This is an email from me to my friend Lola, telling her the hot & comical story of how my boyfriend Pete disciplined my lecherous husband Aaron for spanking our college-girl houseguest. (MM, MF, cuck, forced bi, spank, nc, rom)

Wow Lola,

What a thrill is it to obtain your emails. I always obtain a double delight from them. The first thrill is just reading them & getting turned on. Your ideas always dampen my pussy.

The second joy is reading them to my poor hubby Aaron & watching his face obtain beet red, knowing I’m sharing, with another sexy woman, all the cute things my hunky boyfriend Pete & I do to him. He’s so embarrassed that I share this stuff with you, & that it gets you as hot as it does.

You asked me to tell you the juicy details approximately my rugged wrangler Pete putting my lecherous husband over the barrel the other night.

Oh it was so comical Lola! Here’s the story: My best friend’s college-age daughter Jenetta is staying at our place for the summer. She’s a wild 20-year-old hottie who drives the boys wild. I sometimes catch Aaron giving her the eye.

Anyway, she had a keg party here the other night & instead of those little kegs, the beer came in the big, extra-large barrel size.

Well, college kids being what they are, I’m afraid they left the place a bit of a mess. I gave her a stern chewing out approximately it. But Aaron kept saying he thought she needed a spanking.

I told him to let it go.

Anyway, that night I just had to see Pete & obtain one of those macho-man fuckings only he can donate me. (You know, I love Aaron’s devoted adoring attentions, yet sometimes a gal gets the urge to obtain it rough. Am I right?)

So I made Aaron obtain me ready, licking & kissing my pussy while I put on my makeup. I reminded him of how huge Pete’s dick is & told him I needed to be extra wet so it slides in nice & easy. I moreover had him suck my tits & obtain my nipples standing up pert & pretty the way Pete likes to see them.

Then I went over to Pete’s.

We had a tremendous time. As you know, Pete is a born cowhand. He loves nothing more than teaching naughty boys to respect women. Currently, he’s breaking in a new slave named Eddie — a handsome young 21-year-old lead-guitar player, one of those skinny, sexy boy-toys with tremendous blue eyes & long, shoulder-length sandy blond hair.

Pete said he was breaking him to donate to some deserving young gal as a gift. And indeed, what better present could a woman obtain than a sexy well-hung & well-behaved man?

So anyway, Pete was sort of showing off for me, getting in various poses & making Eddie donate him head while I watched. For instance, Pete would straddle the arm of the sofa – nude except for a leather vest – with that huge cock standing at attention & those magnificent balls hanging down & make Eddie kneel before him. Then he’d make Eddie take it in his mouth & suck it for all he was worth.

He pulled me onto the bed & the two of us made out – both of us lying on our backs. And while we kissed, he made Eddie trade off, lapping & fingering my pussy, then going back to work on Pete’s gigantic cock.

He made Eddie obtain on all-fours & he rode him around the living room, slapping his buns to make him go faster.

At one point, Pete leaned over the side of the bed & made Eddie & me trade off kissing his ass. Unbeknownst to Pete, between kisses of his ass we stole a few kisses to each other’s mouths. He’s a satisfactory kisser (and Pete thinks so too judging from his moans of pleasure as our lips & tongues took turns working away on his masculine bottom). I wonder what he would have done if he’d realized Eddie & I were kissing each other “behind his behind” (Don’t you ever tell him I told you this! It has to be our little secret.)

Anyway, I decided to bring the two of them home & sleep with all three men (Pete, Eddie & Aaron).

Aaron wasn’t expecting me so early. When the three of us walked in, I was amazed to see that Aaron had tied Jenetta, dressed only in her tight tank-top, over one of the large-keg barrels. He had her panties off & was hand-spanking her saying “You need to respect the rules of this house while you’re staying here & learn to pick up after yourself. (Whack!)”

I must say he was getting that cherubic little tail of hers nice & rosy red. But I was really upset with him. I said, “I told you to let it go. I think there’s more than punishment involved here. I think you just wanted an excuse to obtain your hands on her pretty little derriere.”

He started to explain yet I said to Pete, “What do you think we ought to do with him for going against my directions?”

Pete said he thought Aaron should be punished AND that poor little Jenetta should obtain to see how women’s orders need to be respected.

Now, I admit Jenetta is no angel & she did leave the place a mess. But I love to show young women how men can & should be controlled. And by the suddenly excited look in her eyes, I could see she was going to enjoy the idea of watching.

Long story short, Pete ordered our young stud Eddie to cut Jenetta loose. As he did, I noticed a flirtatious look pass between them. These two youngsters were hot for each other from the obtain go. And the fact that he was “rescuing” her added that knight-and-damsel effect to the scenario.

Jenetta & I sat down on the basement sofa with Eddie between us & watched as Pete roughly stripped Aaron down to his jockey briefs & before we knew it, he had him over that barrel with his fanny up & vulnerable.

Both Jenetta & I gasped with a combination of surprise & erotic delight. Even Eddie sucked in his breath with amazement. We were all impressed with how easily Pete was handling him.

When Aaron was in paddling position, Pete roughly jerked his undies down to his ankles, exposing that tantalizing milk-white ass of his.

Again we gasped & young Jenetta giggled & clapped her hands. “Yay,” she squealed in her post-adolescent glee. And she pulled off her tank-top & leaned her naked body against Eddie.

“What shall I do with him?” Pete asked her.

I thought maybe Jenetta would be embarrassed or shy at the sudden turn of events yet she was getting right into it. “I say you should spank his bare ass for us,” she laughed.

Eddie chimed in “Yeah. paddle him for hurting this lovely creature.”

Long story a little shorter: Pete had me fetch one of the paddles from the ping pong table. I gave him a wink as I handed it to him: “Show our young guest what should happen to men who disobey their women.”

And when I turned around, I saw Jenetta in Eddie’s arms. ‘I don’t understand what it is,” she cooed into Eddie’s ear, “but this is really turning me on.”

“Me too,” Eddie said & they kissed long & deep.

Then Pete stripped down to his jockey shorts (for more freedom of motion he claimed. But I think he was just enjoying giving us gals a look at that sexy underpants-clad ass & that huge “package.” ) & went to work on Aaron’s rear. “Smack …smack…. smack!!!”

With every stroke Aaron yelped a little louder & Jenetta & I received a little more turned on, watching Pete’s strong body, those Greek-god legs & those powerful muscles working away on Aaron’s bare buns.

I slid out of my clothes so I would be more comfortable watching.

Soon, Jenetta & I were moaning, sighing & breathing hard, both of us turned on at the “show.” And before we knew it, that rascal Eddie, who was sitting between us, stole one hand down to my pussy & the other to Jenetta’s. He began rubbing us complex & expertly as we all watched Pete wield the paddle on naughty Aaron’s reddening rear.

To cap off the night, he left Aaron in that humiliating “over the barrel” position & made him watch as Pete fucked me & Eddie fucked Jenetta hard, rough & wild.

You should have been there to video!

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 19)

Pool Party with out Tim

I’m a very sexually horny woman, some people might even say I’m so crazy approximately sex that I’m called a nymphomaniac, yet I really do love to fuck. My husband who is 20 plus years older than me, I’m 32, can do without sex in his life, so it seems. On our honeymoon we fucked only a few times on our one month cruise, hell I wanted to screw twice a day, yet that was not going to be. Today just after a few months into our marriage, I’m lucky if I have sex with my husband 1 or 2 times a month & that is always on a Sunday night. I never cheated on my husband, will until after that first month when we were back from our honeymoon & he was back at work on an out of town business trip & I went out & did a one night stand.

I play with myself every day using my sexual toys, dildos & vibrators, sometimes 2 or more times a day. A few times I have spent the whole day fucking my pussy. When I have a dildo in my pussy & a vibrator in my ass at the same time; it makes me feel like a whore being used, this is my favorite feeling in the world. When I have 2 toys in my ass & cunt, I imagine being a street slut getting fucked by 2 fat cocks.

We live on 4 acres in a gated section of our city in a huge Spanish style house approximately 5,000 square feet, two stories with a pool. I have gotten very friendly with the neighbors & it turned out that most of the people on our block are an older group & 5 or 6 are men in their late 50’s, early 60’s. They are either divorced or widowed. 3 guys are married & only one has a wife who will even talk to me, you know the old story, I’m the pretty thing & they are jealous.

This one wife is young & dumb, they only been married approximately 3 years & has a baby & the wife is off sex since the baby came. When I first moved into the neighbor hood she showed me all around the town & we usually have coffee together once a week at her place, she always had the baby & didn’t like to take him out… Her husband is my age, maybe 35, very handsome ex football player & I would let him fuck me if he wanted to, he works downtown for a huge Fortune 500 company & I don’t usually see him. I have gone to my huge spacious bathroom with a dildo in my pussy & put it to satisfactory use thinking of him.

Once on a month during the summer months someone in the neighbor hood had a party by their pool, & we are always invited. This one weekend the nice couple with the baby had one & my husband was busy out of town on one of his work projects, as always, & couldn’t make it, I on the other hand did show up & I made sure I looked hot. I wore my new bikini to show off my hot body & when I saw Pete, the host, staring at me, my pussy received wet, God I wanted to fuck him so offensive I would have spread my legs for him in front of all the guests.

Whenever I could I flirted with him & giggled at his jokes & remarks he made approximately me behind his wife’s back. Then I received into a conversation with his wife & the other ladies approximately our husbands. I told them approximately my husband, & how he was always traveling & I was all alone. Kathy, Pete’s wife who had way to much to drink said her husband always wanted sex, whereas she was like not into it that much since the baby came, sounded a lot like my husband.

It was way after 10 in the evening & everyone was into the drinks & I had a couple too many. I had to go to the bathroom & as I was walking down the steps I started thinking approximately what Kathy had said approximately her husband my pussy received wet. I walked into the house & found a bathroom in one of the up stairs bedroom. I did not know Pete was right behind me & when I turned to close the door he pushed me against the sink with one hand while closing the door with the other. I didn’t even have time to react, he had his arms around me & kissed me & than a hand went down my bikini to my ass cheeks & he broke off the kiss & told me he wanted to fuck me, he had to fuck me tonight.

“Please Pete, you can’t I’m married, your married, you can’t do this!”

When his hand reached down & rubbed on my steaming pussy, I nearly blacked out, & without thinking I spread my legs apart for him. He was rubbing my pussy & telling me what a satisfactory looking woman I was & how all the men wanted to fuck me! All I could feel was his hot hand on my pussy, making me insane with desire. He kissed me & slid his finger into my hot pussy, my cunt exploded juices like a volcano.

“Oh Pete you can’t do this to me, ah my husband, Tim is your satisfactory friend, you can’t fuck me, I’m his wife!”

“Fuck Tim, Bill is his satisfactory friend & so is Jack, yet you been fucking them so I’m next you huge tit slut!”

My eyes went wide & I mumbled, “Ah you know approximately them?” He than kissed me to shut me up & put a deep wet French kiss on me & all that did was make me return the kiss running my tongue into his mouth. I put my arm around his neck as he grabbed my ass cheeks. He took his tongue out of my mouth saying I was a hot cunt, & then he dropped to his knees & pulled my bikini off. After that he pushed my legs apart & buried his tongue into my cunt hole.

With that my hot pussy exploded cum again into his mouth & all over his face. I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me, yet I unquestionably didn’t want it to stop. When he asked me if I would like him to fuck me, I just uttered: “Oh yes, fuck me now”. He put his hands around my ass, picked me up, from the counter & in one motion buried his cock in my pussy! He gave me a deep French kiss to keep me from screaming out loud. His cock was so awesome, it was bigger then my husband’s & complex as a rock inside me! I had never been so fucking hot & my pussy had never felt so satisfactory before in my life. I wrapped both my arms & legs around him & he proceeded to fuck me furiously, pounding my pussy with all of his fever!

Now here I was, naked, getting fucked in a bathroom like a fallen slut! The man fucking me called me a cunt making me feel like the whore I was. This was like a wild sex party I would go to when I modeled & some man would nail you in a bathroom if all the beds were taken. I was moaning like a porn star, I felt like I was one when he whispered in my ear:

“You’re fucking slut, do you like it, whore?”

When he said that my brain & my pussy exploded, cum was gushing out of my pussy all over his cock! While fucking me, he managed to undo my bikini bra, now I was totally naked for this man & he was using me like the whore I had been before I was married! My boobs bounced up & down rubbing against his chest! All my husband could last for was 2 or maximum 5 minutes, yet this young stud had been fucking me for 15 minutes, & he seemed not ready to stop ever! I don’t know how many times he made me cum, yet it was a lot. I felt his cock getting bigger in my pussy with every minute I came, I knew he was approximately to pump his hot load into my hot cunt! When he was ready to shoot, he slammed against me, held me complex down on his cock & it started pumping hot cream into my pussy! He came a lot, so much that when he pulled his cock out, his cum was running out of my cunt down onto my ass & it felt so good.

“Oh Pete, that was so satisfactory god I been wanting you to do that forever this is not the first & last time is it?”

“Not on your fucking life baby!”

We stayed like that for a bit, my arms & legs still wrapped around him & then he told me how nice my hot pussy was to fuck & how satisfactory it tasted when I came in his mouth. I squeezed him with both my arms & legs, because I was truly in fuck heaven. Then he said that, he wanted me to be his fuck bitch he just knew I was going to be his hot fucking whore. I squeezed him again & whimpered: “Oh, God, yes, I want to be your whore so much.” He pulled his cock out then, telling me to obtain down & suck his cock clean for him. I did it without any hesitation & it was as satisfactory as advertised!

I didn’t want to take it out of my mouth, yet we heard his wife calling him from somewhere in the house, so he left me to clean myself in the bathroom. I went back outside, all guests were talking, & nobody had missed me. Pete was by the grill looking so hot & fresh, I couldn’t stop thinking approximately him & his complex cock. Now I realized I would be fucking more of my neighbors & do whatever they wanted me to, no matter what it was.

We all ate, talked & drank, nearly 2 hours had passed before some guest started say satisfactory night & one or two passed out, at this moment Pete asked me to hang around & meet him at the pool house near the grill after everyone cut out, just him saying that to me was making my pussy wet again. Around 1:30AM more people began to say satisfactory night & head home & Pete had to obtain one of the other wives to assist him obtain his wife Kathy to their bedroom & into bed since she was to drunk to stand & walk.

No one saw me say satisfactory night & after I received into the pool house I took a quick shower & touched up my make up. I heard the door unlock & saw that is was just after 2AM. I was naked before him. This time he took me to the couch that was there, put me on it, received between my legs & ate my pussy like never before. I deemed that he loved eating pussy; it was making me moan & beg for more, in result he made me cum twice before he said I was ready to fuck. He put me on the couch doggy style, with my ass to him, that was my favorite position, & rammed his cock home in my pussy, grabbed my ass & started fucking my cunt like it had never been fucked before. This position made me feel like I was getting used. He moreover smacked my ass, telling me to use my pussy to squeeze his shaft like a satisfactory fucking whore. Then he told me I was born to be his cock sucking bitch & I was going to be the best whore ever. I had not been so horny & naughty in months like this, the whole world seemed to watch me obtain fucked, & all that mattered to me was Pete & his magnificent cock. This time he fucked me more than the first time, after he filled my cunt with his hot cum again, he made me suck his dick clean.

The couch was leather & I had cum so much that my own juices were dripping off the couch onto the floor. Than I heard a tapping at the door Pete went to the door & cracked it open. “Hey, come in.”

It was Larry the other married man on the street. He looked at me & I looked at him as I put my arms up to cover my boobs. “Man is she as satisfactory as Jack said she was?”

“Best piece of ass I ever had.”

I looked at both of them, “So who else knows approximately my screwing around?” Pete chuckled as I looked to see Larry getting undressed; I guess I had one more fuck in me. I looked to see that Larry had a nice size cock & it would be pleasant to have that doing me. I sat back on the sofa & rested my head back looking at both of them. I started to feel that lovely throbbing & tingling in my pussy that I love so much. Once that starts, there is no stopping the slut in me. As the whore in me took over, & I sat before him as he stroked his penis, I started licking his crotch & balls. With little butterfly flicks of my tongue I worked my way back between his ass cheeks, rimming & tonguing his asshole while I looked deep into his eyes & let him see my sexual hunger. I whispered, “Does your wife do that for you?” He squirmed & glared at me.

“What approximately this?” I moved up & replaced his hand with my hungry mouth, sucking his pretty cock deep into my throat, fingering my pussy & clit. He breathing was becoming ragged, & he was trying so complex not to cum while I was laughing around his cock, while I sucked. Soon, I badly needed to cum again, so I lay back on the sofa in front of him.
Larry was so incredibly horny from my sucking his cock & from watching me make myself cum; he grabbed me roughly by my long dark hair & dragged me onto the pool house floor. “You bitch! You cheap huge tit slut! Now I’ll show you how a whore like you should be treated!”
I just giggled as he threw me on the room rug. I rolled onto my back & opened my legs wide, inviting him to come fuck me. “Come on, fucker! I want that cock! Fuck me! Stick that attractive cock in my cunt! Fuck my pussy! Give me that cock! Fuck me with it!”
But Larry’s rage had given him other needs. Grabbing me by the ankles, he flipped me onto my belly, forcing me to my hands & knees. Holding me by the back of my neck, he pushed my face off the rug & into the rad cement floor & began spanking my huge round ass. Over & over, his hand smacked onto my bare skin, bringing tears to my eyes. I yelped with each stinging blow, yet soon, the pain began to turn into the welcome heat of erotic pleasure.
Oh, God! I was in heaven! I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy & thrilling it was to be pinned down by this strong angry man who was turning my ass bright red while calling me all sorts of lovely filthy names. “You dirty fucking whore! You fucking cock-slut! You fucking cunt! Bitch! How dare you tease me & the rest of us in the neighbor hood like you do! Take it! Fucking take it, you fucking cunt! Take it, bitch!!”
My ass cheeks jiggled & bounced as his hand smacked down again & again, stinging, searing my tender flesh. Tears streamed down my face, yet I love having my ass spanked & I was wiggling my ass in the air, laughing & screaming as my fingers worked frantically between my legs.
“Oh, God yes, yes! Spank me! Give it to me! I’m a dirty whore, a filthy fuck-slut! I need to be spanked! Come on, slap it! Yes! Please! Please spank me hard! I’m a nasty slut! Spank my ass! Spank it! Spank it hard! Come on! Make it hurt! Harder! Harder!! Oh, yes! Now fuck it! Fuck it hard! Fuck my ass! Please, I need your complex cock in my ass!! PLEASE FUCK MEEEEEEEE NOWWWWWWW!!”
With the sweet intoxicating pain from his hand, & the need I already had for his cock, my pussy & ass-hole were pulsing & throbbing with the need to be filled with complex cock. My pussy was soaking with so much juice, that it was running down my leg. Larry’s complex penis slid all the way into my pussy on his first thrust. He slammed his cock several times into my cunt to lubricate it with my pussy juices. Then, grabbing a handful of my long hair, he pulled my head back as he shoved his cock into my waiting asshole. I screamed & came over & over as shortly as Larry filled my ass with his wonderful cock.
Larry fucked my asshole deep & hard. He rammed his attractive penis into me over & over. “You bitch! You’re such a fucking whore! Take my fat cock in your ass, you cunt! Take it & show me what a slut you are! You love it, don’t you? Tell me how much you love my cock in your ass!”
I grunted & gasped with the force of his pounding cock. I yelled at the top of my lungs as I bucked back to meet his thrust. I screamed & moaned, begging Larry for his cock & the fucking of my life. “Yes! Yes! Yes, you fucker, I love it! I love a complex cock in my ass! Oh, God, it feels so fucking good! Slam it into me! Fuck me, fuck me, & fuck me! FUCK ME!! FUCK MY ASS!! I’m your dirty whore to fuck, you fucker. Oh, shit, it feels so fucking good! I’m your little naughty slut to use any way you like, so fuck me with that cock of yours! Give it to me hard! Harder! Harder!! Come on, fucker, you can fuck me harder than that! Rape me! Rape me with that fucking cock of yours!! Fuck my ass! Fuck it! Fuck it hard! Fuck it deep! FUUUUUUCK IIIIIIT!!!

I saw Pete’s cock in front of my face, complex as a rock again! I lay down on the couch with my legs spread & Pete pushed his sweet cock in my earning cunt again. He made me tell him how pleased I was being their whore; tell him that my cunt belonged to him & the others. I was there to service his & any other cock like a satisfactory fucking whore. All these words made my brain go into clouds, & I begged him to fill my pussy with his hot load once again. Again I sucked his cock clean, cleaned our both his cream & my juices again.

I looked around & Larry had cut out since his wife was home, the fat bitch. Pete suggested seeing me to my house across the street since his wife was drunk in their bed. We received on my porch, ho order me to take his trunks off. I couldn’t believe after all 2 tumultuous sex sessions, his cock was complex again, yet it was. I took his trunks off, he told me he wanted a blow job from the new neighbor hood whore & he wanted me to swallow his cum like a satisfactory whore. I kneeled before his cock, & gave him the best blow job one could at 4 in the morning.

I licked & sucked his cock, licked & stroked his balls, swallowed his cock while I played with his balls. It took me approximately 15 minutes to make him cum in my mouth. I was not prepared for the size of his load, when he came in my mouth; I couldn’t swallow it all as it oozed out of his rod while I was trying to swallow. It ran down my chin onto my bare tits, some drops fell on my thighs squatted, I had swallowed enough cum to make me choke, yet anyway, & when he finished shooting his load, my face was all covered with his semen.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, told me that I was a tremendous cock sucker & made me walk naked into my house covered with his cum. I strutted into the house feeling like a well used whore, went upstairs to the shower to wash, saw myself covered with his sperm in the mirror, put a dildo in my pussy & fucked myself looking at Pete’s cum & thinking approximately what he & Larry did to me. Even after I came masturbating, I didn’t stop, I made myself cum again, leaving a puddle of my juices on the floor & went to bed still covered in Pete’s cum. I slept like a dead person.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of the doorbell, my pussy was aching wet. I went to answer it, covered in Pete’s dried cum, naked as I was. I looked in the peep hole & saw it was jack our other neighbor & the second man I had fucked on the street. I called out with the door still closed. “Jack I’m not dressed can you come back later?”

“Open the fucking door girl I want some pussy!” I guess he figured out what happen last night. I open the door naked & he looked at me & smiled, then said:

“You ready to fuck cunt,”

I shook my approval, & then he asked me why I didn’t wash, so I told him what I did. He pulled me to the sofa in our den, bent me over it, rubbed his cock against my cunt for a minute & then put the head in my pussy, while telling me that he heard what a dirty slut I was after the party last night. He entered me with a huge loud fuck noise, & felt myself impaled onto his fat shaft. I loved it.

He was pounding my pussy hard, smacking my ass & telling me what a hot cunt I was. I was being his dirty nasty whore, his thing for fuck & suck & I really enjoyed it. Again I had no idea how many times he made me come, yet the edge of the sofa was soaked with my juices & he fucked me like that.

Then, without taking his cock out of my pussy, he picked me up & carried me to the front of the couch. He put me down so I was on my knees before the couch’s edge, & couldn’t even move at all. He rose a bit, so that he was mounting my ass, while he fucked me & I went fucking crazy. The feeling of being totally helpless & being used was such a turn on. Again the entire world had flitted through my mind, I was in total fuck heaven & then I felt his cock swelling up inside my pussy.

I knew he was approximately to fill my pussy with his hot cum & I was going mad trying to move my ass against him, yet I couldn’t do anything. I was making wild animal noises. He slammed into my ass, held his cock in there & I screamed as I felt his hot cum shooting inside my pussy! Oh, Jesus, what a wonderful feeling it was! When he was finished using me, he pulled his cock out, laid me out on the floor, put his cock in my mouth & told me to clean his cock. I sucked on & cleaned his shaft like a satisfactory cock sucking slut.

More to cum…

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 18)

Making Tim toe the line

My Husband, Tim, had come into my life when I needed that one bright spot in my life; real honest love from a man, not just a pretty face & a body for him to show off. My husband is a handsome older man, six feet three inches tall, & 225 #. He has developing taut muscles & with his sandy light hair, he look’s quite handsome. Unlike me, he had grown up somewhat insecure & shy when it came to sex, with none of the bravado seen in other cock hounds I had been out with. However the man was a walking business machine, he knew how to make money & he had & still was when I met him. I knew he would be a fine catch for some young lady someday. I just made sure it was me!

I’m just over 30 & Tim is up in his 50’s. Tim is a faithful husband & I have no reason to believe that he would ever be anything yet faithful. I, on the other hand, cannot say the same approximately myself. I’ve been humped by many men since we were engaged & not long after we were married. My husband has always been a satisfactory man, just not a tremendous lover. My problem is I could never resist the advances of strange men. I have to tell you that I’ve never had a shortage of admirers. My measurements arrack men like flies to honey, I’m 40DD-23-38 & I’m a 5’10” brunette with dark eyes. My hair is long & full & drapes to the middle of my back.

A lot of men will date the wild party girl, yet never take her home to meet the folks. Most go out looking for a virgin to marry. Tim did that with his first wife. A woman who saved herself for her wedding night: so she told poor Tim. It turned out she was a party girl like me, who kept it from him & after she had a child, & his best friend told me that Tim never knew that it was not his. If the wife & child had not been killed in an auto accident, it time he might have found out. After the child came & up until they were killed, she let Tim know that she didn’t want sex. What he didn’t know was that she was out fucking the world while he worked & baby set on Saturday while she ran the street. She had a problem with his love making & the equipment he had to work with. Tim was one of those unfortunate husbands’s who had to deal with that.

However, for his second wife he made a point of picking a woman who had an appetite for sex that would be me Ms. Marca. When we were first married, I honestly thought I could remain faithful to Tim. I was wild & sex crazy before we met, & I was sure I had gotten that out of my system. In fact I had gone a little over board that last 3 or 4 months before we were married, doing whoever, whenever & however I could, telling myself that after I was married this would just be fond memoirs. Not long into our marriage I realized that one dick would never be enough for a cock craving slut like me. At 30 + years old, I guess my sex drive & need for variety still control me. It’s not that I don’t love my husband, I do very much, yet not all men can be what some women need when it comes to fulfill all my desires. My pussy is always aching for cock. I simply must have a dick when the urge hits. I knew before we were married that Tim was not the size to do it. Tim can’t always be here, so I have a long list of backups. We have been married for only a few months now, & already I have just had my, god I lost count, will maybe my first dozen or just a little over.

What the poor man didn’t know, I was more like his first wife, I was just more of a nymphomaniac. I’m saying that he knew going in that I wasn’t a nun. On the contrary, after the honeymoon, so called sexy honeymoon, will it was for him. I think he knew I was an animal in the bedroom, & he knew that I had been around. What he didn’t know & what I think even I didn’t know, was just how far advanced I was when it came to sex with him & where it would take us both.

When we first married, Tim was a shy man when it came to sex, most small penis men are, I guess. He loves me, that I know, yet I could not obtain him to initiate sex. I did, of course, yet it was not very satisfying. He was moreover prudish, insisting that we turn the lights out & never wanting to do it in any position yet missionary. He would lock the bathroom door when he was in, I once walked in on him while he was taking a bath & he covered up his little we-we with the wet wash cloth. Here again the small penis thing comes into play. I always laugh when I think of him having the lights out. Didn’t he know that I could feel how huge it was, I guess out of sight out mind was his thinking.

The other kind of sex (like butt fucking) was out of the question. I could tell he felt uneasy when it came to getting it on & at first pulled away when I tried to donate him a blow job. I didn’t even dare suggest he go down on me; it would have freaked him completely! It took some doing to obtain him to relax & that all I wanted to do was please him, hell I had a lot of practice at it, was paid damn satisfactory money to make men pleased by using my body, hands & mouth. That first few weeks was learning game for us.

Needless to say our first few months of marriage might have seem like it was wonderful to the out side world, yet the sex was a shit sandwich. Tim enjoys sex, although he is a bit naive. So far we had not ventured beyond straight missionary position. I was ready to do a little experimenting, yet Tim was shy & I knew he had a thing approximately his small cock. I told myself we needed to go slow. I’m not in any hurry, anyway. As it is, I am a handful. Although shy & reserved, he heats up fast. It must be all those years as a watcher of attractive women. His pent up passions are very close to the surface. All he needs is a little rubbing here or there & a passionate kiss & he gets super horny. I especially like to have my large breasts played with, & I used this as a toll to obtain him going…just a tease…!

My little tiny Tim loved his missionary position & kissing on my nipples as he tried to take his manhood home to my pleased spot. Trouble was he could just obtain in inside me & not much past the fold & the poor man never even knew what my pussy felt like. Jesus he was never going to obtain any of the satisfactory stuff. He would slip it in & start to hump me & slip out…after a while I quite putting the little thing back in for him & I just laid there still as a church mouse & let him hump away.

We were into a few months of our honeymoon, will I acted like it was still so good, so I guess it is still the honeymoon. It was a Friday night, we had dinner at the club & than we went into the lounge & listen to the small combo play & dance to. Some of the older members that Tim plays golf with came in & had a drink with us & I received to dance with the old farts. Each one made sure he rubbed up next to me & ran his hand over my ass. By the time I had danced with 3 or 4 of them they had me so hot. The way they were rubbing on my ass, god that gets me going & my nipples go rock complex when that happens. Walking to the dance floor & back to the table they made sure they rubbed my ass cheeks, shit I was hot & horny.

Tim was way into deep conversation on business with them & the wine. He never saw how they were taking turns dancing with me & rubbing up against me & feeling my ass. They kept getting Tim a glass of wine & you know how a man can obtain when the wine is taking over. It seems his penis is 10 times bigger & will never go limp, want to bet? We received home late & I went to the bedroom & slipped out of my clothes & did the bathroom thing while Tim locked up & checked his phone messages in his home office. When he made it to the up stairs master bedroom I was slipping into bed with just a smile on. I always sleep in the nude unless it is cold.

“Marca have I told you lately how attractive you are.” Tim stepped back momentarily to obtain a better look at me. Tim always told me that he never tired of looking at my magnificent body. I set up on my elbows & my huge 40DD stuck out like to huge melons ready to be picked. The sheet slipped away from my lower body & I moved my right leg up so that my bald pussy came into view. “Tim, honey did all your friends enjoy dancing with me tonight in the lounge?” The look on my face had to tell him that they had turned me on; what with all the touching & rubbing they did to me. Tim didn’t know a horny look from a look of, I received gas, I guess they are the same, yet you obtain the picture.

“Honey I think they enjoyed dancing with you! Marca did you mind dancing with those old guys, you seem to be having a satisfactory time!”

“Oh Tim you know how much I like to dance, it makes me feel so excited, you know how I obtain aroused when I dance up close to a guy, my poor boobies were complex all night long!” I knew the outline of my nipples could be seen though my brown silk blouse & I knew every man in the lounge & the dinning room of the club was looking.

“Tim honey do you think they all knew it made me excited when they rubbed up against me & my boobs were up next to them? My poor nipples felt as if they were complex all night long!” Than I leaned over on one elbow & push my tits up with my other hand so that I could kiss my nipple & lick it, as I licked it I looked back up at my dumb founded husband.

“Tim honey, are you going to lick & suck my boobies tonight?”

Quickly Tim removed his cloths; all yet his little briefs, & jumped in bed, reached for my rock complex nipples with his mouth. Sucking like a baby after his dinner I felt his hands run up & down my other boob & hold them in place as he took turns going from one nipple to the next. I sat back on my hands & let him manhandle my boobs & looked up at the ceiling with my eyes closed & said.

“Oh yes, god that feels so good, honey do you think your friends were wanting to suck my boobies like this, you think they were wanting to touch them & bite on them?”

I felt Tim pull off & sat back on the bed on his knees & I looked at him & saw the wild crazed look of a man in heat, turned on. I looked down at his little underwear & saw the small tent his we-we was making & I smiled. Tim looked at me & than down at his tented undies & slipped his thumbs into his waistband & was approximately to pull them down when he looked at me again & than over at the light on the night stand.

He took his hands away from his underwear & turned off the light & I could feel the bed move & here him slip off his briefs. I sat back on my elbows & felt him in the dark obtain between my parted legs & found my slit wet & ready, with little ceremony he mounted me. Tim’s dick easily slid into my slit & he began a steady pumping rhythm. Maybe it was the wine that was affecting me or the fact I had been felt up all night, yet I was like a whore on Saturday night! You ask how do I know how a whore on Saturday night is, I WAS ONE, OR AM I STILL ONE, BUT I KNOW HOW IT IS !!!Cheek to cheek with my husband I was glad Tim with all his other sex hang ups that he wasn’t having any problems with his erection, yet I felt as if something were lacking. Oh yea, the cock was not huge enough to obtain deep in me, so why even worry approximately his erection. My mind wandered to the years or even weeks before we were married: back when I had a few hung guys to fuck with. When I could feel every undulation of their huge cock’s every vein & bump. I reached around with my hands & pulled Tim’s butt against me as complex as I could, thinking that I could assist my husband duplicate my huge cock lover’s penetration.

This was not working, it had not been working since our honeymoon, or the few times we did it before the honeymoon. This was the time to make a major change. I reached over & flicked on the light on the nigh stand. I put my hands on Tim’s upper hip, near the side & up on his shoulder & pushed down, trying to make him move down off me.

“Stop Tim, move off me, I SAID MOVE OFF ME!” The look on his face was one of shock, I knew he was saying to himself what did I do wrong.

“I want you to eat me out Tim & then I want you to fuck me like you never fuck before! God damn you, I’m tired of this same old thing Come on, you received to do more, I need more! This is not approximately what you wanted. This is what I want! Now do it! Get down here & eat my cunt! You understand?”

Tim just looked at me like a kid, a kid being told what to do by his mother, as he moved back & slipped down I placed both hands on his head & pushed him toward my huge V. I had him between my legs & he was moving back, when I saw he was at that right position I moved my long firm tan legs up around his neck & squeezed them together. I than looked him in the eye & placed my hands on top of his head & in a harsh tone, demanding voice said. “EAT ME, DAMN IT EAT IT!”

My husband was panting with wide eyes locked on me & his arms & hands outside my legs he could obtain no leverage to use them in anyway. Than I saw the excitement in his face, I had the control. “Lick my pussy honey, do as I say, you will enjoy it as much as I will, you will like it, I know you will!” His head went down & I felt his tongue flick at my fold. I made it a point to talk him though the drill, I was going to be having more of this & he better obtain it right the first time. I told Tim to look how my pussy lips were puffing up & as I shuddered with a small climax I smiled down at him & told him how satisfactory that was, yet not to stop, he had a long ways to go.

“Tim honey, you have no idea how much I have missed this, I just received to have this done to me, baby I will make it up to you, I’ll show how my appreciation!”

Tim put his face back down & all I could see was the top of his head & feel his tongue flick at my fold. It was time to teach the boy how to eat pussy.

“Tim, honey, run your tongue on the outside of my pussy lips first, sopping up any pussy juice that is there. Oh yes, just like that, satisfactory boy!” I relaxed my tight grip I had on him with my legs so that he could obtain his hands up to my sweet spot.

“Take your fingers baby & spread the lips & runs your tongue up & down the slit, stopping at my clit! Yes that is my clit, satisfactory boy. Good us your tongue, massages the clit in little circles. Oh yes, yes, yes, more, damn you don’t you dare stop, yes!”

I can feel it pulsate on his tongue as it gets firmer. I squirm a little yet mostly just so that I can rub my pussy on his face. His tongue makes its way down the slit & closer to my deep, dark hole. One hand gripped the bedspread & tightened as he went back to my clit. My moans came loud & swift as we found a rhythm I liked. “Oh my God that feels awesome!” I growled. “Please don’t stop. Don’t stop! I’m so close right now!” I was practically screaming as I continued to arch my back & tear at the bed sheets. “Oh¼.Yesss¼.that’s it! Please don’t stop! Don’t stop! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God, Yeeeeeeeesssssssss!”

My hands grasped Tim’s head & held him in place as my orgasm hit me hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my God, It feels fucking amazing!!!!!”

I cried out as my body was rocking from side to side, than I drew my knees up towards my breast, giving Tim more pussy to lick on & lot more juice to suck up. “Tim put your other finger at my ass honey, play with my ass, finger my ass, stick your finger in it baby, do it!”

With one hand he uses his fingers to play with my clit. The other hand finds its way to my ass while his tongue plunges in & out of my pussy. He sticks a finger deep inside my ass. I scream out a little yet then settle down. I find myself thrusting my pussy towards his mouth every time that he stops for even a second. Tim came up for air as I looked down at my poor little dick husband with girl goo all over his face.

“You like that Marca, don’t you?” “God yes,” I gasp as I spread my legs for him. He started licking around my vaginal lips again & shortly began fucking me with his tongue. I found myself grinding my crotch into his face with pleasure. After approximately ten minutes of his constant tongue lashing, I had a second damn satisfactory orgasm. I moaned as the orgasm coursed through my body. It had been weeks since I had cum like this other than my own masturbating & I had almost forgotten how satisfactory it felt. I could swear I had never seen Tim so pleased as at that moment when he made me cum. Setting on my elbows & looking down over my huge complex firm boobs at him, I had a smile on my face & he looked up at me with a slick glazed face.

“You did satisfactory Tim; you did real satisfactory for your first time! See what I like, that is what I need to obtain a satisfactory climax, you going to do that for me when I need it?”

“OH MARCA YES, god I’ll do anything to make you happy!”

“Did you like doing that to me?”

“Yes, yes I did, it felt wonderful, it made me feel, & ah … I felt for the first time like you did need me!”

I saw the door had open for me to take this to new level, plant the seed of how we would be having sex in the future. “Tim I hope you don’t think I’m weird, yet that is approximately the only way I can have a climax!”

“Will I knew something was not right, you seem to never enjoy or have an orgasm when we had intercourse!” Tim my little prick husband I just can’t obtain off on your little we-we. I’ll save that for the huge boys.

“Tim are you upset with me, mad at me? I’m sorry approximately us not being suited for sex the normal way, I guess I have a real problem don’t I?”

“No way am I upset, just pleased to know what the problem is & we can work on it, I know that I just received to use my mouth & tongue on you to make you happy!”

“Oh Tim I knew you would understand when I received to that point I had to tell you. Just donate me time & I’ll work out the intercourse thing, you know I think I had better donate him a reward for your satisfactory work! Tim what I need now is you penis in me, I need to try & have a satisfactory complex fucking, huge boy!”

Will he believe it; hey he is 6′ 3″! He was up on top of me & the little thing was still stiff, guess he did like my late night snack I had him eat. He pulled up & I reached down between us & took hold of his little pecker with my thumb & index finger. I placed the head at my slit & moved it up & down my slit, damn he was small, like a young boys, preteen. I looked down & had to bite my lower lip to keep from giggling, I had seen middle fingers bigger than this, shit I had middle fingers deeper in my pussy than he could ever hope to obtain this thing that deep.

“Marca, ah ….aren’t you ….ah going to…put it in?”

“Tim I like playing with it, it is so cute, can’t I just play with it for a while. Please?” I made my lips pucker like I was going to kiss it & I cooed over it. “Tim, honey did you like it when, will I don’t want to bring up the past, yet did she make you pleased that way, I so much want to please you, you know did she do oral sex on you?”

“She never did that, said it was nasty, she never did!”

“Honey when I do it to you it’s love, it’s not nasty to me! I so much want to do that to you can I. please?”

All he could do was close his eyes & nod. I reached over & kissed his little pickle & licked at the pee slit. I moaned & groaned as I flipped the little stiff Winnie back & forth, making moaning sounds over it like it was a little child, will it was a little dick. I pushed Tim’s legs further apart & began to lick all along his inner thighs. I lifted his tiny ball sac & licked beneath them, then, I steadied his dick & licked it from bottom to top on the underside. All the time looking up at him giggling out loud, if only he knew I was giggling approximately his size. When I received to the top, I took the head into my mouth & ran my tongue around the rim & over the little head sucking the small drop of pre-cum he was oozing. I kept my eyes locked on his & was staring him down, he would look into my eyes & I would smile back & he would blush.

“Oh Tim it is sooooo … cute, I just love it, it is pleasant to play with, like my all day sucker!” He let out a deep breath like he was trying to stay under water for ever, hell he was trying to keep from shooting off. I sucked as I stroked him & licked, kissed, tongued it, blew on it, & sucked some more. I made the man sweat long enough & by the time I was ready for it, I was gushing with lubricant which only made Tim’s dick slid in & out more easily.

I fell back on my back & spread my legs to let him know it was time for him to obtain it on. He received over me & I looked up & said in a stern voice. “Take your time sweetie!” Before I knew it he was sliding in & out rapidly now & I could tell he was not going to be able to keep it in if he kept this up. I put my legs up around his hips & locked my feet together & pulled him down on top of me, his face was by my right ear. In a soft whisper I began to talk to him.

“Slow down hun, don’t hump so hard, take it easy, you can’t keep it in when you obtain going to fast.” He grunted & groaned when I rubbed his ass cheeks. “That feel satisfactory baby?”

“Yes, oh yes!”

“Suck my tits baby, suck them!” He grabs a hold of my DD tits & rubs on them as he slide his little dick across my pussy across the top of my fold, damn it was as if he was making sure that he doesn’t go inside of me. Poor Tim, that was as far as he could obtain into me. My nipples obtain harder as he slide back & forth. He takes them in his fingers & pinches as my excitement shoots through my tits & down my back, yet I like it. He puts one tit in his mouth while he twists the other tit’s nipple & then switches. “I want to fuck you so bad! I want it to be satisfactory for you!” he moans.

“Oh Tim, your doing satisfactory that’s my boy, just take your time, slow stroke it baby!”

Tim moved his head back to my boobs & began to suck on my rock complex nipples, first one than the other. He would obtain carried away & try & hump harder & slip out one more time. Than he would cry out… ..”I’m sorry …!” & slip it back in. Than have to start the same pace all over again. I slapped his butt the third time he did it & told him in so many words. “Damn it Tim slow & easy…SMACK, SMACK…don’t make me spank you!” In a weak voice he answered. “Yes, I’m trying, I won’t!”

I moved my left hand to his ass cheek & ran my two middle fingers into the crack of his ass & found his dirty hole. Than I felt him tighten up & I stuck one finger as deep as I could go into his ass. With my right hand I began to slap his other ass cheek with each hump he made into me

“Fuck me Tim, fuck me baby, donate it to me, donate it to me…!”

Than I felt his body jerk & I knew I had hit a nerve & he was getting closer to shooting off. I wanted to feel the explosive rush of cum I had experienced with my huge cock lovers, so I thought to encourage Tim.

“Keep it in baby…keep it in me deep…! That’s right baby fuck me slow & deep, not hard, you’ll slip out if you do. I want you to cum for me baby. I want you to fill my pussy with your cream.”

I had felt Tim accelerate his pumping motion, a precursor to his coming. I waited for his dick to expand & was surprised when he stopped pumping & collapsed exhausted on top of me. I then felt his dick slip out of my slit. I popped my finger from his ass as his hardness subsided. He rolled over & in the darkness we lay beside each other as my mind went in all directions at once. “God babe that was so good, could you feel how much I came, did you climax Marca, tell me did you? “Yes honey you were fantastic! Tim, you must have stored it up all week….you were horny…!” I said as persuasively as possible. I wasn’t approximately to tell my husband he had failed to bring me off again, really it wasn’t even close. Now I began to wonder if fucking Tim would ever excite me again after fucking my huge cock lover’s. Than some 10 minutes later, he broke the dead silence in the room.

“Marca I see what you like & I want you to tell me whatever you want I will do it, when it comes to sex. I never told you this honey, yet I am not one who has had a lot of experiences with different women! I understand approximately the intercourse & all, it’s not that huge enough deal to me, I can live with or without it, just maybe once in a while! OK!”

I acted as if I were asleep.

“Marca honey, you asleep?”

After that night Tim received pussy approximately once a month or when I just had to have some cock, even if it was a little thing. It took approximately six months yet I had him to the point that he new the drill:

1) Eat my pussy & ass out, lick them till I said stop.

2) Do it 69 & obtain me off, he was effortless to obtain off.

3) Jerk off & let me suck your cream, most of the time I did the jerking.

To be continued….

This is the story of the first time my conservative wife had sex in front of me with a stranger.

First, a little background: my wife is fairly short (4’11”), maybe 5 lbs overweight, has a attractive face, & smallish tits (at least at the time this happened) with large conical nipples. Cheryl was very conservative & shy approximately sex & while she enjoyed it, didn’t feel comfortable talking approximately it.

The first time we met, we were in our late teens & dating other people. She was with my best friend Mike, & I was with my girlfriend in my car out in the remote Kansas countryside one night. We were all drinking cheap wine & making out. At one point Cheryl starting moaning in the back seat, accompanied by the wet, squishy sounds of some sort of penetration.

I managed to surreptitiously adjust my rear view mirror with one free hand while kissing my girl, & what I saw almost made me pop: Mike was twisted in the rear seat with his back to me, making out with Cheryl. His pants were around his knees & Cheryl’s right hand was slowing pumping his rigid uncircumcised cock – I remember in the light it looked purple.

Cheryl’s skirt was pulled up & her panties, if she had been wearing any, were nowhere to be seen. Her legs were splayed wide with her left foot resting partly out the window, & her right leg propped over Mike’s left. I will never forget the sight of my friend’s two or three fingers slowly plunging in & out of her fuzzy vagina, her swollen lips glistening with moisture, & the sucking sound produced every time Mike’s fingers pulled out, then the squishing sound when he plunged them deeply back into her.

The night concluded with me fingering my date to an orgasm yet (unfortunately) not getting off myself, & Cheryl sucking Mike off after reaching a thrashing climax thanks to his magic fingers.

Several years after Cheryl & I received together, lived together for a period, then received married. After drinking, smoking, & watching porn at another couple’s house one Friday night we were driving home. One of scenes in the porn tape featured a woman getting fucked in the back seat by her boss while her boyfriend was forced to drive. The scene brought back horny memories of watching the woman who ended up being my wife being pleasured.

As we had sex that night, I told her how thrilling it was watching her have sex with Mike years ago, & I could tell it turned her on. At one point as we were fucking I asked my wife what it felt like to fuck Mike’s huge dick, & as she haltingly described the sensations, she started fucking me so complex the bed was banging against the wall. She actually screamed, then tightened into spasms of orgasm that went on forever.

From that night on, when we were having sex I’d often tell her to imagine that I was Mike (or another man) because it not only turned her on incredibly, yet for some weird reason it turned me on, too. I started increasingly fantasizing approximately her fucking another man, yet as much as I was desiring for it to happen, when she wasn’t having sex, Cheryl was too shy to actually ever do it.

Fast forward approximately 12 years: One night at her employer’s company pool party & after a couple drinks, my wife’s coworker & satisfactory friend talked her into taking an ‘ecstasy’ pill, & gave me one also. The friend said it was harmless stuff, & would just make us feel “really good.”

To make a long story short, approximately one hour & two margaritas later, Cheryl pulled me aside & informed me we where leaving – right now. As I started driving, she suddenly blurted out that she had never felt so horny in her life, & to accentuate the point, she pulled my hand under her skirt & against her hot, sopping wet panties.

I realized the pill (and Cheryl’s overt sexuality) was having the same effect on me, & I pulled over in the first parking lot I came to, which happened to be next to a small adult bookstore. As I fingered my wife & she stroked my cock through my shorts, I suggested we do something we as a couple had never done in our lives – go into the adult bookstore, maybe pickup some sex toys & a porn tape, so we could go home & have the time of our lives. To my dismay, she was so horny she actually agreed.

We were surprised to see some other couples among the men, which put Cheryl at least somewhat at ease. After looking at some toys, we ducked into one of the video booths at the back. The whole thing seemed so nasty, & after paying for the video, we started making out like over-sexed teenagers.

Just as I was sliding my hand up her thigh, she jumped back & pointed to the dark wall beside us. I thought for a second the erect cock bobbing through a hole in the wall was a sex toy, yet it was shortly apparent it was not. Cheryl looked at me & mouthed “oh my God!…” & we both just sat there, not knowing quite what to think. Suddenly I was struck by the realization that my horny wife was inches from some stranger’s penis, & I wanted nothing more than to see her touch it.

I slipped my fingers past the elastic of her panties & into what felt like hot pudding. She pulled my fingers out, stood up, & pulled off her skirt, than panties. I motioned to the guy’s cock, & she mouthed “no.” I grabbed her hips & pulled her to me, & buried my face into her steaming crotch. I noticed with disappointment that the penis disappeared.

In no time Cheryl was moaning & her legs were quivering. I became aware of noise on the other side of the wall & suddenly another penis slid through, this one black & fat. I made my move. I reached up & pulled my wife’s face to mine & shared her juices in a sloppy kiss while inching her backwards toward the bobbing cock. She leaned & whispered into my ear, “Are you sure?” My response was to deeply kiss her as I leaned forward, pushing her against the strange cock. She gasped as it slid between her thighs, poking through like a black cucumber. I whispered in her ear “go ahead,” & she quietly reached back & guided the cock into her.

My conservative, shy, quiet wife grunted & ground her hips as she slowly worked every inch of the black stranger’s horse cock into her. Her legs were shaking as she leaned forward, then slowly pushed her ass back against the wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, looking through my wife’s quivering thighs & seeing some other guy’s gooey, glistening, fat penis sliding in & out of her steaming snatch.

The sex act itself lasted maybe all of two minutes. Just as I was trying to place my cock in her mouth, Cheryl started slamming her ass against the wall, moaning “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.” She proceeded to convulse & moan for what seemed like minutes as her new boyfriend filled her with wave after wave of seed that dripped from her in huge globs when he pulled out, & left a gooey memento of the evening on her leather seat during the quiet ride home.

While Cheryl has since fucked other friends & strangers, nothing ever quite matched the intensity of that evening. She refers to it simply as “the huge bang.”

This story is 100% true.

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (part 17)

Tim had too much to drink

The house to the east of us had been on the market for sale nearly a year & just wouldn’t move. My husband Tim & I thought that the asking price was too high. It is a very nice house with many extras yet just overpriced. But when the price was reduced it took only a few days for the sign in the front yard to say “Sold!” That was almost two months ago & since then it has been sold & I have been pleased to see who our new neighbor to our east is.

His name is Derrick & we learned that he is 42 years old & was divorced at age 38 & he & the ex wife had no children. A new job brought him to the local area to serve as their senior accountant to start up a new division for the company.

We actually met him on his moving in day & Tim & I immediately took a liking to him. I have since found him to be one of those “Jacks Of All Trades with a Green Thumb” kind of guys & totally independent. He comes over a lot & shows me how to prune our shrubs & trees & he even helped me with my rose bushes when I redid the back yard. I often take over a casserole for his dinner & such things as that. Overall, he’s an unbelievable catch for a neighbor.

There were things approximately Derrick, however, that began to work on my mind. He was tall & muscular lean & very handsome & very polite. Almost every time we would see him during the evening or on the weekends he is just wearing a pair of jogging shorts when he worked in his yard. He has an incredible tan! I suppose so though because like everyone on the street he has a privacy fence around his back yard & a swimming pool. Anyone who has all that in their back yard better have a satisfactory tan, I for sure do.

Recently Tim started teasing me of how he always catches Derrick looking me over. I would joke back to Tim approximately how I like to flirt & tease him. Tim warned me to remember that don’t received to far, he might think your after him. I was yet I was not going to let my hubby know.

But behind it all I was realizing how tempting it was to think approximately Derrick. After all, almost every man 40 years old & more was showing extra baggage around the waistline & only interested in TV sports from a recliner chair! Not Derrick. He was always doing something in his yard, fixing something, building something or if nothing else just going for a swim in his pool. Than one day I saw him with weights out on his deck, will, will, will so that is how he keeps that trim figure.

Look at that stud he is always wearing those flimsy nylon jogging shorts & that’s all. I’ve even entertained the thought of sometime taking something over & after opening his gate to the privacy fence catch him skinny dipping in his pool! On one particular hot day I fantasized rubbing oil over his naked body in the sun & then giving him a hand job. Then my thoughts took me further to actually riding him.

So I began dressing a little more sexy for when ever I was in the backyard or even when I had to run over to Derrick’s house to take something over. I realized that Tim was right & that Derrick didn’t really try to hide the fact that he was looking me over. Most of all I was really liking it. Here I am 10 years younger then this man & maybe causing him to obtain a little bit horny! One of my girl friends asked when I told her approximately him if I was causing a disturbance in Derricks jogging shorts that I might have to remedy that for him one day. Anytime I start acting this way I know that I obtain in one of those moods where I obtain turned on approximately someone making love to me. I have gotten to like it when that hunk is checking me out & I can obtain him horny.

Things began to spice up one Saturday early evening when Tim & I came home from having Mexican food out at one of our favorite hole in the wall places. We both had too many margaritas & Tim was in the mood for some pussy. We received to our bedroom & Tim received me on the bed & started telling me he was going to eat my pussy, he was horny.

I took off my blouse & pulled my bra away from my huge 40DD’s so he could kiss & suck on my tits. I lie on the bed & let him climb on top of me & fell my boobs as he licked on them.

“Marca did you see how those four guys at that round table across from us, they kept looking at you? It was if they could see your pussy baby I saw they were looking down under our table.”

Oh Tim if you only knew you little dick thing, they were looking at my pussy because when I went to the ladies room I took my panties off. “Wow do you think they wanted to fuck me?”

“Fucking right they did, if you had given them any hint of being anything yet a lady they would have come over to the table & put the hit on you.”

Poor Tim he had no clue that was what one of them did when Tim went to take a pee in the men’s room. I told the man that I had to be cool, yet I did obtain his number & he went back to his table.

“I want to fuck you tonight Marca, you want some cock baby?” you bet you ass I do, yet not your little we-we of a cock. “Baby yes, yet I want you to eat me first! Let me go to the bathroom, you obtain undress!”

I went to my bath to obtain undress & put a little perfume on & pee. Setting on the pot I received dizzy, shit I’m drunk. When I received back to the bedroom my drunken hubby was on the bed naked & out, his little dick was like a nub, no pussy for him tonight.

Fuck I was horny & when I obtain drunk I want to screw. I had on my fuck me heels I wore out to eat & my thong, shit I might as will obtain myself off & go to sleep, I turned the bedroom light off & was approximately to obtain my dildo out from my night stand when I saw the bedroom light from across the way come on in Derrick’s house. I looked down at Tim & called his name, no answer, see you after my love. I slipped on an old sundress that came down to my knees, yet was low cut & showed my cleavage off better than most of my low cut things do.

I went down to the kitchen & received the left over from the Mexican food we had. I went back to the hall mirror & looked one last time. I pulled my panties down to the floor. I looked up at the mirror & winked so I stepped out of them & headed over to Derrick’s. I was carrying a foil covered plate to take over for Derrick to have for his dinner.

From this point everything started to move quickly. I entered through Derrick’s gate & headed towards his sun patio & sliding doors to the kitchen. Derrick stepped out to greet me & I could tell by the way he looked at me that he knew the dress was all I had on.

“Hi neighbor, ah neighborrrrr you hungry …?” I told him that we had been out to eat & had some left over & would he care for them. I almost fell on my ass as I climbed up the steps to his patio deck.

“Marca you been drinking?”

“Yes, & I think I had too … toooooo much, we had 3 pictures of marg … margaritas & I drank one of them.”

“Where is Tim?”

“Drunk in our bed, asleep, he had the other two pictures. Let me put this on the counter & you can eat me … ah I mean it later.”

I was setting the plate on his stove counter & then I returned outside. When I came back outside I easily noticed very obvious semi hardness in his jogging shorts. My eyes went wide & I made my mouth into the huge O. He caught me looking at it & had to sense that I liked knowing that I caused it.

“Marca you are drunk on your ass girl!”

“Yes how did you knowwwww?” as I was rocking back & forth on my heels trying to remain up right. Feeling rather bold I walked over closer to him & said, “I better obtain back to my sleeping husband, he had so much to drink he will be out until noon tomorrow.”

“No need to run off if he is dead to the world for the rest of the night, & besides it’s early.”

We were looking into each others eyes & the drinks were making me lose control of things. “Will he want miss me since he was will be out for the rest of the night.”

Than out of the blue he leaned over & kissed me full mouth & I let his tongue dance across & over my lips. It seem like we kissed forever & his right hand was feeling my left boob & I did nothing to stop him. When we broke the kiss the first words out of him was telling me he was sorry for what he did.

“Oh Derrick you received me at the worst time when I’m drunk I obtain like this, you know hot for it, it was my fault for kissing you back.”

“You’re hot & I’m horny, hell I’m always horny when I see you.”

He still had his hand on my breast & I dropped my hand down to his front. Than we kissed again, just as much passion as the first & our hands were feeling each other in all the right places, shit he was complex & had a satisfactory size cock. We stopped kissing & his lips went to my neck which always sends me over the top. I whisper in his ear, “My hubby can’t know approximately this!”

“I will never say a word.”

“Derrick if you would like I could take care of that for you while I’m here … here also.” I put my hand down on his huge package.

Derrick reached for the bottom of dress with both his hands & pulled it up over my head as I raised my arms up. The air, the early evening breeze, & his eyes were all touching me & it felt so good. I stood there for him to take in the view. “Oh fuck Marca you received a body, you received the biggest tits I have ever seen, oh to tit fuck them!”

I took step toward him & inserted my thumbs behind the elastic of his shorts & as I knelt down onto my knees I pulled them down. His love stick sprang forward right in front of my face.

“O … OH Jesus, oh sweeeeeet Jesuuuuuus that thing is biiiigggg …….. !”

I took my right hand & as lightly as I could handle his balls. His cock hardened more & I leaned forward so that my lips were just barely touching his knob. I let my tongue explore his shaft & take sample tastes of his manhood. I stood up to face him with my hand wrapped around his weapon of mass pleasure. He motioned me a few steps back to where a huge beach towel was spread out on the deck of the patio. I sat down & looked up at him looking down at me.

He gently eased me back so that I was lying flat on my back. I looked up at him standing naked & eager. His body was tone, lean & totally tan. He didn’t appear at all intimidated by the fact my husband was next door yet rather I sensed a confidence radiating from his face. His cock was complex & as honey roasted tan as the rest of him. His eyes studied me all over & I could tell he was pleased. I reached both hands down & placed them on my thighs & began to raise my knees. I spread my thighs open in an attempt to convey my invitation.

He stepped between my legs & knelt down. He leaned forward & placed his hands beside both of my shoulders & then began to lower himself as if doing a push up. Doing so his cock touched my bald pussy, my totally shaven pussy. His hardness was throwing heat & was throbbing at my opening as he began touching my neck with his lips. I couldn’t hold back my gasp nor could I control the heat shivers that I was experiencing. I was ready to take his cock however he would donate it.

“Oh I have been wanting you to fuckkkkkk me since for …. Forever!”

But instead of pouncing on me for a quick ride he kept kissing my neck. He held himself up in a way that his lips & the head of his cock were the only parts of him touching me. His gentleness & obvious display of experience convinced me that he was a veteran lover!

I reached my hand to wrap my fingers around his shaft & pressed it against my opening. With my one hand I was teasing his love tool as well as my love opening at the same time. He positioned himself so that I could commence feeding his gorgeous meat into my hungry wetness. He began to slide into me with ease. Both our bodies were beginning to glow & throw heat in the open air & the darkness of the coming night. He slowly & ever so gently kept increasing his depth into me with soothing strokes. His style was giving me sensations that I have never had before.

Somehow he maintained a position of keeping his entire body weight off of me. The only part on him touching me was his cock inside of me. He seemed to be able to read my breathing & body movements in a way that he could donate himself to pleasing me to the fullest pleasure experience.

“Oh it’s good, oh yes I needed this I so wanted a satisfactory fuck tonight, oh yes, yessss sweet Jes … Jesus!”

As he continued a slow stroking inside of me I could feel him commence to swell several times in a way that was driving me wild. Somehow every time that it seemed he was swelling to reach climax & cum he was able to control & delay himself which in no way disappointed me.

“GOD DAMN IT WOMEN EVEN DRUNK YOU’RE A GOOD FUCK!” Then he began to increase his speed & he smiled as he began to swell again inside of me again. It swelled & swelled & he stroked me faster & faster until he began to cum in eruption like throbbing that seemed to go on & on. We both breathed heavily & moaned with satisfaction.

“Shit I’ll be your punch, your slut pussy cock sucking whore, you can fuck me whenever you need some pussy baby!”

When he finished filling me it was then for the first time that he lowered himself down onto me just enough that our bodies touched & it felt so incredibly wonderful as he began kissing my neck again & his cock remained inside of me still complex as you would expect a pro to be! I started making my pussy suck his cock, clamp down on it & work it like I was milking him.

“Fuck your making your pussy suck on me, fuck I never had any woman do that.”

“You obtain me in bed & I’ll make my pussy do things to you that you will never want to stop fucking me!”

Derrick stood himself up & reached down to assist me up to my feet. He took a terrycloth towel & wrapped it around me. I looked at him standing before me naked & to my amazement still hard. I grabbed my dress shirt off of the chair & I knelt down before him with my face in front of his handsome, tan cock. With my dress I gently & deliberately wiped off his love tool & took it ever so softly into my mouth. I took as much of it as I could & then began massaging it with my tongue. He left no doubt in my mind that he enjoyed it.

I stood up, opened the towel & pressed myself against him so that our naked chests were against each other & I kissed him on his neck. So intense in my mind was the thought that maybe he will make love to me again. So much did I want to that I whispered to him, “Maybe I can slip over again. My husband Tim is out of town a few days out of the month. He actually knows that I came over here to donate you a left over dish, did you like my dish of goodies?”

“Does he know you fuck around, you two received an open marriage, you into swinging?”

“No I’m the prim & proper corporate wife; I just fuck around, not him!”

Derrick looked at me & smiled & said, “You can come over & bring me fresh pussy & even borrow a cup of sugar any time you like!”

Wow! I can handle him living in this neighborhood! I turned & with my dress over my arm I walked away from him making sure I did that cat walk wiggle to let him know what he had coming the next time we received together & I tuned back to look at him as I let myself out the gate.

Did I ever learn a valuable lesson! And I don’t think that I’ll ever buy sugar again since I have a satisfactory place to go borrow some!


Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 16)

Once a whore always a whore


“Marca, honey…me David…you busy…can you talk…?” Oh David, my mind made a picture of his cock, 9 inches…plum wide pink head…thick shift, with a mole half way down the shaft…his balls like huge lemons with hair on the sac…!

“David, oh morning sweetie how are you, no I am not busy, never to busy for you honey I mean I am alone…what’s up…you need to meet on a different day…?”

I placed my hand down in my cut-offs to my mound & rubbed my clit causing it to become very erect. With my nipple’s getting hard, I pulled my t-shirt off & I began to flick my tongue back & forth across my nipples as I listen to David talk. Damn I was hot, shit that felt good. I was so hot I could feel my cunt getting really wet. As I held one tit up so I could lick the nipple, I cradled the phone in my neck & reached between my legs to finger my pussy. When I retrieved my hand from between my legs, my finger was glistening with my own cunt juice.

“No, no, no, nothing like that…Marca. But, I need you to do me a huge favor…! I received some huge wheels coming in from New York & I need to fix one of them up while he is here…you know female escort type…!”

Jesus now I am into being an escort service girl for him, will I was that before I received married. Shit, going out to dinner with men old enough to be your father, some times your grand father. Almost all of them fat ugly drink to much, can’t obtain it up unless they take the little blue pill. Damn I been there, done that!

“David, honey is this just a dinner type of thing…or, ah, will you know, do I have to spend part of the night with him…you know…do I need to sleep with him…?”

“Marca, I need for you to spend some time with him…you know…make him happy…! Marca I’ll make this up to you huge time…you just ask & I’ll make it worth your time!”

“David I received to think of some reason to be out tonight…I can’t stay all night…Tim is in town this week…!”

“OH MARCA, baby the man will be in next week…!”

“Oh in that case…I can be with him all night…! Tim is out of town most of next week, yea I can be with him all night, you silly boy, make it worth my while, honey you are comical sometimes. David…I am free today at lunch…you need me to meet you at the same motel…?”

“OH baby…this is not a satisfactory day for that…sorry…!”

“I know you don’t have much time, yet could you squeeze in a quick one…maybe before lunch or right after…maybe just a quick blow job…I can be swift if I need to…If not, at least let me jerk it off.”

“Marca you can donate me a blow job anytime you want….just can’t today baby…I’ll call you on Monday approximately next week…bye…!”

Than he hung up on me! That son-of-a-bitch, he always gets me turned on & than leaves me like this…!

Always lots of cock around until you need one, a huge one…! It was a long weekend, all I had was Tim & his little 4 inch wonder & his tongue that had become quite satisfactory at licking my clit. Monday morning didn’t obtain here shortly enough. The first thing that morning, I received my phone call from David. It was just before lunch around 11 am the phone ring & David just needed to make sure I was still on for Wednesday evening for his huge New York client. On Tuesday David called asked what I was going to wear. I said I don’t know.

“I may go to Frederick’s of Hollywood for some whore looking stuff…!”

He liked that idea, he told me that the man had a room at the Marriott & I told him to book me one there also.

“Would you like to just meet him in the bar?”

“No way David… there are too many people go to that bar that know Tim & I. I think it would be better if he just came to my room. Than no one would see us together…! David you need to check me in & bring me the key so all I will have to do is go to the room…!”

Tim called me around 9PM on the huge night, as he always does to check on me & see how I am doing, to tell me he loves me & how much he misses me. I use the same old story, that I had a long day, that I am going to take a hot bath & unplug the phone so I can obtain a satisfactory night sleep. Hey he buys it!

I was to be at the hotel by 10PM & meet the client a little after 10. I had on this very short black, leather mini skirt, with a black long sleeved front button top. The top was more or less see through. You could see the black lace bra I had on under it plain as day. Black fishnet stockings & a pair of the highest open toe black heels I had…slut heels. Something like six inch spikes…FMP’s…! Under my skirt was a black lace garter belt I had on holding up my fishnets. And the next to nothing little black lace, see-through thong panties. I looked like & felt like a high dollar hoe.

My mind was going a hundred miles per hour as I drove to the Hotel. I still couldn’t believe that I was doing this. When I had married Tim I told myself that other life I had lived was in my past, shit less than two years after I was going to turn a trick. What is wrong with me, I don’t need the money, shit I am that messed up in the head? I am horny, yet fucking for a pay check again. I was getting so horny thinking approximately just giving my body to some man to use like a toy. I was going to be nothing more that the whore I use to be. Once a whore always a whore.

I pulled in the parking lot of the Marriott & parked the car. I made it to my room. I looked at the night stand clock & it was 10:10…almost show time…! About five minutes after I received a knock on my door. I open the door & sure as the world he was not a keeper…god he was old…! This was an old fat guy. He looked a lot like an old grandfather in his 70’s, if I were lucky, oh my, this is not good…why did I say yes…?

“Hello, please…come in…!”

“Your Marca…?”

God Damn David used my real name…dumb shit…to late to say anything but…”Yes it is…I am sorry I was not told your name…!” I put my hand out to shake his as he said. “I am Lawrence my friends call me Larry. I closed the door & said nice to meet you. We walked into the middle of the room. Lawrence looked at me taking in every part of my body.

“My, my where did David find you at? Turn around for me so I can check out that ass on you…!”

I turned all the way around for him. I jumped when he walked up to me & pinched my ass cheek & took one of my breasts in his other hand. He was squeezing them & playing with them…”are these babies real, they feel real?” I said yes all 40DD of them are real. He then told me to obtain my top off…he just had to see my huge tits. This was not the kind of foreplay I was thinking about. Will I was being paid to make him happy. The old fart sat on the end of the bed & watched me as I took my top off. Next I unhooked the front hook on my bra & let my breasts fall free. His eyes received real huge as he reached over for me to come to him & he put one of my complex nipples in his mouth. He was kissing & sucking on one nipple then the other. He had both his hands under my skirt feeling up my ass. His nipples sucking felt good. My nipples kept getting harder as he played with them. Then all at once he stops & tells me to obtain out of my skirt & panties.

As I was unzipping my skirt I saw he was getting out of his clothes. He stripped down to a pair of boxer…shit he was fat & had a beer belly on him that made him look like huge old fat slob. With just his shorts on he laid back in the bed. I dropped my skirt to the floor.

“God damn, why don’t all girls wear garter belts? Man they are so fucking sexy. Ok baby lets drop them sexy little panties…!”

I turned around with my back to him & I slowly started pushing my panties down my legs. I bent over with my legs straight & rubbed one hand over my ass cheeks as I looked back at him smiling. Over the years I had learned to wear the panties over the garter belt, not under it. It makes it so much easier to remove your panties & let the other stuff stay in place. My little panties went down my legs to the floor. Lawrence told me to donate him the panties. I handed them to him & he put them right up to his nose & was sniffing them. Then he tells me to bend over & spread my legs so he can see my pussy. He moaned out again…”damn girl…shit your pussy looks so pink like it needs to be eaten…!” Then he tells me to obtain my ass over to him & lay out on the bed on my back. Again I did just what he told me to do.

“Holy Shit, David said you had a body, that man knows his women, David one of your regulars?” I just smile up at him; fuck what had David told him. I hate this part, not knowing what to answer. “Mr. Lawrence I don’t talk approximately my…ah, my gentlemen friends!”

“Sweetheart that is satisfactory business, I like that in a girl, David already told me you meet up with him once a month. I am going to be coming into town approximately 4 times a years for a day or two, I can see that I need to be one of your gentlemen friends, how much for the afternoon thing, not all night!”

Damn what do I say, did David tell him a dollar figure, is he testing me, shit, shit! “Will, I obtain different pay, depends on, will you know like what he…you know!”

“Hey baby is that boy pimping for you? Does he set you up with other business men?”

“Oh Mr. Lawrence you going to obtain me in trouble!”

“You don’t donate it to him free do you?”

“Oh no I always obtain 800 for an afternoon, you know a couple of hours! But, we don’t need to talk approximately money, he done taken care of that for us both!”

“You put me down in your book, you’ll obtain more than 800 from me & I am satisfactory to go for an afternoon when I am in town!”

I just sat back on my elbows & smiled & giggled like a silly girl who just received a present. Than the old fart moved over on me & he started kissing my neck then moving down & sucking on one nipple then the other. His fingers went right down to my super wet pussy. He sank two or three fingers in me real slow. I moaned & pushed my hips up to his fingers. He pulled his fingers out of me & stuck them right in his mouth suck my pussy juice off them. Them he put his fingers up to my mouth for me to suck on them. I was so horny by this time I just opened my mouth & started sucking my pussy juice off his fingers.

Then he started kissing his way down over my belly. He took hold of both my legs & opened them as wide as they would go. He kissed his way right over my bald pussy. Then his tongue went deep in my pussy hole & licked all the way up to my clit. He stopped licking & looked up at me & smiled.

“Fuck…is your pussy ever so good…you do take care of it…David said you were a pro…best he ever had…! Your pussy it’s so pink, it looks like an eighteen year old pussy…and it tastes like it!” I just looked at him & giggled like the slut he wanted me to be…he went back to tonguing my hot pussy. He would suck on one pussy lip then the other. Then he tongue fuck me with his long tongue. Next he was sucking & biting on my clit.

“Oh Mr. Lawrence…you make me want to do more…god you eat me so good…!”

He was…that was not an act on my part. I was going out of my mind, this licking I was getting from him was going to have me coming soon. I took hold of his head & held him tight to my pussy. He started licking me from top to bottom. Stopping to flick my clit around with his tongue. My orgasm came through my body like a wild fire. I hadn’t cum like this…in a long time…will…since last week…. My body shook as I tried to pull his head inside my pussy. I yelled out.

“Oh my God yes, yes I’m coming, please don’t stop oh yes, yes…!”

Oh did I ever cum, wow this old fart was good…! While I was trying to obtain my breath, he was climbing up over the top of me. He had taken his boxers off & I received my first feel of his cock. I should say, complex cock. I tried to look down to see it yet his huge old fat belly was in the way…white pasty sweaty feel of his skin was moving on top of me…god it was gross. From the way it felt, he had to be big…it was on my left thigh…and it seemed stiff. He kept moving on me stopping to kiss & suck on each of my complex nipples.

Then he reached down between us & grabbed a hold of his complex cock. He lined it up to my very wet pussy hole & started it in my fold. I just raised my hips off the bed to assist it slip inside me…slip in it did. My eyes shot open…wide & my jaw dropped open.

“Oh God…easy…your big…wow…real huge Mr. Lawrence…easy please…!”

He smiled & slipped just the head in & I made my pussy squeeze it…he moaned. “Oh you’re a whore all right…they know how to milk a cock with their pussy, hands & mouth…oh yea…!” I was a hooker. I was just a slut whore needing to have a trick turned…what I needed was all this guys cock inside me. I hooked my legs around his skinny old ass & hugged him tight to my body.

“Yes…oh God fuck me, yes, God, yes!”

He started pumping in me like a mad man. His cock would come all the way out to just the head…then back in as deep as it would go. My head started flopping from side to side. I couldn’t believe that I was going to cum again so soon. Than I felt the pressure build up…shit he was so big…that we had locked up & sealed off…I knew what was going to happen next…and it was no more than a few strokes & I felt the first one & than the sound.

PUSSY FART’S…Shit how embarrassing …damn…I started pumping my hips up off the bed to try & break lose to let air in, the old fart didn’t care…he just kept going faster…he was swift fucking me. Then I went over the top I yelled out. “YES…GOD YES…I am coming…oh yes…more…don’t stop…!”

Damn it felt so satisfactory going in me. I looked up at him & he smiled down with sweat dripping off his head on to my breast…He than put approximately half of his cock in me when he pulled out then slowly pushed all of it inside me. He was pumping in & out of me real slow. Making sure I received to feel all of his cock inside me.

He moaned in my ear…I knew he was approximately to go off. He pushed deep inside me. His cock was jerking inside me as he pulled it out just a little then jammed it back in me. It kept jerking as he kept trying to obtain it deeper inside me. Than he kissed me full open mouth tongue all over my mouth…shit I hate that from a dirty old shit head like him. Once his cock stopped jerking he collapsed on top of me. He lay on me for a minute or two trying to obtain his breath…god he was heavy I felt like he was going to smother me. He lifted his head looked at me & smiled.

“Mother fucker are you ever a satisfactory fuck. Don’t let me forget to obtain your number…!”

Then he rolled off me. My pussy made a wet sucking sound as his cock popped out of me. He left a trail of warm sperm across my leg as his cock drug over it. I could feel gobs of sperm running out of my pussy & down to the bed. I was completely satisfied after sex with this fat old fart. This man really knows how to make a woman pleased in bed.

I received up & went to the bathroom to clean out my tunnel…damn he had a load…it just kept dropping out of me. Good thing I had my whore kit with me. I did a quick Douche, than put some cream on my fold. I came back in the room thinking he might be ready to go to his room, or talk a little, some men do…! Not him…I received to the bed & he pulled me back down on it.

“Baby my Viagra is still working…round two or is it round 3…?”

Then he started kissing my right nipple as he played with the other one.

“Honey your huge old nipples sure come alive fast. Damn they obtain complex fast…sweet tits…I want it dog style…!”

“Oh Mr. Lawrence…I love it doggie…my favorite way…!”

I was on my hands & knee’s, looking back at him giggling as if I were his bitch in heat. He received behind me & was running his hands all over my ass. “Fuck girl, you have a nice ass…this garter belt & stockings, wow this is too much. Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass…?” I jerked my head back at him & gave him a look of …’you received to be kidding…!’ I jumped & started to pull away from him.

“You’re to big…Mr. Lawrence you received a cock for real fucking…don’t use it on nasty butt fucking…!”

He laughed & pulled back on my hips. “Just kidding baby girl, myself, I don’t like shit on my dick…!”

I looked down between my legs & could see his cock was fully complex again. He slipped a few fingers inside me. He pulled his fingers out & replaced them with his complex cock head. After a few slow in & out movement…and than one huge push, & he was all the way inside me. I moaned…”oh God yes…!” as I pushed back on his complex cock. Away we went, fucking like two dogs trying to breed.

He was playing with one of my breasts with one hand & rubbing my complex & wet clit with his other hand. I couldn’t believe how swift I started coming again. This man had me coming faster than my vibrator could. I was out of my mind with lust. I yelled out!

“Fuck…Oh God I’m coming again. Yes, yes, fuck me, yes fuck me, oh yes fuck me hard…!”

“David said you like to be fucked like a bitch dog! Hell I think you just like fucking!”

I half moaned & yelled yes, yes as my orgasm took off. I pushed back to him as complex as I could. My face was deep in the pillows. I just kept coming & coming. I would think it was over & I would start coming again. Now he had a hold of my hips pulling me back complex on his cock. He was pumping my hip back & forth so fast; I couldn’t even keep up. He moaned, here it comes baby & started pumping my hips even faster. I felt his complex cock start jerking inside me & I knew I was getting another load of his old sperm deep inside me.

He gave me a few more complex pokes as I tried to milk all the sperm from his cock. I was so wet I couldn’t hold on to his cock in my pussy. He pulled out of me & I felt his cum running down my legs to my stocking tops. He then slapped my ass, not hard, yet like a love slap…”mother fucker girl, you’re going to kill me!”

I received up to go to the bathroom one more time…you know how we ladies need to pee all the time. When I returned to bed Lawrence was out like a light. I sat down & looked his body over. Man he was fat & ugly all the way around. His cock was now soft & lying off to the side. It was wet with both our juices all over it. I had a damp wash cloth & cleaned his love tool clean…he just moaned as I stroked it & wiped it off. I started thinking, should I obtain dress & sneak out now or what. I lay down next to him & took his wet cock in my hand. I’m thinking why didn’t Tim have some meat like this between his legs? I was just play with his wet cock & I must have fallen asleep also. I started dreaming approximately something & the next thing I know, I’m coming again.

I opened my eyes to see him fingered me to an orgasm. I could see it was almost day light from the light coming through the windows. I wasn’t sure what time it was. But one thing I was sure of. He had a huge complex on & was ready to fuck. He lay on his back & was stroking his cock. I received up smiled & said I’ll be right back…went for my morning pee, put a little Astor Gel I had in my purse in my fold & washed my mouth out with some mouth wash. Back in the bedroom he was still stroking his monster cock & I said.

“You keep doing that & you will come all over everything…!” He laughed & said. “Baby, that’s what David paid you to do, make me cum. So why don’t you just sit your hot pussy right down on this…!” I received on my knees over the top of him. He started playing with my breasts as I took a hold of his complex as steel cock & lined it up to my pussy.

“Oh my God…shit…it still is satisfactory this morning…!” I moaned as I lowered myself down on his cock. He was squeezing my nipples as I started rocking on his cock. I started out slow yet that didn’t last long. Before to long I was riding his cock like I was on a wild bull. I’ve always loved a morning fuck…hell I like to fuck any time…this was wild, hot; just all out fucking. I had my boobs in his face & he was sucking them as complex as anyone had ever…god I was going to go off again…so what else is new.

Then his fingers go between my legs & he squeezes my clit. I blew up, that set me right off. My body shook as I yelled I was coming. I squeezed his arms as complex as I could as my orgasm went through me. He then took a hold of my hips & started pulling my pussy down on his cock as complex as he could. Then all at once he yells…”oh you fucking whore…oh shit…yes…oh fuck…!” His cock just kept jerking & jerking as he pumped load after load of his cream in me. Me head was spinning as my orgasm was coming to an end the same time as his. I fell over on his chest out of breath. His cock was still deep inside my pussy.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“You really know how to make an old man feel like he’s done a satisfactory job…!” I panted out…” trust me; you did a satisfactory job…!”

Then he kind of pushed me off the top of him. I landed on the bed right next to him. I felt his sperm running out of my wet pussy. He received up out of bed & said, baby I hate to rush yet its 7 am & I have to be at the Airport by 9, as he was dressing. He received in his wallet & handed me three new hundred-dollar bills. He said here is a little tip for you. I know David paid you so this is from me. Then he gives me a pen & tells me to write down my number. I wrote down my home number…but I was off by two numbers…and handed it back to him.

He said, ok, I’m off to my room & the shower, thanks for the satisfactory time, you were great, see you. Out the door he went. Talk approximately a slap in the face. I’m laying there in a garter belt & stockings, with his sperm dripping out of me & all I obtain is see you? Then my mind falls back in place; shit I’m just a hooker to him. Nothing more than a whore. That afternoon when I received home I found in my mail box a letter & in it was 500 huge ones from David & I knew that David might obtain a phone call shortly approximately having a visit with me on Larry’s next trip down.

More to cummm….

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 15)

Chuck’s dad

As most of you know I had recently taken up with some of the men in the neighborhood. The youngest was just a boy…an over grown boy…but still a boy. He was 18 & looked like 25 years old…Charles Kline lived across the street with his mother & father. After I married Tim & moved into his home, I received to know the Kline’s. Tim travel’s & is gone sometimes over a weekend. Other than the sex with Tim, I had a tremendous life… I had everything I needed & wanted. So when Tim was not here I look for outside assist to obtain me satisfied. I was fucking anyone & anything that had a huge cock.

One day I received home from my complex day of spending money at the mall & went upstairs to obtain changed when the front door bell rang. I grabbed my silk gown & ran down stairs to open the door to see David Klein, Chucks dad was standing their smiled & looked me up & down & said “not disturbing you am I” I said no come in let me fix you some coffee.

David sat at the counter on one of our kitchen bar stools as he checked me out as we sat & talked approximately his son Chuck & thanked me for taking an interest in the boy. God if he only knew, he went on & said that Chuck told him not long ago how pretty he thought I was & that my husband is very lucky, I blushed & then he flirted some more as he went on to say that I was a satisfactory neighbor to look after Chuck. After a while he received up to leave & kissed me on the cheek as he did he then pushed me back against the wall & kissed me fully on the lips his hands were inside my robe…on my huge 40DD tits & then one hand opening up my robe.

I was shocked & tried to push him away from me telling him “no this is wrong you cant” he then said “oh yes I can no one is going to know” he was strong & had me pressed against the wall with his arm & his hand going at my boobs & pussy. He was wriggling his fingers around trying to obtain them inside me yet as I struggled he found it difficult, he kissing my neck & slowly going down to kiss the top of my tits which my nipples were going rock hard. I was still struggling & still saying “no stop no” he was panting & his hands were all over my body. David was kissing me on the lips with his tongue down my throat & pressing against me.

You are one sexy bitch, Marca. I can’t assist yet want to fill you with my seed every time I look at you,” he confessed passionately. I could feel his man hood against my pussy he was complex & big, shit like father like son. “You want this as much as me!” His hand was rubbing the top of my pussy with his fingers he then entered my hole with a finger & then pulled out telling me how wet I was. I tried one last time to push him away from me yet he had my legs open & pulling my pussy lips open as he rubbed them. Oh shit he was winning…but I must fight him off.

“David you received to stop! Tim will kill you, you can’t…please stop…your wife…we are married…you received to stop…!”

“Marca…did you fight off my son like this…he is only a boy…you can go to jail for a long time…just had to fuck him…didn’t you…?”

I closed my eyes & stopped struggling with him…shit he knew! “How did you find out? Did Chuck tell you? Does his mother know?” He smirked at me & said. “No his mother does not know. I came home one day early & saw Chuck coming from your place & he made the mistake of dropping his underwear in his bedroom & not the dirty close bag & a load of sperm was still in it. It didn’t take me long to put two & two together, I watched him & you real close after that!”

“Shit you think anyone else could know?”

“Baby, the only way I received it all out of him was when I told him he could not obtain his drivers permit if he didn’t tell me the truth, he said you two been fucking since last summer, true?”

I just nodded yes, “David he forced me, it was almost rape, nothing I could do!” He laughs out loud & than said. “I guess it was rape last week when he said you sat on his lap & rode him while he sucked your huge boobs, he just loves to suck you, yet I am sure you know that!” I turned my head away as he moved his head down between my legs & I could feel his rough tongue frantically moving around my clit & being licked all over, as much as I wanted him to stop it felt so good, & he new I was wet & horny.

He then stood up & I once again tried to cover my tits now on full view for this 50 something year old man to see. He pulled my arms away & said “you have a set of tits… don’t hide them…!” He sucked on my nipples & kissed all over my tits he then kissed all down my body back to my clit when I could feel him tugging at his trousers I new he was going to fuck me, his hands were all over me & he was panting & kissing every part of my body.

“Sweetie, I have been waiting for a long time to obtain in your pants, I have stroked myself off many times wishing I had you sitting on me with my cock stuffed up your tight twat & my mouth full of your tits. So yea, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you real bad. I need to screw you & now…!”

I looked down & his trousers & pants were round his ankles he was standing with his complex knob sticking out I wasn’t surprised on how huge it was, He tried to force my hand down on his cock & told me “jerk me, jerk it” I put my hand around him & slowly jerking up & down he was wet on the tip & I new he, ‘the bastard’ was ready to come.

“Marca I know your type, you’re the whore we guys pick up in a bar, have sex that night, & forget approximately the next day. Your nothing yet a prostitute, your not a cheap fuck, I bet old Tim never received any before you married him, the dumb shit, you received him fooled, show me how you suck cock!”

I just closed my eyes & went down on him what else could I do. I unzipped his pants all the way, pulled then & his briefs to the floor. On my knees, I had to turn my head to the side to obtain it in my mouth. He groaned as I licked the head. I thought it was already hard, yet it was getting bigger with each lick, & it was already a monster! I felt a hand behind me, & he pushed his whole cock into my mouth, down my throat. I could feel his public hair on my nose & hair. My eyes shot up looking at him trying to tell the son-of-a-bitch that he was choking me. I went to licking & moving my lips all over the long fat tube of manhood that filled my mouth.

I sucking him complex & gently tried teasing with my tongue as he was ramming it down my throat. Than all at once he pulled out of my mouth & pulled me into the den over to the leather couch & pushed me down on top of it. “You want this cock in that pussy?” He saw the lust in my eyes, my heavy breathing, my nipples were rock hard, he knew I wanted it, he knew I wanted him to ‘fuck my cunt.’ I looked up & with that sly smile I donate off when I am horny, I said.

“You’re nothing yet a bastard, you no satisfactory son-of-a-bitch, yes for god sake fuck me…!” He hesitated at first & looked at me, than I felt the head of his cock at my fold, he slipped it up & down my slit, & the mother fucker was teasing me!

“Damn you fucking whore, that thing is dripping!

“You’re an ass hole; can you fuck as satisfactory as your kid, you bastard? Come on show me how satisfactory you are! Shit I bet all you can do is show that your just one hung stud. Fuck me like I’m your bitch!”

“You two dollar whore, I’ll show you who can fuck!” Than he received down on the leather couch between my legs on his elbows & I felt the head slip in, damn it was wide. I pulled my legs up & spread them wide giving him more access to my love tunnel. With one hand on his ass cheeks I took the other & held my tits up for him to suck. I felt an inch or two go in, the thickness was expanding my vagina walls.

“Oh David that feels, so good; oh god, that feels so huge & complex take your time I want to savor this for as long as I can!”

“Damn Marca you’re tight as hell!”

“That’s because you have a cock like a horse ready to breed! I see where Chuck gets his!”

He moves forward & pushes a little & moves into me another two inches & I tighten & release my muscle like a hand squeezing his manhood. With my head resting on the couch, David grabbed my tits hard. He played very rough with them, pulling, pinching & slapping them. I felt my cunt beginning to leak juices & could sense that long lost feeling of an orgasm coming on.

“You like that bitch? Like my fat cock up your tight cunt, abusing your tits?

“Oh fuck yes!” Please cum in my cunt. I want to feel you’re slimy cum up my cunt.

He pushed harder each time & I could feel his large balls slapping up against my ass. I took my right hand & reached between my legs & began to rub his large balls.

“Good girl…! Rub my balls & feel them when I dump my load.”

“Ready for my load bitch? Want to be full of cum?”

Than the sex came to a sudden halt; the phone was ringing & I knew that was my husband calling me. We both froze & looked at each other & than on the second ring we looked at the phone. “That’s Tim, your long time friend calling me & here you are fucking his wife…!” I didn’t make a move to answer; I just wrapped my legs around his hips & pulled him in deeper. “I don’t need to obtain it…let him leave a message…!” Than the recorder came on, my sexy voice telling whoever to leave a message.

“Hi honey, I guess your not home, hope you are having a satisfactory day. I bet you went to the mall…! Marca baby I am sorry approximately the other night, I was just to tired to do anything, I promise to make it up to you when I obtain home this weekend. I love you…! Bye…!”

I looked up at David, my newest fuck buddy & he looked at me, at he same time we both started laughing out loud. I looked back at the phone & said in a low voice. “Sorry Tim, I can’t hold off until this weekend…!” David looked down at me with that smirk on his face., like all huge cock bastard’s obtain when they know your other half can’t compete with them. He looked over at the phone & said.

“Don’t worry Tim old boy, I’ll take care of her, I’ll donate her what you can’t…!”He than looked back down at me, seeing my huge grin I had from ear to ear. “You need this huge old thing baby, don’t you…? Need to have what your little dick husband can’t donate you; does that little dick ever have a huge load for you…?”

“Oh…you son-of-a-bitch, just fuck me. You know you received more than him…fuck…do something with it! Shit, no way my husband can’t dump as mush in me as you, .give it all to me…I need it.” Thinking of Tim’s little cock & this huge rod in me…I lost it & went off screaming & pulling him in as deep as I could. David went to humping me like a man half his age.

“You dirty whore! Sleazy bitch! All you want to do is fuck! Right? You just want to lie around all day with your legs spread open & screw.” The more he talked dirty to me, the hornier I got. I couldn’t hold back the first shattering, splendid orgasm, & the first of many I knew I would have before the day was over.

“Yes…yes so good…! Oh David, it feels so satisfactory having you inside me, I love it. You huge stud you fuck your wife like this. I want you to fuck me like your fucking her. I want to feel you cum inside me; I want the same seeds that you plant in her. It is so nasty to have my husband’s trusting neighbor’s cock in me. I want to be my fuck toy, I want to please you David, just tell me what you want & I will donate it to you or do it. Oh David, yes, I love having a cock in me, oh shit I love this. I love being fucked. I love it that you want to fuck me, to eat me, to fondle me, to finger me, oh David I received to have it, just keep fucking me!.”

“Oh you are such a slut whore, I’ll fuck you as long as you want to be fucked, & I will be more than willing to fuck you. I knew you would be this way, shit you are one fucking hot bitch. Your just like that whore I use in Denver every month…your just a hot slut wanting to please men. You will never have to worry approximately not having sex honey; you were built for sex, hot, nasty sex.”

He then sucked my tits sucked my neck & pushed his cock in my cunt he started to grunt as he pushed up & down in me I lay there & stared at him his eyes were wide open & he was grunting & panting as he gave two more pushes up me & shot his come filling my pussy right up, he went to pull out of me yet I told him. “You started this now you make me come…again…!” David took a deep breath & while it was still stiff he carried on pushing in me he had not gone limp & I could still feel him & I was very wet from his cream in me yet I moved with him & he sucked my nipples with a few more pushes I come.

He received off me & on his knees he was getting his second wind, hell I hope he wanted seconds.

“Here David lat me clean it.” I received on one elbow & wrapped the cock with my other hand. I couldn’t obtain my hands around it. I licked the head where cum was still dripping out slowly while I pumped his cock with my hands. After approximately a minute, he started getting up to gather his clothes. I lay back on my back with my legs pulled up & spread so that my knees were up beside my tits. I had my hands down around my legs playing with my pussy & ass…I made eye contact with David.

“Oh, David honey do you need to go so soon…?” “Fuck Marca…you still horny…? You can’t keep your fingers away from your hole…? Shit you are nothing yet a Nymph!”

I was now fingering my asshole in a major way with my left hand & with my right I was rubbing my fold. I had cream running down my ass & when I pulled my finger out, you could see cum juices all over my finger, I smiled & licked my finger clean. I looked over at David & said…“You taste good…!” I returned to fingering my ass & licking my finger…I played with my pussy by pulling my pussy lips apart giving him a tremendous close up shot of my open cunt that had been well fucked & oozed with his cream.

Finally I tired & just laid flat on the leather couch. I looked over at him saying, “Tim will be gone one more night…to offensive your wife is home…tonight…! But I guess Kim will obtain some tonight!” He stopped looked down at me & said. “Kim & I stop having sex years ago, she don’t like it!”

“So where do you obtain your sex?”

“From two or three prostitute I know. You going to be one of my girls, I’ll pay you satisfactory baby, you’re worth every dime…!”

“You bastard, I don’t need the money!”

He received dressed kissed me on the cheek & went home to his wife. Of course, .I never mentioned this to anyone. Around the neighbor hood I see him a few times…we have it down to a standard routine…we don’t speak to each other…we don’t even look at each other. David & I started seeing each other once a month at a motel across town on his noon hour.

Four months later…on a Tuesday morning my phone rang.

To be continued….

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 14)

I’m an Understanding Wife

I was in the kitchen when Tim received home from a long day at his office… I gave him a kiss on the cheek & right away I saw he had a troubled look on his face. I received his vodka on the rocks & sat down in the den with him & ask the huge question.

“Honey, what is the matter, something is on your mind?”

“Just shit at work, Marca let me ask you something! You would tell me if you were unhappy with me our life?” (Shit what brought this on, damn have I been found out, who the fuck did I just fuck to obtain caught fucking with…)

“Tim you know I would, ah, ah yet honey I am not unhappy, are you crazy?”

“I had Dan come in today to tell me he is giving me notices, seems Judy can’t stand his long hours & is being neglected & needs more out of life than her two kids & what they have!” (That dumb fucking bitch, her husband is Vice President of the company, makes 6 figures a year, lives in a house much like ours & she wants something else.)

“Oh Tim I am so sorry, I know how much Dan mean to you & the company! He has been with you since the start!” (Damn, my husband has made him a million dollars over the years, wow.)

“Marca you’re not close to Judy, yet have you ever heard her or any of the wives say something like that to you?” (Shit, me being what I am & the way I look, they want come near me, I can make other women feel like a shit sandwich.)

“Tim, honey, they never talk to me, you know the bosses wife & all, I am not close to any of them, & don’t want to be!”

“Marca I travel, put in long hours & you & Judy are the same age, why is it your pleased & she’s not? I guess that is the reason we are all different!” (She doesn’t have time to screw like I do, I guess.)

“Will she has two kids & we don’t have any & I do obtain to make a trips with you from time to time, so we are together more than a couple with kids!” (Only reason I am on a trip with you honey, is when it is my time of month & I don’t have sex. Why stay home & be alone, so I am with you, & I still don’t have sex.)

“Your right & we are together when I am home!” (Will I do meet up with my huge cock lover’s during the day; I obtain in a satisfactory screw on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. afternoons.)

“Marca you would tell me if I was not living up to my duties as a husband?” (Damn Tim with that little we-we you received you can’t live up to a satisfactory butt fuck.)

“Oh baby, you will be the first to know if I am unhappy with anything approximately you.” (Shit what can you do approximately it? You can’t grow a new, bigger, thicker dick, so it goes.)

“So I guess Judy is not getting enough at home, from Dan, or did he go into details?” (Dumb bitch, with her looks she could be fucking most anyone if she received off that high moral crap.)

“Will all Dan said was she was not being satisfied & he did say he was not taking care of business at home.” (Honey men at yours & his age can’t do it like a 25 year old, I should know I just had one three weeks ago.)

“All she is doing is putting stress on Dan, poor Dan!”(I wonder how huge his cock is.)

About that time the phone rand & Tim had to take it & the rest of the evening went on with other things that married people talk approximately & it was after at bed time that we received back to Dan & Judy. I had come out of the shower & slipped on my sexy low cut night gown & I saw Tim’s eyes dart to my boobs & knew he would be horny tonight. I turned off the over head light & with just the night stand light on I slipped into bed & lay on my back as he fixed his pillows to fall back on. Tim looked over at me & said.

“Honey I am so lucky to have you, god I feel sorry for Dan!” (I bet he shortly will join the ranks of the jerk off club.)

“Tim, I think they just stopped talking to each other, we always know what the other one is thinking & wanting when we obtain in bed, right?”

“Yea, I think you might be on to something! I sometimes wonder if I please you the way you want me to, do I honey?” I smile up at the huge hunk. (No, yet that is why god made other men for me.)

“I guess I am not like other women, you know the oral thing & all, yet Tim you know how much I like it that way & your so understanding approximately intercourse with me, thank you baby! Tim you don’t feel put off with just us having sex by you putting it in me once or twice a month do you?”

“My god no Marca, you’re my wife, my soul, I would do anything to make you pleased & if doing oral on you is what makes you happy, it makes me happy! Honey I guess in away, I am lucky you are like that, you know I go off so swift when I actually do obtain it in!” (Thank god you do, I don’t have to mess with it that much.)

“Oh Tim, I never noticed you go off fast, do you? Of course, doing it that way is not our thing, is it? Tim should we set aside this Sunday night for some complex screwing, I think you might need some action that way & as a satisfactory wife I should be willing to do it some time like that!” (Your little pecker want last 2 minutes in me.)

“Oh yes Marca that would be great, I obtain so complex at work sometimes thinking approximately you & me, me slipping it in, I have made a wet spot on my pants a few time thinking approximately it. One thing I don’t have is a problem of getting it up when I think of you!” (Honey keeping it up is the thing.)

“Tim you think Dan has a problem getting it up for her, or keeping it up, does he try to make love?”

“Will, Judy doesn’t look like you, so if he had you every night like I do, he would have no problem.” (My love I never met a man who had that problem when I was nude in bed with him.)

“Oh Tim do I make you obtain it up?”

I drew back the bed sheets to reveal a small erection poking up into his briefs. “Take your undies off honey so I can play!” Tim with a smile & closed eyes lifted up his hips as he pulled down his jockey briefs & dropped them off the side of the bed to the floor. “Tim honey, pull your legs back up to your chest & hold them there.” His little picker was like a large middle finger with a small mushroom head, poor thing was just useless. I took it between my thumb & forefinger. I smiled down at him & looked at his little boy dick, still amazed at how a man his size & build, could have such a small penis.

He was looking up at me & he saw me wet my middle finger & made sure I had a lot of spit on it & I put it at his ass hole & ran it in to the first knuckle. He jerked & pulled back on his legs & closed his eyes as he cried out. “OH no your hurting me honey, please no your nail, no, please no!”

“Oh shit I forget every time approximately my long nails & I am sure it can tear a little as I drive it into some guy’s ass. “Sorry, honey, I guess I should use one of my toys on you instead.” His eyes flew wide open, as if in shock. “Tim one of these nights I am going to use one of my toys on your ass, baby, make your ass my little pussy for the evening.”

As I stroked his little dick, I looked at him & his little thing & my mind wonder off thinking of……

(I’m sorry baby, yet this little thing just won’t do it for me. Not now, not even tomorrow. I am at home alone most of the time while you are off making us money, & I waited for you like a satisfactory wife should. I was a satisfactory wife to you; will for the first few weeks of our marriage. While most people thought I married an older man for his money, you know that I didn’t. I love you. I was & still am satisfactory to you, & this is how I repaid your trust. Well, honey, from now on, I’m going to be as satisfactory as I can be. Your little slut will jerk you off any time, will almost any time. All you have to do is keep being like you are & I will run & play! I’m going to take a massive cock whenever I can obtain it. And since you’re not one with even a satisfactory size we-we, I guess that’ll be quite often, won’t it?)

“Oh Tim jerk it off for me honey you know how much I like watching you jerk off!” I moved around to where my butt was in his face & spread my legs wide, I looked over my shoulder & smiled at him as he jerked his little we-we. “Tim, baby, French my ass, you know how I just love to have you tongue it as you jerk!” (Besides I let you eat my pussy night before last.)

I lowered my head to the bed & my mind raced in different directions, thank god to tomorrow is the 15th, the water delivery man Mike will be here, huge cock Mike! Oh yes, huge Mike god what a cock, damn just less than 10 hours until he is here. It didn’t take Tim long to obtain me excited with his tongue working on my ass to think approximately it working on my pussy. Just than he shot off & I saw it run down on his hand & to his belly. I reached over & took a scoop of it & licked it, making sure he saw me. Than I wiped his belly off with my fingers & turned over on my back. I moved back up on the head board leaving Tim resting on one elbow looking at me. I lewdly grabbed my thighs with each hand & spread my legs like a wanton whore. I couldn’t believe that I was behaving like that, I let the last of his cream I had on my hand spread over my pussy lips. I was like a bitch in heat, offering my pussy to him like some kind of slut. He saw me spread his cream on my lips & I had that sexy fuck you look on my face.

“Eat me” I moaned in a guttural voice.

When Tim heard the words come out of my mouth he looked shocked. I never spoke like that to Tim in such a demanding way. “Tim if you want some pussy Sunday night, eat me! You eat me until I say stop you understand?” Tim just nodded & was down on his knees with his face in my pussy before I could say anything else. Tim began to slowly lick up & down my cunt lips. I was lost in another world. I closed my eyes & all I could see was Mike the water delivery guy’s large cock being stroked in front of my face. The scene changed & I imagined that Mike had ejaculated into my pussy & that Tim was licking it out of me. That was it! I went over the edge with that thought in my mind. My body jerked as Tim licked my pussy lips & flicked my clit with his tongue. This was my first orgasm of the day & I was still not satisfied!

When Tim saw that I came, his head came up & he looked at me expectantly. But I wasn’t approximately to take his little wiener tonight. The images in my mind were still there & I didn’t want my husband little dick anywhere close to me.

“More” I moaned, as I pushed his face back down into my wet pussy.

Tim, being the satisfactory husband that he is, complied immediately & went back to licking up & down my slit. The feelings again began welling up inside me, this time much stronger. I began hunching into Tim’s face. It felt as though I was using his face to masturbate myself. I reached down & began rubbing my clit. My orgasm was building up inside me & I was raising my hips higher, egging Tim on to stick his tongue into my pussy hole as I furiously rubbed my clit. I felt nasty & raised my hips even higher presenting my tight little rosebud to his mouth. I could sense that Tim knew what to do, yet to make sure; I pushed his head into my ass hole & began moving my hips against his mouth. Without speaking Tim was back licking & French kissing my backdoor.

Oh, that felt so good, god I loved it. My finger was a blur as I abused my clit & opened my ass hole to his tongue. By this time, my hubby was really into it I had him going from rimming me to sticking his tongue in as far as my tight rosebud would let him. As his tongue fought to violate my ass hole, I lost it. I came like crazy, squirting feminine juices all over my husband’s hair. He must have thought I was peeing, so much cum shot out of my pussy. I realized that I was screaming in ecstasy at the force of this orgasm. As I came down, Tim was staring at me sheepishly, wet from my female ejaculation.

“Wow” he said. “What received into you tonight?”

I murmured softly “thinking approximately making love to Mi, ah, my, my lover, you, you silly boy!”

I was suddenly embarrassed by my lie. I closed my eyes, partly to hide the emotions that were welling up in me – guilt, fear, excitement & yes, sexual arousal.

To be continued….