Interracial Cuckold Stories: Recent cuckold experience

I’ll admit now I am one of those “happy cuckolds” – a man totally dominated by a sexy and awesomely-put-together wife whose penchant for humiliating me in sexual situations with other men makes me and my tiny cock almost an afterthought as she fucks and sucks them all like crazy. Still and all, I find it somehow erotic to the max.  Watching my gorgeous and surprisingly lusty hot wife suck and fuck other men has become a passion for us both, I admit it now. Naturally, when they are in the throes of passion, she does pay some attention to me, asking if I like what I see. Of course, I always answer yes, I enjoy every minute of it. She almost always has her man tell me the most humiliating things as well, demanding stuff from me with me always – and I do mean always – complying. Moreover, I find it especially sexy to put together cuckold stories of my life, describing in every details the latest sexual experience of my beloved other and me.

Right now, however, I decided to make some sort of experiment, and will be sharing my cuckold stories with other people who are into the same lifestyle as me. I’m very much interested in what others have to say on my stories and of course read other people’s stories.

Ok, here is the cuckold story which happened last week.  She announced she was horny and that she needed to fuck someone.  She demanded that we go out and that we stop off at a local interracial bar we have gone to in the past, trolling for men to fuck her.  This night we ran into a few particularly large and horny gentlemen. She wanted me to come up to them and inquire if they would be willing to engage into an interesting sex encounter, to put it plainly, she wanted me to ask them if these black guys wanted to fuck my wife while I watched, so I did. They looked more than delighted when I told them straight out she was horny and she “wanted her hubby to watch her fuck some handsome black guys.”

The next thing I know, I am driving a car load of black men to my house in order to provide the space and time for them to use my wife like a cheap and compliant whore and to have me sitting beside the action, on call, for their own demands. As we drove, one of them asked me if I truly enjoyed all this sort of thing.  I confessed I did.  She had been with other men for hours at a time before and I had followed every single second of it all, obediently

As we entered the house, my wife told me to take a sit in my favorite chair across the room, which our friends bought us as a wedding present by the way.  But she couldn’t talk long because she was immediately surrounded by 3 black men with hard cocks needing her attention. They spread their hands all over her front and rear, lifting and removing her sexy cocktail dress, ripping off her panties and forcing her to her knees to suck the cocks they were pulling out for her. In between sucks, she looked up at her sexed up crowd and told them to remember me.  She mentioned I might like to beat off while they did her and that I am always good for a “clean-up”. One of the guys looked at me and told me to get out of my clothes.  I immediately complied.

They spent a long time getting themselves sucked off. They were playing my hot wife like a piano, having her bend backwards and take cock from upside down, forcing their dicks deep down her throat and watching while she hungrily attacked the cocks of their friends.  I, meanwhile, was stroking my own cock.  They looked over once and one of the guys said looking at the size of it, “Dam, bro’, no wonder she had us over.  Look at the size of that fucking pecker on her old man.”  They laughed hard at this humiliating bit of humor but shortly forgot about me as they began fucking my wife.

They turned her so that she was looking directly at me as they bent her down on all fours, completely open for fucking from behind.  She gasped – I watched her face intently – as the one super big fellow pushed his cock inside her and it made me amazingly horny.  Her face took on a strained look, taking the beating she was taking from behind, but I could also see her wide eyes and her sexed up breath was entering an almost deliriously happy phase. “You enjoy watching me get fucked by real men, don’t you, you fucking loser?” she asked and I nodded as she took another huge breath and gasped at the fucking she was getting. “God, I love the dicks these studs have!” she moaned, looking directly at me. “They know how to treat a woman, unlike you.”

Well, they sure had fun fucking her.  Every time one of them came, she would yell for me to hurry over and lick out her cum-filled snatch.  I had to show her the cum I sucked from her smoking hot pussy, opening wide and all full.  Then she made me swallow it.  Once she asked me to give some to her and I leaned up and kissed her, forcing all that hot load of cum into her greedy mouth.  She slurped it down hungrily, mentioning how good it all tasted. She then told me to go back to my chair and get ready for more. Sure enough, there was ample cum in my future. I know I drank far more than I ever had before.

But in the end, they surprised both me and her as they wanted me to jerk off in front of my own wife’s open mouth till I cum. I was delighted, frankly, as this was definitely something new.  They picked her up and carried her over to me, put her on her knees and asked her open her mouth, controlling the action as I jerked my raging hard 3 inch cock. Meanwhile, one of the guys said something in her ear, and at this point her face expressed amazing delight, she obviously enjoyed what he told her. It didn’t take long before I came in a huge passionate rush.  As she took my cum in, she raised herself and rose to kiss me.  Opening my mouth, she forced all my cum right back into the source – me.  I gulped down my own cum while the guys watched, fascinated by all this amazing sexual humiliation.  It was as if they were watching a foreign film without subtitles, I could tell.

I had thought we were done and rose to take the guys back to the bar but my wife would not have it. “Will anyone fuck me again?” she asked, her wide eyes longing for more. “Can I suck another dick?” They looked at each other, shrugged, and came close again. This evening lasted until the wee hours. When they finished she was all literally covered with fresh warm cum, her tits, her pussy, her belly, every tiny inch of her body. The guys put on their clothes and left, I slowly came to my gorgeous wife and hugged, and kissed her. Then she said: “I can’t wait until the next time we see these guys.”  It’s all my wife and me has been talking about today. She wants to go back to the club some time this week. I guess we will.