True Story. My wife & a black dude.

The story I am telling you is 100% true as my wife had an affair with a black dude. I had to work in a different city for one summer and my wife decided to stay behind as she was going to join me in the middle of the summer. That was the story how my wife ended up working a part time job that provided her with a room a board. And with my luck down the road, there was a black guy living just a couple of doors down her apartment.
Let me just cut down to the chase and tell you that eventually I found out that they were having an affair as I found their IM dialogues. This is what I found out:
- They watched movies together in the same bed
- He put his moves onto her one night kissing her body, etc. At first she was resistant, but then ended up giving herself to him
There was at least one blowjob given to him
- At least two times he fucked her without a condom with no birth control pills taken by her
- He somehow pulled out late on one of those occasions
- Once, I called her, wished her good night, but called back shortly and there was no answer. She admitted that they were doing it during that time frame.
- They had their shower in a common area walking back and forth with only a towel on them
And these are just things she admitted.
I am interested on what else could have happened, how many times they did it, creampies, and so on.
Share your thoughts with me.

Holiday Relief. Part 10 of 10

“Hey! Wait for later!,” she giggled, “where is your friend anyway? Is he coming for Chris? He will need to be extremely gentle since it is her first time”.
And that was the moment when another ebony dude stared into the room with his
head stuck through the door as he gave his hand to Chris. She took his hand and was pulled up into his arms. He was still taller than her even when she was wearing those extremely high heels. I had to admit, they looked perfect together.
“Alright, we are leaving now, see you later,” said Karen.
Then, Chris stared at me for a while and added: “And do not forget to get it shaved, I want you to be completely clean when we get back”.
And so they walked out of the room…

Holiday Relief. Part 9 of 10

“Make sure you get her wet, Nick, she will definitely need that later,” said Karen. 
I was curious about what she meant by that, but I was going to find that out soon. I was just too busy concentrating to give an intense orgasm to my beloved wife and to my knowledge, the first ever orgasm she was having while there was somebody else watching other than me.
Right when I got Chris to cum hard, there was a knock on the door. Karen rushed to answer it and while she was on the way out, she shouted: “You better clean her pussy now, we are going clubbing now”.
She then came back to our lounge with one of the black guys she was chatting to the night before. Karen put her hands around his huge body and had a deep French kiss with him. While she was reaching up for this black dude, I could see the top of her stockings with her dress gone higher getting her feet exposed. She then put the guy’s hand on her skirt getting it pulled up as her naked ass could be seen.