True Story. My wife & a black dude.

The story I am telling you is 100% true as my wife had an affair with a black dude. I had to work in a different city for one summer and my wife decided to stay behind as she was going to join me in the middle of the summer. That was the story how my wife ended up working a part time job that provided her with a room a board. And with my luck down the road, there was a black guy living just a couple of doors down her apartment.
Let me just cut down to the chase and tell you that eventually I found out that they were having an affair as I found their IM dialogues. This is what I found out:
- They watched movies together in the same bed
- He put his moves onto her one night kissing her body, etc. At first she was resistant, but then ended up giving herself to him
There was at least one blowjob given to him
- At least two times he fucked her without a condom with no birth control pills taken by her
- He somehow pulled out late on one of those occasions
- Once, I called her, wished her good night, but called back shortly and there was no answer. She admitted that they were doing it during that time frame.
- They had their shower in a common area walking back and forth with only a towel on them
And these are just things she admitted.
I am interested on what else could have happened, how many times they did it, creampies, and so on.
Share your thoughts with me.

2 thoughts on “True Story. My wife & a black dude.

  1. did she get pregnant? did she say she loved him? how can you ever trust her again? Did you split?

  2. My wife of a year at the time fucked a black guy with a huge cock and he videoed it, it’s called “Ballin white Milf lives daddy’s black dick”
    She had short hair at that time and you can see a red shirt hanging off the headboard bedpost, it real. The sound was dubbed , but the fucking is very real .

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