Ego and liabilities pair

Hi I’m Nick 28chr. I had an experience recently that I stayed with a couple memorable Dean 25 years old. and 20 year old Mary.

One day then I did chat and was looking to have sex and while I could not find anything to me suddenly started talking to Mary and after a time he told me that he had an affair with a boy and would like to be doing a trio, at the beginning but after Kolisis I agreed to meet .

So I went out for coffee and was very good and two children and Mary was very nearly 1.65 Mounara impossible, with a bit thick, lath and big ass Vizari.

After we drank coffee was at home to drink a drink, after sevrire beverages or Mary came and sat beside me and Dinos face.

Mary is starting, my packages but I still kratioumoun why the boy was face till her Mary chouftose my dick and asked:

-Horny bitch got me nice;

Look at Dean and my face makes sense to go, and I am responding to Mary:

-If you want to see him pull out

H Mary opened my pants and starting, my playing and I says:

Let the soft-my own now to play the kaflaki and ascholeisou with me psolara me!

Dinos not antredrase and caught Mary and AUTHORITY to kiss, to suck, to undress and to undress after we were naked in the suck Vizari We cup and the shaved pussy and I put finger Dinos She took a small dick no 10s centimeters and play.

Me and Mary we did now 69 with me underneath and on top is a little cried with us and there Dean who eglyfe grabs Dean by the neck and puts him to make me blow the vrizontas:

Paliomalaka-lick the dick to fuck me a little and you will see, I lick the gamia pleasings him and you too will fuck me!

ME over to my dick in pussy afosiomenos Mary that dripped from the spills did not give great importance to get a little Mary and I lay on the couch and sit on the dig in the mounara, AUTHORITY to fuck furiously possible or Mary AUTHORITY shout and swear Dean.

-Paliomalaka gamane see how the men in your own little bird did not understand anything when the fuck!

Mary grabs the head and puts him to lick the bottom of my balls and the liquid running over my balls in and we continued to swear and the vongaei.

-Come gamioli lick the balls of my psolara paliomalaka, motherfucker, xekoliari!

Outbreak of the eglyfe gamaga my balls Dinos awesome feeling but it is time to pour, I took my dick from inside the Mary and poured over in the pussy and Mary put the boy to lick the spills from my pussy saying of:

-Come on motherfucker I lick fluids gamia my pussy, come to you like men Cumshots!

After three and sat on the couch to rest for a while but in the little Mary began to strokes my bitch again and started me grows old, put Dean gets to my pipe and my friendship with a little paithiasmena sikothike pige and wore a waisted vibrator, put the boy to the four castes, while the house took my pipe, so that was the Dina vibrator stuck in his ass and while I normally gamage gamousa his mouth and say:

-Etsi xekoliari my fuck together with my gamia

-Do you like to fuck and pass pipes in my psolarades

-So I likes to kouniese very like a hooker

Come my baby, my release that I love to get

Suddenly Mary pulls me by the hand and puts me back from them and I says:

-Rip my kolara fuck me as my boyfriend

Go after the slaver and the pinhole pink and starts to dig in so that the kolara gamousa the pin and the boy is in the gamousa and two together.

Shortly before the pour stops and Mary comes from the middle and poke my dick to my ass in the market, starting, to fuck with an equal number again and was ready to pour while the Mary gave him a vibrator in your mouth and swearing:

-Xekoliari my likes to be gamane Want to be a whore like me!

You’re a big-kariola you like to be the gamane gamiades me!

-You want us gamane Damn!

Kounisou-coming in your ass a dick!

-Take him as a hooker babe!

So that the swearing in and very kaflone trelene to fuck boy and likes the motherfucker do not last long ass filled with sperm Dinos and horny by Mary pouring into his mouth after running spills over to the vibrator and then to Dinos mouth.

After sikothikame saw the floor full of Cumshots by the Dean of the gamousa and when pouring, Mary put him to lick spills from the floor exeftizontas him, after relaxing with a drink and dressed and left.

It was a very cool experience and liked the remake madness some time with another couple.

Good reading and expect comments and messages!

Abby’s Swingin’ Good Time

By Lisa Rains


My friend Abigail calls me over to take photos as she and her sexy lover Pete discipline her lazy hubby for neglecting her. Pete turns him everyway but loose and punishes him in a hot, funny and creative way! Finally, he gives Abby a royal fucking and makes her poor hubby watch. I get rewarded for my pics with a heavenly cunt-licking. (cuckold, M-dom/F-dom, spanking, bi, rom.)


I’m looking at some of the hottest photos I’ve ever taken and my pussy is tingling with the memories they’re bringing back.

Here’s one of my fun-loving friend Abigail and her strong, dreamy lover Pete slapping her neglectful husband Mel’s bare tail.

In this other one, poor Mel is naked on his hands and knees. Pete sits proudly and assertively astride his bare back. Abby is sucking Pete’s enormous hard cock and playfully bouncing his balls. With her free hand, she’s tickling her hubby’s ass and teasing him about the pleasure she’s giving her lover.

And here’s another one: Pete is leading naughty Mel on a leash like a dog – making him “heel” as Abby and I laugh and shiver with excitement. I took it from the back so you can see both men’s sexy bare asses – Mel is crawling; Pete is walking him, making him bark! Wow! You can almost drink in the testosterone.

But alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.

It all started about noon last Saturday, My husband Jody was out of town on business and I was alone, feeling bored and sex-starved when my phone rang.

It was my best friend and next-door neighbor Abigail. She’s one of the few women I can honestly say is as wild as I am. The two of us are sensuous, dominant wives. Our husbands are our total sex slaves and we make them cater to our every whim. We’ve had lots of fun over the two years we’ve known each other, spanking our husbands together and making them entertain us. Sometimes we make them wrestle each other nude, or we make them lie side by side and jack their big pricks while we watch and cheer and make bets on which one of them is going to shoot first. Sometimes we sit on their faces and just talk our girl talk for hours as they pleasure us with their lips and tongues.

We’re allowed to have lovers – and believe me we do – but our boys have to give all their time, devotion and attention to us.

But again, I digress.

So anyway, last Saturday, Abigail calls me up, bubbling over with excitement and says, “What are you doing right now?” I told her I was lying here going out of my mind with boredom and sexual frustration.

“I have just the cure for you,” she says, giggling. “Come on over. And bring your camera. Pete is coming over!” Before I could ask her to elaborate, she hung up.

Believe me, I didn’t hesitate. Pete is one of Abby’s lovers, the most unbelievable, dreamboat stud you’ve ever seen. I’ve always been a little jealous of her because he really turns me on. He’s the definitive Alpha Male – big, strong, rugged and, from what she’d told me, hung like a horse. I’d been dying to get a look at that huge cock of his. He’s fucked Abigail many times and she says he’s one of the few men she can’t control or dominate. He’s so macho and so strong he can make her do anything and she’s powerless to resist. Luckily he likes her wild spirit and gets a kick out of watching her dominate Mel.

So as I say, I didn’t hesitate. I pulled on my sexiest bikini hoping it would turn Pete on and grabbed my digital camera.

I found Abby in her high-fenced, secluded backyard, also in a brief bikini, lounging in a lawn chair, sipping a lemonade.

I should tell you at this point that both Abigail and I are beautiful – it’s how we keep control of our husbands. They are just putty in our hands, victims of our beauty. She’s a blonde; I’m a brunette. Both of us are tanned and gorgeous.

Mel was mowing the lawn, clad only in his tight white jockey shorts. And believe me, he’s a looker. He’s slim and handsome with an athletic build – but not bulked-up and powerful like a football player, more like a swimmer or a tennis player (tight and firm without being imposing). And as he pushed the mower around, I was enjoying the outline of the sizable “package” in the front of those undies. That part of him IS big.

I sat down in the chair beside Abigail and she made Mel bring me a lemonade.

When he went back to his mowing, I asked her what was going on.

She smiled mischievously and whispered: “Mel has been really naughty lately and needs some extra punishment.”

“What did he do?” I asked her, intrigued and excited at the prospect of watching the action.

“The other night, I sat on his face and told him to give my ass and pussy a three-hour kissing and licking while I browsed through Playgirl Magazine,” she told me. “But after just two and a half hours, he told me his tongue was too tired to continue.”

“Wow!” I said, “I certainly hope you gave him a good paddling for that.”

“Oh yes,” she said, “I made him lean over the sofa and gave his cute bare bottom a good long workout with my hairbrush. Then I greased up the brush handle and stuck it up his ass and made him stay like that while I sat reading for an hour. Every so often, I’d reach over and wiggle the brush just for fun. So he got punished for that. But then, just last night, he did the unthinkable.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“He was fucking me and actually came before I did!”

“Why that’s an outrage!” I said.

“Right. So I called Pete and told him about it. He told me that any man who could be so selfish needs an extra jolt of discipline and that he’s just the guy to administer it for me. I felt a little tingle in my pussy when he said that. I asked him what he had in mind but he just asked me if I still had the tire swing in the yard. I told him yes and he said, ‘See you tomorrow.’ He told me to make sure Mel was wearing his dog collar. I wonder what he has in mind.”

I looked at the big oak tree in the middle of the yard. On one of the strongest branches, there’s a big truck tire hanging from a rope. The bottom of the tire sits high — about five feet from the ground.

“I wonder why he wanted to know about that.” I said. But in my mind I was already forming an idea.

“I guess we’ll see. But whatever happens, I think it will be fun to give him an added dose of humiliation by having a series of snapshots to commemorate the occasion.”

“Oooh, you’re such a wicked gal,” I said, laughing.

“And if the pix are good – which I know they will be – we will make sure you get a special reward.”

“Ahh,” I said. I didn’t know what she was planning but knowing her I knew it would be incredible fun. (And it turned out that’s an understatement.)

About an hour went by. Abigail and I sipped our lemonade and talked about our favorite subject: Men and sex and how good it was to be sexually cared for.

About one fifteen, the backyard gate swung open and Pete sauntered in. He was dressed in tight black swim trunks – not “Speedo” brief, but snug-fitting. He wore an open leather vest, also black, and his enormous chest, arms and shoulders were glistening with sweat in the heat of the day.

And below his flat tight stomach, was the largest bulge you can imagine. He looked like a Roman warrior — muscles like steel. He might have been too masculine and threatening-looking to be attractive were it not for his sparkling blue eyes and playful smile. It was clear why Abigail was so crazy about him. He could melt any woman’s heart.

But on the other hand, I wouldn’t want to be any man who crossed him. He looked as though he could dominate anyone – man or woman – and bend them to his will. He smiled at Abby and me and strode over to us.

Curled loosely around his right hand, he carried what looked like a dog leash.

Mel stopped his mowing and looked over, frowning. It was pretty clear he wasn’t happy to see Pete. Abigail told me that she often has Mel “get her ready” for her dates with Pete – making him lick her pussy to get her lubed. She tells him, “Get me good and juicy. I want Pete’s big dick to slide in nice and easy.”

She also makes him caress her tits before Pete comes to pick her up. “Pete loves to see my nipples stand up pert and hard for him,” she tells Mel. “I’m going bra-less tonight, so lick and kiss them good. I want them to look great against the front of my tank top!”

So obviously, Mel wasn’t exactly glad to see this Adonis in his yard. But if he thought he’d felt humiliation at this man’s hands before, he had no idea how much worse it was going to be today.

“Lisa is going to chronicle the day’s events with her camera,” Abby told Pete.

Pete laughed and touched my face. “Perfect!” he said, and I felt a shiver run through my body. Then he fearlessly knelt and kissed Abby’s bare thighs. She sighed and I could see the gooseflesh spread all down both her legs.

“Mmmm!” she said, “That feels divine.”

Mel had stopped his mowing now and his face was red with jealousy and frustration. Pete winked at me and then turned to Mel. “What are you looking at?” he asked.

Mel’s face tightened but he didn’t say anything.

“Come over here,” he commanded. And, hesitantly, Mel approached us standing at the foot of Abigail’s chair.

It was only then that I noticed that Abby, as per Pete’s instructions, had indeed put a leather dog collar around his neck.

“Your wife has some beautiful legs, man.” Pete told Mel boldly, and ran his tongue up along the inside of Abby’s thigh, from just above her right knee to the bottom of her bikini. Again the goose bumps were visible. And again she moaned with pleasure, “Ahhh!” she said. “That drives me crazy.”

I know she said it in part to taunt Mel, but I have a sneaky suspicion she would have moaned like that anyway. I certainly know I would if a stud like that were tonguing my leg.

Pete looked up and smiled at Mel. “So Abby tells me you were a little selfish with her the other night. Is that right?”

Mel was really looking uncomfortable. But he was smart enough to know not to give this strong stud any sass. “I don’t know what you mean,” he said.

Pete stood up and walked right up to him, towering over him. “I hear you came before Abby the other night,” he said, “and I think you need to learn not to do that.”

And suddenly, he grabbed Mel and the two of them began to wrestle and struggle.

Now this is just a theory, but I think Pete was deliberately taking his time in getting Mel on the ground. He is so much stronger and more powerful, I know he could have managed to get him down in seconds. But I think he was sort of showing off, letting Abby and I watch the “fight” go on a little, knowing it would turn us on.

And indeed, it was very hot to watch these male “animals” struggle with each other. Both Abigail and I have always loved to watch men wrestle. We watched, turned on and fascinated as they strained their muscles against each other.

Finally, Pete took him down, put him on his back and sat straddling his chest on the grass. He pinned his arms with his knees and gave him a couple wake-me-up slaps across the face – stinging but not too hard – and told him. “You are going to be my doggy today.”

Abigail laughed her devilish laugh and Mel blushed with shame at letting his wife see him so thoroughly dominated. Pete hooked the leash onto Mel’s collar and said. “Now I want you to get on your hands and knees and crawl along beside me.”

I laughed involuntarily at Pete’s boldness. I was really coming to life with anticipation. I grabbed my camera.

One thing I can say about Pete: He sure knows how to get the most humiliation and embarrassment out of the simplest situation. When Mel, was on all fours, Pete hooked his hands in the waistband of Mel’s briefs and yanked them down to just above his knees, baring that gorgeous ass for Abigail’s and my viewing pleasure.

Then he said: “Bark puppy!” and Mel, red in the face, said “Arf arf.” Abigail, Pete and I laughed like crazy.

“Good doggy,” Pete teased. “Now heel.” and he led his “dog” toward the tire swing.

I grabbed my camera, overwhelmed with excitement by the sight of those gorgeous, strong male asses from behind. When Pete noticed me taking the pix, he looked over his shoulder and flashed his sexy smile. Then he teasingly pulled the back of his own trunks down, exposing those strong, gladiator buns.

So there I was, shaking so much I could hardly focus the camera, snapping shots of those powerful males – their briefs down and bottoms bare — moving tauntingly away from me. Poor Mel, with his undies down to just over his knees, was having trouble crawling fast enough to keep up with his “master.” But instead of having pity on him, Pete kept smacking his bottom with the end of the leash, saying “Stay with me, Puppy.”

Abby and I laughed shamelessly, still sitting in our lawn chairs. “I just can’t explain what it is that makes me so hot watching my husband taken in hand like this, but my pussy is wringing wet,” Abby said.

“Mine too,” I said. “I think there’s something primal and erotic about it. In every species, males have always competed for females. I think there’s something in our biology that gets us turned on by the sight of one male dominating another.”

Abby unexpectedly leaned over and gave me a gentle, playful kiss right on my mouth. “You’re so serious!” she said. And we both laughed. But there was something about the feel of her kiss that heightened my sense of arousal.

We watched as Pete led his doggy to the tire swing. He stopped and positioned Mel, still on all fours, just under the tire and waved Abigail and me over.

We got up and hurried over to watch the action.

“Okay,” Pete told Mel, “I want you to sit up and beg to be put in the swing.” He made Mel rise up on his knees, still with his underpants down below his thighs, and put his hands up, wrists bent like paws in front of his chest, tongue out, panting. His face was red with embarrassment, but oddly, maybe because he knew Abby and I were watching, his big dick was standing up straight and hard. The sight of it was wildly exciting to me. I snapped several pictures of him with his tongue AND his cock sticking out.

Then, Pete picked him up bodily and laid him on his stomach in the tire. It was quite a sight, believe me. Mel’s cock was inside the tire His feet and face down and his creamy white ass up and vulnerable. His underpants slipped down to just below his knees. A more helpless man you have never seen.

Pete smiled at me. His swim suit was pulled back up over his ass by this time, I had still not seen his cock. But there was no disguising that he was aroused, and that Abby hadn’t exaggerated about the size of his dick. The imprint of that more-than-ample thing was pressed hard against the crotch of those trunks. I could hardly wait to see it

“I want you to take some before-and-after photos of his ass,” Pete told me. “It’s nice and pale white now. But it’s not going to stay that way for long. I think it will be nice to record the results of our efforts.”

I snapped pix as Pete and Abigail posed on either side of their captive slave, beaming happily into the camera. Pete spun the tire around so Mel’s ass was pointing directly at me and he and Abby each placed a hand on one of his upper legs, just under his ass cheeks. Cruelly and teasingly, Abigail tickled his asshole with her finger, as if she were going to suddenly ream him. She playfully bounced his balls and cooed “Poor baby.” Then laughed.

Pete spoke to Mel: “Okay,” he said. “Since you were such a bad and selfish boy, Abby and I are going to redden your fanny to make sure you never again cum before she does.” And with that, he gave Mel’s ass a hard slap with the palm of his hand. The sound of it reverberated all through the yard.

I jumped, startled at the resounding smack, then giggled in spite of myself as Mel yelped. I took a close-up shot of Mel’s ass and there was Pete’s bright red handprint clearly embedded on the creamy white flesh.

Pete pulled the swing out a few feet and had Abby stand facing him about eight feet away.

Then he gave Mel another hearty spank and shoved him over to Abby. He put a spin on the tire so that when it got to her, Mel’s tight sexy tail was pointing right at her. Laughing, she gave Mel a smack and pushed him back to Pete.

I know it’s mean of me to say so, but it was really hot to watch – hot AND funny. Pete and Abigail sort of made a contest out of it, trying to see who could spank the hardest. But it was really no contest.

When Abby gave Mel her spank, Mel squealed a little at the sting of it. But when Pete smacked him he really bellowed. His legs kicked like crazy and he begged them to let him out.

But Pete didn’t take any pity on him. They kept the swinging spanking going for hours, long into the afternoon, pushing Mel back and forth between them and taking turns slapping his ass. Sometimes they were laughing so hard they could barely give him a good swat. But other times, they really landed some hard smacks.

Finally, Abigail said, “My hand is starting to sting.” I could see Mel breathe a sigh of relief, thinking the spanking was over. But no such luck.

“Yeah, me too,” Pete said. “Let’s go get some switches.”

And, leaving Mel dangling in the swing, the two of them started walking around the yard inspecting the other trees for small branches that would work as switches.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I set the camera down and followed Abby to the tree where she was selecting her switch. When she turned to face me I brushed her long blond hair away from her face and told her: “I am so turned on! I’ve never seen anything so erotic in my life.”

She smiled at me. “Oh my God yes! It’s so much fun. I hope you’re getting some good hot pix.”

I touched her face again and said: “And you look so beautiful in your take-charge mood. I…. I just…”

And all of a sudden, I was kissing her, holding her body against mine. And to my relief and delight, she kissed me back with real passion.

She put her hand on my right breast and rubbed the nipple teasingly as her lips grazed my ear. “I have to admit,” she whispered, “that even as I was spanking Mel and delighting in watching the masterful job Pete was doing on him, I was also very aware that you were watching and it was turning me on.”

“You’re so beautiful!” I kept saying, and all at once I was aware that the fingers of my right hand had found their way down into the waistband of her bikini bottoms and I was stroking her soaking wet cunt.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that: Kissing and sighing and rubbing each other. But at one point I heard a click and realized that Pete had found my camera and was taking photos of us. We must have been a sight. My bikini bra was down to just above my belly button, tits exposed as Abigail ran her hand from one to the other, encircling the nipples – first lightly; then firmly — with her fingers. Her bikini bottoms were down below her heavenly ass, her legs were spread as I pressed my hand against her clit, occasionally letting my middle finger slide in and out of her hot, sopping pussy.

Pete was grinning broad and happy. “Man this is really entertaining,” he said. He watched us for awhile and had us pose in various erotic positions. At one point, Abby bent down and took my left breast into her mouth and ran her tongue tauntingly around the nipple. In one photo, I’m holding her against me with her back to me. My left hand is cupping and stroking her right breast. My right hand is still down stroking and fingerfucking her lubed-up snatch. Both our eyes are closed and we’re clearly in another world.

At last, it was time to get back to Mel. I resumed the camera work and Pete and Abby got back to the spanking – this time using switches instead of their hands.

Mel’s ass was fire-engine red by this time but still Pete was not ready to show him any mercy. Abby and I would both laugh as Pete made him kick his legs frantically with every swat.

When Pete pushed the swing over to Abby, she held her switch high over her head and brought it down on Mel’s ass with terrific force, making him cry out.

Finally as the sun was going down, Pete stopped the swing and said, “Well, I guess he’s had enough.” And he again pointed Mel’s poor bottom in my direction.

Abby touched it and pulled her hand away, laughing, as if she had accidentally touched a hot stove. “Wow,” she said, “It’s so hot it burns me.” We all laughed at that one – all except Mel that is.

Pete made Mel promise to always wait until Abigail cums before cumming himself. And to never let down and quit when she wants him to give her head.

He had me take some “after” shots with Pete and Abby in the same poses as before. And indeed, the contrast was black and white (well, I guess I mean RED and white).

Then Pete lifted Mel out and made him get back down on his hands and knees. As if to add to his humiliation, Abigail clasped her hands together and put them to the side of her head like a rescued damsel and told Pete: “My hero! What a gallant knight you are. How can I show you my appreciation?”

“Well,” Pete said, “How about giving me a little head?”

My heart leapt at hearing him say it. I was finally going to get a look at this humongous prick I’d been hearing so much about.

And I wasn’t disappointed, believe me. Pete made Mel get up on his knees and kneel beside him. He stood facing Abby and me and told Mel: “Your wife wants to suck my huge cock. I think it would be a nice gesture if you took it out for me.”

“What??!” Mel said.

“You heard me,” Pete told him. “I want you to take my trunks down and expose it for her. Why should I have to go through the effort of taking my own pants down when I have a slave boy to do it for me. Now unwrap my dick for her right now or you’re going back in the tire swing.”

Poor Mel was as red-faced and humiliated as he’d been all day (and THAT’S saying something). But he reached up and slowly pulled Pete’s swimsuit down freeing the hardest, longest, thickest cock I have even seen. I actually thought I might faint at the size of it. It stood up like a gargantuan baseball bat and his great balls hung majestically down. Making Mel continue to slide his trunks down all the way to his feet, Pete stepped out of them and gave that gigantic thing a few slow strokes.

I could barely operate the camera. My tongue was hanging out in amazement. Abigail laughed and clapped her hands. “Is he a bull or what?” she asked me.

I couldn’t even talk. All I could do was stare in wonder at it.

Pete made Mel get back down on all fours and he sat casually on his back, straddling him backwards so that his balls rested on the small of Mel’s back, just inches from that poor red ass. Then, he gestured Abigail to come over and she didn’t lose any time. She hurriedly dropped to her knees and, resting her hands on Mel’s glowing bottom, she took that huge thing in her mouth and started sucking for all she was worth. I actually felt a moment of sympathy for Mel. Here he was freshly conquered and spanked. Now he had to listen to the enthusiastic sounds of his wife sucking his conqueror’s enormous penis.

All the while Pete was teasing him, saying. “Oh man she is really getting after my big dick. She can really suck cock. I bet she never gets after yours like this.”

As she worked on him, she teasingly let the fingers of her left hand, tickle Mel’s asshole. Such humiliation!

But I had little time to sympathize with Mel because the sight of Abby sucking and jacking that great huge thing was giving me the shivers.

Finally, Pete grabbed Abby’s hair and roughly, but not too roughly pushed her back on her back on the grass.

He admonished Mel: “You just stay right here on your hands and knees and watch how a real woman should be fucked. This is how a real man does it.”

He ordered me sit on Mel’s back and take pictures.

Then, after giving Abigail’s dripping pussy a minute or two of kissing and licking. He mounted up. He knelt between her legs and shoved that massive, rock hard tool into her and I swear people in the next county could hear her moan. I sat on Mel’s back with the camera, shaking with passion and watched him work on her.

He started with long, slow, smooth, strokes, coming almost all the way out of her (just the tip staying inside), then sliiiiiding coolly back in. Gradually, he increased the speed, thrusting that magnificent ass hard and fast, pumping in and out filling her ALL the way up. Riding her like a cowboy rides a bronc. Abigail was going out of her mind, making the funniest sounds. It sounded like “Unnng Unnnng Ahhhh!”

I know Mel had never heard her go so wild. And to add to his shame, I know he could feel the wetness of my pussy on his back, knowing I was aroused just from watching. (I had long ago slid out of my bikini.)

For some reason, I felt wicked and devilish. I kept teasing him, saying things like: “Oh man, your wife is getting the fucking of her life isn’t she? He’s burying that immense cock of his in her all the way up to the hilt. How does it feel to watch her getting plowed by a real man?” Or “Be glad it’s her cunt he’s riding and not your ass. He could do you if he wanted to.”

Finally Abby started cumming and as soon as he heard her screams of ecstasy, Pete started cumming too. It seemed to go on for ten minutes.

Finally he collapsed with exhaustion on her. But not before I got some excellent shots of that powerful ass thrusting in and out of her.

When the sun was down we all went inside Mel and Abigail’s house. Pete kissed Abby and asked if there was anything else he could do.

“Well,” Abby said, “I think Lisa deserves a reward for her hard work, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Pete said.

And I will never forget that “reward” as long as I live.

The four of us went into the bedroom. Pete laid me down, nude on my back on the kingsize bed with my legs over the side and ordered Mel to kneel with his face between my legs.

He made him lick and kiss my pussy (and believe me, he gives incredible head). Every so often, I would pull my knees up to my chest and make him kiss and tickle my asshole with the tip of his tongue. It sent thrilling waves all over me.

Meanwhile Pete and Abby lay, one on either side of me, and took turns, trading off, kissing my mouth and tonguing my tits.

They kept me cumming for hours.

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby

One night stand:

Hello my name is Marca Jones and I’m a hot wife, who cuckold her husband and my poor dear has no clue that I do. I am 5’10” and 135#, with a figure of 40 DD-23-38 to be specific. I have long, firm thighs and a nice round ass. I have jet black hair down the middle of my back and dark eyes. I workout 4 days a week and take some aerobics 2 days a week. I am still in very good shape, if I do say so. I know guys like to look at me and I encourage it whenever I can. Love to bend over so they can see down my top, or up my skirt. It gets me as hot as it does them. Being 32, I can still pass for a young 25 year old.

My husband is 20 years plus older than me, I know that I married Tim for all the “right” reasons; he found me attractive, I found him successful and intelligent. I knew that he fell for me right off the bat and he knew that he could probably never find another woman that had the looks that I had. He was happy accepting me in to his world because I am that Trophy wife all men want to acquire. I had gone into this marriage trying to be a perfect wife a good homemaker and one great lover. That all changed with the confession I had with myself of my need for a full size male an alpha male when it comes to sex. I knew long before we talked about marriage that Tim could ever hope to compare with what an alpha (big cock) male has done for me. I feel like one of the female apes who are in need of the alpha male. I worshipped that cock. There is nothing like it. I almost beg for it. Each time the stud penetrates me, it is like the first time. It is as if I have never had a big cock. It is like, something that I have never seen or felt before. I suppose that it is because I am use to little Tim.

This body could pick up any man it wanted and by the end of the first month of our short marriage I was ready for some real cock. God I needed to have something up my love tunnel, besides one of my toys. I would be at home alone and find myself day dreaming about one of my old big cock bastard taking me and feel the tingle well up in my cunt, up where Tim had never been. My juices would start to soak my panties. On many occasions I would lie in bed and pull off my jeans and let my hand slide into my damp thong and explore my clit and slide down my slit. I could feel my clit get bigger and tighten as I began to come. I started to moan loudly with pleasure and imagine in my mind the feeling of one of my old big cock lovers pushing into my tight cunt as it swelled around my lover’s moist wet cock.

I loved my husband, everything about him was great but god why was he so small. There was no doubt that I was the trophy wife, the gorgeous adornment on the arm of a successful businessman. I had learned quickly how to please him, he was my VIP ticket to the good life, but I needed more. The few weeks since our wedding, a flagging libido and his pursuit of money to keep me happy meant I had a lot of time on my hands, time enough in fact to looking for firm young meat.

I decided to take it upon myself to see what kind of action I could find when Tim was going to be out of town on business for a couple days. I took a long, hot shower to get myself in the mood. I did my hair and makeup: now, what to wear. I put on my purple thong; matching bra that is cut very low. You can see the brown of my nipples at the edge. I decided on a short, black leather miniskirt, with a very low cut purple blouse…it was the same color as my bra and panties. Top it off with my five inch black stiletto heels. Now I’m set. Just need to pick up a few condoms at the drug store just in case.

Where to go? I decide on somewhere on the other side of town away from places where Tim and I might be seen. I went over to the college area. Somewhere I can let it get wild. I walk into this club and it is only about a third full. It is still early. However the young studs at the door told me I had come to the right place. He gave me a wink and a nod when he let me, “you’re hot!” Tonight my body was going to give some lucky thing some pleasure and if he had anywhere near the cock I was hoping we both would get lucky.

Standing at the door I heard a voice from the bar say. “Look at those fucking tits.” Yes, I had come to the right place, it was SHOWTIME…! I grab a table and order a drink, a white wine. It doesn’t take long before a guy joins me. He is large, about 6’2” Way over 200 pounds. Has that rugged look. He hasn’t shaved today. He was casually dressed. He is clearly younger than me, but that is why I am here for, to get some young cock. He introduces himself. “Hi I’m Richard. And you are?”

“I am Marca…!”

I began to feel a tingle in my pussy I had not felt for a long time. I became so wet at the thought of another man wanting me, taking me, wondering what it would be like having another mans cock enter me. I started to shudder and began to feel a wave of pleasure come over my stomach and started to breathe really hard. My pussy was contracting hard, my legs shook

I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his khaki pant, as he stood in front of me, god what a bulge. My heart jumped and I became damp. I wanted him. He smiled…”would you like to dance…?” I nodded yes and stood; he took my hand and led me out on the dance floor. He pulled me into his arms and rubbed me up against his manhood. I looked up into his eye to see him smiling, I smiled back at him and rubbed my belly on it, we both knew we had found what we had come here for. We stayed on the dance floor for 2 or 3 dances and on that slow one got the small talk over with.

I pictured in my mind this hunk of a young man, nude and erect in front of me imagining his hot wet tipped cock softly tapping on my flat stomach. I was seeing how it would feel as he slid this huge tool into my horny wet pussy. Oh this young hunk, he knew just how to touch a woman. When he took me back to my table I asked him if he wanted to join me and the boy was on it like a bird on a June bug. He went to his table to get his drink and I watched him walk away from me.

Some women are turned on by a man’s eyes, some by a man’s hands or chest. Some are only excited by a man’s ass. For me it is a man’s cock. I watched intently his every step. Just by the way it moved, I could tell there was power and strength in that body. An image of my hands grabbing hold of that cute butt flashed through my mind, feeling it thrust against me. At that moments and I knew, with absolute certainty that I was indeed going to fuck this guy.

After a few more dances and 2 more wines I told him I had to be getting home, he asked could he see me to my car. I smiled, shit I hope so you big bulge ape. Out of the club he walked me to my car which I had parked at the rear of the parking lot. At my car I unlocked it and turned to tell him how much I enjoyed the evening, when he bend down and kissed me. I rested myself back against the car and let him tongue me as he felt up my boobs. I was ready for him, god yes I needed this, my pussy was wet.

I pulled away and before I had time to react he open the back door and I fell into the backseat and he stood before me. With the backdoor open the dome light would not come on and I saw him look around as he moved up close to me, making my legs part for him to stand between them. Once I was seated and looking up at him with that big smile looking down on my face, he put his hand on the back of my neck. I leaned forward ready to enjoy a caress and felt his thumb and finger tighten on my soft skin. He pulled me close to him and pushed his mouth on mine. I enjoyed this but couldn’t help that feeling of dread that rose within me.

Damn you Tim, why can’t you give me what I need. The young hunk broke the kiss, stood up and I lowered my hand to his crouch and felt his manhood on the outside of his pants. That hard firm tool that had rubbed me on the dance floor; his hands open my blouse and slipped under my bra than down to my nipples.

He pinched the erect nipple and a shudder ran through me. Juices spewed in my hungry pussy as I pressed my lips to his. I started to unzip his slacks. He had no underwear on and his large, thick cock popped out like a snake. I just knew that big pink snake had a big eye that pointed at me. I felt a drop of pre-cum on it as he was smiling back at me. I looked and saw that it had to be at least eight inches and its veins showed blue and purple under the skin.

“You like that baby…you like what you been feeling all night…?”

I licked my lips and lick the tasty juice from his red, flared head.

“OH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I COULD LIKE IT…I can use a man like you tonight. I have an itch that I can’t seem to scratch,” I smiled at him and licked my lips.

“Oh you big tit thing, I promise to do the best I can to take care of that itch.”

He assured me; I laughed and said, “I’m sure you have the right tool to do the job.” He kissed me deep and hard as his hands explored the curves of my boobs and down to my hips. He paused at my hips and squeezed the thickness there. Moving his hands under my skirt I felt him touching my thong.

“Nice hips, like velvet too,” he whispered. Than I felt his thumbs hook in the sides of the thong and I rose up off the seat to let him pull them off. I smiled and pulled him toward the open door of my car. I wanted to feel that nice prick deep in my luscious whore pussy. My juices were flowing and it was all I could do not to attack him. When he hit the edge of the backseat, I fell backwards pulling him toward me. His face fell into my breast and his mouth covered my left nipple. Fire shot through me and electricity flowed through my veins. It was as if it had been years since a “real” man pleased me, not just a few weeks.

He was hard and I could feel the veins pulsing as I stroked his heavy penis. It felt good in my hands. It was so thick that I had to use both hands to caress it. As my fingers massaged its mass, I whispered to him…”Set up honey I got to…oh Jesus I got to blow you…!” Than my tongue flicked at its head and I tasted the salty fluid as it trickled slowly out. Its flavor excited me and more of my fluids flowed in my pussy.

My mouth covered his plum-shaped head and I swallowed his length down my throat. His hands pressed against the back of my head to insure that I would take his length. He assisted me by pushing up and down on my head as my lips and tongue played with his manhood. My nipples became hard and my fingers reached for my pulsating clit. I was so horny and I wanted nothing as much as I did his hard shaft pounding in my hot love nest.

“Oh, baby that’s good; oh yeah you blow girl!” I bobbed my head on his cock trying to take a little more of it on each stroke: as his hips gently thrusting to my rhythm. “That’s it! Yeah that’s the way…suck my cock! Suck it all the way down!”

With my eyes closed, I worked, sucked, and pushed that great snake down my throat until I felt his pubic hair tickling my nose! “Oh god baby you are something! No chick has ever taken me that deep before!” With his cock stuff fully into and down my throat, I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of his ass. I forced him to fuck my face, using his butt to push his meat deeper. “Oh god you’re going to make me cum!” Hearing this, I stopped and removed his cock from my mouth. As soon as I came up for air, I leaned back on the seat and spread my legs. One hand I use to support myself…the other hand instantly went to my slit and found my pulsating clit and began to rub it I looked up at him and said…”OK big boy I am your pussy for the evening…!”

“Damn…you are horny…why so horny, baby… how come a knockout like you is in need of it so bad…?”

“I need a real man to satisfy me. My husband can’t please me…he…he is just too small. I need a man that can make me cry out in pleasure and fuck me for hours. Please give it all to me!” “Oh, I’ll fuck you all right!” he replied. “I’ll fuck you all night if you want!”

He slipped down some and pulled my legs wide apart. I had one leg over the backseat and the other resting over the front seat. Then he licked the palm of his hand and ran it the length of his shaft. With his other hand he placed two fingers between the lips of my pussy separating them. He stroked the inside of my lips with the tip of his cock. It was smooth and soft and ran a chill up my spine. Then he plunged his hips forward and the plum shaped head slipped effortlessly into the moistness of my waiting cunt. My breath slipped out in a sigh of pure pleasure as my hips pressed forward to welcome him to my pleasure center. My nipples grew hard on his down-stroke and a pleasing cry escaped my lips as he ripped through the soft skin there.

“Yes…. Yes…. That’s it…. Oh god yes…. I feel it… oh, I’m going to…cum..!” His thrusts were deep and penetrated the soul of me. My hips plunged forward to meet his lunges. Our breath came in gasps and our bodies were slick with the salty sweat that covered us as the cool breeze played in the open doorway. I could feel his cock making my cunt walls expand with each thrust he gave me. Where had he been the last few weeks, oh how I needed this! It seemed to me that I couldn’t ever remember sex being this emotional or as sensual and passionate as it felt now.

My god I always enjoyed sex and loved sex, but this was definitely different. Maybe it was doing something that I shouldn’t being doing, it was wrong, I knew that, but it didn’t feel wrong. It felt wonderful, more wonderful than anything I had done since I was married. Maybe this young hunk had just awakened me to a new world. No matter what it was, I wanted it and wanted more of it.

“Oh Jesus your big…oh yes…that feels so good…oh please make it last…!” In and out, my new lover for the night rode my body for a long while before his stamina gave out. I reached up and rubbed over my engorged nipples, oh my boobs were about to burst! His breath came in long sharp gasps as he continued to do pushups over my sucking pussy. “Oh baby…I am coming…shit yes…oh yes…you mother fucking…oh you fucking married pussy…shit…!” He finally gave way to the impulse to release his seed into the darkness of my love nest.

The moment he said married pussy, I was lost into another earth shattering orgasm. My pussy clamped around his dick and pushed him over the edge. He launched his rocketing cream deep into my body. The pulsing of his prick sent me tumbling over and over again, one climax after another. His load overflowed my tunnel and spewed onto both of us. The warmth of his seed filled me with such pleasure that I wrapped my arms around his back and pressed his hips deeper into my womanhood not wanting this moment to end. Then all motion from him stopped. My body was pinned under his weight and I felt completely fulfilled for the first time in weeks. Finally, he pulled out of me and sat up smiling.

“Oh I had no idea I needed that so badly. You have a beautiful body and it’s so responsive. Is your husband really so small that he is unable to please you?”

“Yes, actually he is only about four…maybe four and a half inches hard. But, he loves me very much..!”

“Does your old man know you need other men…a man that can give you…what he cannot…?”

“Oh god no…No way and he must never know…!”

“So your one of those women, who need to go out and get some to take care of that itch…! I had heard of men that small…but shit never knew one that could not make his woman get off…!”

If he only knew of my past life and how many men I had been with. “Oh, I can assure you that it is true. There are many men out there that are under endowed and are unable to please the woman they love…!”

“So you are married to one…why…?”

“Honey he has everything I need…he just is not man enough to be a Bull in bed…! He is more like a steer…might as will be one…he has no cock…to speak of…!”

I looked down and saw he was playing with his limp cock that was starting to stand up firm. “You like the idea of being a Bull to some horny wife…don’t you…? Wow! You’re harder than when we were fucking. I’ll have to take care of that for you again.” He knelt over me again and stroked his dick a few times then was ready to go again. He slid his head between my pussy lips and moved it up and down using my juices to moisten it. Then he pressed only slightly to slip it into my wet cunt.

My hips plunged forward to meet his thrusts and a shot of pleasure coursed through me once again. It felt as if hot cream was flowing through my veins. My thigh muscles quivered and my legs flailed uncontrollably. “Oh yes! Fuck me hard!” I cried as his body slammed against mine with more passion than before. I thought to myself, ‘he’s really turned on by the idea of fucking another man’s woman.

“Come on be my hot young stud tonight make this married woman want it…fuck me big guy…make me your pussy…!”

These young college kids can fuck, not like a 50 something year old who needs help keeping it in. This young (later found out he was 22) bull was built to fuck. God he lasted over 40 minutes the second time and got me off, a wonderful 3 times….or was that 5 times…shit I lost count…!

To be continued…..