and two homes down was the Kline family. David and Kim Kline and their son Charles, who was called Chuck. When I moved into Tim’s house Chuck was 17 and I soon learned he was a little on the slow side.

One night at dinner with the Kline’s they began discussing the difficulty of dealing with their 17 year old son Chuck. I learned that Chuck was mildly retarded, and had needed extra attention in his young life. He functioned pretty well and was going to learn to drive a car, but he had always been a difficult child. The problem is that he was now tall and strong and getting more so, they were having all kinds of problems with his behavior.

He was even getting aggressive and violent and had threatened both of them. David mentioned he was not even sure he could still control him. I realized right away the boy had that school boy crush on me and I enjoyed the attention I got from him…hell I enjoyed the attention I got from all the men in the neighborhood.

Tim and I some times looked in on him or had him spend the night if his mother and father were out for an evening. As Chuck got older it was more of a phone call to make sure he was at home and not into something bad…he was a teen after all. When Chuck had turned 18 his mother and father went out of town on a trip for a long weekend during school. Chuck was going to stay with us on Thursday night so I could make sure he was up and off to school on time. He was going to his home on the weekend and back with us on Sunday night so he could make it to school on Monday. His mother was due home Monday afternoon.

That Thursday Chuck came to our house from school and I forgot that he would be home so soon in the afternoon. I was getting sun in the backyard next to the pool in a wild sexy bikini…I didn’t remember that when my bikini got wet, it became almost transparent. Chuck had come out by the pool when he got home and sat in a lounge chair next to me and I could see by the way he was giving me the once or twice over he liked my new bikini. He also noticed that the bikini became transparent when I got up and slipped into the cool water. My nipples hardened from the chill and it was difficult for the boy not to stare at my beautiful 40DD twins orbs.

As soon as he saw me getting back out of the water and the bikini was not hiding any thing from him…I look at his crotch, as I did, I could see that his eyes were glued to my breasts, and as I glanced down past his flat stomach I saw a huge bulge in his pants. I couldn’t believe how big it looked. My pussy started getting wet, at once. I felt a little embarrassed. So like any 16 year old… he kept his eyes on me, he didn’t even try to cover up his crotch. His virginity was no secret, since he had never been on a date or had any social contact with girls his age. I am sure any efforts on his part to change that status had been completely fruitless so far.

Than he said he needed to go do his homework. Chuck knew where the guest room was and he stayed in the room doing homework, so he said, until Tim got home and dinner was ready. I changed into a sun dress before dinner and left off my panties…the dress was long enough to hide anything and everything even when I sat down. The sun dress was low cut, and translucent, beneath which I was completely naked.

After dinner Tim and Chuck went into the den to watch a ball game and I did the dishes and when I came in I took a seat across from Chuck and sat back in my easy chair. I sat down, I didn’t realize it at the time but Chuck sat directly across from me. I crossed my legs and let my full skirt rest up over my knee, I saw that he was gazing at my legs as they parted each time I crossed and uncrossed them. Now I love a good tease but this caught me by surprise. It was a full dress so his view wasn’t that great, it was impossible for him to even get a panty flash…since I didn’t have any on. I was making sure Chuck got an eyeful of my deep cleavage. But it was very sexy to know he was trying to look at me, I pretended not to notice and continued to cross my legs.

I felt pretty comfortable teasing him in our home with Tim in the room, since it was fun and very safe. Tim had no idea as to what was going on and I let him do most of the talking to Chuck…I was all about sports and Chuck was doing all he could to keep up with the chat and still take in the view I was giving him.

Before the ball game was over I said good night and went up to do my girl thing before bed…clean my face, night cream on my skin and other little things we all do to look good. Tim got to bed and I remembered I had not done something in the kitchen and went back out our room and down stairs I heard the door to the guest room click close as I went out of my room…I knew Chuck was trying to peek in or listen at our door.

When I came back up I made sure that our door was not closed completely and allowed Chuck a view of our bed. Tim had just enough wine with and after dinner to relax him to where I knew he would not last long, so I just gave him a blow job. I sat on the bed taking off my robe smiling down at Tim and ran my hand under the sheet to feel his little pee-pee. I heard the door across the hall open, bingo my boy was coming to peek. I stood up and looked toward the door and saw the young teen looking in, I dropped my robe and stood to where he could see my body, my boobs, pussy and ass. I ran my fingers down on my mound and felt my fold. “Jesus, I need to get a wax job, honey you better not eat me out tonight, I’ll get it waxed tomorrow!”

I came back to the bed and with my back to the bed room door and my ass up in the air. I knew Chuck could see me performing my nasty BJ act. Knowing that Chuck was watching, god that just made the sex hotter then it had been for quite a while. I had a very intense orgasm as I slipped my hand back between my legs and fingered my pussy. I got Tim off and as my husband had his wine he drifted off to sleep fast and I was wide-awake. I knew that Chuck had hung out by the bedroom door watching and listen to our love sounds.

I was still wide-awake and decided to walk down to kitchen, I was naked so I threw on my short robe that just covered my pussy when I stood and I made sure I slipped on a pair of my whore high heels to make my ass stick out. I was figuring that all were asleep anyway…but just in case Chuck heard me and came to see where I was…I was ready for him to see my good stuff, sexy stuff.

When I got to the kitchen I could hear someone coming down the stairs and I knew it was my horny boy. I went to the pantry and bent over with my feet about 2 feet wide and with the small table lamp light on I knew he could see my pussy. I bent over and I felt the air on my damp fold. I could feel him looking at me as I shafted my weight from one leg to the other giving him a good shot of my love nest, than I turned and looked back at him. I acted surprised to find him standing there. He stood in the doorway in just his briefs. His hard-on was out and the tent was up. I couldn’t help notice a man size bulge, not the little we-we my husband shows.

He asked where Tim was and I told him sleeping. ”Tim always falls to sleep after you have sex…!” I looked at his crouch and by moving my arms just a little my robe exposed my pussy to him. I couldn’t help but smile, see him that way, hard. I of course reminded myself that I had made him that way by what I had done in the den during the game. “Chuck, what Tim and I did in our room, were you watching? Did you get a hard, looking at me while the game was on…?”

“Oh yea, shit Marca, did all you just do ah, you know ah, sucking your husband…?” I blushed knowing I had moaned pretty well in the bedroom. “Chuck, you’re not going to say anything to your mom or dad…about seeing me suck off Tim…!” “Hell no, no way Marca…! Marca, will you open up your robe, I just got to see those big tits of you’re…!”

“Chuck I can’t do that, your mother would have me in court if I did, do you look at girl’s breast at school…?” “Yes!”

“Marca you are, will your pretty, my mother, she has small tits, you got big breast, you look like the girls in the nasty magazine…!” “Chuck, you look at nasty pictures…?”

“Yes, it makes my ding dong hard…! Today by the pool, when I saw you, you made my ding dong hard; you always make it hard…! When I am in bed at night I think of you and rub my ding dong!”

“Chuck, you call your penis a ding dong?”

“That is what my mother called it when I was a little boy…!”

Shit I don’t think Kim has seen his ding dong in some time, this boy is hung. “Marca I heard my father tell Mr. Sims, the man that lives behind us that he would eat a mile of your shit, just to see where it came from…!”

I had to smile on that one. “Chuck when you heard that, what did you think…?”

“I think my father is weird! I would not like to eat shit to see your butt hole; I would rather kiss and suck your big boobs…!”

I sometimes wonder who is retarded in this world; the boy had his mind in the right place when it came to sex.

“Marca I am not going to tell anyone, but could I see your big tits…please…!”

I smiled and I went one better I took off my robe, walked slowly up to him. ”You never been with a girl, have you Chuck…?”He just looked at my big 40DD in the dim light and shook his head no. “This going to help you jerk off your ding dong when you get back in bed…? You do, do that, don’t you Chuck…?” He admitted that he had planned to when he got back to his room and I kind of admitted that I too might need to rub something. You think you’re slick, but you’re not, you would love to have my ass, you little pervert. I said to myself as I giggled…! You want to fuck your neighbor …don’t you?

“Chuck, do you find me attractive?”

“You’re very attractive.”

“Am I sexy?”


“Do you think about having sex with me Chuck?”


“Would you like to have sex with me right now?”

“Ah… I… I…! ”.

“Just answer the question?”


“Well, here’s your chance to live out a fantasy with an older woman.”

The excitement, and cool air quickly stimulated my nipples and they became hard and erect. Chuck quickly began to caress and squeeze my breasts and nipples. He cupped my breasts feeling their heaviness and tweaked and pulled on my nipples. I kept my eyes closed and began to breathe heavily. Before long, he lowered his heads and began to lick and suck on my breast, twirling the nipples with his tongues and gently biting them. In addition to my heavy breathing, I began to moan slightly.

As he was tonguing my tits, I felt his hand on my lower stomach…I kept my eyes closed and head back, but when I felt his hand on my mound I shook my head no and said please don’t, he continued to suck on my tits and ignored my protests as he started to caress my fold…!

I quickly clamped my thighs tightly together, restricting his access. What happen next I can’t remember…but in less than a minute, my pussy was being caressed and teased by this over sexed teenager? He inserted and penetrated my vagina with two, and than three fingers. Soon, I was taking the fingers deep into my pussy and undulating, my hips to force the kid’s fingers deeper into my vagina. Than I pulled back…”that’s all you get…maybe some other time…!” With that I picked up my robe and looked back at him…”time to go jerk off baby…!”

I got in bed and tried to sleep, shit, I was too horny…I looked at the clock; it was 1:45AM. I looked over at Tim and he was still snoring…good boy. I wasn’t sure if Chuck was asleep, but at the time I was doing my best to shake him from my thoughts. It was less than an hour and I decided it was time to do something. I thought about Chuck again. How wrong would it be, god I was a sex craze whore. I needed that young boy. My god, I thought, could I get away with it? I was going to find out. Tim was a sleep…out like a light…snoring away.

My hart was racing, my mind was calling me a fool, but my body was telling me to at least look in on him. After making sure that Tim was asleep, and I closed the door to our bed room and the door to the hall that closed off that part of the house where Chuck was sleeping. I snuck into Chuck’s room. After my eyes adjusted I could see that the boy was fast asleep. Through the single sheet I could also see that he was naked. What an unbelievable image! What a foolish thing to do! I was planning on sneaking right out of the room when he rolled onto his side. Maybe I was jealous, maybe I was convinced that I could get away with it, who knows, and maybe I was a bit horny.

I kneeled down next to the bed and gently pushed the sheet back. Facing me was one of the most beautiful young penises I have ever had the pleasure of looking at. Chuck was quite a man! He looked fairly large even when he was soft, which is no feat…if I compared him to Tim. . . . For just a second I let the thought cross my mind that he was a virgin, but I let that pass. I had decided that he was going to be active with me. I needed him to be. I bent toward him and took him in my mouth. Gently I sucked him in deeper into my mouth and I could feel that his body (if not his mind) was wakening. He responded pretty quickly! He wasn’t as long as I thought he would be – maybe 7 inches — but he was a lot fatter than I expected. I could barely open my mouth wide enough. He had awoken by the time I was stroking him. Instead of being startled, he just held the back of my head and made love to my mouth.

For a few minutes I was in complete control. I was teasing him with my tongue, pulling him hard with my hand, and taking him deep within my mouth. I loved this, but in short order I had lost control. Chuck had rolled a bit and took hold of my head with both hands and was thrusting quickly in and out of my mouth. I felt him swell and then I felt him explode. I accepted every drop. I shushed him when he started to giggle. He whispered. “I didn’t think married ladies would ever do that to other men…?”

Shit! What could I do? Looking back, it didn’t really matter to me. I didn’t sneak into this room so a young stud could cum in my mouth; I had given one BJ to my limp dick husband already. I came into this room because I wanted to feel him deep inside me. I pushed him a way a little when he tried to cuddle up and instead kept pumping him with my hand. At first he moved a bit, maybe objected a little, but soon got the idea. He lay there quiet and motionless as I brought him back to full strength. Good boy!

With him flat on his back I moved to position myself above him. God this was great! I could feel him try to lift his body when he felt my wetness touch the tip of his penis, but I didn’t give him that much room to move. Still, it wasn’t like I was going to make him wait long. I wanted him desperately and couldn’t afford the time for teasing anyway. With Chuck on his back, my feet by his rib cage, my hands against the head board of the bed, and my wetness balanced above his fat penis, I plummeted to my own pleasure. I took him in one shot, falling hard against his body, and stretching more than I expected. I came hard…I must have had three orgasms while I rotated my hips, keeping him as deep in me as possible. Then the fucking began, slowly at first, with me mostly controlling the depth, then faster with Chuck meeting my rhythm. Once Chuck grabbed my hips he knew what to do, hold on my boy, I am riding you to fuck heaven…!

I shushed him again. I’ll tell you one thing about Chuck; he wanted to fuck…Oh my god, once he knew how it was going to be…I was in for quiet a ride. Chuck grabbed my hips and pulled me deeply and aggressively onto him. I was floating from one orgasm to the next when I felt his body stiffen. The thought of him coming in me was strong enough to make me have another round of orgasms, to feel him going off, pushed me over the limit. We came together. Chuck wanted to talk., I whispered in his ear…”in the morning after Tim goes to the club we can talk…!”

I just rushed out of the room…back to my husband and found him snoring ways. In the morning, I got up and headed to the kitchen to see Chuck going into the kitchen and Tim, was seated having his coffee and reading the sports page. Chuck was dressed and was getting milk from the counter when Tim said. ”Did you guys stay up late watching TV…?” I looked at Chuck and before I had a chance to speak…Chuck said…

“I guess we better turn that TV down next time Marca…sorry Tim if it woke you…!”

Tim looked at his watch and said. ”Damn I am running late, honey see you back here around 4, we got dinner at the club at 7, see you…later…!” Tim gave me a kiss on the cheek and told Chuck he would see him around. Tim was out the door for his Saturday golf outing and I watched him pull out the drive, just than Chuck stood and placed his dirty dish in the sink. “Guess I better get home and do the yard work dad wanted me to do…!” I looked him smiled and said.

“Before you go honey, take care of this…!” I bent over letting my rob fall to the floor and stood with my feet apart I took hold of the kitchen sink and looked back at my new lover. “Baby, fuck me like a dog…fuck this bitch. I want you to fuck me like an animal.” Chuck just stood there looking at my ass and watched me wiggle it to show him what he was missing. ”Take hold my hips baby, slip that cock in me…! Come on honey, I need some cock this morning…!”

He pulled his cock out and I repositioned myself making my legs spread wider with my ass up in the air. I looked back over my shoulder and begged, “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me like the slut bitch animal I am.”

He grabbed my ass cheeks for leverage and pushed his cock in, fucking me with slow, steady strokes. I was grinding my hips back against his young hard cock like an animal in heat. I whimpered softly, oh god this was good. The large head of his cock pop into my pussy and slide in several inches, setting me on fire, I had been with bigger men but this young stud had my attention, my pussy felt so full, he was a pussy stretcher.

Oh god so big I moaned, as more of this kids cock slid in me, my entire pussy was on fire now. Slowly he began working his huge cock in and out of me getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. God Tim had never made me feel this way, this kid was deeper than poor Tim could ever hope to be, he was hitting places Tim never new I had.

Soon this slow/retarded 16-year-old stud was pounding me like some common slut, ramming his mighty cock in me without mercy. Soon it felt like I was coming with every other stroke of his cock as I whimpered and moaned. I could feel my pussy stretched wide open as his huge cock slid in and out of me like a battering ram. This kid was tearing my pussy apart giving me pleasure I never imagined Tim could. “OOOOH Yeaaaaaah! Fuck me. Fuck me with your big dick. OOOOWWW! So big. OOOWWWW! “

The cunt juice flowed out of my pussy. My thighs were soaked with my juices. My pussy made the most amazing slurping noises as he was fucking me.

“Oh baby, that cock feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me faster!”

Chuck was a fast learner…he shifted position slightly to get improved leverage and to grab my tit. Using my tits as handles, he pulled me back deeper on his cock. I moaned as his hands twisted and pulled on my nipples.

“Oh, fuck. Oh fuck. That feels so fucking good. Pinch my nipples baby. Pinch them hard. Oh shit!”

Oh yea…he was getting it…he was going to be a good lover…in time. He started to jackhammer my pussy with deep, rapid strokes. “Oh shit, I’m coming again. Pull my nipples you bastard, pull them harder! Oh fuck, Oh fuck. Oh fuck!” I had him under my control.

“You like fucking me dog style honey…?”


“You going to give me cock when I want it baby…?”


My words, my hot cunt juice bathing his cock and the twitching muscles of my pussy pulled a huge load of cum out of his exhausted balls. It felt his balls slip up into his sac…as blast after blast of cum shot deep into my cunt.

“Oh god, baby. I can feel you’re cum. I can feel your fucking cum filling my slut cunt. Oh fuck. Oh fuck! So fucking much cum.”

His lust spent, he collapsed on top of me, his cock still lodged in my cunt. I could feel those last spasms of my cunt muscles as my orgasm subsided. My low mewing of pleasure and his ragged breathing were the only sounds.

My mind returned to last night…the thought of me in bed with the young stud’s cock stuffed in my pussy. Yes he was going to be a new lover. He pulled his cock out of my cunt and I stood up and turned to face him. My eyes slowly opened. I tenderly brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes. I walked towards the bathroom.

“Honey, I’m going to get cleaned up. Why don’t you be a dear and go do your fathers do list, and get back here in time for some more fun, before my husband gets home. I need some hard fucking sex around 2 and Tim’s wife wants it delivered by a young stud…!” Ah, the world is a beautiful place.

To be continued…

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 10)

My Good Neighbor Jack

We went over for dinner one night to one of the old guys that live on our street, a neighbor by the name Jack that Tim had known before we were married. Old Bill one of our other neighbors was invited to make it old home week for the three guys. Jack was Tim’s age, mid 50’s and Bill way into his 60’s. Jack was a hunk, and Jack and Tim played golf once in a while. Before Dinner Jack asked Bill where the wine was he was to bring for dinner. Big problem, Bill had forgot

He felt bad and said he would run to the package store to get a bottle, but Jack said you old fart you need to go over to the special wine shop by the mall and get a good wine. That is a 20 minute drive. Tim being the gentleman he is said he would drive Bill and I said I would help Jack with the dinner and start working on the salad. That would be almost an hour they would be gone, leaving Jack and me alone. I didn’t realize how far Jack would take the teasing that he always did when Tim and I were at his place.

Tim and Bill had not been out the door two minutes and I was standing against the counter when Jack came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I was cutting tomatoes and Jack whispered, “You look amazing tonight!” I laughed and thanked him for the compliment. I was wearing a short red dress without panties, something I did frequently when I was feeling naughty. It ALWAYS turns Tim on when I whispers, “I’m not wearing panties…”

Feeling slightly uncomfortable but flattered I continued to slice the tomatoes as Jack pressed his crotch against my bottom. I turned uncomfortably and tried to escape saying, “Jack please, don’t do that, Tim and Bill will be back soon!”

Jack whispered, “Bill told me you had a thing for big cock men, girl you been dreaming about me and my big cock, I been thinking about how you have a think for big cocks. Can you feel my penis pressing against you?”

I could feel his penis getting bigger as he pressed it against her. I knew how big he was, because Bill had told me that he had a reputation with the ladies, since his wife died 4 years ago of being hung like a mule. I HAD fantasized about holding his cock in my hands, even putting it in my mouth and sucking on it. I regretted telling Bill about my past lover’s and their big cocks. Torn, I knew I should escape from his grasp, but I was also curious. Protesting again, I said, “Jack please stop, I was just joking with Bill when I told him that.”

“Baby I know all about you and Bill… about you fucking him.”

“GOD DAMN IT THAT OLD BASTARD JUST HAD TO TALK!” I looked back over my shoulder at Jack. “He told you about us?”

“Baby he did, after I pushed him to come clean with me, you see I went down to his place one afternoon and as I always do went in the patio door and no sooner had I got in I heard begging and screaming coming from his bedroom and I laugh to myself, just knowing he had one of his old lady friends down on his bed.”

“LADY FRIENDS… He told me he hadn’t had sex in years, that ass hole!”

“Shit baby he has more pussy, than any of us on the street; its old pussy, but he gets all he wants from his bridge club group. Anyway I started to back out of the house but I wanted to see who he was poking, so I tip toed to the bedroom and looked in to see you on top of him riding him like a wild woman begging him to slap your ass as he sucked on these big tits!”

“You saw me, us, ah you saw me fucking, me naked on him?”

“God you have no idea how I wanted to ram my cock up your ass and suck on those fine tits of your!”

I let out a low moan as I put down the knife and put each of my hands on the counter to try to push away. When I did, instead of escaping I merely pressed my ass harder against his engorged penis. I arched my back as I felt the full length of him against me. Jack leaned forward against me causing me to exhale loudly, pushing me over the counter as he unzipped his pants and freed his massive cock. Fully erect, Jack is almost 11 inches long and no one could ever accused him of being a pencil dick, like my husband is. Jack whispered, “Poor old Tim can’t even give you what you need so Bill tells me. Do you want to feel it again?”

Without thinking I softly mumbled, “Yes ….oh please don’t tell anyone!”

When he pulled me back up I realized Jack’s cock was between my legs, I was straddling his cock. I was already wet from feeling Jack’s cock against my ass, now my pussy was in direct contact with his massive shaft. He hadn’t realized I wasn’t wearing panties until my pussy was in direct contact with his cock.

Thinking Jack was going to penetrate me I said, “We can’t, they may come back early, please stop.”

Jack responded, “Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen, I’m not going to fuck you. I thought you wanted to know what a real cock felt like.” Jack started rubbing his cock back and forth slowly with me providing the lubricant.

I gasped as my pussy rode on his cock. He was so big each stroke lasted forever. I wanted to feel him inside of me, but I convinced myself if it went no further everything would be alright, “Promise me this is it, that you won’t go any further. Not tonight anyway.”

Jack promised, “what ever you want my big tit neighbor, what ever you want.” He began picking up the pace, as he did I began to feel myself getting closer and closer to having an orgasm. Spreading my legs and leaning forward Jack kept up the pace rubbing the full length of his penis against me. I finally achieved orgasm and partially collapsed on the countertop exposing my vagina opening to Jack’s cock. Jack pressed the tip of his cock against my vagina. I gasped when I felt him against me and secretly wanted him to penetrate me right then. I closed my eyes tightly, spread my legs slightly and pressed back against the tip of his penis.

I steadied myself for what I imagined it would feel like to have his massive cock inside of me. Oh, did I want him inside of me I thought to myself. Instead Jack asked, “I know you made me promise, but I know you want to know what it feels like inside of you.”

Frustrated, with what I had just done, I had to say no, didn’t I? Before I changed my mind I said, “No, we have to stop…” As I said the word stop I felt his penis spasm. Laughing I said, “I guess you were having a good time too.” And then I felt it, the tip of his penis was pressed against my vagina and his semen shot inside of me. With the first spasm and my reaction the tip of his penis slid just a little further inside of me. The second pulse was even bigger than the first, filling my womb with his hot semen causing me to scream, “FUCK! You are coming inside of me! OH GOD, YOU HAVE TO STOP!”

I didn’t stop him as he pressed his crotch against me again and whispered, “I see old Bill was right about you, you can’t say no to a big cock can you?”

I moaned and whimpered, “Not exactly” as I felt him pressing against me. I didn’t move to stop him.

Jack knew I wanted him to fuck me and he pushed me over the counter and lifted my dress to find no panties. I laid face down on the counter and surrendered to him. Jack dropped his pants freeing his cock even more.

Jack rubbed the tip of his cock around my vagina until I was wet enough to lubricate his penis allowing him to penetrate me. As the head of his cock penetrated me, I felt myself stretch farther than I thought possible. I had read that a vagina can expand up-to 200% its normal size if properly aroused and lubricated. I was certain at 200%+ right now.

Once I was able to relax, my vagina completely stretched, I began to realize that Jack was going three times as deep as Tim had been able to reach. It really was an entirely different experience, amazing I thought. Pressed helplessly against the counter I was completely in the moment, experiencing what his large penis was like. Suddenly I told Jack to stop; I said it in a stern enough way Jack immediately pulled out.

Standing behind me he watched as I stood up and turned around and said, “I want to watch.” Sitting back down on the kitchen table I unbuttoned my dress and unclasping my bra, freeing my big 40 DD breasts. Jack didn’t hesitate as he lifted my legs up on his shoulders and pressed his penis in my vagina again. With one hand he held my waist and the other he used to grasp my breast. He was going full steam as I leaned on my elbows intently watching him penetrate me. I watched as every inch of his massive cock slid inside of me.

Before long Jack said, “I am about to cum; do I need to pull out?”

I laughed as I collapsed back on the table and said, “You don’t need to worry about that.” I felt Jack’s semen fill me with each pulse. I relaxed as I felt his hot semen fill my womb once more. I couldn’t believe how full I felt with his cock and his semen inside of me. Each time I thought he was spent I felt more semen fill me.

I was almost done in, Jack out of breath shot his last load deep inside of me, collapsing next to me on the table, turning to lie on his back.

I lay on my side and reached over and grasped Jack’s soft, but still large penis. I marveled how it dwarfed my hand, being almost three times the size of Tim’s small sized cock. I looked up at the clock and said. “Fuck they will be back soon.”

“No baby, Bill and I had this all planed, I told him not to be here until after 8 we got 45 minutes to play.”

I giggled, then sat up and took his old cock in my mouth. I sucked, kissed and licked the big thick tool until I felt it come to life. Than I started jerking the shaft to get it up, get it stiffer. When I saw that he was hard enough to start over I straddled Jack, resting my vagina on his hardening cock. I smiled as I took off my bra, fully exposing my chest and asked, “Do you love my big tits?” After I asked the question I began grinding back and forth over his partially erect cock.

Jack stuttered as I smiled at him. Leaning down I kissed his lips, his penis lifting its head as if to enter me automatically. Jack grasped my waist and thrust his penis inside of me again. Sitting up on his cock, I said, “You know we are going to be fuck buddies, I got to have this cock of yours more than just a one night stand.”

He smiled up at me. “What about Bill, and Charlie?”

“You know about Charles?”

“My big tit neighbor slut, I even know about old Jake, I bet you got a few more you are doing, but you can tell me about them some other time!”

I rode Jack for a good ten minutes and I had one climax after the next and at last he went off again as I fell on his chest. After we recovered he slapped my ass. “Get up baby; they will be here in any minute.”

I grabbed a paper towel and began rubbing the semen off of my vagina as I ran to the bathroom. I heard the car pull into the garage and I used a wash cloth to clean as much of his semen out of me as possible.

By the time I came out of the bathroom Jack had the dinner on the table and we sat down for dinner. During dinner I could feel Jack’s semen leaking out of me. Not wanting it soil my dress I kept wiping myself off with my fingers and when no one was looking I would lick my finger, I did this throughout dinner. I gave Bill that fuck you look as soon as they got back he saw I was not happy at all with him.

After the main meal was over Tim went to the bathroom in the hall where I had gone and Jack looked over at me and smiled. “Bill you were right best fuck I ever had!”

“I told you she could put shit on you that soap and water want take off.”

I looked both of them, “Would two stop it, your going to let the cat out of the bag and than all of us are in trouble.”

After desert I feigned a headache and we headed home. Jack gave me a big hug at the door and whispered, “Call me.” I didn’t respond. In the car Tim was going on about something, but my mind was in a spin. In less than a year I had gone from being a good wife; to a one night stand, screwed the bug guy and doing our handyman.

If that wasn’t bad enough I was now in thick with three men on our street. My god Marca you are crazy look what all you got with Tim and trying to take care of your itch is worth all this? Who else has that old fart told? I’m open to being blackmailed, should I confess to Tim? What am I going to do? Where will this end?

To be continued…

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 9)

Charles Keen young and hung

Whether one can outright accepted it or not, your little venture to the world of sex outside of your own marriage does transformer you into an addict. OK…so it did me! Future rendezvous with any of my big cock lovers and sex partners and perhaps even others that I had not met, were very likely going to be a part of my married life. After having it on with Tim’s old college room mate and doing his best friend Bill, from the neighborhood, my bed was made and I was ready to lay in it, even get laid in it. The main problem I faced now was how to manage things. Maintaining the best of both worlds was going to require some serious planning.

The more I play the more I want; I never seem to get enough. What I also realized at an early age, that I probably never again be satisfied by a less intense bedroom performance than the one I experienced with my full body hung studs that I seek out whenever I can. Sometimes a good screw just seems to fall in your lap.

So it goes…part 9:

The early months of our married life were wedded bliss; will to some degree it was. Then problems arose. Due to circulation problems, it started to affect Tim’s ability to maintain an erection. That was what the doctor said might be his problem, but I was playing mind games with my new hubby. Since Tim did not have a large prick, at the best of times, only 4-inches when stiff, coupled to his new problem of not getting it up led to bedroom tears, god can I put it on. I found when he was licking my pussy I did sometimes get off to…will shall I call it a mini organism but it was not ideal and certainly not the answer to a satisfying sex life. In frustration I turned to the only thing I knew and that was my whore ways, I went back to my well-endowed lovers. About once a week, I found I had a little stiff one in bed with me at night that I was married too. I let him; sometimes I helped him to toss himself off while lying next to me. Unfortunately, this arousal did not transfer itself to the other side of the bed…to me, his wife.

I love Tim but I have started an itch you men know where. To be blunt, I needed, just a good fucking, which my husband and anyone who saw him nude, must admit he has not been able to give me any, nor could he. It was after Bill our old neighbor was doing me with his hung horse cock (that needed Viagra to make that big old thing work) I knew I had to make some big changes, if I wanted to have a sex life again.

Soon after that, I made it a habit to keep a packet of condoms in my purse for just such an occasion, should it come up. I had always stayed away from the men in our neighborhood, which was to close to home. I was making friends with the wives and a woman with my body and looks does not have many female married friends. The neighborhood husbands however had a different take on me, I was the object of their jokes, looks and I am sure their fancy at night when they were fucking their children’s mother late at night.

Over time, I began to notice what man was trying hard to be friendly and whose wife was cold toward me. All I needed was some bitch to find out she could not keep her husband happy and she end up telling Tim what her better half and I had done. I never set out to bed anyone of them or let them have me, but if it happens, so be it. With what I was getting at home, it would not take much for me to give in to a big cock motherfucker that I knew that some of them were. Over the summer of my first few months of marriage, we had several get together, Bar B Q and cookouts in the neighborhood that gave me a better look at some of my future lovers. After Bill and I had set up our play time, I found my next victim.

One of the first husbands I did was the young hunk across the street from us; Charles Keen who was quite a handsome hunk who stood about 6’ 2” and no more than 200#…! It did not take one long to see that the man worked out, you could tell by the way he carried himself; he was, built in all the right places. Charles, in other words was mouth watering handsome matter of fact with short black hair specked with a few gray flecks at the temples. A firm jaw made of sharp right angles and vivid blue eyes. He had some dark chest hair that ran down that hard flat stomach. I knew he was my age and he looked to be no more then 30. His wife was Kathy, 22, perky thing who was a 5’5” beauty and they were newlyweds as were we. Kathy did not know much about cooking and I helped her with a few things that I had learned in the kitchen. No, I did not give her lessons on stuffing the meat in the kitty!

As I said, Charles was a tall nice looking young stud around my age and he filled out his weekend jeans nicely. The boy did have a package. Than one Saturday evening the Keens had Tim and I over for a cook out and Kathy was will into the wine as it got later in the evening and the men were off talking sports and she unload on me about how Charles was always horny, she seem to never get him to quite.


“Marca, you and Tim have been married as long as we have, can I ask you something…I need to talk about some things!” Kathy was way into the wine and she was hurting inside it looked like. “Kathy any time, please feel free to talk.”

“Marca, only one way to say it…Charles, he wants to screw all the time I am hoping Tim will get him drunk so he will sleep tonight…is Tim that way…?”

Damn…this woman hates sex…I can see that. “Kathy, Tim is 20 plus years older than Charles, I am sure Tim was the same way when he was 30…!”

“Oh…I guess your right…me being 22 and I waited until my wedding night to give it up…I sometimes think I might have been better off dating a few others before Charles.”

“Yes Kathy, I went that road…I had a few men in my life before Tim! I guess you might say I can compare him to the others and like all men he has his good side and not so good side…!”

“Marca, does it hurt when Tim does it…tell me how do you get past that pain?”


“Kathy just how big is Charles…is he thick…?”

“Marca, I can hold his sac in my palm and his old thing runs half way up my forearm and oh god that ugly old head is wide and nasty, that’s what hurts…! If Charles were not so big, he would be perfect…if he were just a little bite smaller…! You know what I mean Marca…?”

“Oh Kathy, I know what you mean girl…shit I do I…! Kathy, does Charles make you get on your hands and knees and do it to you that way…?”

“Oh I hate that and he wants to spank my ass when he gets it in. I am so embarrassed to tell you this, the other night he had me on my hands and knees and he licked my rectum…I was so grossed out. I made him go brush his teeth and gargle before I let him back in bed…!”


We were saying our goodnights at the door and Charles gave me a hug goodbye as all the men in the neighborhood did when I was saying our good night. I kissed Charles on the cheek and winked. I did not mention to Ted about Kathy’s conversation or that my pussy was sopping wet and that my thong was drenched. I made Tim have a midnight snack at the Y that night.

My mind went wild on planning a way to get my hunk neighbor between my legs, oh lord, forgive me for what I am about to do. I picked a day when Kathy was to go to her mothers house, a Saturday, and Tim was at the club playing golf. That left the poor victim and me all alone. I was to strike at high noon. I made sure I dressed to fit the mood I dressed for combat…god I know how they felt at Normandy, D Day…June 6, 1944. I was going out that front door across that street and breach their house. Oh, shit this was going to get nasty, I knew it would turn into hand-to-hand combat; oh, I might have to take him in close…if I am lucky I might get his bayonet run in me, before the afternoon was over.

I looked in the mirror to check my equipment. Pussy was shaved smooth, boobs were in place, damn, with a set of 40DD I knew I could make it past the door. I went this day with out panties, the less equipment I had on the better I could storm the objective. I slipped on my combat shoes, a pair of 5-inch FMP’s, that made my ass stick out. Than I slipped on one of my sexy, wrap-around sun dresses that I knew would be easy to slip off me, when the enemy had me in his grasp. I took one last look in the mirror and told myself…you who about to go down for you own sexual satisfaction…we salute you…go fuck him girl!

I looked out my up stairs window to see the enemy working in his yard, doing something in the flowerbeds. Out my front door and across that lonely beach that seem to be a mile wide (the street…) “Hi Charles…Kathy home…?”

The hunk looked up and smiled and stood to speak when his eyes gave him away…he liked what he saw. I had made it onto the beach…signal London that I have landed. “Hi Marca, no she went to her mothers, should be back about 5 or so…!”

“I had used some of her pastry tools and was returning them to her and I got a platter of cookies…I guess for you…! Charles it is hot out here, how can you stand this heat…?”

“Come on in Marca, your right I need something cold, how about a beer…?”

“Oh Charles I cannot stay long…I will take a glass of wine, just a quick one…!”

I go into their house and hand him the cookies and cookie cutters.

Charles took the cookie cutters into the kitchen. When he returned I stood in the middle of the living room, my back to him, bent over looking at a book they had on the coffee table. I knew he could see up my dress to my ass cheeks, but with my knees together, he could not tell if I had thong/panties on. I knew he was admiring my sexy body for a second, then walk up behind me, wrap his free hand around my waist.

“Your glass of wine my lady…my beautiful, sexy neighbor; damn Marca you always look so good!” I turned around in his arms. Our lips meet, but suddenly I pull away.

“Where is your wife anyway?” I asked.

“She’s out…at her mothers and will not be home for a while.”

“Then I should go. Charles, Kathy is my friend and Tim is your friend, this is not right!”

“No, please Marca, god…please, stay a while…!” With that, he pulled me towards him, wrapped his arms around me, and laid a big kiss on my full open lips. At first, I played the game and did not respond, but then I let my tongue kiss back. My free arm wrapped around his neck, his just above my waist. My tongue found its way into his mouth, as his hands dropped to my ass. I offered no resistance so he reached up with one hand and fondled my breast thru my dress and bra. Again there was no resistance so he led me over to the couch, we sit down, and continued our kissing. This time he slipped a hand up my dress, then under my bra, and found my big hard nipple. He rubbed my nipple, and then gently squeezed it. I moaned. He pulled his hand out and tried to pull the dress over my head. I stopped him.
“We shouldn’t be doing this, what if your wife comes home?”

“Don’t worry, just relax and enjoy the moment,” he replied.

Again, he went back to my dress, and this time I let it come off. He reached behind me, unsnapped my bra, pulled it off and threw it across the room. Now he had full unrestricted access to my bigger than life tits. He fondled one tit with his hand, sucked the other into his mouth. He ran his tongue around it, over the nipple. I acted as if I seemed to be relaxing a bit, as I leaned back and moaned. I moved so he had my other tit, and sucked that as he sucked the first one. I had my head back and my eyes close, obviously enjoying the attention my tits were receiving. He started kissing down my chest, down to my belly, tonguing my belly button. Than he looked, up at me and said.

“Shit, Marca you…you are not wearing any panties…!”

I look down at him and smile…”I hate to wear panties when it is hot…they give my pussy a rash…!”

“Oh Charles what am I saying…we cannot do this. Where, are my things?”

I stood in the middle of the living room, naked from shoes up, turning, looking for my dress and bra. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing on my neck.

“I know you want this Marca, so just relax and go with it.”

He than slipped a hand down, and found my clit.

“But we are married, and this is…oh Charles, oh…this is so wrong,” I said.

“Do not think about that, just enjoy the moment.”

He slipped a finger into my steaming hot pussy. I moaned, leaned my head back onto his shoulder as he rubber my clit. He led me back to the couch. I sat down, than leaned back on the arm, as his mouth found my tits again. My nipples were still rock hard, and he teased them with his tongue. His hand found its way back to my slit. After stoking it a few times, he slipped a finger into my pussy. I spread my legs a bit, allowing easier access. He slipped a second, then a third finger into me. He started kissing down my body again, down my flat belly, kissing my belly button, finally reaching the top of my mound. I can smell my musty pussy sent as he moves in. His tongue finds my clit, rubs it a few times, than sucked it up into his mouth.


My hips start bucking as I grab his head and pushes it further into my pussy. He slips his tongue into my pussy, tongue fucking a few times before returning to my clit.

“Oh yeah, suck me suck me,” I moaned.

Then my thighs start to squeeze his head, I am moaning louder, I can feel my pussy quivering, my pussy juices flowing all over, as I start to go off.

“Oh my God, Oh my God,” I moaned repeatedly.

My back arches up and then I exploded in a giant orgasm. One last “Oh my God” and I settled back into the couch.

As I relaxed on the couch, he stood up and stripped off his clothes. My god he had a winner…it had to be 8-inch cock, rock hard and ready to go. Poor Kathy if she thought this was big…she should take on some of my old customers. He knelt between my legs, rubbed his cock on my juicy slit. I reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking it. I lifted up my knees and spread my legs, then guided his cock into my waiting pussy. I looked up into his eyes and said. “Thank god you’re not small…!”

The grin on his face told me he could be a bastard if he wanted to be.

“Oh Jesus, I been needing this for months…I need your big cock…fuck me like you never fucked anyone before…!”

He pushed in slowly, sinking all 8 inches into my hot wet pussy. “Yes, yes fill me oh shit that is so good…!” I reached to grip his ass and pull him toward me.

“Now fuck me hard,” I ordered.

With that, he started thrusting in and out pretty, quick and soon I was moaning again. I reach up and massage my big nipples, squeezing them. I can feel my pussy starting to quiver on his cock.

I reach behind him and hold his ass cheeks apart pressing on his hole with my finger, he moan and grip my ass tighter making my crouch open more. In his excitement, he picks up the pace and fuck’s my tunnel hard, fast and with no mercy, saying to me. “You fucking slut! You are…what I thought you were a teasing, filthy, fucking whore!”

“Oh Charles, yes and I want to be your whore…do me, do your whore…!”

“Oh my God,” he said. “You pussy Marca, my god it is sucking on my cock…how you can do that…?”

He continued to pound into me, as I start bucking again. Suddenly he pulled out, I gave him a what, the fuck are you doing look. He pulled me off the couch.
“On your hands and knee…god damn you…I am going to ride that ass of yours, hard and long!”

I quickly followed his orders. Now on all fours, I turned to look at him. He moved in behind me, grab my hips, once again slid his cock along my slit before burying it in my pussy, in one deep thrust. I let out a long moan and tell him…”oh, Charles this is my favorite way! Charles you like my ass…I love to have my ass spanked…!”

“I’ll give you a spanking you will never forget, you fucking slut…!” The excitement was evident in his voice.


“Ahhhhhh fuck!” I shrieked.

I let one hand slide between my pussy lips. “Spread your legs now you fucking whore!”

I spread my legs and he grabbed my pussy hard lightly smacking it too. My body jumped up. “Owwwww!” I yelled.

He starts pounding into my pussy with a regular rhythm. Reaching between my legs, I finds my clit and start rubbing it. I pushed back to meet his every thrust, driving his cock in deep. I am moaning, starting to quiver, my orgasm is building again. He is holding on to my hips as a cowboy rides his horse. He thrust in even deeper. My pussy starts to grip his cock even tighter, I am really starting to buck now. I am rocking my head back and forth, than I turn to look at him.

Oh, god did this feel good, it made me think of my working days and nights. I felt like a whore again and I loved that feeling when I can please a man and make him want me, my body, the power I have over his sexual drive. Making love to my husband is one thing and loving him is the greatest joy in the world. Now I had rediscovered the bliss of just getting and giving a good old fashion fucking.

“Ride me big man ride my ass until I cry…give it to me make me your dog bitch…!”

“Ooh it’s so deep!” I cried out suddenly.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. “You like it like that don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes, more, oh god yes…! This f-feels good!” I purred.

Charles kept pumping me in the doggie position. I screamed out and tossed my head back. I was coming again! I felt my pussy clench his cock so tightly that he could not help but go off as well.
“Ahhhh fuck! I am Coming! Oooh I’m c-Coming!” I screamed.

“Yeah! Oh, fuck me too! Feel my juice baby! Feel it shoot in your hot pussy!”

Than I have a massive orgasm. Several more thrusts and I feel his orgasm building, than suddenly he explodes deep in my pussy. I fall off the sofa onto the floor. He falls on top of me, trying to recover and get our breath. His shrinking cock slips from my pussy and he rolls off me. I props myself up on my elbows, looks at him.

“That was great, why we waited so long to do it, is a wonder to me…!”

He moved up next to my mouth and I looked at the wall clock. “Charles, call your wife and see what time she will be home!”

“Marca she said 5…this afternoon later, we have time for more!”

“God damn it Charles…I said call your wife…!”

“OK…ok shit don’t get bent out of…you …forget it…!”

“Honey…I am not mad I know what I am doing, call her…!”

Charles called and asked Kathy what time she was leaving and she told him in about an hour. He asked her to stop and pick up a 6-pack of beer, I see the boy was learning.

“Wow, guess you were right Marca, good thing I called she will be here by four, if she walked out the door of her mothers right now!”

“Charles, if you screw around as much as I do…you figures out how to play the game!”

“Marca, Tim not doing enough for you…?”

“Charles, Kathy has told me that all she needs is some cock once a week…she and Tim would be perfect…! Tim has a cock so small she would never feel it, will she might once a week…! Come on get on and give me some more…this has got to last us both until later in the week!”

Some forty-five minutes later, I am in the bathroom cleaning up and Charles is in the living room picking up. I hear a car pull up and make my way back to the den. The backdoor opens and Kathy walks in. I am setting on the sofa watching the TV as Charles is in his recliner. Kathy has several bags, and Charles jumps up to help her.

“Marca, hey girl…how long…have you been here…?”

“Not long, I was just returning your cookie cutters and Charles and I were talking about the latest dirt in the neighborhood…!”

“Oh, what is it…?”

“Old man Matthew, who lives behind us…he walked in on me the other morning as I was coming out of my bathroom naked…!”

“Oh weren’t you embarrassed…Damn Marca, what did you do…?”

“After I stop screaming, god I thought he was a rapist…I calmed down, than remembered to cover myself…the old fart saw me in the all together…it is funny after you think about it.”

“Marca did you tell Tim, has he said anything to Matthew…?”

“Oh I did not tell Tim, he would worry so, and you know how much he travels, this would just give him more to fret about. The old man said he knocked and called out to me…no big deal.”

Shortly after and a little small talk, I said I had to go. Charles volunteered to let me out and then lock up. Kathy went up stairs to get ready for their dinner date. At the door, I turned around and was sucking my finger…”mmm we taste good together,” I said.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime soon; honey you like to butt fuck…? I hope you do Charles and I love to have my asshole tongued. You need to call me Tuesday after you get to work…! I kissed him one last time and was out the door.

More to cummmm…