She grabbed my hair and shoved my head down his thick shaft until I started gagging. She let up and then did it again. The third time, he was discussed at my poor performance-promised me I had a beating coming later, pushed my head back and told me, “Go sit in the chair and set up the computer and camera for us.” I did as I was told as my queen readily moved with him to the bed. It wasn’t long before his dark shaft was sliding in and out of her light pussy hole-I could hear her start breathing a little heavier. He called me over for a mintue-She had something to say. “God, his cock feels good.” He looked up at me knowing he was pleasing her more than I could ever-“Now go sit back down.” They returned to enjoying each other-my queen getting louder, than quiet, then Louder again. I could tell she was enjoying every minute she had with her bull-like she had repeatedly told me she planned to and if I was good, she might let me clean up. After what seemed like forever to a little cuck with his dick between his legs, I finally head, “Come over here, bitch. Take a picture.” Her cum covered his black stock-“You never made her cum like this, have you, bitch. This is how a man takes care of his woman.” I had to admit he was right. “How many times have you cum, baby?” “Three-you never even last to make me come-this pussy is his forever.” My little pee pee felt like it shrunk to inside me knowing from now on I was only there to serve them in every way they told me.


It’s Sunday afternoon on Pensacola Beach. My wife is sleeping in the arms of her bull after he fully satisfied her and,looks like, tired her out for a while. We met him earlier today and had lunch, my treat of course. He walked with us out to the truck-his hand was under her skirt bythe time she sat on the seat as he stood in the doorway. “Get us into the room>” he told me. I called the hotel and got in early. We checked into the motel-beautiful room with king sized bed, balcony and view of the beach. I had to downstairs to take care of business. He entered the room as I left. By the time I returned, less than 10 min later,she was hot on her knees sucking his bull cock. She had been waiting all month to have it again-I know she wouldn’t wait long once they were together. “Don’t you wish you could satisfy me like his big “n____er” cock does,” she said between licks. “On your knees” he tells me. I obey knowing this is the man my queen wants and I am to serve him if I expect to even clean my queens pussy. “Give me that ring” he commands as he points to the band on the thrid finger of my left hand. “Watch her suck a real man’s cock, bitch.” I take the ring off my finger and hand it to him-“She mine now you know-you’ll never have her sweet pussy again.” “Baby,shove that cock into his mouth so he gets a feel of what a real cock is like.” She points his cock toward a mouth I know I must open, “Suck my “n_____er”bulls cock-deep throat it-feel what a REAL MAN’S COCK feels like.’
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oops he made a mess the mucky pup (by Jack)

I’ve been reading stories on these sites for a while and they are very arousing to me I must admit. I’m engaged to a twenty eight year old slim blonde with blue eyes and a curvy cute ass, small breasts and I love how other guys eye her up so I admit I’d fantasised about her with other men. (note fantasised). She has found in my computer history that I like these sites a while ago and was annoyed sometimes and laughed others. Anyway something has happened I am struggling to deal with recently and I’m in disbelief. My fiancĂ©e was out with her mates and I was at home one Friday night and must have fell asleep. I was woken by her noisy entrance about five in the morning and she was pretty drunk. When she’d left she had looked great in a figure hugging yellow dress and matching high heels but now she looked a bit worse for where, make up a mess and hair a little bushy with apparently no shoes on either. She was grinning at me “hey babes” she giggled as I inquired about her shoes to which she said she didn’t know were they were. Annoyed I said she must know were they were raising my voice. Now she laughed and asked if I remembered that bouncer from the club who threw me out when I fell asleep and I now really annoyed said. “never mind that were are your shoes” ? She laughed and I felt a bolt of shock shoot through me as she said. “I left them at his place”. I paused my heart totally pounding hands sweating as she suddenly pulled up her dress to show her bare shaved pussy giggling. “I left my new thong there too” I was in shock as I stared at her and she grinned as if it was normal. “Dont look so shocked it turns you on doesn’t it” I couldn’t speak but shook my head as she approached me and stood with her legs apart dress round her waist. I could now smell drink and sex and couldn’t help look at her shaven pussy the light hitting it and making clear the shiny wetness around her sticky entrance. She took my hand in hers and led it to her pussy as I felt the warmth and sticky coating. Without realising I’d slid a finger inside her sopping pussy and I felt the warm liquid start to run down my finger onto my hand. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I felt my cock grow hard and in shock removed my finger as a blob of cum dripped onto the carpet between her legs and she giggled. “oops he made a mess the mucky pup”. Then she left the mess and me in total shock as she went to bed