A Good Wife

A Good Wife

By GatorRhythms

The office of the Couples Counselor was large & very nicely furnished, the floor carpeted. & the subdued lighting came from lamps with warm incandescent bulbs.

“Good afternoon, I’m Don Clark,” said the doctor as he rose from his desk to greet us.  He shook our hands, looking us each in the eye.  He was approximately six feet tall & looked to be in his mid-forties.

“Hi, I’m Molly & this is my husband, Rodney.”

“Pleased to meet you.  Have a seat on the couch, & tell me why you have come.”

I sat close to Rodney & launched into an explanation, “Well, we have been married for eight months & we are having some problems with – aah – intimacy.  My husband is a bit reluctant to talk approximately it, yet I feel it is time that we obtain some help.”

“You are a satisfactory looking couple, what is the nature of the problem, Molly?”

“I am an ambitious person.  After college, I went to Law School.  And now I have an entry level position with a large firm.  They expect a lot of hours from me.  I was a serious student & spent most of my time studying.  There wasn’t much time for dating & romance.”

“Rodney was studying Architecture.  He moreover had little free time, yet sexually he is more experienced than I am.  We are both busy with work now.  Rodney’s boss is very demanding – often wanting him to participate in company & client events on weekends.”

“We do find time to have sex two or three times a week, yet it is often rushed.  One or both of us may be too tired to participate with enthusiasm.  My husband would moreover like to include oral sex, especially in quickie situations, yet I have not developed a taste for that – pardon the pun.  This is a source of frustration for him.”

Dr. Clark listened with quiet interest.  He rubbed his chin & looked from me to Rodney & back again.

“Oh no,” I thought.  “I really unloaded on him in a ‘just-the-facts-ma’am’ manner.  What will he think of me?”

“Your problem is quite usual among young professional couples,” said the Doctor in a reassuring tone.  I am certain I can assist you learn & grow together, yet we need to take a little time to obtain to know each other first.”

“Oh, thank you Doctor,” I said, pleased that I had not offended the kindly man with my storm of words.

“Can we talk a little approximately your levels of sexual experience?” asked Dr. Clark.

“Sure,” said Rodney.  A little too proudly I thought.

I hesitated, then said, “Yes, I can do that too.”

* * *

“OK, Molly.  When you do have sex with Rodney, is it always in the missionary position?”

“Well, we did try doggy once.  But, I didn’t find any intimacy in it.”

“And, what happens when you try oral sex?”

“Rodney gets very excited when I put my lips around the head of his penis & I have to pull away quickly before he ejaculates.  Having him come in my mouth is not something I have been willing to try.”

Is your husband always ‘quick to come’ during sex?”

“Pretty much.”

I looked over at my husband.  His head was bowed.

* * *

“Rodney, it is your turn,” said the Doctor.  You enjoy a variety of sex, yet it seems that you may have a bit of a premature ejaculation problem.  Is that so?”

“Yes, it is true.  But, I want to improve & make my wife happy.”

“Well, in addition to trying some exercises that will slow your response time, are you willing to put yourself in your wife’s position so you can understand what it is like for her to do what you want?”

“Yes, yes.  Anything that will make sex better for both of us.”

I was astounded & immensely proud of Rodney for owning up to his problem & wanting to make it better.  I couldn’t wait to assist him.

* * *

“Alright then,” said Dr. Clark.  “I am pleased that both of you can be so open approximately sex & that you are willing to consider new experiences.  We still have plenty of time in this session, so let’s obtain started.”

“First, let’s reinforce your love bond.”  The doctor received up from his desk & walked to the middle of the room.  “Rodney & Molly, please obtain up & stand in front of me facing each other.  Look in each other’s eyes & say, ‘I love you & I will do anything for you.  Good sex takes instruction & practice; I will be thinking of you while we learn how to please each other.’”

Wow, I was so impressed.  I didn’t think things would move so fast.  I was excited & I could tell that Rodney was too.  We did as the doctor asked.

“Since this is all approximately sex, let’s obtain right down to it.  Please kneel side by side on the rug in front of me.  Now, trust me as I unzip my pants & expose my penis so we can talk approximately it.”

I was excited yet strangely unafraid as Dr. Clark slid down the zipper in the fly of his lab pants.  It was obvious that he had on no underwear as he reached in & pulled out his penis & scrotum for us to see.  They were isolated & highlighted by the backdrop of his white trousers.

“You will note that my pubic area is completely shaved.  I do this is for hygiene, to aid in instruction, & to enhance the sexual experience.  The two of you may want to try this before our next session.”

“It is moreover significant for you to know that I am STD free.  I obtain tested often & I have not had unprotected sex since my last test.  Go ahead & take a closer look.  Take your time.  Remember that a lot of what we are going to learn is approximately taking your time.”

Rodney & I were touching shoulder to shoulder, tentatively examining another man’s penis together for the first time.  It was fascinating.  The shaft was elongated, yet not erect.  It lay softly on his ball sack.  He was circumcised, yet the head of his penis was only partially exposed.  His appendages were pendulous.  They swayed when the doctor touched them.  His package was similar to, yet much more manly than my husband’s more boyish set.  I was intrigued & so was Rodney.  We continued to stare until we heard the doctor start to speak.

“Of course you know that satisfactory sex involves all of the senses.  You can see my sex organs.  Now move closer & focus on the smell.  You should find it distinct, warm, & welcoming.  You will shortly become familiar with the various smells of sex as we progress.”

My husband & I leaned forward, nostrils flared, & bumped heads while getting close enough to inhale the faint smell of the doctor’s sex.

“Go ahead & touch me.  Share the experience.  I’ll spread my legs so you can handle my balls as well.”

Rodney & I were enthralled.  We touched the soft skin pulling it back from the head, we handed his cock back & forth to each other while enjoying the feel of it.  We hefted his heavy balls & sniffed aloud.  What a treat it was to be able to share these normally taboo activities.  I could not stop smiling.  I glance up at the doctor’s face & he smiled back at me.

“Rodney,” said Dr. Clark.  You will notice that even with the two of you handling my genitals, I have not become erect.  This is the kind of control I want to work on with you.”

Rodney thanked the doctor & told him how much he would appreciate that.

* * *

“OK, guys.  Time to move on a bit.  Rodney, pull my cock slowly & gently a few times while Molly cups my balls.”

We did as we were told.  I could feel the doctor’s balls gather with the stroking.  His penis shaft grew just a little stiffer.

“That’s good.  You can stop, yet don’t remove your hands.  Molly, can you see the small drop of pre-coital fluid that has appeared at the tip of my penis?  Touch it with the tip of your finger.  That’s it.  Now, bring that fingertip to your mouth & transfer the drop to your lips.  That’s it.  Rub it in a bit.  Now lick your lips & describe the sensation.”

“Oh wow, Doctor.  The feeling on my lips is soft & silky.  And the taste is sweet – very, very, sweet.  This is something I could enjoy.  Rodney, you will have to try it.”

“Sorry,” said the Doctor.  “Rodney will have to wait because not that much fluid was produced.  But, he will obtain his turn.”

“Look up at me now.  Molly, do you think you would feel more positive approximately giving Rodney head – oral stimulation, that is – if he were willing to experience it himself as part of this training process?”

“Oh yes, Doctor.  I surely would.  I am already feeling more positive approximately it, & I would really respect Rodney if he would experience what it is that he wants me to do.”

“What do you say, Rodney.  Are you ready to assist Molly with this?”

Rodney hesitated slightly, so I slid my hand up from the doctor’s balls & over Rodney’s fingers around the doctor’s shaft.  I squeezed his fingers lightly & helped him stroke the doc’s cock.  Another drop of fluid appeared.  I dipped my finger into it & placed a drop on my husband’s lower lip.  “Do you like the sensation – the taste?” I asked.  Rodney nodded yes.

Suddenly, I heard the doctor speak in a stern voice.  “Molly, you may ruin Rodney’s ejaculation training if you keep this up.  Please stand up now & leave Rodney there.  Go to the couch & remove your clothes, & then, come back & stand beside me.  I want Rodney to see all of you while he does his part in the exercise.”

I felt chastised, scolded like a naughty child, for trying to take the lead.  I didn’t argue.  It was clear that the doctor was in charge, & I quickly did as I was told.

* * *

“While Molly is getting undressed, Rodney, please take off my shoes & socks, then unbuckle my belt, lower my pants & take them off too so they won’t be in our way.”

After I folded my clothes & placed them on the arm of the couch, I turned back toward my husband & Dr. Clark.  Rodney was still on his knees, sliding the doctor’s pants off.  I took my time.  I had a tremendous view of the doctor’s package.  He was now semi-erect, approximately six inches long, fairly thick, & hairless.  I could not assist yet stare, & I noticed the doctor was giving my nakedness a satisfactory look as well.

I am an inch or two shorter than Dr. Clark, approximately the same height as Rodney.  I have a satisfactory figure that I am proud of.  I have tits that are torpedo shaped with large areola & pronounced nipples.  I smiled at the doctor & I rolled my hips a bit while I walked back, reveling in the naughty girl role.  The doctor smiled at me, & his dark eyes twinkled.  I felt our wavelengths were synching up.

Torpedo Shaped Tits, Shaved Male Parts, & Hand Positions

Torpedo Shaped Tits, Shaved Male Parts, & Hand Positions

As I approached, Rodney was straightening up on his knees if front of Dr. Clark, who was in the process of stripping off his t-shirt.  The doctor & I stood stark naked in front of my husband, who was still fully clothed.

“We are all in this together, & I want you two to call me Don from now on.”

“Are we all satisfactory with this?”

Rodney & I nodded yes.  Don put his right arm around my waist & pulled me close – our hips touching.

“We are going to want to take this slow so that Rodney gets the most out of the exercise.  And, Rodney, I want you to avoid touching your own genitals in any way.  Instead, focus your thoughts on your naked wife as you donate her the confidence she needs to provide you with the sex you really desire.  Molly, you need to participate with Rodney.  I will guide you.  Please say yes, if you are both OK with this.”

My husband & I looked into each other’s eyes.  Each seeing no objection, we said yes simultaneously.

* * *

“Molly, use your right hand to unhurriedly feel my cock.  Now slide your hand down until you have just your first finger & thumb around the shaft.  Your remaining fingers will be cupping my scrotum & balls.”

“Rodney, lean forward & touch your lips to the tip of the cock that Molly is holding out for you.  Use your tongue to again taste the drop of seminal fluid on the tip.  Molly, milk the cock a little to obtain him more.”

“I am still not very hard, Rodney.  So, please slide your lips over the head & feel it with your tongue.  Lick the underside of the tip where the nerve endings are concentrated.  That’s it.  I’m feeling you.  “Unh.  Unh,” the doctor – Don – uttered as he pushed my hand with his limp penis in & out of my husband’s face to obtain the stimulation he needed.  “Just a little more, Rodney.”

“Good”, said Don.  “I am starting to expand a little.  Now move your tongue around the rim, just behind the head.  That’s it.  Inhale deeply, you should obtain more of the scent of my sex now.”

“Now, slide your lips down the shaft until you are kissing Molly’s thumb & forefinger.  Let her jack my partially erect cock into your mouth slowly & smoothly – making & breaking your kiss on her hand.  Good.  Good.”

“Now”, said Don, “Let’s all take a deep breath & relax a moment before we move on.”

Rodney continued to touch his lips to side of my thumb & forefinger as I guided Don’s semi-erect cock through them.  Rodney took a deep breath as requested.  Since my lesser fingers were around Don’s nut sack, I took the opportunity to donate his balls a gentle, sustained squeeze.  Don sighed & pushed his pelvis forward a bit.  That caused his member to extend further.  My husband instinctively closed his open lips around Don’s cock, while his tongue searched the tip & slit for more nectar.  I felt the Don donate a slight shudder of anticipation through his arm & our touching hips.

* * *

After our brief pause, Don spoke.  “Now, Molly is going to remove her hand.  Rodney, keep your lips around my cock, yet don’t suck.  I will donate you directions from here on out.  You can use your hands to hold on to my thighs & buttocks at any time if you need to for balance.”

“Molly, please move around behind Rodney.  Straddle his lower legs & move forward toward me until your thighs are against the middle of his back & the back of your husband’s head is firmly pressed against your crotch.”

Before I started to move away, Don dropped his arm from around my waist.  While my body shielded his hand from Rodney’s view, I felt his fingers linger, cupping my butt cheek, then dragging sensuously low into my ass crack, & then up, just brushing over my anus.  I wondered if I should say anything, yet decided to kept my trap shut.  “Don must have his reasons for keeping some of his actions hidden from my husband,” I thought.

When I was in position, Don continued, rather clinically I thought, “I am going to start to deliberately push into Rodney’s oral passage.  Open, Rodney, & keep your lips soft.  Let me control the pace & the action.  Just let the head & shaft glide over your lips & tongue.  Can you feel my bare balls touch your lips at the bottom of each inward stroke?  Do you enjoy the sensation?  Good.  Stay relaxed.  We have a long way to go.”

Don continued to move his growing length in & out between Rodney’s moist, waiting lips in a slow rhythm.  Rodney was accepting it & he snuggled back against my thighs for reassurance.

“Molly, run your hands down past Rodney’s ears on each side of his head until you can feel his cheeks, chin, & throat.  Spread your fingers & touch his face & neck softly everywhere – use a lover’s touch.  Can you feel my penis moving inside his cheeks?  Can you feel his head pushing back against your legs & crotch?  Do you like it?”

My senses were reeling.  Don was pushing his cock in & out of my husband’s mouth – & I could feel its motion inside Rodney’s cheeks as it moved.  Rodney was getting a thrill from me touching his face in this intimate fashion while he was sexually engaged.  He was salivating & I could feel his Adam’s Apple toggle up & down when he had to swallow.  My pussy was dripping & my legs were getting weak.  I did not know how long I could hold on.

“Molly, keep your left hand on Rodney’s cheek & throat.  Move your right had forward until you can feel the moving shaft.  Gradually circle the shaft with your thumb & forefinger.  Let me fuck Rodney through the ring of your flesh.  Each slow inward movement will cause him to kiss the inside of your circled digits while the rest of your hand will trail along the side of his face.”

It was amazing.  I felt totally involved & included in the sex act before me.  On each slow poke, Don’s cock would slide through my fingers into Rodney’s opening.  My husband’s face would move forward until his lips met my encircling fingers in a true kiss that pressed the back side of my thumb & forefinger down against Don’s balls.  As Rodney’s head moved back, my lesser fingers slid over the side of his cheek.   I could once again feel & follow the progress of Don’s cock head along my husband’s cheek flesh as it slowly pulled out & left a hollowness.

“Are we doing alright?”

I was not sure, yet I nodded OK.  I felt Rodney make a slight nod as well.

* * *

“Molly pull your hands up.  Softly touch Rodney’s cheeks, ears, & temples as you do.  Ruffle his short hair to let him know that you appreciate what he is doing for you.”

“I love you, baby,” I said as I stroked Rodney’s brush cut hair.  “I’m learning a lot.  Thank you for showing me how much you care.”  My husband removed Don’s cock from his mouth & said, “I love you, too.  You’re a satisfactory wife.”  Before returning to the task at hand.

“Now Molly, stretch your arms forward & place your hands on my shoulders for stability.  Hold on tight.”

Don reached out to me, his hands & arms well above of my husband’s line of sight.  He looked me straight in the eye as he gripped, squeezed, & twisted the protruding nipples on each of my tits at the same time.  My eyes flew open in surprise.  I looked for an answer in his eyes.  He mouthed the words, “Don’t spoil it for Rodney,” as he continued to pull down, twist, & pinch my nipples.  I needed the support of my hands on his shoulders to keep myself upright.  The agony seemed to go on forever.

But, soon, Don eased his grip & I felt incredible relief.  Was it relief from the pain or from the intense pleasure I felt?  I couldn’t be sure.  Maybe both.

Don continued to force Rodney’s head back into me with a steady rhythm, as he began to milk my tits. With my hands on Don’s shoulders, my arms held me steady.  Don used both of his hands to surround a single tit & then slide the flesh toward the nipple in much the same way as a farmer would squeeze milk out of his favorite cow’s teat.  First one teat, then the other – back & forth he went.  After extracting much enjoyment from manipulating my now swollen tits, he let go, looked deep into my eyes, & gently stroked my cheeks with his hand.  It felt nice.  I liked this man.

I looked down & saw that my chest had a pronounced sexual flush, my tits were full, my nipples were complex & completely extended, & the areolae around them were drawn up & wrinkled.  Further down I could see my husband’s head moving back into my crotch in response to each of Don’s arousal inducing thrusts.  I was truly excited – unquestionably approaching an orgasmic plateau.

* * *

My lust filled daze was broken when Don suddenly said, “Step back a bit Molly.  I want to put my hand behind Rodney’s head.”

I thought this might be the beginning of the climax, yet I was wrong.  Don did put his hand behind Rodney’s head & he ran his fingers through my husband’s short trimmed hair as he continued a slow in & out motion of his cockhead over my husband’s tongue.  Don pushed in to the point that the tip of his penis contacted the entrance to Rodney’s throat, airway, & sinuses – essentially testing his ability to accept deep penetration without gagging.  I think my husband was now in a trance himself – just going with the flow.  Don was a gentle master at training.  He continued the deep throat practice for several minutes.  Before he finished, Don could insert his cockhead into Rodney’s throat right to the entrance of the esophagus with ease.  “Just for practice,” Don told Rodney, “I am going to repeat the stimulating action again & again for the next few minutes.”

I was proud of my husband as I stood straddling his lower legs while holding onto Don’s shoulders.  My legs remained slightly spread.  After a final caress to the back of Rodney’s head, Don reversed his hand, touched my open labia, & slipped his fingers into my saturated vagina – first one finger, then two.  He casually finger-fucked me for several minutes while circling & gingerly touching my clit with his thumb.  His two outside fingers extended down, teasing the sensitive area near & around my anus.

Time stood still.  We were all on a plateau now.  Rodney was into to the gentle ebb & flow of Don’s slow face fucking & deep throating.  I watched through glazed eyes as Don gave me fatherly smiles while he explored the folds of my sopping cunt with his inquisitive fingers.

Every so often, he would slide his soaking fingers out of my vagina & ease them ever so tenderly up the crack of my ass until he reached my anus.  There he would use his thumb to tease, probe, deposit, & rub in the moisture as his fingers cupped & stroked my ass cheeks.  At one point he pressed his wet thumb in & waited patiently until my sphincter relaxed enough to accept its full penetration.  I enjoyed Don’s attention to all of my erogenous zones.  And, I was most relieved that Rodney was not aware of how Don was preparing me for an act that I had never allowed my husband to perform.

I could tell that Don was getting more excited.  His thrusts into Rodney’s mouth were getting longer & a bit more forceful.  But then, he surprised me when he paused & took the time to compliment Rodney on how well he was holding himself in check.  It was a nice thing to do, especially considering what he was doing to me, literally behind my husband’s back.

Don withdrew his thumb from my ass & dipped his fingers in my pussy before removing them.  My eyes told him that I didn’t want to stop.  But he ignored my silent plea.  Instead, he swiped his fingers under my nose so I could breathe in the strong scent of my own sex.  He touched his dripping fingers just above my upper lip & left drops there so the scent would linger in my nostrils.  Then he pulled me up to Rodney’s back again.

* * *

Don removed his penis from Rodney’s mouth & placed my hand under it.  “Can you see the effect all this sexual activity is having on me?” he asked, as I cradled his penis right in front of my husband’s face.  Don’s cock was indeed as complex & as hot as any one I had ever felt.  His penis shaft was so extended that it had developed a slight upward curve.  There was no foreskin left to cover any part of the head.  His scrotum was pulled up tight & slightly blue-purplish in color.

The head of Don’s cock was light crimson, stretched taunt, & pointed like the tip of a spear – ready to force its way into soft flesh.  Pre-cum oozed continuously from the slit in the tight, cone shaped head.  It was obvious that Don wanted us to know that he was filled with lust, & needed to come, soon.  It was moreover apparent that he would not be denied.

Don’s Spear-Tipped Penis with Fluid Drop

Don’s Spear-Tipped Penis with Fluid Drop

I delicately squeezed the shaft I was holding.  I drooled some spittle onto Don’s cockhead.  I used my thumb & forefinger to gather my saliva & Don’s seminal fluid.  Then I spread the mix over & around the sharp head, behind its flared rim, & on down toward his balls.  “This is for you, baby,” I said, while rubbing my husband’s back & lubricating Don’s cock.  Don was chomping at the bit.  He looked in my eyes & smiled again as his supercharged cock pulsed with anticipation in my hand.  He knew that I understood his bisexual desire to be the first man to take my husband.

I was still standing behind my fully clothed husband who was kneeling in front of Don.  Rodney watched, slack jawed, as I lovingly prepared Don’s hot, complex weapon for the onslaught to come.  My tits were aching, my pussy was flowing, & my anus was starting to throb.  Don maneuvered my hand with his well lubricated, urgent cock right in front of Rodney’s lips, while at the same time, up above my husband’s visual field, he put his still damp fingers in front of my mouth.

“Open”, he said in a loud voice.  I felt Rodney put his arms around Don’s hips & grip his ass in order to hold his position.  My husband knew what was coming & he moved his head forward to take it.  But, I hesitated.  “C’mon.  Put it in!” said an impatient Don.  I held the hot, wet, ready-to-explode head of Don’s cock up to my husband’s waiting lips.  As Don pushed his hips forward, I felt Rodney take several inches, yet I did not let go.  Instead, I let my hand slide down the slick, heated shaft until Rodney’s face & lips squashed my thumb against Don’s hairless lower belly & trapped my fingers behind his tight ball sack.  I could not resist becoming intimately involved again, touching my husband’s face & the doctor’s genitals at the same time.  The real fucking was set to commence in earnest, & I wanted to share in it as much as possible.

Don’s eyes were no longer gentle.  He looked into my soul & silently mouthed the word again, “Open.”  Again I hesitated, so he just forced his two cunt juice covered middle fingers into my moist & longing mouth.  The Doctor Was In Charge!

Just as the taste of my own sex was beginning to register, Don started to move his fingers in & out of my mouth in a simulated fucking motion.  Then he said in a voice loud enough for both my husband & me to hear, “Suck.”  Then, “Suck Harder!”

Rodney sucked.  I sucked.  There was no more talk, no rationale for what was happening.  It was just sex, pure & simple.

* * *

A man we did not know an hour ago was having oral sex with both my husband & me – each of us at the same time – & we were loving it!

* * *

I was beginning to lose it when I felt Don’s strokes into my husband’s willing passage become erratic.  I knew Don was ready to consummate his domination of my husband by getting the complete release he needed.  I was pleased for him.   I whispered to him, “Do it, Don!  Come for me!”

Don stopped moving for a moment.  My fingers felt his scrotum compress & his shaft pulse.   I knew that my husband was getting his very first taste of warm, wet semen.  I moreover knew it was just the vanguard of what was on the way.  I was excited for my Rodney.  He paused, enjoying the flavor of Don’s come sample.  Then I felt his lips resume sucking with a vengeance.  Don savored the moment, then he gave several short, sharp thrusts.  I took the hint & moved my hand out of Don’s way.  I placed it on his ass cheek where I felt Rodney’s hand.  We intertwined our fingers & held on together.

Don’s cock in Rodney’s mouth was rock-hard & rampant. “Good, good.  Keep it slow at first,” he said to Rodney.  “Trust me.”  He put his hands on my husband’s head, softly, almost caressing his short hair.  Rodney continued to move his lips back & forth in time with the pace Don set.  Don was focused on getting off.  My husband & I were doing everything we could to make it happen.

“Ok, good.  Now, just a little faster,” Don said.   Don’s hands steadied Rodney’s head, moving him into a faster rhythm. “Very good,” he said.  “Press your lips nice & tight,” he said. “Very good,” he said after Rodney complied.  Don widened his stance & bent his knees.  Rodney felt Don’s cock head at the entrance to his throat now.  “Good boy.  Remember our practice, & trust me,” Don repeated.  It was getting wilder.  Don was speeding up.  He was humping deeper & deeper. Ramming his pointy tip into my husband’s mouth as far as it would go.  “Press hard!” he said, louder. “Do it!”

Suddenly Don’s hands clamped my husband’s head to his groin.  Don used his knees.  His body hunched wildly, hips thrusting his release seeking member upward into Rodney’s fully cooperative cavity, seemingly in spasms beyond his control.  My husband suddenly felt the liquid in his throat.  He tried to move his head back, yet I leaned in & held him in place with my thighs as Don continued to fuck forward, entering & leaving Rodney’s throat quickly, time after time.

Don had reached the point of uncontrollable ejaculation.  It was wondrous to see, hear, & feel.

I watched Don’s face as he climaxed.  His primal orgasm was strong.  It took control over his super-excited mind & body.  Don’s back & neck stiffened.  His upper chest, neck, & face reddened.  He thrust as complex as he could & then held the penetration gained.  “Ngaar!” was the loud, involuntary sound Don made as he hunched his rampant cock deep into my husband’s throat & expelled a hot rope of his semen down Rodney’s esophagus.  After a moment he withdrew a little, then thrust again. “Ngaar!”  …. And again.  “Ngaar!”  This time, Rodney closed his throat on the out motion & took a breath.  Don’s next trust was not as hard, so Rodney took this, & the following come shots, over his tongue & tonsils.  …. “Ngaar!” …….. “Ngaaaaar!”  Five times Don explosively launched his burning seed far into Rodney.  Some went directly down my husband’s throat, yet much of it ended up in his soft, sucking mouth – filling it to overflowing.

When the fireworks were over, Don released his grip on Rodney’s head.  Don was still moving his cock in my husband’s slippery, fluid filled mouth, & coming at a slower pace.  I knew that given his years of sexual experience he would probably continue to do so for some time.  So I used my body to hold my husband in place a while longer.

I felt Rodney swallow as Don’s humping slowed.  Once, twice, three times.  And then I heard my husband start to grunt & moan around Don’s cock.  I was familiar with the sounds.  Rodney was coming spontaneously as he continued sucking Don’s slick, still complex penis.

* * *

Don drew me as close to him as possible with Rodney still sucking between our legs.  He reached down between us & scooped some of the overflow from the loose seal between my husband’s lips & his own cock.  He brought it back to my face as an offering.  I opened immediately & sucked complex while my tongue lovingly laved the mixture of Don’s semen & Rodney’s saliva off his insinuated digits.  The sex fluid soup was wonderfully warm & tangy.  I swallowed as much as I could get, & knew that I would want more in the future.

Don held me tight.  He removed his fingers from my mouth & replaced them with his tongue.  Saying, “Suck,” as he did so.  Don’s tongue was fat & it filled my mouth.  I sucked it deliriously.  It felt like a miniature dick between my lips & on my tongue.  I sucked it as if I were sucking Don’s cock – something I wanted to do so badly now.

Don reached down between us again & scooped up more of the overflow from Rodney’s mouth with his two middle fingers.  He then wrapped his arms around my waist & down.  He separated my ass cheeks, & pushed those two come covered fingers deep into my moist & suddenly spasming rectum.  Don thrust his fingers up into me again, again, & again.  There was no resistance.  I was in heaven.  My mind was gone.

* * *

When my senses returned, my husband was still sucking complex & coming in his pants.  Don had dumped buckets of come in his mouth & throat, & he was still providing Rodney with an effective pacifier, while lovingly stroking his face & head.  I was on my tip-toes, one leg raised to make my pulsing asshole as accessible as possible so Don could continue his anal finger fuck.  I was out of my mind with all of the stimulation, still coming, crying tears of happiness, & kissing Don.  My thighs were trembling & my knees had buckled.

All I could do at that moment was cling to Don’s shoulders, hold on tight, & try not to let my husband, Rodney, know how much I was thrilled:  by Don’s attention to my newly awakened sexual desires; & by the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.


Blast From The Past

By Paro Gide

*This story is fiction from my dirty little mind & all names & characters are fictional. Any resemblance or reference to real names and/or descriptions is purely coincidence. Please let me know if you like my stories*


A couple’s mundane life leads the wife to make some changes & spice things up for herself.  When her husband gets suspicious, he decides to track her down only to be shocked at what he sees & surprised at his unexpected response.  

Beth checked herself in the mirror one last time, wanting everything to be perfect. Her heart was racing & she felt butterflies in her stomach with the anticipation of what awaited her outside the bathroom door. She made sure every detail was right: Her eyeliner was perfect, eyeshadow the right smokey shade, & lips refreshed with glossy lipstick. She adjusted the black sheer babydoll & matching g-string he wanted her to wear as this moment was going to be monumental for the both of them. Heart still pounding, her hands cold & shaky, she sucked in her breath & held it for 10 seconds to hold off the thought that this was her last chance to stop all of this. She told herself again that she deserved this & rationalized it with the thought that she came this far, she owed it to herself to see it through. Beth smiled to herself as she heard slow jams start playing in the other room. She made her decision. Beth quickly let out her breath, wrapped a towel around her, & opened the bathroom door.


John & Elizabeth “Beth” Liu were what most people would call your typical Asian American couple. They had a home in the huge city, attended the neighborhood church, & worked full time jobs: John as a computer programmer & Beth as a grade school teacher.  They were moreover college sweethearts who had two kids & a family dog. Over the years, life had become monotonous for them; John was constantly working & Beth was struggling with the balance between teaching & managing the kids’ schedules. With John constantly being on calls for work, Beth juggled dinner, grading papers, & helping their kids with homework on weeknights, made sure the kids made all their soccer games on Saturdays, & the family received to church on time for Sundays. It was no wonder they never had time for each other.


Soon after Beth’s 36th birthday, John started noticing a alter occurring with his wife.  She started eating healthier, going out for runs, & changing her clothes from her frumpy, comfortable & practical work clothes, her flats, slacks, & plain old blouses she liked to wear, to a more feminine style, heels, skirts, & dresses. He moreover noticed… Makeup & perfume!? She hasn’t worn that since after their first child was born! He sensed something was up yet couldn’t quite put his finger on it. A notification from work popped up on his phone & he shrugged off her behavior as just a phase she was going through because she was getting older.


Fast forward to six months later. John was annoyed when Beth called & told him she needed him home early to make dinner for the kids because she had a meeting with her friends from her church group that evening & was going straight from work to the church. After he hung up, he paused for a brief moment. “Wait, didn’t she have her group meeting last night?  Come to think of it, she has been going to a lot of church group meetings these last few weeks…” Now John was curious & decided to check Beth’s social media page as to figure out what was really going on. He knew her password so it was pretty simple logging into the account on his phone. For the most part, everything seemed fine. No weird messages, no unordinary posts. Everything seemed fairly normal until he browsed her search history. He recognised an old childhood boyfriend’s name in the recent search history. “Cassius Williams”. She mentioned him, while John & she were dating back in college, as her first crush & boyfriend back in elementary school.


John, naturally, felt comical approximately all of this & needed to know what was happening so he decided to continue sifting through her social media search history. After a short bit of digging, he found that the first time she looked Cassius up was right after her 36th birthday, & she had sent a friend request a minute after that at 11:37pm. He accepted it at 3:03am, she liked some of his posts at 6:47am, just minutes after she normally wakes up to obtain ready for work. As he dug further, he noticed more frequent searches for Cassius, which would seem strange for a friend who wanted to simply reconnect to another old friend.  “Wouldn’t they have messages? Like ‘Hey! How are you?’” He thought to himself. John noticed a significant gap in her messages, as if she was mass deleting them, especially the most recent ones where she normally would have a ton of messages from her church group just before a meeting.  John decided to take his “research” a step further.


John ordered a pizza for the kids & asked the neighbors to keep an eye on them for a few hours while he “ran some errands.” He didn’t have access to the feature to track his wife’s phone’s GPS location, yet he did remember the “friends near me” feature on her social media account. He looked up Cassius & saw that he was approximately a 15 minute drive away. John’s heart was pounding, hoping that his wife wasn’t messing around behind his back with this man & was hoping all of this was just his wild imagination. As he received within 2 blocks of Cassius’ location, he decided to park his car & go on foot, just in case his wife was there & spotted him.


John followed the signal to a large apartment complex with an open courtyard full of hedges, bushes, trees, & flowers. It even had a attractive Italian-styled fountain with water running down the central brass figures. John froze near the stone gate entryway as he saw his wife sitting next to a very large & well dressed black man. Cassius was approximately 6’4”, where as his wife was only 5’2”. John’s heart began to race as he saw they were holding hands with their fingers intertwined. “Maybe it’s nothing,” John thought, as he knew his wife was very physically affectionate towards everyone. She would donate everyone a hug & kiss on the cheek at Church. It still felt odd & John needed to know for sure so he stayed.


After approximately 10 minutes of chatting (which John could not hear other than the occasional burst of laughter from them, thanks to the gurgling of the fountain), they received up & headed towards one of the entry ways of the massive apartment building. A twinge of jealousy shot through John’s chest as he saw his wife cradling Cassius’ large arm as they walked together.  After they disappeared through the entryway,John dashed across the dimly lit courtyard to the entryway Beth & Cassius just entered. He saw no sign of them from where he was so he quickly looked at the doorbell directory for the apartment number where he guessed Cassius lived. He quickly spotted Cassius’ name and, as luck would have it, it was the first floor corner apartment.


John moved behind the bushes that hid most of Cassius’ windows from plain view & stalked around until he fell upon a well lit window & heard Beth’s laughter from inside. The window was open yet the shade was down, making it difficult to see what is going on. They were having a hushed conversation, as if they were chatting very close to each other. All he could make out the was the mewling of his wife in a sultry tone & the low bass tones of Cassius booming voice. After what felt like forever, John heard the clinking of glasses, a short silence then laughter. He then heard the chairs scoot back, & footsteps. They left the room.


A short moment of panic filled John as the light turned out & he had lost track of where they were. He started stalking around the windows again when the light flicked on from a window he just passed. This one was mostly closed yet the shade was approximately a hand’s height from being all the way down, giving him almost a full view of Cassius’ bedroom. He saw Cassius walk into the room, wrapped in a black robe.  He raised a remote in his hand & the room was instantly filled with the deep rhythmic bass from the slow jams, giving it a charged atmosphere of sexual electricity. John, breathless at this point, noticed a light turn on in the background, then saw his wife enter the room wrapped in nothing more than a towel.


At a motion from Cassius, Beth opened the towel & dropped it to the floor. She was a bit red faced as if she were embarrassed, or it could have been her “Asian Tan” from the alcohol, or both. His eyes grew wider in disbelief as they dropped from her face to her body, to the sheer lingerie that left little to the imagination of what it was feigning to hide. Beth looked down bashfully as Cassius’ eyes drank her in. He said something to her in his low bass voice that John couldn’t hear over the music, yet it caused her to look up in time to see Cassius pull her to him, his large, dark lips slowly consuming hers.


At first Beth seemed frozen when Cassius started kissing her, yet quickly returned the passion with more intense, wanton display of tongue & lip suction as she reached her hands up around the back of his head to draw him in closer. As they pulled each other in, Cassius let his robe fall to the floor, revealing his large, near naked, african physique. He did not have an athletic build yet he was certainly not out of shape either. John’s heart almost pounded through his chest as he witnessed Beth slowly kissing down Cassius’ chest to his stomach, then stopped & sat on her knees in front of him as she reached his boxers. Cassius, bent down, deeply kissed Beth with his large tongue, pulling off his boxers in the process. When they broke their kiss, Beth gasped in shock at how dark & how large Cassius’ member was. John could see it clearly from where he was & immediately noticed he was not circumcised either, making his cock look like a large black mamba slithering out of a large dark tree.


Beth was saying something to Cassius & from the look on their faces, John was able to determine it had something to do with his monsterous black cock. With all the shyness & bashfulness now gone, Beth reach her hands up to fondle Cassius’ large black shaft & his heavy, dark sack. She guided her hands all over Cassius’ manhood as if she were a blind woman trying to see with her hands. She rose from her knees, smiling at Cassius, & began to let her tiny pink tongue explore his manhood as well. At first she started slowly, lifting up his cock, & sucking & licking his large black orbs below, then leaving a trail of saliva as she worked her way up his erect shaft. With her two hands stroking the length of his leaking black cock, she gave Cassius a wicked smile & lapped up the precum dripping from the tip. She then took as much as she could of him with her mouth, which was really only his swollen cock head, as Cassius placed both hands on the back of her head, urging himself further. Beth sucked him with such want & intensity, John could see her cheeks clearly indented from the effort.  She moreover stroked both hands up & down his glistening, slimy, wet shaft as if she were trying to obtain the yummy liquid from a chocolate malt that had not melted enough yet.


After a few more moments of this intense treatment from Beth, Cassius abruptly pulled his cock out of her mouth with a “pop.” Beth looked up at him for a moment questioningly as he bends towards her, giving her a wet passionate tongue kiss. He motioned her to the bed where she sat then laid down with her legs still dangling from the edge. John heard her audibly moan as Cassius pulled her legs up to rest on his shoulders & his large mouth descended to cover Beth’s opening.  With Cassius’ thick tongue expertly probing & searching every inch of her opening along with the constant skillful suction of her clitoris with his large black lips, it only took a short while for Beth to go over the edge into the black oblivion called “Cassius”.


Her long drawn out moan was so loud & intense, it caused John to duck in case anyone outside hearing the commotion would look towards the window.  After his wife’s moaning subsided, John slowly peeked through the window again as Cassius was working his way up Beth. He brought his tongue up her sensitive belly button, causing her to giggle, then up to one of her breasts tenderly.  His large mouth covered her nipple then sucked in with such intensity, he had half her breast in his mouth by the time he released, leaving a mark on her that no one would mistake for anything other than what he just did to her.  He move up her neck, causing her to mewl in pleasure until his tongue found it’s home with her lips. They resumed an intense kiss, grinding their hips together furiously.


Cassius slowly slid his hard, black rod up & down Beth’s mound, from the tip of his swollen head to the base of his sack, causing her to writhe in intense pleasure beneath him.  She clawed at his back each time his cock head slid down to her clit, causing intense ripples of pleasure to echo through her & making her want more. Each time Cassius slid his thick black cock back down her body, he made sure to bring the tip down closer & closer to Beth’s dripping wet entrance. John could see that Beth could no longer take any of this teasing, so on Cassius’ next downward slide, Beth moved her hips up so that her entrance would meet his head. Cassius naturally pushed back into her very slowly as to not injure her. As he pushed deeper into her, Beth let out a low moan as her body was slowly stretch & filled like it never had been before. John’s jaw dropped as he witnessed the large black mamba slowly work its way into his wife. He licked his lips, surprised by himself.


John thought he would be angry, upset, injure & all other such emotions yet the shocking one that stood out was how turned on he was at witnessing his wife in this illicit union with her lover. The fact that she is not just cheating on him yet doing it with her friend, with no protection, would send a normal man over the edge trying to beat down the door to stop it. The thought of his wife eagerly taking such a large guy, skin to skin/bare-back like that, on top of his strong dark african features mixing with her delicate light Chinese features, contrasting together like a sexual yin & yang, was so erotic. He wanted to see more.


Cassius was increasing his pace with Beth now, & with each powerful stroke, Beth let out a small yelp. As if a switch was flipped in his mind, he was no longer gently pushing into her yet pounding into her with the fury of an unleashed animal. Sensing this sudden alter in Cassius, Beth’s own switch flipped & raw animal instinct took over as she shouted things like “Fuck me harder, Cassius! Harder! Deeper, Cassius, Deeper!”  Beth wrapped her legs around his waist & gripped his large black ass to pull him in deeper, holding on for dear life.   Soon after, she let out a scream of pleasure as her second orgasm crashed into her like a tsunami following a massive earthquake.


Cassius slowed to catch his breath, a moment of recovery after giving way to her second intense orgasm. Breathing heavily, they kissed each other as if they were a couple, making love with just their tongues. Beth clearly wasn’t done yet & she whispered something to Cassius causing him to climb off her & lay properly in his bed. Beth climbed on top of his sturdy physique, kissing him again as she reached behind her to guide his swollen, black cock inside her. They continued to kiss each other as Beth ground her hips into his. John nearly exploded in his pants as he received a full clear view of Cassius’ huge black cock sliding in & out of Beth’s pussy.  Beth & Cassius both picked up speed & intensity, causing a loud “CLAP” with each meeting of their hips. John could see the sweat glisten off both their bodies with some of Beth’s long hair matted to her body & face. The ferocity of how they fucked each other right now reminded John of animals mating. It was as if instinct took over & these two were no longer in control, like mother nature intended.


John’s heart leapt right into his throat when he heard Cassius announce loudly “Aww Daaaamn! I’m approximately to cum, Beth! I’m approximately ta nut, girl! Tell me where you want it at? Where you want my nut, Beth?” & Beth was only able to respond with “Ohhhhhh, God! Mmmmmmmm! Fuck me, Cassius! Keep fucking me please!” “Fuck, Beth! I’ma nut up all inside you if you don’t tell me where to cum! I’m gonna cum in yo pussy!’” Cassius warned in a rising tone. To this day, Beth is still not sure why she said it or what possessed her to say it but…  “Oh God, Cassius, Yes! Yes! Give it to me! I want your hot nut inside me! Yes!” Beth screamed in reply. Cassius pushed himself as far as he could into Beth as he yelled out, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah, Beth! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I’m cumming in you, Beth! Take all dis nut, baby! Yeeeeeeeeeeeah! Take it all!!!” Beth felt as Cassius’ head swelled deep within her womb. She screamed in pleasure as she felt the initial burst of Cassius’ hot seed splash against her cervix, sending her over the edge for her own orgasm. With each pulse of Cassius’ black cock releasing a potent package of spem, Beth’s own orgasmic contraction would squeeze & milk more seed from Cassius, her cervix dipping in, gaping, & sucking up his seed. “God! Yeeeeeeeesssssssss! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaaawd, Cassius! Yeeeeeesssssss! I feel it!  Fill me! Give it to me! Yessssss! Give me all that nut! Mmmmmmm!” Beth Mewled loudly in ecstasy.


Beth crashed on top of Cassius, both breathing heavily, kissing. John could see they were both a hot, wet mess from their mixing sweat & other fluids. Cassius’ partially softening cock was still pumping in & out of his wife as she gently rocked her hips to match with him, a long, thick stream of his cum leaking down his shaft, leaving Beth’s womanhood frothy & sticky. John has seen enough & quietly moved away from the window & out of the bushes he was hiding behind. He quickly made his way home, putting the kids to bed. John came almost three times in a row after masturbating, thinking approximately what he just witnessed with his wife & her black friend Cassius, then fell asleep.


At 11:30pm, approximately two hours after John left Cassius’ window, Beth quietly walked into the room & went directly to their bathroom. John awoke to the sound of the shower being turned on. “Should I go in there & see the love marks Cassius made on her & confront her?” He thoughts to himself. John decided to stay in bed until she came out of the shower. After Beth came out, he saw her put on some shorts & a t-shirt & she crawled into bed. “How was your Church group meeting? It went a little long didn’t it?” John asked groggily. Silence lingered long enough that John was approximately to ask again when Beth said slowly, “Yeah… It WAS long and… it was probably one of our best meetings. I think I might start meeting with them every week now.”  John’s heart skipped a beat at that news as he started running a hand up her leg. Beth quickly shut that down saying how tired she was & that he should try with her in the morning. “Her usual excuse,” John thought.


Unable to sleep now with visions of Cassius fucking his wife, John waited until Beth was completely asleep before he slowly rolled up her shirt to observe firsthand the love marks Cassius left. He gently ran his fingers over the marks then stopped as his wife stirred.  He then slowly move his hand up her shorts & underneath her plain old panties & immediately felt her well fucked swollen lips & thick gooey semen still oozing out of her. Beth pushed his hand off of her & said sleepily “Leave me alone, I’m sleepy!”. John rolled back over & started pumping his erect dick thinking approximately how many more times they fucked after he left, wondering if his wife was going to let herself obtain impregnated by Cassius.


The stage is crimson red from thick carpeting & hidden floodlights. It hosts one king size bed with fluorescent indigo bed sheets & a clever bar attached to the bed with a few half empty bottles of high quality booze, a pitcher, tumblers & glasses. I can see that they’re expensive just by looking at the bottles, yet the stage, just five meters away from where I sit, is still too far to read the labels. I recognize the distinctive labels of the Green Fairy, Buffalo Trace bourbon & something that has to be a very expensive bottle of Vodka. The owners of this place – probably watching everything from behind one way mirrors I vaguely discern on the long wall of the room, some three meters high – are not exactly your regular strip bar owners. They received style. A quick look around reveals watchers in their comfy leather chairs & sofas, although they too are just barely discernible contours. The whole room, in fact, is permeated with incense smoke & surreal red light. The term visible darkness probably illustrates it better. We are at the Dreamland Swingers Club in Vienna, Austria.

Somewhere out of the wall opposite of me (I am sitting alone on a leather love seat) silhouettes of two men & one woman emerge & approach the bed. The woman is in the middle, holding men’s hands & wears nothing yet this mind-blowing red lingerie, panties & bra & stockings with garter & tight corset & high heels of the matching color. The men are naked, could be in their forties, although I cannot tell for sure, given the poor visuals; the woman is a pretty 37 year old brunette, & her seductive outfit was bought during the last summer sale at Victoria’s Secret for 147 dollars. I know that, because I bought it. The woman is my wife.

As shortly as they obtain to the bed, one man turns to my wife & passionately kisses her in the mouth. The other man is behind her, four hands already all over her. I detect a certain amount of tension in her: the way she holds her shoulders slightly elevated & pushed back as if she wants to back up from the man who is kissing her. Someone’s hand twists a knob on the console somewhere in the security chambers & I can see everything quite clearly now: the man kissing my wife looks like he’s been in his forties forever, has a slender & sinewy body one acquires after years of regular exercise. The other man is his younger version, more muscular, butch, sports a crew cut & tattoos on his forearms.  He now gently pushes her to sit on the edge of the bed & kneels before her. She opens her legs to show a slit in the panties & black lace tied up in a cute bow tie over it. He unties it delicately, takes a satisfactory look at her shaven pussy, already swollen & moist with expectation, & dives in.

My wife starts to twitch & squirm, the way she does it when she likes the action between her legs. And she usually does. So do I. She has a glorious pussy. Most women don’t really, yet she does. She was a bomb when I first met her, a slender, tubular beauty that smelled of hidden carnal desires; over time, she gained a few pounds & went through the normal, inevitable aging process yet preserved her subdued yet ferocious sexuality like no time passed at all. The comical thing approximately that is that she conceals that sexuality under the mask of a serious, responsible, professional woman as she is. For all I know, my wife is the most dependable person I know. She doesn’t lie, doesn’t fuck around like most women & men do nowadays. Like I do. But underneath all that lies a real thirst for a raw, animal sex which I am largely incapable of providing.  I think I love her too much for that.

Our sex has always been good, yet for a long time now I have been suspecting that she craved something beyond our routine sex endeavors, delicious as they were. This bothered me at first, yet then I remembered that she has never had anybody yet me, that I was her first & last lover; I admitted to myself that, had I been in her situation, I would no doubt decide to indulge myself.  Having lost its ground for objections, my wounded male pride gave way to resignation, & resignation quickly became an obsession. I found myself fantasizing approximately her lying naked in her bed & her faceless phantom lover entering her chambers under the cover of darkness. Nobody real: I knew that she was quite incapable of cheating on me, primarily because she couldn’t lie & thus couldn’t bring herself to do it behind my back. Knowing someone would necessarily imply some amount of intimacy, & intimacy required lying. I knew that would never happen.

All I can see now is the back of this guy’s head between her legs, can’t see what his tongue & lips are doing, yet her body language is telling me – telling everybody in the room, & now I see there are at least fifteen people watching the show – that she likes it immensely, the rigidity in her shoulders already gone.  The taste & smell of her pussy appear in my mouth – what do they call that phenomenon? Something related to a willful recollection of smells & tastes? Smooth, velvety feel of the rosy flesh inside… Her corseted breasts rise & drop as takes quick, panicked breaths, her hands are grabbing his hair & upper back, the legs wide open like she wants to let him in deep, deeper, all the way. She starts to moan.

The older guy, still standing, now makes a step closer & positions his cock near her mouth.  She takes it in her hands, strokes it & licks it & starts sucking it, working her head up & down, all the while whimpering & moaning deliciously. The fucking man really does have one impressive cock, long & thick & curved slightly upwards & appearing to be carved out of wood.

I am so excited I can’t breathe normally & my heart wants to jump out of my chest. What if I die of a heart attack now? Well that would be humiliating. I imagine the headline in the newspaper: “Husband Dies While Watching Wife Give Oral Pleasure.” “Fulfilled Fantasy Ends Tragically for Hubby”.  Suddenly I am scared to death, partly because of the heart palpitations, the other part being the realization that I might  never obtain a chance to fuck her again. Sex with her has always been terrific. We fucked in the airplane lavatory on the flight to Vienna, in this impossible standing position, & then again in the hotel room before we took a shower & received dressed for the night out. We were already excited at the prospect of the Dreamland adventure, skipped dinner because of it & settled for drinks instead. All the while I was scrutinizing her, afraid that she might not want to do it, & then again scared stiff that she just might; yet her pretty face revealed nothing of the turbulent excitement she must have carried inside. “You understand that things can’t alter after tonight, right?” she said. “And I don’t want you to do anything with anyone in there,” she added before I could answer. This was our agreement. The trip was my idea, which she initially flatly refused; it took me a satisfactory two months of pleading, begging, cajoling to make her alter her mind. She will do it, she said, yet only if I don’t go crazy & join the action. I understood why: she could never let go completely if I was directly involved. My condition was that I can watch.

Later we received to the cab & the club & a attractive blonde in a mini skirt & a silk blouse showed us around, explaining the rules in English with a slight German accent: No rough stuff, no means no, the club does not guarantee a partner, no drugs, clothes are optional, yet if you intend to join the party, you better take your clothes off – otherwise people assume you’re into watching.

Off?” my wife whispered in my ear.

“Not all the way, of course,” Renata smiled, revealing her perfect teeth.”Most guys keep their underwear on. For a while. We strongly encourage ladies to wear sexy stuff, lingerie, if you will. To keep the atmosphere up & running. And besides,” she stopped to cast an up & down look at my wife’s skimpy dress,”looks like you’ve received nothing to worry about, baby.”

Later, when we were already in the part of the club drenched with naked bodies, strobe lights & down tempo techno music, she showed up again. With a proposition.

“Those two guys over there would like you to join them for a drink & a party in the Redrum,” she said.

“Red Room,” I repeated stupidly, yet my wife immediately turned around in the indicated direction & waved her hand at two men seated on the stairs in front of some scary African two-meter totem.

“Yes,” Renata smiled. “Redrum is a bit of a private environment. I’m thinking it might work better for you fresh daisies. And please,” she put her hand on my shoulder,”please don’t worry. They won’t do anything your lovely wife won’t like.”

Seven minutes. As if on cue, the young man stands up, goes to the bar & pours the green liquid into one tall glass. The Green Fairy, absinthe. While my wife is blowing the other guy, he unhurriedly burns the sugar into the glass & adds ice water from the pitcher. We already had a few drinks tonight, three glasses of white wine for her & I several straight Jacks for me, so there’s no telling how she is going to react to the Fairy. She is not into drugs at all. But when he offers the tall glass to her, she obediently accepts & takes a long sip out of it, still seated on the side of the bed & shaking her head to absorb the powerful kick of the wicked drink. The two men share the rest of it. As shortly as they complete it, the older man lies on the bed & commands her to straddle him backwards so she can face the other man now. She takes her panties off, sits in the lying guy’s crotch & starts pumping & rotating her hips. The other man is already in the position & puts his cock in her mouth. He gently holds her head with both hands & moves his cock in & out of her mouth, slowly, deliberately; when he goes in too deep, she stops him cold, punching him pretty complex in the ribs, & he gets it. She doesn’t like it in her throat. The man on the bed pulls out a small bottle of something from under the pillow, pours liquid onto his hands & fingers & starts working her ass, rotating his finger around her anus, carefully pushing it in, then two, while she is rubbing her pussy on his lying cock. He pulls his fingers out & pushes his thumb in & lifts her ass up a bit, using his thumb as a hook; she reaches down to grab his cock & positions herself on the top of it & slowly nests down the entire length of his cock. With one cock all the way in & the other still in her mouth, she moans so deliciously that the actual applause escapes from the crowd. With his thumb all the way in her ass, the young man starts to lift her up & down, slowly at first, yet pretty shortly it is a steady, merciless pounding from underneath which gives her problems keeping the cock in her mouth; she solves the problem by holding the base of the cock in one hand & having more than a mouthful above the hand, all the while sucking & slurping as the cock goes in & out, in & out. She shortly tilts her head skyward & with her eyes closed emits a low, growling sound & I know she is coming, a long, captivating, exhilarating orgasm, which only I had a privilege of observing until now, the crippling orgasm that makes her pussy spasm & grip the cock that’s pumping her.  The excitement in the club is palpable.

“Do you want some company?” I turn to see a pretty, dark haired woman standing at the side of my sofa. She is approximately my age, which is forty, wearing a short, tight, red-and-black zebra striped dress. The red stripes are almost fused with the surrounding so it appears that some parts of her body – hips & breasts – are missing. Thin, long legs on high heels are perfectly sculpted. American accent.

“Sorry, honey,” I respond, regretting it immediately. “I’m not sure my wife would be okay with that,” I point to the stage.

She takes a quick glance towards the stage & gives me a condescending smile. “Looks like she’s pretty busy at the moment, yet have it your way. Tell your wife she should try Hollywood.” I watch her walk off into the red darkness.

When I look back at the stage, I see that the three of them are standing, the younger man at the back & the older in front of her. The young man holds her buttocks from the back & lifts her effortlessly in the air so now she is now actually sitting on his hands. She is absolutely & unreservedly obedient, guesses his thoughts precisely because she now spreads her legs wide open towards the older guy, who grabs her thighs, positioning his rod right in front of her magnificent pussy. Why don’t they use the fucking bed? His cock completely disappears in her & my wife lets out a long aaaaaaaaaaah of pain, or pleasure, probably both, grabbing with one hand the guy’s ass & with the other the neck of the Atlas man holding her & does not stop producing all kinds of delicious ahs & ohs & ohmegods until everything was over twenty something minutes after.

But that was after, & I don’t want to obtain ahead of the story right now. I’ve been waiting for a long time to see this, & right now I want to see the every last bit of it, don’t want to miss a single contortion on her pretty face, not a single twitch of her slender torso, the look of her nipples sticking out from the corset, complex & red & wanting. The guy’s hips are slapping her, massive, long, strong strides by which he pulls out almost completely & slams his cock back in with a resolution & firmness that shakes her body head to toe. Ten minutes into it (I know because there is a digital clock on the wall, digits the color of oxblood) she comes again, now completely & unabashedly lost in the orgasmic dreamland, what little of inhibitions she has had until now have vanished. But the man does not stop, does not slow down; in fact, he speeds up the rhythm until his relentless pounding actually catches up with the music (when did it start? Some growling, trembling, bass-infused techno). The watchers are mesmerized, there’s absolutely no sound in the room, except the throbbing, pulsating sex music, the men’s grunts & my wife’s incessant, noisy expressions of immense carnal pleasure.

For some reason, I start thinking approximately the whole lack of jealousy problem. My wife is jealous as a starving  cat watching her owner feed the dog cat food. She can’t stand other women being around me, or me being around other women, whichever comes first. There are a couple of single girls in my office, in their thirties, & they are the constant source of her inquisitive impulses. She thinks that jealousy is an expression of a healthy possessiveness that’s natural to every human being, & that only reason a person is not jealous is because he or she does not really love, or does not love enough, the person in question. I don’t know what to think of that. It transpires that I don’t really love her, yet I know that’s not true. I am pretty certain of my feelings for her, yet still have to admit that this obsession of mine may not be exactly normal, if you catch my drift. Shouldn’t I be mad because of all this? Even a little bit? I mean, come on, two guys are just fucking the brains out of my wife – wouldn’t it be natural for me to obtain a first sharp object & proceed to hack them all to pieces? I know that many men would. If my wife is correct, then I don’t love her, yet what if she’s wrong? Is it possible that I truly love her & still enjoy the tonight’s show?

How she justifies her present act to herself – given her views on the normalcy of a relationship – is another matter. We haven’t talked approximately it, yet I suspect her answer will once again be pitched to underline my lack of jealousy, in order to not explain her rapacious desires. I guess I’ll deal with it in due time. But for now, I want to enjoy the show.

The front man is now reaming my wife in tempo with the music, his cock going in & out like it has a life of its own. After the noisy second climax, I expected her to slack down a bit, yet she continued her attractive performance without missing a beat, now stroking with her right hand the Atlas’ cock on which she is sitting, the left one still clasped frantically onto the front fucker’s ass, moaning & sighing & flying on the wings of the Green Fairy. The young man is still holding all her body weight in his hands. The show continues, the relentless pounding goes on so that every time he smashes his cock in, her entire body shakes like she is being administered electroshocks; she is, actually wailing at one point yet producing an unmistakable sound of inconceivable pleasure right after, all the while seated on the other guy’s arms & the cock directly under her ass & horizontal to the ground. Her legs are now open wide & fully extended, the left one mopping glasses off the bar with the high heel. The glasses fall noiselessly on the thick rug underneath without breaking.

The man at the back whispers something in her ear (I actually lean forward as if I could catch it, yet of course I can’t & in that moment I am flooded with a mighty surge of jealousy!) & she nods her head, yes, yes. The front man immediately pulls out of her, grabs her thighs tighter & helps the man at the back lift her up some more so that she can raise the cock from under her into a vertical position & guide it in her ass. She starts to squirm & rotate her hips as the head goes in, & than a half of the shaft, aaaaah, & then some more, aaaaaaaaaaah, & then the entire cock disappears in the hollow as she lets out an agonic AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, OOOOOOH, MMMMMMMM. With four hands now holding her ass & thighs, she takes the other cock back in her pussy, they are as one body now, the two men almost hiding her in the sandwich between them & only her legs sticking out to the side, erected & shaking, & her arms around the front guy’s neck, nails clawing & ripping the skin off his back. The two men have some problems synchronizing their movements & finally proceed to lift her up & down instead, grunting & moaning with strain & pleasure. What a scene. My wife of fifteen years, right there on that stage, riding two cocks at the same time & screaming in delightful agony.

If there is a Hell, I’m thinking, I’ll be the first sonofabitch to enter it. I know that on some level, all this – the premeditated act of planning some perverse sex, the trip to Vienna, the Dreamland Club, my wife being fucked like she has never been fucked before, & by two complete strangers to boot, & me watching – all this has to be dead wrong on some primordial level. But to tell you the truth, I don’t care. I don’t donate a flying fuck approximately what an ordinary male must think of me, or perhaps the majority of women as well, I don’t care, I say, because I know that deep down in their souls everybody has fantasies of some kind & they are dying to make them true. It just so happened that my wife & I shared the same fantasy – the stage being depicted right now – & that fantasy came to life by a strange turn of events. In a way, I am lucky. As I can imagine she is, right now. How many of you married men & women can claim that? All of you who do not miss a chance to fuck a stranger, or a friend, or your wife’s friend, yet are ready to defend your lousy honors by blood if necessary if your certain someone just as much as take a sideways look at anyone?

Yes, I am the luckiest bastard in the world right now, besides maybe my wife, my lovely woman, whom I have been fucking for the last fifteen years & whom I love fucking more than anybody else on this planet, even after thousands of marital sex acts. Who, prior to this night, has had a total of one lover in her life – me. Who is being royally fucked by two cocks at the same time, who is coming once again as I am thinking My God, this can’t be happening, this is too satisfactory to be true because everything is just like I imagined it & then some more, it can’t be true! But it is, it is happening, her eyes almost popping out of the eye sockets, veins on her neck bulged & taut like they’re going to explode any second now as she is being frantically slammed onto two cocks & while she is moaning & yelling & screaming OOOOH AAAHHH OOOH GOD & when my cock explodes inside my pants, just when the two men finally let my wife fall onto the bed & spurt sperm all over her, the bed, the floor, & the bar, grunting & yelling like madmen  all the while – even in that the most impossible of moments I know that I love her more than any of you can ever imagine, more than it should be permitted for any person to love without a fear of spontaneous  combustion. And then, when everything settles, when the two men & my wife sit on the bed & go into an awkward threesome hug like true lovers, in that one singular, radiant point in my history I have a true & powerful moment of clarity: I realize that jealousy is not a proof of love, just as much as the absence of it doesn’t constitute its opposite. Jealousy is love’s true archenemy.

And in that very moment, my wife looks around as if she has just opened her eyes & immediately sees me watching her; she smiles & blows the sweetest kiss down my way.