This is the story of the first time my conservative wife had sex in front of me with a stranger.

First, a little background: my wife is fairly short (4’11”), maybe 5 lbs overweight, has a beautiful face, and smallish tits (at least at the time this happened) with large conical nipples. Cheryl was very conservative and shy about sex and while she enjoyed it, didn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

The first time we met, we were in our late teens and dating other people. She was with my best friend Mike, and I was with my girlfriend in my car out in the remote Kansas countryside one night. We were all drinking cheap wine and making out. At one point Cheryl starting moaning in the back seat, accompanied by the wet, squishy sounds of some sort of penetration.

I managed to surreptitiously adjust my rear view mirror with one free hand while kissing my girl, and what I saw almost made me pop: Mike was twisted in the rear seat with his back to me, making out with Cheryl. His pants were around his knees and Cheryl’s right hand was slowing pumping his rigid uncircumcised cock – I remember in the light it looked purple.

Cheryl’s skirt was pulled up and her panties, if she had been wearing any, were nowhere to be seen. Her legs were splayed wide with her left foot resting partly out the window, and her right leg propped over Mike’s left. I will never forget the sight of my friend’s two or three fingers slowly plunging in and out of her fuzzy vagina, her swollen lips glistening with moisture, and the sucking sound produced every time Mike’s fingers pulled out, then the squishing sound when he plunged them deeply back into her.

The night concluded with me fingering my date to an orgasm but (unfortunately) not getting off myself, and Cheryl sucking Mike off after reaching a thrashing climax thanks to his magic fingers.

Several years later Cheryl and I got together, lived together for a period, then got married. After drinking, smoking, and watching porn at another couple’s house one Friday night we were driving home. One of scenes in the porn tape featured a woman getting fucked in the back seat by her boss while her boyfriend was forced to drive. The scene brought back horny memories of watching the woman who ended up being my wife being pleasured.

As we had sex that night, I told her how exciting it was watching her have sex with Mike years ago, and I could tell it turned her on. At one point as we were fucking I asked my wife what it felt like to fuck Mike’s big dick, and as she haltingly described the sensations, she started fucking me so hard the bed was banging against the wall. She actually screamed, then tightened into spasms of orgasm that went on forever.

From that night on, when we were having sex I’d often tell her to imagine that I was Mike (or another man) because it not only turned her on incredibly, but for some weird reason it turned me on, too. I started increasingly fantasizing about her fucking another man, but as much as I was desiring for it to happen, when she wasn’t having sex, Cheryl was too shy to actually ever do it.

Fast forward about 12 years: One night at her employer’s company pool party and after a couple drinks, my wife’s coworker and good friend talked her into taking an ‘ecstasy’ pill, and gave me one also. The friend said it was harmless stuff, and would just make us feel “really good.”

To make a long story short, approximately one hour and two margaritas later, Cheryl pulled me aside and informed me we where leaving – right now. As I started driving, she suddenly blurted out that she had never felt so horny in her life, and to accentuate the point, she pulled my hand under her skirt and against her hot, sopping wet panties.

I realized the pill (and Cheryl’s overt sexuality) was having the same effect on me, and I pulled over in the first parking lot I came to, which happened to be next to a small adult bookstore. As I fingered my wife and she stroked my cock through my shorts, I suggested we do something we as a couple had never done in our lives – go into the adult bookstore, maybe pickup some sex toys and a porn tape, so we could go home and have the time of our lives. To my dismay, she was so horny she actually agreed.

We were surprised to see some other couples among the men, which put Cheryl at least somewhat at ease. After looking at some toys, we ducked into one of the video booths at the back. The whole thing seemed so nasty, and after paying for the video, we started making out like over-sexed teenagers.

Just as I was sliding my hand up her thigh, she jumped back and pointed to the dark wall beside us. I thought for a second the erect cock bobbing through a hole in the wall was a sex toy, but it was soon apparent it was not. Cheryl looked at me and mouthed “oh my God!…” and we both just sat there, not knowing quite what to think. Suddenly I was struck by the realization that my horny wife was inches from some stranger’s penis, and I wanted nothing more than to see her touch it.

I slipped my fingers past the elastic of her panties and into what felt like hot pudding. She pulled my fingers out, stood up, and pulled off her skirt, than panties. I motioned to the guy’s cock, and she mouthed “no.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, and buried my face into her steaming crotch. I noticed with disappointment that the penis disappeared.

In no time Cheryl was moaning and her legs were quivering. I became aware of noise on the other side of the wall and suddenly another penis slid through, this one black and fat. I made my move. I reached up and pulled my wife’s face to mine and shared her juices in a sloppy kiss while inching her backwards toward the bobbing cock. She leaned and whispered into my ear, “Are you sure?” My response was to deeply kiss her as I leaned forward, pushing her against the strange cock. She gasped as it slid between her thighs, poking through like a black cucumber. I whispered in her ear “go ahead,” and she quietly reached back and guided the cock into her.

My conservative, shy, quiet wife grunted and ground her hips as she slowly worked every inch of the black stranger’s horse cock into her. Her legs were shaking as she leaned forward, then slowly pushed her ass back against the wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, looking through my wife’s quivering thighs and seeing some other guy’s gooey, glistening, fat penis sliding in and out of her steaming snatch.

The sex act itself lasted maybe all of two minutes. Just as I was trying to place my cock in her mouth, Cheryl started slamming her ass against the wall, moaning “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.” She proceeded to convulse and moan for what seemed like minutes as her new boyfriend filled her with wave after wave of seed that dripped from her in big globs when he pulled out, and left a gooey memento of the evening on her leather seat during the quiet ride home.

While Cheryl has since fucked other friends and strangers, nothing ever quite matched the intensity of that evening. She refers to it simply as “the big bang.”

This story is 100% true.

Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (part 17)

Tim had too much to drink

The house to the east of us had been on the market for sale nearly a year and just wouldn’t move. My husband Tim and I thought that the asking price was too high. It is a very nice house with many extras but just overpriced. But when the price was reduced it took only a few days for the sign in the front yard to say “Sold!” That was almost two months ago and since then it has been sold and I have been pleased to see who our new neighbor to our east is.

His name is Derrick and we learned that he is 42 years old and was divorced at age 38 and he and the ex wife had no children. A new job brought him to the local area to serve as their senior accountant to start up a new division for the company.

We actually met him on his moving in day and Tim and I immediately took a liking to him. I have since found him to be one of those “Jacks Of All Trades with a Green Thumb” kind of guys and totally independent. He comes over a lot and shows me how to prune our shrubs and trees and he even helped me with my rose bushes when I redid the back yard. I often take over a casserole for his dinner and such things as that. Overall, he’s an unbelievable catch for a neighbor.

There were things about Derrick, however, that began to work on my mind. He was tall and muscular lean and very handsome and very polite. Almost every time we would see him during the evening or on the weekends he is just wearing a pair of jogging shorts when he worked in his yard. He has an incredible tan! I suppose so though because like everyone on the street he has a privacy fence around his back yard and a swimming pool. Anyone who has all that in their back yard better have a good tan, I for sure do.

Recently Tim started teasing me of how he always catches Derrick looking me over. I would joke back to Tim about how I like to flirt and tease him. Tim warned me to remember that don’t got to far, he might think your after him. I was but I was not going to let my hubby know.

But behind it all I was realizing how tempting it was to think about Derrick. After all, almost every guy 40 years old and more was showing extra baggage around the waistline and only interested in TV sports from a recliner chair! Not Derrick. He was always doing something in his yard, fixing something, building something or if nothing else just going for a swim in his pool. Than one day I saw him with weights out on his deck, will, will, will so that is how he keeps that trim figure.

Look at that stud he is always wearing those flimsy nylon jogging shorts and that’s all. I’ve even entertained the thought of sometime taking something over and after opening his gate to the privacy fence catch him skinny dipping in his pool! On one particular hot day I fantasized rubbing oil over his naked body in the sun and then giving him a hand job. Then my thoughts took me further to actually riding him.

So I began dressing a little more sexy for when ever I was in the backyard or even when I had to run over to Derrick’s house to take something over. I realized that Tim was right and that Derrick didn’t really try to hide the fact that he was looking me over. Most of all I was really liking it. Here I am 10 years younger then this guy and maybe causing him to get a little bit horny! One of my girl friends asked when I told her about him if I was causing a disturbance in Derricks jogging shorts that I might have to remedy that for him one day. Anytime I start acting this way I know that I get in one of those moods where I get turned on about someone making love to me. I have gotten to like it when that hunk is checking me out and I can get him horny.

Things began to spice up one Saturday early evening when Tim and I came home from having Mexican food out at one of our favorite hole in the wall places. We both had too many margaritas and Tim was in the mood for some pussy. We got to our bedroom and Tim got me on the bed and started telling me he was going to eat my pussy, he was horny.

I took off my blouse and pulled my bra away from my big 40DD’s so he could kiss and suck on my tits. I lie on the bed and let him climb on top of me and fell my boobs as he licked on them.

“Marca did you see how those four guys at that round table across from us, they kept looking at you? It was if they could see your pussy baby I saw they were looking down under our table.”

Oh Tim if you only knew you little dick thing, they were looking at my pussy because when I went to the ladies room I took my panties off. “Wow do you think they wanted to fuck me?”

“Fucking right they did, if you had given them any hint of being anything but a lady they would have come over to the table and put the hit on you.”

Poor Tim he had no clue that was what one of them did when Tim went to take a pee in the men’s room. I told the guy that I had to be cool, but I did get his number and he went back to his table.

“I want to fuck you tonight Marca, you want some cock baby?” you bet you ass I do, but not your little we-we of a cock. “Baby yes, but I want you to eat me first! Let me go to the bathroom, you get undress!”

I went to my bath to get undress and put a little perfume on and pee. Setting on the pot I got dizzy, shit I’m drunk. When I got back to the bedroom my drunken hubby was on the bed naked and out, his little dick was like a nub, no pussy for him tonight.

Fuck I was horny and when I get drunk I want to screw. I had on my fuck me heels I wore out to eat and my thong, shit I might as will get myself off and go to sleep, I turned the bedroom light off and was about to get my dildo out from my night stand when I saw the bedroom light from across the way come on in Derrick’s house. I looked down at Tim and called his name, no answer, see you later my love. I slipped on an old sundress that came down to my knees, but was low cut and showed my cleavage off better than most of my low cut things do.

I went down to the kitchen and got the left over from the Mexican food we had. I went back to the hall mirror and looked one last time. I pulled my panties down to the floor. I looked up at the mirror and winked so I stepped out of them and headed over to Derrick’s. I was carrying a foil covered plate to take over for Derrick to have for his dinner.

From this point everything started to move quickly. I entered through Derrick’s gate and headed towards his sun patio and sliding doors to the kitchen. Derrick stepped out to greet me and I could tell by the way he looked at me that he knew the dress was all I had on.

“Hi neighbor, ah neighborrrrr you hungry …?” I told him that we had been out to eat and had some left over and would he care for them. I almost fell on my ass as I climbed up the steps to his patio deck.

“Marca you been drinking?”

“Yes, and I think I had too … toooooo much, we had 3 pictures of marg … margaritas and I drank one of them.”

“Where is Tim?”

“Drunk in our bed, asleep, he had the other two pictures. Let me put this on the counter and you can eat me … ah I mean it later.”

I was setting the plate on his stove counter and then I returned outside. When I came back outside I easily noticed very obvious semi hardness in his jogging shorts. My eyes went wide and I made my mouth into the big O. He caught me looking at it and had to sense that I liked knowing that I caused it.

“Marca you are drunk on your ass girl!”

“Yes how did you knowwwww?” as I was rocking back and forth on my heels trying to remain up right. Feeling rather bold I walked over closer to him and said, “I better get back to my sleeping husband, he had so much to drink he will be out until noon tomorrow.”

“No need to run off if he is dead to the world for the rest of the night, and besides it’s early.”

We were looking into each others eyes and the drinks were making me lose control of things. “Will he want miss me since he was will be out for the rest of the night.”

Than out of the blue he leaned over and kissed me full mouth and I let his tongue dance across and over my lips. It seem like we kissed forever and his right hand was feeling my left boob and I did nothing to stop him. When we broke the kiss the first words out of him was telling me he was sorry for what he did.

“Oh Derrick you got me at the worst time when I’m drunk I get like this, you know hot for it, it was my fault for kissing you back.”

“You’re hot and I’m horny, hell I’m always horny when I see you.”

He still had his hand on my breast and I dropped my hand down to his front. Than we kissed again, just as much passion as the first and our hands were feeling each other in all the right places, shit he was hard and had a good size cock. We stopped kissing and his lips went to my neck which always sends me over the top. I whisper in his ear, “My hubby can’t know about this!”

“I will never say a word.”

“Derrick if you would like I could take care of that for you while I’m here … here also.” I put my hand down on his big package.

Derrick reached for the bottom of dress with both his hands and pulled it up over my head as I raised my arms up. The air, the early evening breeze, and his eyes were all touching me and it felt so good. I stood there for him to take in the view. “Oh fuck Marca you got a body, you got the biggest tits I have ever seen, oh to tit fuck them!”

I took step toward him and inserted my thumbs behind the elastic of his shorts and as I knelt down onto my knees I pulled them down. His love stick sprang forward right in front of my face.

“O … OH Jesus, oh sweeeeeet Jesuuuuuus that thing is biiiigggg …….. !”

I took my right hand and as lightly as I could handle his balls. His cock hardened more and I leaned forward so that my lips were just barely touching his knob. I let my tongue explore his shaft and take sample tastes of his manhood. I stood up to face him with my hand wrapped around his weapon of mass pleasure. He motioned me a few steps back to where a huge beach towel was spread out on the deck of the patio. I sat down and looked up at him looking down at me.

He gently eased me back so that I was lying flat on my back. I looked up at him standing naked and eager. His body was tone, lean and totally tan. He didn’t appear at all intimidated by the fact my husband was next door but rather I sensed a confidence radiating from his face. His cock was hard and as honey roasted tan as the rest of him. His eyes studied me all over and I could tell he was pleased. I reached both hands down and placed them on my thighs and began to raise my knees. I spread my thighs open in an attempt to convey my invitation.

He stepped between my legs and knelt down. He leaned forward and placed his hands beside both of my shoulders and then began to lower himself as if doing a push up. Doing so his cock touched my bald pussy, my totally shaven pussy. His hardness was throwing heat and was throbbing at my opening as he began touching my neck with his lips. I couldn’t hold back my gasp nor could I control the heat shivers that I was experiencing. I was ready to take his cock however he would give it.

“Oh I have been wanting you to fuckkkkkk me since for …. Forever!”

But instead of pouncing on me for a quick ride he kept kissing my neck. He held himself up in a way that his lips and the head of his cock were the only parts of him touching me. His gentleness and obvious display of experience convinced me that he was a veteran lover!

I reached my hand to wrap my fingers around his shaft and pressed it against my opening. With my one hand I was teasing his love tool as well as my love opening at the same time. He positioned himself so that I could begin feeding his gorgeous meat into my hungry wetness. He began to slide into me with ease. Both our bodies were beginning to glow and throw heat in the open air and the darkness of the coming night. He slowly and ever so gently kept increasing his depth into me with soothing strokes. His style was giving me sensations that I have never had before.

Somehow he maintained a position of keeping his entire body weight off of me. The only part on him touching me was his cock inside of me. He seemed to be able to read my breathing and body movements in a way that he could give himself to pleasing me to the fullest pleasure experience.

“Oh it’s good, oh yes I needed this I so wanted a good fuck tonight, oh yes, yessss sweet Jes … Jesus!”

As he continued a slow stroking inside of me I could feel him begin to swell several times in a way that was driving me wild. Somehow every time that it seemed he was swelling to reach climax and cum he was able to control and delay himself which in no way disappointed me.

“GOD DAMN IT WOMEN EVEN DRUNK YOU’RE A GOOD FUCK!” Then he began to increase his speed and he smiled as he began to swell again inside of me again. It swelled and swelled and he stroked me faster and faster until he began to cum in eruption like throbbing that seemed to go on and on. We both breathed heavily and moaned with satisfaction.

“Shit I’ll be your punch, your slut pussy cock sucking whore, you can fuck me whenever you need some pussy baby!”

When he finished filling me it was then for the first time that he lowered himself down onto me just enough that our bodies touched and it felt so incredibly wonderful as he began kissing my neck again and his cock remained inside of me still hard as you would expect a pro to be! I started making my pussy suck his cock, clamp down on it and work it like I was milking him.

“Fuck your making your pussy suck on me, fuck I never had any woman do that.”

“You get me in bed and I’ll make my pussy do things to you that you will never want to stop fucking me!”

Derrick stood himself up and reached down to help me up to my feet. He took a terrycloth towel and wrapped it around me. I looked at him standing before me naked and to my amazement still hard. I grabbed my dress shirt off of the chair and I knelt down before him with my face in front of his handsome, tan cock. With my dress I gently and deliberately wiped off his love tool and took it ever so softly into my mouth. I took as much of it as I could and then began massaging it with my tongue. He left no doubt in my mind that he enjoyed it.

I stood up, opened the towel and pressed myself against him so that our naked chests were against each other and I kissed him on his neck. So intense in my mind was the thought that maybe he will make love to me again. So much did I want to that I whispered to him, “Maybe I can slip over again. My husband Tim is out of town a few days out of the month. He actually knows that I came over here to give you a left over dish, did you like my dish of goodies?”

“Does he know you fuck around, you two got an open marriage, you into swinging?”

“No I’m the prim and proper corporate wife; I just fuck around, not him!”

Derrick looked at me and smiled and said, “You can come over and bring me fresh pussy and even borrow a cup of sugar any time you like!”

Wow! I can handle him living in this neighborhood! I turned and with my dress over my arm I walked away from him making sure I did that cat walk wiggle to let him know what he had coming the next time we got together and I tuned back to look at him as I let myself out the gate.

Did I ever learn a valuable lesson! And I don’t think that I’ll ever buy sugar again since I have a good place to go borrow some!


Ms Marca and my cuckold hubby (Part 16)

Once a whore always a whore


“Marca, honey…me David…you busy…can you talk…?” Oh David, my mind made a picture of his cock, 9 inches…plum wide pink head…thick shift, with a mole half way down the shaft…his balls like big lemons with hair on the sac…!

“David, oh morning sweetie how are you, no I am not busy, never to busy for you honey I mean I am alone…what’s up…you need to meet on a different day…?”

I placed my hand down in my cut-offs to my mound and rubbed my clit causing it to become very erect. With my nipple’s getting hard, I pulled my t-shirt off and I began to flick my tongue back and forth across my nipples as I listen to David talk. Damn I was hot, shit that felt good. I was so hot I could feel my cunt getting really wet. As I held one tit up so I could lick the nipple, I cradled the phone in my neck and reached between my legs to finger my pussy. When I retrieved my hand from between my legs, my finger was glistening with my own cunt juice.

“No, no, no, nothing like that…Marca. But, I need you to do me a big favor…! I got some big wheels coming in from New York and I need to fix one of them up while he is here…you know female escort type…!”

Jesus now I am into being an escort service girl for him, will I was that before I got married. Shit, going out to dinner with men old enough to be your father, some times your grand father. Almost all of them fat ugly drink to much, can’t get it up unless they take the little blue pill. Damn I been there, done that!

“David, honey is this just a dinner type of thing…or, ah, will you know, do I have to spend part of the night with him…you know…do I need to sleep with him…?”

“Marca, I need for you to spend some time with him…you know…make him happy…! Marca I’ll make this up to you big time…you just ask and I’ll make it worth your time!”

“David I got to think of some reason to be out tonight…I can’t stay all night…Tim is in town this week…!”

“OH MARCA, baby the guy will be in next week…!”

“Oh in that case…I can be with him all night…! Tim is out of town most of next week, yea I can be with him all night, you silly boy, make it worth my while, honey you are funny sometimes. David…I am free today at lunch…you need me to meet you at the same motel…?”

“OH baby…this is not a good day for that…sorry…!”

“I know you don’t have much time, but could you squeeze in a quick one…maybe before lunch or right after…maybe just a quick blow job…I can be fast if I need to…If not, at least let me jerk it off.”

“Marca you can give me a blow job anytime you want….just can’t today baby…I’ll call you on Monday about next week…bye…!”

Than he hung up on me! That son-of-a-bitch, he always gets me turned on and than leaves me like this…!

Always lots of cock around until you need one, a big one…! It was a long weekend, all I had was Tim and his little 4 inch wonder and his tongue that had become quite good at licking my clit. Monday morning didn’t get here soon enough. The first thing that morning, I got my phone call from David. It was just before lunch around 11 am the phone ring and David just needed to make sure I was still on for Wednesday evening for his big New York client. On Tuesday David called asked what I was going to wear. I said I don’t know.

“I may go to Frederick’s of Hollywood for some whore looking stuff…!”

He liked that idea, he told me that the guy had a room at the Marriott and I told him to book me one there also.

“Would you like to just meet him in the bar?”

“No way David… there are too many people go to that bar that know Tim and I. I think it would be better if he just came to my room. Than no one would see us together…! David you need to check me in and bring me the key so all I will have to do is go to the room…!”

Tim called me around 9PM on the big night, as he always does to check on me and see how I am doing, to tell me he loves me and how much he misses me. I use the same old story, that I had a long day, that I am going to take a hot bath and unplug the phone so I can get a good night sleep. Hey he buys it!

I was to be at the hotel by 10PM and meet the client a little after 10. I had on this very short black, leather mini skirt, with a black long sleeved front button top. The top was more or less see through. You could see the black lace bra I had on under it plain as day. Black fishnet stockings and a pair of the highest open toe black heels I had…slut heels. Something like six inch spikes…FMP’s…! Under my skirt was a black lace garter belt I had on holding up my fishnets. And the next to nothing little black lace, see-through thong panties. I looked like and felt like a high dollar hoe.

My mind was going a hundred miles per hour as I drove to the Hotel. I still couldn’t believe that I was doing this. When I had married Tim I told myself that other life I had lived was in my past, shit less than two years later I was going to turn a trick. What is wrong with me, I don’t need the money, shit I am that messed up in the head? I am horny, but fucking for a pay check again. I was getting so horny thinking about just giving my body to some guy to use like a toy. I was going to be nothing more that the whore I use to be. Once a whore always a whore.

I pulled in the parking lot of the Marriott and parked the car. I made it to my room. I looked at the night stand clock and it was 10:10…almost show time…! About five minutes later I got a knock on my door. I open the door and sure as the world he was not a keeper…god he was old…! This was an old fat guy. He looked a lot like an old grandfather in his 70’s, if I were lucky, oh my, this is not good…why did I say yes…?

“Hello, please…come in…!”

“Your Marca…?”

God Damn David used my real name…dumb shit…to late to say anything but…”Yes it is…I am sorry I was not told your name…!” I put my hand out to shake his as he said. “I am Lawrence my friends call me Larry. I closed the door and said nice to meet you. We walked into the middle of the room. Lawrence looked at me taking in every part of my body.

“My, my where did David find you at? Turn around for me so I can check out that ass on you…!”

I turned all the way around for him. I jumped when he walked up to me and pinched my ass cheek and took one of my breasts in his other hand. He was squeezing them and playing with them…”are these babies real, they feel real?” I said yes all 40DD of them are real. He then told me to get my top off…he just had to see my big tits. This was not the kind of foreplay I was thinking about. Will I was being paid to make him happy. The old fart sat on the end of the bed and watched me as I took my top off. Next I unhooked the front hook on my bra and let my breasts fall free. His eyes got real big as he reached over for me to come to him and he put one of my hard nipples in his mouth. He was kissing and sucking on one nipple then the other. He had both his hands under my skirt feeling up my ass. His nipples sucking felt good. My nipples kept getting harder as he played with them. Then all at once he stops and tells me to get out of my skirt and panties.

As I was unzipping my skirt I saw he was getting out of his clothes. He stripped down to a pair of boxer…shit he was fat and had a beer belly on him that made him look like big old fat slob. With just his shorts on he laid back in the bed. I dropped my skirt to the floor.

“God damn, why don’t all girls wear garter belts? Man they are so fucking sexy. Ok baby lets drop them sexy little panties…!”

I turned around with my back to him and I slowly started pushing my panties down my legs. I bent over with my legs straight and rubbed one hand over my ass cheeks as I looked back at him smiling. Over the years I had learned to wear the panties over the garter belt, not under it. It makes it so much easier to remove your panties and let the other stuff stay in place. My little panties went down my legs to the floor. Lawrence told me to give him the panties. I handed them to him and he put them right up to his nose and was sniffing them. Then he tells me to bend over and spread my legs so he can see my pussy. He moaned out again…”damn girl…shit your pussy looks so pink like it needs to be eaten…!” Then he tells me to get my ass over to him and lay out on the bed on my back. Again I did just what he told me to do.

“Holy Shit, David said you had a body, that man knows his women, David one of your regulars?” I just smile up at him; fuck what had David told him. I hate this part, not knowing what to answer. “Mr. Lawrence I don’t talk about my…ah, my gentlemen friends!”

“Sweetheart that is good business, I like that in a girl, David already told me you meet up with him once a month. I am going to be coming into town about 4 times a years for a day or two, I can see that I need to be one of your gentlemen friends, how much for the afternoon thing, not all night!”

Damn what do I say, did David tell him a dollar figure, is he testing me, shit, shit! “Will, I get different pay, depends on, will you know like what he…you know!”

“Hey baby is that boy pimping for you? Does he set you up with other business men?”

“Oh Mr. Lawrence you going to get me in trouble!”

“You don’t give it to him free do you?”

“Oh no I always get 800 for an afternoon, you know a couple of hours! But, we don’t need to talk about money, he done taken care of that for us both!”

“You put me down in your book, you’ll get more than 800 from me and I am good to go for an afternoon when I am in town!”

I just sat back on my elbows and smiled and giggled like a silly girl who just got a present. Than the old fart moved over on me and he started kissing my neck then moving down and sucking on one nipple then the other. His fingers went right down to my super wet pussy. He sank two or three fingers in me real slow. I moaned and pushed my hips up to his fingers. He pulled his fingers out of me and stuck them right in his mouth suck my pussy juice off them. Them he put his fingers up to my mouth for me to suck on them. I was so horny by this time I just opened my mouth and started sucking my pussy juice off his fingers.

Then he started kissing his way down over my belly. He took hold of both my legs and opened them as wide as they would go. He kissed his way right over my bald pussy. Then his tongue went deep in my pussy hole and licked all the way up to my clit. He stopped licking and looked up at me and smiled.

“Fuck…is your pussy ever so good…you do take care of it…David said you were a pro…best he ever had…! Your pussy it’s so pink, it looks like an eighteen year old pussy…and it tastes like it!” I just looked at him and giggled like the slut he wanted me to be…he went back to tonguing my hot pussy. He would suck on one pussy lip then the other. Then he tongue fuck me with his long tongue. Next he was sucking and biting on my clit.

“Oh Mr. Lawrence…you make me want to do more…god you eat me so good…!”

He was…that was not an act on my part. I was going out of my mind, this licking I was getting from him was going to have me coming soon. I took hold of his head and held him tight to my pussy. He started licking me from top to bottom. Stopping to flick my clit around with his tongue. My orgasm came through my body like a wild fire. I hadn’t cum like this…in a long time…will…since last week…. My body shook as I tried to pull his head inside my pussy. I yelled out.

“Oh my God yes, yes I’m coming, please don’t stop oh yes, yes…!”

Oh did I ever cum, wow this old fart was good…! While I was trying to get my breath, he was climbing up over the top of me. He had taken his boxers off and I got my first feel of his cock. I should say, hard cock. I tried to look down to see it but his big old fat belly was in the way…white pasty sweaty feel of his skin was moving on top of me…god it was gross. From the way it felt, he had to be big…it was on my left thigh…and it seemed stiff. He kept moving on me stopping to kiss and suck on each of my hard nipples.

Then he reached down between us and grabbed a hold of his hard cock. He lined it up to my very wet pussy hole and started it in my fold. I just raised my hips off the bed to help it slip inside me…slip in it did. My eyes shot open…wide and my jaw dropped open.

“Oh God…easy…your big…wow…real big Mr. Lawrence…easy please…!”

He smiled and slipped just the head in and I made my pussy squeeze it…he moaned. “Oh you’re a whore all right…they know how to milk a cock with their pussy, hands and mouth…oh yea…!” I was a hooker. I was just a slut whore needing to have a trick turned…what I needed was all this guys cock inside me. I hooked my legs around his skinny old ass and hugged him tight to my body.

“Yes…oh God fuck me, yes, God, yes!”

He started pumping in me like a mad man. His cock would come all the way out to just the head…then back in as deep as it would go. My head started flopping from side to side. I couldn’t believe that I was going to cum again so soon. Than I felt the pressure build up…shit he was so big…that we had locked up and sealed off…I knew what was going to happen next…and it was no more than a few strokes and I felt the first one and than the sound.

PUSSY FART’S…Shit how embarrassing …damn…I started pumping my hips up off the bed to try and break lose to let air in, the old fart didn’t care…he just kept going faster…he was fast fucking me. Then I went over the top I yelled out. “YES…GOD YES…I am coming…oh yes…more…don’t stop…!”

Damn it felt so good going in me. I looked up at him and he smiled down with sweat dripping off his head on to my breast…He than put about half of his cock in me when he pulled out then slowly pushed all of it inside me. He was pumping in and out of me real slow. Making sure I got to feel all of his cock inside me.

He moaned in my ear…I knew he was about to go off. He pushed deep inside me. His cock was jerking inside me as he pulled it out just a little then jammed it back in me. It kept jerking as he kept trying to get it deeper inside me. Than he kissed me full open mouth tongue all over my mouth…shit I hate that from a dirty old shit head like him. Once his cock stopped jerking he collapsed on top of me. He lay on me for a minute or two trying to get his breath…god he was heavy I felt like he was going to smother me. He lifted his head looked at me and smiled.

“Mother fucker are you ever a good fuck. Don’t let me forget to get your number…!”

Then he rolled off me. My pussy made a wet sucking sound as his cock popped out of me. He left a trail of warm sperm across my leg as his cock drug over it. I could feel gobs of sperm running out of my pussy and down to the bed. I was completely satisfied after sex with this fat old fart. This guy really knows how to make a woman happy in bed.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean out my tunnel…damn he had a load…it just kept dropping out of me. Good thing I had my whore kit with me. I did a quick Douche, than put some cream on my fold. I came back in the room thinking he might be ready to go to his room, or talk a little, some men do…! Not him…I got to the bed and he pulled me back down on it.

“Baby my Viagra is still working…round two or is it round 3…?”

Then he started kissing my right nipple as he played with the other one.

“Honey your big old nipples sure come alive fast. Damn they get hard fast…sweet tits…I want it dog style…!”

“Oh Mr. Lawrence…I love it doggie…my favorite way…!”

I was on my hands and knee’s, looking back at him giggling as if I were his bitch in heat. He got behind me and was running his hands all over my ass. “Fuck girl, you have a nice ass…this garter belt and stockings, wow this is too much. Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass…?” I jerked my head back at him and gave him a look of …’you got to be kidding…!’ I jumped and started to pull away from him.

“You’re to big…Mr. Lawrence you got a cock for real fucking…don’t use it on nasty butt fucking…!”

He laughed and pulled back on my hips. “Just kidding baby girl, myself, I don’t like shit on my dick…!”

I looked down between my legs and could see his cock was fully hard again. He slipped a few fingers inside me. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his hard cock head. After a few slow in and out movement…and than one big push, and he was all the way inside me. I moaned…”oh God yes…!” as I pushed back on his hard cock. Away we went, fucking like two dogs trying to breed.

He was playing with one of my breasts with one hand and rubbing my hard and wet clit with his other hand. I couldn’t believe how fast I started coming again. This guy had me coming faster than my vibrator could. I was out of my mind with lust. I yelled out!

“Fuck…Oh God I’m coming again. Yes, yes, fuck me, yes fuck me, oh yes fuck me hard…!”

“David said you like to be fucked like a bitch dog! Hell I think you just like fucking!”

I half moaned and yelled yes, yes as my orgasm took off. I pushed back to him as hard as I could. My face was deep in the pillows. I just kept coming and coming. I would think it was over and I would start coming again. Now he had a hold of my hips pulling me back hard on his cock. He was pumping my hip back and forth so fast; I couldn’t even keep up. He moaned, here it comes baby and started pumping my hips even faster. I felt his hard cock start jerking inside me and I knew I was getting another load of his old sperm deep inside me.

He gave me a few more hard pokes as I tried to milk all the sperm from his cock. I was so wet I couldn’t hold on to his cock in my pussy. He pulled out of me and I felt his cum running down my legs to my stocking tops. He then slapped my ass, not hard, but like a love slap…”mother fucker girl, you’re going to kill me!”

I got up to go to the bathroom one more time…you know how we ladies need to pee all the time. When I returned to bed Lawrence was out like a light. I sat down and looked his body over. Man he was fat and ugly all the way around. His cock was now soft and lying off to the side. It was wet with both our juices all over it. I had a damp wash cloth and cleaned his love tool clean…he just moaned as I stroked it and wiped it off. I started thinking, should I get dress and sneak out now or what. I lay down next to him and took his wet cock in my hand. I’m thinking why didn’t Tim have some meat like this between his legs? I was just play with his wet cock and I must have fallen asleep also. I started dreaming about something and the next thing I know, I’m coming again.

I opened my eyes to see him fingered me to an orgasm. I could see it was almost day light from the light coming through the windows. I wasn’t sure what time it was. But one thing I was sure of. He had a big hard on and was ready to fuck. He lay on his back and was stroking his cock. I got up smiled and said I’ll be right back…went for my morning pee, put a little Astor Gel I had in my purse in my fold and washed my mouth out with some mouth wash. Back in the bedroom he was still stroking his monster cock and I said.

“You keep doing that and you will come all over everything…!” He laughed and said. “Baby, that’s what David paid you to do, make me cum. So why don’t you just sit your hot pussy right down on this…!” I got on my knees over the top of him. He started playing with my breasts as I took a hold of his hard as steel cock and lined it up to my pussy.

“Oh my God…shit…it still is good this morning…!” I moaned as I lowered myself down on his cock. He was squeezing my nipples as I started rocking on his cock. I started out slow but that didn’t last long. Before to long I was riding his cock like I was on a wild bull. I’ve always loved a morning fuck…hell I like to fuck any time…this was wild, hot; just all out fucking. I had my boobs in his face and he was sucking them as hard as anyone had ever…god I was going to go off again…so what else is new.

Then his fingers go between my legs and he squeezes my clit. I blew up, that set me right off. My body shook as I yelled I was coming. I squeezed his arms as hard as I could as my orgasm went through me. He then took a hold of my hips and started pulling my pussy down on his cock as hard as he could. Then all at once he yells…”oh you fucking whore…oh shit…yes…oh fuck…!” His cock just kept jerking and jerking as he pumped load after load of his cream in me. Me head was spinning as my orgasm was coming to an end the same time as his. I fell over on his chest out of breath. His cock was still deep inside my pussy.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“You really know how to make an old man feel like he’s done a good job…!” I panted out…” trust me; you did a good job…!”

Then he kind of pushed me off the top of him. I landed on the bed right next to him. I felt his sperm running out of my wet pussy. He got up out of bed and said, baby I hate to rush but its 7 am and I have to be at the Airport by 9, as he was dressing. He got in his wallet and handed me three new hundred-dollar bills. He said here is a little tip for you. I know David paid you so this is from me. Then he gives me a pen and tells me to write down my number. I wrote down my home number…but I was off by two numbers…and handed it back to him.

He said, ok, I’m off to my room and the shower, thanks for the good time, you were great, see you. Out the door he went. Talk about a slap in the face. I’m laying there in a garter belt and stockings, with his sperm dripping out of me and all I get is see you? Then my mind falls back in place; shit I’m just a hooker to him. Nothing more than a whore. That afternoon when I got home I found in my mail box a letter and in it was 500 big ones from David and I knew that David might get a phone call soon about having a visit with me on Larry’s next trip down.

More to cummm….